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Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800120001-9 CHINESE COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES AND CONTACTS January 1958 Approved Fo iPM0915ROO0800120001-9 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800120001-9 FOR OF- -w-- w5mEm""m CHINESE COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES AND CONTACTS Approved F -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel 0915ROO0800120001-9 CHINESE COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES AND CONTACTS Page INTRODUCTION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . vii PART I DIPLOMATIC REPRESENTATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 PART II OFFICIAL TRADE REPRESENTATION ABROAD . . . . . . . . . 7 Commercial Representatives with Diplomatic Installations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Trade Agencies and Trade Representatives . . . . . . 10 Ministry of Foreign Trade . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 China National Corporations . . . . . . . . . . 12 China Resources Company (Hua Jun Company) (CREC), Hong Kong . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 China Committee for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT). . . . . . . . . . . . 16 PART III OTHER OFFICIAL REPRESENTATION ABROAD . . . . . . . . . 17 Bank of China . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Other Chinese Communist Banks Outside China . . . . 21 New China News Agency (Hsin Hua News Agency) (NCNA) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 China Travel Service (CTS) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Min An Insurance Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 China Insurance Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Civil Aviation Bureau . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 PART IV CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTICIPATION IN WORLD COMMUNIST ORGANIZATIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 General ? , 33 World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU). . . . . . . 34 Asian-Australasian Liaison Bureau of WFTU ? . . 35 Women's International Democratic Federation (WIDF) . 35 World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY). . . . . 36 International Union of Students (IUS) ? . . . 37 International Organization of Journalists(IOJ) . . 38 International Broadcasting Organization (OIR). . . . 39 World Federation of Scientific Workers (WFSW) . . . 39 World Congress of Doctors (WCD). . . . . . . . . . . 40 International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Approved For Release. 8-OO915ROOO8OO12OOO1-9 Approved For Release :CIA-Rp -00915R000800120001-9 World Peace Council (WPC) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 International Institute for Peace (IIP) . . . . . . . 45 Asian and Pacific Peace Liaison Committee (APPLC) . . 45 International Committee for Promotion of Trade6 (ICPT) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PART V COMMUNIST CHINA'S CULTURAL OFFENSIVE ANDS FRIENDSHIP ASSOCIATIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chinese People's Association for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries (ACRFC) . . . . . 49 China Friendship Associations in Non-Communist 51 Countries ? . . . . . . . . The ACRFC and its Relations with the Friendship 52 Associations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Use of Friendship Associations for Propaganda 54 Purposes . . . . . . . ? . . . . . . . . . . . Individual China Friendship Associations . . . . . . 55 Argentina . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 Australia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57 Belgium . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57 Brazil . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 Burma . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6o Ceylon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Chile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Denmark . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6L- Egypt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65 Finland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 France . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67 Great Britain . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67 Iceland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 India . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69 Indonesia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71 Italy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75 Japan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76 Luxembourg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79 Malaya-Singapore . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79 Mexico . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 Nepal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 81 Pakistan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82 Sweden . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 86 Syria . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 86 West Germany . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 86a PART VI DELEGATIONS TO AND FROM NON-COMMUNIST COUNTRIES . . . 87 Trade Unions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89 Women . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 91 Youth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 92 Students . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 92 Journalists and Writers . . . . . . . . . . . . . 93 Approved For Rel 0915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Page Scientists . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9TT Medical and Health Groups . . . . . . . . . . . . . 95 Jurists . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 96 Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions . . . . . . . . . . . . . 96 Peace Groups . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 99 Religious Groups . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 99 Parliamentary Groups . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100 Cultural Groups . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 101 Miscellaneous Groups . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102 APPENDIX A ABBREVIATIONS FOR ORGANIZATION TITLES . . . . . . . 105 APPENDIX B ALPHABETIZED LIST OF CHINESE NAMES . . . . . . . . . 107 Approved For ReI 915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel t-00915R000800120001-9 Communist China's international relations reach well beyond its official representation abroad, and numerous devices have been utilized to extend these relations. In addition to diplomatic representation ex- changed with 11 Sino-Soviet bloc nations, official recognition exists as of the date of this compilation with Yugoslavia and 17 other nations. Israel announced recognition of Communist China in January 1950, but Communist China has never reciprocated. In addition, trade delegations have been established on a permanent basis in at least 9 of these 30 countries. Trade and cultural agreements have been entered into with all the Sino-Soviet bloc nations and with at least 10 of the other na- tions with which official representation has been established, most of these on a government-to-government basis. This compilation indicates in Part I the location of Chinese Com- munist diplomatic representations and the names of ambassadors, ministers, and consuls, as appropriate. It also names the cultural attaches or counsellors whose dual tasks seem to be the development of Chinese Com- munist influence in and control over the overseas Chinese communities, and the expansion of cultural exchanges between their country of assign- ment and Communist China. Part II lists the commercial attaches and counsellors at the various diplomatic installations who, along with the official permanent trade representatives, seek to expand trade between Communist China and the areas in which they are assigned. Key figures in the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the Chinese (Communist) People's Government, and in the national corporations, the China National Import and Export Corporation, and China Resources Company are also named. Officials of the China Committee for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) are also included since this committee is an official front organization which sponsors trade delega- tion exchanges with non-Communist countries. Other official organs of the Chinese Communist government which extend into areas outside the mainland and play a part in that government's international relations, which are covered under Part III, are: The Bank of China and other Chinese Communist-controlled banks, the China Travel Service, the New China News Agency, the China Insurance Company, the Min An Insurance Company, and the international operations of the Civil Avia- tion Administration, all under control from Peking. Participation in the many international Communist front organiza- tions is covered in Part IV which lists those known to be active in this regard and through such activities to be in cofitact with representatives of Communist parties throughout the world. Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For RetemsymOM 10W 8-00915R000800120001-9 A separate portion, Part V, of this study is concerned with the Chinese People's Association for Cultural Relations with Foreign Coun- tries (AcRFc) and the cultural offensive it has conducted, particularly in concert with the China friendship associations internal to Communist China and those in other nations. The final section, Part VI, is devoted to a summary report on the interchange of delegations with non-Communist countries, with particular emphasis on the travel of Communist Chinese delegations to these coun- tries in 1955 and 1956. It is to be emphasized that this compilation covers the highlights of Communist China's relations with foreign countries and the more im- portant representatives in and to these countries acting officially for the CPG, CCP, or organs under their direction and control. These offi- cial representatives in many cases are stationed outside China but are not to be considered among that body of persons generally referred to as "Overseas Chinese." Strenuous efforts have been made since 19+9 by the Chinese Communists to gain influence and control over the some 1+,900,000 Chinese residing outside the China mainland. One of the principal ef- forts of some of the official representatives in foreign countries, par- ticularly the diplomatic installations and their cultural counsellors and attaches, is directed at winning the loyalty to Communist China of these Chinese overseas, maintaining a flow of remittances from them to the China mainland, and fostering the return to Communist China of foreign- trained Chinese technicians who are so badly needed in that country. The subject of the Chinese overseas is a separate one and is not dealt with as such in this compilation. At the end of the text of this compilation will be found: a. Appendix A, a listing of the abbreviations used in the text and the organizations for which they are adopted. b. Appendix B, an alphabetical tabulation of Chinese named (non-Chinese are not included). The alphabetical tabulation is not to be considered as providing full biographical data on the persons named. For the most part it in- dicates only their connections in a leadership capacity with the or- ganizations and activities with which this compilation is concerned. In a few instances the connections of individuals with Chinese Commu- nist Party or Chinese People's Government organs have been included. Members of the executive or central committees of the various non-Com- munist political parties, All China federations, and domestic front or- ganizations appear only when such membership occurs incidental to list- ing of the names, for other reasons, within the scope of this paper. Approved For R 78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Use of the alphabetical tabulation in conjunction with the list of abbreviated organizational titles will facilitate its usefulness. For example, the list of abbreviations (Appendix A) shows WPC as the code used for the World Peace Council, whose Chinese Communist leaders are named on page 42 of Part IV. Reference to this page shows the name KUO Mo-jo. In the alphabetical listing (Appendix B) his connections with other organizations, particularly those covered in the text, will be noted. Although some of the organizations coded after KU0's name are not covered in this compilation (CPC - China Peace Committee; ACFSS - All China Federation of Scientific Societies), the identity of these organizations may be determined from Appendix A, the list of abbrevia- tions, and the scope of KU0's participation in non-CCP, non-government activities will be indicated. It should be understood that the organiza- tions shown after each name represent only those more important ones with which the individual is known to be associated. Reference to the Table of Contents, Part VI, will indicate that delegations to and from non-Communist countries have been broken down into 14 basic categories. In Appendix B, the alphabetized list of names, it will be noted, for example, that the data on LIU Ning-i in- cludes a reference "see Part VI, Trade Unions and Peace Groups." This indicates that LIU Ning-i is named in these two sections of Part VI. It should be clearly understood that Part VI does not include all dele- gations to and from non-Communist countries but only represents a small cross section of the total number of persons travelling to and from these countries since 1 January 1955. The Chinese Communist press claimed that in this two-year period more than 11,000 persons travelled from Communist China to 49 non-Communist nations, while more than 10,000 per- sons from 75 non-Communist countries visited Communist China in delega- tions or as individuals. Those delegations listed in Part VI, therefore, are only a small sampling of the total exchanges of delegations. Approved For Rele -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Relea 0915R000800120001-9 Listed below are the countries with which Communist China has diplo- matic relations, including the consulates in these countries, together with the names of its ambassadors, consuls, and cultural attaches or counsellors. Cultural attaches are included in the list since they appear to be principally responsible for stimulating cultural exchanges between Com- munist China and countries in areas where they are located. The cultural attaches also appear to be responsible for maintaining contact with the Chinese communities overseas and the formation and activities of the China friendship associations. Approved For Relea - 0915R000800120001-9 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800120001-9 4i m +D 0 0 3 3 '~ 3 3 co r rda;H H U PI Q) r. P, P51, Cd PA Cd PA r. a) 5--i ho '~' ?rl H H is 0 (1) SA O rd I rd 1 rd d Ld .1 L,6 U) ?rl U) m C7 0 co co U Cd Eid OaQ OQ I bD r-4 r~ Cd S r I Cd ?rl ~+ I ~" P r, cd k h0 F+ 1 ~-I Fti >~ pp O a) - 0 r' O ?rl O 0 (1) rd a) C5 m rd ?H rd (1) rd rd C cd m E4 Cd ~-I Cd 3 Cd Cd m Ea r~ m U) m ?rI U) ha H U) ; r m O m C5 co a) m - Q a d s~ O ro 51, rc) O U] fl yIQ O UQ E+ UQ CO-) I~QEs y o +~ cd 0 r1 0 cam" d GO m Cd H U a a) N 4-4 Approved For`' telele : CIA-I#bP78`-b091 A000961 20001-9 bO r. 0 Pi Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800120001-9 '0 0 co t +D ?H F7 -N cd HO P -P ci o cd C!w H U P-4 ?~ cd >< a) 0 IQ P, a) -P, 8 a) a) 0 ate) 0 to H a H cw cd cd =~ - a) bD ) 1 O H O ?H O O i Cd U cd fir,' Cd I cd CJ Cd W d W Cd E + Cd Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800120001-9 H cd Cd 1 (1) ccdd Cd Cd cd Cd r1 ~ x cd bD H U W W F-, hG H H Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800120001-9 J) v v a) 0 - -4 o -4 Q) o o H ~ u a ~ H a ~Ol H a H H Fl O Cn Q) O ~ Q) a) ~ 4-3 O Cd fl~ c3 > a) O cn Pa 40 0 o m Cn (1) H Cd ?H x a~ CH Cd 0 O 0 - - m O P O o 0 4D O rd rd rd ~, d x rd i rd Cd Cd u Cd N Cd a Cd 0 Cd rl Cd r I Cd Zi w P cn ` (L) O Cn C n w w Cn Cd ` a) 10 U) m w U) U) co U) ril, bD 0 r-4 Q, PA ad Cd H a) z w a0 a m Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800120001-9 bD 4-a ?H O u) a) o c) u) ~ a) (1) -P U 0 Cd U Cd ,C', 5ti a) U O m cd Fi N PA (1) a0 rd r-4 -4 r-4 ao o -4 +-+ o t r O + Q' bO (L) a ~O Z H a H H tto ?ri 40 x m cd 0 51, O W q a) ?H n r1 1 ?H a) Q I P qH b.0 Q--I -H i Cd Cd I w (1) 1 4-I r-I H Cd O r a) ?ri O O O H --:V I Id rd Cd U O rd ?ri c 4 rd Cd rd CA d ?ri cd ?r l d r cd r-) Cd ?H Cd w cd w P a r! u) Cn U) (1) U ` (1) U -P ?H co W Z U] W, co 0 40 bD U] U) U) WZrO N s". - P cdH Cd W co m0UU 0z rd 40 Cd Cd r1 ?rl +N ca a) 0 cn +P a) ?H Q) 0 0 3 aai Approved For Release :CIA-RDP7 -009 '5R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel 0915R000800120001-9 Since the very nature of its operations and functions call for the Ministry of Foreign Trade to maintain frequent contact with areas outside of Communist China through permanent representatives in both Sino-Soviet Bloc countries and non-Communist nations, a brief resume of the Ministry and the organization built to foster and conduct foreign trade follows. Because the foreign trade of Communist China is a state-controlled monopoly, those traveling outside the China mainland for that purpose, those serving as commercial or trade counsellors of diplomatic installa- tions abroad, and those who are part of established trade representatives' offices, are acting officially for the Chinese Communist Government. A large number of the trade representatives of the CPG who are stationed abroad or travel outside Communist China have been identified in this section and in Part VI. It appears that, in general, transfer of funds and credits with Sino- Soviet Bloc nations in connection with their trade relations is handled direct from Peking through the People's Bank of China, while funding of trade with Southeast Asia and non-Communist countries is effected at least in part through the branches of the Bank of China outside of Communist China, particularly the branches in Hong Kong and London. The Bank of China's activities abroad are covered in Part III of this paper. Channels for trade relations are available through trade and commer- cial counsellors of Chinese Communist diplomatic installations and through permanent trade representatives who have set up offices in a number of non-Communist countries including East Germany, Italy, Egypt, India, Leb- anon, and Syria. Virtually all the trade between Communist China and the Sino-Soviet Bloc countries is carried out on a government-to-government basis, under annual trade agreements negotiated by the Ministers of Foreign Trade of the respective countries. In addition, trade agreements have been negotiated with some of the non-Communist countries with which Communist China maintains diplomatic relations. Among those with which such trade treaties have been arranged are: the USSR, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Rumania, Albania, Yugoslavia, Burma, North Korea, Mongolian People's Republic, India, Pakistan, Afghan- istan, Indonesia, Ceylon, Cambodia, Egypt, and Syria. The Chinese Commu- nists send observers to the meetings of the Soviet Bloc Council of Eco- nomic Mutual Assistance (CEMA). Approved For Rele - 0915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Only the highlights of the Chinese Communist trade activities abroad are included in this section, and, although many other persons connected with each installation or organization are known, for example the large trade missions in Egypt, East Germany, Cambodia and elsewhere, only the leading personalities are named in this compilation. BULGARIA LI Ts'ang, Commercial Attache LIU Fang-ku, Commercial Attache SUNG I-feng, Commercial Attache CH'EN Ch'un-ming, Assistant Commercial Attache' WANG Lu-chih, Commercial Counsellor SUN Chi-yu, Assistant Trade Attache KAO Shih-jung, Commercial Counsellor SUNG Shih, Trade Commissioner TSO Po-wen, Assistant Trade Commissioner DENMARK LIU Chi-tsai, Commercial Attache' DRV (VIET MINE) YEN Ching-hao, Commercial Counsellor FONG Tien Tcheng (FANG T'ien-cc'eng), Commercial Attache' OU King Tchan, Commercial Attache CHE Tai, Commercial Attache WANG Jun-sheng, Commercial Counsellor CHANG Kuang-tou, Commercial Counsellor CHAO Wei-chang, Commercial Counsellor CHANG Fang, Commercial Attache CHIN Lien-san, Commercial Attache LI K'o-fu, Commercial Counsellor MO Ch'eng-kuei, Commercial Counsellor WANG Han-min, Commercial Counsellor tj .41 TU Yu-yun, Commercial Counsellor PO Yi, Commercial Counsellor (aka PU I and WANG Kai-i) WANG Chao-hsun, staff member of commercial agency, New Delhi TU Tzu-i, Commercial Counsellor -8- Approved For Rele -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel 00915R000800120001-9 MONGOLIA NEPAL NETHERLANDS NORTH KOREA NORWAY PAKISTAN RUMANIA SWEDEN SWITZERLAND YANG Lin (YANG Ling) (YANG Liu), Commercial Counsellor HUANG Wei-min, Commercial Attache SHIH Sheng, Commercial Counsellor TU Yu-yun, Commercial Counsellor LU Lung, Commercial Counsellor HSIEH Chun-pu, Commercial Counsellor LIU Chang-heng, Commercial Attache' KAO Shang-neng, Commercial Counsellor LIU Pao-kang, Commercial Attache LIU Jo-ming, Commercial Counsellor KANG Hai-pan (KANG Hsi-fan), Commercial Attache CHIN Hsu, Commercial Counsellor TANG Chun-min, Commercial Counsellor WU Chen, Commercial Counsellor CHANG Yin-hsiao (y.S. CHANG), Commercial Attache KAO Shang-lin, Commercial Attache' CHANG Hua-tseng, Commercial Representative SHIH Ku, Assistant Commercial Representative LIU Fang, Commercial Counsellor MING Ko, Commercial Counsellor I Ch'en-yang, Trade Counsellor LI Ch'iang, Trade Counsellor HSU Ta-shen, Trade Counsellor HSIEH Shou-t'ien, Commercial Counsellor TSAO Tung, Assistant Commercial Attache TS'UI Chun, Commercial Counsellor W.C. CHANG, Assistant Commercial Counsellor Approved For Relea Y00915R000800120001-9 Approved For R-11---- ;~1?_ 78-00915R000800120001-9 CAMBODIA DRV (VIET MINH) EAST GERMANY EGYPT SUN Ta-chien (SUNG I-kung)--Representative of China National Sundries Export Corporation in Rangoon. YEH Ching-hao--Head of economic delegation; for- mer Commercial Counsellor in North Vietnam. TS'AO Kuei-sheng--Deputy head of economic dele- gation. WANG Chiu-ching--Head of industrial/agricultural exhibit, Hanoi, DRV. Also organized Chinese Communist participation in economic exhibi- tion in Rangoon, Burma, March 1957. CHIN Chao-hsien--Represented CNIEC in East Ber- lin up to late 1956, when office was closed. TING K'o-chien--Represented CNIEC in East Ber- lin up to late 1956, when office was closed. LI Ying-chi--Chief of permanent trade delegation, Cairo; formerly Vice Manager of CNIEC; member of trade missions to Britain, in September 1954, and to Finland, in 1955. Believed to have joined diplomatic mission. CHANG Yueh--Deputy commercial representative. CHI Chung-ch'en--Head of Chinese trade agency in Calcutta. Other members of the trade agency are: CH'EN K'o-ch'ang, YANG Po, YEH Chung-ch'i, and YU Hung-te. LI Cllih-kan (LI Chin-feng, LI Tze-kai)--Formerly deputy trade agent at Kalimpong (on Nepal border). Responsible for Chinese Communist trade activities in India. INDONESIA T'ANG Wei-chung--CNIEC representative in Djakarta. ITALY LEBANON A trade office was reported to have been estab- lished in Rome. WANG Lei-wang--Opened commercial representative office, Beirut, September 1956. TAI P'ei-ch'en--Deputy to WANG. Approved For ~T? f -1A 78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel - DP7 -00915R000800120001-9 There is a permanent Chinese Products Exhibit in the Bank of China at Singapore. HSU Tan-shu (T.S. HSU)--Reported to represent China National Metals Import Corporation in Bern; was formerly with CNIEC in East Berlin. The former CNIEC branch in East Berlin was closed in late 1956. The Ministry of Foreign Trade is one of 39 ministries and commissions under the State Council of the Chinese People's Government (CPG). YEH Chi-chuang is Minister. There are 8 Vice Ministers and 4 Assistants to the Minister. Under the Ministry there are at least 14 bureaus .and de- partments including a Bureau of Import, Bureau of Export, and a Protocol Department. Under the direction of the Ministry of Foreign Trade there are a number of "national" (state-owned) import and export corporations broken down by general types of raw materials and commodities imported and exported by Communist China. The principal national corporations, head offices of which in each instance are in Peking with branches of most of them in Shanghai, Tientsin, Tsingtao, and Canton, are included herein along with their key officials. As is the case in all Communist-controlled countries, the bulk of the foreign trade of Communist China is centrally controlled by government organs, and major transactions with customers and suppliers are handled through government channels. Radio Peking claimed that by the end of 1956 Communist China had es- tablished trade relations with 68 countries and had concluded trade agree- ments with the governments of 21 nations other than those of the Sino- Soviet Bloc. Key persons in the Ministry of Foreign Trade include: Minister Vice Ministers YEH Chi-chuang LEI Che-jen LEI Jen-min HSU Hsueh-han K'UNG Yuan HSIEH Hsueh-kung LI Ch'iang LU Hsu-chang FAN Tzu-wen LIN Hai-yun CHIANG Ming Approved For Rel 0915R000800120001-9 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800120001-9 Assistants to Minister PAI Shang-yin YANG Hao-lu FU Sheng-lin Bureau of Import, Director CHANG Hua-tung Deputy SUN Shun Protocol Department, Chief YANG Mien Deputies WEI Meng-ling T'IEN Sui-hsiang Director, Shanghai Office CH'I Wei-li CHINA NATIONAL CORPORATIONS An office of the China National Import and Export Corporation (CNIEC) was established in East Berlin several years ago to deal with non-Commu- nist countries in Europe prior to inauguration of exchanges of trade dele- gations. CNIEC acted as sole importer of goods from these countries. The Berlin office was reported by the East German press to have closed on 14 October 1956. It was to be reopened in Bern, Switzerland; it is possible this office may have been discontinued, or the commercial counsellor of the embassy in Bern may have assumed the responsibility for purchasing in Europe. Transactions are now often handled by trade delegations directly representing the various national corporations. This may result in a change in the over-all role of the CNIEC. China National Import and Export Corporation (CNIEC): Director LU Hsu-chang Acting Director TS'AO Chung-shu Assistant Directors NI Wei-ting (NI Tu-ting) SHIN Chih-ang Chief, Export Department YAO Nai-an Secretary-General Export Department CHANG Ping-tse(f) China National Cereals, Oils, and Fats Export Corporation: Director LI Fan-ju Deputy Directors LIU Kuang-han LI Ming China National Native Products Export Corporation: Director ' YU Kang China National Animal By-products Export Corporation: Director K.Y. KOO (KU) -12- Approved For Rel 0915R000800120001-9 Approved For ReI_ ,+,QIe,RDP'Q-00915R000800120001-9 China National Tea Export Corporation: Director SU Han-chih Deputy Director YU Li-kuang China National Foodstuffs Export Corporation: Director YU P'ing Deputy Director WANG Shao-peng China National Sundries Export Corporation: Director SUN Li-chi Deputy Directors MA I-min WANG Yao-yang China National Minerals Corporation: Director SHANG Kuang-wen (SHAN Kuan-wen, KAO Kuang-wen) China National Silk Corporation: Director CH'EN Ch'eng chung (CH'EN Chang- chung) China National Instruments Import Corporation: Director T'IEN Li-ch'un (TIEN Li-chuan) Secretary General C.T.TENG Representatives in Bern, Switzerland CHANG Chi-chan--Manager WANG Chung-yuan--Vice Manager China National Metals Import Corporation: Director Representative in Bern, Switzerland China National Technical Import Corporation: Director CHAO Chi-chang China National Transport Machinery Import Corporation: Director CHANG Kuang-tan Approved For Relea1g@P-!.-1U!1V_MR0915RO00800120001-9 Approved For -00915R000800120001-9 China National Machinery Import Corporation: Director LI Meng-huo Vice Manager YU K'o-ch'ien (YU Ke-chien) China National Chartering and Shipbroking Corporation (Sinofracht): Director LIU Chin-sheng China National Foreign Trade Transportation Corporation (Sinotrans): Director CHINA RESOURCES COMPANY (HUA JUN COMPANY) (CREC), HONG KONG A substantial portion of the sale and purchase of commodities of and for Communist China is handled through the China Resources Company (CREC). Located in Hong Kong, this is an official CPG organization, and a part of the national corporation structure under direction of the Ministry of Foreign Trade. The CREC's principal activities have been in trade with Southeast Asia, but it has also consummated transactions with private business firms in the Near East, Europe, Japan, and Africa, and has at least conducted negotiations with firms in the Western Hemisphere. As originally set up, the CREC activities seemed to have been controlled by the Ministry of Foreign Trade through the China National Import and Export Corporation, acting on behalf of the various other national corporations. Now that the national corporations have been sending their representatives to non-Communist countries to deal directly with private suppliers and buyers, the role of the CREC seems to have been somewhat reduced. There are, of course, numerous private firms in Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, and throughout Southeast Asia, which are owned by Chinese Communists or sympathizers, and these have been favored in dealing with the China Re- sources Company. No attempt will be made to enumerate these private firms, many of which have close connections with the Bank of China branches in their areas, or with the trade and commercial counsellors of the Chinese ,Communist diplomatic installations. Representatives of CREC have made trips to Europe, Latin America, and the Near East. CREC, through the foreign trade organizations, apparently also assists persons from non-Communist countries to obtain permits for travel to the China mainland, and deals with the Hong Kong authorities in obtaining per- mits to export various goods to Communist China. From what is known of the CREC's activities, it appears to act as agent for certain products of the several national corporations in Com- munist China. Acting as principals, the national corporations deal through agents other than CREC for certain products. While agents other than CREC Approved For R 78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For ReIPa1 c1n-Rnp7-00915R000800120001-9 handle certain products in Hong Kong and the Southeast Asia market, the agency for the same products in other areas may be the CREC. Agency ar- rangements seem to be made directly between the national corporations and firms in Singapore, Malaya, Bangkok, and other places in Southeast Asia, without going through the CREC. The more important officials of CREC are: CHANG Huan-sen (H.V. CHANG, CHANG Ping) Assistant General Managers P'U'ou (L.C. PU) CHAO Ching-san (C.S. CHAO) YU Tun-hua (T.H. YU) Import Department: Acting Manager Assistant Managers Secretary for General Affairs Assistant Secretary for General Affairs HSU P'eng-fei (B.F. HSU) TUNG Chi-shu (C.S. TUNG, TUNG Kei- shu, FONG Chung) TUNG Heng-t'ao LI Jui-wen (S.M. LEE) LIN Ch'ing-ch'eng (C.Z. LIN) Export Department: Manager Assistant Managers Industrial Products Department: Manager Shipping Department: Manager Investigation and Information Department: Manager Assistant Manager CH'AO Yung-sen (W.S. CHAU) CH'EN Wen-k'uei (V.K. CHEN) HO P'ing (aka HO Chia-lin) YU Ho-sen (H.S. YU) YANG Wen-yen (M.Y. YANG) MAI Jih-p'ing (N..P. MAK) CH'EN Chia-hsi, secretary in the Shipping Department, accompanied CHANG Huan-wen on European and Southeast Asian tours as CREC secretary; probably is with China National Sundries Export Corporation; connected with Far East Enterprising Company of Hong Kong. Approved For Rel 0915R000800120001-9 Approved For Re 8-00915R000800120001-9 CHINA COMMITTEE FOR THE PROMOTION OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE (CCPIT) The China Committee for the Promotion of International Trade is a front organ employed to invite non-Communist businessmen to the mainland and to organize trade delegations and representations for international fairs and exhibits in non-Communist countries. This "unofficial" organ is described in one Chinese Communist publication as the "agency of the China national corporations in Hong Kong" and has sent representatives abroad to Europe and Latin America. The CCPIT and its representatives appear to act to stimulate and encourage trade, but actual transactions usually are consummated by officials of the CPG either subsequent to CCPIT preparations or as members of the CCPIT-sponsored delegations. As in the case of other Chinese Communist delegations, those sponsored by the CCPIT have been known to provide a vehicle for political and propaganda activi- ties in the countries visited. Trade delegations from non-Communist countries are almost always handled under the sponsorship of the CCPIT jointly with the All China Federation of Industry and Commerce Associations, and include tending to itineraries, planning meetings, visiting factories, and other points of interest; arranging talks with government officials, as appropriate; and providing entertainment and gifts. Upon completion of their visits trade delegations frequently issue joint declarations with the CCPIT calling for further exchange of delegations, widening of trade between the two countries, and propounding the propaganda line concerning the growth of Communist China's industry and resources. Officials of the CCPIT are: Chairman NAN Han-ch'en Vice Chairmen CHI Chao-ting LI Chu-ch'en LEI Jen-min Secretary General CHI Chao-ting (concurrent) Deputy Secretaries General HSIAO Fang-chou SHU Tzu-ch'ing WEN Shih-chen YU K'o-ch'ien Special Commissioner YANG Yi-chih Chief of Liaison Department HSIEH Hsiao-nai Members of the Central Committee of the CCPIT are: CHANG Nai-ch'i HSUEH Mu-ch'iao MA Yin-ch'u CH'EN Han-sheng LEI Jen-min MENG Yung-ch'ien CH'EN Wei-chi LI Chu-ch'en NAN Han-ch'en CHI Chao-ting LIU Ning-i SHENG P'ei-hua CHOU Jung-hsin LIU Tzu-chiu WU Yun-ch'u HSU Ti-hsin LU Hsu-chang YANG Hao-lu Approved For R 78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel 158000800120001-9 The term "official" as used in regard to the Bank of China, New China News Agency, and Civil Aviation Bureau can be interpreted literally in the sense that these organizations are special agencies under the CPG State Council. The close affiliation of the Bank of Communications, other banks in Hong Kong named herein, the China Insurance Company, Min An In- surance Company, and China Travel Service, with the Bank of China, and the fact that the head offices of these concerns are in Communist China, lead to the logical assumption that, although they ostensibly are private busi- ness firms, their activities conform to Chinese Communist direction and policy, and can thus be said for all intents and purposes to be official. In addition to the organizations covered in this section, there is a still larger group of Chinese Communist state-owned or semi-state-owned business firms acting as official agencies on behalf of the Chinese Com- munist government within their several spheres of activity. Examples of such enterprises in Hong Kong are the Andar Corporation, the China Mer- chants Steam Navigation Company and the Apollo Bookshop and Publishing Company. There are, in addition, many ostensibly privately-owned, small business firms in Hong Kong, Macao, and throughout Southeast Asia owned by Chinese who do business with Communist China, and whose facilities are available not only for legitimate business transactions but also are used for political propaganda and other activities. The purpose of this compilation is to illustrate the breadth of of- ficial Chinese Communist contacts with non-Communist as well as