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Sanitized - Approved For R.elerpip : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 S6'6701, PEW 000 (1957) Z. ?roldAtient Manuel PRAM, y rc 4. Presideetial and congressi 1? June 1936. New president an 211 JUly 1951). Partido na bald on reefs inaugur CP has baarn Magid since s. however, iS sow une RADO Government, the Party -sing its ranks, *ad conducting vert awtivity. P) Metahe hip - 6,000 zers- 40, 000 saga - Departments a Litzw, ...;ua?co, and Huancayo. Strellith is also ed in labor unions end intellectual other population centers of the canary. Sanitized - Approved ForFiliiiiiiti'TiM-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 _r:-' Sanitized Sanitized - Approved For a . - -00948R000800040002-7 -The PC; recovering from its General c?Irla (1948 4956) during Teurthernaore, considerable dim ranks and expulsion from the Party over policy are constant. tSfljEjv po Mons to the Aprietas? advent of the ?redo government in the open to regain their lost =teas a a linnited amount of positions in government1 a the national W. with the axc now making their Maumee felt. Another factor to be considered is the tr Ciatlaperaittart between Peruvian coaservativos and The conservatives: who lack a mass political fell their awn, believe that 4.111-4. presents the most serious threat to the established ordor and that the small Communist Party offers a. amen* of combatting tide threat. Consequently they have supported Cmunist publications. contributed frequently to the Party and erscouraged Communist influence with labor. (See b below) a. Conturnutistsitteve .11?01.WWW?400. 0411*10. The Communists are current political leadership, nor national elections. There axe, however, some C at all levels of the government. Outgo - 2 - Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 (ammi:1;mHoiHerinorizimmo ts Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 Sanitized - Approved For Rel , A-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 Sanitized - Approved For RittruCIA-RDP78-09915R000800040002-7 appear to be PCP asscobore. particular inacential among typographical, 4ck, and construction workers. flosearal Odria's administration, the Gonummists although their Patty was illegal, were allowed to *attune insportast positions in labor and *ducat:Wool circles as Ion as tltoy were cooperative with the government. atria towelled the Apristas !roma the*. orptniastiona and the Communists took advantage of the resultant atatilliti41111. They ware willing to cooperate with the administration to some extent in order to gain this foot- hold. Although the 1- redo goveriunent has largely abandoned ()Aria's policy of etaCOUX4,014 forninunism m organised labor to atom the growth of Apristnis OMB individual govermacat officials have roportedly *saluted this practice. Conlin ;annumrevolt out sabotage acts on a small anal', particularly against Sanitized - Approved For -RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 Sanitized - Approved For e.:-CIA-RDP78-00a46R000800040002-7 The Party in Bolivia, While way se about 27 did a connections apparent! with C:to. Mexico. eria this bloc in 19 of the following: 1957. Ingress Leipzig Youth Festival (Moscow a Council Misting (Ceylon) eery Celebrations (Moscow) indent entered Cornroonist trai 9,6 Sanitized - Approved For e ? IA-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 Vas Sanitized - Approved Fo Lease : CIA-RDP78-00S1.15R000800040002-7 ea ue to receive correspondence and frn theS'Ple a Mexico, Cuba, Chile, There apparmitly is a seziou split in the 1eaErahip of the PCP with one grov favoring rearvnation of the Party leadership while another is seeking means to unify the Party te prevent further weakening. Dia- has existed on a minaber of =Oar issues, ly that of otrikes and whether or not they called and =ported. The diesegnition has evident in relations between the Central Committee and tho I Ina Departmental Comgnittee *hick apparently is largely composed of younger and lase satsettienced elements. Organisational cbi,tges within the PCP are likely taken up at the ferthcorning r after PCP departmental committee* throughout Peru. Read ACOSTA Sodas has been reported since mid as being secretary general a the Party. The Central C:nureittee appears to bee Victor tilALL.ARDO, Menne' AZAACHS:, P. LUNA, Pedro