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Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 THE WORLD FEDERATION OF DEMOCRATIC YOUTH (WFDY) A Compilation of Available Basic Reference Date -- Affiliates and Parallel Organizations, Strength, Officers, Addresses, Publications. Based on Data. Available as of 1 October 1956 Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 2000/118411041~11078-00915R000600140009-1 THE WORLD FEDERATION OF DEMOCRATIC YOUTH (WFDY) A. Headquarters Address: Benczur-Utca 34, Budapest, Hungary B. Regional Offices: None C. Total Claimed Membership Strength: 85 million members in more that 300 youth organizations in 97 countries (November 1955) D. Official Publications: World Youth, official monthly organ Editorial Committee Members: (September 1956) Andre SAVARIS (France) Chief Editor: Assistant Chief Secretary: Adminstration: Members: Art Editor: Information Service, Editors: Charlie COUTTS (Great Britian) Lev VOLODINE (USSR) E. LATORRE (Spain) Helene HICKS (Hungary) Paul JOHNSTON (Australia) A. M. SAAD(Sudan) Gerhard STUCHLIK (Germany) Laszlo TISZAI (Hungary) William DEVINE (Canada) Prabhat MITRA (India) Aake Olavi POIKALAINEN (Finland) Hajime FUKUDA (Japan) Alfredo URRIA (Chile) Sture KALLBERG (Sweden) Istvan CZEGLEDI official bi-weekly bulletin LJT Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Rele se 20001"1" "I"IA -11PP78-00915R000600140009-1 D. Official Publications: (Continued) Young Sports Departme Rural Youth, 2 an, published quarterly by the WFDY Sport and Open Air t since 1956 ublished quarterly by the WFDY Rights of Youth Commission ,Culturte and Youth, published quarterly by the WFDY Cultural and Exchange 111 e par tment since 1956 Young Worker published quarterly by the WFDY Rights of Youth Com.missi n since 1956 Our Newslette WFDY Secretariat Information Letter published irregularl since 1956 The Correspon ent, World Youth Reader-Correspondent's Bulletin published ince 1956 Article Servicq , a news bulletin published irregularly Press Communique, press releases published irregularly Festival, news taper for the Sixth World Festival of Youth and Students (Moscow, J ly 28 - August 11, 1957), published since September 1956 European Girls Meeting for Peace and Happiness, Information Bulletin published i regularly since 1956 in Paris by the "Preparatory Commissio for the European Girls Meeting" (scheduled to be held in Paris, ?ctober 25-28, 1956) E. Executive Officers of t e WFDY: Execu ive Committee (1956-1957) President: Bruno BERNINI (Italy) Secretary Gener : Jacques DENTS (France) The names of th other members elected to the Executive Committee Approved For Rele se 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 2000/078-00915R000600140009-1 3 by the WFDY Council in August 1956 have not yet been reported. F. Regional Officiers: None G. National Affiliates of the WFDY, or Parallel Organizations: Affiliates* Parallel Organizations** 1. ALBANIA a. Union of Working Youth of Albania (Bashkimi I Etinise se Punes te ShqiiAris81 Address: Abdi Toptarxi Tirana, Albania Claimed strength: 80,000 (1948) Publication: Zerii Rinise, published twice weekly in Albanian Note: The Union includes the following organizations: (1) The League of Albanian Pioneers (2) The Albanian Sports Federation (3) Student Section aka League of Albanian University Students * ** The WFDY now provides for two types of affiliation full and associate. Associate members formally limit their affiliation by Ispecial bi.lateral agreements to certain types of specified activities (i.e. sports, cultural exchanges, etc.) and disavow themselves from all other WFDY activity, particularly of a partisan political character. Parallel organizations are thosewhichgenerally support the objectives and activities of the WFDY but which are not definitely known to be formally affiliated with such organization. sarroommoLPT Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Rele se 20901641; q1PirRDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Affiliates Z. ALGERIA a. Union of Demo (Union de la Je Claimed stren b. Moslem Studen (Association d de l'Afrique de C. 4 Parallel Organizations ratic Youth a. The Progressive Students of nesse Democratique) Algeria th: 5,000(1948'> (Association des Etudiants Progres- s Association of North Africa sistes d'Alger) s Etudiants Musulmans Nord) b. Cultural Group of Algeria (Grolipement Culturel des Algeriens) Algerian Corn unist Youth Federation aka Algerian Union of Communist Youth Organizations c. The Workers Sports and Gymnastic (Union Algerie ne des Organiza- Federation tions de Jeune se Communiste) (Federation Sportive et Gymnique du Travail, FSGT) d. C.G. T. Trad Union Youth (Jeunes Syndiq es de la C. G. T. 3. ARGENTINA a. Federation of Israelite Youth Institutions of Argentina (Joined in 1951) a. Patriotic Youth Front (Frente Patriotico de la Juventud) b. National Com ittee for the Rights of Youth aka Commission in Defense of the Rights of Youth (Sought affiliat on in July 1953) C. b. Popular Cultur Group (Sought affiliat on in July 1953) c. d. Commission foi Democratic Liberties (Sou ht affiliation in July 1953) d. The Union of Argentine Girl Patriots (Union de Muchachas Patriotas) Argentinas, UMPA) The Youth Committee of the Movement for the Democratization and Indepen- dence of Trade Unions The Argentine Youth Movement for Peace (Movir.aieato Argentino Juvenil por la Paz, MAJP) Approved For Rele se 20(448411ForN64111DP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 20pyrin ?fie-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 5 Affiliates 3. ARGENTINE (Continued) Youth Choir of Sante Fe (Sought affiliation in July 1953) Photo Commission of Sante Fe (Sought affiliation in July 1953) Parallel Organizations Coordinating Commission of Secondary Students (Comision Coordinadora de Estudiantes Se cundarios) Union of Young Patriots of Argentina (Union of Jovenes Patriotas Argentinos, UJPA) The Communist Youth Federation (Federacion Juvenil Communista, FJC) Publication: Juventud en Marcha The Organization ot Uirls ot Argentina (Organization de Muchachas Argentinas, OMA) (Joined in August 1955; publishes a newspaper) 4. AUSTRALIA a. Eureka Youth League Address: 104 Queensberry Street North Melbourne, Australia Claimed strength: 2,000 (1948) b. Good Companions Christian Social Order "Study Group" Address: 237 Grange Road Carnegie, S. E. 9 Melbourne, Australia C. Sydney Techincal College Union Address: c/o STC Students' Union Sydney.Technical College Harris Street, Ultimo, Sydney Claimed strength: 2,000 (1948) Publication! Unity News S____1 --f Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Rele CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Affiliate s 4. AUSTRALIA (Continue d. Australian Student Address: Claimed strength: Publication: Tocs 6 Labour Federation ox 68, The Union niversity of Sydney ydney, Australia 1, 000 (1950) n, issued six times a year Parallel Organizations a. Socialist Worker's Youth e. Queensland Youth (Joined in 1951) f. International Youth Address: (May now be defun g. Democratic Youth h. Melbourne Jewish Kadimah Youth Or Unitarian Youth G 5. AUSTRIA a. Free Austrian You (Freie Ossterreic Address: Claimed strength: b. Socialist Working (Joined in 1951) c. Sports Union for M (Joined in 1953) harter Committee Center ydney, Australia t) ouncil of Victoria outh Council ani. zation oup ische Jugend, F0J) elberstrasse 42-46 len XV, Austria 15,000 (1948) outh del Planes and Gliders Approved For Rele se 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 200014141240?14.14?141078-00915R000600140009-1 7 Affiliates PP rallel Organizations 5. AUSTRIA ?Continued) d. Free Auctrian Students (Freie Oesterreichische Studenten, FOST) Address: Esslinggasse 8/8 (Schotten 6) Wien 1, Austria Claimed strength: 3,000 (1948) e. Kinderland Address: Felbe rstras se 43-46 Wien XV, Austria Claimed strength: 1,000 (1948) f. Union of Slovene Youth of Carinthia in Austria (Joined in 1947; no later information) g. Young Guard h. Union of Democratic Students (V. 0.S, 1. Austrian Union of Left Socialist Youth 6. BELGIUM a. People's Youth of Belgium (Jeunesse Populaire de Belgique) Address! 67 Rue d'Angleterre Bruxelles, Beige Claimed strength: 10,000 (1948) b. Pioneers Union of Belgium (Joined in 1953) a. Committee for the 13,-fense of Peace (Free University of Brussels) (Comite pour la Defense de la Paix, l'Universite Libre de i3ruxelles) Claimed strength: 700 (1949) c. Eulenspiegel Circle (grouping young writers) (Sought affiliation in July 1953) d. Breughel Group (grouping young artists) (Sought affiliation in July 1953) e. The "Progress" Basketball Club (Joined in August 1955) Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Relc4494(41414/ : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 8 Affiliates Parallel Organizations 6. BELGIUM (Continued) f. Arnicale des Etudiants Comrnunistes b. Student Communists of the (May be using some other name at Free University of Brussels present) (Etudiants C:ommunistes de PULB) Address: 8a, Place du Luxembourg Brussels, Belgium Publication: En Avant, in French 7. 