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Approved Foielease : CIA-RDP78-00915ROO4 00280003-7 REPORT ON FIRST WORLD TRADE UNION CONFERENCE OF YOUNG WORKERS PRAGUE . 14-20 JULY 1958 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915RO01000280003-7 Approved Fo elease : CIA-RDP78.-00915R00U00280003-7 REPORT ON FIRST WORLD TRADE UNION CONFERENCE OF TOUNG WORKERS INTRODUCTION Preparatory planning for the Frst World Trade Union Confer- once of Toung Workers began in 1956 The holding of such a con- ference >.Tas approved by the IVth World Trade Union Congress held in October 1957, At that time an appeal was issued to young work- ers of all countries to send delegates to the Conference. The organizational work of preparing for ''the Conference was divided into two parts, The first step was the creation of Preparatory Committees,, where possible, with the assistance of WFTU adherents. The second step was to convene-congresses on a regional or national level to discuss the demands of young workers and to elect dele- gates t o the First Congress The propaganda campaign varied from country to country but in general included the distribution, of. copies of the Conference appeal issued by the -WFTU together with the distribution of addi- tional material dealing. with the Conference which was published on a national level In Finland, for example,,) leaflets bearing slo- gans and posters dealing with the conference were distributed during the May Day demonstration, It was reported that in France and in Hungary young workers-weree encouraged to,-correspond with young workers, in capitalist and colonial countries? n regard to the Con- ference, Bulgaria was reported to have issued a "Prague Conference" postage stamp while a-special radio program entitled "The WFTU Speaks to the Toung"Workers" was broadcast from East Germany, In Sudan the organ of the Sudan Federation of Trade Unions9 Al Talia9 placed before it-srreaders-questions concerning problems to be discussed-at the Conference and later published what were alleged to be the replies of three young workers. Ian Roscoi$ Secretary-of the Factory Louth Section, reported in the trade union journal Munca that the preparations at the "Trimpuri Noi" factory in Brest included: (1) youth meetings in all departments of the factory, where problems of youth work and future tasks in connection with the Conference were laid down, (2) establishment of a "Red Corner' B in--the factory where photo- graphs articles and news reports which appeared in the trade union Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R001000280003-7 Approved Fo telease : CIA-RDP78 00915ROG OO280003-7 or youth-press-were displayed, (3) issuance by the factory library of a reading list of books which would give the young workers an idea of the conditions.of life of young workers inother countries,, (4) discussion of these books relayed over the factory radio. ORGANIZATION Following these preparations the-First-World Trade Union Con- ference of- Toung Workers was- held 1L O , JuIy ?1958 :aft Prague. At its opening seeeion~ -the :Conferencee eleoted,;a Ssereta-riat and a Presidium fronv among,-the= lesss? than, Xoo deleggates-r=eparted to be in attendance. The workingco nittees of the Conference-included-(1) Resolutions.9 (2) Labor Problemsv-(3) Peace ~Problemsy (h) Trade Union Matters. The official languages-of the Conference,, were,reported to be: French9 Englishp Spanish. Russsiany Chinese9 Gzechj German and Arabic. AGENDA The -17th Session trf the.Execu ive .Committee-of WFTU establish- ed the agendas for,-the Conference ofToung Workers, as follows: l., Wages] vocational training, trade union and social rights of young, workers; struggles_ of young workers and their trade?unions,-fo demands and against dis- crimination,, Prospects. for young workers throughout the world and their united action for-peace-and against the danger of anatomic and. thermonuclear war. 3.. The role of the trade-unions,in organizing and uniting young workers and the-part young people can-play-in theactivities.and,strengthening of the trade unions. The report-on the first item of: the. agenda-was given by Charles Salducci9 member-of the preparatory committee for the Conference of Toung Workers and C G.T,, Secretary for., the Department Bouches du Rhone Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78 00915RO01000280003-7 Approved For lease : CIA-RDP78-00915RO01090280003-7 Salducci alleged discrimination against young workers in wages, salaries, and working hours,, Me quoted statistics to prove that (1) girls in Japan,, Denmark, Australia, and other countries re- ceived-substantially lower wages for the same-work than their male colleagues and that (2) young agricultural workers in capitalist and colonial countries were working under incredibly miserable conditions. Salducci further stated that while no increase of workersland employees pay was granted,:the?profits