Communist nations and not to explore each organization in depth. Thus only the highlights of the activities of each organization are included and, even though many other persons connected with each organization are known, only the leaders, where identified, are shown. This is the chief overseas organ of the People's Bank of China, which is one of the agencies under the State Council. It comes under the gen- eral cognizance of the Ministry of Finance of the government, and the Fifth Staff Office (Finance and Trade) of the State Council. LI Hsien- nien concurrently holds the office of Minister of Finance and director of the Fifth Staff Office of the State Council. TSOU Chu-ju is president of the People's Bank of China; the general manager is KUNG Yin-ping. Under the People's Bank of China there is a Foreign Operations Administration of which CH'IAO P'ei-hsin is director and CHIN Yen is deputy. CH'IAO P'ei-hsin is general manager of the Bank of China. CHI Ch'ao-ting has been referred to as assistant general manager of the Bank of China and is Approved For Release -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For ReIq_, QIAtRF,8-009158000800120001-9 a member of the CCPIT. NAN Han-ch'en is"chairman of the board. HSIANG K'o-fang is superintendent of foreign branches. CHAN Wu is also an as- sistant manager of the Bank of China in Peking. There are branches of the Chinese Communist Bank of China in London, Hong Kong, Karachi, Rangoon, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Chittagong, Calcutta, Bombay, Djakarta, Medan, and Surabaya. Branches of the Chinese Nationalist Bank of China are located in the Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Cuba, and in several other areas which maintain relations with Nationalist China and are not to be confused with the Chinese Communist-controlled banks. In Hong Kong and Macao there are a number of banks controlled by the Chinese Communists which appear to be under some form of joint administration under the overall direction of personnel assigned to Hong Kong by the Chinese Communists and attached to the Bank of China branch in that city. In addition to maintaining close relations with and handling funds for the Chinese Communist diplomatic installations wherever they are es- tablished, the Communist Bank of China branches handle remittances from Chinese overseas being sent to the China mainland, and provide foreign exchange and finance foreign trade transactions, as well as making loans to local Chinese business firms. All banking business with most areas other than Southeast Asia is probably supervised through the branch in Hong Kong. The branch in Singapore appears to handle matters concern- ing Singapore, Malaya, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, and elsewhere in Southeast Asia, and to have over-all supervision over other branches of the Bank of China in these areas. Where no diplomatic installations exist, the Bank of China branches appear to look after the interests of the Chinese Communist government in general. The Economic Research Departments of the various branches probably are concerned with the collection and transmittal to Peking of overt economic information, as- sisting in promotion of foreign trade and conducting trade exhibits. Certain branches of the Communist Bank of China also arrange for the travel of Overseas Chinese to China, organize trade and other delega- tions going to China, and handle arrangements for shipments of goods. Key officials of the Chinese Communist Bank of China branches include: Manager LIU Fu-ching (LOU Fu-ching) Sub-manager KU Hsien-cheng (KOO Hian Seng) Special Commissioner for People's Bank of China SHEN Chi Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved Fo? IA DP78-00915R000800120001-9 Superintendent of Chinese Communist banks in Hong Kong Assistant to WANG Shou- m in Manager Sub-managers Assistant Managers KARACHI: CH'EN Po-liu CHENG T'ieh-ju (Shou J. CHEN, CHENG Tit-yu) HUANG Hsien-ju (H.J. HUANG) CHUANG Shih-p'ing (S.P. CHUANG) FANG Shan-kuei (S.K. FONG) CHANG Wen-chung (CHANG Chi) HSIEH Ch'i-chu SHEN Yung HSIA Ts'ung-lung (C.L. HSIA) HUANG Hsi-p'ing SUNG Ta-sheng TENG Ch'i-huan TU Chin-pang (TU Pang-chin) Superintendent Manager Vice Managers Secretary RANGOON: Superintendent Manager Manager, Latter St. Sub- Branch SINGAPORE: Manager Sub-manager SHEN Chien-chang SUN Kuei-lin (SUN Kwei-ling) SHIH Liang-shu (L.S. SZE, SZE Liang-shu) SHEN Jen-chang WANG Wei (Mme. SHEN Jen-chang) CHANG Kuang-chun HU Yu-fang (Y.F. HU, Y.F. WU, York-f ong HU ) HSU Pei-ming (P.M. SHU, PAI Ming- shui) WU Hung-nien (H.N. WU, HONE Nien- wu) ASIA Ch'eng-chih (Shia Sheng- chi) LU Shou-ch'eng (S.C. LU, LOO Shou Tseng, LOO Shou-wei) CHANG Chi-hsin (CHANG Gi Hsing) Approved For P78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For ReIPaSP ? IA-RURW-00915R000800120001-9 Assistant Managers Manager, South Bridge Road Branch Manager, Cross St. Branch KUALA LUMPUR: Manager PENANG: LU Chen-hsing (LOH Cheng Hsing) CHENG Hsueh-heng (CHENG Hsiao Heng) CHU Chia-k'uei (CHU Kia Kwei) TAN Keng-hui YUNG Chi-shen (JUNG Chi-sen) TU Hsi-ho (TO Yup Ho) HO Hsien-c.h'eng (Hanson HO) Manager Sub-manager Alfred Chan Kwan KWOK (C.K. KWOK) TAI Yun-feng (TAI Yun Fong) Manager Deputy Manager TENG Pan TENG Tsu-wu Manager Sub-managers Assistant Managers Supervisor BOMBAY: Manager Sub-manager CHIANG Wen-kuei (CHEUNG Man-kwei) WANG T'ung-yin (T.Y. WANG) CHI Heng (CHIN Hung) LI Chin-ch'eng CHENG Chien-feng LEE King-chou (King Chen LEE, K.C. LI) HSU Lu-kuang P'U Chuan-ch'uan(PU Heng-ju) WANG Ti-cheng CHEN Hung-chin (H.C. CHEN) PU Yu-jui LI Chou-ying (C.Y. LEE) Superintendent Manager CHIN Po KAO Wei-hsi (W.H. KAO, R.L.I. fHIO) KOO Wei-sien) YO Swie Hong Approved For ReI? miiQ h"? ' ? 00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Re 8-00915R000800120001-9 Manager Assistant Manager CHIU Chin-chung SURABAYA: Manager WU Kuan-hsi (NG Kon Hie) OTHER CHINESE COMMUNIST BANKS OUTSIDE CHINA In addition to the branches of the Bank of China there are a number of other banks outside of the China mainland which are controlled by the Chinese Communists and which perform certain functions, under supervision of persons who are sent there for the purpose by the Chinese Communist Government. In some cases the control is probably through diplomatic per- sonnel in the embassies or consulates of the CPG. In other cases it may be through persons officially attached to the Bank of China branches. In some instances it may be through persons assigned under other auspices in the community. The principal among these other banks is the Bank of Communications, whose branches were formerly controlled by the Chinese Nationalist Govern- ment. Its main branches under Chinese Communist control are shown below, but there is not a great deal of information which would justify its ex- istence in addition to the Bank of China branches. In Hong Kong, its operations are under some form of joint administration which controls all the Chinese Communist-controlled banks and whose personnel appear to be connected with the Bank of China branch in that city. Branches of the Bank of Communications are known to be located in Hong Kong and Rangoon. There may also be branches in Singapore and Indonesia. In Hong Kong, the manager is CH'ENG Mu-hao (aka CHIN Meng-hao, M.H. CHENG, CHENG Moo Hou), and among the assistant managers is KO Shih-liang. In Rangoon, the Bank of Communications is located in the same build- ing with the Bank of China, and KUNG Ch'ing-lin (aka C.L. KYONG and KUNG Him-lian) is manager. Assistant manager is LU Feng-ao (aka LOH Fong- ngaw and James LOK). Besides the Bank of China and Bank of Communications, there are many other banks in Hong Kong under Chinese Communist control. The largest of these are included among the following: China State Bank: Manager MAI Tso-heng (T.H. MAI, C.H. MEH) Approved For Rele -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Relea t0915R000800120001-9 China and South Seas Bank: Manager CHANG Hsi-jung Ho Cheng (Wo Shing) Bank: Manager WOO Tzu-t'ieh Kincheng Banking Corporation: Manager CH'EN Po-liu National Commercial Bank: Manager YEH Yuan National Industrial Bank: Manager Pao Sheng (Po Sang) National Bank: Manager CHANG Hsi-jung Sub-manager YUAN Tzu-wen Sin Hua Trust, Savings and Commercial Bank: Manager HSU Chan-hsing (TSUI Cham Sing) Assistant manager LI Chun-yu Yien Yieh Commercial Bank, Ltd.: Managers NGAI Sze-yam H.C. PHAY Young Brothers Banking Cor- poration: Manager HSIEH Wen-t'ung Sub-manager CH'ENG Nai-feng Kwangtung Provincial Bank: Manager CH'EN Tso-hsuan Approved For Rele 00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel 8-00915R000800120001-9 Nanyang Commercial Bank: Manager HSU Tzu-ch'i Chia Hua Bank (Ka Wah Bank, Ltd.): Managing Director LAM Chi-fung Manager TAM He-tin (T'AN Hsi-t'ien) Ssu Hai Tung Bank: Manager HSU Shih-yu NEW CHINA NEWS AGENCY (HSIN HUA NEWS AGENCY) (NCNA) This news agency is an official organ of the People's Republic of China; administratively it is under the State Council, with headquarters in Peking. It was under the government News Administration from 1949 until that administration was abolished in August 1952. It bears the same relationship to the Chinese Communist Government that the Tass News Agency does to the USSR, and is also probably used for the other activi- ties in addition to its Qbvious overt functions. A conference of news agencies' representatives from Communist nations was reported to have been held in Peking, in September 1956, ?with the NCNA as host. The NCNA dates back at least to the Yenan days of the Communist Party and has grown into the principal source of the Communist world's information on Asian affairs, with correspondents throughout the Far East and all principal cities of Europe and Asia. Thus far no representatives are known to be in the West- ern Hemisphere on permanent assignment, although some have traveled there with various delegations. Besides daily broadcasts of NCNA news dispatches via Radio Peking to the local press throughout Communist China, much of the NCNA daily file is beamed to Southeast Asia via Radio Peking, is monitored there, and is distributed in the larger communities in Southeast Asia, not only to the Chinese Communist controlled press, but also to such local Chinese lan- guage and vernacular papers as make use of the material, slanted and la- den with propaganda as it is. It is also probable that the NCNA offices and representatives review the non-Communist publications in the larger communities in Southeast Asia and translate news items and editorials of interest to Communist China. Although party and government lines of command have not been an- nounced, it would be logical that the Propaganda Department of the CCP and the Second Staff Office (Culture and Education) of the State Council Y Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 would exercise policy direction of the NCNA activities. Director of the NCNA since 1952 has been WU Leng-hsi, who is a member of the board of directors of the ACRFC, vice chairman of the ACFJ, and a director of the PIFA, and who was a member of the Chinese Communist delegation to the April 1954 Geneva Conference. WU was deputy director of NCNA from 1950 to 1952 under CH'EN K'o-han, who is now a Vice Minister of Cultural Af- fairs. Deputy directors of the NCNA are: CHU Mu-chih, MOU Hai-lu (MIAO Hai-leng), and TENG Kang. While this section is principally concerned with NCNA representatives stationed outside the China mainland, there is merit in listing the fol- lowing persons, some of whom are connected with the ACRFC and thus may be traveling abroad with delegations. All of them either are editors, are associated with the CCP propaganda machine, or have been leaders in NCNA: CHANG T'ieh-sheng--Was formerly active in CCP propaganda in Hong Kong. CH'EN K'o-han--Director, NCNA, 1949-1952; ACFDY; CPC; ACFJ; Vice Minister of Culture. CH'EN Lung--Director, Foreign Language News Department, NCNA; member of CHOU En-lai's entourage to SEA, December 1956; Vice Minister of Public Security. CH'IEN Chun-jui--Minister of Culture; active in CPC, SSFA, PIFA. CHIN Chung-hua (CHIN Hsiao-yu, C.K. KING, Benjamin KING)--Member, Board of Directors, NCNA; editor; PIFA Board of Directors; CPC; delegate to world peace conferences; IOJ; ACFJ; Vice Mayor of Shanghai; IOJ; ASC. CHU Mu-chih--Deputy Director, NCNA, in 1954. FAN Chang-chiang--Former Deputy Chief, NCNA; now deputy head of the 2nd Staff Office, State Council; active in CPC and ACFTU; head of Peiping School of Journalism; ex-Deputy Chief, former News Adminis- tration, CPG; attended WPC, Vienna, 1952; ACRFC; CPPCC; Deputy Secretary General, Scientific Planning Committee, CPG. HSIUNG Fu--Secretary General, Propaganda Department, CCP; member, ASC. HU Chi-wei--Headed journalist delegation to USSR, April 1956; deputy chief editor, People's Daily. HU Chun-leng--Deputy Director of head office of NCNA in Peking. HU Yu-chih--Secretary General, CDL; former head, Publications Adminis- tration; member, WPC; on Executive Committee, SSFA and CPC; Vice Chairman, PIFA, and China-Indonesia FA; promoter of Esperanto; was in Sumatra, 1942-1945; member, Board of Directors, NCNA; member, Board of Directors, ACRFC; member, NIEA. LI Fu-jen--Active in CDL, PIFA, and ASC. LI P'ing-ch'uan--Deputy Secretary General, ACFJ; Assistant to Direc- tor, International Department, NCNA. LI Shen--Deputy Director, International News Department, NCNA; mem- ber, CHOU En-lai entourage to SEA, December 1956. Approved For R 8-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rele 00915R000800120001-9 LI Yeh-liu--With NCNA Hong Kong; was pro-Communist staff member of editorial section of the newspaper Chung Yuan Pao in Bangkok. LIU Tsun-ch'i--Editor of People's China since 1953; was Deputy Di- rector, International News Bureau under former News Administra- tion; was publisher in Hong Kong, 1948-1949; studied in U.S., 1947; on board of directors of PIFA. MEI I--Former deputy chief editor, NCNA; Vice Chairman, ACFJ; head, Broadcasting Administration Bureau; elected Chairman, International Radio Organization (OIR) in 1953? MOU Hai-lu (MIAO Hai-leng)--Deputy Director, NCNA, Peking. SA K'ung-liao--Member, NCNA Board of Directors. SHAO Tsung-han--Editor, Kuang-ming Jih-pao; leader in CDL and CBFA. SHEN Tzu-chiu (f)--Member, NCNA Board of Directors. TENG Kang--Deputy Director, NQNA, Peking. TENG T'o--President, ACFJ; editor, Jen-min Jih-pao; on Executive Committee, SSFA, SIFA. WANG Yun-sheng--On Executive Committees, of ACFJ, ACFICA, PIFA, CPC, SSFA, ASC; editor, Tientsin edition of Ta Kung Pao; headed dele- gation to International Conference of Journalists, Helsinki, June 1956. WU Wen-tao--NCNA correspondent in Prague, 1949; attended Interna- tional Red Cross Conference, Toronto, 1952; covered Geneva Con- ference and Bandung Conference for Jen-min Jih-pao; attended Asian Countries Conference, New Delhi, 1955. YANG Han-sheng--NCNA Board of Directors. Identified representatives and correspondents of NCNA abroad, whose functions appear at. times to extend beyond their journalistic responsi- bilities, include: CHANG Wei-leng--Director of NCNA in New Delhi. CHANG Yang--Editor, NCNA Macao Office. CH'EN Kuo-chieh--Reporter for NCNA Bureau in Macao. CH'EN Ta-pai--Editor, NCNA Macao Office. CH'EN Tien-shen (aka Sam CHINQUE)--Head of NCNA London Office; rep- resented Chinese Communist interests in Britain before legation opened in 1954. CHEEN Wen-ch'i--With NCNA propaganda unit, Hong Kong. CHENG Hai-fong--Correspondent in Geneva covering International Labor Organization affairs. CHIANG Yuan-chun--NCNA correspondent, Syria, March 1957. CHIEN Hsin--Special NCNA correspondent in London, in September 1956. FEN Pi--Representative of NCNA in Kabul, December 1956. HO Ch'ing--NCNA correspondent. HSU Ts'u (HSU Su, HSU Tung)--Former chief, NCNA Bureau in Macao. HSUEH Wen-ching--NCNA correspondent, Warsaw, October 1956. HUANG Cho-jan--Correspondent in Hong Kong. HUANG Kan-sung--NCNA correspondent. HUANG Lung--Reporter for NCNA with CHOU En-lai entourage to SEA, December 1956. Approved For Rele-e-PaA~D7~- 915R000800120001-9 Approved For R 8-00915R000800120001-9 HU Chih-sheng--NCNA and People's Daily correspondent, Budapest, 14 November 1956. JEN Feng-ping--CCP member; NCNA representative on trade delegation to Japan, March 1955. KIANG Han--NCNA commentator, Radio Peking. KUNG Ling-to--NCNA cameraman with CHOU En-lai entourage to SEA, December 1956. LI Ch'ung--Chief editor of NCNA, Hong Kong, since 1951. LI Ho--NCNA correspondent, Moscow, February 1956; staff writer for People's Daily. LIU Ching-jui--NCNA photographer with CHOU En-lai entourage to SEA, December 1956. LIU Kuei-liang--NCNA correspondent Bonn, October 1956. P'EI Ta--NCNA correspondent and Jen-min Jih-pao reporter; member of drama group which toured Japan June-August 1956. PENG Ti--Was correspondent in Djakarta for NCNA, 1954-55; was special NCNA correspondent, Cairo, August 1956; has been in London, since September 1956; was in Accra, Ghana, in March 1957. PU Chao-wen--NCNA correspondent, Peking, November 1956. TAI Huang--NCNA correspondent, Hanoi, North Vietnam; accused of being rightist August 1957. T'AN Kan (Arnold TAM)--Executive editor of NCNA Hong Kong Office. TING Jen-shan--Director, NCNA Macao Office. TING To--Chinese Communist Government requested permission to send him to Japan as NCNA representative, October 1956, for a stay of one year. Probably not identical with TENG T'o, president of ACFJ. NCNA correspondent with Chinese Communist delegation to Anti-Nuclear Weapons Conference, Tokyo, 1957. Deputy to WU Hsueh- wen in Japan Branch of NCNA. Also known as TING T'o-liang. TS'AI Lei--NCNA editor in Hong Kong. WANG Chang-yun--Director of NCNA Office, Rangoon; was in Rangoon, December 1955, preparing for the arrival of a delegation from Communist China. WANG Chi (WANG Huan) (f)--People's Daily correspondent; member of trade delegation to Japan, March 1955? WANG Liang-yu (Roland WONG)--Connected with People's China and NCNA in Hong Kong. WANG Shu--Director of NCNA Office in Karachi, since mid-1956. WU Hsueh-wen (WU Hsueh-mien, WU Hsueh-wen)--NCNA representative with Red Cross delegation to Japan in November 1954; member of trade delegation to Japan, March 1955; also with delegation to Anti- Nuclear Weapons Conference, Tokyo, 1957. WU Wen-hsiu--Chinese Communist Government requested permission to send him to Japan as NCNA representative in October 1956 for a stay of one year. WU Yu-tsung--Headed NCNA office in Chungking during World War II. WU Hsieh-wen--Named NCNA correspondent in Tokyo, December 1957. Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rele 0915R000800120001-9 CHINA TRAVEL SERVICE {CTS) This company was founded in Shanghai in 1924. Half of its original shares were owned by the Chinese Nationalist Government. It had a branch in Hong Kong prior to World War II. Little is known of the organizational structure of the CTS or of its direction from Peking. Whether there is an agengy in Peking which exer- cises control and supervision of the CTS is not clear. It appears cer- tain that there is such an organization, that it is under Chinese Com- munist control, and that it works through representatives or agents in various locations throughout Southeast Asia. The CTS has offices in ports of entry to and exit from Communist China (including Canton, Shanghai, Amoy, Swatow, Lingshan, and Shench'uan, on the border with Macao and pos- sibly in other ports along the coast of China to the north). It has close relations with the Bank of China where there are branches of this bank and with offices of the New China News Agency in Southeast Asia. It handles matters in connection with entry permits to Communist China and handles shipment of freight for travelers as well as shipments and documents in connection with Communist China's foreign trade. It serves the Associa- tion for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries (ACRFC) and other Com- munist front organizations in facilitating travel to China of persons from non-Communist countries. It works with and through other travel agents (Communist and non-Communist) in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao, and Japan to facilitate travel. It seems likely that the CTS bears some close relationship to the Commission for Overseas Chinese Affairs (COCA), and works closely with the COCA office in Canton. It is possible that there are travel agencies in some places in Southeast Asia using the title China Travel Service which are only agents of the Chinese Communist organ- ization or may be completely independent of CTS control. For example, there is a China Travel Service in Macao managed by FANG Pao-ch'ing, which is apparently connected with the China Navigation Company, but there is nothing to indicate it is connected with the China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Ltd. The CTS may also perform "liaison" services in connection with persons and goods moving via Hong Kong and Macao for transshipment to and from the China mainland. Prior to 1949, China Travel Service in Hong Kong was operated and controlled by the Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank. By 1951, the. Chinese Communists had taken over control of the China Travel Service but claimed it was a private enterprise and not connected with the China National Travel Service. In 1954, the CTS was reorganized in Hong Kong as China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Ltd. The CTS appears to be closely connected with the Chinese Communist controlled banks in Hong Kong. SHEN Yung, head of the General Affairs Department of the Bank of China, Hong Kong, is active in the affairs of CTS. Approved For Relea - 0915R000800120001-9 Approved For R 8-00915R000800120001-9 It is possible the China Travel Service may be connected in some way with the Chinese International Travel Agency, mentioned in a Peking broad- cast in January 1957. This broadcast stated a protocol had been signed between the Chinese International Travel Agency (China International Tourist Service), and the Soviet International Travel Agency (possibly INTOURIST) calling for the Chinese agency to handle 1,000 private Soviet tourists, 25 at a time, during 1957. The Soviet Agency would, in turn, handle an unspecified number of Chinese private tourists numbering more than 15 at a time. Key personnel of the branch offices of the China Travel Service are probably assigned through some central Chinese Communist organ, but most of the staff of employees are probably recruited locally. It appears that some of the agencies or independent travel services through which the CTS works specialize in handling Chinese traveling to and from spe- cific geographical areas of the China mainland. The CTS branch offices may deal with the Public Security Bureaus on the China mainland in obtain- ing entry and exit permits. The extent to which the CTS deals with il- legal travelers is not known, nor is there a clear relationship between the CTS and persons or groups engaged in smuggling such travelers into and out of China. It is probable that the CTS either operates or has close connection with hotels in Canton, Hong Kong, and Macao for billeting of travelers with whom they are dealing. Key personnel of the CTS in Hong Kong include: Manager Vice Managers Assistant Manager FANG Yuan-mou (FANG Yuen-mow)-- Formerly with the CTS in Canton; succeeded CHOU Ying-hua as Man- ager of CTS, Hong Kong. TS'AI Fu-yu--Formerly with one of the Hong Kong banks; Supervisor of trading department. CHANG Yang-chiang--Also Assistant Supervisor of Passenger Depart- ment of CTS. LIN Tsung-mao (LUM Joung-mou, J.M. LUM)--Also Manager of CTS Pas- senger Department. SHIN Li-ch'un (TSZE Lee-chun)-- Also Manager of CTS Freight Department. Head of General Affairs Department Original Stockholders and Directors in 1954, when reorganized as China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Ltd. LIANG Shih-ch'iu (S.K. LIANG). CH'EN Po-liu--Manager of Kincheng Banking Corp., Hong Kong. Approved For R 78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Re 8-00915R000800120001-9 FANG Yuan-mou (FONG Yuen-mow). HSU Chan-hsing (SU Tuan-seng, T.S. SU, CHU Cham-sing)--Man- ager of the Sin Hua Trust, Savings and Commercial Bank, Hong Kong; member of Standing Committee, Hong Kong Chinese Chamber of Commerce 1955-1956. KO Shih-liang--Deputy Manager of Bank of Communications, Hong Kong. MAI Tso-heng (T.H. MAI, C.H. MEH)--Manager of China State Bank, Hong Kong. MIN AN INSURANCE COMPANY This is a Chinese Communist owned concern with offices in the Bank of China Building in Hong Kong. The home office is believed to be locat- ed on the mainland in Shanghai. It provides all-risk marine insurance coverage for cargoes destined to or from Communist China. It is closely associated with the Bank of China, other Chinese Communist controlled banks and export/import firms in Hong Kong. The company was founded in 1947, by CH'EN Jih-ch'ang and came under control of the Chinese Communists in 1949. Ultimate direction is believed to come from the CPG Ministry of Finance, perhaps through the Bank of China. In September 1949, the company was registered with the Hong Kong government by the following persons: SHIH Ching-yen (K.Y. ZAH), formerly of the Universal Development Company, CHANG Hsi-jung (S.W. CHEUNG), mana- ger of the Pao Sheng Native Bank in Hong Kong, and LIANG Wan-ch'eng. Shareholders in addition to these three men were: FU Nai-tong; CHANG Yun-hsiao (Y.S. CHANG), manager of Universal Development Company in 1951; and LIANG Tzu-yu. In addition to CHANG Hsi-jung and LIANG Wen-ch'eng, as of 1954, the following were members of the Min An Insurance Company board of directors: CHENG T'ieh-ju, manager of the Bank of China, Hong Kong branch; CHEENG Mu-hao, manager of the Bank of Communications, Hong Kong branch; HUANG Hsien-ju (H.J. HUANG), sub-manager of the Bank of China, Hong Kong branch; and SUN Wen-min, general manager of Min An. Management personnel of the Min An Insurance Company include the following: Chief Manager SUN Wen-min. Manager CH'EN Jih-ch'ang--Original found- er of Min An. Vice Managers HSI Nai-chieh (ZIH Nai-chee)-- Formerly with Pao Feng Insur- ance Co., Shanghai. Approved For ReIeAW*tW-VtYW-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Re -00915R000800120001-9 LU Shu-tung--Also head of the Secretarial Section of Min An. LO Ch'eng-hsu--Also chief account- ant. WEI Hsiang-ch'en. Direction of this company is believed to be from the CPG Ministry of Finance in Peking. Its general office is in Peking, and it also has other offices in major cities, including Shanghai. WU Chen-hsiu is man- ager of the China Insurance Company. It is believed to sell all types of insurance other than marine all-risk coverage, which is handled by the Min An Insurance Company. It occupies offices in the Bank of China Build- ing in Hong Kong and has branches in other locations in Southeast Asian countries. This company is affiliated with the Bank of China and closely associated with other Chinese Communist controlled banks and business firms in Hong Kong and other locations mentioned below. Officials of the company's branches include: Manager, Hong Kong Branch Office Manager, Singapore Branch Office Manager, Djakarta Branch Office Manager, Surabaya Branch Office CHIN Tung-ning (T.M. KING) LI Te-ch'iao (K.C. LEE, LEE Ter Chiao) HSU Shao-chi MA Chung-yao This is one of the special bureaus under the State Council and is responsible for matters concerning aviation not only internally in China, but also in connection with international routes to and from Communist China. KUANG Jen-nung is director of this bureau; his deputies are: WANG Feng-wu, LI Ping, and CH'EN Jui-kuang. For some time there has been international air service between China and the USSR, North Korea and the Mongolian People's Republic, but names of the CAB representatives in these countries are not known although there has been mention of such an office in the USSR and North Korea. Interest in these personnel with- in the context of this paper is in such official government representa- tives in areas outside of Sino-Soviet control. Under the Air Transport Agreement signed in November 1955, between Communist China and Burma, an office of the CAB representative was set up Approved For R 78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel 4" ? r' ? ?^?74 00915R000800120001-9 in Rangoon, by July 1956. Although service is maintained from Communist China to Mandalay, Burma, no CAB office is known to have been set up there as yet. Officials of CAB stationed in Burma are: WANG Ming-chen--Manager, CH'EN Kuo-hsun--Assistant Manager; aka SHEN Kuo-hsun. HSU Hsiung--Assistant Manager. LIU Tung-ao--Assistant Manager; aka LIU Tung-cao. WANG Chien-kung--Apparently set up office in Rangoon and returned to China. Person by same name was reported Deputy Chief of the Civil Affairs Office, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People's Council. Agreements with India and Nepal provided for an exchange of aviation rights between China and these countries. Exploratory flights of Chinese Communist planes to these countries from Lhasa, Tibet, were being under- taken in October 1956, and, when routes are established, offices of CAB with permanent staffs will probably be set up in each of these countries. Negotiations for Air Ceylon International to fly from Colombo to Canton, Communist China, have been reported to have been concluded. Since Ceylon has established diplomatic relations with Communist China, this could result in extension of Chinese Communist air service to Colombo and establishment of an office of CAB in Ceylon. Approved For Relea 0915R000800120001-9 Approved For R 8-00915R000800120001-9 CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTICIPATION IN WORLD COMMUNIST ORGANIZATIONS GENERAL Chinese Communist mass organizations have long been represented in international mass front organizations and at their meetings, but, since 1949, this participation has greatly increased. In some of these organizations Communist China has representation on the permanent (full-time) secretariat staffs and among the translators and interpreters. These names are followed by the designator "(P)" in the groupings which follow. In other instances Chinese Communists are prominent among the elected officers and council members. Listed below are those known to fall in these two categories, but the list is not believed to be complete. In headings below are shown first the international Communist organization, followed by the Chinese Communist federation or group which is the national affiliate of the international organization. From these national groups personnel are drawn to serve as executives of the international groups and to attend the various congresses, usually held annually, festivals which are held less frequently, and the special conferences called from time to time to serve as sounding boards for international Communist propaganda campaigns. Listings of persons attending various meetings of these international Communist fronts are as announced in Chinese Communist radio broadcasts or publications and should not be presumed to include all of the delega- tions or delegates but only illustrative examples. In most cases only the name of the leader of the delegation is given, and there are usually many members of each group. Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel 72 -00915R000800120001-9 WORLD FEDERATION OF TRADE UNIONS (WFTU), All China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) The ACFTU is a national affiliate of the Communist-dominated World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU). Officials of the WFTU from Communist China are: Vice President (one of many) Secretary (one of many) Members Chinese Interpreter LIU Ning-i MA Ch'un-ku (P) LIU Ning-i LI Hsieh-po (LI Chieh-po) (LI Chi-po) (P) CH'EN Shao-min (f) C1#' IU Chin CHIN Keng CHU Hsueh-fan CHANG Wei-chen CHIN Chih-fu K'ANG Yung-ho LIU Tao-sheng CHAO Kuo-ch'iang CH'EN Yu LI Tsin-su CH'EN 0 (CHEN Eh) (P) of Trade Departments (TUI's) of the WFTU (all are vice presidents unless otherwise designated): World Federation of Teachers' Unions (FISE) FANG Ming Workers of Chemical, Petroleum and Allied Industries Metal and Engineering Workers Land and Air Transport Workers Agricultural and Forestry Workers TUI Administration Committee member Deputy Director of the International Liaison Department of ACFTU Delegates to December 1956 Administrative Committee of Public and Allied Employees TUI, Warsaw -32+- CHIANG Hao-jan CHAO Kuo-ch'iang LI Hsieh-po (LI Chieh-po) (LI Chi-po) CHUAN Sun (CHUAN Soon) YANG Tao-sheng CHU Ling Approved For R 8-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For R 8-00915R000800120001-9 ASIAN-AUSTRALASIAN LIAISON BUREAU OF WFTU Chairman LIU Ning-i Secretary General CH'EN Yu Chinese Member MO Chen-chiu Chief, Japan Section WU Hsiu-te WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL DEMOCRATIC FEDERATION (WIDF) All China Democratic Women's Federation (ACDWF) The All China Democratic Women's Federation is a national affiliate of the Women's International Democratic Federation (WIDF). Representatives of Communist China among officials of the WIDF are: Executive Committee: Vice President (one of many) TS'AI Ch'ang Secretary (one of many) YANG Yun-yu (P) Members TENG Ying-ch'ao LI Te-ch'uan LU Ts'ui (LU Tsai) Alternate Members TING Ling HSU Kuang-p'ing SHIH Liang TS'AO Meng-chun (TS'AO Meng-chuan) The following others have engaged in international front activities for the ACDWF : CHOU Tzu-kang--Delegate to World Congress of Women, Copenhagen, 1953. FANG Ling-ju--Professor of Chinese Literature, Futan University, Shanghai; delegate to World Congress of Women, Copenhagen, 1953. KO Yang--Editor of magazine New Observer; delegate World Congress of Women, Copenhagen, 1953. LA Hsi-ta--Wife of Burhan; attended WIDF Conference. KUNG P'u-sheng--Wife of Vice Premier CHANGHan-fu; Deputy Director of the International Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; was a member of women's delegation touring Pakistan, December 1955. Her sister is KUNG P'eng (see WFDY). Her father was an ex-war lord in Shanghai; she was a member of the delegation to UN As- sembly, in 1950, and was a graduate-student at Columbia Univer- sity. KANG K'o (Mme. CHU Teh)--Secretary General of China National Com- mittee for Defense of Children; active in International Committee for Defense of the Rights of Children. Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Release - CIA-RDP78-00915R000800120001-9 LIU Wang Li-ming--Attended 1956 conference of World Association of School Women; President, Women's Temperance Union of China. LU Tsai (LU Ts'ui)--Head of International Operations Department, ACDWF. See WFDY. LO Ch'iung--Vice Chairman, Delegation to World Mother's Congress, Switzerland, June 1955. PAI Lang--Writer; member, delegation attending executive meeting of WIDF, Sofia, 1951. TSOU Te-hsin--Assistant head of the International Operations Depart- ment, ACDWF. WU Lan (Ulan)--Attended World Congress of Women in Denmark, April 1953, and WPC meeting in Budapest, June 1953; delegate to WIDF Conference, Budapest, 1948; member, Executive Committee of ACDWF. WORLD FEDERATION OF DEMOCRATIC YOUTH (WFDY) All China Federation of Democratic Youth (ACFDY) The ACFDY is a national affiliate of the World Federation of Demo- cratic Youth (WFDY). Among the officials of the WFDY from Communist China are: Vice President (one of many) HU Yao-pang Secretaries (two of many) CH'IEN Li-jen (P) HO Hsi-chuan (P) Members LIAO Ch'eng-chih HU Yao-pang LIU Tao-sheng OU T'ang-liang (f) CH'EN Hsu-tsung WU Hsueh-ch'ien CH'IEN Li-jen LI Shao-pao Other leaders in the ACFDY who have represented Communist China at international conferences include: CH'EN Chia-k'ang (CH'EN Ch'uan-kang)--One of the most important in- ternational youth liaison officers; former member Executive Com- mittee, WFDY; member, Central Committee YCL; formerly with UFD and Social Affairs Department of CCP; Asian Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; counsellor to CHOU En-lai at Geneva Confer- ence; member of Central Committee and a deputy chief of Liaison Department of SSFA; appointed Ambassador to Egypt, July 1956. -36- Approved For Rele - QJAScknQ ?'