130LIVIA a. Confederation of Bolivian University Students (Confederacion Universitaria Bolivian.a) ka, Bolivian University Federation (Federacion Universitaria Boliviana) aka Federation of University Students of Bolivia (Federacion de Estudiantes Univeristarios de Bolivia) Claimed strength: 20,000 (1953) 15,000 (1950) Note: There are two factions in this Confederation: One is pro-Communist and IUS-affiliated; the other is anti-Communist and in April 1956 voted against IUS affaiation.(Re_rp.centipiormation, this organization now considers ffseit disaffiliated from the iUS. ) b. Communist Youth of Bolivia (Juventud Comunista JCB) (Joined in 1951) Secretary General: Hilario Claure (1956) c. Gesta Barbara (Joined in August 1953) d. Youth Council for Peace e. Young Pirista aka Federation of Pirista Youth of Bolivia (Joined in 1949) - Umigungi??????? Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 'urryr_l t3,7 Slf-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 9 Affiliates 7. BOLIVIA Parallel Organizations f. Central Institute of Vocatibnal Scilools Address: La Paz, Bolivia g. Federation of Students of Professional Institutes (Federacion. de Estudiantes de Iristitutos Professionales) Claimed strength: 12, 000 (1950) (Joined in 1949) 8. BRAZIL a. Metropolitan Secondary Students Association t,0*\,,,,c:...o?-?:c7c-ct7, (Joined in 1950)' ) b. Israelite Youth of Brazil "A VOZ" (Joined in 1950) c. Association of Farroupilha Youth (Joined in 1951) d. Federation of Brazilian Youth aka Brazil Youth Federation (Joined in August 1953) Claimed strength: "Cooperates with 168 organizations that backed the "National Conference in Defence of the Rights of Youth" and continues to develop relations, directly or by correspondence, with 700 Brazilian youth organizations of all kinds (July 1953) 0,2) e. Youth Federation of Farraupilha (Sought affiliation in July 1953) g. Youth Federation of Gelana.. (Sought affiliation in July 1953) Youth Union of Parana (Sought affiliation in July 1953) a. Youth Federation of Rio Grande d; Sul Cr 0 e0 b. Youth Federation of Goies Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Rele Affiliate s 8. bRAZIL (Continued) h. Youth Federation (Sought affiliatio Claimed strength i. Union of Commun (Uniao da Juventu Youth Resistance (Movimento de R Claimed strength Publication: Jor sitafl9jPWIAT1IA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 10 Parallel Organizations of Sao Paulo in July 1953) "more than 100 affiliated clubs in the sports sector of the capital Sao Paulo alone" (July 1953) St Youth omunista) aka Movement sistencia Juvem.1) 5,000 (1956) al da Juventude Youth Federation (Sought affiliation k. Youth Federation (Sought affiliation 1. Youth Federation (Sought affiliation m. Brazilian Commit n. Youth Council for o.`C-Youth Council Of, p. Defence Of the Ri 9. BULGARIA I Balaaaa in July 1953) of Alencarina('72 in July 1953) I Pernambucca.Fra in July 1953) ee for Youth Peace arioca 3 ? hts of Youth Movement c. Red Federation of Students (Federacao Vermelha dos Estudantes) d. National Union of Secondary Students (T4niao Nacional dos Estudantes Se cundaHos , UNES) a. Dimitrov Union of People's Youth (Dimitrovski Suyu na Narodnata Mladezh) Address: 47 Lenin. Boulevard Sofia, Bulgaria Claimed strength: 800, 000 (1948) Publication: Naro?na 1\4 adezh, published six ti mes a week in Bulgarian Smii=1101111?PM.' Approved For Rele se 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release62Miteell.WIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 11 Affiliates Parallel Orenizations 9. BULGARIA (Continued) a. Supreme Committee for Physical Culture and Sports (Vurkhoven Komitet za Fizicheska Kultura i Sport) Address: No. 131 Borisa Street 1, Sofia, Bulgaria Note: This Committee supervises and directs all sports affairs, as well as the sports activities of the following organizations, for example: (1) Voluntary Sport Organizations (Dobravolna Sportna Organi.. zatsiya, DOSOI Affiliated Sports Clubs: Dynamo Spartak Red Banner (Cherveno Zname) Akad e mils Septemvri Torpedo Miner (Minior) Red Star (Chervena Zvezda) Shock Worker (Udarnikl Military Sports Clubs Publications: (a) People's Sport, bi-weeldy (Naroden Sport) (b) Chess Thoughts, monthly (Shakhmatna Misul) (c) Physical Culture and Sport, monthly (Fizkultura i Sport) (d) International Sporting Calenda4 published once a year (Mezhdune roden Sporten Kalendar) Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Relettat : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 12 Affiliates Parallel Organizations 9. BULGARIA (Continued) e. Republican Sport Calendar published once a year (Republikanski Sporten Kalendar) 10. BURMA a. All-Burma Federation of Students a. Union (Joined in 1953) b. b. People's Youth of Burma c. (Joined in 1953) Note: Part of the Burma Workers d. and Peasants Party) c. All-Burma Youth League Claimed strength: 300,000 (1948) d. Democratic People's Youth of Burma Claimed strength: 86,000 (1948) 11. CA/VIEROONS a. Cameroon Youth P-ace Committee (Joined in 1951) 12. CANADA Union Youth Huian. Young Men's Association The Chinese Youth Society All-Burma Students' Union Claimed strength: 2,500 (1953) Caveat: Do not confuse with anti-Communist All-Burma Students' Federation a. Cameroon Democratic Youth (La Jeunesse Democratique Camerounaise) Publication: Truth, (11a. Verite) a monthly National Federatio of Labor Youth (NFLY) Publications: (1) Champion, eublished semi-monthly in Toronto (2) Youth Revie published monthly in Toronto b. Youth Section of th Fellowship of United Ukrainians of Can da (Joined in August 155) Approved For Rele CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 20BROMIE..-81A-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 13 Affiliates 12. CANADA (Continued) c. Canadian South Slavic Youth Federation Parallel Organizations Address: 479 Queen Street West Toronto, Canada Claimed strength: 1,000 (19481 d. Canadian WFDY Committee Address: Siiite 24, 152 Bloor Street West - Toronto, Canada a. Russian Canadian Youth Organi- zation (RCY01 Publication: C:lub Life, publish- ed monthly in Toronto b. Finnish Canadian Amateur Sports Federation (FCASF) e. United Jewish People's Organization Youth Division c. f. National Committee of Students of the Labor Progressive Party d. g. Edmonton Club (a section of the NFLY) h. Karl Marx University Club i. Student Christian Movement (Toronto) 13. THE CARIBBEAN a. The Caribbean Labour Congress (Joined in August 1955) 14. CEYLON a. United Federation of Ceylonese Youth (Joined in 1951) Sons and Daughters of Canadian Lithuanian Mutual Benefit Society (S &DCLMBS' youth Friendship League b. Sri Lanka Freedom Youth Organization aka Youth League of the Sri Lanka Liberty (Joined in 1953) a. Ceylon leA.eration of Democratic Youth Address: 113/1 Peradeniya Road - Kandy, Ceylon Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Rele se 204jaar&7044*-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 14 Affiliates Parallel Organizations 14. CEYLON (Continued) c. All-Island Corn unist Youth League d. The Students Co gress 15. CHILE a. National Federa ion of Feris Tradesmen (Joined in July 153) a. Youth Commission of the Central Union of Chilean Workers b. Youth Section of the Miners b. Popular Youth Front Union of Lota (Frente de Juventudes Populares) (Joined in July 953) c. Youth Section o the Miners Uninn of Coronel (Joined in 1953) c. Solo Central for Work d. Youth Section o the Miners d. National Movement of Young Partisans o Union of Lirque of Peace of Chile (Joined in July 953) (Movimiento Nacional de Jovenes Partidarios de la Paz de Chile) e. f. g? Youth Section o the Miners e. Popular Youth Movement Union of Polpai o (ivlovirniento Juvenil Popular) (Joined in 1953) Youth Section o Metal-workers Union of Ingela c (Joined in July 953) Youth Section o the Chilean Electricity Company Empl yees Union (Joined in July 953) h. Youth Section o the Building Workers Federation (Joined in July 953) Youth Section o the Salpetre Miners Union of Maria Elena Approved For Rele se 2000011RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 2000/019217,061,41t11'78-00915R000600140009-1 15 Affiliates Parallel Organizations 15. CHILE (Continued) j. Youth Section of the Salpetre Miners Union of Pedro de Valdivia (Joined in 1953) k. Radical Youth of Chile (Sought affiliation in July 1953) 1. Pablo Vietales Choir (Sought affiliation in July 1953) m. Communist Youth Movement (Juventud Comunista) Claimed strength: 8,000 (1948) Publication: Juventud 16. CHINA (COMMUNIST) a. All-China Federation of Democratic Youth (ACFDY) a. All-China Athlectic Federation Claimed strength: 7,600,000 Vice Chairman: TUNG Shou-i (1953) Vice Chairman: SUN Shou-chu b. The China New Democratic Youth League (To be renamed !'China Communist Youth League" in late 1956) Publications: (1) Chinese Youth Journal, a semi-weekly news paper (Chung Kuo Ch'ing-nien Pac (2) Rural Youth, a fortnightly (3) Chinese Youth, a fortnightly (Chung Kuo Chting-nien) Claimed strength: 12,000,000 (May 1954) 20,000,000(September 1956) First Secretary: HU Yao-pang Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Rele se 60114101101tIOTOPA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 16 Affiliates Parallel Orenizations 16. CHINA (COMMUNIS ) (Continued) Secretariat Memb rs: b. Young Pioneers Corps LIAO hieng-chih Claimed strength: 25,000,000 (May'561 LIU si-yuan Note: The New Democratic Youth LO I League's organization for young WANt T sung -huai people between the ages of 9 and JUNG Kao-tang 15. OU T ng-liang CHA G Tse Hu K'o-shih c. All-China Stade ts' Federation (Hsueh-Sheng Li n-Ho-Hui) Claimed streng : 3,290,000 (1953) d. Inner-Mongolia Committee of the New Democratic You h League 17. COLOMBIA a. Democratic You Federation a. Patriotic Youth Front (Joined 1950) (Frente Patriotico de la Juventud) b. Union of Comm nist Youth of Colombia (Union de Juve tud Comunista de Columbia, UJCC) (Joined in 1950) c. Socialist Youth f Colombia (Juventud Social sta de Colombia) Approved For Rele se 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 2000/6u-up-Ai-ix-ft P78-00915R000600140009-1 17 Affiliates Parallel Organizat ions 18. COSTA RICA a. Revolutionary Youth League a. (Joined in 1950) General Students Association of Costa Rica (Asocacion General de Estudiant- es de Costa Rica, AGECR) b. Democratic Youth of Costa Rica (Juventud Democratica Costarricense, JDC) c. :Lanaria Workers Union 19. CUBA a. b. Socialist Youth (Juventud Socialista, JS) Claimed strength: 56,000 (1948) Publications: (1) Mella, official bi-weekly (Z) El Diablo Cojuelo (3) Friendship ( rlastad) (4) La Juventud Cubana ante el Mundo Director: N. VERA Address: Calzada Real No. 1088 Mariana?, Habana, Cuba President: Flavio Jose BRAVO Pardo Youth ComMission of the Confederation of Workers (Commission Juvenil de la Confederacion de los Trabajadores) Claimed strength: 100,000 (1948) c. Association of the Pupils of the Normal School of Havana 20. CYPRUS a. Restorative Organization of Youth of Cyprus aka Reform Organization of the Youth of Cyprus (Anorthotiki NeolaiasKyprou, AON) Claimed strength: 5,000 (1948) Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Releas@ &NM feerrrICIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 18 Affiliates Parallel Organizations 21. CZECHOSLOVAKIA a. Union of Czechoslovak Youth a. (Ceskoslovensky Svaz Mladeze, CSM) Address: Pan.ska 8 Prague 2, Czechoslovakia Claimed strength: 800,000 (1948) Publications: (1) Mlada Fronta, published daily in Czech (2) Mlado Vesnice, a rural youth magazine (3) Czechoslovak Sport (4) Smena, publisaed daily in Slovak (5) Czeehoslovak Youth, published in English Chairman: iviiioslav vt.A.:KER 22. DAHOMEY 23. DENMARK a. a. Danish Communist Youth Denmarks Kommt.nistiske Ungdom (DKU) Address: Dr. Tvaergade I-3 Copenhagen, Denmark Chairman: John GROTH Secretary: Paul EMANUEL Treasurer: Bent Aage ANDERSEN b. Danish Apprentices Association (Joined in 19501 c. Typographical Apprentices Club (Joined in 1950) islim1110.1milmor State Committee for Physical Training and Sport Address: Poric 12 Prague, Czec- hoslovakia Note: Directs and super- vises all sports activities and sports organizations. Dahomey Union of Working Youth aka Union of Labour Youth of Dahomey Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/2J ?J19-11r1F7?00915R000600140009-1 19 Affiliates 23. DENMARK (Continued) d. Danish Committee for the WFDY Parallel Organizations e. Democratic Youth Federation (Demokratiske Ungdoms Verdensforbund, DUV) 24. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC a. Democratic Youth League of the Dominican Republic 25. ECUADOR a. University Students Federation (Federacion Estudiantil Universitaria del Ecuador) (Joined in 1950) b. Democratic Youth of El Oro (Joined in 1951) c. Democratic Youth League d. Socialist Youth Congress (Voted to affiliate With the WFDY in 1949) e. Communist Youth of Ecuador (Juventud Comunista del Ecuador, JCE) President: Jose ARELLANO Gallegos 26. EGYPT a. League of Coeducational Graduate Students (Ligue des Etudiants et Etudiantes 1Diplomes) Address: 19 Rue Kh.achmat Pasha Cairo, Egypt Claimed strength: 1,000 (1948) Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Rele sg.,200,9/9/F-; CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 20 Affiliates 26.' EGYPT (Continued) b. The Egyptian You I Organizations (Sought affiliation in 1956) 27. FINLAND Parallel Organizations a. Finnish Democrat (Suomen Demokra Address: Ale ksa Helsin Claimed strength: Publication: Si .n c Youth League tinen Nuorisliitto Suomi, SDNS1 terinkatu 36 A 4 Krs Finland 48,000 (1948) Fire, a bi-monthly kkituli) (Me b. Finnish Democrat (Suomen Demokra Publication: The Claimed strength c. Academy of Socia (Akateeminen Sos Academic Sociali c Pioneer League tinen Pioneeri Liitto, SDPL) k lark, (Kiuru), a monthly 45,000 (August 1949) 1st Students *alistisensa) aka t Society a. Committee for the Defense of the Rights of Finnish Youth (Formed in 1953) b. The Best for Children (Para sta Lapsille) c. Finnish Youth Festival Committee (Sucrmen Fe stivaalikomitea) Approved For Rele se 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 2000I0B12 Affiliates 28. FRANCE a. b. C. 21 France-USSR University a. Circle (Joined in 1950) The Committee of Young b. Anti-Colonialists of Mont- pellier, France (Joined in August 1955) International Young Friend- c. ships (Amities Internationales) Parallel Organizations French League of Instruction (Ligue de l'Enseignement) (Established "cooperative relations with the WFDY" in 1956) Note: .oisatiiliateci from WFDY June 1948 Free Comrades (Francs et Franches Camarades) (Established "cooperative relations viith the WFDY " in 1956) Union of Progressive Young Turks (Peri Jon Turkler Birlegi, Avrupa Komite si) (Requested "associate member ship" Address: Paris, France in late 1955) d. Work and Culture d. (Travail et Culture) (Became an "associate member" i August 1955) e. f. Workers Sports and Gymnastics Federation n (Federation Sportive et Gymnique du Travail, FSGT) President: Rene ROUSSEAU Tourism and Work (Tourisme et Travail) (Became an "associate member" inMarch 1956) Claimed strength: "more than one million" (1956) President: Mr. DOLLE The Young Communist League of France (YCL) (Ligue de la Jeunesse Communiste de France) (Formerly The Uninn of Republican Youth of France) (Union de la Jeunesse Republicaine de France) Estimated strength: 1 DO, 000 (1956) Publications: (1) (2) LIAvant Garde, a weekly The Draftee, a weekly (Le Conscrit) 3INOINIFETFISIT Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Rele se 200gfr_c7;?51,011RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Affiliates 28. FRANCE ( Continued) g? 22 Parallel Organizations Secretary Gen ral: Paul LAURENT (August 1955) The Union of G rls of France (Union des Jeu es Fines de France, UJFF) (The girls rsecton of the YCL) Publication: Girlsof France, a weekly (Fines de France) Secretary Gen ral: Mauricette VANHOUTTE (June 1956) h. Union of Frenc Pioneers (rijannierede 1 nion Francaise) Address: 5 Rue Ricamier Paris, France Claimed stren th: 2,000 (1948) i? Grunwald Unio of Polish Youth (Union des Jeu esses Polonaises"Grunwald") Address: 50 Avenue Victor Hugo Paris, France Claimed stren th: 15,000 (1948) French Armen an Youth (Jeunesse Arm mienne de France) Address: 6 Place de la Madeleine Paris, France k. The "Free Gre k"Dernocratic Union of Youth (Union Democr tique de la Jeunesse de la Grece Libre) Address: Paris, France 1. French Secticn of International Philatelic League m. Youth Section ot the C. G. T. (Section des Je nes de C. G. T.) Saii1=111?11111??=lm Approved For Rele se 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 2IgnW9/37 be1A-IRDP78-00915R000600140009-1 23 Affiliates Parallel Organizations 28. FRANCE (Continued) n. Union of Valiant Boys and Girls (Union des Vaillants et Vaillantes) o. Unified (Spanish) Socialist Youth (Juventud Socialista Unificad.a) Address: Paris, France Claimed strength: 50,000 (1948) p. Youth of Catalonia (Spain) Address: Perpignan, France Claimed strength: 3,000 (1948) q. Union of Spanish Students Address: Toulouse, France Claimed strength: 10,000 (1948) r? Youth of the Republican Resistance Union of Catalonia (Juventud de Conjunction Republicana Resistente de Catalunya) Address: Toulouse, France e. Communist Union of Students of France (Union des Etudiants Communistes de Frances s. French Committee of the WFDY aka French Committee of Democratic Youth (Comite Francais de la Jeunesse Democratique) ACrote: The French Communist Party at its 14th Congress in July 1956 decided to found three independent Communist youth organizations: The Young Communist League of France, for boys; The Union of Girls of France, for girls; and The Communist Union of Students of France, for students. These three organizations are to be guided by "The National Council of the Communist Youth Movement of France', 29. GAMBIA a. See GREAT BRITAIN (32-a) 30. GERMANY (EAST) a. Free German Youth a. State Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of the GDR Approved For Release 2000108127: CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Relsati442242EZ : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 24 Affiliates 30. GERMANY (EAST) (Continuedl Parallel Organizations (Frele Deuts che Jugend, FDJ) Publications: Youth World (Junge Welt), publis;-ierl daily Rural Youth (Landjurnd) Secretaries, Central Council, FDJ: Inge LANGE Werner LAMBERZ (February 1956) First Secretary: Karl NA.MOKEL (September 1956) Claimed strength: 2,500,000; only 450,000 actively partici- pated in FDJ activities,however, as of December 1955. 