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November 11, 2016
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August 11, 1998
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Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000900200007-3 3TtDE::TS FLA ED FOR `I:3GflPCEFUL tI T Tokyo, AKAHATA, in Japanese, June 23--T (Editorial; The Principles of Marxism-Leninism Must" Not be Distorted") (Text) The act of violence committed by the Zen;?akuren (Hationt.1 Federation of Student Self-Governr;ent Associations---Ed,) at the Core mu.nist Party headquarters on June 1 hap 4nfuriated the whole r=, ty,. The central cournittee has formed a special investigation cormittee to probe the incident. Details will be published later, The June 1 incident was the roost flagrant in the history of the Jap- anese Co:-nunist Party,, The party rules guarantee every r.er be? of the party the right to criticize the central corrinitteo and other organi- zations of the party, but the rain group of Zengakuren,, in the league with other r:er: hers of the Harty, rejected the guidance of the central. aor cittee? occupied the headquarters of the party, injure' a inei ber of the headquarters by rasa asault, and even detained mer ers,of the central committee on the second floor of the rain building fror^ ii o ' clock in the morning until Son clock in the evening, thus preventing then.: frotc taking .meals and even from going to the rest, roods freely. No such act of destruction and violence has ever been renprted in a headquarters buildinrr in the history of any communist party,,, What have the frost wicked violators of the rules been doia; since then? They have been spreading distorted reports and lies in zany places. Continuing to take an antiparty attitude, they are allowing no signs of reflecting on their act. They do not in the ?cast de3erve to be called connunists, since they have no intention of Lasing the responsibility for what they have done, The Zen,?akuren leaders' rejection of guidance by the cent al co:r.nittee, wlich constitutes a violation of the party rules, has col inued over quite a long, period of tire:. Their violent activity was tot induced by the action that headquarters rerbers took against ther ~ on Jur_e 1. Their act of violence was nrearrangod, as pointed out by the'stat ment issued by the secretariat of the central committee "on the violation of Harty re ulations by the National Fe~:eration of Student Self-- uoverrm.ent Associations and on some other facts." The antiparty incidents connected closely with their petty bour~,eois and negativist attitudes against the principle of der:locratic central- isr , the most it portant nrinciole of Farxism-Leninism, and did not occur by accident,, A study of the incident has revealed that it was caused by a certain group in accordance with prearranged "tactics," and their purpose was finally to bring about adoption of an antinarty resolution, Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000900200007-3 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000900200007-3 Students Bleed for Di gr?ac,eful Riot -- Page 2 Even if the incident had ta'_ren place within some other organization o: the masses;, it would be an intolerable incident, but the incident tool: place in the headquarters of the Communist F arty, and the pr ac`tioners of violence even du aired party leaders, including'r.azibers of the presidium of the central committee and central committee candidate members, injured one of them, and adopted an unreasonable resolution calling for the dismissal of all rieir_ber s of the central. corny-`i glee. This openly challenged the organizational principles of Yar?xis~m- Leninisrn, as well as the rules, and regulations of the pasty. If the democratic centralism featured in the principle that the r n- ority obeys the majority and the lower obeys the upper were to be destroyed and replaced by petty bourgeois terrorism the Communist Party would no longer be the party of the vanguard of the Japanese working peopled Whatever the difference of opinion may be, discus- sions should be conducted calmly and thoroughly according to t?he rules and regulations of the party. Never before has such great freedom of discussion been guaranteed each member of the party. Lacking experience and training as regular rembers of the party, some student members of the party, led by elornents with petty bourgeois tendencies,, were too terroristic, challenging the central committee from the start. The Jacanese Com;unist Party will not excuse such destroyers of the party because they are students or young. It is known to many people that such students are found not only in Japan but elsewhere Since the Hungarian incident, erratic petty bourgeois liberali n and revisionisr:i have been found as ong young people in many countries? They show no respect for existing authority. Possessed of audacity and arrogance, they demand that their seniors grant them more freedornf and at the same tine they are inclined to resort`, to bureaucratic tacticsi coercion, and even violence. They are not at all consistent. The anarchistic ideas of some students core partly from the petty bourgeois class to which they belong,) and party from the reactionary tendency called, "rodernisrr., ;" various types of revisionism,, and the ideas of Trotsky's Ufouruh Internationale," as disseminated by the American imperialists, the ruling circles of many countries, and scholars of their hiring. They aurae trying to replace the principle of democratic centralism, the fundamental organizational princiole of Marxism-Leninism, with a demand for unrestricted freedor: of the individual, As the recent in- cident has revealed, not only do they deny the democratic centralist system, but they do not i ntene' to reflect upon their own acts, even after ignorin others' righ s and injuring other r~;emberso Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000900200007-3 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000900200007-3 Students Blarced for Disgraceful Riot (- Page 3 The point of the criticism by the central cormittee against the central cozittee members who were involved in the incident is that they did not take any measures to disperse the student when overwhelmed by the latteras throats, cries, acts of violence, and detention? thus failing to show disapproval of the processes of the conference and acting contrary to the policy of the central coin :ittee. The student members of the party who used violence are trying to get various levels of the party membership to justify their act. It is regrettable that part of their propaganda, full of falsehood, is somewhat success- ful. This fact should not be overlooked. Some say that the cause of the trouble was inside the iembership of the central committee while others, acting as r;ediators or bystanders, say that the central connittee is as much to blare as the students. They rust try to understand the essence of the problem. Still others are "advising" the students to admit the actual act of violence was an error on their part, for it. would profit them to do so. Such people have no intention of raking an issue out of the student's basic idealogy, that is, petty bourgeoisism and antiparty tendencies, which caused them to resort to such action. Such an attitude will re- sult in tolerating and even encouraging the antiparty tendencies of these destroyers of the nasty. T he enemies of the laboring class are using all means to cause dis- turbances within the Connunist Party, now that the seventh convention is drawing near, and they are even seeking to make the convention a failure. We should not give our enemies even one chance. The only proper path for the party to follow is to abide by the principles of h:arxism-Leninism and rally around the central committee in order to repulse whatever the enen ies may do. Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R000900200007-3