-091 5R000800120001-9 Approved For Rp-&* 78-00915R000800120001-9 CH'IAO Kuan-hua--One of the assistants to Premier CHOU En-lai; depu- ty head, Foreign Policy Committee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; chief of International News Bureau of former News Administration of CPG; long associated with New China News Agency; accompanied CHOU En-lai on trip throughout Southeast Asia, December 1956. CH'IEN Ta-wei--Liaison member from ACFDY to WFDY; Deputy Secretary General of ACFS; head of student department of YCL in Nanking. CHU Liang (CHU Ling)--Liaison member from ACFDY to WFDY. KUNG P'eng (f)--Wife of CH'IA0 Kuan-hua; chief of Information (In- telligence) Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; former sec- retary to CHOU En-lai; was counsellor member of delegation to Geneva conference on French Indochina in 1955; sister of KUNG P'u-sheng (see WIDF list); was one of leading members of dele- gation traveling with CHOU En-lai to countries of Southeast Asia in December 1956. LO I--Chairman of delegation to 5th World Youth and Students' Fes- tival, Warsaw, 1955; member, YCL Secretariat; delegate to NPC, 1954. LU Ts'ui (f)--Was elected Vice Chairman, WFDY, in 1949 (present status not known); active in women's and peace international fronts (WIDF, WPC). INTERNATIONAL UNION OF STUDENTS (IUS) All China Federation of Students (ACFS) The All China Federation of Students is a national affiliate of the International Union of Students (IUS). Among the officials of the IUS from Communist China are: Vice Presidents (two of many) CHENG Chi-min (CHENG Chi-ming) YANG Ch'eng Chinese delegates to recent meetings of the IUS: Council Meeting, Sofia, Au- gust 1955 HO Hsi-ch'uan HSIEH Pang-ting (f) CHENG Chi-min CH'EN Hsing WANG Hui-then CHANG Yi-ting (CHIANG I-ting) SUN Chin-ju Approved For Re -8Y00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 International Meeting of Student Press Editors, Vienna, December 1955. Chief Delegate Asian-African Students Con- ference, Bandung, June 1956 World Conference of Stu- caents, Prague, August- September 1956 HSIEH Pang-ting (f) CH'IEN Ta-wei CH'IEN Li-jen SHIN Chung-pen Chiang-pen) (SHIN HU Ch'i-li KO Tai-shuo (KO Tsai-shuo)--Re- ported in 1956 to be head of IUS Bureau of Students Fight- ing Against Colonialism. IUS Sponsored Student Semi- nar, Prague, April 1956 CHENG Chi-min Sports Meeting of IUS, Buda- pest, July 1954. Chair- PAN Shih-chiang man of Delegation T'IEN Te-min ,World Students' Congress, Warsaw, August 1953. Chairman of Delegation T'IEN Te-min INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF JOURNALISTS (IOJ) All China Federation of Journalists (ACFJ) (also known as All China Journalists Association The All China Federation of Journalists is a national affiliate of the Communist-controlled International Organization of Journalists. The only identified official of the IOJ from Communist China is: Vice President (one of five) TENG T'o Chinese delegates to recent meetings of the IOJ: A Meeting Initiating a Commit- tee for an International Meeting of Journalists (Concealed Sponsorship by IOJ), Berlin, June 1955 WU Wen-t'ao -38- Approved For Rele- 915R000800120001-9 Approved For R 78-00915R000800120001-9 IOJ Executive Committee Meet- ing, Sofia, October 1955 CH'EN Li-ang CHIN Chung-hua Enlarged Meeting of the IOJ Presidium, Warsaw, March 1956 TENG T'o International Journalists Con- ference, Helsinki, June 1956 CHIN Chung-hua WANG Yun-sheng WEN Chi-tse LI P'ing-ch'uan INTERNATIONAL BROADCASTING ORGANIZATION (OIR) Vice President (one of many) WEN Chi-tse WORLD FEDERATION OF SCIENTIFIC WORKERS (WFSW) All China Federation of Scientific Societies (ACFSS) The All China Federation of Scientific Societies is a national af- filiate of the World Federation of Scientific Workers (WFSW). Among the officials of the WFSW from Communist China are: Executive Committee: Vice Chairman (one of many) LI Ssu-kuang Member (for East Asia) HUA Lo-keng Members TING Tsan T'U Ch'ang-wang CH'IEN San-ch'iang LIANG Hsi Honorary Secretary CHOU P'ei-yuan Honorary Secretary and Peking Editor T'U Ch'ang-wang Others from Communist China who are active in the WFSW include: KUO Mo-jo CHANG Han-ying YANG Hsien-tung TS'AO Jih-ch'ang CHOU Shih-lu TING Hsi-lin WANG Hu-chen Approved For ReI -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Chinese Communist delegations to recent WFSW-sponsored meetings in- clude: Delegation to WFSW Conference in Vienna, 1954, included CH'EN K'ang-pai Delegation to WFSW Third Con- ference, Budapest, 1953, included T'U Ch'ang-wang CHOU P'ei-yuan Delegation to International Congress of Architects, The Hague, July 1955, headed by YANG T'ing-pao Among the delegation to the 6th Annual International Colloquium for Spectro- scopy (not a Communist front), Vienna, May 1956, was Dr. HO I-chen (Mrs. KO T'ing- Delegation to International Metallurgists Conference, Moscow, June 1956 WORLD CONGRESS OF DOCTORS (WCD) sui) CHOU Yuan-hsi CHANG Tso-mei TAO Tan All China Association of Medical Societies (ACAMS) (also called the China Medical Association) The All China Association of Medical Societies is affiliated with the World Congress of Doctors (WCD). Among the officials of the WCD from Communist China are: Member of the International Committee (one of 16) PAI Hsi-ching--Participant also Delegates from ACAMS to 2nd session of European Congress of Cardiology, Sweden, Sep- tember 1956, included in World Conferences of Doc- tors, Vienna, 1953, Tokyo, 1955. MA Wan-shen PAN Shao-chou TAO Shao-chi Approved For R 8-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rele 0915R000800120001-9 World Congress of Physicians, Vienna, May 1953. Delega- tion included SU Ching-kuang CHU Fu-t'ang CHUNG Hui-lan .HUANG Chia-ssu LIANG Po-ch'iang LIN Ch'iao-chih (f) INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF DEMOCRATIC LAWYERS (IADL) Political Science and Law Association (PSLA) The Political Science and Law Association is affiliated with the International Association of Democratic Lawyers. Among officials of the IADL from Communist China are: Vice President (one of six) SHEN Chun-ju Members K'O Po-nien CHANG Chih-jang IADL sponsored a confer- ence of Asian Lawyers at Calcutta in January 1955, attended by the following Delegates from Communist China attending the meet- ing of IADL at Brussels, in May 1956, were CHANG Chih-jang CHU Ch'i -wen WANG I-fu WANG Fei-jan CH'EN Shou-i HAN Yu-t'ung (f) CHANG Chih-jang CH'EN Shou-i--Professor CHOU Nan--Functionary CHU Ch'i-wen--Lawyer JIU Mu--Professor of law LING Chi-han--Functionary LIU Yun-ying--Interpreter MEI Shiu-chin--Interpreter MIN Kang-hou--Member, PSLA WANG Hsien--Interpreter WANG Tieh-hsi--Professor Approved For ReleasiF - 915R000800120001-9 Approved For RPIpacP ? g - nP78-00915R000800120001-9 WORLD PEACE COUNCIL (WPC) China Peace Committee (CPC) The China Peace Committee is a national affiliate of the World Peace Council, an international Communist front organization. Chinese Communists among the officials of the WPC are: Executive Committee: Vice President (one of many) KUO Mo-jo Secretary (one of many) LI I-mang (P)--Resident of Vienna since March 1955, with his wife, WANG I, who also works for WPC. Members LI I-mang LIAO Ch'eng-chih LIU Ning-i PAO Erh-han (Burhan) SHEN Yen-ping (MAO Tun) Chinese Interpreters CH'EN Lo-min CHI Tsung-hua Council Members CHANG Po-chun CHAO I-min CH'EN Han-sheng CH'EN Shu-t'ung CH'IEN Tuan-sheng CH'U T'u-pan HOU Te-pang HUA Lo-keng HU Yu-chih KUO Mo-jo LI I -mang LI Te-ch'uan LIAO Ch'eng-chih LIU Chang-sheng LIU Kuan-i LIU Ning-i LO Lung-chi LU Ts'ui (f) MA Yin-ch'u MENG Yung-ch'ien PAO Erh-han (Burhan) SHAG Li-tzu SHEN Yen-ping (MAO Tun) SOONG Ch'ing-ling (f) TS'AI T'ing-k'ai WU Yao-tsung WU Lan-fu (ULANFU) Approved For, 78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Re 8-00915R000800120001-9 Among those working in Vienna in June 195+ on the secre- tariat HSIAO San (HSIAO Ai-mei, Emi SIAO) CHENG Chen-ku CHENG Sheng-yu LIU Yun-ying Representatives from Communist China attending some of the "peace" conferences since 1955 included: First World Conference for Prohibiting Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs, Osaka, Japan, 13 August 1955 Second World Conference for Prohibiting Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs, Tokyo and Nagasaki, Japan, 6-11 Au- gust 1956 AN Shu-chu CHAO P'u-ch'u CHENG Fang-wu CHENG Sheng-yu HSIA Yung-hsin HSIEH Ping-hsin (f) LIU Ning-i--Head of delegation SUN Sheng-chuan HSU Kuang-p'ing (f)--Author; -of delegation TS'AO Yu--Writer WANG Yun-sheng--Editor World Peace Council Meeting, Stockholm, 5-9 April 1956 CH'EN Han-sheng CH'EN Lo-min CH'EN Shu-t'ung CHEN Te-chien CH'IEN Tuan-sheng CHU Tzu-chi HOU Te-pang JUNG I-jen LI I-mang LIU Ning-i LO Lung-chi LU Tso-i SHAO Li-tzu SHEN Chu-chang T'ANG Ming-chao WU Yao-tsung -43- Approved For Releale==o.T...O = M00915R000800120001-9 Approved For R an , P101 '78-00915R000800120001-9 Among Those from Communist China Attending the World Assembly for Peace, Hel- sinki, June 1955 CH'EN Han-sheng CH'EN Shu-t'ung CHI Te-jung CH'IEN Tuan-sheng CH'U T'u-nan HSIEH Ping-hsin (f) HU Lan-sheng HUA Lo-keng HUANG Tso-lin KAO Chung-min KU Tsui KUO Mo-jo LI I-mang LI Shih-chin LI Ying-chi LIANG Chih-hung LIAO Ch'eng-chih LIN Han-ta LIU Kuan-i LIU Ning-i MA Jo-han MEI Kung-pin MENG Yung-ch'ien NENG Hai NI Fei-ch'un (f) PA Chin (PA Chien) PAO h-han (Burhan) SAI Fu-ting (SAIFUDIN) SHEN Yen-ping (MAO Tun)--Head of delegation ,SHIN Ju-chang (f) TANG Ming-chao TANG Chao-tan TENG Tzu-jo TING Hsi-lin TS'AO Ming-chun (f) TSOU Ping-lin TSU Hsien-ji WANG Hui-chen WANG Tieh-hsi WU Hung-pin WU Mao-sung WU Wen-t'ao WU Yao-tsung YANG Chung-sung Approved For 78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For acxx-Q 00915R000800120001-9 International Institute for Peace (IIP) Formed in 1957 with headquarters in Vienna; successor to or affiliate of WPC. Executive Committee members include CHENG Shen-yu (CHENG Shen- yu), a journalist who was formerly on the WPC Secretariat and who is depu- ty secretary general of the China branch of the ASC. TIEN.Hui-chen (f) is another Chinese Communist on the staff of the IIP. ASIAN AND PACIFIC PEACE LIAISON COMMITTEE (APPLC) Chinese connected in an executive capacity with the Asian and Pacific Peace Liaison Committee, also referred to as the Peace Liaison Committee for the Asian and Pacific Regions, a regional organization of the WPC with headquarters in Peking, are: President Mme. SOONG Ch'ing-ling Vice President KUO Mo-jo Secretary General LIU Ning-i Deputy Secretary General LIAO Ch'eng-chih ASIAN SOLIDARITY COMMITTEE (ASC) Set up at the 1955 Asian Conference for the Relaxation of Interna- tional Tensions in New Delhi, the ASC is a WPC-inspired organization with national committees established in Communist China, the USSR, North Korea, North Vietnam, Burma, Mongolia, Japan, and India, the latter being where its headquarters are officially located. In general, its leaders are also representatives to the World Peace Council. A second Afro-Asian Solidarity Conference was held in Cairo in early December 1957. Chairman of the ASC is Mme. Rameshwari NEHRU of India and the secretary general is Dr. Anup SINGH, also of India. Chinese who are officials of the Asian Solidarity Committee of China include: Chairman KUO Mo-jo Vice Chairmen HU K'o-ping LI Te-ch'uan LIAO Ch'eng-chih LIU K'o-p'ing SHEN Yen-ping (MAO Tun) WU Hsiu-ch'uan Secretary General LIU Ning-i Deputy Secretary General CH'EN Han-sheng -45- Approved For Rele -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Reia&a i iQiAaWAW8-OO915ROOO8OO12OOO1-9 Chinese delegates to the Conference of Asian Coun- tries, New Delhi, 6-10 April 1955, where the ASC was formed, were CHANG Jui-fang CHANG Ming-pang CHANG Shui-hua CHAO Feng CH'EN Han-sheng CH'EN Ching-yu CHENG Sheng-yu (CHEN Shen-yu) CHI Hsien-lin CHIEN Te CHIEN-Ts an-Cha-Pa CHIN Chung-hua CH'U T'u-nan CHU Tzu-chi KUO Shan-chin LI Yu-ying SHEN Yen-ping (MAO Tun) T'IEN Hui-chen Delegates to the 1955 World Peace Assembly at Helsinki, from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, and Sudan, later visited China and were guests of the China Peace Committee, the China Islamic Association, Chinese Asso- ciation for the Promotion of the Hui People's Culture, and prominent Chinese Moslems in Peking. INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE. FOR THE PROMOTION OF TRADE (IC PT) China Committee for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) The ICPT was founded following the Moscow Economic Conference in 1952 as the Committee for the Promotion of International Trade to fur- ther and coordinate the efforts of the various national committees or- ganized to foster trade between the West, with its private enterprise, and the bloc, with its government-controlled, centrally-planned econom- ic system. One of its primary objectives was to try to overcome the effects of the COCOM and CIIINCOM embargoes. In October 1956, decision was taken to disband the ICPT and the ICPT press organ, International Trade, announced its discontinuation in the July-August 1956 issue. In announcing dissolution of the ICPT, it was stated that National Committees of this organization are "now sufficient- ly experienced and in contact with each other to be able to dispense with an international liaison organization." The decision was reportedly made by delegates from the French, Soviet, and Communist Chinese National Com- mittees. It is reported the Vienna headquarters of the ICPT was closed in the latter part of 1956. Approved For R 78-OO915ROOO8OO12OOO1-9 Approved For Rele 00915R000800120001-9 The China Committee for the Promotion of International Trade had been affiliated with and was one of the National Committees founding the International Committee for the Promotion of Trade (ICPT). Among the officials of the ICPT from Communist China were: Executive Committee Members CHI Ch'ao-ting LIU Ning-i NAN Han-ch'en LEI Jen-min -)7- Approved For Releas 15R000800120001-9 Approved For Rely -00915R000800120001-9 JJKIJ Q__ COMMUNIST CHINA'S CULTURAL OFFENSIVE AND FRIENDSHIP ASSOCIATIONS In conducting Communist China's cultural offensive against the free world the CCP's United Front tactics are carried out through numerous of- ficial and unofficial channels. Government organs available to it for this purpose include the Ministry of Culture, the Commission of Overseas Chinese Affairs, the cultural and trade sections of diplomatic installa- tions abroad, the Second Staff Office (Culture and Education) of the State Council, the New China News Agency, the Broadcasting Administration Bu- reau, and the Liaison Bureau for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries. Among the "unofficial" organizations which have been formed or adapted by the United Front Department in order to meet the requirements of the cul- tural offensive are the propaganda organs of the satellite parties, the international liaison departments of the larger people's and front organ- izations, and the Chinese People's Association for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries (ACRFC). The ACRFC is treated separately because of its distinctive role in the cultural offensive. Behind the front which it provides, the CCP, through its United Front and Propaganda Departments, maintains an active relationship with China friendship societies throughout the free world. CHINESE PEOPLE'S ASSOCIATION FOR CULTURAL RELATIONS WITH FOREIGN COUNTRIES (ACRFC) The Chinese People's Association for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries was founded on 3 May 1954, in Peking, at a meeting presided over by KUO Mo-jo. According to the New China News Agency, its purpose is "to develop still further the friendly relations between the Chinese people and the people of various other countries and to promote cultural exchange between them." Orginally the association was sponsored by 10 "people's organizations" representing various cultural and professional fields. These organiza- tions were: (1) China Peace Committee; (2) All China Federation of Litera- ture and Arts Circles; (3) All China Federation of Scientific Societies; (4) All China Federation of Trade Unions; (5) All China Federation of-Dem- ocratic Women; (6) All China Federation of Democratic Youth; (7) All China Students' Federation; (8) China-India Friendship Association; (9) China- Burma Friendship Association; and (10) the Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs. In terms of political affiliation, the board of directors of ACRFC appears to be about evenly divided among Communist, and minority party -49- Approved For Rele 0915R000800120001-9 Approved For ReIe e ? IAA-Z= -00915R000800 120001-9 leaders and "nonpartisans." Among the 50 members whose political affili- ation is definitely known or fairly certain, 30 are Communist Party mem- bers while approximately the same number belong to the China Democratic League, the Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee, and other minority par- ties. Among the other 122 board members there are probably some other Communist Party members, but most of them are probably what the Chinese Communists call "democratic nonpartisans." A large number of the ACRFC officials are active members of one or another of the friendship associa- tions in Communist China. The ACRFC must not be confused with the Liaison Bureau for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries, a government organ under the State Coun- cil, nor with the Government Ministry of Culture, both of which deal di- rectly, on a government-to-government basis, with counterpart organs of the USSR and Sino-Soviet bloc countries (usually under formal cultural cooperation agreements) in handling exchanges of cultural delegations between these countries and Communist China. It is significant that CH'EN Chung-thing, secretary general of the ACRFC, is also acting head of the Liaison Bureau for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries. The main body of this section is limited to a description and analy- sis of the relationship which exists between the ACRFC and the China friendship societies. The roster of officers, standing committee and board of directors of ACRFC is as follows: Officers: Chairman Vice Chairmen Secretary General CH'U T'u-nan TING Hsi-lin YANG Han-sheng CHAO I-min CH'EN Chung-ching Deputy Secretaries General WU Hua-chih CHU Po-shen Members, Standing Committee: AI Ssu-ch'i CHI Ch'ao-ting JUNG Kao-t'ang MA Yu-huai BURHAN CHU Ko-chen LAO She OU T'ang-liang CHANG Hsi-Jo FAN Ch'ang- LIAO Ch'eng- PAI Hsi-chting CHAO Feng chiang chih SA Kung-liao CH.'EN Han-sheng HSIAO San LIU Kuan-i TING L}~ CH'EN I HU Yu-chip LIU Ning-i TUNG Yueh-ch'ien CHENG Chen-to HUA Chun-wu LU Ts'ui WU Yao-tsung Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800120001-9 Y Other Members, Board of Directors: AI Ta-yen HSIEH Ping-hsin NI Fei-ch'un An-ni-wa-erh HSIUNG Fu OUYANG Yu-ch'ien CH'AI Tse-min HSIUNG Hsiang-hui PAI Shou-i CHANG Chung-shih HSU Kuang-ping Ping-ts'o-wang-chieh CHANG T'ieh-sheng HSU P'.ing-yu SHAO Tsung-han CHAO Fu-san HS8EH Ch'iao SUN Hsiao-ts'un CHAO P'u-ch'u HUA Lo-keng TAI Ai-lien CH'EN Huang-mei HUANG Hsien-fan TANG Ming-hhao CH'EN K'ang-pai JEN Pai-ko TENG To CH' EN Yfi K'O Chung-p'ing T'IEN Han CH'I Pai-shih KUO Mo-jo T'IEN Te-min CHIAO Chu-yin KUO P'eng TING Ling CH'IEN Chun-jui LAI Shao-ch'i TS'AI Ch'u-sheng CH'IEN TuQLn-sheng LI Chan-wu TS'AI Jo-hung CH'IEN Wei-ch'ang LI Chun-wu TS'AO Jih-ch'ang CHOU Li-po LI Fu-jen TS'AO Meng-chun CHOU Wei-chih LI Hsieh-po TS'AO Ming CHOU Yang LI I-mang TS'AO Yu CHU Hsi-hsien LI Kuei-sen T'U Ch'ang-wang CHU Po-shen LI Te-ch'uan WANG Ya-p'ing FAN Wen-Ian LIU K'ai-chu WANG Yun-sheng FANG Chi LIU Pai-yu WU Hsueh-ch'ien FU Lien-chang LIU Tsun-ch'i WU Leng-hsi HA-feng-a LU Chi WU Mao-sun HO Ch'eng-hsiang MA Ssu-ts'ung WU Wen-t'ao HO Ch' i -fang MA Yin-ch'u WU Yun-fu HO Lu-ting MAO Tun YU Hsin-ch'ing HO Ting MEI I YU Lan HSIA Yen MEI Lan-fang YUAN Hsueh-fen MENG Po YUAN Shui-pai (Note: The officers and standing committee members listed above are also members of the board of directors.) CHINA FRIENDSHIP ASSOCIATIONS IN NON-COMMUNIST COUNTRIES China (Communist) friendship organizations are known to exist in at least the 25 countries covered individually in subsequent pages. In 19 other countries friendship groups have been reported, but little or no data on members are available. In some countries they are known by other titles, as, for example, the Center of Cultural and Economic Relations between China and Italy, located in Rome, and the Chilean-China Cultural Institute, with headquarters in Santiago. The words "friendship" and "cultural" are used because they are obviously inoffensive and unobtru- sive terms behind which the real purposes of these organizations may be concealed. Y Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Re1g2,p--cep-RL 78-00915R000800120001-9 The typical China friendship society was formed by members of the local Communist Party, and CP front groups with help from the Chinese Communist embassy, where one exists, some local representative group of Chinese, and citizens of the country concerned who have lived in or vis- ited China. An attempt is made to conceal Communist sponsorship and con- trol, usually by placing popular non-Communist political leaders, legis- lators, businessmen, educators, scientists, and other professional fig- ures in prominent friendship society positions. Actual control is exer- cised by Communist Party or fellow traveler members who hold less con- spicuous posts in the organization. The primary function of each of the China friendship societies is to pressure the local government to relax its internal security measures and to obtain diplomatic recognition for the Peking government. Where recog- nition has already been extended, the friendship society campaigns for closer cultural and economic ties with Communist China. In countries which have not recognized the Peking government, the friendship society often performs some embassy-type functions on behalf of the Chinese Communists. This responsibility was stressed by a member of the Chilean-China Cultural Institute who returned in 1955 from a visit to China. During his visit he had met with CHOU En-lai and other high- ranking officials who had praised the work of the Institute and empha- sized its importance as a link between China and "progressive forces" not only in Chile, but throughout Latin America. In their efforts to promote the interests of the Peking government and to undermine local resistance to Communism, these friendship socie- ties sponsor a variety of overt activities. Among these are included: a. Public exhibits of Chinese handicraft, arts, and drama. b. c. d. e. Lecture tours by persons returning from visits to Motion pictures filmed in China. Construction of China friendship auditoriums. Holding China friendship weeks. China. f. Publication and distribution of propaganda materials. g. Sponsoring group and individual trips to China,. h. Receptions for visiting Chinese delegations. i. Radio programs. Relief work among overseas Chinese. k. Celebrations of Chinese Communist national holidays. THE ACRFC AND ITS RELATIONS WITH THE FRIENDSHIP ASSOCIATIONS The ACRFC was formed in May 1954, its stated purpose being to pro- mote cultural exchanges between China and other countries. Like all other fronts, it is firmly under CCP control. The presence on its executive committee of senior CCP propaganda specialists suggests joint subordina- tion to the CCP's United Front and Propaganda Departments. -52- Approved For R 9-10 00915R000800120001-9 Approved For ReI 78-00915R000800120001-9 A survey of its overt activities since January 1955 reveals that the ACRFC works very closely with all the China friendship societies. Rela- tions with China friendship societies such as those in India, Burma, Egypt, Japan, Nepal, Indonesia, and Pakistan are handled through counterpart friendship associations which have been set up in China. Since it was established in May 1954, ACRFC has, among its activi- a. Invited and received delegations of scholars, scientists, cul- tural figures, etc., from Japan, India, Indonesia, Norway, Sweden, Den- mark, France, Italy, Tunisia, Great Britain, New Zealand, Finland, Ice- land, Egypt, Australia, and many other non-Communist nations. (May 1954- July 1956) b. Held exhibits of Chinese arts and crafts in Pakistan, India, and Indonesia. (January-April 1955) c. Sent a talented Chinese opera troupe to perform in the major European cities. (June 1955-May 1956) d. Sent a four-man delegation to visit Chile and Argentina. (July- August 1954) e. Signed an agreement in November 1955 with the National League for the Protection of the Constitution in Japan providing for the es- tablishment in Tokyo of a liaison organization to keep in close touch with the ACRFC, distribute propaganda material, and accelerate cultural exchanges between the two countries. This Japanese organization began to function in March 1956, and now serves as the clearing house for exchanges of delegations between Japan and Communist China. f. Sent a Chinese opera group to perform in Japan (mid-1956). g. Sent an opera troupe to Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay, in late 1956, under the leadership of CH'U T'u-nan, chairman of the ACRFC. The performances were sponsored in Chile by the Chilean-China Cultural Institute (ICCC), particularly by Senator Salvador ALLENDE Gossens, who had seen the opera company perform during his trip to the USSR and China. The Chilean Communist Party made maximum propaganda use of this visit. Gifts were presented to Chilean officials, and they were invited to visit Peking. Whether the deficit resulting from the opera's performances was made up from Communist Chinese funds or partly from funds raised by the Chilean Communist Party and the ICCC is not known. The above constitute the majority of the ACRFC's publicized activi- ties during 1955-1956. All were conducted in conjunction with China friendship societies in the countries listed. For example, the reception and local arrangements for the ACRFC delegation which visited Argentina Approved For Rele - 0915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel 0915R000800120001-9 and Chile, in 1954, were handled by the Argentine Association of Chinese Culture and the Chilean-China Cultural Institute; the delegations from Japan, France, Norway, etc., were selected and accompanied by officials of China friendship societies in these countries; the tour of the Chinese opera troupe in Europe was co-sponsored and entertained by China friend- ship societies in the countries visited; representatives from the Japan- China Friendship Society were among those signing the agreement with the ACRFC on cultural exchange, and the Japan-China Friendship Society co- sponsored, along with the ACRFC, the visit of the MEI Lan-fang opera group to Japan. In most cases the delegations were headed by officers or mem- bers of the board of directors of the ACRFC. The fact that its publicized activities are conducted in conjunction with China friendship societies in non-Communist countries reflects the very close relationship between the ACRFC and the friendship societies. While the exact nature of this relationship is not immediately apparent, the scope and timing of the various joint undertakings listed and the precision with which they are executed indicate that the relationship is more than one of close coordination. Furthermore, the expense of the operations conducted by the various China friendship societies, when meas- ured against the critical financial status of these organizations and their parent Communist Parties, suggests the likelihood they are financed or at least supported from Peking. Thus, on the basis of an analysis of the overt activities of the ACRFC and the friendship societies, there are strong reasons to believe that China friendship societies in non-Communist countries are supported by, and to a considerable extent directed, by the ACRFC, an ancillary of the CCP United Front and Propaganda Departments. USE OF FRIENDSHIP ASSOCIATIONS FOR PROPAGANDA PURPOSES The following New China News Agency dispatch illustrates the propa- ganda usage of the friendship associations and the delegations they spon- sor: "Jakarta, August 15, 1956--Soong Ch'ing-ling, vice chairman of the standing committee of the Chinese National People's Congress, this morning received leaders of the Indonesia-China Friendship As- sociation at the State palace. Present were chairman of the associ- ation, Professor Prijono, and Mrs. Prijono, all the leaders of the association, wife of air chief of staff, Mrs. Suriadarma, wife of second deputy speaker of the Parliament, Mrs. Arundji Kartawinata, leaders of women's organizations in Jakarta, women's representatives of the All-Indonesia People's Congress, secretary general of the All- Indonesia People's Congress Hanafi, chairman of the Association for Indonesia-Soviet Cultural Exchange Werdojo, and others. "Also present were the Chinese Ambassador and Mrs. Huang Chen, deputy secretary general of the standing committee of the Chinese National People's Congress, Chang Sun, and leader of the Peking acro- batic troupe, Hua Chia. -54- Approved For Re 8-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rey h" ?^?78-00915R000800120001-9 "Professor Prijono said in his welcoming speech that it was impossible to describe how happy the Indonesian people were when they knew of the arrival of Soong Ching-ling. The Indonesian people, inspired by the spirit of the Bandung conference, were willing to be friendly with other peoples and march side by side with them toward lasting world peace. He said that the Indonesia-China Friendship Association under his leadership had become an inalienable part of the rank of Indonesian people marching ahead. It had been well-de- veloped in good cooperation with the China-Indonesia Friendship Association in Peking. He believed that the visit of SOONG Ching- ling, together with the arrival of the Chinese friendship delegation headed by Sheikh Nur Mohammed TA Pu-sheng and the Peking acrobatic troupe led by HUA Chia, would be helpful for the work of the Indo- nesia-China Friendship Association, and work for better mutual under- standing and closer friendship between the two peoples." INDIVIDUAL CHINA FRIENDSHIP ASSOCIATIONS Very little has been reported on the organization, functioning and personnel of some of the China friendship associations, particularly those in the Sino-Soviet bloc. In North Vietnam and North Korea friendship groups are known to exist but little is known about them. In May 1957 a Polish Communist leader told of plans to form a Poland-China Friendship Association. A Sino-Soviet Friendship Association, for which a membership of over 50,000,000 is presently claimed, was founded in Communist China in 1950. However, no Soviet-Chinese Friendship Association was.formalized until October 1957, when it was launched with much fanfare. Ivan A. ANDRE- YEV, member of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, was named president; and vice-presidents include A. S. PEREVERTALLO, N. S. TIKHONOV, and P. A. SATUKOV. Aleksandr PANYUSHKIN, former Ambassador to Nationalist China (1939-191+5), to the United States (1947-1952), and to Communist China (1952-1953), was among those elected to the executive board. POPOVA, head of the All-Union (USSR) Society for Cultural Relations with Foreign Coun- tries, took a prominent part in launching this new association. Its func- tions will probably be similar to those of the SSFA, a mass organization used to sell the USSR and Communist bloc solidarity to the Chinese people. A Sino-Albanian Friendship Association has been reported with CH'IEN Chun- jui as secretary general. While a number of other China friendship or cultural groups in non- Communist countries have been mentioned in the press and in broadcasts, few or no identifying data as to their membership or activities are avail- able. The following are some of those mentioned, but the degree to which they have been formalized and the extent of their activites is not known: Afghanistan Austria Cambodia (only member identified is Andre MIGOT) Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Re 8-00915R000800120001-9 Canada (Chinese Canadian Welfare Association, Toronto. Not to be confused with the non-Communist Chinese Canadian Association, also in Toronto) Ecuador Greece (Union of Friends of New China) Laos Lebanon Netherlands (Netherlands-China Association) New Zealand (Sent a 5-man delegation to Communist China, September 1957) Norway.