31. GERMANY (WEST) a. Free German Youth (Freie Deutsche Jugend, FDJ) Banned Since July 1951 Note: This Committee supervises and directs all sports activities and sports organizations, such as: (1) Society for Sports and Technology Claimed strength: "Membership has doubled since 1955." Over one million workers have taken part in its activity since January 1956. Chairman: Richard Staimer (2) Democratic Sports League Publications: German Sport Echo, twice weekly (Deutsche Sportecho) a. Committee for Freedom and Unity in Sport Claimed strength: 1,600,000 (1953) b. Working Circle for Mutual German Understanding (Arbeitskreis ftir Deutsche Verstdndigung) (Major target: youth) Publication The Young Generation (Die June Generation) c. Community of "Friends of the WFDY" (Formed in 1955, "with participation of various youth associations and young people") d. West German Committee for the Rights of Youth and Students e. Festival Committee of the Federal LFeePsIllialkomitee der Bundesrepublik eutschla.nd) Faunttgell?lAiligna?ing) f. Approved For Release 2000/08/27 gC111441/11AP -M100.11$1k900,410t4t1G9-1 tFro.h.e Yemen iuer alle n er SERIIIMInlimama Approved For Release 20041$19Zi4CliiDP78-00915R000600140009-1 25 Affiliates 32. GOLD COAST a. Takoradi Youth Association (Joined in 1953) b. Youth Conference (Accra) Claimed strength:: 2,000 (1948) c. Maabang Youth Association ( Joined in August 1955) d. Youth Organization Committee 33. GREAT BRITAIN Parallel Organizations a. London Gold Coast Youth Committee Address: London, England a. Gambia Young People's Associa- tion a. London Junior Worker' Committee Address: 90 Perseverance Street, Bathurst, England Claimed strength: 3,000 (1948) b. Scottish Youth and Student b. South Wales Junior Workers' Commit- Union tee (Joined in 1951) Nott to be confused with non-Communist 'cottisn union ot btudents that is a member oi COSEC) Kingston Junior Workers Com- mittee c. C. d. Student Labour Federation d. e. f. g. International Youth Council (Probably defunct) British Democratic Youth League e. f. North London Junior Workers' Comm- ittee Union of Democratic Malayan Youth and Students in Great Britain Scottish Youth and Students Festival Committee London Gold Coast Youth Committee Address: London, England Young Communist League (YCL) Claimed strength: 3,100 (1951) Publication: Challenge, a weekly *J1 'T Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Rele se 2000,108/71:IFItik-rP78-00915R000600140009-1 26 33. GREAT BRIT I N (Continued) Affiliates Parallel Or enizations h. British Yo th Festival Committee Secretary: Stanley LEVENSON 1. Junior Wor Amalgamat (Mancheste ers Committee of the d Union Engineers) j. Architectural Students Association k. Portsmou "AEU" Junior Workers Committee 1. Swindon "AlU" Junior Workers Committee m. Manchest r University Socialist Club n. Arab Stude o. Workers' 34. GREECE a. Hellenic C United Pa (EPON) Publicatio Note: Banned clandes 35. GUADELOUP a. Youth Uni tsLeague usical Association nfederation of Democratic Youth aka ellenic Youth Organization s: Youthful Manhood (Leventia) and New Fi&hter (Neos Agonistis) since 1946; still functions inely under name EPON. n of Guadeloupe Approved For Rele se 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : Til7yte,915R000600140009-1 27 Affiliates Parallel Organizations 36. GUATEMALA a. Saker-Ti Group (young artists) (joined in 1951) b. Democratic University Front of Guatmala (Joined in 1953) c. Parista Youth (Joined in 1953) d. Guatemalan Alliance of Democratic Youth (Alianza de la Juventud Democratica Guatemalteca) e. Democratic Youth League of Greece in Guatemala 37. GUINEA a. Youth Union of Guinea (Joined in 1951) 38. GUINEA(BRITISH) a. Pioneers Youth League (Joined in 1953) b. Demerara Youth Rally (Joined in 1953) 39. HAITI a. Progressive Youth ofPort-au-Prince (Joined in 1951) b. Progressive Youth of Jeromie (Joined in 1951) SwEwMIRTIPIPIT Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Rele Affiliates 40. HONDURAS 41. HUNGARY a. Union of Working (DISZ) (Dolgozo Ifjusag Address: Bliszt3r Budape Claimed strength Publication: Sza pub in Secretary Gener b. Pioneers aka Hungarian Pionee Claimed strength 42. ICELAND a. Socialist Youth F (Joined in 1951) b. Icelandic Appren (Joined in 1953) c. International Coo Note: Formed to and includ d. Federation of Co (Ae skulydsfylkin e. The Union of Ra ical Students f. Union of Socialisi Students in Iceland SC Th' CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 28 Parallel Organizations a. Alliance of Democratic Youth of Honduras, ADYH Youth of Hungary a. The National Committee for Physical Culture and Sports vovetge) Note; Thi d Committee super- enyi ut 20-22 vises and directs all sports st XII, Hungary activities and sports organi- 800, 000 (19561 zations, such as: ad Ifjusa (Free Youth), (1) Hungarian Flyers Asso- ished six times a week ciation (MRSZ) ngarian 1: 1-7,' rvin HOLLOS (2) Ready for Work and Defense (MHK) r Movement 700,000 (1949) deration of Iceland ices Union eration Committee of Icelandic Youth maintain connections with WFDY-IUS s as members groups listed as "b,d, and e." munist Youth arinnar - sambands ungra sosialista) TPLImeutiowing Approved For Rele se 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/1(4441/1078-00915R000600140009-1 29 Affiliates Parallel Organizations 43. INDIA a. All-India Students Feder- a. Sports Association of We st Bengal ation (AISF) Address: Pawaha Mansion Kamela Marker New Delhi, India Claimed strength: 60, 000 (1948) 120,000 (1956) Publication: The Student, a fortnightly organ of the AISF Editor: K. GOPALAKRISHNAN Manager: Byornkesh ROY Printer: Sukuman GUPTA, Swastika Press Limited Publisher: S. GUPTA Address: 32-G, Elliot Road Calcutta 16, India Joint Secretary: Narthin RAO (June 1956) b. Democratic Youth Federation of Delhi b. Federation of Democratic Youth in (Joined in 1950) the Cashar District c. All-India Youth League (Joined iri 1951) c. Democratic Youth League of Calcutta d. All-India Progressive Student d. Bharat Yuwak Samaj Bloc (Joined in 1951) e. Democratic Youth League of Delhi (Joined in 1951) Leader: Govind SAHAI e. The West Bengal 'Players' Association (A sports group) f. Bombay City Youth League f. The Nanpur Youth Club Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Rele se 200001//agwAi3tk1DP78-00915R000600140009-1 Affiliate s 43. INDIA (Continued) g ? 30 Peasant Youth Organization (Loka Raksha Dal) (Joined in 1951 h. Bihar State Democratic Youth Federation ak Federation of Pemocratic Youth of Bihar aka Democratic Y uth Federation of B ihai? (Joined in 1953 i. Garbeta Demo ratic Youth League (Joined in 1953 All-Maniour Y uth League (Joined in 1953 k. Tanjore Demo ratic Youth League (Joined in 1953) 1. Chandernagore Democratic Youth League (Joined in 1953 Tn. n. Democratic Yo th League of India (Sought affiliat on in July 1953) Parallel Organizations g. Rarnnad District Democratic Youth League h. Democratic Youth Association of the Hills and Plains of Assam (Joined WFDY in 1949) Andhra Youth ederation Address: Main Roacl, Ko tapet Guntu , Madras, South India Claimed strength: 45,000(1948) SILlarelaftwilOgila Approved For Rele se 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : ObitoR?i1ggil9915R000600140009-1 31 Affiliates Parallel Organizations 43. INDIA (Continued) o. West Bengal Democratic Youth Federation 1D. The Yuba Sangha Youth Federation of Calcutta (Kaliketa Yuba Sangha) (Joined in August 1955) Address: 107 Lower Circular Road Caluctta 14, India Vice President: Gautam CHATTOPADHYA q. The All-Uktal Students Federation Address: Orissa, India r. The Juhu Arts Theatre President: Balraj SAHNI (January 1956) 44. INDONESIA a. Pe ople Is Youth (Pemuda Raki_at, PR) (Joined in 1950) Address: Gang Sepur 4/10 b, Djakarta, Indonesia Claimed strength: 50,000 (1956) b. People Is Youth of the Republic of Indonesia (Pemuda Rakjat Republic Indonesia, PRRI) (Sought affiliation in July 1953) c. Auxiliary Youth Corps of the Republic of Indonesia (Angkatan Pemuda Pembangun Indonesia, APPI) (Sought affiliation in July 1953) erri,114- 'I? Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 200111414101P.MARDP78-00915R000600140009-1 32 Affiliates 44. INDONESIA (Continued) Parallel Organizations d. Youth of the Indonesia Father- land (Pernuda Tanah Air Indonesia, PTA) (Sought affiliation in July 1953) e. Federation of Student Youth of Indonesia (Ikatan Pem4da;-Peladjar Indonesia -Claimed strength- 500, 000 (19551 f. Union of Demobilized Students (Perhimpunan Peladjar-Peladjar Deuiobilian, PPPD) ? 45. IRAN a. (Chinese) University Students' Union (Ta Hsueh Hsueh Sheng Hui, THHSH) People Is Youth of Iran a. Claimed strength: 5,000 (1948) b. Democratic Youth League of Iran (Joined in 1951) b. organ: avanane Democrat, a-weeray 0.9,1 c. Students Organization of Tehera sity c. (Joined in 1951) Kurdistan Democratic Youth Federa- tion Address: Shorsh, Kurdistan Iranian Democratic Youth Club n Univer - Tudeh Sports Organizations: (1) d. Mishaquit (Cultural Association of (2) Armenian Youth) (Joined in 1953) (3) (4) e. Tudeh Wrestler Is League Tualth Basketball Players Assoc- iation Tudeh Mountaineers League Tudeh Swimmers League Coordinating Committeee of Sports Organizations of Iran (Sought affiliation in July 1953) Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 2000/08-00915R000600140009-1 33 Affiliates 45. IRAN (Continued) f. Tudeh Youth Organization (TYO) 46. IRAQ a. Parallel Organizations Democratic Youth Union of Iraq a. (Joined in Jply 1953) Notes: Comprises the following organizations which had affiliated with tie WFDY prior to 1953: 47. IRELAND a. Association of Kurdish Students in Europe (Association des Etudiants Kurdes en Europe) Note: This organization was in existence in 1949; may now be de - defunct. Iraq Students Union aka (General Union of Iraqi. Students) Ls-ague in Defense of Women Democratic Youth Organization Socialist Youth of Ireland Address: Dublin, Ireland Claimed strength: 10 (1948) b. Democratic Youth Movement of Ireland C. Young Workers League of Northern Ireland d. Interna.ticrnalStudent Federation 48. ISRAEL a. Village Youth Front (Joined in 1953) a. The Progressive Youth Circle Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Rele Affiliates 48. ISRAEL (Continue "ekuth Gro b. ftativa izei Hativa Hats (Sought affi July 1953) se 2000/08197?? Qiiriznizi78-00915R000600140009-1 34 Parallel Organizations in the riapw_of " Sadehft a Al Sem Trzhak Sadc" aka air al-Shem "Yitshao Sadeh" liation in c. Young Gua d (Sought affiliation in July 1953) b. Arab Pioneer Youth of Israel d. Young Co Israel Address: Claimed st e. f. g ? Council of Address: Claimed St Hamachano Camps of Democrati Young Dem h. Main Fede Youth i. ai-ratnual i? Hashomer Jewish,. You Jerusalem 49. ITALY a. Italian Co (Federazio Address: unist League of C. Arab Intellectual League Tel Aviv, Israel ength: 1,000 (1948) ewish Youth Organizations Jerusalem ength: 30,000 (1948) e Immigrants Youth Federation aka cratic Group of Israel ation of Jewish Workers' ed Movement unenat: sair Council munist Youth Federation e Giovanile Comunista Italiana, FGCI) Via Delle Botteghe Oscure, 4 Rome, Italy SmamliftlitoMIPIP Approved For Rele se 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 2000=iiii4164DP78-00915R000600140009-1 35 Affiliates Parallel Organizations 49. ITALY (Continued) Claimed strength: 455, 000 (January 1953) Publications: (1) (2) (3) Gioventu Nuove, a news organ for young adults Gioventu al Lavoro, a monthly dealing with labor youth problems Avanguardia, FGCI official weekly organ Secretary: Renzo TRIVELLI (September 21, 1956) b. Cultural Youth Olympiades (Joined in 1953) c. Youth Front (Fronte della Gioventu) Address: Piazza Lodi 9 Rome, Italy Claimed strength: 1, 000, 000 (1948) a. Youth Vanguard of Work Brigades b. Italian Union of Popular Sport (Unione Italiana Sportiva Popolare) Publication: Patrol, a weekly for teenagers (Pattuglia) d. National Association of the Partisans of Italy aka League of Former c. Italian Pioneers Association e. f. g. Partisans aka Association of Ex- Partisans Address: Via Savoia 13 Rome, Italy aaimed strength: 260, 000 (1948) Youth Commission of the CGIL (Confederazione Generale Italiano del Lavoro) Movement of Socialist Youth Address: Via Gregoriana 41 Rome, Italy General Secretary: Emo EGOLI (May 1956) Italian Girls' Association (Associazione Ragazze d'Italia) d. (Associazione Pionieri Italiani) Publication: Pioneer, a weekly (Pioniere) Patriotic Youth Against Foreign Occupation and for National Independence (Gioventu Patriottica -con.-tra l'Occupazione Stramiera e per l'Indipendenza Nazionale) e. Alliance of Italian Youth (Alleanza Giovanile) Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 36 Affiliates Parallel Organizations 50. IVORY COAST a. The African Youth League of the ivory Coast (Joined in August 1955) 51. JAMAICA a. Jamaica Youth Movement (Joined in 1953) Publication: Arise 52. JAPAN a. Japanese Youth Fatherland Front a. "Children's Circles" (Joined in 1950) Note "rormed in towns and Estimated strength: 50,000 (1953) teach themselves Japanese history and geography b. The "Central Choir" of Japan which are not taught at school and (Joined in August 1955) to cultivate the intelligence to see Claimed strength: "over 1, 000, 000" (1955) through to reality in Japan." (1952) c. The League of Democratic Patriotic Korean Youth in Japan (Joined in August 1955) d. The Japanese Association for the Commemoration of Students Who Fell During the War (Joined in August 1955) e. f. The Cultural Association of Japanese Youth (Joined in August 1955) The Japanese Youth League aka Japanese Youth Congress aka Japanese Democratic Youth League (Nippon. Minshu, Seinendan) Address: 4-1 Nishi Ginza Chuo Ku Shin Sekai Building Tokyo, Japan Claimed strenath 20, 000 (1953) (Joined in 1950) Approved For Releurm2gka?(24: CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : cIA-RDR78-0Q915R000600140009-1 37 Affiliates Parallel Organizations JAPAN (Continued) h. Japanese Committee of the WFDY aka WFDY Committee in Japan Address: 3-7, Surgadai Biru Surgadai Kando Chiyodo-ku Tokyo, Japan All Japan Federation of Student 4kutonornie_s (AJF54) tLenicoAlu Gakusei nchi Rengokai) 53. JORDAN a. Democratic Youth and Students (Joined in 1951) 54. KOREA (NORTH) a. Korean Democratic Youth League (Choson Mingu Chiongnyon Tori,gma,eng) (Joined in May 1947) Chairman: PAK Yong-kuk (September 1956) Vice Chairman: KIM Ki-su (September 1956) Claimed strength: 1, 300, 000 (1948) Address: Phyong-Yang Korea (North) Publication: Min Ju Chuon Yon, Korean daily 55. KOREA (SOUTH) a. South Korea Democratic Youth Association (Zainichi Chosen Seinen Dornei Chosei) Banned 19i-48 56. LEBANON a. Democratic Youth and Students (Joined in July 1953) b. General Students Union of Lebanon (Union Generale des Etudiants au Liban) (Sought affiliation in July 1953) Claimed strength: 950 (August 19561 Siiii?a?diis?Frimiamm Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Rele Affiliates 57. LUXEMBOURG a. National Festi 58. MALAYA a. New Democra Address: Sin Claimed stren 59. MARTINIQUE a. Republican Yo (Union des Je (Joined in 1951 b. The Dramatic (Joined in Aug 60. MEXICO a. seepaga8aLICIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 38 Parallel Organizations al Committee ic Youth League a. Union of Democratic Malayan apore, Malaya Youth and Students in Great th: 25,000 (1948) Britain th Union of Martinique esses Martiniquaises) Art Centre, Martinique st 1955) National Fede ation of Technical a. Students (Iderp.cion ecnicos, 1 de Estudiantes resident: Ni an. ro MENDOZA ('56) Claimed stren th: 45,500 (Aug.56) b. b. Progressive I (Joined in 195 c. Confederation (Confederacio Claimed stren f. Mexican Co (Juventud Com Secretary: Ma Salazar (Sept raelite Youth c. of Mexican Youth de Jovenes Mexicanos) th: 60,000 (1948) d. 93,000 members of the Student Section alone unist Youth nista Mexicana) uel GONZALES mber 1956) SmEnerffer-T ("56)e. Mexican Socialist Youth (Juventudes Socialistas de Mexicana) New Generation of Mural Painters The Federation of Socialist Peasant Students of Mexico Club for Cultural Exchanges Address: Merida, Yucatan Popular Youth (Juventud Popular) Dr. Rafael ENVADE Villa, PregirlPrIt (Seiatembe r 1.9.56) Approved For Rele se 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 2C9Ort06/2Z :,CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Affiliates 61. MIDDLE CONGO 62. MONGOLIA a. 39 Parallel Organizations a. Union of Middle Congo Youth aka Congolaise Youth Associa- tion (Union de :La Jeunesse Congolaise Moyen Congo) Secretary- Andre MATSIKA (56) b. Working Youth aka Young Workers of the Congo (Jeunesse Travailleuse du Congo) Address: Brazzaville French Equatorial Africa Mongolian Revolutionary Union of Youth (Revolyutsi Soyuz Molodezhinkh Mon.goLii) Address: 10 Place Suchabatora Ulan Bator Claimed strength: 24, 