PARRA Valverde David OCII0A. ?satiric MENEVES, /Urania SAKCIIZZ Ortiz ZitT Sales, Hugo PUCE, Teritaa zsc.framni.,Lo Trynt Alvaro ZUMARAN, Jose MACEDC Mendoza. Gonaro CARITERO Chefea, Sateban Julio del PRADO, Demetric TY.1.1,0 Chaves. Raul ACOSTA Was, Juan MIRANDA. Sanitized -Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 " Sanitized - Approved For Rele e : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 -NNW The Politics2 C ammls SUM (7 members} appeara to composed of: Rani ACOSTA Sales Felix A. LAYONA. Jorge del PR_AD-0 The Control Commission. (3 mem composed of: Carlos ARBULU Miranda The departmental committees appear to be as follows: Lima - Jorge ACOSTA Si: Cesar LEVAN? La Rosa Cesar JIMEN.EZ Minus &dery Arequipa Itaul TORRES Fernandes Javier MAYORGA Goysueta Juan Reynoso Dias BUTRON de Was Rodriguez Bernardo LINARES Fajardo Humberto NUNEZ Bon.* Alberto NUNEZ Bor.* Cuzco Ernillano HUAMANTICA Salinas Alfredo SOMOCURClO Rodrigues Ernesto MORZ Eduardo BELTRAN Rivera Samuel YRISANCHO Jaime CERRUTC Dr. i.-31A ((nu) Enrique C:UENTAS Enrique URI& Sanitized - Approved For Rr' it,..Rnp78-00915R000800040002-7 Sanitized - Appro Apurire ? CIA-RDP78-009!1 5R000800040002-7 Jorge QONWJE8 Owed* Jose CALLIRGOS Anterior C ALLLEGOS Abdon SUAREZ FarIsx Victor Manuel MIRANDA Elias ',condo German DEDIOS Zapata Augustin VAL' EJOS levels :ttbrto VALDIVIA Moron LInrique PINTO Sardines mit FERNANDEZ Davila Juan BARRIO Contreras Benign? LATORRE Palma NOVOA Bernal Meichor TORREBLANCA Velasco ,3esar LAYSECA Valensa rancisco LUNA Cordaro M*rc.IG SANCHEZ F.spinoza Julio SANCHEZ Sanchez o MEND EZ Ramos or CAMONES Logos NORABUENA Norabuena Yufr. SANCHEZ Barret* f. Dissi? DIEGUEZ IA Tordaya (mu) CACERES HUR*ITZ NEZ Granadino (fun) Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 Sanitized - Approved For ,LIAARDP78-00945R000800040002-7 order to cases of rated Coln- idis4 PCP znenbers who coxtroi the Pe Chauffeurs, Leaders Sri and Pedro PARRA Valver Z) Trotskyist*, led by Isi.al F LA.S Tor Gruber APRA member). Felix ZEVALLOS Quisacta and Leonel* 3UT:140 Bar rantes, who were expelled from the PCP. Fa leftist APRA n*rnber a, who h*ve joined her political parties. this group is Ansancio DONATLE Zamora. per d sporadic 1*1 diffic Pro st labor newspa Peru. FubUshed sporadically. circulation: 800 - 1,000. rornunist newspaper in Cusco. Publie ral tines a year ?stirnated circulstion 3G0, Sanitized - Approved For Rel .tC4A-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 Sanitized - Approved For ease : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 Party newspaper publis poradca1y in Huanuco and circulating in =there Peru. Circulation unknown. Ea Tr itor imeogra4phod newispaper of a faction at variance with PCP Central Committee ?upparted principally by workers La anstruction Worker 6 Union of .Lixna. ublished sporadically. Circulation aknown. a oromunist weekly tab . piab by Radio i'eksao in the Andean re on of SeAlthaltIll Peru. lrculation 1,030 lime4.3graphed bulletin published monthly by the 14rna. Departmental Committee, 1958 Pro- unummist weekly magazine patterned after Thnewhlb take s name from the year in which It is pbUahed. Published from 1347 to 1953 and reinaugurated in 1957. Circulation: 6,000. Gonaro CARNitalu Cheica director. but plays an . Two key radio stat Radio Talmantinsuyo (Cuzco) and Radio?un: broadcast pro-Communist programs. Radio Puna is con rolled by the group of far leftists and publish the tabloid Waraltaso. - 10 Sanitized - Approved For Re ease CIA-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00n5R000800040002-7 Pro Al. (iodic& publication... Most a activity, w Campaign in 1957. al Institute (ICPAI1oted ii stence duriag Odria lit 1951. Pave** is to ftkiprGv. en P ru and USSR. CAN): ottacd 56. Cornprt.ed Irg.iy of university s to i 1.4ance other tbrough personal Pe Partisans (PPP) Pstviw enactlmnal. Communist peace Lt - Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 nr17, Sanitized - Approved FdRtL IA-RDP78-009+5R000800040002-7 Social /regressive Y.