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0 0 Approved For Release : d11A'RDP78-00915R000500400015-6 *U.S., imperialism, stained with the blood of Korean women, is. trying to spread war all over the world and to throw mankind into the fls.mss." "At the same tints, while s tae ng thsning the links with the Teachers of the World, Jan 1952 FISE Executive Bureau, February 1951 The World Federation of Teachers' Unions, commonly referred to as FISE, is a Communist-controlled international front organisation. It is a trade Department of the Communist World Federation of Trade Unions (WF1 J) . Ninety per cent of its membership is made up of teachers in State controlled unions in Communist countries. It is dominated by the Soviet and Chinese Communist teachers unions. It never publishes its budget or sources of income. FISE relations with other Communist fronts for the exploitation of labor, youth, women, and students were reaffirmed in the following resolution of the FISS administrative Committee meeting in Budapest, WF1'J, the secretariat of the FISE will develop collaboration with the* WFDI, with the WIDF and with the IUS. Comrade Erdei (Budapest) will be responsible for cooperation with the WFDI, Comrade Willa (Berlin) with the WIDF and Cassr ads Stepanek (Prague) with the IUS." The subversive nature of the activities of FISE on behalf of the Soviet Union is attested to by the fact that it (along with WYTU) was expelled from' Paris in 1951 and from Vienna in 19$6 because of activities inimical to the interests of its host gov*rnwsnts. It is presumed that, lily WFTU, it will set up its new Headquarters In a country under C ommmunis t control. FISB makes no attempt to disguise the fact that it is a political organisation. It does, of course, wish to camouflage the true orientation of its politics. Nonetheless, its real subservience to the exigencies of Soviet foreign policy can readily be deduced from even a cursory survey of its own pronouncements. The" have been characterised by .undeviating praise of Communist societies and an obsessive hatred of all governments considered to be opponents of the Soviet Union, particularly the United States. Thus this organisation has used the good aims _of the world. teaching profession to support such statements as these: "Everywhere our enemy is the same - American imperialism which in its determination to dominate the world, tries to i 1pose the same methods of compulsion on all education system throughout a ,.M1_I t Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000500400015-6 Approved For Release : CIAA, 04915R00(150040001`5-6 "The Security Council of the United Nations, which four years ago supported a war of aggression in Xorea, rejected the complaint R of Guatemala". education of the younger generation in ,the. spirit of peace and friend.. .United States, those teachers are persecuted who stand up for reason wiry today in sow capitalist states, and above all in the stresses with indignation that the imperialists are trying to Asks use of the schools for purposes of war propaganda to spread among the children feelings of hatred towards other nations. This is the particular for state education. .The Sxsoutive Bureau of the FISS imperialist states headsd by the USA ronopolisto, are leading - to the further reduction of expenditure on peaceful pursuit., and in "The Executivs Bureau of the TISE declares that the aratiamsnt race and the policy of aggression pursued by 'tbs governments of the ship among nations . " ?*sabers of the World; May 1953 ""Hitler exalted the meth of superior race; and blood; -he said that the Aryans must rule the world. F,Dut in the United States, American capitalists claim "todefend democracy" by persecuting understand; these laws are objective; therefore it is possible ;;Teachers of the World, Nov. 1953 .*Stalin has been the rust exceptional educator. ?Stalin's work is founded on a knowledge of the laws that wan +ris t learn to Teachers of all countries will be inspired by his great sxaapls. educator, an educator of genius, the educator `of educators. his work is immortal and will continue...Stalin was a great the occasion presented itself to the entire people. This is wIW this instruction to his closest collaborators, and wheiever to in area to practical application. " " Stalin ceaselessly gave to iach. man how to discover thew, Ito 'rsrify -their efficacy, and Stalin is immortal, this teachings will guide our action to units . the teachers of the world and educate young people o a consciousness of their responsibilities in building the future."', . appears brighter to the youth of all countries. The nark of Brother H.i ri Vallon, Teachers of the World T 953 "the work adoorplished by Brother Stalin, at 'the head of the forces of progress, has transfornsd the world. Thanks to his immeasurable contribution to the cause ht the peoples, the future TIS&S telegram to Soviet Teachers, Teachers of the World, may 1953 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000500400015-6 0 Approved For Release: CIA-RDP7? -0091 0044001 - ppen ng in now York India, Latin America and to alesser degree, in countries like Francs, Great Britain and Belgium.' Teachers of the World, Feb. 1952: "Not only does the snesq atteapt to divide us, to separate us from the workers and the people, but he attawpts to isolate the best fighters, to disaaiss them, imprison them. This is what is & IM o itself be free has never been damonstratad more clearly . Ito is in the United States that the most sacred right, of man are most scandalously violated. Freedom of opinion and of oonscienco although guaranteed by the Constitution, are officially flouted." "But the law that a nation which oppresses' A.*" t Teachers of the World, :Jan. 1952 *Far from improving, the situation warre s f m d to a n ro ay d y. The war budgets grow fatter, eating into the budgets for education. And because the, teachers cannot accept t44a situation, because they struggle for the prosperiV and digni of their profession side by aids with their peoples (pupils?) and with the parents of their pupils, attacks are sods on their essential freedoms. The aim is to transform then into resigned an pas3ivis servants of the rulers who sacrifice education for war. "Tthis is the position not only in $swe3Bork, but also in London, Paris, Brussels, Rome, Tolyo, Copenhagen. In the colonial countries and in many Asian and Latin American countries.P r o ! g n w ch are subservient to'the united 4~ tom. .,,.......,.~ . _ _ e s ail peon so With a view to isgosing on than %.A dictatorial o4er t Teachers of the World, Jan-r'.arch.1953 "In spite of the unanLaoua' deaire of the opl t pe e hat peace should be maintained, reactionary forces are i.nteneilyring their activitiei and are opposing the rel.axatioa of international tension. . .and they are interfering in the the La tin lr internal affairs of i Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000500400015-6 s Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78, 00915R000500400015-6 Teachers of the World, May 1954' Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000500400015-6 F.I.S.E. Attacks on ~.C.:.T.?. "5t~t up in Cop.nhagen in August 1x52, on the initiative ?merican monopoly, the so-called '+lorld Confederation of Jrganizations of the Teaching Profession' is a reactions' ?orZan!aation which has set itself the task of smashing achorn international unity and thus Baking it impassible for the teactir+ra to struggle actively for their rights and vital interests and for progress in education." Teachers of the World, :tar '_ r. In resclatione of its directing bodies, in its publications, and in z:a`ecen's of its leaders T.I.S.K. has launched aali^.ioss attacks against Attempts to disor?dit and destroy the i.C.O.T.P. antAdato :he act-sl foarxtizg of this non-political organisation dedicated