000 (1948) 63. MOROCCO a. Morocco Students Union (Union des Etudiants Marocaine)ala. Union of Moroccan Youth, Student Section (Union de la Jeunesse Marocaine, Section Estucliantil) Claimed strength: 110 (Sept. 50 b. Achiri Abdellah (Casablanca) 64. NEPAL a. Nepal Youth League (Joined in 1953) General Secretary: S SHAR.MA (aka Machusudiaan C1-10-RMA) (1956) b. All-Nepal Students Federation (Joined in 1953) a. National Union of Moroccan Democratic Youth (Union Nationale de la Jeunesse Democratique Marocaine) b. Friendly Moslem Instructors (Amicale des Instituteurs Musulmans) c. Youth Section of the Communist Party a. Nepal National Federation of Students (Joined the IUS in Aug. 561 ssammemoLT Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Relea%12.0.0aZi: CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 40 Affiliates Parallel Organizations 65. NETHERLANDS, THE a. General Netherlands Youth Federation (Algemeen Nederlands Jeugd Vereenigung, ANJV) Address: Spuistraat 262 Amsterdam, The Netherlands Claimed streng h: 12, 000 (1948) Publication: Youth (Jeugd) Chairman: Joop WOLFF (1956) b. Orlganization of Progressive Student Youth (Organisatie van Progressieve Studerende Jeugd, OPSJ) Address: Beethoven Straat 67 Amsterdam South, The Netherlands Claimed strength: 1, 000 (1948) Publication: Spectacle, a monthly organ TNote-. See IUS (The Nether1ancls1 section of this report for listing of Dutch"parallel"groups./ 66. NEW ZEALAND a. New Zealand Progressive Youth League (Formerly known as New Zealand Federation of Young People's Clubs until 1950) Publication: Youth Forward, was a monthly;nowpubliAthedirregularly Claimed strength: 1,000 (1951) b. New Zealand Student Labour Federation (Joined in 1950) C. New Zealand Coordinating Committee for the WFDY 67. NICARAGUA a. Socialist Youth (Joined in 1953) Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 267115Wri"el. A-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Affiliates 68. NIGERIA a. 41 The Nigerian Youth Peace Congress (Joined in August 1955) b. Youth Congress of Nigeria and Cameroons 69. NORWAY Parallel Organizations a. Union of Nigerian Youth (Union de la Jeunesse du Niger) Address: Niamey, Nigeria May be identkcs.1 with b. Union of Democratic Youth of Niseria c. Nigerian Students' Union (Lagos) a. Norwegian Communist Youth League (Norges Kommunistiske Ungdomsforbund, NKU) Address: Oslo, Norway Claimed strength: 17, 000 (1948) Chairman: Arne Jorgensen, b. The League for Youth CooPeration (LYC) (Foreningen for Ungdomssamarbeid) Publication: Festival News Chairman: ArebrQt Vice Chairman: Kristian Danielsen c. Norwegian Committee of the WF'DY 70. PAKISTAN a. Pakistan Federation of Democratic Students aka Democratic Students Federation Claimed strength: 2,000 (1948) b. Pakistan Federation of Democratic Youth Claimed strength: 1., 000 (1950) 71. PANAMA 7Z. PARAGUAY a. Young Peasant League Address: West Punjab b. C. East Pakistan Youth Federation President: QAMARASAIVI (1956) East Pakistan Youth League Address: Dacca, East Bengal a. Popular Revolutionary Youth (Juventud Popular Revolu- cionaria, JPR) a. Federation of Communist Youth of Paraguay Note: Includes peasant and Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00941111ft0M4146695-tildents? Approved For Rele Affiliates 73. PERU a. Peruvian Commu (Joined in 1951) 74. PHILIPPINE ISLAND s%441141140901111,LIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 42 St Youth ,THE 75. POLAND a. Union of Polish Y (Zwiazek Mlodzie Address: Ul. Ws Warsa Claimed strength: Publication: Szta dail Chairman: Helen Se cr eta rat: Jan Leo Jan Ma Ire Tad Note: The ZMP i Parallel Organizations a. Communist Youth League (Now banned. may be operating clandestinelyl b. National Youth League (Banned; may be operating clandestinely Claimed strength: 1,500 (1951) uth a. y Polskiej, ZMP) olna 61 Poland National Committee for Phy sical Culture and Sport Note: This Committee supervises and directs the activities of all 1,020,000 (1948) sports dar Mlodych, published in Polish Jawor ska na Balcerzak Janczak Szydlak Ian Renke e Tarlowska usz Wegner composed of various sections: (1) organizations, such as: Sports Circles (Kolo Snortowe) (1) Rural Youth Section Claime Chair Publica (2) Polish Chairm Deputy (3) Union o (Zwiaz Claime Chief Approved For Rele ? strength: 200, 000 to 300, 000 (1948) an: Stanislaw Kania ion: Nowa Wies tudents" Association n: Ryszard Majchrzak hairmen: Stanislaw Eugenia Pragier Polish Scouting k Harcerstwa Polskiego) strength: 300,000 (1948) omrnandant: Janina Balcerzak e 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 IJIl1JT Approved For Release 2009/M271i C1ATIRDP78-00915R000600140009-1 43 Affiliates Parallel Organizations 75. POLAND (Continued) (4) Youth Organization of the Soriety of Workers' Universities (Organizakja Mlodziezy Towarzystwa Universytetow RObtnie zych) Claimed strength: 6,000 (19481 76. PORTUGAL a. Democratic Youth of Portugal Claimed strength: members in "seven provinces and 11 regions" (1955) b. Youth Democratic Unity Movement (Movimento de Uniao Democratico Juvenil) 77. REUNION a. Association of Students of Reunion (Association des Etudiants -de la Reunion) Claimed strength: 240 (1950) (IUS affiliate) b. Union of Creole Student Youth (Union de la Jeunesse Etudiante Creole) 78. RUMANIA a. Rumanian Union of Working Youth a. Physical Culture and Sports (Uniunea Tineretului Muncitor, UTM) Committee Address: Plata Scinteii No. 1 Chairman: Ion Vaida "Casa Scinteii" P-esident: Bodnaras Manole Bucharest, Rumania Publication: Scinteia Tineretului, published daily in Rumanian Claimed strength: 1,200,000 (1956) First Secretary: Trofin Virgil Secretary, CC- Cornelia Mateescu Head, International Department: Constantin Alecu Note: The UTM called on all students to join a new organization, "The Rumanian Students Association" that it proposed to form (August 1956) silmiimismomdmen Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Rele s@p414114114174.CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 44 Affiliate s 79. SAN MARINO Parallel Organizations a. The Socialist You h Organization of San Marino (Joined in August 19551 80. SCOTLAND a. See GREAT BRIT N for Scottish organizations 81. SENEGAL a. Union of African (Ras s emble me nt Address: Daker 82. SPAIN a. See FRANCE for 83. SUDAN a. All -Sudan Youth (Joined in 1951) Note? 9 ? "Youth Co in most ma identical Movement t 1948. b. Sudanese Democr Fe de ratio.:,. Note: Unions of have been Sudan, Wa and in rur Aroma. ? emocratic Youth es Jeunesses Democratiques, RJDA) Sene gal panish organizations ongre ss a, mittees" set up n towns. May be th Sudanese Youth at was set up in tic Youth emocratic Youth et up in Port Medani, Gash areas around c. Sudanese Cultural (Sought "associates in late 1955) Note: "Cultural C set up in m Union 1 membership ubs" have been st main towns. Preparatory Committee of the Sudanese Youth Federation Address: Khartoum Note: Efforts reported underway to organize this "Federation" in April 1956. may be identical with b. Union of Sudanese Youth Address: Khartoum Note: This Union was organized by a "Preparatory Commi- ttee" formed by delegates who had attended the Fifth World Youth Festival (Warsaw, August 1955) c. Student Congress Note: Illegal since July 1953 imisarommorr Approved For Rele se 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 20IniilefeM41110PRDP78-00915R000600140009-1 45 Affiliate s 83. SUDAN (Continued) d. (French) Sudanese Youth Union aka Sudanese Yonth Front Address: French Sudan President: Maysara Elsarrag 84, SWEDEN Parallel Organizations d. Union of Sudanese Students (IUS-affiliated since at least 1950) e. Union of Sudanese Students in Egypt aka General Union of Sudanese Students studying in Egypt .(Admitted to IUS in Auvust 1953) f. General Union of Sudanese Students (Admitted lc;52) Note- Reports indicate that this Union was not formally established until after its affiliation with the 'US. a. Swedish Union of Communist Youth a. (Sverges Komrnunistiska Ungdomfor- bund, SKU) Address Sto clrholm, Sweden Claimed strength: 20,000 (1948) b. Clarte (A socialist student organization) c. Federation of Bourgeois Youth in the Country (SLU) d. Swedish Pathfinders Trade Union Youth Section of Lindholmens Shipyards Address! Goteborg, Sweden b. National Festival Committee of Sweden Pre sident: Einar Nor rman (1956) c. Democratic Youth (Demokratisk Ungdom, ITU) Claimed strength: "DU" clubs collected more than 30,000 signatures for the Communist WPC "Vienna Appeal" to ban atomic weapons Publication: Stormklockan, a monthly Approved For Release 2000/08/27 ? CIA-RDP78-00945R000610011400094 son (55) Approved For Rele Affiliates 84. SWEDEN (Contin'ae se 24611111A-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 46 85. SWITZERLAND a. Free Swiss Yo (Jeune s se Libr (Freie Jugend Address: Zuni Claimed stren th de Suisse) er Schweiz) h, Switzerland th: 2,000 (1948) b. Work and Cultu e (Travail et Culture) Address: C;.