=utb. (SSP). Social Prograive Movement (MoP). Ilectual Group W-). t at d OziL Trade U onfederatiortPttivjau az. in arcusll minority. edrtioL f Minn awl lvlotallur zeal crkcs of the Central logiou (Irlrrmivic) CSEP). Communists Inatitte of C /temporary Art (IAC) Popuia Actian Yarty (44 Peruvian Revolutionary N*tionaltst P RNP) Peruvian Revolutionary Front P) Leftist Social Aztinn (ASI) lied Or DepartrnetaL ation c Workers Eepartntai ation a Workers of %LSO (ID auts and Infnan Serfs (CCYP). pa (FDTA). Sanitized - Approved For Rel :41A-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 Sanitized - Approved For DP78-0015R000800040002-7 Stevedores' VI11011 ii Calla* (SEC MC) Federation a Peruvian Chauffeurs National Moo cistivr? of rtiats and Writer Progres3tve Union4 women (UPM) Peruvian Federatirst 1 Typographical 'i,ki.-orkers (12'CP) Conetructiou Workers Union of Lino* (STCCLI3) Artisans Society (SA) Reformist University M (UR) munadat Cnalliza#4211.- Peruvian Communist Youth (JCP) Peruvian, re /nine Action (AFP) 6. &t Cal Miens None apparently. oo!det lastallations Zrobaster_or 1-42gatiou AP,. Wm ? Nonee b. Soviet Trade Viezion No information avallabl . 13 - Sanitized - Approved For Rel -,CiA.RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 Sanitized - Approved Fo le,aTe : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 C. ? No trade agreemeres. Trade with bloc conducted on ad hoc basis. In 1356 trade amounted to about WIlid0 awl was tarnost entirely confined to itriporui by Peru. la 1957 a attarp rise occurred with trade amounting to $694, OGG during the first months - again consisting almost all of imports from the bloc. This. however, cotwatuted still only 0.1 of the total trade of the country. 4. Setififl..._3411 llelk shipments el* the soviet magasinse, Tiep NotAtos (New Titres), from Uragnay, and of the Soviet Ernbasay publications, Novedades de la Thai= Enridetica (Soviet Union Nowa), from Argentina, have been inter- cepted by the authoritiee in I APIA? Commercial showings of Soviet films continue to take place. These have recently included -E 'Immortal Garrison +The Islexican*, 'The Golden Falcon", "Partisan i'ighteto and "Alexander Nevsky 8. Satellite ActIvithss sad e1ation j_insl3Ldim.?2,ted China) a.L.i.ottoTIne Embassies The only $ino-Soviet /Moe diplomatic Zni9010111 the Czech legation, was ordered out ot. the country on 4 October 1957. me t Peruvian Government charged that the Czech Charge d' Antares, in arranging through the PC1-, for a trip a five Peruvians Communist labor leaders to attsuld the IV WFTLI Congress in Leipzig, had intervested in r-ternve internal affairs. The Peruvian Government simultaneously severed diplomatic relations. - 14 - Sanitized -Approved For ReltorIMN01001110P78-00915R000800040002-7 Sanitized - Approved For1hoilesia?CIA-RDP78-0095R000800040002-7 In 19$1 omit delegate attended a medical tree. Five Czech foreUn Naas visited the country. Two nutlet front delegates traveled Stufloht Howe and di eader posing as a 13LASEXPOR prettideet of the UZi Ptthlic was expelled on waterlog the b.. T 1957 i.7.,nech. trade constituted by fax the Ws overall trade with the 1noc. (See A ber satellite foreign trade *psTdcutariy Csechoslovehian. halm -eru hut very little ia knows abciut Trade Liar:ere Sanitized - Approved FarReIase : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 Sanitized - Approved FArritr= : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 a Lu be nxi.ly as, despite s including idea who - if., - Sanitized - Approved For Releaseg A-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 Sanitized - Approved For ReIRse : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 b. non-Comm try' some non- since they regar *ken the A Communist le titres, causing the xpediency of goi anemic and pe has amounted to 4114M figbt. -Corornunis be used asa prtezt to act againat nerniee a the regime; 3) Dimire =matins riot to wealten Cortmulait.ra as a. useful device by which to ri 4) Declarations ngainst bAti. by numerous IthatiAisa organiza- =roma to question the political ad with it; 5) the preesure oblarne facing the government degree that the Presidant is not provoke another hilh-tension The defeat of romingsno :remains 4A6 f the piiAcipai interests of the Catholic Church in Peru. however, as C:inurete hierarchy has not inaugurated any formal movement t- *4ortbat Communism but their 11714 =vs plass include rscc,gffltin of the problem and considered= of ....leo to fight it. The labor scene i& eru is dominated by the tra4ltiat struggle between Cxuuniats and .Apristas. The restoration of democratic liberties, undez the l'rado adniinietration, which has faeilitated