(Norway-People's Democracies Friendship Society, of which there is a China Committee) Panama Peru Sudan Switzerland Thailand Tunisia (one Ben ALEYA has been mentioned as president of a Tunisia- China Association) Union of South Africa (Friends of China Society) Uruguay In this country the front organization is known as the Argentine As- sociation of Chinese Culture (Associacion Argentina de Cultura China), and its secretary is Serafina WARSCHAVER DE GIUDICE. Juan C. CASTIGNINO is reported to be one of the vice presidents of the association. This as- sociation published a magazine, Cultura China, but planned to discontinue it and replace it with a monthly or bi-monthly bulletin, Informativo Chino. The association received magazines from Communist China for sale in Argen- tina. The association has sections for economics, newspapers, and litera- ture, art, the theater, and youth. A medical delegation headed by ARGONZ was in Communist China in May 1956, on invitation of the China Medical Association. A cultural delega- tion headed by Americo NUNZIATA was there at the same time, having been invited by the ACRFC. Both delegations left for Moscow, 29 May 1956. M. Carlos GUASTAVINO, Argentine composer and pianist, was in Shanghai, in June 1952, on invitation of the ACRFC. The association sponsored an exhibit in Buenos Aires, in May 1956, of the paintings of Jose VENTURELLI, a Communist who had spent 2 years in Communist China. Informativo Chino, an official bulletin of the Association, announced that Lino Eneas SPILIMBERGO, Argentine painter and member of the Argentine Communist peace front organization, had been invited to visit China, in 1956, by HUA Chun-wu, secretary of the Association of Chinese Fine Arts. -56- Approved For a ease : 78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 There have been references to an Australia-China Friendship Society. Michael LINDSAY is reported as secretary and a Reverend Anderson, chair- man of the Sydney Peace Assembly, was on a welcoming committee for a the- atrical troupe which was in Australia, in November 1956. The ACRFC sponsored and financed the trip of an 11-man cultural dele- gation to Communist China, in May 1956, headed by C.P. Fitzgerald, presi- dent of the Australia-China Society and professor of Far East history at the Australian National University. A trade union delegation headed by Frank PURSE spent a month in April- May 1956, in China, as guests of the All China Federation of Trade Unions. Another member of this delegation was Stan MORAN, treasurer of the Water- side Workers' Federation of Australia, Sydney branch. A trade delegation from Australia visited Peking for the 1956 May Day celebrations. In statements made by delegation members, "friend- ship and unity" with Communist China was stressed. A delegation of Chinese Communist journalists was in Australia, in November 1956. A 1--man Chinese trade union delegation headed by CHAO Kuo-chiang, chief of the Chinese Heavy Industry Workers Trade Union, toured Australia, in April-May 1956. Peking Radio stated, "On May 6 the Chinese delegation, as well as the Soviet trade unionists, were cheered by May Day paraders marching along Sydney streets shouting slogans for peace and establishment of normal relations with China and the Soviet Union." The welcome for this delegation was sponsored by the Australia-China Society. No China-Australia Friendship Association in China has been identi- fied. The following 2 persons are prominent among those identified with the overseas Chinese in Australia: LIAO Sheng--Former proprietor of the Nanking Lau Restaurant in Syd- ney and responsible member of the Overseas Tungkuan Association in Sydney, who was elected a delegate representing Overseas Chi- nese to the National People's Congress in 1954. CH'EN Jen-i (CH'EN Jen-ni)--Member of the Australia Branch of the Commission of Overseas Chinese Affairs. BELGIUM China-Belgium Friendship Association None identified. Approved For Release -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Ref-: -r'J&,J ?8-00915R000800120001-9 Belgium-China Friendship Association (Association Bezique-Chine, Amities Beiges-Chinoises, or ABC) Founded 28 November 1956 at a meeting of 65 persons, the Association Belgique-Chine (ABC), or the Belgian-Chinese Association, claimed to have 125 members and planned to publish a monthly bulletin to promote and de- velop cultural, scientific, and economic relations, and to handle the in- vitation and entertainment of delegations from Communist China. The board of directors elected to serve for 3 years is made up of Marthe Deguent, Robert Hamaide, Georges Smets, Ernest De Vleeschouwer, and Arthur Wauters. Proceeds from a performance of the Peking Circus given in Antwerp, in January 1957, were donated to the ABC. The association sponsored the Belgian Economic Mission to Communist China, in April-May 1957, and a Belgian Cultural Mission, in June 1957? Camille HUYSMANS--Honorary president of the association; Minister of State and President of the Belgian Chamber of Deputies; member of a parlimentary delegation to Communist China, October 1956. George SMETS--Probably president of the association; former rector at the Free University of Brussels; head of a 13-member cultural delegation to Communist China, in May 1956. Jacques VAN der SCHUEREN--Liberal member of the Belgian Chamber of Deputies; leader of the Federation of Belgian Industries delega- tion which visited Communist China, September-October 1955. Robert HAMAIDE--Lawyer at the Court of Appeals, Brussels; member of a Belgian delegation of lawyers visiting Communist China, April 1956; named in a Radio Peking broadcast as a vice president of the ABC. Maurice HEIBER--Vice President of the Belgian Committee for the De- velopment of International Trade. Martha DEGUENT--Daughter of Camille Huysmans; a member of the execu- tive committee of the Belgian Union for Defense of Peace; member of a peace delegation visiting Communist China, October 1956. Roland Jules DURVIAUX--Member of the Societe Coloniale Anversoise; an administrator of Comptoir Coloniale et Commerciale; member of the Federation of Belgian Industries delegation to Communist China, September-October 1955? Karel BUYSAERT--Represents Liberal Party in Antwerp town council; business man. Arthur WAUTERS--Former Ambassador from Belgium to USSR. Ernest P. De VLEESCHOUER--One of directors of Ateliers de Construc- tions Electriques de Charleroi. Rene DEKKERS--University professor. Aguste De BLOCK--Socialist member of Senate. Luc HAESAERTS -58- Approved For R 78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Others reported among the members of the association are: Frederic DAHLMAN--Regional Director of Ateliers de Constructions Electriques de Charleroi (ACEC) and representative of the Far East branch of ACEC in China, 1936-1949; member of the Federation of Belgium Industries delegation to Communist China, September-Octo- ber 1955; visited Communist China, May 1957. Edgard PONCELET--Member of the Communist Party of Belgium. Professor LAVACRERIE--Professor at the Free University of Brussels. Joseph HERS Cornelium DE HAAN--Member of the staff of firm, Sogemar, S.A. Elisabeth GRISAR--Administrator of the firm, Sogemar, S.A. Jacques de GROOT--Member of the staff of firm, Sogemar, S.A. Edgard LALMAND--Member of the Central Committee, Communist Party of Belgium; member of Belgian Chamber of Deputies; member, parliamen- tary delegation visiting Communist China, October 1956. (Fnu) RENARD-=Member of the Societe Generale de Belgique; Member of the Federation of Belgian Industries delegation to Communist China, September-October 1955. Max VERBIST--Administrator of the Societe Gavaert of Mortsel; member of the Federation of Belgian Industries delegation to Communist China, September-October 1955. Rachel HOLENDER--Member of Central Committee of Belgian Communist Party. Dr. Marcel DELVIGNE--Member of the Belgian Union for Defense of Peace delegation to Communist China, October 1956. Marcel SNUSNY (Fnu) Van den DRIES Among those who have traveled to Communist China on trade delegations and who may be affiliated with the ABC are: Xavier RELECOM--Vice President, Belgium International Trade Promotion Committee; manager of the firm Tracosa, S.A.; member of Belgian Communist Party. (Fnu) MIPPLEMAN--Businessman. Maurice SOUDAN Charles SOMERS--Member of the staff of firm, Sogemar, S.A. Jacques GRIPPA--Member of Belgian Communist Party; associated with Polish Shipping Agency, Ltd. Baron Antoine ALLARD--Connected with Belgian Committee for the De- velopment of International Trade. Among the members of the cultural delegation to Communist China, in April-May 1957, who may be affiliated with the ABC are: Marcel POOT--Director of the Brussels Music Academy. Paul HAESAERTS--Associated with motion pictures. Jacques HUYSMANS--Director of the National Theater Association. Approved For Rele X00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rh-iq ?1'IA-Rnp?8-00915R000800120001-9 BRAZIL China-Brazil Friendship Association None identified. Brazilian-Chinese Cultural Society (Sociedade Cultural Sino-Brasileira) This association, with headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, was founded about 1954. Its officers have been reported to be: Professor Mario FABIAO--President. Professor Samuel PESSOA--Vice President. Abel CHERMONT--Vice President. Henrique FIALHO--Vice President. In 1956 a similar association was established in Sao Paulo. Among its leaders were Alberto CAVALCANTI and Samuel Barnsley PESSOA. China-Burma Friendship Association (CBFA) CHENG Chen-to--Chairman of CBFA; Vice Minister of Culture; member of Standing Committee, ACRFC. CH'IEN Wei-ch'ang--Vice Chairman of CBFA; member of the Board of Directors of ACRFC. CH'IEN San-ch'iang--Vice Chairman. of CBFA; nuclear physicist; WFTU; Executive Committee, WFSW. CH'EN Chung-ching--Acting Director of Liaison Bureau for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries under the State Council; mem- ber, Standing Committee of CBFA; Secretary General of ACRFC. HSIAO Kang--Chief of Burma branch of COCA. HUANG Chang-shui--Represented overseas Chinese in Burma at CPPCC, 1949; Vice Chairman, ACFICA; Vice Chairman, Canton FROCA; Chair- man, Canton Investment Corporation; member, ASC; Standing Com- mittee, CDNCA; member, National Committee, CPPCC. LO Chang-p'ei--Member of CBFA. LO K'ai-fu (Da-,id LOA, David K'ai-fu LOA)--Member of CBFA. NI Fei-ch'un (f)--Member of Standing Committee, CBFA; member, Board of Directors, ACRFC; accompanied Peking Opera Troupe on tour through Europe and South America, in 1956, as 1 of 3 sec- retaries. SHAO Tsung-han--Member., Board of Directors, CBFA; journalist and editor; member, Board of Directors, ACRFC. -6o- Approved For R 8-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For ReIi-00915R000800120001-9 TENG T'o--Member, Standing Committee, CBFA; President, ACFJ; mem- ber, Board of Directors, ACRFC and SSFA. TI Ch'ao-pai--Member, Standing Committee, CBFA; Deputy Chief, In- stitute of Economics, Peking. TS'AO Yu--Member, Standing Committee, CBFA; Deputy Director, Cen- tral Institute of Drama under Ministry of Culture; member of Union of Chinese Writers, ACFLAC and CPC; attended "Conference to Ban Atomic Bombs," in Japan, August 1956. TUNG Yueh-ch'ien--Director of Staff Office and International Or- ganizations and Conferences Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; PIFA; member, Standing Committee, ACRFC. Burma-China Friendship Association Thakin Kodaw HMAING--Honorary Chairman. Dr. U Sin Pho (HSIN Po or SIN Pho)--Chairman. U Thein Pe Myint--Vice Chairman. U Tun Wai--Secretary and executive committee member. B. CAWANA CHANG Chin-hsui--Head of Oriental Trading Co., Rangoon. CHI Shu-wen--Editor; educator; elected delegate National People's Congress, 1954. DAW KHIN CHIT DAW MA MA LAY (f ) HSU Ssu-min (C. SuBim, SUBIN)--Publisher; Secretary General, Rangoon Chinese Chamber of Commerce; elected delegate to Chinese Communist National People's Congress, 1954. LEI Pi-shu--Officiated at a reception given for CHOU En-lai and party on their visit to Burma in December 1956, by Chinese residents in Rangoon. LI Yen-hang--Chairman, Burma-China Association of Businessmen and Industrialists. U ANUNG HLA U KO KO LAY U Tun Shien U Shwe Pyu U Nyar Na Professor Tha Hla--Headed a delegation of the Burma-China Friend- ship Association to Communist Cnina, May 1957. -61- Approved For R , M8-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Re _ _ _ ___ _ __ _ 8-00915R000800120001-9 CEYLON China-Ceylon Friendship Association None identified. The first official trade delegation was sent from China to Ceylon, in August 1956, and signed a trade agreement. Ceylon-China Friendship Association (Colombo) S.P. AMARASINGRAM--Secretary of the association. Mrs. Theja GUNAWARDENA (GOONEWARDENE)--President of the association; criticized Ceylon Minister of Commerce for preventing contacts with Chinese Communist trade delegation which was in Ceylon, in December 1956; chairman of the Ceylon Peace Committee. A.D. JAYASEKARA--Headed delegation of National Teachers Union of Ceylon to China, in May 1956. K.M.P. RAJARATNE--Identified only as one of the officials. CHILE China-Chile Friendship Association Members not identified, if such an organization exists. Chilean-Chinese Cultural Institute (Instituto Chileno-Chino de Cultura) (ICCC) Organized in 1952. Officers and members are as follows: Angel CRUCHAGA Santa Maria--Honorary President; returned from trip to Communist China, early 1956. Salvador ALLENDE Gossens--President; Chilean Senator; head of Social- ist Party of Chile; delegate to National Conference of Frente de Accion Popular (FRAP), December 1956. Benjamin SUN Marjen--Member, ICCC Public Relations Committee; China- born businessman; owner of Restaurant Danubio Azul, Santiago. Juan MARTINEZ Camps--Vice President; pro-Communist Federal Deputy of the Radical Party of Chile; delegate to National Conference of Frente de Accion Popular (FRAP), December 1956; delegate to WPC- sponsored conference in Colombo, Ceylon, June 1957. Luis A. SEPULVEDA--Secretary General; railway employee; former Sec- retary General of Institute of Chilean-Soviet Culture. Ramon GONZALEZ Santa Maria--Secretary for propaganda and culture; architect. Sergio INSUNZA Barrios--Secretary of ICCC public relations; lawyer; visited Communist China, in 1956. -62- Approved For R -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For ReIga6aT CIA.- r W-00915R000800120001-9 Enrique GOMEZ Correa--Lawyer; president of the Association of Demo- cratic Lawyers; Cultural Secretary of ICCC. Carlos CONTRERAS Labarca--Member, ICCC Cultural Committee; lawyer; member of Central Committee of Communist Party of Chile. Julio ALEGRIA--Member, ICCC Public Relations Committee; member, Cen- tral Union de Trabajadores de Chile. Juan Emilio PACULL Torchia--Director of ICCC; President of Circulo de Periodistas; traveled to Communist China in 1956. Vladimir CHI-VAN--Former Treasurer; grocer in Santiago. Maria FIGUEROA Gonzales--Assistant Treasurer. German TANG--Member of ICCC financial committee; aide to Treasurer; owner of Restaurant Los Peruanos, Santiago. Arturo ALLENDE Marin--Member of ICCC Cultural Committee; employee of the Banco del Estado. Josefina FAIVOVICH--Assistant Treasurer. Felix CHAU--Financial Secretary. Carlos NASCIMENTO--Director; owner of book store. Pedro Ariel MARTINEZ Baeza--ICCC Culture and Propaganda Committee; employee of Banco del Estado, Recoleta Branch. Juan AHUMADA Trigo--ICCC Cultural and Propaganda Committee; visited Communist China, 1952; elected March 1957, to Chilean Congress of Deputies; labor leader; Secretary of Federation of Agricultural Workers. Alfonso GONZALEZ Dagnino--Physician, author; formerly active in Par- tido Socialista. Carlos VICUNA Fuentes--Lawyer; Vice President of Colezio de Abogados; made trip to USSR and Communist China in 1956, with lawyer dele- gation. Gilberto BACKSANG Van--Public relations committeeman. Juan SEPULVEDA Canales--Public relations committeeman; chauffeur. Leonor MONTESINO--Public relations committeeman. Roberto LEON May--Public relations committeeman. Adolfo FAIVOVICH Mireya LAFUENTE Vergara Hector GAJARDO Zuniga Nancy MONTESINO Alvara REYES Bazan--Physician-surgeon; also connected with Soviet, Bulgarian, Rumanian Cultural Institutes. Pedro ORTHUS--Director, Experimental Theater, University of Chile. Jose VENTURELLI--Painter; spent two years in China sponsored by ICCC. Delia de VENTURELLI--Wife of Jose Venturelli. Thelma GANDY--Palm reader and fortune teller. Ricardo CHANSAN Lan--China-born; possibly a vice president of ICCC. Humberto BANDERAS Wilson--Lawyer. Juman LEY Wong--Chinese student in Santiago; paid secretary of ICCC; active among Communist Chinese youth in Santiago. Lorenzo YONG (YON, YOUNG) Chan--China-born; employee at Restaurant Danubio Azul, Santiago. -63- Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rem---- c"I--f G1p7-Q-00915R000800120001-9 Isidro LIPSCHITZ Salita--Doctor of radiology; Professor, University of Chile; travelled to USSR and China. Efraim BARQUERO--Poet. Ines MORENO--Actress. Claudio Acuna de CONTRERAS--Wife of Carlos CONTRERAS Labarca; member of ICCC Financial Committee. Silva LOBOS de Leon Domingo PIGA Dacchen--Italian-born; with Experimental Theater, Uni- versity of Chile; WPC delegate in 1952. Luis Enrique DELANO--Director of' CP weekly, Vistazo; invited to visit China. Clodomiro FIGUEROA Ubilla--Member of the Association of Democratic Lawyers; visited Communist China, late 1956. Luis PADILLA Padilla--One of organizers of ICCC branch in Chillan; railway union leader. Nino COLLI--Argentine musician residing in Chile. Esteban DELGADILLO--Left April 1956, for trip to China and Czecho- slovakia; member of Communist Party of Chile; labor union leader. Rene ASTORQUIZA--Engineer; President, Provisional Committee in Con- cepcion, Chile, of Partisans of Peace. Enrique WONG Hing--Grocer in Antofagasta. Angel CHIANG Wong--Partner of Benjamin SUN Marjen in Restaurant Dan- ubio Azul, Santiago; grocer. David IZAMIT--Evangelical pastor. The ICC has sponsored delegations to China, arranged for showing of Chinese films in Chile, held various cultural meetings in Santiago and Valparaiso, sponsored the writing and publications of books and poems ded- icated to Chile-China friendship, and promoted a tour of the Peking Opera Company in 1956. The ICC publishes China Popular monthly. A group of nine Chileans visited Communist China, in late 1956, many of them members of the Chilean Association of Democratic Lawyers. This group included: Professor Ruhen OYARZUN G. of the University of Chile; Carlos VICUNA FUENTES; Rene FRIAS Ojeda, Secretary of the Chilean-Czecho- slovakian Cultural Institute, labor leader, and member of the Communist Party of Chile; Enrique GOMEZ Correa; and Carlos CONTRERAS Labarca. DENMARK China-Denmark Friendship Association None thus far identified. -64- Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Denmark Society for Cultural Contact with China (Dansk-Kinesisk-Selskab) Headquarters of this organization, also called the Danish-Chinese Society, is in Copenhagen, and it is believed to have about 300 members. It is not to be confused with the non-Communist Danish-Chinese Associa- tion, which is non-political. Many members of the Denmark Society for Cultural Contact with China are connected with the Danish Communist Party. Hans HANSEN--Chairman; headed cultural delegation to China Septem- ber-October 1955. Christian Hermann JENSEN--Secretary. Poul HANSEN--Treasurer. China-Egypt Friendship Association (Sino-Egyptian Friendship Associa- tion Formally set up in November 1956 under sponsorship of ACRFC, CISA, CPC, ACDWF, ACFDY, ACFTU, PIFA, ACFLAC, ACFSS, CCPIT, and four other front organizations. At the same time the same organizations formed a "Chinese People's Committee to Support Egypt's Resistance against Aggres- sion." BURHAN (PAO Erh-han)--President; also Chairman of China Islamic Association, and chairman of the China Indonesia FA. TA P'u-sheng (Shiekh Nur Mohammed)--Vice President; also Vice Chair- man of China Islamic Association. Yusuf MA Yu-huai--Also Vice Chairman of CINFA; Vice Chairman, China Islamic Association. Egypt-China Friendship Association "This association was founded in January 1958, and elected as chairman Shayk Ahmad Hasan al-Baquri, Minister for Religious Foundations. Several "friendship" delegations and cultural delegations have gone to Egypt under sponsorship of the China Islamic Association, whose vice chairman, Shiekh Nur Mohammed (TA P'u-sheng), headed one group. In ear- ly 1956, another Moslem group including Burhan, Yussuf Ma Hwai, and MA Ha Wai-Yung toured Egypt, the Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Ethiopia. YEH Chi- chuang, Minister of Foreign Trade, headed a trade delegation to Cairo, in April 1956. A permanent trade delegation has been set up in Cairo. Radio Peking told of the "China-Egypt Friendship Song" performed in Cairo by the Chinese Cultural and Art Delegation and of "friendship slo- gans" exchanged. -65- Approved For Rele 0915R000800120001-9 Approved For R tea. -' f' Ej 8-009158000800120001-9 An Egyptian cultural delegation arrived in Peking, in January 1956, and was entertained by representatives of the Foreign Ministry, ACRFC, and China Islamic Association. In the delegation were: Muhammed Abd al- Latif, who later taught in the Peking Institute of Islamic Theology; Pro- fessor Ibrahim Amin al-Shawalbi, who lectured on Arabic language at the same institute; and Bahi al-Din Zayan. China-Finland Friendship Association Officers not identified. LIN Hai-yun was head and LI K'o-fu deputy head of a trade delegation to Finland, in May 1956. In June 1955, CH'U T'u-nan, chairman of the ACRFC, held a meeting in Helsinki with represent- atives of China friendship societies from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, to plan and coordinate activities of these organizations. Finnish-Chinese Friendship Association (established June 1951 in Helsinki as Finno-Chinese Society) Matti (or Allen) JARVENPAA--Chairman; in early 1956, he enter- tained a Chinese classical dance ensemble headed by CH'U T'u- nan, Chairman of ACRFC. Urho KASONEN (also given as Uhho KAEHOENEN and Urho KAHONEN)-- Reported June and December 1956 as president of the society; attended a reception for delegates to the International Organ- ization of Journalists in Helsinki, in June 1956; member Fin- nish Diet; addressed 5th anniversary meeting of society June 1956, attended by 300 persons. A Finnish parliamentary delegation representing 6 political parties arrived in Peking, in June 1956. Head of the delegation was Viejo Johan SUKSELAINEN, Speaker of the Finnish Diet. Other members were: Irma Helena KARVIKKO, Impi Lydia LUKKARINEN, Otto Arno TUURNA, Kustaa Rafael PAASIO, Tahvo Heikki RONKKO, Tor Nils MEINANDER, Esa HEITANEN, Nestori Matias NURMINEN, Johannes WIRTANEN, Aluri LAINE, and August Olavi SALVERO. The Communist Chinese propaganda organs publicized this visit as a sign of friendship between the 2 states. The Finnish-Chinese Friendship Association sponsored a Chinese film festival in Helsinki, in January 1957. The Chinese film delegation was headed by YUAN Hsiao-ping. -66- Approved For 78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel 00915R000800120001-9 China-France Friendship Association None identified. Many Chinese Communists now high in Communist Par- ty and government circles were in France in the 1920's as students and would be expected to be associated with such a group, if one were formed. A Chinese Communist cultural delegation, with scientist HOU Te-pang as its head and CHI Chao-ting as deputy, was in France in June-July 1956. HOU took particular pains at meetings with important French officials to state that the visit was "in the interest of Sino-French friendship." France-China Friendship Association (Amitie Franco-Chinoise) Headquarters are in Paris and membership is estimated at several thousand. The association publishes La Chine. Professor Jean DRESCH--President. Edouard STORACE--Organizational Secretary. Jean BASTARD--Administrative Secretary. Joseph DUCROUX--Treasurer. The ACRFC sponsored a visit to China, in May 1956, by a French cul- tural delegation headed by Madame MALATERRE-SELLIER. Another member was Julien CAIN, director of the French National Library. CHOU En-lai re- ceived this delegation. The France-China Friendship Association held a three-day congress at the Salon Goujon in Paris in December 1957 and elected a 65-member national committee. Besides Professor DRESCH, it included Georges AUCLAIR, a writer; Mme. Yves FARGE; and one VERCORS, a writer. The congress pledged to "im- press upon the French government the need for recognizing the Chinese People's Republic." Among the speakers at the congress were: Senator Leo HAMON; General E. PETIT; Mme. Yves FARGE; and Madame LANCHON, assistant di- rector of cultural relations of the French Foreign Ministry. A documentary film made by Robert MENNEGOZ in China was shown. Greetings to the congress were given by representatives of the Britain-China FA, the Association for Promotion of Italian-Chinese Relations, the Belgium-China Society, and the Tunisia-China Association. Sino-British Friendship Association Reference has been made to such an organization but no members are identified. Many prominent Chinese Communists were educated in England and would be expected to be associated with such an association. -67- Approved For Rele -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For 78-00915R000800120001-9 Britain-China Friendship Association Officials include Jack Dribbon, secretary. Dr. Hewlitt Johnson and Dr. Joseph Needham were among 160 attending the annual general meeting of the association in London, 28 April 1957. Stanley Mayne was identified as vice chairman of the Britain-China Friendship Association in a People's China dispatch from London, on 16 September 1957. A "friendship" delegation arrived in Peking, in September 1954, com- posed of: D. Ivor Davies, Chairman, Robert M. Davies, Vice Chairman, and Thomas Russell, member of the "national Committee." A delegation of British jurists visited Communist China, in April 1956, sponsored by the PSLA. A delegation of the Society of Friends of Britain led by Duncan WOOD went to China in October 1955, and was feted by various front organizations. Richard CARLINE was named in the People's Daily, 19 April 1956, as chairman of the art committee of the Britain-China Friendship Association, meeting with a delegation of Communist Chinese. The Britain-China Friendship Association passed a resolution in April 1956, calling for admission of Communist China to the United Nations and expansion of trade. A Chinese theatrical group arrived in London, from Italy, in October 1955, and was welcomed by 200 members of the Britain-China Friendship As- sociation. Li Te-ch'uan (f) headed a delegation invited to London, in Octo- ber 1950, by the Britain-China FA. The Sino-British Club of Hong Kong has sponsored trips of its music group to Canton and other trips of delegations to Communist China. CH'EN Tien-shen (aka Sam CHINQUE), of New China News Agency, has long represented Chinese Communist interests in Britain, even prior to estab- lishment of a diplomatic mission in 1954. He maintains contact with Com- munist Chinese in Britain and with the association members. China-Iceland Friendship Association Jacob BENEDIKTSSON--Chairman; headed Icelandic Cultural delegation to China, in September 1956. EIRIKSDOTTIR-THORVALDSSON--Iceland delegate to China Peace Commit- tee in Peking, May 1955. Rannveig TOMOASDITT'ER--Iceland delegate to China Peace Committee meeting, May 1955. -68- Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Re -00915R000800120001-9 This association entertained, 25 August 1955, for a Chinese youth delegation,, headed by LU Chao, which was invited to Iceland by the Ice- land-China Cultural Association. INDIA China-India Friendship Association (CIFA) TING Hsi-lin (TING Hsieh-lin)--Chairman, CIFA; Vice Minister of Culture; Vice Chairman of ACRFC; WPC. CH'EN Han-sheng (Gideon CHEN)--Vice Chairman; represents peace and friendship organizations on CPPCC. HU Yu-chih--Vice Chairman, CIFA; editor-journalist-propagandist; was Chairman of former Publications Administration of CPG; al- so Vice Chairman of China-Indonesia FA. WU Hua-chih--Secretary General of CIFA; Deputy Secretary General of ACRFC. CHI Hsien-lin--Council member, CIFA. CHOU Wei-chih--Dramatist, Deputy Secretary General of ACFLAC; Board of Directors, CIFA. CHU Ch'i-wen--Member, Board of Directors, CIFA. HSIA Yen (aka SHEN Tuan-hsien or SHEN Tui-hsien)--Member, Stand- ing Committee, CIFA. HSIEH Ping-hsin (f) (aka HSIEH Wan-ying) (Mme. WU Wen-tsao)--Poet- ess; member of National Committee, ACFLAC; ASC; Board of Direc- tors, CIFA. LAO She (SHU She-yu)--Novelist; Vice Chairman, Union of Chinese Writers; National Committee, ACFLAC; Vice Chairman, Peking SSFA and CPC; Board of Directors, CIFA; member, ACRFC Board of Directors. LI Kuo-chang (LI K'o-chang)--Head of India Branch of Commission of Overseas Chinese Affairs. LIU Pai-yu--Board of Directors, CIFA; member, ACRFC Board of Di- rectors. SAIFUDIN (SAI Fu-ting)--Member, Board of Directors, CIFA. Shirob Galtso (aka Hsi-jao-chia-ts'o)--Chairman, China Buddhist Association. SHU Tzu-ch'ing (SHU Hsu-ch'ing, or HSU Tzu-ch'ing)--Represented Overseas Chinese in India as delegate to NPC 1954; member, CCPIT. May be same SHU, Yin-shih, page 71. TAI Ai-lien (f)--Ballet dancer; Board of Directors, ACRFC; on na- tional committees of ACFLAC, CPC, ACFDY, and CDL; member, Stand- ing Committee, CIFA. WU Han--Member of CIFA; headed a friendship delegation to New Del- hi, in January 1956; ACFDY; CDL Central Committee. WU Mao-sun (Mason Woo and WU Mao-sung)--Secretary General, PIFA; Central Committee, KMTRC; Deputy Secretary General, CPC; Nation- al Committee, ACFDY; Standing Committee, CIFA. YEN Wen-ching--CIFA member; member of friendship delegation to Bom- w bay, in February 1956; member, Union of Chinese Writers. YUAN Chung-hsun--Former Ambassador to India; Vice Minister of For- eign Affairs. -69- Approved For Rel 00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Ref - 0915R000800120001-9 Eighteen new members were elected to the association council in May 1956; these persons were from Peking, Shanghai, Canton, Sian, Wuhan, and Tibet. India-China Friendship Association (ICFA) According to an item in the newspaper, Times of India, on 7 February 1957, the Indian Government forbade federal and state ministers to patron- ize pro-Communist cultural and social organizations, naming, among others, the India-China Friendship Association. Since their original formation, high-level Indian Government officials had participated in the activities of these organizations and in the reception of various delegations from Communist countries which visited India, often under sponsorship of the India-China Friendship Association. Officials of ICFA are: Dr. Zakir HUSSAIN--Chairman of the National Executive Committee of ICFA; educator; nominated member, Council of States. K.M. PANNIKAR (Sardar Kavalam Madava PANNIKAR)--Former Chairman of National Committee of the association; former Ambassador to Com- munist China. Pandit SUNDARLAL--President of National Council; leader of All- India Peace Council. Dr. Gyan CHAND--Member of National Council. R.K. KARANKIA (KARANJIA)--Vice Chairman; head of Bombay branch of ICFA; editor of pro-Communist weekly magazine Blitz. Mme. Uma NEHRU--Acting Chairman of National Executive Committee, September 1957. Pandit Chatur Narain MALVIYA--General Secretary. Sardar Gurbaksh SINGH--Noted Punjab writer. Radha (Badha) RAMAN--Member Indian Parliament; President of the New Delhi branch of ICFA. Ajoy Kumar GHOSH--Secretary General, Communist Party of India. Dr. Saiffudin KITCHLEW--President, All-India Peace Council. Mme. Rameshwari NEHRU--President, India ASC Committee. Professor Yumayun KABIR--Head of Indian Council for Cultural Re- lations. Sadrar Harcharan SINGH--Chairman, Patiala Branch, ICFA. Shiv Charan GUPTA--Member, state legislature; executive of New Delhi branch of ICFA. S.K. PATIL--Chairman of China (Communist) National Day celebration, 1 October 1956, by International Club of Bombay; President of Bombay Pradesh Congress Committee and member of Parliament. A.K. GOPOLAN--Member of Parliament. Sadar Hukan SINGH--Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha. Saila Kumar MUKHEIJI (S.K. MUKHERJEE)--President, Calcutta Branch; member, ICFA founding committee; Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of West Bengal. Approved For Release: 7 CIA-RDP78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Re -00915R000800120001-9 P.V. BAGAT (P.V. BAPAT)--Member, cultural delegation to China, May 1956, representing India-China FA; Professor, Poona Univer- sity. B.C. GUBA--Member, cultural delegation to China, May 1956, repre- senting India-China FA; Professor, Calcutta University; mem- ber, national council of ICFA. SHU Yin-shih (phonetic)--Member, Calcutta Overseas Meihsien As- sociation; Director, Chunghun Middle School, Calcutta; elected overseas delegate to NPC in September 1954. Nettur P. DAMODARAN--Vice President, Tellicherry Branch, ICFA; member of Congress from Madras. Prof, Satyen BOSE--Active in ICFA; theoretical physicist and educator; nominated member, Council of States. Branches have been reported in New Delhi, Bombay, Saurashtra, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Madras, the Punjab, Kerala, Gujerat, Mahakosal, Patiala, Jajasthani, Dehra Dun, Kalimpong, and Tellicherry. China-Indonesia Friendship Association (CINFA) Formally established June 1955, it actually was in the development stage for a year or more before then. Many Chinese Moslems are active in this association to exploit religious ties with Moslems in Indonesia. Burhan Shahidi (PAO Erh-han)--Chairman of CINFA; Chairman, China Islamic Association; member, World Peace Council; former Gover- nor, Sinkiang Province. Yusuf MA Y"i-huai--Vice Chairman of CINFA; also Vice Chairman, China Islamic Association; member, China-Egypt FA. HU Yu-chih--Vice Chairman of CINFA; also Vice Chairman, China- India Friendship Association; editor-journalist-propagandist; was Director of former Publications Administration of CPG. Sponsors and members of the founding committee of the association included: LIAO ChIeng-chip--Chairman, ACFDY; member, CCP Central Committee; Deputy Chief, UFD; member, Commission of Overseas Chinese Af- fairs; member, Board of Directors, ACFRC; member, executive committees of WFDY and WPC; Board of Directors, PIFA; Vice Chairman of ASC; China-Japan FA; Vice Chairman SSFA. CH'U T'u-nan--Chairman ACRFC; member, central committee CDL; WPC; ASC; Pakistan FA; headed cultural delegations to South America, in late 1956, and to Scandinavian countries, in June 1955. CHANG Hsi-jo--Standing Committee, ACRFC; Chairman, PIFA. Shiekh Nur Mohammed (TA P'u-sheng)--Vice Chairman, China Islamic Association; headed good will mission to Indonesia, August 1956; Vice Chairman of China-Egypt Friendship Association. Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Re 8-00915R000800120001-9 Others prominent in the association include: FANG Chun-chuang--Ex-editor, Penang; member, Commission of Over- seas Chinese Affairs. HO Ying--Returnee from Indonesia; reported to have headed a train- ing class for the Overseas Operations Committee. KUNG Yuan--Vice Minister of Foreign Trade; Member of Board, CINFA. PAI Shou-i--Member, Board of Directors, CINFA; member, Board of Directors, ACRFC; member, good will mission to Indonesia, Au- gust 1956. WANG Jen-shu--Member, Commission of Overseas Chinese Affairs; former Ambassador from Communist China to Indonesia; Central Committee, ACFDY. WU Shih--Ex-editor, Sarawak Daily; member, South China Institute of Medicine; delegate to NPC, 1954. YU Yeh-thou (phonetic)--Medical doctor formerly in Indonesia; now Executive Officer, Peking Returned Overseas Chinese Associa- tion; overseas Chinese delegate to NPC, 1954. MA Ssu-ts'ung--Composer; formerly resided Paris; Vice Chairman, Union of Chinese Musicians; member of national committees of ACFLAC and CPC; member, Board of Directors, Indonesia FA. LING Sha (f)--Dean, Peking Teachers College; member, CINFA dele- gation to Indonesia, August 1956. YEH Hung-pao--Returnee from Indonesia; member, Foochow CPPCC Com- mittee; former Chairman of Chinese Club in Jogjakarta. YANG Yin-hsien--Returnee from Indonesia; broadcast appeal for Tai- wan surrender, July 1956. YANG Han-sheng--Member of Standing Committee of CINFA; Vice Chair- man of ACRFC; Secretary General of ACFLAC. JEN Po-sen--Secretary of good will mission to Indonesia, August 1956. Indonesia-China Friendship Association (INCFA) Headquarters of the association is in Djakarta. Radio Peking claimed, in February 1957, that 32 branch associations had been formed. Branches had been organized in Solo, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Singardaja, Ambon, Denpasar (Southern Bali), Palembang, Medan, Makassar, and Tandjung Balai as of October 1956. The INCFA claims 19 branches in North Sumatra alone, with 200 Indonesian and 100 Chinese members. The regional branches are organized into a national association which held a conference in Djakarta, in January 1956. The national association spon- sored Indonesia-China Friendship Week in October 1955. It has sponsored many delegations to and from Communist China. The Chinese Communist am- bassador, the embassy staff, and personnel of the several consulates have aided in organizing new branches and fostering the activities of the as- sociation. For example, Consul General CHAO Chung-shih of Djakarta has acted as coordinator for cooperation between the consulate, the Overseas Approved For R @"P! X78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For ReI -00915R000800120001-9 Chinese General Association, and the friendship association. INCFA co- sponsors visits of art, drama, sports, and other groups, and distributes films made in Communist China. The INCFA is known in Indonesia as the Lembaga Persahabatan Indonesia Tionghoa (LPIT). National Federation of INCFA: Mrs. Rangkajo RASUNA SAID (also reported as Mrs. RASUNA and Mrs. RANU SAID)--Chairman of INCFA; member of Indonesian Constituent Assembly; member of Indonesian Communist Party. Dr. PRIJONO--Formerly National Chairman of INCFA in August 1956; also reported as former Chairman, Solo branch; Indonesian Min- ister of Education. Professor TJAN Tju Som (Tjan Tjaesom)--First Vice Chairman. Mengatus NASUTION--Second Vice Chairman; visited Peking, October 1955; Vice Chief, Cultural Bureau, Ministry of Culture and Ed- ucation. Saleh UMAR--Third Vice Chairman; Chairman, Medan Branch (see be- low). Zain NAUSATION--First Secretary; member of parliament. SUROTO--Second Secretary; Secretary General of Indonesian Peace Council. Zahir ZHAJEB--Treasurer. Solo Branch: Dr. R. PRIJONO--Chairman; Mayor of Djakarta Sudiro; recipient of Stalin Peace Prize. Sumantri--Vice Chairman. Bandung Branch: 0. MARTAKUSUHAB--Chairman. Jogjakarta Branch: Professor POPDELINGA (also reported as Professor PURBODINIGRAT)-- Chairman; also Chairman of Indonesia Peace Committee; visited Communist China, May 1957, on invitation of China Peace Com- mittee. Palembang Branch: A.A. HARAHAP--Chairman. Medan Branch: Salefr UMAR--Chairman; Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) leader in North Sumatra; publisher of The Patrigt; leader in Indonesian peace movement; leader of Union of Indonesian Farmers. Approved For Rele 09l 5R000800120001-9 Approved For Rele Io 7R-00915R000800120001-9 LAI Kim Kie--First Vice Chairman. TAN Beng Hong--Vice Chairman; publisher, Democratic Daily News. Banda HARAHAP--Chief, Cultural Section; member of PKI in Medan. Bakri (Muda) SIREGAR--Cultural Section; Mayor of Medan. Adjis (Aziz) SIDIK--Reported Second Vice Chairman, INCFA Branch, in North Sumatra; member, PKI; headed youth delegation to Pe- king, late 1955, representing INCFA. Aminullah LUBIS--First Secretary; member, PKI, North Sumatra Pro- vincial Committee. YEH I-tong--Editor in Medan; Chairman, Overseas Chinese General Association, North Sumatra; was delegate to NPC, in Peking, 1954. Zainal ABIDIN Usman Hassan B.M. NAINGGOLAN--Also a member of SOBSI. TJANG Sie Shek--Member, Overseas Chinese General Association. Marahudin SIREGAR--Chief of information section. Suhunan HAMZAH--Also reported as Chairman, Medan Branch of INCFA. Dr. NJO Tjau Kok--Head of Polyclinic. Dr. LIE Sek Hong Surabaya Branch: R. SUPARTO--Chairman. Dr. TJOA Sik Ien--Vice Chairman; member, PKI. R.M. SURIPTO--Vice Chairman; lawyer. Sunjaro UMAREIKIK--Vice Chairman. Dr. SATRIJO--Vice Chairman. BUDISUSILO--Secretary. PRINGGODIGDO--Member of Board of Directors. LU Huan-chuan--Merchant; Chairman, Surabaya Overseas Chinese Gen- eral Association; was elected delegate to NPC in Peking 1954. Denpasar (Southern Bali) Branch: Anak Agung Gde AGUNG--Chairman; head of the Indonesian Informa- tion Bureau in Bali. Ambon Branch: Dr. J.B. SITANALA--Chairman Tandjung Balai Branch: Ombak NASUTION--Chairman. Others, Exact Connections with INCFA Not Defined: ASARRUDDIN--Secretary General, Indonesia Labor Party; made trip to Peking, in April 1956 sponsored by PIFA and China-Indonesia Friendship Association. -74- Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Relmwww , 8-00915R000800120001-9 INDROSUGONDHO--Member of .cultural delegation to Peking, October 1955. Arnold MONONUTU--Former Indonesian Ambassador to Peking. ABIDIH--Former Indonesian Government minister. CIIANG Kuo-chi--Educator; Vice Chairman, Jakarta Overseas Chinese General Association; was elected delegate to NPC held in Pe- king, in 1954. Mrs. ABDULGANI--Wife of Foreign Minister. Siradjuddin ABBAS--Legislator; leader in Perti Party. K.H. IDJAS--Minister of Religious Affairs. ANG Jan Goan--Member, Executive Committee; Director of pro-Com- munist Sin Po and high official in the Federation of Over- seas Chinese Associations (CTCTTH); on welcoming committee for THOU En-lai, April 1955, and for Mme. SOONG Ching-ling, August 1956. CH'ENG Tz'u-fang--Member, INCFA Board of Directors; helped enter- tain Chinese student delegation in September 1955. HUNG Yuan-yi.ian--Member, INCFA Board of Directors; helped entertain Chinese student delegation in September 1955. KO Chung-ch'uan--Member, INCFA Board of Directors; helped enter- tain Chinese student delegation in September 1955. KUO K'o-ming--Member, INCFA Board of Directors; helped enter- tain Chinese student delegation in September 1955. There are two organizations in Italy which may be the vehicles used in developing the China friendship campaign. These are the Institute for Promoting Cultural and. Economic Relations with China, of which Professor Feruccio PARRI is president, and the Institute of Oriental Studies in Rome, of which Professor TUCCI is dean. Both of these organizations and their leaders have banqueted Chinese delegations and expressed desire for furthering friendship between China and Italy, deploring the lack of for- mal diplomatic relations. Labor, women's, trade, Socialist Party., and peace delegations from Italy have visited Communist China. An organiza- tion called the Italy-People's China Association had also been named, but no data are available concerning it. A Chinese Communist women's cultural delegation, headed by LI Te- ch'uan, was in Italy in March 1956, to promote "mutual understanding and friendship." A delegation of Chinese architects, of which bridge-builder MAO I- sheng (aka MAO, Eason) was a member, toured Italy, in May 1956. Among those honoring the delegation was Professor TUCCI, dean of the Institute of Oriental Studies, in Rome. Professor Feruccio PARRI, president of the Italian Institute for Promoting Cultural and Economic Relations with China, entertained a cultural delegation in April 1956, headed by HOU Te-pang, with CHI Chao-ting as deputy chief. An Italian cultural delegation of 14 members, headed by Piero CALAMANDREI, was in China in October 1955. Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For ReI -=j'A-?R l -OO915ROOO8OO12OOO1-9 At the invitation of the China Peace Committee, Pietro NENNI, sec- retary general of the (Italian Socialist Party and then a vice president of the World Peace Council, visited China, in September-October 1955. Others in the party included Raniero PANZIERI and Vincenzo ANSANELLI. An Italian women's delegation was visiting China at the same time. The China Committee for Promotion of International Trade and China National Import- Export Corporation sponsored a group of 10 visiting Italian industrialists and businessmen in May 1956. A number of delegations, cultural and trade, have been exchanged be- tween Italy and Communist China, sponsored by front organizations in the two countries. These have resulted in many contacts by the Chinese dele- gates with leaders in Italy's academic, cultural, parliamentary, govern- mental, and trade circles. China-Japan Friendship Association (CJFA) No formal organization has been identified to date, but there are many who have taken an active part in organizing and participating in delegations to Japan and in entertaining delegations from Japan under sponsorship of ACRFC and other front and mass organizations. These in- clude: CH'EN Shu-t'ung--Chairman, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Associations; member, World Peace Council; China Peace Committee; Standing Committee, NPC. CHENG?Fang-wu--Educator who was delegate to the World Conference to Ban Nuclear Weapons in Hiroshima, Japan, in 1955; member, China Peace Committee. FENG T'ieh-ch'eng--Assisted TS'AO Chung-shu (see below) in organ- izing trade fair in Japan. HSIAO Hsiang-ch'ien--Assisted TS'AO Chung-shu (see below) in organ- izing trade fair in Japan. HSIEH Ping-hsien (f)--Writer; delegate to the World Conference to Ban Nuclear Weapons held in Japan, in 1955. KUO Mo-jo--Educated in Japan; made several visits to Japan since 1949, as a member of delegations; Chairman, ACFLAC; Chairman, CPC; Vice Chairman, SSFA; President, Academy of Sciences; Vice Chairman, WPC; Chairman, ASC. LI Te-ch'uan (f)--Minister of Public Health; headed Rea Cross dele- gation to Japan 1955. LIAO Ch'eng-chih--See China-Indonesia Friendship Association. LIU Ning-i--Member, Executive Committee, World Peace Council; ICPT; member, Board of Directors, ACRFC; Vice Chairman, WFTU; Vice Chairman, SSFA; Vice Chairman, ACFTU; Secretary General, ASC; Board of Directors, PIFA. -76- Approved For ReI' u'r^^'' "`TQ1 915ROO0800120001-9 Approved For Re m1R8-00915R000800120001-9 TS'AO Chung-shu--Acting Manager, China National Import-Export Corporation; organized trade fair in Tokyo/Osaka, October 1955. Japan-China Friendship Association (JCFA) (Nitchu Yuko Kyokai) This association, with headquarters in Tokyo, has close relations with the China Trade Promotion Council, China Research Institute, Japan- China Cultural Exchange Association, Japan Council for Restoration of Diplomatic Relations with China and the USSR, Tokyo Overseas Chinese As- sociation, Japan Peace Council, and other Japanese Communist front organs. Chapters of this association have been set up in most of the prefectures of Japan. Radio Peking claimed branches were set up in five additional prefectures and 16 cities during 1956. In 1956, membership of over 9,314 was claimed. The JCFA has co-sponsored delegations to and from Communist China with the ACRFC, PIFA, China Peace Committee, and other front organi zations. In April 1956, it was announced that the Sino-Japanese Cultural Institute was to build a Japan-China cultural center in the Tokyo suburbs with funds donated by KUO Po, in honor of his father, KUO Mo-jo. One of the promoters of this center was OGURA Masatune, former Finance Minister of Japan. Radio Peking stated 400 representatives of JCFA chapters met in Tokyo, on 21 July 1956, for the sixth national JCFA conference. Funds are reportedly sent from the Chinese Communist Party to the Japan Communist Party via the JCFA. Officials and prominent members of the JCFA include. MATSUMOTO Jiichiro--President; Socialist member, House of Council- lors; member of World Peace Council; President of the Japanese Association for Friendship Among Asian Nations. UCHIYAMA Kanzo--Vice President; owner of Uchiyama Bookstore; Coun- cillor of China Research Institute. UENO Shinkichi--Vice President; attorney; Chairman, Liberal Human Rights Society; visited Communist China in October 1955, on invitation from PIFA. HANDA Kokai--Vice President; Zenkoji archbishop. MARUOKA Hideko (f), (aka ISHII Hide)--Vice President; critic; Councillor, League of Women's Organizations. MIYAZAKI Seimin--Vice President of JCFA. HARAGUCHI Yukitaka--Vice President of JCFA. ABE Tomoji--Vice President of JCFA. HIRANO Yoshitaro--Vice President, JCFA. FUJITA Totara--Vice President, JCFA; Chairman, Japan General Coun- cil of Trade Unions. HORIE Kunikazu--Vice President, JCFA. ABE Kozo--Represented Japan Peace Liaison Committee on delegation to Peking, June 1956. Approved For Rele 00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rele 0915R000800120001-9 ASANO Yoshio--With JCFA organization department; publisher of Ja- pan-China Friendship News. CH'EN Ch'eng-chia--Standing Director of JCFA. CH'EN K'un-wang--Director, JCFA; Vice Chairman, Tokyo Overseas Chinese Association; official of Meiwa Printing Co. HARA Hyo--Advisor to JCFA. HIRATSUKA Racho--Advisor to JCFA. HIRATSUKA Tsunejiro--Advisor to JCFA. ITO Takeo--JCFA Secretary-General; Chairman of National Council of JCFA and also general manager of the association. KAJIMA Joshio--Edits JCFA publication; Head of propaganda section. KANG Ming-ch'iu--Member, National Council; Delegate to NPC, held in Peking, in 195-; Vice Chairman, Tokyo Overseas Chinese As- sociation. KATAYAMA Tetsu--Advisor to JCFA. KAWASAKI Natsu--Vice President of JCFA. KAZAMI Akira--Advisor to JCFA. KOBAYASHI Teruji--Member of National Council of JCFA. KONO Jiro--Leader of labor delegation to May Day celebration, Peking, 1956. MATSUI Katsuo--Director of JCFA. MATSUI Matsusugi--Represented JCFA on delegation to Peking, June 1956; head of JCFA General Affairs Section. NAGANO Juemon--Vice President, Tokyo Chapter, JCFA; visited China, on repatriation delegation, June 1956. NAKAJIMA Kenzo--Chairman, Council of Japan-China Cultural Exchange Association. NAKAHARA Junkichi--Represented JCFA and Peace Liaison Committee on delegation to Peking, June 1956. NAKANISHI Kanji--Secretary of JCFA Okayama Prefectural Chapter. OKADA Yoshiharu--Represented JCFA on delegation to Peking, June 1956. OUCHI Hyoe--Advisor to JCFA. OZAWA Masamoto--Deputy managing director of JCFA. SUGAWARA Keikei--Executive, Committee for Commemorating Chinese Martyrs. TAKAOKA Minoru, Chairman of Fukuoka Branch of JCFA; headed 10- member friendship mission to Communist China, April 1957? TAKATSU Seido--Socialist member of Diet; member of JCFA; Vice President of Japan-Korea Friendship Society; member, parlia- mentary delegation to North Korea, October 1955. TSUKADA Todashi--Chairman, Nagoya Branch, JCFA; member of Japan Socialist Party. TSUZUKI Susumu--Head of Nagoya Branch of JCFA. TSUZUKU Tsuneo--Active in organization work of JCFA. WADA Kazuo--Secretary General of Tokyo Chapter of JCFA. WU Jung-tsang--Standing director of Tokyo Overseas Chinese As- sociation. -78- Approved For Re -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For R 8-00915R000800120001-9 WU Pu-wen--Vice Chairman, Tokyo Overseas Chinese Association. YAMAMOTO Kumaichi--Advisor to JCFA. YASUI Kaoru--Secretary General, Preparatory Committee, World Con- ference to Ban Nuclear Weapons held in Japan, in 1955. YU En-yang--Member of board of directors of JCFA and of Tokyo Overseas Chinese Association. LUXEMBOURG China-Luxembourg Friendship Association None identified. Luxembourg-China Friendship Association Radio Peking, on 9 January 1957, quotes Rene BLUM, former president of the Luxembourg Parliament, as having told LIU I, head of a visiting acrobatic troupe, that a Luxembourg-China Friendship Association was es- tablished on BLUM's proposal in October 1956, its objective being to "work for the restoration of China's rights in the United Nations and prompt establishment of diplomatic relations as well as trade and cultur- al intercourse between Luxembourg and China." China-Malaya Friendship Association Organization and members of this association are not identified, but it appears likely some sort of group exists. The following persons have lived in Malaya/Singapore and have been frequently identified with Chinese Communist interest in Chinese residing in Malaya: TAN Kah Kee (CH'EN Chia-keng)--Member of Commission of Overseas Chinese Affairs (COCA); member, Standing Committee, National People's Congress; Chairman, FROCA. P'ENG Tse-min--Chairman, CPWDP; born in Malaya (deceased, October 1956). CHAO Feng--Member, ACRFC Standing Committee; ASC; SSFA Executive Committee; headed cultural group on overseas trip. CHUANG Hsi-ch'uan--Vice Chairman, FROCA; long identified with Ma- laya CDL. CHUANG Ming-li (CHONG Beng-lee)--Member, COCA; connected with CDL in Malaya; Secretary General, FROCA. FANG Chun-chuang--Member, Malaya FA; member, Indonesia FA; former editor, Penang; member of COCA. KO Shou-then--Returnee from Malaya; broadcast appeal from Peking for Taiwan surrender, July 1956. Approved For Rele -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For ReI^ -^'"' AWNW "-00915R000800120001-9 KUAN Wen-sen--Member COCA; born Malaya; represented Chih Kung Tang (CKT) at CPPCC, 1949; Vice Chairman of CKT. LI T'ieh-min--Vice Chairman, COCA; long connected with CDL, Ma- laya; former businessman in Singapore, Vice Chairman, FROCA.. LU Hsin-yuan--Member, COCA; born in Malaya; was former leader in Singapore Teachers' Union. TAI Tzu-liang--Member, COCA; businessman; was connected with CDL, Malaya. TSENG Chien-ping (T'SENG Ching-ping)--Returnee from Malaya; Pro- fessor, Fukien Teachers College; broadcast appeal from Peking for Taiwan surrender, July 1956. WANG T'ing-chun--Former CDL leader in Malaya; connected with Can- ton Returned Overseas Chinese Association; member, Central Com- mittee of CKT; member, Canton CPPCC. Malaya-China Friendship Association None identified. May not exist owing to status of Malaya in British Empire. Upon change in status, some formal association may emerge. China-Mexico Friendship Association No members or activities identified. Sociedad Mexicana de Amistad Con China Popular (SMACP) (Mexican Friendship Society with People's China) SMACP, which was founded in 1953, organized a celebration of the 7th anniversary of the Revolution in Red China, in October 1956, supported by the Mexican Communist Party. Speakers called for closer ties between Mex- ico and Communist China and attacked the Mexican Government for refusing entry visas to members of the Peking Opera Company, which was touring South America. The SMACP is believed to have about 50 members and distributes propaganda sent to Mexico by the Foreign Language Publishing House of Pe- king. The following persons are active in the SMACP. Xavier GUERRERO Saucedo--President, SMACP; painter and active mem- ber of Mexican CP. Eli de GORTARI-- A director of SMACP; author of compilation on Marxist dialectical logic; member, Mexican Peace Movement. Clara PORSET de GUERRERO--Wife of artist Xavier GUERRERO Saucedo; interior decorator; active Communist; member, SMACP Executive Committee. Approved For R 8-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel 00915R000800120001-9 Paula GOMEZ Alonso (f)--Director and an officer of SMACP. Alonso AGUILAR Monteverde--A director of the Circle of Mexican Studies (CEM); member of Mexican Communist Party; member of SMACP; attorney. Oscar Servando FRIAS--Painter; attended meeting on reactivation of SMACP, April 1956. While the following persons have not been identified as members of the SMACP, their travel to Communist China indicates their interest in this area: Juan Jose MERAZ de la 0--Professor and Mexican Communist leader; went to China, September 1956. Reyes FUENTES Garcia--Mexican Communist leader; went to China, September 1956, returned to Mexico via USSR and Prague. Dr. Jose GIRAL--Former President of Spanish Peace Council in Mex- ico and former minister in Spanish Republican Government; lec- tured to one of SMACP meetings. GIRAL returned from visit to China in February 1956. Lazaro RUBIO Felix--Member of UGOCM (Mexican Farmworkers' Union); attended Peking Peace Conference, October 1952; sought to pro- mote performances in Mexico of Peking Opera Company which at the time (1955) was in Paris. Manuel TERRAZAS--Active Mexican Communist leader; Director of La Voz de Mexico (CP organ); travelled to Communist China, in September 1956, to attend CCP Congress. Edmundo VALADEZ--Travelled to Communist China-after IOJ Congress, Helsinki, June 1956. China-Nepal Friendship Association Has an Executive Council of 25 members made up of government offi- cials, representatives of people's organizations, scholars, and Buddhists. The association was founded in September 1956, in Peking, with CHOU En-lai and the Nepal Prime Minister present. CHOU Chien-jen--Vice Minister of Higher Education; Vice Chair- man of China Association for Promoting Democracy. CHOU Shu-chia--Deputy Secretary General, Chinese Buddhist As- sociation. ULANFU--One of the leaders in the association; member of CCP Cen- tral Committee; prominent Bud- dhist leader; a vice premier of the State Council. Approved For ReI - 0915R000800120001-9 Approved For Release_:_GIA-RDP78-00915R000800120001-9 ~J2 1 2~ Others may include: Donwang Jimzanchaba--Representative of the Dalai Lama. Lozongchahsi--Representative of Panchen Ngoerhtehni. PI Shou-wang--Of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. LIU Ch'un--Vice Chairman of the Nationalities Affairs Commission. Nepalese-Chinese Friendship Association Held meetings in Katmandu, in December 1954. Representatives of the association greeted the Chinese delegation to the coronation ceremony of King Manendra in late April 1956. Bal Chandra SHARMA, Minister of Education and Health, headed a Nepa- lese cultural delegation to China, in July 1956, consisting of 21 members, sponsored by the Chinese Communist Ministry of Culture and the ACRFC. Welcoming them on their arrival were: CHEN Ju-tang--Vice Governor of Kwangtung Province. KUO Chiao-jan--Vice Mayor of Canton. Chairman Vice Chairman Purna Bihadur Narapratap Thapa--Secretary of Nepalese Ministry of Foreign Af- fairs. PAKISTAN China-Pakistan Friendship Association Formed 25 May 1956; sponsored by 12 Chinese Communist front organiza- tions. LIU K'o-ping (aka LIU K'e-ping)--Chairman; leader in China Islam- ic Association; deputy head, United Front Department of CCP; ASC. I Min Makhdum (aka I-ming MA-ho-su-mu, Imin Mahosumu, and Iminov)-- Vice Chairman; CISA leader. CH'IEN Tuan-sheng--Vice Chairman; also connected with CDL, PSLA, IADL, and PIFA; Board of Directors, ACRFC; WPC; professor of constitutional law at Chinghau University; headed scientific delegation to Pakistan, in 1955. Mme. SOONG Ch'ing-ling--Led friendship delegation to Pakistan in early 1956. LIAO Ch'eng-chih--Was deputy to Mme. SOONG on friendship delega- tion in early 1956. (See China-Indonesia Friendship Associa- tion.) Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Re -00915R000800120001-9 CH'U T'u-nan--Chairman of preparatory meeting at founding on 25 May 1956; Chairman of ACRFC; WPC; ASC; Indonesia FA; CDL Cen- tral Committee. YANG Ching-jen--Vice Chairman of CISA; member, CPPCC; Moslem; Kan- su deputy to NPC; Vice Chairman of CPG Nationalities Affairs Commission. CHANG Chieh--Secretary General of CISA. Pakistan-China Friendship Society PCFS (also referred to since 1956 as the Pakistan-China Cultural Association: Branches in Karachi, Dacca, and Lahore). Hatim All ALAVI--Former President; sent greetings to LIU K'o-ping in June 1956, saying "It will be the duty and privilege of our two respective associations to work together for the realiza- tion of that goal bringing China and Pakistan closer together. We hope that in the years ahead of us we may find ourselves moving in a direction which will bring China and Pakistan into closer political and cultural ties." Tikamdas WADHUMAL (Tulam Das WADHUMA)--First Vice President; law- yer. Miss Fatima JINNAH--Vice President. Dr. Zakir Hussain MASHHADI--Second Vice President; President, Pakistan-Czechoslovakia Cultural Association since 1952; mem- ber, Pakistan-Soviet Cultural Association; President, Lower Grade Post and Telegraph Workers Union since 1953; Municipal Councillor, Karachi; headed welcoming committee for Soviet Cultural delegation, March 1954. Muhammed Asghar ANSARI--General Secretary; member, Pakistan-Soviet Cultural Association; lawyer in Karachi. Mian Iftr KHARUDDIN Umar ELAHI--Merchant. Ibrahim JOLIS M.A.S. NASIRI--Student; member, Pakistan-Soviet Cultural Associa- tion; aka Salam NASRI. Begum Hussain MALIK--Vice President of All-Pakistan Women's Associ- ation. A.S. ENVER--Headed a trade union delegation to China, in May 1956. Muhammed Abdul SHAKUR--One of organizers of PCFS and former Vice President; member, Pakistan-Soviet Cultural Association; former editor of Dawn. -83- Approved For Rele -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Release"LA-.RQR 8-00915R000800120001-9 Dacca Branch (formally organized, 2 November 1956) Organizers Honorary President IDRIS--Editor of the Ittehad. SIDDQUE--Editor of the Millat. Tafazzal HOSSAIN--Editor of the Ittefaq. Zahn SAIN Chowdhury--Editor of the Sangba. Ataur Rahman KAHN--Chief Minister of East Pakistan and head of East Pakistan Peace Committee. Maulana BASHANI (Bhashani)--Presi- dent of the East Pakistan Awami League. Karachi Branch (Ad hoc committee to reorganize this branch set up 13 De- cember 1956. The original branch was organized in 1951, but became inactive.) Chairman Manzurul (Manzoorul) HAQ--Member Awami League. Other members of the ad hoc committee included: Akhtar All KAHN--Importer-exporter. Dr. H.R. Elahi ALVI--Dental Sur- geon. Inamul Wali DURRANI--Editor of Elan, Urdu .daily newspaper. Mir Khalilur RAEMAN--Managing Di- rector of Jang, Karachi Urdu Daily; member of the journalist delegation to China, June 1956. T. MOTANDAS--Proprietor of Palm Grove Hotel. Muhammed SADIQ--Importer-exporter. A.M. QURESHI (Abdul Rahman)--Mem- ber of Republican Party. Qutbuddin AZIZ--Son of Abdul Hafiz. Director, United Press of Paki- stan; member of-the Pakistan- Czechoslovakia Cultural Society; member of the journalist dele- gation to China in June 1956. Zahurul HAQ--Advocate; younger brother of Manzurul Haq; member of the Awami League. Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rej 78-00915R000800120001-9 Muhammad Umer FARUQI--Publisher of Anjam, Karachi Urdu Daily; member of the journalist dele- gation to China, in June 1956. Nawab Sayid Shamsul HASSAN--Advo- cate. Raja Subah SADIQ--Businessman; ex- counselor of Karachi Municipal Corporation. Siddiq WAHAB--Businessman; ex-May- or of Karachi Municipal Corpor- ation. Abdul Karim SUMAR--Proprietor of Pakistan World Corporation; President of Pakistan Textile Merchants Association. Lahore Branch (Organization meeting held 6 March 1957; addressed by CHIN Shen-chih, First Secretary of Chinese Communist Embassy.) Abu Saeed ANWAR--Muslim League leader; member 1955 and 1956 labor delegations to Communist China. Members of the Convening Committee included: -85- Mme. Jahan Ara SHAHNAWAZ--Muslim League member of legislative assembly. C.M. LATIF--Industralist. Faiz Ahmad FAIZ--Poet and editor of Pakistan Times. (Min) Abdul QAYYUM (Maulana) Akhtar Ali KHAN Bashir Ahmad BAKHTIAR--President of West Pakistan Federation of Labor. (Maulvi) Ghulam MARSHID Dr. Mahboob RABBANI Mumtaz Ahmad KHAN Nasir A. SHEIKH--Muslim League member of legislative assembly; publisher. Hasir Ahmad MAHLI--Muslim League member of legislative assembly. Sayid Imtiaz Ali TAJ Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel -009158000800120001-9 Sayid SEGHAL--Businessman. Sh. Bashir AHMAD--Lawyer; member of Awami League. (Begun) Sikandara BABAR (Begum) Zeenat Fida HUSSAIN--Re- publican Party member of legis- lative assembly. SWEDEN China-Sweden Friendship Association None reported. Sweden-China Association This association reportedly held a celebration in Stockholm on the 7th anniversary of the Chinese People's Republic, 30 September 1956. Chinese Communist ambassador, HAN Nien-lung, and 500 people were present, including diplomats. Peking Radio named one LINKMAN as president of the association. SENANDER, member of the Swedish Lower Chamber, spoke at the celebration on the history of the Chinese revolution. Reference has been made to Mrs. Karin ODEEN and Yngve JOHANSSON as secretaries of the association. Bror SELIN, well known Swedish Communist and secretary of the Swedish- Czechoslovakia Society, is closely affiliated with affairs of the Swedish- Chinese Society. It was reported in June 1957 that a Mr. CROSS-ERICSSON was secretary of the society, assisted by his wife Adelyne. China-Syria Friendship Association (Sino-Syrian FA) Organized 1 October 1957, at a meeting attended by CHOU En-lai and several Syrian delegations. Among the 1500 attending the meeting were 150 Chinese from various front organizations and delegations from Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, and Sudan. TA Pu-sheng was elected president of the association. Approved For Re 8-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Re 8-00915R000800120001-9 Syria-China Friendship Association An inauguration meeting was held for this association on 26 Septem- ber 1957 in Damascus. Officials named at this meeting included: Secretary General Salim ZIRKLY In Peking at the time of the founding of the Sino-Syrian FA were the following heads of delegations from Syria: Tawfig YAZI, journalists dele- gation; Khalid HAMADI, film delegation; Prof. Karim YAFI, youth delegation; and Khalil Khalid Abd-an-NUR, students delegation. WEST GERMANY China-West Germany Friendship Association None identified. West Germany-China Society Radio Peking carried a dispatch from Hamburg on 8 September 1957 an- nouncing the founding in that city of this society. It was stated that the founders of the society were newspapermen, and well known persons in the economic, hauling, transportation, and export fields. Wolf SCHENIKE, described as a Hamburg newspaperman and Chinese scholar who visited China in 1945, was elected president. The dispatch stated that "the association hopes to promote mutual understanding between West Germany and China by means of organized forums, cultural interflow and social contacts." Approved For Rele -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel ,18-00915R000800120001-9 This section is concerned with exchange of delegations between Com- munist China and the non-Communist-controlled nations in what the Tokyo Central News calls "invitational diplomacy." While there had been some exchange of delegations with nations outside the Sino-Soviet bloc prior to 1954, most of this intercourse was with those non-Communist countries which had theretofore established diplomatic relations with Communist China. There have, of course, been frequent interchanges of delegations with the Soviet-Satellite nations, generally arranged for through official government organs or by the respective Communist parties, with which this section is not concerned. Nor is the dispatch of delegates of the Com- munist parties of the non-Communist countries to various meetings or for travel in Communist China a subject to be covered in this section. While many of the delegations described herein as traveling to China undoubtedly included many Communists and sympathizers, their participation in such del- egations has usually been concealed or at least the fact that they are Communists usually has not been mentioned in propaganda concerning the visits. The obvious purpose is to create the impression that these are free interchanges of non-Communist controlled groups with Communist China. The delegations from China make most of their overt contacts with and re- ceive most of their entertainment from non-Communists prominent in their respective fields and from the China friendship groups set up in the host countries. The exchange of cultural, good will, art, drama, trade, scientific, sports, military, parliamentary, agricultural p trade union, religious, and other types of delegations categorized herein with nations which are non-Communist, particularly in Europe, the Middle East, Near East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia, began in earnest in 1954-1955, while the first known Chinese Communist delegation went to Latin America in mid-1956. Numerous groups and individuals from Latin America were invited to China, in 1955-1956. In general, the Chinese Communist delegations include specialists within the field of competence indicated by the designation given them (i.e., scientific, agricultural, trade union, journalists, trade, etc.), Communist party members who make contacts with the Communist party of the countries visited, interpreter/translators, press representatives from New China News Agency, and others who may have been assigned special tasks under the auspices of the delegation. Over-all responsibility for arrang- ing for delegations going out from Communist China seems to be assigned jointly to the Association for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries (ACRFC), to the mass organization within Communist China to which the specialists belong, and to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All of these -87- Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For R 78-00915R000800120001-9 organizations possibly perform this task under the general cognizance of the Third Division of the First Bureau of the CCP United Front Department (external liaison). There should be no misconception that the delegations from Communist China are spontaneous or nonofficial such as they would be in free nations. They are carefully selected and screened before be- ing allowed to go abroad and should be considered only as official dele- gations making the visit to carry out policies firmly laid down by the CCP. This campaign of sending good will delegations abroad is a carefully conceived and executed campaign designed to build people-to-people rapport which can be used to support pressure from pro-Communist China groups for official relations with Peking and alignment with Chinese Communist ob- jectives. A studied effort is made to avoid giving the appearance that these delegations have direct government sponsorship, and expenses in- volved seems to be of no regard in this promotion of "people's diplomacy." It is to be noted that arrangements for delegations going to Com- munist-controlled countries are not made by the ACRFC but are handled by the government Ministry of Culture and the Liaison Bureau for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries under the State Council. The ACRFC is covered in some detail in Part V of this compilation. Delegations to Communist China are invited by the-mass organization or front in China corresponding to the special area of competence of the visiting group. Itineraries and entertainment are arranged by these mass organizations or fronts along with the ACRFC and friendship associations. Propaganda resulting from visits to China of delegations is slanted to give the appearance that friendship between the people of China and the nation concerned is strengthened by the exchanges; that closer cultural, economic, and diplomatic ties are desirable; and that Communist China is deserving of a full role in international affairs. People's Daily, official Chinese Communist publication, in February 1956, stated "some 4,760 people from 63 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, America, and Australia visited China last year (1955), which is 64% more than in 1954. In the same period, 5,833 Chinese visited 33 other countries, which, compared with 1954, is two-thirds more." In 1955 alone, the ACRFC and other appropriate mass and front or- ganizations announced sponsorship of delegations from non-Communist coun- tries as follows: Western Europe 61 Free Far East 73 Near East, South Asia, and Africa 82 Latin America 36 Total 252 Approved For R 8-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 In 1955 alone, the following number of Chinese Communist delegations were publicized as having been sent abroad through ACRFC sponsorship, and their mission in most cases was aided by friendship associations in the countries visited: Western Europe 60 Free Far East 17 Near East, South Asia, and Africa 22 Total 99 An NCNA dispatch from Peking, 21 January 1957, said: "Over 5,200 persons from 75 countries visited China, in 1956. In the same period more than 5,400 Chinese visited 49 countries. Last year, some 3,500 people took part in mutual visits between China and countries in Asia and Africa. Of these, some 1,200 came to China from Japan. Friendly exchange between China and countries in Latin America showed a marked increase in 1956. Visitors to China included government leaders, members of parlia- ment, scientists, writers, artists, doctors, educators, industrialists, businessmen, religious leaders, leaders of trade unions, women's and youth organizations, and other public leaders." A New China News Agency dispatch from Peking quoted a report of the Japan-China Friendship Association as stating about 1,243 persons repre- senting 60 Japanese organizations visited Communist China, while 142 per- sons representing 7 organizations representing Communist China visited Japan, in 1956. The foregoing figures are based on Chinese Communist propaganda and therefore must be considered as approximate rather than exact. The following represents a tabulation of a number of the important delegations within the various categories which were sent abroad from Communist China, between January 1955, and the date of this report. Where members of the delegations are known, their names are included. By far the largest number of exchanges of delegations has been with Japan, In- donesia, and India, in that order. Since January 1955, the ACFTU has been host to labor leaders from Japan, Indonesia, India, Burma, Pakistan, Ceylon, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Tunisia, the Sudan, France, Italy, Great Britain, Egypt, the Ara- bian Federation of Trade Unions, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Singapore, Brazil, and Chile. A group of trade unionists from the Middle East, Near East, Africa, Latin America, and Europe were visiting Communist China, in 1956. Five hundred ninety trade unionists from 43 countries visited China, in 1956, according to the Peking Daily Worker; 247 delegates were from Japan and 124 from the Soviet Union. An Arab workers delegation, one of -89- Approved For Rele -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Re llq?l ? rie_ QTR-00915R000800120001-9 the larger ones, was composed of delegates from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Iraq; Jordan, and Libya. Trade unionists came from Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, West Africa, Sudan, Morocco, and Tunisia. In 1956, Chinese trade unions sent 135 delegates to 13 countries, including Japan, India, France, Britain, Italy, Austra- lia, and New Zealand. The following named members of the ACFTU have travelled abroad to non-Communist countries as guests of various trade unions: A delegation attended the Indo- nesian Teachers' Union Congress in December 1954, headed by FANG Ming A delegation met with Japanese labor union officials in vari- ous Japanese cities, in Novem- ber 1956. It was headed by TUNG Hsin A delegation attended the