-n va, Switzerland c. World Youth U (Gruppe Weltju d. Coordinating C (Comite de Co Note: Formed 86. SYRIA a. Democratic Yo (Joined in 1950 Note: Includes Se ction. b. Republican Stu Syria (Sought affiliati c. Union of Republ Students in Eur (Union des Etu caines Syriens (Admitted in A ApprovtrdvF6r Fk Parallel Organizations d. Swedish Committee of the WFDY Publication: World Youth, in Swedish e. Swedish Committee of the WFDY Students of Goteborg a. National Festival Committee ?on Group of SAJV end'ound der SAJV) mmittee for Young Workers rdination. de Jeunesses Ouvrieres) in May 1948 by the Free Swiss Youth th of Syria a Women's ents Union of n in July 1953) can Syrian pe 'ants Republi- n Europe) gust 1949) 12000108/27 : a. Union of Syrian Students (Joined the IUS in August 1956) Claimed strength: 3,000 (1956) b. Society for the Inspiration of the Pen (Rabitat Wahi c. HEINA (A Kurdish youth organization) d. League of Democratic Women Note: Headquartered in Damascus and attempting to organize female CIA-RDP7840915R000600140009-1 Arm co Poi", Approved For Release 20146161?1410m0A-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 47 Affiliates 86. SYRIA (Continued) a.Union of Republican Syrian Students in France (IUS.-affiliated since at least 1950) Claimed strength: 1,000 (1950) f. Parallel Organizations e. Syrian Festival Bureau Note: In September 1956 the Bureau decided to form a girls' dance group 87. THAILAND a. Democratic Youth Federation (Joined in 1951) b. Thailand Association of Chinese Youth Overseas (Joined in 1950) g. The al-Nasr Snorts Club Syrian and Lebanese Youth (La Jeunesse Syrienne et Libanaise) h. League of Democratic Youth of Syria (Jamiyat ash-Shabab ad-Dimu- gratiya.h as-Suri) Note: Centered chiefly in Damascus and composed mainly of minority elements. i. Syrian Rural Youth Organization a. Union of Siamese Students (Admitted in August 1951 by IUS Council) may be identical with b. National Union of Students of Thailand (Admitted in August 1953 by IUS Congress) Note: The IUS Congress custom- arily "ratifies" affiliations made in the interim bet ween congresses. Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Rele Affiliates 88. TIBET 89. TOGOLAND a. The Togoland Rural Youth (Joined in Augu b. The Youth Mov OggiaMigo) 90. TRIESTE se 24011401101111hiaNA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 48 eague of t 1955) ment of Parallel Organizations a. Association of Patriotic Youth of Tibet Note- Set up at "First Conference of Young People of Tibet" which was held in Lhasa, September 20, 1956. Claimed strength: Attending the conference were "756 represent- atives" of "various organizations, nationalities, religions, professions, etc." a. Federation of Students of Black Africa in France (includes students from Togo) Note: See FRANCE a. Union of Anti- ascist Youth a. Claimed streng : 17,000 (1948) 91. TUNISIA University Federation of Trieste (IUS-affiliated since at least 1950) b. Student Union of the Territory of Trieste (Unione Studente Trieste e Territorio) Claimed strength: 1,500 (1950) a. Union of Tunisi n Democratic a. Youth (Union de la Je esse Democrat.. ique de Tunisie Address: Tuni Tunisia Claimed stren : 2,000 (1948) simiawftemnimir Approved For Rele se 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Tunisian Workers Sports and Gymnastics Federation (Federation Sportive et Gymnique Travail de Tunisie, FSGT) Approved For Release 2,01611A-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 49 Affiliates 91. TUNISIA (Continued) Parallel Organizations b. Union of Young Girls of Tunisia (Union des Jeunes Filles de Tunisie) Claimed strength: 1,000 (1948) 92. TURKEY a. Democratic Youth Union of Istanbul (Sought affiliation in Tilly 1953) b. Youth Commission of the Tunisian Trade Union (USTT) (Commission des Jeunes de 1 'Union des Syndicats des Travailleurs de Tunisie, USTT) Note: USTT was a WFTU affiliate as of early 1956. c. Union of Tunisian Student Youth (Union Tunisienne de :La Jeunesse Etudiantel Claimed strength: 600 (1950) (IUS-affiliated since at least 1950) d. General Union of Tunisian Students (Union Generale des Etudiants Tunisiens, UGET) (Admitted as an "associate" member in August 1955) Note: IUS-UGET "Agreement on Associate Membership" provides that the IUS will consider the UGET as the "only organization author- ized to represent the Tunisian students and to speak in their names". a. Union of Turkish Communist Youth (13anned) b. Association of Istanbul Youth of Higher Education (Istanbul Y-tiksak Tahsil Genclik Dernegi) rimammimrwT Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release nallfa97dAlok-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 50 Affiliates Parallel Organizations 92. TURKEY (Continued) c. Union of Progressive Youth (Ileri Genglik Dernigi) Note: Centered in Istanbul and mainly a student group. Not to be confused with the Association of Turkish Young People (aka Union of Young Progressive Turks) that was dissolved in 1949 03. UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA a. Natal Indian Youth Congress a. African National Congress Youth (Joined in 19511 League (ANCYI ) b. Modern Youth Society Address: Capetown, Union of South Africa (Joined in 1953) c. Union of Democratic Students of South Africa (Joined in 1953) d. Progressive Youth Council Address: Johannesburg, Union of South Africa e. Young Communist League (Banned in 1950) Address: Johannesburg, Union of South Africa f. Transvaal Indian Youth Congress Address: Transvaal Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 2iiiifighly1Jke=1A-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 51 Affiliates Parallel Organizations 94. URUGUAY a. Federation of Communist Youth (Fed.eracion de la Juventud Comunista) (Joined in 1951) b. Federation of Jewish-Uruguayan Youth Institutions (Federacion. de Instituciones Juveniles Judeo- Uruguayas) aka Federation of Jewish Institutions of Uruguay (Joined in 1951) c. The "Peace and Friendship" League (Joined in August 1955) Address: Montevideo, Uruguay Claimed strength: "unites hundreds of sportsmen" (1956) d. Young Worker Movement (Movimiento Juvenil Obrero) (In July 1956 voted to affiliate with WFDY) Secretary: Antonie FAGUNDEZ may be identical with Youth commission (or Youth Movement) of the General Union of Workers (Comision Juvenil del Union Generale de Trabajad.ores, UGT) 95. USSR a. Committee of USSR Youth Organizations (Komitet molodezhnikh organizatsii SSSR) (Formerly the Anti-Fascist Committee of Soviet Youth until July 1956) Chairman: Sergei ROMANOVSKY Note: Information is not yet available on the exact structure of the new "Committee". However, reports indicate that it will "promote contacts with international and national youth organizations and "coordinate the activities of its member organizations": Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Rele Affiliates 95. USSR (Continued) (1) All-Union Youn League (YCL) (Komsomol, V Claimed streng Secretary: A. A. 1956) Publications: se 20,10111RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 ? 52 Corr.munist KSM) : 18,500,000 (May 1956) 10,500,000 (1952) POKHIN (July r ? (a) Komsomolskaya published six ti CC of the VLKS Ul. P-ravdy 24, (b) Smena, publish in Russian by in Moscow at U (c) Smena,publishe in Russian by th committees of Fontanka. 59, L (d) IvIolod Ukrainy, a week in Ukrai ILKSMU; and (e) Molodoi Kommu published month VLKSM in Mosc 130,000 coPies. Editor: B. P. Parallel Organizations a. Union of Soviet Sportrnen Note: The Komsomol Central Committee in February 1956 decided that all voluntary sport organizations of trade unions and committees for physical training and sport must be abolished and in their place a unified voluntary mass sport organization cTeated - "The Union of Soviet Sportmen" - to Pravda (Y CL Truth)carry out all "practical work and supervise the development of physical training and sport". Chief: Leonid es a week in the in Russian at Mos cow; d twice a month e CC of VLKSM . Pravdy 24; six times a week District and city e VLKSM at ningrad; ublished five times ?an by the CC of the ? ? st (Young Communist), y by the CC of the wand circulated in AYANOV (2) All-Union Pione rs Claimed streng : 19,000,000 (1952) Publications; (a) Pioners ya Pravda, official newspap r published in Russian (b) Pioner, agazine KHOMENKOV (1956) Approved For Rele se 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 20gpipsypic giRDP78-00915R000600140009-1 53 Affiliates Parallel Organizations 95. USSR (Continued) (3) Student Council, Committee of USSR Youth Organizations (Formerly the Student Section, Anti-Fascist Committee of Soviet Youth) (Otdel Studencheskoi Molodezhi Komiteta Molodezhnikh Organizatsii SSSR) Claimed strength: 1,960,000 (19561 1,500,000 (1953) Publications of various student organizations: (a) Farypinis Studentas, organ of the Student Organization of Wilnius University and published