Cattirounist activities has also provided greater freedom for -operations to the Communists' prinapal contender fox. the loyalty of the masses, namely, the Leftist-eationalist .Aprista movement. The Aprista party (A1-.14-4) was legalized n Zit July 195(, *ad its adherents WW1& b4111% receiving increasing govern- support in their fight aaat-Conunluxist and pro -Cornrlunint elements for lather leadership. Sanitized - Approved For R IA-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 Sanitized - Approved For Release; CIA-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 The Apristios have scored net vans in labor at Communist expense and have put Caseerminista on the defensive. Apristaa continue in control of the only important natioual labor federation, the Peraviaa Confederation of 'Workers (CTP) and defeated the Communists on a senor's.). Alike vote in February 1957. it its likely that the z*.?4.pristae van nester a majority on almost any is Sttie they may wish. to push. Conermtnist at eats to gain control of plantation worker ergartiaatious in northern Peru* where the Aristan continue in solid control have been a complete failure. Comnsunist leader Sven Creep* has been mseted from the lAwas Taxi Drivers Union by the Aprietae, as were the Comzeunist loaders who land controlled the Lima Ascent*.Os* of Hospital. -Workers. Aprieta dominance was reaffirmed at the elections of the Federatioe of Bank Zreplops**. the Lima Union of flue Drivers, awl the Federation of To.etile Werkero. CorerauMet prep,rn 'se:el-ranee in. the Centred 114/1na& was seriously chellenged by Aprieta labor leaders and the same ems true in the South. Thirteen besportaut unions be Arequipa have withdrawn firms the Cialanumist-easttrolisd Departmeistal oderatiot. and have formed l'ioderation of Free Ursicets. An Aprista group steeled the Communist leaders of the Cusco Taxi Drivers Union in March. The 0Rn-sponsored (and ...Vrista-influenced) labor tohool in Lima, opened in April 1957 turned ont ite Arst group of non-Communist labor leaders on 15 October 1957, (Fir CittiTvritaxist strength in labor see 5 above) Sanitized - Approved For RelerFal;.12A-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 Sanitized - Approved Foruggisig : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 12. 13. 14. A k As in labor, Communist activities in the field of education have been on the defellSIY., fighting a rear -guard action against growing Aprista influenc Au Apriste replaced the Conunsenist provident of the National mstocistion a Secoadary School Teachers in 1937 and Apriete control has been =abstained in the National Assoeiation of Primary School Teachers. Aprista influence has increased in the National Associe- tion a Vacationed Zducation Teachers and the National Association of Commercial Teachers. Aprista gains were scored in the elections of the University Students :Federation of Arequipa bra May ' 1951 (positions of president and vice president), ad in the elections 44 the Trujillo Students Federation in October 1157 welt a ?due officer positions). Sergio Queve4e4s temporary assumption of the rectorship of um University of Cusco has enhanced Aprista prestige 25X1 X4 in *a instituiden where Cormunniste have been active. Sanitized - Approved For Rel 5R000800040002-7 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7 1. Population 2. President 3. Dentnant 7cllitica1 Party It. 'nature of Govinwent a. ffational Electionn 5, CoAnuniat arty Status .trangth A!fectvenenz a, communist3 in goverment rii.,) L, Strength in Labor e. In oasso or R4ovolat.i011 d. Liaison c, Leaders Dissident Groups d, Puhlications L. Radio 1. Front Ornups j. Communist.oemetrated Organisationa Soviet Controlled Organisations 7. !-:ioviet installations LAbasay or legation (tie te.) ? Soviet Trade Mission c. Soviet Trade Activitie d. Soviet Propaganda a. Satelitte activitiec and inatu.the- one sng a. Legation* or EmiDesais 17, Trade c. rugoslav activities d, Hungarian activIties o. Polish, Rumanian, TInlant are. 7-0.,=ariao Trak, lAttars f. Rod China r. Red China Trade itnetnn h. Zest Germany 9. Foreien Colonic'., In 100 FLOAA.14AAA, DiPlo V,on4ii Soviet Uni6n , U. nroups oppoilAz Communist Par, a. Government church Lntor uaLons, Unversity Croups 12. 13 25X1X4 Req. No ?747- Priority Deadline i0 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800040002-7