Burma Trade Union Congress in Feb- ruary 1955. Head of this dele- gation was LI Tzu=chiu A delegation visited Scotland, in May 1955, as guests of the Na- tional Miners Union. Chief of the delegation was CHIN Chih-fu A delegation visited France, in June 1955, as guests of the French General Confederation of Labor, headed by LIU Chang-sheng A delegation attended the 4th Congress of the General Ital- ian Confederation of Labor, in February 1956, including LIU Ning-i--Chairman of delega- tion TUNG Hsin A delegation attended the 52nd Congress of the National Fed- eration of French Miners, in April 1956, headed by CHIN Chih-fu A delegation visited Australia, in April 1956, sponsored by Australia-China Society. Mem- bers included CHAO Kuo-ch'iang CHANG Tien-ming LIANG Cheng-p'ing MO Chen-chiu A delegation to the 4th Congress of the Confederation of Free German Trade Unions, Berlin, June 1955, included as chair- man Approved For R 8-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Japanese, British, French, Italian, Sudanese, Austrian, Nepalese, Indonesian, Indian, French, Pakistani, Burmese, Canadian, and Chilean women's delegations (and one from Singapore, in May 1956) visited China as guests of the ACDWF, in 1955 and 1956. During this same period the following members of the ACDWF visited non-Communist countries on invita- tions from various women's organizations: A women's good will mission to France, in December 1954, in- cluded A delegation of Chinese women visited France, in July 1955, which included A delegation visited Pakistan, in November 1955. Its members were A delegation visited Italy, in March 1956, as guests of the Union of Italian Women; in- cluded were TS'AO Meng-chun--Chairman LI Te-ch'uan HAN Yu-t'ung HUANG Kan-ying KUNG P'u-sheng LA Hsi-ta LIU Ch'ing-yang CHANG Tsung CH'ANG Chien CHIEN Hsing LI Ping LI Te-ch'`uan CHUNG Chin-ming KUO Lang-ying LEI Chieh-ch'iung TAI Li-chin TSOU Te-hsin A delegation visited Britain, in April 1956; members included CHANG Yueh-hsia CHANG Tze-ming LI Te-ch'~uan headed a delegation of the ACDWF to Britain, in July- August 1956, to attend the 13th Congress of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. A delegation to India in December 1956 was comprised (among others) of SHIN Liang LO Shu-chang YEN Jen-ying HU Yi-tsai PENG Tzu-kang Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Re 8-0.0915R000800120001-9 New China News Agency stated that more than 300 youths from 39 coun- tries (including the Soviet and satellites) visited Communist China in 1956, while more than 200 Chinese visited 22 countries in the same year. Following the Warsaw Youth Festival in August 1955, more than 400 members of delegations from 32 countries visited China as guests of the ACFDY. Included among the non-Communist countries represented were: Ceylon, India, Indonesia, Japan, Cambodia, Norway, Australia, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Senegal, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Union of South Africa, U.S.A., Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, Portugal, and Spain. Separate youth delegations from Japan, Belgium, and Iceland visited China, during 1955, and many others, including France, in 1956. The following ACFDY groups travelled to non-Communist countries during this same period as guests of various youth organizations: A delegation visited Iceland and Denmark, in August and Septem- ber 1955, headed by LU Chao A delegation visited Belgium and France, from November 1955 to February 1956. Members in- cluded WU Hsueh-ch'ien CHANG Chen-te (f) (CHANG Chan-to JEN Kuei-chen (f) LA Yen-hsiu (f) LI Tsui-yun (f) A youth delegation visited Egypt, the Sudan, Lebanon, and Syria en route back to China, from the World Student Congress, in Prague, in August 1956. The group was headed by HU Ch'i-li Student delegations from Indonesia, Malaya, India, France, Burma, and Egypt visited China, in 1955-1956, under sponsorship of the ACFS. A group of 11 university students from Australia went to Communist China, in January 1957. During the years 1955-1956, the following named members of the ACFS travelled to non-Communist countries as guests of various student organi- zations: Approved For Re 8-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel ______ __ ____ -00915R000800120001-9 A delegation of Chinese students visited Denmark, in July 1955. Among the members were CH'EN Hsing LAO Yuan-hui CHENG Chi-wing A delegation visiting Indonesia as guests of the Indonesian College Students' Association (PPSI), in August 1955, in- cluded CH'IEN Ta-wei TSENG Chu-sen A delegation visited Australia as guests of the National Union of Australian University Stu- dents January-March 1956, headed by CH'IEN Ta-wei A delegation toured England and Scotland as guests of the Stu- dents' Union of the London School of Economics, in Febru- ary ~- 1956. This group included YUAN Li-shen WAN Chiao A delegation attended the 45th Congress of the French Union of National Students in April 1956, headed by CHENG Chi-min During 1955-1956, many delegations of journalists and specially in- vited individuals visited China as guests of the All-China Federation of Journalists and the Association for Cultural Relations with Foreign Coun- tries. Among them were those from Yugoslavia, Indonesia, France, India, the Philippines, Denmark, Egypt, Syria, Italy, Thailand, Japan, and Mexi- co. Among those from Japan were some with connections with the Communist Party of Japan and the Asian Solidarity Committee of Japan. Press repre- sentatives travelled with most of the cultural, trade, and other delega- tions from Japan invited to China during this period. The All-China Federation of Journalists entertained a.15-man press and radio delegation from Japan and a Pakistani delegation of journalists in 1956. A reception was given in Peking, in July 1956, for a group of jour- nalists from Ir;dia, Pakistan, Japan, Iran, Syria, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, and Uruguay who had travelled to visit China following the IOJ conference in Helsinki. Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For 78-00915R000800120001-9 A delegation of Chinese writers visited Yugoslavia, in Decem- ber 1956, headed by A delegation of journalists ar- rived in Cairo, on 8 December 1956, under terms of the Sino- Egyptian Cultural Cooperation Agreement. In charge was The Chinese Communist delegation to the Asian Writers Confer- ence in New Delhi, December 1956, included 11 LIU Pai-yu MAO Tun (SHEN Yen-ping) CHOU Yang LAO She (SHU She-yu) HAN Pei-ping YANG So, Secretary General YEH Sheng-t'ao HSIAO San (Emi Siao) WANG Jen-shu PAI Lang (f) YU Kuan-ying YEH Chun-chien Zhya Saimati LIU Hui-cheng (f) MENG Chi-ch'ing P'AN Ching-i YU Pao-ts'ui During 1956, according to New China News Agency, 76 Chinese scien- tists attended 16 international scientific conferences held in 13 coun- tries, including the Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, Belgium, and France. Nearly 200 scientists from 19 countries visited China to lecture or at- tend scientific conferences. The Communist China National Com- mittee of the International Geophysical Year (IGY) and the Academy of Science sent a dele- gation of 5 to Barcelona for the 10 September 1956 meeting of Advisory Committee for the International Geophysical Year. Members also attended a Brussels meeting 29 August of the Inter- National Scientific Radio Union (URSI) - IGY Committee on Iono- sphere. They also attended a -94- Approved For R 8-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For R0j . =rLR 78-00915R000800120001-9 Sino-Soviet/Yugoslav IGY meet- ing in Moscow, 20-25 August. Members included Two professors visited Zurich, Switzerland, in September 1956, to acquire equipment for research on aircraft pro- duction. They were CH'EN Tsung-ch'i--Secretary of Chinese Communist Committee for IGY. CHU Kang-k'un--Deputy Secretary of Chinese Communist Committee for IGY. LU Pao-wei--Ionosphere expert. CH'EN Hung-o--Secretary HU Ch'ing--Secretary CH'IEN Wei-ch'ang CHU Chao-hsiang A Scientific delegation to Paki- stan, January 1955, included CH'IEN Tuan-sheng--Leader HOU Te-pang TI Chao-pai ANG Hu-chen HSUEH Yu At a national medical conference in Peking, in July 1956, Dr. FU Lien-chang stated that, in 1955, medical delegations from 20 countries visited Communist China and medical delegations were sent abroad from China to the same number of countries. FU claimed the association's journals and periodicals had reached a circulation of 210,000, "excluding foreign editions." Medical delegations visiting China during 1955-56, under sponsor- ship of the China Medical Association, included ones from Italy, France, Argentina, Great Britain, Indonesia, and Japan. A Chinese medical delegation at- tending a seminar for public health workers in London, April 1956, included CHU Cheng YEN Ching-ching YAO K'o-fang A medical delegation from China to Finland, in August 1956, was headed by Dr. CHU Fu-t'ang -95- Approved For ReI -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel= cin-WnW-00915R000800120001-9 Delegation to International Union against Tuberculosis, held at Trivandrum, India, January 1956, and in New Delhi, Janu- ary 1957, included HUANG Ting-ch'en (CHANG Ting- chen) During 1955, the Political Science and Law Association was host to jurists and lawyers from India, Japan, Egypt, the Sudan, Great Britain, France, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. Delegation to Conference of Asian Lawyers, Calcutta, January 1955, included CHANG Chih-jan CH'EN Shou-i CHU Ch'i-wen HAN Yu-t'ung (f) WANG Fei-jan WANG I-fu TRADE, FAIRS, EXHIBITIONS Since early 1955, the China Committee for Promotion of International Trade has been host to commercial delegations from the following coun- tries: Japan (many), Indonesia, Thailand, Belgium, Malaya, Singapore, Cambodia, Greece, Switzerland, Great Britain, Netherlands, Italy, the Sudan, France, and Egypt. Delegations have been sent from Communist China to the following trade fairs and exhibitions, all these delegations being sponsored by the China Committee for the Promotion of International Trade: Location Date Head of Delegation or Delegate Lyons, France April 1955 YANG Hao-lu (YANG Hao-lai) LU Chi-ying (f) kjavik Iceland Re Jul 1955 , y Damascus, Syria, y August 1955 CHIANG Ming World Fair LU Chi-ying WANG Shu (f) Cairo Exhibit Djakarta, Indonesia June 1955 August-September MA I-min 1955 HUANG Wei-min--Commercial Attache, Embassy, Dja- karta -96- Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Re'---- -00915R000800120001-9 Location New Delhi, Toy Exhibit New Delhi, India Beirut, Lebanon Jiddak, Saudi Arabia Tokyo Trade Fair Tokyo/Osaka Exhibits, Japan Cairo, Egypt Paris, France Vienna, Austria Reykjavik, Iceland Turin, Italy Kabul, Afghanistan Amsterdam, Holland Damascus, Syria Dacca, Pakistan Jogjakarta, Indonesia Tunis, France March 1955 October 1955 January 1956 January 1956 May 1955 November 1955 March 1956 May 19 56 September 1956 July 19 56 May 1956 August 1956 July 1956 August 1956 Late 1956 September 1956 October 1956 Head of Delegation or Delegate MA I-min CHIANG Ming WANG Shu CHIANG Ming WANG Shu TS'AO Chung-shu TS'AO Chung-shu HSU Te-ming FENG T'ieh-ch'eng HSIAO Hsiang-ch'ien YEH Chi-chuang YANG Shu-fan CHI Chao-ting YU K'o-ch'ien CHI Ch'ao-ting LI Ying-chi CHANG Chao-hsuan Karachi Industrial Fair Lahore, Pakistan, Arts and Crafts Exhibit Olympia, Great Britain, Commodity Exhibit Leipzig International Fair Leipzig International Fair September-October 1955 December 1955 September 1956 HOU Te-pang WANG Han-min YU K'o-ch'ien CHIANG Ming CH'I Wei-li YU Li-kuang CHUANG Yen HO K'o WANG Chin-hsiu CHANG Sun-wei (f) CHIANG Kuan -nai WANG Hsin-ygan--Deputy head HSIEH Chin Delegates attending the second assembly of the Argentine Commission for the Promotion of International Trade in Buenos Aires, in June 1955, included: LI Ying-chi, HSU Sheng-wu, and CH'EN Feng-ping. SHU Tzu-ching headed a Chinese Communist delegation to the April 1956 meeting of the Commission of Asian and Far Eastern Affairs of the International Chamber of Commerce in Bandung. Delegations sent by the CCPIT to stimulate trade between these countries and Communist China and their leaders (named first unless otherwise specified) included: Approved For Rel t-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rele y00915R000800120001-9 Location Indonesia Japan Egypt Switzerland Yugoslavia Sudan Finland Ceylon Egypt Cambodia Australia, South and Central America, Europe Europe, Near East Western Europe United Kingdom, India, Singapore France (technical mission) Tunisia, Libya, and Morocco Cambodia (economic delegation) Date Head of Delegation or Delegate June-November KUNG Yuan 195+ March-May 1955 May 1956 January 1955 Mid-1956 November 1955- February 1956 LI Chu-ch'en--Deputy leader YEH Yin CHIN Lien-san YEH Chi-chuang HSU Sheng-wu CH'Et Feng-ping CHI Chao-ting K'UNG Yuan April 1956 YEH Chi-chuang May 1956 LIN Hai-yun December 1956 LI K'o-fu YEH Chi-chuang YANG Hao-lu JEN Ji-pei LIU Kuang-han YAO Nai-an CHIU Wen-min October 1956 CHIANG Ming October 1956 LIN Hai-yin September-October HSU P'eng-fei (B.F.HSU) 1956 LI Chu-ch'en Mid-1956 Mid-1956 1956 WANG Yao-t'ing SU Han-chih MA I-min CHANG Huan-wen CH'AO Yung-sen CHEEN Chia-hsi (CH'EN Ja- he, J.H. CHEN) CHANG Hsien-ch'eng November-December CH'I Wei-li 1956 YU Li-kuang September 1956 YEH Ching-hao Khartoum, Sudan (trav- November 1956 elled via India, Burma, Ceylon, Egypt) -98- TS'AO Kuei-sheng SHEN Hsien-lua FAN Neng-li CHENG Tai-wei CH'EN Yang MAO P'ei-heng CHANG Tang-chiao LI Tzu-ying MAO Chi-then TSUNG Wen-tzu Approved For Rele 0915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel 7Y8-00915R000800120001-9 During 1955 and early 1956, the China Peace Committee (CPC) invited and acted as host to a number of visiting cultural figures, so-called "peace partisans," and journalists from India, Japan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, the Sudan, Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Great Britain, Australia, Denmark, New Zealand, France, Spain, Egypt, and Italy. Besides the CPC, other Chinese Communist organizations actively spon- soring these peace delegations included the PIFA, Ministry of Foreign Af- fairs, and the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. D. Hewlett Johnson, Dean of Canterbury, has visited Communist China 3 times since 1949, the last time in August-September 1956 on invitation from the CPC. Chinese Communist delegates attended the first World Conference for Prohibiting Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs held in Tokyo, in August 1955. This delegation was headed by LIU Ning-i and members included CHENG Fang-wu and HSIEH Ping-hsin. The Japan-China Friendship Association was active in entertaining the delegation and arranging its activities. Another delegation, headed by HSU Kuang-ping, attended the second World Conference for Prohibiting Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs held in Tokyo and Nagasaki, in August 1956. Among the delegates were: ANG Yung-ho, a trade union leader; WANG YOn-sheng; TS'AO Yu, a writer; and K'ANG Yung-ho. KUO Mo-jo headed a 14-man delegation to a WPC meeting in Colombo, Ceylon, in June 1957. Extensive contacts with non-Communist countries have been made through visits of groups of Moslems, under sponsorship of the China Islamic Asso- ciation and the friendship associations, to countries of Asia and the Near East which have large Moslem populations. The most important of these delegations was the Chinese Communist Haj Mission to Mecca, headed by PAO Erh-han (Burhan), with Jamal-a-din LI Shu as deputy and at least 22 mem- bers, in August-September 1956. Another group made a pilgrimage to Mecca, during the same months in 1955, headed by TA P'u-sheng (Shiekh Nur Mohammed) visiting many countries en route, including Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, and India. Moslem delegations have on a number of occasions visited China from Indonesia, and several groups of Chinese Moslems have paid return visits. Similar exchanges of visits with groups from India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan have been made. Use of the Chinese Buddhist Association for contacts with Buddhists in non-Communist countries such as Burma, Japan, Thailand, and Nepal has been promoted as a part of the development of relations with these coun- tries. Some of the groups are described as "peace" delegations. Two of the leaders of many of these delegations representing Communist China have been HU Pa-meng and Shirob Galtso (Hsi-jao-Chia-ts'o). Approved For Rel 0915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel 00915R000800120001-9 Examples of the extension of these tactics to others than Moslems and Buddhists are: Visit of Dr. RAJAH MANIKAM, Bishop of the Lutheran Church of India, on invitation of the China-India Friendship, Association, in March 1956. Three visits of D. Hewlett Johnson, Dean of Canterbury, to Communist China, since 1949, under the auspices of the China Peace Committee. Visit of Rev. J.S. WILLIAMS, Secretary General of the All-India Fed- eration of National Churches, to Peking, in September 1956, at the invitation of WU Yao-tsung, Chairman of the National Committee of the Churches in China for the Realization of Self-Administration. Niphon Saba, head of the Lebanese delegation to the 1955 World As- sembly for Peace at Helsinki and Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church of Lebanon, was invited to Communist China, in June 1956, by the China Peace Committee, and was entertained by the China Islamic Association and China Buddhist Association, as well as by LIU En-hou, of the Greek Ortho- dox Church in Communist China. Bishop TING Kuang-hsun (TING Kuei-t'ang) and his wife, KUO Hsiu-mei, attended the Lambeth Convocation in London, in July 1956. Parliamentary groups from a number of non-Communist countries visited Communist China in 1955-56. Clear lines of distinction cannot be drawn as to which Chinese Communist front organizations issued the invitations for such visits. Invitations to important government leaders of those countries with which Communist China was then negotiating diplomatic re- lations have been made in the name of LIU Shao-ch'i, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and vice chairman of the Chinese Communist Party. These groups have included members or heads of governments of India, Britain, Indonesia, Finland, Pakistan, Cambodia, Burma, and Laos. Some of these parliamentary group visits were also sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as in the cases of foreign ministers and other high officials. In the cases of members of parliament of countries with which Communist China has not established diplomatic relations and persons of lesser stature in countries with which relations do exist (i.e. governors and mayors), although they are given the "red carpet" treatment while in China, they are usually invited by the Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs (PIFA), whose leaders handle the visitors' tours and entertainment. Such visits have included members of parliament from Belgium, Great Britain, India, Indonesia, Egypt, West Germany, Brazil, Japan, Malaya, Syria, Sweden, and Burma, and governors, mayors, and lesser government officials of Afghanistan, Burma, Ceylon, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, and Egypt, among others. CHANG Hsi-jo, president of the PIFA, and P'ENG Chen, mayor of Peking, are usually in the forefront in welcoming the latter type of group. Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Re 8-00915R000800120001-9 Among others, Communist China sent a 3-man delegation of the PIFA, headed by CHOU Keng-sheng, vice president of PIFA, for a week's visit to Britain, in September 1956, on invitation of the British United Nations Association. The PIFA and Ministry of Foreign Affairs co-sponsored another delegation which was sent to the coronation in Nepal, in April 1956. A Chinese Communist delegation to the 44th Conference of the Inter- Parliamentary Union in Finland, August 1955, was headed by P'ENG Chen. Other members of the group were LEI Chieh-ch'iung (f), LIAO Ch'eng-chih, NAN Han-ch'en, CHIANG Nan-hsiang, and CH'IEN Tuan-sheng. CHANG Chih-hsiang attended the Congress of Mayors of World Capitals in Florence, Italy, in October 1955. CHANG headed a Chinese theater group attending the International Theater Festival in Paris, in June 1955, also paying visits to the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia, en route. There were many exchanges of delegations in the cultural/educational field between Communist China and a number of non-Communist countries. Some of the countries to which delegations travelled in 1955-56 were: Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia-New Zealand, Austria, Burma, Canada, Egypt, Ceylon, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Ethiopia, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Nepal, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, Yugoslavia, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Pakistan, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzer- land, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. In turn, delegations from all these countries, plus Ireland, paid visits to China, under the general sponsor- ship of the Chinese People's Association for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries and, where such exists, the friendship association created in the name of China and the country concerned. Delegations were made up of varied groups and sometimes were mixed between the cultural educational and other fields, such as journalists, "peace fighters," those concerned with stimulating trade, scientists, women's groups, etc. Under the classification cultural/educational were included: Artists, song and dance ensembles, Chinese classical theater groups, opera compa- nies (particularly the National Opera of Peking), art exhibits, exhibits of native crafts, acrobatic troupes, athletic performers, educators, scholars, archeologists, actors, film producers and workers., motion pic- ture exhibitions, and the like. Among the delegations to Communist China were included many members of and sympathizers with the Communist parties in the various countries but a large portion were non-Communists and publicity on activities of the delegations was designed to conceal any Communist involvement. Approved For R -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For R -00915R000800120001-9 Contacts of delegations from China to the countries named were gen- erally with non-Communist leaders in the respective fields so far as publicity was concerned, but there were undoubtedly also contacts with the local Communist parties by some designated members of the delegations. While in those countries where China friendship associations or comparable organizations have been established, much of the entertaining of the Chinese Communist delegates was handled by members of these associations. The following are a few of those who have been leaders of various cultural/educational delegations sent abroad by Communist China: CHANG Chih-hsiang CHANG Shao-ting CHAO Feng CHAO I-min CHENG Chen-to CHI Ch'ao-ting CH'IEN Tuan-sheng CH'U T'u-nan FANG Ming ROU Te-pang HSIEH Ping-hsin (f) HSU Kuang-hsiao HSU Kuang-p'ing (f) KUO Mo-jo LI I-mang LI Ming-sheng MA Shao-po MA Han-ping MAO I-sheng (aka MAO, Eason) MEI Lan-fang OU-YANG Yu-ch'ien SOONG Ch'ing-ling (Mme. SUN Yat-sen) SUN Ping-hua TING Hsi-lin TSAI Chu-sheng WANG Han-min WANG Li WU Han WU Wen There have been some delegations to and from Communist China which are designated only as "good will" missions. An example is the delega- tion sent to China, by Tunisia, in September-October 1955, which was in- vited by the China Peace Committee, the Association for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries and the China Islamic Association. Approved For Re -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Re1? -00915R000800120001-9 Red Cross delegations were exchanged with Japan and Great Britain, in 1955 and 1956. Public health delegations were also exchanged between these two countries and Communist China. Professor YEN Ching-ching headed such a delegation to Britain, in April 1956, representing the China Medi- cal Association. LI Te-ch'uan headed Red Cross delegations to England, in June 1955; Japan, in October 1954; Geneva, in 1953; Canada, in 1952; Geneva, in 1951; and Monaco, in 1950. Agricultural delegations from Communist China were sent to India, in September 1956, and to Indonesia, in July, of the same year. Agri- cultural delegations were entertained in China: from Yugoslavia, in Sep- tember 1956, and from Italy, in October 1956. These are among a number of similar agricultural and cooperatives delegations exchanged. LIU Jui- lung headed an agricultural delegation to Burma, in March 1955, and CHIN Chao-yeh led a similar delegation, also to Burma, in September 1956. Among exchanges of military missions have been those from India, in September and November 1956; from Indonesia, in September-October 1956 and May 1957; and from Sweden, in June 1956. A group of 30 former Japanese officers were invited on a good-will mission to China, in October 1956. The invitation, according to the Tokyo press, came from CHANG Hsi-jo, head of the "Council of People's Diplomacy of Communist China." Since CHANG is head of the Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs (PIFA), these are believed to be identical. Peking offered to pay all expenses of the trip. This was not strictly a military mission since it did not include any officers of Japan's present military forces. Military missions have been invited by the Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Defense and entertained by military and government leaders while in China. A Yugoslav military mission arrived in Peking, 4 October 1956, and a Chinese Communist military delegation left for Bel- grade, two days later. Marshal YEH Chien-ying headed a military good- will delegation to Burma, in January 1957. Approved For ReI-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 ACAMS All China Association of Medical Societies ACDWF All China Democratic Women's Federation ACFC All China Federation of Cooperatives ACFDY All China Federation of Democratic Youth ACFICA All China Federation of Industry and Commerce Associations ACFJ All China Federation of Journalists ACFLAC All China Federatior. of Literature and Art Circles ACFS All China Federation of Students ACFSS All China Federation of Scientific Societies ACFTU All China Federation of Trade Unions ACRFC Chinese People's Association for Cultural Relations with For- eign Countries ACSF All China Sports Federation ACUC All China Union of Commerce ADSTK Association for Dissemination of Scientific and Technical Knowledge APPLC Asian Pacific Peace Liaison Committee ASC Asian Solidarity Committee BOC Bank of China BOCOM Bank of Communications CAB Civil Aviation Bureau CAPD China Association for Promoting Democracy CBA China Buddhist Association CBFA China-Burma Friendship Association CCP Chinese Communist Party CCPIT China Committee for Promotion of International Trade CDL China Democratic League CDNCA China Democratic National Construction Association CIFA China-India Friendship Association CINFA China-Indonesia Friendship Association CISA China-Islamic Association CJFA China-Japan Friendship Association CKT Chih Kung Tang CNDYL China New Democratic Youth League CNIEC China National Import-Export Corporation COCA Commission of Overseas Chinese Affairs CPC China Peace Committee CPG Chinese People's Government CPPCC Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference CPPG Chinese People's Parliamentary Group CPWDP China Peasants and Workers Democratic Party CRC Christian Religious Circles CREC China Resources Company Approved For Re 't-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rele 0915ROO0800120001-9 CSS Chiu San Society CTS China Travel Service FA Friendship Association FISE World Federation of Teachers Unions FROCA Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Associations IADL International Association of Democratic Lawyers ICCC Chilian-Chinese Cultural Institute ICFA India-China Friendship Association ICPT International Committee for Promotion of Trade IIP International Institute for Peace I0J International Organization of Journalists IPU Inter-Parliamentary Union IUS International Union of Students KMT Kuomingtang KMTRC Kuomingtang Revolutionary Committee MFT Ministry of Foreign Trade NCNA New China News Agency NIEA National Illiteracy Elimination Association NPC National People's Congress OIR International Broadcasting Organization PCFS Pakistan-China Friendship Association PIFA Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs PRMC People's Revolutionary Military Committee PSLA Political Science and Law Association ROCA Returned Overseas Chinese Association SSFA Sino-Soviet Friendship Association TDSGL Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League UCW Union of Chinese Writers UFD United Front Department of CCP WCD World Congress of Doctors WFDY World Federation of Democratic Youth WFSW World Federation of Scientific Workers WFTU World Federation of Trade Unions WIDF Women's International Democratic Federation WPC World Peace Committee (Council) YCL China Young Communist League -106- Approved For Rele& 00915ROO0800120001-9 Approved For RAJ i78-00915R000800120001-9 APPENDIX B ALPHABETIZED LIST OF CHINESE NAMES Approved For Rele -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For. 78-00915R000800120001-9 AI Ssu-ch'i--ACRFC Board of Directors; Director of Office for Control of Returned Students; CPC National Committee; member, CPPCC. AI Ta-yen--ACRFC. AN-NI WA-ERH (aka CHIA Ku-lin)--ACRFC. AN Shu-chu--WPC. ANG Hu-chen--Member, scientific delegation to Pakistan, January 1955. ANG Jan Goan--Indonesia-China FA; Director, pro-Communist Sin Po; influential in Djakarta Overseas Chinese circles. ANG Yung-ho--See Part VI - Peace Groups. BURHAN (BURHAN Shahidi) (PAO Erh-Han) (Burhan Al-Din Shahidi)-- WPC; CPC; PSLA; CPPCC; Chairman, China-Islamic Association; Indonesia FA; Egypt FA; See Part VI - Religious Groups; former Governor of Sinkiang Province; ACRFC Standing Committee. CHAI Tse-min--ACSF, ACRFC. CHAN Lo-min--WPC. CHAN Wu--Assistant Manager and Member of Board of Directors, Bank of China, Peking. CHANG Chan-to--See CHANG Chen-te. CHANG Chao-hsuan--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions. CHANG Chen-te (CHANG Chan-to) (f)--See Part VI - Youth. CHANG Chi-chan--Represents China National Instruments Import Cor- poration in Switzerland. CHANG Chi-hsin (CHANG Kee Yen, CHANG Gi Hsing)--Sub-manager, Bank of China, Singapore. CHANG Chi-shiu--Burma-China FA, Part V. CHANG Chi-ping--Consul General, Bombay, India. CHANG Chieh--Secretary General of CISA; Pakistan FA. CHANG Ch'ien (f)--See Part VI - Women. CHANG Chih-jang--PSLA; IADL; PIFA; Vice Chief Justice of Supreme Court; member, ASC; CPC National Committee; member, CPPCC. CHANG Chin-hsui--Burma-China FA. CHANG Chung-shih--ACRFC. CHANG Fang--Commercial Attache, Egypt. CHANG Hai-ken--Assistant Manager, Bank of China, Calcutta Branch; formerly with the Bank of Communications. CHANG Hsi-jo (Shirow Y. CHANG)--Standing Committee, ACRFC; Indo- nesia FA; NIEA; Chairman of PIFA; See Part VI - Parliamentary Groups and Miscellaneous Groups; CPPCC Standing Committee; CPC National Committee; Vice Chairman of Peking SSFA; delegate, WPC, Prague, April 1949. CHANG Hsi-Jung (S.W. CHEUNG)--Director, Min An Insurance Co., Hong Kong; Manager of the Pao Sheng Native Bank and China and South Seas Bank, both in Hong Kong. CHANG Hsien-ch'eng--Connected with CCPIT; see Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions. CHANG Hua-tseng--Commercial representative, Syria; former director, Bureau of Import of CNIEC. CHANG Hua-tung--Chief, Import Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Trade. Approved For R 8-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For R P78-00915R000800120001-9 CHANG Huan-wen--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions; Manager, China Resources Company, Hong Kong. CHANG I--WFDY; member, Viet Minh FA. CHANG Jui-fang--ASC. CHANG Ko--Cultural Attache, Pakistan.. CHANG Kuang-chun--Superintendent, Bank of China, Rangoon. CHANG Kuang-tan--Director, China National Transport Machinery Import Corporation. CHANG Kuang-tou--Commercial Counsellor, East Germany. CHANG Kuo-chi--Educator; Indonesia-China FA; Vice Chairman, Dja- karta Overseas Chinese General Association; was delegate to NPC in 1954. CHANG Ming-pang--ASC. CHANG Nai-chfi--CCPIT Central Committee; Minister of Food; CDNCA Executive Committee; CPC member; SSFA Executive Committee; member, Bank of China board of directors, Peking. CHANG Ping-tse (f)--Secretary General, Import Department of CNIEC. CHANG Po-ch~un--WPC since 1950; CDL; Chairman, CPWDP; Vice Chair- man, CPPCC; CPPG; CPC Standing Committee; SSFA; Minister of Communications; target of major criticism as "rightist" in 1957? CHANG Shao-ting--See Part VI - Cultural Groups. CHANG Shui-hua--ASC. CHANG Sun-wei (f)--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs Exhibitions. CHANG Tang-chiao--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions. CHANG T'ieh-sheng--ACRFC; see NCNA. CHANG T'ien-ming--See Part VI - Trade Unions; ACFTU Executive Com- mittee; Chairman, China Building Worker's Union. CHANG Ts'an-ming--Ambassador to Ceylon. CHANG Tso-mei--Delegate to International Metallurgists' Confer- ence, Moscow, June 1956; WFSW; member, Academy of Sciences. CHANG Tsung (f)--See Part VI - Women. CHANG Tze-ming (f)--See Part VI - Women. CHANG, W.C.