once or twice a week in Lithuanian at Guce ,risians gp 3, Wilnius Stuokos; (b) Leningradskii Universitet, organ of the Student Organizations of Leningrad University and published twice a week in Russian at Zhdanov Leningrad State University, Leningrad; (c) Moskovskii Universitet, organ of the Student Organizations of Moscow University and published twice a week in Russian at Ul. Mohkovaya 11, Corpus 6, Moscow; (d) Timiryazevets, organ of the Student Orgardzations of Timiryazev Agricultural Academy and published weekly in Russian at Novoye Shosse 9, itifoscow XXVIII; and (e) Za Radians' Ki Ka.dri, organ of the Student Organizations of Kiev University and published twice a week in Ukrainian at 1.1.. Vladimir s kaj a 60, Kiev. b. All-Union Tourist Society Note: The Komsomol Central Committee in February 1956 felt it would be "desirable" to set up an "All-Union Tourist Society" as young people are interested in travel. S Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Rele se ?nfiniORIT7n. 9IA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Affiliates 95. USSR (Continued) 96. VENEZUELA a. Labour Youth L (Joined in 1951) b. Young Women Venezuela (Joined in 1951 c. Confederation o Youth (Confede radon Vene zuelanos ) Address: Cara Claimed streng d. Young Commu Communist You Claimed streng workers, stud.e Publication: but issued cla claimed circul (1949) 54 ague Union of Venezuelan de Jovenes as, Venezuela : 25,000 (1948) Parallel Organizations c. In February 1956 the Komsomol Central Committee announced its intention to set up in cities and districts a vast network" of various clubs, such as: Clubs for Pupils of Higher Classes Girls' Clubs Circles for Amateur Photo- graphers Circles for Radio "Hams" a. Front of Democratic University Students Note: Created in 1949 Publication: A clandestine journal claimed to have considerable "influence" on the student and youth population (19491 b. WFDY Committee Claimed strength: 28,000 (1949) st League aka h Union : 10,000 young ts and peasants (1949) aimed by the Government estinely and having a tion of 12, 000 copies Approved For Rele se 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 20114014f11g0101A-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 55 Affiliates Parallel Organizations 97. VIET NAM (NORTH) a. Vietnam Federation of Youth a. Viet Nam Youth Union for National (Federation de la Jeunesse Salvation Vietamiennel Address: Lien Dosah Nien b. Hanoi, Viet Nam Secretary General: Hoang Minh Chinh Member, Central Committee: Trang Trong Ouat Publication: Information Service a monthly bulleting published in English and French c. may be identical with b. Union of Vietnamese Youth (WFDY-affiliated since 1947) Claimed strength: 2,500,000 (19531 Secretary: Nguyen LAM (1955) may be identical with c. Democratic Association of Vietnamese Youth d. (Association Dernocratique de la Jeunesse du Viet Nam) (INFDY-affiliated as of 19481 Claimed strength: 920,000 (1948) Note: This Aasociation may have been replaced by one of the above. e. f. Union of Working Youth of Viet Nam (Doan Tranh-Nien Lao-Dong Viet Nam) aka Vietnam Labor Youth Group Address: 45 Ham-Long, Hanoi Publication: Tien-Phong, a , Vietnamese weekly. Vietnam Students' Union (Hoi Lien-hiep Phu-nu Viet-nam) aka National Union of Vietnamese Students aka Union of Vietnam Students and Pupils Claimed strength: 10,000 (19531 29,500 (1950) Chairman: Le Quang TOAN (1955) Vietnam Youth Movement for Peace (formerly known as League of Vietnam Youth for South Vietnam, Group of Courageous Youth in South Vietnam, and Vietnam Youth for Peace in South Vietnam) Vietnamese School Boys' and Girls' Union may be identical with Association of Secondary Students of Vietnam (IUS-affiliated as of 1950) g. Youth Against America h. Catholic Association for National Salvation a?iworimanamili"."? Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Rele ?114149,215ai CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 56 Affiliates Parallel Organizations 97. VIET NAM (NORTH) (Continued) i. Boys Scouts Association j? 98. WEST AFRICA (Briti h and French) a. League of Democ atic Youth of West rica 99. WEST INDIES (BRITI H 100. YUGOSLAVIA Vietnam United Youth Front aka Front of National Unified Viet- namese Youth a. West African Students' Union in the UK (includes Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Gold Coast and Liberia) Claimed strength: 5,000 (1956) Address: 69 Warrington Crescent London W. 9, England (IUS-affiliated since at least 1950) Publication: WASU News Service, a monthly in English b. Fede-P-ation of Students of Black Africa in France (Federation des Etudiants d'Afrique Noire en F7-ance) 'Note: includes students from the Cameroons, Dahomey, Giunea, Ivory Coast, French Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan and Togo.) (Joined the IUS in August 1956) Claimed strength- 5,000 (1956) a.- West Indian Student Union Claimed strength: 4,000 (1950) /Note: The WFDY ex elled the "People's Youth of Yugoslavia" in 1950, in line with CPSU po icy after the Tito-Cominform rift. Now, again conforming to the cu rent CPSU-Yugoslav CP rapprochement, the WFDY Approved For Rele se 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 2000108127D: CIA,RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 57 Affiliates Parallel Organizations 100. YUGOSLAVIA (Continuedl "cancelled the erroneous decision taken at the Bucharest session in 1950 against the People's Youth of Yugoslavia" and decided to re- establish friendly relations with its reinstated affiliate. The People's Youth of Yugoslavia, however, as of August 1956, has declined to reaffiliate with the WFDY. / 101. INTERNATIONAL "AUTONOMOUS" AFFILIATES (The WFDY also permits international organizations to affiliate without losing their "autonomy".) a. International Union of Students (IUS1 Address: Vocelova 3 Prague XII, Czechoslovakia Claimed strength: September 1956: 3,293,360 in 36 "full" and 4 "associate" member organizations, according to a Czechoslovak News Agency, CTK, report of September 3, 1956. Con- firmation of this claim is being sought:, See IUS Section for more data.) 1953: "about 6, 000, 000 student members in 72 countries" /Note: Since its foundation in 1946 the IUS has been an "autonomous" affiliate of the WFDY./ b. International Young Friendships Address: France Claimed strength: "groups hundreds of young people from many countries" Note: Joined the IUS as "an associate" international affiliate in late 1955. 102. UNDESIGNATED AFFILIATIONS AND DISAFFILIATIONS In view of the fact that the WFDY has not published a complete list of its affiliates for many years, particularly since the mass withdrawals of non-Communist organizations occurred in 1947, 1948 and 1949, and in view of the fact that the WFDY frequently failed to identify by name the organizations that did affiliate or disaffiliate, the above list may contain sorne inadvertent omissions or inaccuracies? Confirmation Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Rele RA ManIngi,974.PIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Affiliates 102. UNDESIGNATED AF 58 Parallel Organizations ILIATIONS AND DISAFFILIATIONS (Continued) y of the information listed above is, therefore, of the current accura being sought. The above list, for e youth organizations" August 1956 by the Co failed to identify by n 103. UNDESIGNATED PA ample, does not contain the names of the "thirteen hat the WFD" reports were admitted as members in ncil at its meeting in Sofia but which the me. ALLEL ORGANIZATIONS In addition to the org usually count on a ho set up locally, region affiliates to "prepare' efforts are now being for the Sixth World F in Moscow in August support and. participat young people in gener or may be the same o Youth Festival that w While these "preparat temporary basis, gre affiliates or "parallel success in many couti. where "Rural Youth C of Youth" that were s still continue to exist. nizations listed above, the WFDY and the IUS can t of small but active organizations that are usually Lly and nationally by leaders of local WFDY-IUS for some important upcoming event. For example, made to set up a network of "preparatory committees stival of Youth and Students" that is to be held 957. Pa-rticular effort is being made to attract the on of non-Communist organizations and unaffiliated 1. These "committees" may have been newly created es that were set up to "prepare" for the Fifth World s held in Warsaw in August 1955. ry committees" are ostensibly set up on an ad hoc, t effort is made to convert them into permanent organizations. Such efforts have met with some ries, particularly in the underdeveloped areas mmittees" and "Committees in Defense of the Rights t up in 1954 to prepare for international conferences Approved For Rele se 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1 gli'LwilMT(wL4 Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-00915R000600140009-1