--Assistant Commercial Counsellor, Yugoslavia. CHANG Wei-then--WFTU; ACFDY Secretariat. CHANG Wei-lung--NCNA Director in New Delhi. CHANG Yi-ting--See CHIANG I-ting. CHANG Yang--Editor, NCNA Macao office. CHANG Yang-chiang--Vice Manager of China Travel Service, Hong Kong. CHANG Ying-wu--Cultural Attache, USSR. CHANG Yueh--Deputy head of permanent trade delegation in Cairo. CHANG Yueh-hsia (f)--See Part VI - Women; member, National Committee of CPPCC; member, Asian Solidarity Committee. CHANG Yun-hsiao (Y.S. CHANG)--Commercial Attache, Switzerland; Manager of Universal Development Co., in 1951; Min An Insurance Company shareholder. CH'AO Chi--Director, China National Metals Import Corporation. CHAO Chi-chang--Director, China National Technical Import Corpo- ration. CHAO Ching-san (C.S. CHAO)--Assistant Manager, China Resources Company, Hong Kong. Approved For gg@@q*0 @111 78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rele 00915R000800120001-9 CHAO Chung-shih--Consul General, Djakarta. CHAO Feng--Standing Committee, ACRFC; ASC; Malaya FA; see Part VI - Cultural Groups; SSFA Executive Committee. CHAO Fu-san--CRC; ACRFC Board of Directors; Deputy Secretary of Peking YMCA. CHAO I-min--Vice Chairman of ACRFC; WPC; CCP Propaganda Depart- ment; member, ASC; CPPCC; headed cultural delegation to Chile, in July 1954, and to Argentina, in August 1954; see Part VI - Cultural Groups. CHAO Kuo-ch'iang--WFTU; ACFTU; See Part VI - Trade Unions; Vice President, WFTU-TUI for Metal and Engineering Workers. CHAO Po-chu--See CHAO P'u-ch'u. CHAO P'u-ch'u (CHAO Po-chu)--ACRFC; CPC; CBA; WPC. CHAO Wei-chang--Commercial Counsellor, East Germany. CH'AO Yung-sen (W.S. CHAU)--See Part VI-Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions; former Manager, Export Department, China Resources Company, Hong Kong. CHAU, Felix--Chilean-Chinese Cultural Institute, Part V. CHE Tai--Commercial Attache, North Vietnam. CH'EN Ch'eng-chia--Japan-China FA. CH'EN Ch'eng-chung--Director, China National Silk Corporation; leader of chemical fiber mission to Japan, March 1957. CH'EN Chia-hsi--Secretary, Shipping Department, China Resources Company, Hong Kong; see Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions. CH'EN Chia-k'ang (CH'EN Ch'uan-kang)--WFDY; ACFDY; Assistant to Minister of Foreign Affairs; PIFA Board of Directors; SSFA; Ambassador to Egypt; Minister to Yemen. CH'EN Chia-keng--See TAN Kah-kee. CH'EN Chih-fang--Ambassador to Syria. CH'EN Ching-yu--ASC; ACFICA; CDNCA Central Committee; CPPCC Na- tional Committee; Wuhan CPC and SSFA; one of founders of CISA. CH'EN Chun-ming--Assistant Commercial Attache, Burma. CH'EN Chung-ching--ACRFC; Burma FA. CH'EN Feng-ping--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions; Deputy Chief, Economics Research Department of CCPIT. CH'EN Han-sheng--ACRFC; India FA; WPC; ASC; PIFA; member, CCPIT Central Committee; Deputy Director, International Relations Institute of Academy of Sciences. CH'EN Hsin-jen--Ambassador to Finland. CH'EN Hsing--IUS; See Part VI - Students. CH'EN Hsu-tsung--WFDY. CH'EN Huang-mei--ACRFC. CHEN Hung-chin--Supervisor, Chinese Communist banks, Calcutta; former editor of the China Review; former representative of NCNA in Calcutta. CH'EN Hung-o--See Part VI - Scientists. CH'EN I--ACRFC Board of Directors; NIEA; SSFA Executive Board; CPPCC Standing Committee; Vice Chairman of National Defense Council; Vice Premier; member, CCP Central Committee. Approved For Rele 0915R000800120001-9 Approved For R 78-00915R000800120001-9 CH'EN Jen-i--Australia FA, Part V. CHIEN Jih-ch'ang--Manager, Min An Insurance Company, Hong Kong. CHIEN Ju-tang--Nepal-China FA; Vice Governor of Kwangtung Prov- ince; KMTRC Central Committee; member, CPPCC. CHIEN K'ang-pai--ACRFC; ACFSS; WFSW; Secretary General, Academy of Sciences. CHIEN K'o-ch'ang--Member, Chinese Communist Trade Agency, Calcutta. CHIEN K'o-han--Former Director, NCNA, 1950-1952. CHIEN K'un-wang--Japan-China FA; Vice Chairman, Tokyo Overseas Chinese Association. CHIEN Kuo-chieh--Reporter for NCNA bureau in Macao. CHIEN Kuo-hsun (SHEN Kuo-hsun)--Assistant Manager, Civil Avia- tion Bureau Office in Rangoon. CH'EN Li-ang--IOJ. CH'EN Lo-min--WPC; translator on staff of IIP. CHIEN Lung--Director, Foreign Language News Department, NCNA. CHIEN 0 (CHEN Eh)--WFTU. CHEN Po--Superintendent, Bank of China, Calcutta. CH'EN Po-liu--Assistant Director of all Chinese Communist banks in Hong Kong; Manager, Kincheng Banking Corporation, Hong Kong; Stockholder and Director of China Travel Service, Hong Kong, 1954. CHIEN Shao-min (f)--WFTU; ACFTU; CCP Central Committee; CPPCC Standing Committee; ACDWF Executive Committee. CHEN Shen-yu--See CHENG Sheng-yu. CH'EN Shih-wen (S.M. CHENG)--Assistant Manager, Export Depar- China Resources Company, Hong Kong. CHIEN Shou-i--IADL; Vice Minister of Justice; Dean of Law School, Peking University; Chairman, Peking Lawyers Association. CHIEN Shu-t'ung--WPC; Vice Chairman, CPC; Japan FA; SSFA; Vice Chairman, CPPCC; Chairman, ACFICA; CPPG; member, PIFA Board of Directors; Standing Committee, NPC. CHIEN Ta-pai 'Editor, NCNA Macao office. CHEN Ta-yuan--Cultural Counsellor, Denmark. CHIEN Te-chien--WPC. CHIEN Tien-shen (Sam CHINQUE)--See Part V, British-China FA; head of NCNA office in London. CHIEN Tso-hsuan--Manager, Kwangtung Provincial Bank, Hong Kong. CHIEN Tsung-ch'i--See Part VI - Scientists. CH'EN Wei-chi--CCPIT Central Committee; CDNCA Standing Committee; Vice Minister of Textile Industry. CH'EN Wen-ch'i--With NCNA propaganda unit in Hong Kong. CH'EN Wen-k'uei (V.K. CHEN)--Industrial Exports Department, China Resources Company, Hong Kong. CHIEN Yen-chieh--Manager, China Travel Service, Swatow; formerly with Sin Hua Trust, Savings and Commercial Bank, Hong Kong. CHIEN Yu--WFTU; ACRFC Board of Directors; ACFTU Central Committee; CPPCC National Committee; Minister of Coal Industry. CHENG Chen-ku--Among those working on WPC Secretariat in Vienna, June 1954. CHENG Chen-to--ACRFC; Burma FA; ACFLAC; CPC; see Part VI - Cultural Groups; CPPCC; headed cultural delegation to Burma, in February 1955. Approved For ROMNYVmMMtIMP78-00915ROO0800120001-9 Approved For R '1 1 78-00915R000800120001-9 CHENG Chi-min (CHENG Chi-meng)--See Part VI - Students; reported both as Secretary and as a Vice President of the IUS. CHENG Chien-feng--Assistant manager, Bank of China, Calcutta branch. CH'ENG Chih-ping--Cultural Counsellor, Burma; in 195+ was Deputy Director of the Information (Intelligence) Department, Minis- try of Foreign Affairs. CHENG Fang-wu--Japan FA; CPC; WPC; see Part VI - Peace Groups. CHENG Hai-fong--Correspondent in Geneva covering International Labor Organization Affairs. CHENG Hsueh-heng (CHENG Hsiao-heng)--Assistant Manager, Bank of China, Singapore. CH'ENG Mu-hao (CH'IN Meng-hao, M.H. CHENG, CHENG Moo Hou)--Mana- ger of the Bank of Communications, Hong Kong Branch; Director, Min An Insurance Company; member, Board of Directors, Bank of China, Peking. CH'F,NG Nai-feng--Sub-manager of Young Brothers Banking Corpora- tion, Hong Kong. CHENG Pei-tang--Represents China National Metals Import Corpora- tion in Switzerland. CHENG Sheng-yu (CHEN Shen-yu)--ASC; CPC; among those working on WPC Secretariat in Vienna, June 195+; delegate to All-India Peace Congress, Calcutta, November 1956; delegate to WPC Meet- ing in Colombo, Ceylon, June 1957; member of Executive Committee of International Institute for Peace; IIP Secretariat. CHENG T'ieh-ju (Shou J. CHEN, CHENG Tit-Yu)--Director of the Min An Insurance Company, Hong Kong; Manager of the Bank of China, Hong Kong branch; elected delegate to NPC, 1956; member, Board of Directors, Bank of China, Peking. CH'ENG Tz'u-fang--Resides in Indonesia; a Director of Indonesia- China FA; entertained Chinese student delegation, September 1955? CHENG Wei-ch'ang--See CHENG Ch'eng-wei. CHENG Wei-chih--Ambassador to Denmark. CHI Ch'ao-ting--Secretary General of CCPIT; ICPT; ACRFC Board of Directors; see Part VI - Trade, Peace, and Cultural Groups to Communist and non-Communist countries; member, PIFA Board of Directors; see Part V, China-France FA; was deputy head of cultural delegation to Italy, in April 1956; SSFA Ex- ecutive Board; Deputy General Manager, and member of the Bank of China Board of Directors; member, Executive Committee, ACFICA; headed delegation, April 1957, to Industries Fair in Hanover, West Germany; delegate to WPC Meeting in Colombo, Cey- lon, June 1957; former secretary to H.H. KUNG; member of CCP. CHI Chung-Chen--Head of permanent trade agency in Calcutta. CHI Heng (CHIN Hung)--Sub-manager, Bank of China, Calcutta. CHI Hsien-lin--ASC; India FA. CH'I Pai-shih--ACRFC; President, Association of Chinese Artists. CHI Shu-wen--Burma-China Friendship Association, Part V. Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For R 78-00915R000800120001-9 CHI Te-jung--WPC. CHI Tsung-hua--WPC. CHI-Van, Vladimir--Chilean-Chinese Cultural Institute, Part V. CH'I Wei-li--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions; Deputy Sec- retary General, CCPIT; head of Shanghai Office of Ministry of Foreign Trade. CHIANG Hao-jan--WFTU; Chairman, China Heavy Industry Workers' Union; Vice President of WFTU-TUI for Chemical and Allied Workers. CHIANG I-ting (aka CHANG Yi-ting)--IUS. CHIANG Kuang-nai--KMTRC Standing Committee; attended WPC Vienna 1953; headed delegation to Leipzig International Fair Febru- ary 1955; Minister of Textile Industry; member, CPPCC. CHIANG Ming--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions; Vice Minister of Foreign Trade; member, CCPIT. CHIANG Ping-chih--See TING Ling. CHIANG Shu-min--Consul General, Bandjermasin, Indonesia. CHIANG Wen-kuei (CHEUNG Man-kwei)--Manager, Bank of China, Cal- cutta. CHIANG Wong, Angel--Chilean-Chinese Cultural Institute, Part V. CHIANG Yuan-chun--See Part VI - Journalists and Writers; NCNA cor- respondent in Syria, March 1957. CH'IAO Chu-yin--ACRFC. CH'IAO Hsiao-kuang--Ambassador to North Korea. CH'IAO Kuan-hua (CH'IAO Mu)--PIFA; WFDY; Assistant to Minister of Foreign Affairs; advisor at Bandung and Geneva conferences; member, CPPCC; CPC National Committee; headed former Interna- tional News Bureau of News Administration. CH'IAO P'ei-hsin--Director, Foreign Operations Administration, People's Bank of China, Peking; General Manager, Bank of China, Peking. CH'IEN Chain-jui--CPC; ACRFC Board of Directors; ACFDY Central Com- mittee; SSFA Secretary General; member, PIFA Board of Directors; member, NIEA; CPPCC National Committee; Vice Minister of Cul- ture; Deputy Chief of Second Staff Office, State Council; Sec- retary General of Sino-Albanian FA; associated with NCNA. CHIEN Hsin--Special NCNA correspondent, in London, September 1956. CHIEN Hsing (f)--See Part VI - Women. CH'IEN Li-jen--WFDY; IUS; ACFDY; ACFS secretary general; headed ACFS delegation to Bandung Afro-Asian Student Conference. CH'IEN San-ch'iang--Burma FA; WFDY; ACFDY; WFSW; ACFSS; Director, Institute of Physics; member, WPC 1953-55; CPPCC Standing Com- mittee; Scientific Planning Committee of State Council; member, CPC; attended many international peace, science and youth con- ferences. CH'IEN Ta-wei--IUS; ACFDY Central Committee; WFDY; see Part VI - Students; Deputy Secretary General of ACFS. CHIEN Te--ASC. CHIEN-TSAN-CHA-PA--ASC. Approved For 78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For R Cwt 8-00915R000800120001-9 CH'IEN Tuan-sheng--WPC; Board of Directors ACRFC; Pakistan FA; PSLA; IADL; CDL Standing Committee; PIFA; professor of consti- tutional law; headed scientific delegations to Pakistan in 195+ and 1955; CPPCC Standing Committee; CPC National Commit- tee; delegate to IPU Helsinki, August 1955; delegate to WPC Meeting in Colombo, Ceylon, June 1957? CH'IEN Wei-ch'ang--Burma FA; ACRFC; ACFDY; see Part VI - Scientists; member, National Committee of All China Federation of Natural Science Societies; physicist; was member of cultural group visiting India and Burma, in 1951; Vice President of Tsinghua University. CHIN Chao-hsien--Formerly represented CNIEC in East Berlin. CHIN Chao-yeh--See Part VI - Miscellaneous. CHIN Chia-lin--Charge ad interim, United Kingdom. CHIN Chih-fu--See Part VI - Trade Unions; ACFTU Executive Committee; WFTU General Council member; Chairman, Chinese Coal Miners' Union. CHIN Chung-hua (aka CHIN Hsiao-yu, C.K. KING, Benjamin KING)-- ACFJ; IOJ; ASC; Vice Mayor of Shanghai; member, Board of Di- rectors of NCNA. CHIN Hsiao-yu--See CHIN Chung-hua. CHIN Hsu--Commercial Attache', Poland. CHIN Keng--WFTU. CHIN Lien-san--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions; Commercial Attache, Egypt. CHIN Meng-hao--See CH'ENG Mu-hao. CHIN Shen-chih--First Secretary, Chinese Communist Embassy, Paki- stan; addressed organizing meeting of Lahore Branch, Pakistan- China FA. CHIN Tung-ming--Manager, China Insurance Company, Hong Kong Of- fice. CHIN Yen--Deputy Director, Foreign Operations Administration, Bank of China, Peking. CH'IU Chin--WFTU; ACFTU Executive Committee; -represents labor on CPPCC; Deputy to NPC for Shantung; Vice Chairman, Chinese Seamen's Trade Union. CHIU Chin-chung--Assistant Manager, Bank of China, Medan, Indo- nesia. CHOU Chien-jen--Nepal FA; CAPD; CPPCC; and NPC Standing Commit- tees; CPC National Committee; CDL Central Committee; SSFA; former editor; Vice Minister of Higher Education. CHOU Ching-san--Assistant Manager, China Resources Company, Hong Kong. CHOU Chu-an--Former Ambassador to Bulgaria. CHOU Jung-hsin--CCPIT Central Committee; Deputy Minister of Build- ing Construction; Chairman of Council of Architectural Society of China. CHOU Keng-sheng--Thailand FA; PIFA; see Part VI - Parliamentary Groups; professor; Advisor to Minister of Foreign Affairs. -113- Approved For R6 8-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For ReI -00915R000800120001-9 CHOU Li-p'o--ACRFC; novelist. CHOU Nan--IADL. CHOU P'ei-yuan--WFSW; CSS 'Central Committee; Chairman, Society of Physicists; Vice President of Peking University. CHOU Shu-chia--Nepal FA; CPA. CHOU Te-ming (T.M. CHOW)--Assistant Manager, Import Department, China Resources Company, Hong Kong. CHOU Tzu-kang (f)--WIDF; Executive Committee, ACDWF; member, Na- tional Committee, CPPCC. CHOU Wei-chih--Board of Directors ACRFC; India FA; dramatist; Deputy Secretary General of ACFLAC. CHOU Yang (CHOW Yang)--ACRFC; CPC, SSFA; ACFLAC; Union of Chinese Writers; see Part VI - Journalists and Writers.. CHOU Ying-hua--Former Manager of China Travel Service, Hong Kong. CHOU Yuan-hsi--Delegate to International Metallurgists' Confer- ence, Moscow, June 1956; WFSW; member, Academy of Sciences. CHU Chao-hsiang--See Part VI - Scientists. CHU Cheng--WCD; ACAMS; see Part VI - Medical and Health Groups. CHU Ch'i-wen--IADL; India FA; PSLA; Deputy Chief, First Staff Office (Public Security) of State Council; headed delegation to IADL meeting, Leipzig, June 1954; Ambassador to Bulgaria. CHU Chia-k'uei (CHU Kia Kwei)--Assistant Manager, Bank of China, Singapore. CHU Fu-t'ang--See Part VI - Medical and Health Groups; WCD; pedia- trician and Director of Peking Children's Hospital. CHU Hsi-hsien--ACRFC. CHU Hsueh-fan--WFTU; Vice Chairman, ACFTU; KMTRC Central Commit- tee; SSFA Executive Board; CPPCC Standing Committee; CPC Na- tional Committee; Minister of Posts and Telecommunications. CHU Kang-k'un--See Part VI - Scientists. CHU K'o-chen (aka CHU Co-thing, OU Fang)--ACRFC; ACFSS; President of CPG International Geophysical Year Committee; ADSTK; Vice Chairman, Academy of Sciences; propagandist; delegate to 8th International Congress of the History of Science, Florence, Italy, September 1956. CHU Liang (CHU Ling)--WFDY; ACFDY; attended WFDY meetings 1954; member, youth delegation to Belgium, 1955; WFTU. CHU Ling--See CHU Liang. CHU Mu-chih--Deputy Director of NCNA, Peking. CHU Po-shen--ACRFC. CHU Tsan--Deputy Secretary General of CBA; delegate to WPC meet- ing Colombo, Ceylon, June 1957. CH'U T'u-nan--Chairman of ACRFC; WPC; ASC; Indonesia FA; Pakistan FA; CDL Central Committee; headed cultural groups to South America in late 1956, and to Scandinavian countries in June 1955; CPPCC Standing Committee; NIEA; CPC. CHU Tzu-chi--ASC; WPC; delegate to WPC meeting Colombo, Ceylon, June 1957. CHUAN Sun (Soon)--WFTU; ACFTU. -114- Approved For Rel-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Relee. -00915R000800120001-9 CHUANG Hsi-ch'uan--Malaya FA; Vice Chairman, FROCA; long identi- fied with Malaya CDL;-represents Overseas Chinese in NPC; Vice Chairman, COCA; formerly in business in Singapore and the Philippines. CHUANG Ming-li (CHONG Beng-lee)--Malaya FA; Secretary General, FROCA; member, COCA; long identified with Malaya CDL. CHUANG Shih-p'ing (S.P. CHUANG, CHUANG Ssu-p'ing)--Sub-manager, Bank of China, Hong Kong; possibly also Manager of the Andar Company, Hong Kong branch. CHUANG Yen--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions; Cultural Counsellor, London. CHUNG Chin-ming--See Part VI - Women. CHUNG Hui-lan--WCD; ACAMS; active in ADSTK. Donwang Jimzanchaba--Nepal FA. FAN Ch'ang-chiang (Hsi-wen)--ACRFC Standing Committee; ACFDY; ACFTU; SSFA;. CPC; editor/journalist; formerly Deputy Chief of NCNA; Deputy Secretary General of Scientific Planning Commit- tee; Deputy Director, 2nd Staff Office of State Council; CPPCC National Committee. FAN Tzu-wen--Vice Minister of Foreign Trade. FAN Wen-lan--ACRFC; historian; Acting Director, CCP Central Re- search Institute in Yenan, 1945; Secretary of CCP Shanghai bu- reau, 191+7; assigned to rewrite Chinese history to follow CCP propaganda line. FANG Chun-chuang--Malaya FA; Indonesia FA; member, COCA; former editor in Penang. FANG Ling-ju--WIDF; Vice Chairman, Shanghai Democratic Women's Federation; delegate to NPC, 1954; Professor of Chinese litera- ture at Futan University, Shanghai. FANG Ming--See Part VI - Trade Unions and Cultural Groups; Deputy Director, International Liaison Department, ACFTU; Vice Chair- man, China Educational Workers' Trade Union; WFTU (FISE). FANG Pao-chiing--Manager, China Travel Service, Macao. FANG Shan-kuei (S.K. FONG)--Sub-manager, Bank of China, in charge of economic research, Hong Kong. FANG T ien-ccheng--See FONG Tien Tcheng. FANG Yuan-mou (FONG Yuen-mow)--Manager, China Travel Service, Hong Kong. FEN Pi--NCNA representative in Kabul, December 1956. FENG Hsuan--Ambassador to Switzerland. FENG T'ieh-ccheng--Japan FA; see Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhi- bitions. FONG T'ien Tcheng (FANG T'ien-ch'eng)--Commercial Attache, DRV. FU Lien-chang (Nelson FU)--ACRFC Board of Directors; ASC; Chair- man, ACAMS; Vice Minister of Public Health; CPPCC; ASC member; see Part VI - Medical and Health Groups. FU Nai-tung--Min An Insurance Company shareholder. FU Sheng-lin--Director, Bureau of Export of CNIEC; MFT. HA Feng-o (Ha-feng-a, Hafangga, T'ENG Shu-wen)--ACRFC Board of Directors; Vice Chairman, Inner Mongolia People's Government; SSFA; visited Europe with cultural delegation in 1952. Approved For Re 8-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Re r~e_rzno78-00915R000800120001-9 HAN Nien-lung--See Part V, Sweden-China FA; Ambassador to Sweden. HAN Pei-ping--See Part VI - Journalists and Writers. HAN Yu-t'ung (f) (aka Mme. CHANG Yu-Yu, HAN Chi-min and HAN Yu- hsiang)--IADL; PSLA delegate to Conference of Asian Lawyers, Calcutta 1955; see Part VI - Jurists and Women; Moslem; member, CPPCC National Committee. HAO Te-ch'ing (HO Te-ch'ing)--Ambassador to Hungary. HO Ch'eng-hsiang--CRC; ACRFC Board of Directors; Director of Bu- reau of Religious Affairs of CPG; Deputy Director, First Office of UFD. HO Ch'i-fang--ACRFC Board of Directors; member, CPPCC; Deputy to NPC from Shantung. HO Chia-lin (HO Ping)--Assistant Manager, Industrial Exports De- partment, China Resources Company, Hong Kong. HO Hanson--See HO Hsien-ch'eng. HO Hsi-ch'uan--IUS; SSFA; WFDY. HO Hsiang-ning (Mme. LIAO Chung-K'ai) (f)--ACDWF; CPPCC; KMTRC; Vice Chairman, CPPCC; Deputy to NPC; Chairman of COCA; SSFA Executive Board; ACFLAC National Committee; holds honorary position in Bank of China, Peking. HO Hsien-ch'eng (Hanson HO)--Manager, Bank of China, Kuala Lumpur, Malaya. HO I-chen, Dr. (Mme. KO T'ing-sui) (f)--WFSS. HO K'o--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions. HO Lu-ting--ACRFC. HO P'ing--See HO Chia-lin. HO Te-ch'ing--See HAO Te-ch'ing. HO Ting--ACRFC. HO Wei--Ambassador to DRV (North Vietnam). HO Ying--Indonesia FA; Ambassador to Mongolian People's Republic; formerly with Chinese Communist embassy in Djakarta. HOU Te-pang (aka CHIH-pen)--ACRFC Board of Directors; ACFSS; See Part V - China-France; headed cultural delegations to India, 1954, to Pakistan, in 1955 and to Italy, in April 1956; CPC National Committee; ASC; CPPG Executive Committee; WPC;. see Part VI - Trade, Scientific, and Cultural Groups; CPPCC Standing Committee; delegate to WPC meeting in Colombo, Ceylon, June 1957? Hsi-jao-chia-ts'o (aka Shirob Galtso)--Chairman, China Buddhist Association; Tibetan Lana, member, ASC; India FA; see Part VI - Religious Groups. HSI Nai-chieh (ZIH Nai Chee)--Sub-manager, Min An Insurance Com- pany, Hong Kong; travels extensively in Southeast Asia; former- ly with Pao Feng Insurance Company, Shanghai. HSIA Ch'eng-chih (Shie Sheng-chi)--Manager, Sub-branch, Bank of China, Rangoon. HSIA Ts'ung-lung '(C.L. HSIA)--Assistant Manager, Bank of China, Hong Kong. HSIA Yen (aka SHEN Tuan-hsien or SHEN Jui-hsien)--ACRFC Board of Directors; India FA; CPC National Committee; ACFLAC Standing Approved For R8-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel 00915R000800120001-9 Committee; Vice Minister of Culture; member, PIFA Board of Di- rectors; member, good will delegation to India, November 1953; active in SSFA. HSIA Yung-hsin--WPC. HSIANG K'o-fang--Superintendent of foreign branches of Bank of China; visited Switzerland in 1950. HSIAO Fang-chou--CCPIT. HSIAO Hsiang-ch'ien--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions; Ja- pan FA; deputy head of Economics Research Department of CCPIT; Deputy Chief of Secretariat of PIFA. HSIAO Kang--Burma FA. HSIAO San (aka HSIAO Ai-mei and Emi SIAO)--Board of Directors, ACRFC; ACFLAC; Union of Chinese Writers; WPC; member cultural delegation to Chile and Argentina, 1954; SSFA Executive Com- mittee; delegate to Asian Writers Conference, New Delhi, Decem- ber 1956. HSIEH Ch'i-chu--Sub-manager, Bank of China, Hong Kong. HSIEH Ch'in--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions; Chief, Exhibi- tion Department of CCPIT. HSIEH Ch'un-pu--Commercial Counsellor, North Korea. HSIEH Hsiao-nai--Head of Liaison Department of CCPIT. HSIEH Hsueh-kung--Vice Minister of Foreign Trade. HSIEH Li--Charge d'Affaires to Netherlands. HSIEH Pang-ting (f)--IUS (former vice president); Secretary Gen- eral of ACFS; ACFDY; CNDYL; member, National Committee, CPC; delegate to World Congresses of peace, students, and youth; headed delegation to international geography seminar in New Delhi, 1956; in 1953, worked at IUS headquarters in the Educa- tional, Cultural, and Travel Department. HSIEH Ping-hsin (f) (aka HSIEH Wan-ying and Mme. WU Wen-tsao)-- Japan FA; WIDF; India FA; CPC; ACRFC Board of Directors; CAPD; WPC; see Part VI - Women, Peace Groups, and Cultural Groups; mem- ber, National Committee of ACFLAC. HSIEH Shou-t'ien--Commercial Counsellor, London. HSIEH Wan-ying (f)--See HSIEII Ping-hsin. HSIEN Wen-t'ung--Manager, Young Brothers Banking Corporation, Hong Kong. HSIUNG Fu--Secretary General, CCP Propaganda Department; ASC; as- sociated with NCNA. HSIUNG Hsiang-hui--ACRFC. HSU Chan-hsing--One of directors of China Travel Service; Manager ,,of Sin Ilua Trust, Savings and Commercial Bank, Hong Kong. HSU Chieh--Former Manager, Andar Company, Bangkok Office; member, ACFICA Executive Committee; Vice Minister of Geology; member ,,of CDL Central Committee. HSU Chung-fu--Cultural Counsellor, Sweden. HSU Hsiung--Assistant Manager, Civil Aviation Bureau, Rangoon Of- fice. HSU Hsueh-han--Vice Minister of Foreign Trade. -117- Approved For R 8-00915R000800120001-9 Approved F _ ___ _ DP78-00915R000800120001-9 fSU Hung-chiu--Cultural Attache, Czechoslovakia. HSU Kuang-hsiao--See Part VI - Cultural Groups. HSIJ Kuang-p' ing (f) (Mme. LU Hsun)--WIDF; ACRFC Board of Direc- tors; ACDWF; CPPCC; CAPD; CPC National Committee; CDL Central Committee; WPC; ACFLAC; see Part VI - Cultural Groups, and Peace Groups; SSFA Executive Committee; NPC Standing Committee; mem- ber, ASC. HSU Lu-Kuang--Assistant Manager, Bank of China, Calcutta branch. HSU Mai-chin--OIR; ACFJ; Deputy Chief Broadcasting Administrs,tive Bureau of CPG; CPPCC National Committee. HSU Pei-ming (P.M. Shu, PAI Ming-shu)--Assistant Manager, Bank of China, Rangoon. HSU P'eng-fei (B.F. HSU)--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions; Manager, Import Department, China National Resources Company, Hong Kong. HSU Ping-yu--ACRFC. HSU Shao-chi--Manager, China Insurance Company, Djakarta. HSU Sheng-wu--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions; Deputy Direc- tor, Liaison Department, CCPIT. HSU Shih-yu--Manager, Ssu Hai Tung Bank, Hong Kong. HSU Ssu-min (C. Su Bin, SUBIN)--Burma-China FA, Part V; delegate to National People's Congress 1954. HSU Ta-shen--Trade Counsellor, USSR. HSU Tan-shu (T.S. HSU)--Represents CNIEC in Bern, Switzerland; formerly with CNIEC in East Berlin. HSU Te-ming--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions. HSU Ti-hsin--CCPIT Central Committee; Director of CPG Central In- dustry and Commerce Administration Bureau. HSU Ts'u (HSU Su, HSU Tung)--Former Chief of NCNA bureau in Macao. HSU Tzu-ch'i--Manager, Nanyang Commercial Bank, Hong Kong. HSU Tzu-chirig (SHU Tzu-ching and SHU Hsu-tung)--India FA. HSUEH Ch'iao--ACRFC. HSUEH Mu-ch'iao--CCPIT; Deputy Director, State Planning Commission; Director, State Statistical Bureau of State Council; member, Scientific Planning Committee. HSUEH Wen-ching--NCNA correspondent, Warsaw. HSUEH Yu--Member, scientific delegation to Pakistan, January 1955; pharmacologist; one of founders of Chiu San Society; member, ACFSS. HU Ch'i-li--IUS; ACFS; see Part VI - Youth. HU Chi-wei--Headed journalist delegation to USSR; chief editor, People's Daily; see NCNA. HU Chih-sheng--NCNA and People's Daily correspondent in Budapest, November 1956. HU Ch'ing--See Part VI - Scientists. HU Chun-leng--Deputy Director, head office of NCNA, in Peking. HU K'o-ping--ASC. HU Lan-sheng--WPC. HU Pa-meng (HU Pa)--CBA; see Part VI - Religious Groups. Approved F P78-00945R000800120001-9 Approved For Re1e qq ? f11 A 0JR-00915R000800120001-9 HU Ting-i--Acting Cultural Counsellor, London. HU Yao-pang--WFDY; ASC; ACFTU; ACFDY; NIEA. HU Yi-tsai (f)--See Part VI - Women. HU.Yu-chih--ACRFC; Indonesia FA; WPC; India FA; PIFA; ACFLAC; Secretary General of CDL; ACFJ; was Chairman of former Publi- cations Administration of CPG; member, NCNA Board of Directors; returned to Hong Kong in 1948, from Singapore, Malaya; Chair- man, All China Esperanto League. HU Yu-fang (Y.F. HU, Y.F. WU, YORK Hung-hu, York-fong HU)--Mana- ger, Bank of China, Rangoon. HUA Chia--Leader of acrobatic troupe which toured Indonesia, Au- gust 1956. HUA Chun-wu--ACRFC; Secretary of the Association of Chinese Fine Arts; see Argentina FA. HUA Lo-keng--ACRFC; WFSW; ACFSS; WPC; Deputy Director of Culture and Education Committee of CDL; Standing Committee of Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry Department of Academy of Sciences; Director of Institute of Mathematics. HUAN Hsiang--Charge d'Affaires to United Kingdom. HUANG Ch'ang-shui--Burma FA; ACFICA; Vice Chairman, Canton FROCA; member, ASC and CDNCA; member, National Committee of CPPCC; former resident of Philippines; ACUC; Vice Mayor of Canton; represented Overseas Chinese on NPC, 1954. HUANG Chen--Former Ambassador to Indonesia. HUANG Chia-ssu--Delegate, World Congress of Physicians, Vienna, 1953; surgeon at Shanghai Medical College; member, ACFSS. HUANG Cho-jan--NCNA correspondent in Hong Kong. HUANG Hsi-ping--Assistant Manager, Bank of China, Hong Kong. HUANG Hsien-fan--ACRFC. HUANG Hsien-ju (H.J. HUANG)--Sub-manager and head of Overseas Chinese Service Dept., Bank of China, Hong Kong; Director, Min An Insurance Company, Hong Kong. HUANG Kan-sung--NCNA correspondent. HUANG Kan-ying (f)--See Part VI - Women. HUANG Lung--NCNA correspondent with CHOU En-lai entourage to SEA in December 1956. HUANG Ting-ch'en--See Part VI - Medical and Health Groups; one of founders of CKT; represented Overseas Chinese on CPPCC in 1949; member, National Committees of NPC and CPPCC; leader in ADSTK and ACAMS. HUANG Tso-lin--ASC. HUANG Wei-min--Member, delegation Indonesia Fair, August-September 1955; Commercial Attache, Embassy at Djakarta. HUNG Yuan-yuan--Resides in Indonesia; a director of Indonesia- China FA; helped to entertain Chinese delegation of students to Indonesia, September 1955- I Chen-tang--Trade Counsellor, USSR. I Mei-hou (aka HUI Mui-kow)--Thailand FA; overseas delegate to CPPCC and NPC; Vice Chairman, FROCA; represents overseas Chi- nese on Executive Committee of ACFICA. -119- Approved For Re 8-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Raiaa-an - r_I ZDP78-00915R000800120001-9 I Min Makhdum (I-ming MA-ho-su-mu) (Imin Mahosumu) (Iminov) (Shiekh I min Mahosumu)--Pakistan FA; CISA; represented Sin- kiang at NPC 1954; Vice Chairman, Sinkiang-Uighur Autonomous Region. Jamal-al-din LI Shu (Jalmuddin LI Shu)--CISA; see Part VI - Reli- gious Groups. JEN Fen-ping--NCNA representative on trade delegation to Japan, March 1955. JEN Ji-pei--Assistant Chief, Department of Asian Affairs of Min- istry of Foreign Trade; see Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions. JEN Kuei-chen (f)--See Part VI - Youth; member of Shanghai Opera group. JEN Pai-ko--ACRFC Board of Directors; deputy to NPC; National Com- mittee of ACFLAC; active in CPC and SSFA; Deputy Secretary, CCP Chungking Committee; Vice Mayor, Chungking. JEN Po-sen--Indonesia FA. JIU Mu--IADL. KANG Hsi-fan (KANG Hai-pan)--Commercial Attache, Poland. K'ANG K'o-ch'ing (f) (Mme. CHU Teh)--WIDF; WPC; ACDWF; SSFA. KIANG Li--Deputy Director, Bureau of Export of CNIEC; MFT. KANG Ming-ch'iu--Japan-China FA; Vice Chairman, Tokyo Overseas Chinese Association; delegate to NPC in 1954. KIANG Yung-ho--WFTU; see Part VI - Peace Groups. KAO Chung-min--Vice Chairman of,CDL; PSLA; WPC. KAO Shang-lin--Commercial Attache,. Switzerland. KAO Shang-neng--Commercial Counsellor, Pakistan. KAO Shih-jung--Commercial Counsellor, Czechoslovakia. KAO Wei-hsi (W.H. KAO, R.L.K. KHO, KOO Wei-sien)?--Manager, Bank of China, Djakarta. KENG Piao--Ambassador to Pakistan. KIANG Han--NCNA commentator, Radio Peking. KING, T.M.--See CHIN Tung-ming. KO Chung-ch'uan--Resides in Indonesia; a director of Indonesia- China FA; helped entertain Chinese student delegation to Indo- nesia, September 1955. K'O-Po-nien (K'O Pai-nien, KE Po-nien)--IADL; Ambassador to Ru- mania; active in PIFA; PSLA; member, IADL Investigation Commit- tee on Korea. KO Shih-liang--Assistant Manager, Bank of Communications, Hong Kong; one of stockholders and directors of China Travel Serv- ice, Hong Kong, in 1954. KO Shou-chen--Malaya FA. KO Tai-shuo (KO Tsai-shuo)--IUS; delegate to World Conference of Students, Prague, August 1956; reported in 1952 as head of IUS Bureau of Students Fighting Against Colonialism. KO Yang (f)--WIDF; chief editor of New Observer; member CPC, SSFA, and CPPCC. KOO, K.Y. (KU)--Director, China National Animal By-Products Cor- poration. KU Hsien-cheng (KOO Hian Seng)--Sub-manager, Bank of China, Lon- don. Approved For gskomewodMOWDP78-00915ROO0800120001-9 Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 KU Tsui--WPC. KUAN Wen-sen--Malaya FA; CKT representative at CPPCC, 1949; Vice Chairman, CKT; member, COCA; represented overseas Chinese at NPC, 1954, and CPPCC, 1949; prior to 1949, was active in CKT and CDL in Malaya. Died 16 September 1957. KUNG Ch'ing-lin (C.L. KYONG, KUNG Ching-lian, KYONG Ch'ing-ling, Jabin C.L. KYONG and KUNG Hin-lin)--Manager, Bank of Communi- cations, Rangoon. KUNG Ling-to--NCNA cameraman with CHOU En-lai entourage to SEA, December 1956. KUNG P'eng (Mme. CH'IAO Kuan-hua) (f)--ACFDY; PIFA; WFDY; Direc- tor, Information Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. KUNG P'u-sheng (Mme. CHANG Han-fu) (f)--WIFD; India FA; see Part VI - Women; head of section in Ministry of Foreign Affairs. KUNG Yin-ping--Former General Manager, Bank of China, Peking. KUNG Yuan--Member of Board, Indonesia FA; Vice Minister of For- eign Trade; see Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions. KUO Ch'iao-jan--Nepalese-Chinese FA; Vice Mayor of Canton; member, CDL Standing Committee; member, CPWDP. KUO Hsiu-mei (f)--See Part VI - Religious Groups. KUO K'o-ming--Resides in Indonesia; a director of Indonesia-China FA; helped entertain Chinese student delegaticn to Indonesia, September 1955. KUO Lang-ying--See Part VI - Women. KUO Mo-jo--CPPCC; CPC; ACFLAC; WPC; ASC; Board of Directors, ACRFC; Japan FA; SSFA; APPLC; see Part VI - Cultural Groups; President of Academy of Sciences; headed delegation to WPC meeting in Co- lombo, Ceylon, June 1957. KUO P'eng--ACRFC; CBA. KUO Po--Japan FA. KUO Shan-chin--ASC. KUO Ta-kai--Cultural Attache; Syria. KUO Tse-ch'en--WPC delegate, Vienna, 1953; CDL Central Committee; CPWDP Central Committee; Deputy Secretary General of CPPCC; SSFA; educated in Germany. KWOK, Alfred Chan Kwan--Manager, Bank of China, Penang, Malaya. LA Hsi-ta (wife of BURHAN)--WIDF; see Part VI - Women. LA Yen-hsiu (f)--See Part VI - Youth. LAI Kim Kie--See Part V, Indonesia-China FA. LAI Shao-ch'i--ACRFC. LAM Chi-fung--Managing Director, Chia Hua Bank, Hong Kong. LAN, Ricardo Chansan (Ricardo CHAN San-tan)--Chilean-Chinese Cul- tural Institute, Part V. LAO Hsin--Cultural Attache, Switzerland. LAO She (aka SHU She-yu, SHI Ch'ing-ch'un and LAU Shaw)--India FA; Board of Directors, ACRFC; National Committee of ACFLAC; novel- ist; Vice Chairman, Union of Chinese Writers; Vice Chairman of Peking SSFA and CPC branches; See Part VI - Journalists and Writ- ers. Approved For Re 8-00915R000800120001-9 Approved FoP78-00915R000800120001-9 LAO Yuan-hui--See Part VI - Students. LAU Bo-tan--Malaya-China FA. LEE King-thou (K.C. LEE)--Assistant Manager, Bank of China, Cal- cutta. LEI Chieh-ch'iung (f)--CAPD Board of Directors; WIDF; see Part VI - Women and Parliamentary Groups; member good-will mission to France, December 1954; Executive Committee, ACDWF; PSLA Board of Directors; National Committee, CPC; attended World Congress of Women, Denmark, June 1953; economics professor, Yenching University. LEI Jen-min--PIFA; ACFICA; Vice Minister of Foreign Trade; Vice Chairman of CCPIT; member of trade delegation to Japan 1955; IC PT. LEI Pi-shu--Burma-China Friendship Association, Part V. LEY Wong, Juman--Member, Chilean-Chinese Cultural Institute, Part V. LI Che-jen--Vice Minister of Foreign Trade. LI Ch'fang--Trade Counsellor, USSR; Vice Minister of Foreign Trade; Director, Radio Bureau of Ministry of Posts and Telecommunica- tions; in December 1956, was acting head of the Sino-Soviet Technical and Scientific Cooperation Commission. LI Chieh-po--See LI Hsieh-po. LI Chih-kan (LI Chin-feng, LI Tze-kai)--Deputy trade agent at Ka- limpong (in India on Nepal border). LI Chin-ch'eng (King Chen Lee, LEE King-chou, K.C. LEE)--Sub-man- ager, Bank of China, Calcutta; formerly Manager of Chittagong Branch. LI Chou-ying (C.Y. LEE)--Sub-manager, Bank of China, Bombay. LI Chu-ch'en--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions; CCPIT. LI Chu-chun--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions. LI Chun-wu--ACRFC Board of Directors; CRC; Co-adjutor of the State Bureau for Religious Affairs. LI Ch'ung--Chief editor, NCNA, Hong Kong. LI Fan-ju--China National Cereals, Oils, and Fats Export Corpora- tion. LI Fei-kan--See PA Chin. LI Fu-jen--CDL Central Committee; ACRFC; associated with NCNA. LI Ho--NCNA correspondent in Moscow; staff writer for People's Daily. LI Hsieh-po (LI Chieh-po) (LI Chi-p'o)--ACRFC Board of Directors; ACFTU Secretariat; WFTU; former head of Chinese Railway Workers' Union; led trade union delegation to India in 1954; attended Asian Conference, New Delhi, April 1955; attended several ECAFE sessions as WFTU observer; member of NPC; travelled widely in Communist countries. LI Hsien-nien--Minister of Finance, CPG. LI I-fan--Cultural Attache, North Vietnam. LI I-hsien--Son of LI Jung-wo; Manager, Overseas Assurance Corpor- ation Ltd., Surabaya. Approved Fo DP78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel 00915R000800120001-9 LI I-mang--CPPG; ACRFC; WPC. LI Jui-wen (S.M. LEE)--Secretary for General Affairs, China Re- sources Company. LI K'o-fu--Commercial Counsellor, Finland; See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions. LI Kuang-ch'ien--Malaya-China FA. LI Kuei-sen--ACRFC. LI Kuo-chang (LI K'o-chang)--India FA; head of India Branch of COCA. LI Meng-huo--Director, China National Machinery Import Corpora- tion. LI Ming--Deputy Director, China National Cereals, Oils, and Fats Export Corporation. LI Ming-sheng--See Part VI - Cultural Groups. LI Ping (f)--See Part VI - Women. LI P'ing-ch'uan--IOJ; ACFJ; Assistant to Director of Internation- al Department of NCNA. LI Shao-pao--WFDY. LI Shen--Deputy Director, International News Department, NCNA. LI Shih-chun--WPC. LI Shu--See Jamal-al-din LI Shu. LI Ssu-kuang (LEE Jonquei)--Vice Chairman, WFSW; Chairman, ACFSS; Vice Chairman, SSFA and CPPCC; CPC Standing Committee; Minister of Geology; ADSTK; CPPG Executive Committee. LI Te-ch'iao (K.C. LEE, LEE Ter-chiao)--Manager, China Insurance Company, Singapore Office. LI Te-ch'uan (Mme. FENG Yu-hsiang) (f)--WIFD; ACDWF; WPC; Minister of Public Health; CPC National Committee; ASC; ACRFC Board of Directors; Japan FA; Italy FA; SSFA; CPPC Central Committee; KMTRC Central Committee; see Part VI - Women; headed cultural delegations to Yugoslavia, in March 1956, to England, in 1950, and to Italy, in February 1956; headed Red Cross delegation to Japan, in 1955; member of Scientific Planning Committee of State Council; attended WIDF Executive Committee meeting in Berlin, April 1957. LI T'ieh-min--Malaya FA; Vice Chairman, FROCA; Vice Chairman, COCA; long connected with CDL in Malaya; member, National Committee, CPPCC; closely associated with TAN Kah-kee. LI Ts'ang--Commercial Attache, Afghanistan; formerly Director, China National Animal By-Products Export Corporation. LI Tsin-su--WFTU. LI Tsui-yin (f)--See Part VI - Youth. LI Tzu-chiu--See Part VI - Trade Unions. LI Yeh-liu--With NCNA in Hong Kong; formerly pro-Communist staff member of editorial section of newspaper Chung Yuan Pao, in Bangkok. LI Yen-hang--Burma-China FA; Part V. LI Ying-chi--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions; former vice General Manager of CNIEC; chief of permanent trade delegation in Cairo. Approved For Re%%%%""8-00915R000800120001-9 Approved F P78-00915R000800120001-9 LI Yu-ying--ASC. LIANG Cheng-ping--See Part VI - Trade Unions; Chairman, Shansi Coal Miners' Trade Union. LIANG Chih-hung- WPC; attended Helsinki peace conference, June 1955; attended Brussels peace conference, 1956. LIANG Hsi--WFSS; ACFSS; SSFA; Vice Chairman, CSS; ADSTK; Minister of Forestry. LIANG Po-ch'iang--Delegate World Congress of Physicians, Vienna, 1953; pathologist of Chungshan University; member, Academy of Sciences. LIANG Shang-yuan--Cultural Counsellor, Afghanistan; formerly Cul- tural Counsellor in Indonesia. LIANG Shih-ch'iu--Head, General Affairs Department, China Travel Service, Hong Kong. LIANG Tzu-yu--Min An Insurance Company shareholder. LIANG Wan-ch'eng--Director, Min An Insurance Company, Hong Kong. LIAO Ch'eng-chih (aka HO Liu-hua)--WFDY; Chairman, ACFDY; Board of Directors, ACRFC; Board of Directors, PIFA; WPC; ASC; SSFA; CPPG; Indonesia FA; Japan FA; Pakistan FA; APPLC; member, PIFA Board of Directors; member, CCP Central Committee; Deputy Chief, CCP United Front Department; member, Egyptian Aid Committee formed in November 1956; member of delegation to WPC meeting in Colombo, Ceylon, June 1957. LIA Sheng--See Australia FA, Part V. LIE Sek Hong--See Part V, Indonesia-China FA. LIN Ch'iao-chih (f)--Obstetrician at China Union Medical College; member, delegation, World Congress of Physicians, Vienna, 1953; ACFSS; ACFDW. LIN Ch'ing-ch'eng (C.Z. LIN)--General Affairs Department, China Resources Company, Hong Kong. LIN Hai-yun--In 1950, was head of International Trade Department of Ministry of Foreign Trade; Vice Minister of Foreign Trade; see Part VI Trade, Fairs, and Exhibitions. LIN Han-ta--WPC; NIEA; CAPD Board of Directors. LIN Lin--Cultural Counsellor, India and Nepal. LIN Tsung-mao (LUM Joung-mou, J.M. LUM)--Vice Manager, China Trav- el Service, Hong Kong. LIN Yeh--Cultural Attache, Hungary. LING Chi-han--IADL LING Sha--Indonesia FA; Dean, Peking Teachers College; member, friendship delegation to Indonesia, July 1956. LIU Chang-heng--Commercial Attache, Norway. LIU Chang-sheng--WPC; formerly on Secretariat of WFTU; ACFTU; see Part VI - Trade Unions. LIU Ch'ao-chin (C.T. LIU)--Manager, Industrial Products Export De- partment, China Resources Company; traveled to Europe and South- east Asia, in 1957? LIU Chi-tsai--Commercial Attache, Denmark. LIU Chin-sheng--Director, China National Chartering and Shipbroking Corporation. Approved For P78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For ReIe 0915R000800120001-9 LIU Ching-Jui-NCNA photographer with CHOU En-lai entourage to SEA, December 1956. LIU Ch'ing-yang (f)--ACDWF; CDL Central Committee; see Part VI - Women. LIU Chun--Nepal FA; CPWDP Central Committee; Vice Chairman, CPG Nationalities Affairs Commission. LIU En-hou--See Part VI - Religious Groups. LIU Fang--Commercial Counsellor, USSR. LIU Fang-ku--Commercial Attache, Burma. LIU Fu-ching--Manager, Bank of China Branch, London. LIU Hsiao--Ambassador to USSR. LIU Hui-cheng (f) (LIU Hui-chiin)--See Part VI - Journalists and Writers; member of UCW. LIU Jo-ming--Commercial Counsellor, Poland. LIU K'ai-chu--ACRFC. LIU K'o-p'ing--Pakistan FA; ASC; CISA; Deputy Director, UFD. LIU Kuan-i--ACRFC; CPC; WPC. LIU Kuang-han--Deputy Head of China National Cereals, Oil, and Fats Export Corporation; see Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions. LIU Kuei-liang--NCNA correspondent, Bonn, October 1956. LIU Ning-i--WPC; CPC; WFTU; Vice Chairman of ACFTU; member, CCPIT Central Committee; PIFA Board of Directors; ICPT; ASC; APPLC; Board of Directors, ACRFC; Japan FA; ACSF; SSFA; see Part VI - Trade Unions and Peace Groups; deputy to NPC; traveled to Geneva Conference, 1954, to Pakistan, 1951, to India, 1951 and 1955, to Italy, 1956; attended meeting Britain-China FA, Novem- ber 1950; attended most of conferences of WFTU, since 1946, and of WPC, since 1949; member of delegation to WPC meeting in Co- lombo, Ceylon, June 1957? LIU Pai-yu--ACRFC Board of Directors; Union of Chinese Writers; India FA; headed delegation of Chinese Writers to Yugoslavia, in December 1956. LIU Pao-kang--Commercial Attache, Pakistan. LIU Tao-sheng--WFDY. LIU Tsun-ch'i--Editor of People's China since 1953; was Deputy Director, International News Bureau under former News Adminis- tration; was publisher in Hong Kong, 1948-1949; studied in U.S., 1947; on board of PIFA. LIU Tzu-chiu--Headed trade union delegation to Burma, February 1955; CCPIT Central Committee; ACFTU Executive Committee; SSFA Executive Committee. LIU Tung-ao (HU Tung-cao)--Assistant Manager Civil Aviation Bureau, Rangoon Office. LIU Wang Li-ming--WIDF; President, Women's Temperance Union of China. LIU Ya-min--Consul General, Medan, Indonesia. LIU Yu-feng--Consul General, Calcutta, India. LIU Yun-ying--IADL; among those working for WPC Secretariat in Vienna, June 1954. LO Ch'ang-p'ei--Burma FA. Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For 78-00915R000800120001-9 LO Ch'eng-hsu--Sub-manager, Min An Insurance Company, Hong Kong. LO Chiung (f)--WIDF; ACDWF. LO I--WDFY. LO K'ai-fu (David LOA)--Burma FA; geographer. LO Kuei-po--Former Ambassador to DRV (Viet Minh). LO Lung-chi--WPC; PIFA; CDL; CPPCC; member, Commission for Affairs of Nationalities; delegate to WPC meeting, Colombo, Ceylon, June 1957; target of criticism as "rightist" in 1957? LO Pai-i--Deputy Director, Bureau of Export of CNIEC; MFT. LO Shih-kao--Former Ambassador to Albania; formerly Vice Mayor of Chung-king; named Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, December 1957. LO Shu-chang (f)--Deputy Secretary General CDNCA; CPPCC National Committee; Vice Minister of Labor; delegate to NPC, 1954; mem- ber, ACFICA Executive Committee; ACDWF Executive Committee; CPC National Committee; See Part VI - Women. Lozongchahsi--Nepal FA. LU Chao--See Part VI - Youth. LU Chen-hsing (LOH Cheng Hsing)--Assistant Manager, Bank of China, Singapore. LU Chi--ACRFC. LU Chi-ying (f)--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions; secretary and translator for WFTU delegation to ECAFE meeting in Bandung, 1953? LU Feng-ao (LOH Fong-ngaw and James LOK)--Assistant Manager, Bank of Communications, Rangoon. LU Hsin-yuan--Malaya FA; member of COCA; former leader in Singa- pore Teachers' Union. LU Hsu-chang--CCPIT Central Committee; Vice Minister of Foreign Trade; Director of CNIEC. LU Huan-chuan--Merchant; Chairman, Surabaya Overseas Chinese Gen- eral Association; Indonesia-China FA; was delegate to NPC, in 1954. LU Huei-shu--Member of trade delegation to Argentina and Uruguay, October 1957. LU Lung--Commercial Officer, trade section, office of the Charge' d'Affairs, Netherlands. LU Pao-wei--See Part VI - Scientists. LU Shou-ch'eng (S.C. LU, LOO Shou-tseng, Loo Shou-wei)--Malaya- China FA; manager, Bank of China Branch, in Singapore. LU Shu-tung--Sub-manager, Min An Insurance Company, Hong Kong. LU Tsai (f)--WIDF; ACDWF. LU Tso-i--WPC. LU Yao-wu--Cultural Counsellor, Yugoslavia. LU Yu-hui--With China Travel Service, Lingshan; formerly in Hong Kong. LU Yu-tang-,Assistant Manager, Export Department of China Resourc- es Company, Hong Kong. MA Chun-ku (MU Chun-ku)--On permanent secretariat of WFTU; for- merly Director, International Liaison Department of ACFTU. -126- Approved For R 8-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Relea~0915R000800120001-9 MA Chung-yao--Manager, China Insurance Company, Surabaya. MA Ha Wai-yung--Egypt FA; CISA. MA Han-ping--ACRFC; CISA; see Part VI - Cultural Groups. MA I-min--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions; Deputy Manager, China National Sundries Export Corporation. MA Jo-han--WPC. MA Shao-po--See Part VI - Cultural Groups. MA Ssu-ts'ung--Board of Directors, ACRFC; Indonesia FA; national committees of ACFLAC and CPC; composer; Vice Chairman, Union of Chinese Musicians; formerly resided in Paris. MA Wan-shen--WCD. MA Yin-ch'u--WPC; CPPG; SSFA; economist; President, Peiping Uni- versity; member, CCPIT Central Committee; member, ACRFC Board of Directors; National Committee of CPC; Director of Bank of China, Peking; NPC Standing Committee; member of Academy of Sciences. MA Yu-huai (aka Yusuf MA Yu-huai)--Indonesia FA; CISA; Egypt FA; ACRFC Standing Committee. MAI'Jih-p'ing (N.P. MAK)--Investigation Department, China Resourc- es Company, Hong Kong. MAI Tso-heng (T.H. MAI, C.H. MEH)--Manager, China State Bank, Hong Kong; one of stockholders of China Travel Service, Hong Kong, in 1954. MAO Hsin-yu--Consul General, Makassar, Indonesia. MAO I-sheng (aka Thomson E. MAO and MAO, Eason)--Headed delega- tion to Italy, in May 1956; ACFSS; ADSTK; CPPCC; NIEA; see Part VI - Cultural Groups; Director of Railway Research Insti- tute of the China National Railways; bridge and railway con- struction expert; member of Academy of Sciences; former Sec- retary of Shanghai Municipal Government. MAO Ta-feng--Cultural Counsellor, North Korea. MAO Tun (aka SHEN Yen-ping)--ACRFC; WPC; ACFLAC; Union of Chi- nese Writers; see Part VI - Journalists and Writers. MEI I--ACRFC; OIR; ACFLAC; ACFJ; formerly deputy chief editor for NCNA. MEI Kung-pin--WPC; ACFDY; KMTRC; CPPCC; SSFA Executive Committee. MEI Lan-fang--ACRFC; ACFLAC; see Part VI - Cultural Groups. MEI Shiu-chin--IADL. MENG Chi-ch'ing--See Part VI - Journalists and Writers. MENG Po--ACRFC. MENG Yung-ch'ien--ACFICA; WPC; ACFC; member, CCPIT Central Com- mittee. MIAO Hai-leng (see MOU Hai-lu). MIN Chih-ch'eng (see Ping-ts'o-wang-chieh)--ACRFC. MIN Kang-hou--IADL; PSLA; CDL Central Committee; member of CCP; Shanghai lawyer; Vice Minister of Justice. MING Cheng-chi--See Part VI - Students. MING Ko--Commercial Counsellor, USSR. MO Chen-chiu--WFTU; Indonesian-speaking interpreter to WFTU dele- gation in 1953, at Bandung EACFE conference; member trade -127- Approved For Rele -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For RrI n = r'A-0-r-1078-00915R000800120001-9 union delegation to Australia, April 1956; member, Australia- Asia Bureau of WF TU MO Ch'eng-kuei--Commercial Counsellor, Hungary. MOU Hai-lu (MIAO Hai-leng)--Deputy Director of NCNA, Peking. NAN Han-ch'en--ICPT; ACFICA; CDNCA; Chairman of CCPIT; Chairman of Board. of Directors of Bank of China, Peking. NENG Hai--CBA; WPC. NG Ek-hoan--See Part V, Malaya-China FA. NG Kan Hie--See WU Kuan-hsi. NI Fei-ch'un (f)--ACRFC; WPC; Burma FA. NI Wei-ting (NI Tu-ting)--Assistant Director, CNIEC. Nur Mohammed--See TA P'u-sheng. , OU King Tehan--Commercial Attache, North Vietnam. OU T'ang-liang (f)--WFDY; ACFDY; ACRFC. OU YANG Yu-ch'ien--ACRFC; ACFLAC; see Part VI - Cultural Groups. PA Chin (PAI Chien and LI Fei-kan)--WPC; Union of Chinese Writers; Vice Chairman, Shanghai Peace Committee. PAI Ch'i-ch'ing--See PAI Hsi-ch'ing. PAI Lang (f)--WIDF; ACDWF Executive Committee; ACFLAC National Committee; UCW Executive Committee; ASC member; represented Mukden, at NPC, 195+; see Part VI - Journalists and Writers. PAI Hsi-Ch'ing (PAI Shi-ch'ing, PAI Hai-ching)--WCD; ACRFC Stand- ing Committee; ACAMS; probably identical with PAI Ch'i-ch'ing, Vice Chief, Institute of Health, Peking; attended World Confer- ences of Doctors in Vienna, 1953, and in Tokyo, 1955. PAI Shang-yin--Assistant to Minister of Foreign Trade. PAI Shi-ch'ing--See PAI Hsi-ch'ing. PAI Shou-i--Board of Directors, ACRFC; Indonesia FA. P'AN Ching-i--See Part VI - Journalists and Writers. PAN Shao-thou--WCD. PAN Shih-chiang--IUS. P'AN Tzu-li Ambassador to India and Nepal. PAO Erh-han--See BURHAN. PAO Liang-tsai--ASsistant Director, CNIEC. P'EI Ta--NCNA correspondent and Jen Min Jih Pao reporter. P'ENG Chen--CPPCC; CPC; CPFG; see Part VI - Parliamentary Groups. PENG Ti--NCNA correspondent in Djakarta, Cairo, London, Ghana, 195+-1957 P'ENG Tse-min--Malaya FA; CPWDP; CDL Central Committee; FROCA; deceased October 1956. PENG Tzu-kang (f)--See Part VI - Women. PI Shou-wang--Nepal FA; Assistant Director of Asian Affairs, Minis- try of Foreign Affairs. Ping-ts'o-wang-chieh (aka MIN Chih-ch'eng)--ACRFC. PO Yi (PU Yi, WANG Kai-!)--Commercial Counsellor, India; formerly head of Southeast Asia Section, Ministry of Foreign Trade, Pe- king; acting head of Chinese trade agency, Calcutta, June 1957. PU Chao-wen--NCNA correspondent. P'U Ch'uan-chuan (P'U Heng-ju)--Assistant Manager, Bank of China, Calcutta Branch. Approved For Rel 00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Re 8-00915R000800120001-9 P'U Liang-ch'ou--Assistant General Manager, China Resources Com- pany, Hong Kong; traveled to Europe and Southeast Asia, in 1957. PU I--(see PO Yi). PU Yu-jui--Manager, Bank of China, Bombay. SA K'ung-liao (SAI Kung-liao)--Mongolian; ACRFC; CDL Central and Propaganda Committees; ACFDY Executive Committee; member, NCNA Board of Directors; Vice Chairman of CPG Nationalities Affairs Commission. SAIFUDIN (SAI Fu-ting)--WPC; SSFA; CPPG; ACRFC. SHANG Kuang-wen (SHAN Kuan-wen,.KAO Kwang-wen) - Director, China National Minerals Corporation. SHAO Li-tzu--WPC; SSFA; KMTRC Central Committee. SHAO Tsung-han--ACRFC; CDL Central Committee; ACFJ; Burma FA; journalist and editor; associated with NCNA. SHEN Chi--Special Commissioner, People's Bank of China, Hong Kong. SHEN Chi-chen--WCD. SHEN Chien-chang--Superintendent, Bank of China, Calcutta. SHEN Chu-chang--WPC. SHEN Chun-ju (SEEN Heng-shan)-s.IADL; PSLA; SSFA; Chairman of CDL; CPPCC. SHEN Jen-chang--Bank of China, Karachi Branch. SHEN P'ing--Consul General, Geneva, Switzerland. SHEN Tuan-hsien--See HSIA Yen. SHEN Tzu-chiu (f) (Mme.. HU Yu-chih)--Member of NCNA Board of Di- rectors; CDL Central Committee. SHEN Yen-ping (MAO Tun)--SSFA; Union of Chinese Writers; ACRFC. SHEN Yuan-hui (f)--WIDF. SHEN Yung--Sub-manager and head of General Affairs Department, in charge of real estate of the Bank of China, Hong Kong; may be supervisor of China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Ltd. SHENG P'ei-hua--CCPIT Central Committee. Shiekh Nur Mohammed--See TA P'u-sheng. SHIH Chih-ang--Vice Manager, China National Import-Export Corpora- tion. SHIN Ch'ing-ch'un-See SHU She-yu. SHIH Ching-yen (K.Y. ZAH)--Formerly of the Universal Development Company; one of the registered owners of Min An Insurance Com- pany, Hong Kong. SHIH Chung-pen (aka SHIH Chiang-pen)--IUS; ACFS; attended Student Conference, Bandung, May 1956. SHIH Ju-chang (f)--WPC; ACFDY; associated with Chinese YWCA; dele- gate to Convention for Prohibiting Atomic-Hydrogen Bombs, Tokyo, August 1957. SHIH Ku--Assistant Commercial representative, Damascus, Syria. SHIH Li-ch'un (TSZE Lee-chun)--Assistant Manager, China Travel Serv- ice, Hong Kong. SHIH Liang (f) (Mme. LU Tien-kuei)--See Part VI - Women; WPC dele- gate, 1952; WIDF Executive Committee; Minister of Justice; Vice Chairman of CDL; ACDWF; CPC; CPPCC; SSFA; PSLA. -129- Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For R 8-00915R000800120001-9 SHIH Liang-shu--Vice Manager, Bank of China, Karachi. SHIH Sheng--Commercial Counsellor, Mongolian People's Republic. Shirob Galtso--See Part VI - Religious Groups; CBA; India FA. SHU Hsu-tung (SHU Hsu-thing., HSU Tzu-ching)--See SHU Tzu-ch'ing. SHU She-yu (aka LAO She and SHIN Ch'ing-ch'un)--ACRFC; ACFLAC; Union of Chinese Writers; see Part VI - Journalists and Writers. SHU Tzu-ch'ing (SHU Hsu-tung, SHU Hsu-ch'ing, HSU Tzu-ch'ing)-- Deputy secretary general of CCPIT; Vice Director, Bureau of Import, Ministry of Foreign Trade; India FA; represented Over- seas Chinese in India on NPC 195+; see Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions. SHU Yin-shih (phonetic)--See Part V, India FA. SIAO, Emi--See HSIAO San. SOONG Ch'ing-ling (Mme. SUN Yat-sen)--WPC; APPLC; CPC; ASC; ACDWF; SSFA; Pakistan FA; see Part VI - Cultural Groups. SSU-MA Wen-sen--Cultural Counsellor, Indonesia. SU Cheng-shou--Thailand FA; former merchant in Thailand; was an overseas delegate to NPC in 1954. SU Han-chih--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions; Manager, China National Tea Export Corporation. SUN Marjen, Benjamin--Chilean-Chinese Cultural Institute, Part V. SUN Chi-yu--Assistant Trade Attache, Bulgaria. SUN Chin-ju--IUS. SUN Ch'un (SUN Shun)--Deputy Director, Bureau of Import of CNIEC. SUN Hsiao-ts'un--CDNCA Executive Committee; ACRFC; member, Board of Directors of Bank of China, Peking. SUN Kuei-lin (SUN Kwei-ling)--Manager, Bank of China, Karachi. SUN Li-chi--Director, China National Sundries Export Corporation; with Bureau of Export of Ministry of Foreign Trade. SUN P'ing-hua--Deputy chief of drama group which toured Japan from June to August 1956. See Part VI - Cultural Groups. SUN Sheng-chuan--WPC. SUN Shun--Deputy Chief, Import Bureau, t+4inistry of Foreign Trade. SUN Ta-chien--Representative of China National Sundries Export Corporation, Rangoon. SUN Wen-min (SUNG Wen-min)--Chief Manager, Min An Insurance Com- pany, Hong Kong. SUNG I-feng--Commercial Attache, Embassy, Burma. SUNG Shih--Trade Commissioner, Czechoslovakia. SUNG Ta-sheng--Assistant Manager, Bank of China, Hong Kong. TA P'u-sheng (aka Shiekh Nur Mohammed)--Vice Chairman, Egypt FA; Indonesia FA; CISA; CPPCC; see Part VI - Religious Groups; elect- ed president of Sino-Syrian FA on 1 October 1957. TAI Ai-lien (f)--Board of Directors ACRFC; on national committees of ACFLAC, ACFDY, and CDL; India FA. TAI Huang--NCNA correspondent in Hanoi, North Vietnam; accused of being rightist in August 1957? TAI Li-chin--See Part VI - Women. T'AI Lu--Consul General, Haiphong, DRV. TAI P'ei-then (aka TAI P'ei-ming)--Deputy head of trade office in Beirut, Lebanon. Approved For 78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For R ?8-00915R000800120001-9 TAI Tzu-liang--Malaya FA; member of COCA; businessman; was con- nected with CDL in Malaya. TAI Yun-feng (TAI Yun Fogg)--Sub-manager, Bank of China, Penang. TAN Beng Hong--Indonesia-China FA, Medan Branch; publisher, Demo- cratic Daily News, Medan. TAN Chun-mei--CPPCC. T'AN Hsi-t'ien (TAM He-tin)--Manager, Chia Hua Bank, Hong Kong. T'AN Kan (Arnold TAM)--Executive Editor, NCNA Hong Kong Office. TAN Keng-hui--Assistant Manager, Bank of China, Singapore. TAN Kah-Kee (CH'EN Chia-keng)--Malaya FA; Chairman of FROCA; CPPG; CPPCC; COCA; supervisor, representing government shares in Bank of China, Peking. TANG Chao-tan--ASC. TANG Chun-min (TUNG Chun-min)--Commercial Counsellor, Rumania. TANG, German--Chilean-Chinese Cultural Institute, Part V. TANG Ming-chao--WPC;. ACRFC; editor; Deputy Director of Liaison Department of CPC; delegate to WPC meeting Colombo, Ceylon, June 1957. TANG Wei-chung--CNIEC representative in Djakarta. TAO Shao-chi--WCD. TAO Tan--Delegate to International Metallurgists' Conference, Mos- cow, June 1956; WFSW; member, Academy of Sciences. TENG C.T.--Secretary General, China National Instruments Import Corporation. TENG Ch'i-huan--Assistant Manager, Bank of China, Hong Kong. TENG Kang--Deputy Director of NCNA, Peking. TENG Pan--Manager, Bank of China, Chittagong Branch. TE'NG Shu-wen--see HA Feng-o. TENG T'o--ACRFC Board of Directors; IOJ; ACFLAC; editor, People's Daily; ACFJ; Burma FA; SSFA; India FA; associated with NCNA. TENG Tsu-wu--Deputy Manager, Bank of China, Chittagong Branch. TENG Tzu-jo--WPC. TENG Ying-ch'ao (Mme. CHOU En-lai) (f)--WIDF; ACDWF; SSFA; CPC. TI Chao-pai--Burma FA; Deputy Chief of Institute of Economics, Peking; member, scientific delegation to Pakistan, January 1955; member, cultural delegation to India and Burma 1951. T'IEN Han--ACRFC; ACFLAC; dramatist. T'IEN Hui-chen (f)--ASC; delegate to WPC meeting Colombo, Ceylon, June 1957; member of IIP Staff in Vienna. T'IEN Li-ch'un (TIEN Li-chuan)--Director, China National Instru- ments Corporation. T'IEN Sui-hsiang--Deputy Chief, Protocol Department of CNIEC; MFT. T'IEN Te-min--ACRFC; ACFDY; ACFS. TING Hsi-lin (TING Hsieh-lin)--Vice Chairman of ACRFC; Chairman of India FA; WPC; ASC; SSFA; CPPCC National Committee; ADSTK; Vice Minister of Culture; physicist; headed cultural delega- tion to India and Burma in 1951; member, Academy of Sciences. TING Jen-shan--Director, NCNA Macao office. TING K'o-chien--Formerly represented CNIEC in East Berlin; with China National Foodstuffs Export Corporation; represented CCPIT in negotiations with East German trade group. Approved For Rel -00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel 8-00915R000800120001-9 TING Kuang-hsun (Bishop) (TING Kuei-t'ang)--CRC; See Part VI - Re- ligious Groups. TING Kuo-yu--Ambassador to Afghanistan. TING Li--ACRFC; dramatist; member, ACFLAC National Committee. TING Ling (CHIANG Ping-chih) (f)--WIDF; ACDWF; ACRFC; ACFLAC; UCW; SSFA; CPPCC; NPC delegate from Shantung; ASC; CPC; Director, Central Literary Institute; Stalin Prize for Literature, 1952; accused as rightist in August 1957; member of CCP. TING T'o (TING T'o-liang)--Chief of NCNA international liaison section; nominated as NCNA correspondent to Japan. TING Tsan--WFSW; member, Academy of Sciences; psychologist; ACFSS. TS'AI Chang (Mme. LI Fu-ch'un) (f)--WIDF; ACDWF; CPC; ACFTU; SSFA. TSAI Ch'u-sheng--ACRFC; see Part VI - Cultural Groups. TS'AI Fu-yu--Vice Manager, China Travel Service, Hong Kong. TSAI Jo-hung--ACRFC. TS'AI Lei--NCNA editor in Hong Kong. TS'AI T'ing-k'ai--WPC; CPPCC Standing Committee; member, National Defense Council; COCA; KMTRC; supervisor, representing govern- ment shares in Bank of China, Peking; headed delegation to Con- vention for Prohibiting Atomic-Hydrogen Bombs, Tokyo, August 1957? TS'AO Chung-shu--Japan FA; CCPIT; Acting Manager, China National Import-Export Corporation; with group attending Japan Trade Fair, January-May 1955; see Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions. TS'AO Jih-ch'ang--ACRFC. TS'AO Kuei-sheng--Second Secretary of Embassy, Hanoi, North Viet- nam; deputy chief of economic delegation to Cambodia, Septem- ber 1956. TS'AO Meng-chin (f) (Mme. WANG K'un-lun)--ACDWF; ACRFC; WIDF; WPC; see Part VI - Women. TS'AO Ming--ACRFC. TS'AO Ming-chin (f)--WIDF; ACDWF. TS'AO Tung--Assistant Commercial Counsellor, United Kingdom. TS'AO Yu (aka WU Chia-pao and WAN Chia-pao)--ACRFC Board of Di- rectors; member, Union of Chinese Writers; Burma FA; WPC; see Part VI - Peace Groups; ACFLAC National Committee; member, CPC. TSENG Chien-ping (T'SENG Ching-ping)--Malaya FA. TSENG Chu-sen--See Part VI - Students. TSO Po-wen--Assistant Trade Commissioner, Czechoslovakia. TSOU Chu-ju--President, People's Bank of China, Peking. TSOU Ping-lin--WPC. TSOU Te-hsin (f)--WIDF; Deputy Director, International Work De- partment of ACDWF; see Part VI - Women. TSU Hsien-ji--WPC. TS'UI Chun--Commercial Counsellor, Yugoslavia. T'U Ch'ang-wang--ACRFC; WFSW; ACFSS; Secretary General of CSS; Director, Central Meteorological Bureau; Secretary of Academy of Sciences; headed delegation to England sponsored by Britain- China FA in 1951; active in SSFA; delegate to CPPCC; ADSTK. -132- Approved For 8-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel a"" ATi?"' M-00915R000800120001-9 TU Chin-pang--Assistant Manager, Bank of China, Hong Kong. TU Hsi-ho (TO Yup Ho)--Manager, Cross St. Branch, Bank of China, Singapore. TU Tzu-i--Commercial Counsellor, India. TU Yu-yin--Commercial Counsellor, India and Nepal. TUNG Chang-pi--Employee of WPC in Vienna, before February 1957? TUNG Chi-shu (C.S. TUNG, TUNG Kei.-shu, FONG Chung)--Assistant Mana- ger, Import Department, China Resources Company. TUNG Chun-min--See TANG Chun-min. TUNG Heng-t'ao--Assistant Manager, Import Department, China Re- sources Company. TUNG Hsin--Headed trade union delegations to Japan, November 1956 and to Ceylon, in March 1957; see Part VI - Trade Unions; member of Secretariat of ACFTU. TUNG Yueh-ch'ien--ACRFC; Burma FA; former Director, Department of International Organizations and Conferences, Ministry of For- eign Affairs. TZU Chung-jun (TZU Chun-yien, TZU Cheng-yu)--On Staff IIP, Vienna; formerly on WPC Staff. Attended preparatory committee meeting, Helsinki, April 1957, for Colombo, Ceylon, WPC Congress. ULANFU (aka WU Lan-fu and YUN Tse)--Nepal FA; SSFA; CPC. WAN Chia-pao--See TS'AO Yu. WAN Chiao--See Part VI - Students. WAN Lu--Member of trade delegation to Argentina and Uruguay in October 1957. WANG Chang-yun--Director of NCNA, Rangoon Office. WANG Chao-hsun (WANG Chao-hsiun)--Staff member of Chinese Com- munist Commercial Agency in New Delhi, India. WANG Chi (WANG Huan) (f)--People's Daily correspondent; in Japan with trade delegation, March 1955. WANG Chien-kung--Set up Civil Aviation Bureau, Rangoon Office. WANG Chin-hsiu--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions. WANG Chiu-ching--Head of industrial-agricultural exhibit in Ha- noi. WANG Chung-yuan--Represents China National Instruments Import Cor- poration in Bern, Switzerland. WANG Fei-jan--IADL. WANG Han-min--See Part VI - Trade and Cultural Groups; Commercial Counsellor, Hungary. WANG Hsien (WANG Hsin)--IADL. WANG Hsin-yuan--CPPCC National Committee; CDNCA Standing Committee; SSFA Executive Board; Vice Minister of Light Industry; see Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions. WANG Huan (f)--See WANG Chi. WANG Hui-chen--IUS; WPC. WANG I-fu--IADL; Vice Minister of Interior; delegate to Conference of Asian Lawyers, Calcutta, June 1955. WANG Jen-shu--Indonesia FA; Central Committee, ACFDY; member, COCA; former Ambassador to Indonesia; see Part VI - Journalists and Writers. WANG Jun-sheng--Commercial Counsellor, East Germany. Approved For KvR@mlilitO!*M"-IM78-00915ROO0800120001-9 Approved Fo DP78-00915R000800120001-9 WANG Kai-i--See PO Yi. WANG Kuo-ch'uan--Ambassador to East Germany; former Secretary of Jehol Provencial CCP Committee. WANG Lei-wang--Opened Chinese Communist trade office in Beirut, in September 1956; member of trade delegation to India, 1954. WANG Li--See Part VI - Cultural Groups. WANG Liang-yu (Roland WONG)--With People's Daily and NCNA in Hong Kong. WANG Lieh-wang--Commercial representative in Beirut, Lebanon. WANG Lu-chih--Commercial Counsellor, Bulgaria. WANG Ming-chen--Manager, Civil Aviation Bureau office, Rangoon. WANG Ping-nan--Ambassador to Poland. WANG Pu-ching--Cultural Attache, Finland. WANG Shou-min--Superintendent of Chinese Communist banks in Hong Kong. WANG Shu--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions; Director, NCNA, Karachi. Office. WANG Ti-Ch'eng (WONG Shih-cheng)--Assistant Manager, Bank of China, Calcutta Branch- WANG Tieh-hsi--IADL; ASC. WANG T'ing-chun--Malaya FA; CKT Central Committee; Canton FROCA; CDL leader in Malaya. WANG Tung-yin (T.Y. WANG)--Sub-manager, Bank of China, Calcutta. WANG Tse--Consul General, Lashio, Burma. WANG Wei (f)--Bank of China, Karachi Branch. WANG Yao-t'ing--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions; Deputy Di- rector, China National Sundries Export Corporation. WANG Yu-ping--Ambassador to Norway. WANG Yui-k'ang--Member, Research Department, Bank of China, Hong Kong. WANG Yun-sheng--IOJ; ACRFC; WPC; ACFJ; see Part VI - Peace Groups; member, Standing Committee, NPC; associated with NCNA. WEI Chih-ch'ao--Manager, Shipping Department, China Resources Com- pany, Hong Kong. WEI Hsiang-cheen--Staff member, Min An Insurance Company, Hong Kong. WEI Meng-ling--Deputy Chief, Protocol Department of CNIEC; MFT. WEN Chi-tse--Vice Chairman, International Broadcasting Organiza- tion (OIR); IOJ; Deputy Director of Broadcasting Bureau of State Council; represented OIR at meeting of the World Federa- tion of U.N. associations, Bangkok, September 1955; member, ASC. WEN Peng-chiu--Cultural Counsellor, East Germany. WEN Shih-chen--Deputy Secretary General of CCPIT; headed delega- tion to Casablanca International Fair, April-May 1957. WONG Hing, Enrique--Chilean-Chinese Cultural Institute, Part V. WOO Tzu-t'ieh--Manager, Ho Cheng Bank, Hong Kong. WU Chen--Commercial Attache, Sweden. WU Chen-hsiu--Manager, China Insurance Company, Peking; member of Bank of China Board of Directors. WU Chia-pao (See TS'AO Yu). -134- Approved For P78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For RI;78-00915ROO0800120001-9 WU Han--India FA; ACFDY; CDL Central Committee; headed friendship delegation to New Delhi, January 1956; see Part VI - Cultural Groups; Vice Mayor of Peking. WU Hsiu-ch'uan--Vice Chairman, ASC; member, NIEA; PIA Board of Directors; Ambassador to Yugoslavia; represented Chinese Com- munists before U.N. Security Council, November 1950. WU Hsiu-te--Chief, Japan Section, Australia-Asia Bureau of WFTU. WU Hsueh-ch'ien (WU Hsueh-chieh)--WFDY; ACRFC Board of Directors; member of youth group visiting Belgium and France, 1955-1956; YCL Central Committee and director, YCL International Liaison Department; ACFDY National Committee; member, ACSF. WU Hsueh-wen (WU Hsueh-men, WU Wen-hsiu)--Chief, Japan Branch, In- ternational Bureau of NCNA; vice chief, international liaison section, ACFJ; nominated as NCNA correspondent to Japan; corre- spondent with Red Cross delegation to Japan, 1954; with trade del- egation to Japan, 1955; with peace front delegation to Japan, 1957. WU Hua-chih--Secretary General of China-India FA; Deputy Secretary General of ACRFC. WU Hung-nien (H.N. WU, HONE Nien-wu)--Sub-manager, Bank of China, Rangoon. WU Hung-pin--WPC; CDL Central Committee. WU Jung.tsang--A standing director of Tokyo Overseas Chinese As- sociation. WU Kuan-hsi (NG Kan Hie)--Manager, Bank of China, Surabaya, Indo- nesia. WU Lan (f)--WIDF; delegate, WPC, Budapest, June 1953; WIDF Confer- ence Budapest, 1948; World Congress of Women, Denmark, 1953; ACDWF Executive Committee member. WU Lan-fu--See ULANFU. WU Leng-hsi--ACFJ; ACRFC Board of Directors; ACFLAC; PIFA Board of Directors; Director, NCNA; delegate to WPC, Vienna, 1952. WU Mao-sun (Mason WOO and WU Mao-sung)--WPC; ACRFC; Secretary Gen- eral of PIFA; KMTRC Central Committee; Deputy Secretary General, CPC; National Committee, ACFDY; India FA; CPPG. WU Pu-wen--Japan-China FA; Vice Chairman, Tokyo Overseas Chinese Association. WU Shih--Indonesia FA; represented North Borneo/Sarawak as dele- gate to NPC in 1954; former editor, Sarawak Daily; member, South China Institute of Medicine. WU Wen-hsiu--See WU Hsueh-wen. WU Wen-t'ao--ACRFC; IOJ; WPC; ACFJ; Union of Chinese Writers; NCNA correspondent in Prague, 1949. WU, Y.F.--See RU Yu-fang. WU Yao-tsung (Y.T. WU)--WPC; ASC; ACRFC Board of Directors; ACFDY; ACFSS; CPC National Committee; CRC; Standing Committee, CPPCC; see Part VI - Religious and Peace Groups; SSFA Executive Board; NPC Standing Committee; delegate to World Congress since 1950; delegate to WPC meeting in Colombo, Ceylon, June 1957. Headed NCNA office in Chungking during World War II. -135- Approved For R~gf 78-OO915ROOO8OO12OOO1-9 Approved For DP78-00915R000800120001-9 WU Yun-ch'u--CCPIT Central Committee. WU Yun-fu--ACRFC Board of Directors; member, CPPCC; long engaged in Red Cross and relief work; delegate, Red Cross conferences, Toronto and Geneva, 1952; member, Red Cross delegation to Ja- pan, late 1954. YANG Ch'eng--IUS. YANG Ch'i-ch'ien (C.C. YANG)--General Manager, combined Tai Ping Insurance Company and Overseas Assurance Corporation, Ltd., Indonesia. YANG Ching-jen (YANG Tsing-jen)--Pakistan FA; Vice Chairman of CISA; member, CPPCC; Moslem. YANG Chung-sung--WPC. YANG Han-sheng (OU-YANG Chi-hsiu, HUA Han)--Vice Chairman of ACRFC; Secretary General of ACFLAC; Indonesia FA; ASC; NCNA Board of Directors; member, CPPCC; CPC National Committee; Union of Chinese Writers; chairman, All China Association of Cinema Workers. YANG Hao-lu (YANG Hao-lei)--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions; member, CCPIT Central Committee; Assistant Minister of Foreign Trade. YANG, Ibrahim--See YUSSUF MA Hwai. YANG Lin (YANG Ling, YANG Liu)--Commercial Counsellor, Indonesia; member, trade delegations to India, 1954. YANG Mien--Chief of Protocol Department of CNIEC; also with Minis- try of Foreign Trade. YANG Shu-fan--See Part VI Trade Groups. YANG Po--Member, Chinese Communist Trade Agency, Calcutta. TANG So--See Part VI - Journalists'and Writers. YANG Tao-sheng--WFTU. YANG T'ing-pao--WFSW; Vice President, Chinese Architectural Asso- ciation; member, department of technical sciences, Academy of Sciences. YANG Wen-yen (M.Y. YANG).--Head of Information and Investigation Department, China Resources Company, Hong Kong. YANG Yi-chih--Special Commissioner of CCPIT. YANG Yin-hsien--Indonesia FA. YANG Yun-yu (f )--WIDF. YAO Chung-wing--Ambassador to Burma. YAO K'o-fang--Vice Chairman of ACAMS; see Part VI - Medical and Health Groups. YAO Nai-an--Chief, Export Department, CNIEC; member trade delega- tions to Ceylon, England, East Berlin, and Buenos Aires. YEA Chi-chuang--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions; Minister of Foreign Trade; Director, 5th Staff Office of State Council; CPPCC National Committee. YEH Chien-ying--Headed military good-will mission to Burma, Janu- ary 1957; Vice Chairman of National Defense Council; member, CCP Central Committee. YEH Ching-hao--Former Commercial Counsellor, Embassy, Hanoi, North Vietnam; headed economic delegation to Cambodia, September 1956. -136- Approved Fo DP78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel . 00915R000800120001-9 YEH Chun-chien--See Part VI - Journalists and Writers. YEH Chung-ch'i--Member, Chinese Communist Trade Agency, Calcutta. YEH Hung-pao--Indonesia FA; member, Foochow CPPCC Committee; for- mer Chairman of Chinese Club in Jogjakarta. YEH I-tung--Indonesia-China FA; editor in Medan; Chairman, Over- seas Chinese General Association in North Sumatra; delegate to NPC in 1954. YEH Sheng-t'ao (aka YEH Shao-than)--See Part VI - Journalists and Writers; editor, New China Bookstore; textbook publisher; SSFA; PSLA; Union of Chinese Writers Executive Committee; ACFLAC Na- tional Committee. YEH Yin--See Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions. YEH Yuan--Manager, National Commercial Bank, Hong Kong. YEN Ching-ching--ACAMS; see Part VI - Medical and Health, and Mis- cellaneous Groups. YEN Ching-hao--Commercial Counsellor, DRV (North Vietnam). YEN Jen-ying (f)--See Part VI - Women. YEN Wen-ching--India FA; member, Union of Chinese Writers; member, friendship delegation to Bombay, in February 1956.. YO Swie Hong--Assistant Manager, Bank of China, Djakarta. YONG Chan, Lorenzo (YON, YOUNG)--Chilean:Chinese Cultural Insti- 0 tute, Part V. YU Chan--Charg6 ad interim to Poland. YU En-yang--Japan-China FA; a director of the Tokyo Chinese As- 11 sociation. YU Ho-sen (H.S. YU)--Industrial Products Export Department, China Resources Company, Hong Kong. YU Hsin-ch'ing--KMTRC Central Committee; ACRFC. YU Hung-te--Member Chinese Communist Trade Agency, Calcutta. YU Kang--Director, China National Native Products Export Corpora- tion. YU K'o-ch'ien--Deputy Secretary General of CCPIT; see Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions: Vice Manager, China National Ma- chinery Import Corporation; formerly with CNIEC, East Berlin. YU Kuan-ying--See Part VI - Journalists and Writers. Y?J Lan--ACRFC. YU Li-kuang--Deputy Director, China National Tea Export Corpora- ? tion; see Part VI - Trade, Fairs, Exhibitions. YU Meng-yu--Cultural Counsellor, Poland. YU Pao-ts'ui--See Part VI - Journalists and Writers. YU P'ing--Director, China National Foodstuffs Export Corporation. YU Tun-hua (T.H. YU)--Assistant Manager, China Resources Company, Hong Kong. YU Yeh-chou--Indonesia FA; Executive Officer, Peking ROCA; Over- ? seas Chinese delegate to NPC, 1954. YUAN Chung-hsien--India FA; Vice Foreign Minister of CPG; former Ambasssador to India. YUAN Hsiao-ping--Headed film delegation to Finland, in January 1957? Approved For Re 78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For P78-00915R000800120001-9 Ui YUAN Hsueh-fen--ACRFC. YUAN Hsin-mu--Cultural Counsellor, Egypt. YUAN Li-shen--See Part VI - Students. YUAN Shui-pai--ACRFC. YUAN Tzu-wen--Sub-manager of Pao Sheng National Bank, Hong Kong. YUN Tse--See ULANFU. YUNG Chi-shen (JUNG Chi-sen)--Manager, South Bridge Road Branch, Bank of China, Singapore. YUSSUF MA Hwai (Ibrahim YANG, MA Yu-huai)--Indonesia FA; Egypt FA; CISA. Yusuf MA Yu-huai--See YUSSUF MA Hwai. ZAH, K.Y.--See SHIH Ching-yen. Zhya Saimati (TZUYA Saimati)--See Part VI - Journalists and Writers. -138- Approved FoAMMTbP78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000800120001-9 Approved For Rel R000800120001-9