of such American companies as- the United Steel Corporation,: Royal Dutch Shell, and French Peugeot were-constantly rising. Fie then cited as an example of good treatment -of youngworkers$ Czechoslovakia, whose constitu- tion-stipulates that men and women~'youngand--,old workers must ob? tain equal pay for equal work. The report on the first point of the agenda contained the following demands Right-to work,, right to equal pay for equal work,, right to specialis-ed'training,.,reduction of working hours without reduction of wages-,.acceptance.of yours workers trade union rights, right to leisure and culture.', the possibility of setting up families. The report on.the Bond..iter#~of the agenda was given on 15 July by Hiroshi Iamakawa, a delegate : itroz Japan0 He recalled that the bombe which- had beendropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were snu1l and primitive compared with contemporary atomic bombs. He charged that, in spite. of the statements-,by scientists all over the world that radioactive effects are dangerous for present and future generations, the United States and-British Governments are continuing their nuclear weapon tests-I, The petition against hydro- gen bomb tests, started by-,Japanesewomen- n 1955 had been so successful, `iamakawa reported? that' 3a -million signatures were collected in one year ;alone, Similarly., the peace movement had developed . in West tern ai -Great Britain, : France, Italy, and even in the United States. Iamakawa stated significantly that "In the socialist countries the struggle for the preservation of peace is linked with the building of socialisnt4?afl.the endeavors of these countries-give: great support and encouragement to young workers in the capitalist and colonial countries?n The report on the third item of the agenda was given on 15 July by Lazar. Pena, Secretary of theWFTUO In the introductory part of his speech; Pens pointed out'the very considerable percent- Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915RO01000280003-7 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915RO01000280003-7 age that your -workers =represent out of the): total, labor force. He then cited- nu reus?,,!eeamples ,of ~the+ devatz,on?-:and militant spirit in which young worke in, the eapitaalist co tr eta , take part in the s-truggles- ,-o f,the, work 's' ~ fear ?ern i,mpzrovement,, ? of, their living and working conditione-$, for economic=4,and social progress, for national independence and peace. Pena compared the, posit on':of young :workers in the trade unions in the- SC cialistccu,tries-$>, where, he, sai , all the conditions have been created for the; developrse nt ana happy life of young work- ers,with the position of yorm ? worke a in? capitalist countries under conditions of alleged exploitation, In conclusion. the -report, dealt with the importance of the association, of young ?workez -in' the unions- for-the, unity of the trade union raovementQ- ' Iff we, enlist thous nde of young people in all countries,: a3~members-,of the :trade =nions9,lr Pena noted, "then this can markedly - contribute4 l- to- the ca user= ? of -trade union , unity, for the move- ment, will thus acquire,new, and fresh ';forces, the,new and live forces of youth which are ,capable, ofT !removim , o] d -pr+e judiees standing in the way of unity. The,,young?people,ziibued with a desire for peace, will de=fend?unity~? which-:represents- progress -and-will fight against attempts= to split the . movements, which : hamper- its growth. "We are-rise your- rezolutzans and , demands,'I Pena said, 'rand .we assure-, you -,tha?t the WFTU--will., fight for their satisfaction and declare that nin this- action our international organization is ready- to- join= forces 4th all trade~:un~i0n_.atganizations, with all national centers and a .l international. orgahizations which are also ready to fight for. these objectives." RESOLUTIONS ADOPTED A. Demands 10. The right to work and adequate ; wages for work donee. 2. The,.. right to, educatiarr and vocational training. Respect for the iLO ,convention on the eight-hour day and trace union and social rights, Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915RO01000280003-7 Approved For elease : CIA-RDP78-00915R001,Q00280003-7 4o These denwnds- can be ?reali%ed only on the basis of consistent-, struggle- for the redwtion of war budgets, against the- closing: derv,' -off'=,factores and dismissals a n d for' the rkevclerpment .,of' trad4 relations among all countries. B. Organization The resolution' or the ,?role of, the. trade ?unions in organizing and uniting young.,, workers 'declared t hat .:the t. ade unions ought to increase= their'oe'ffort to ,educate ?young workers in the spirit of trade union democracy' class struggle ,and',prolletarian international- ism -to educate then to defend peace'': to;give, active support to the cause, of -national independence -of- all peoplee$ to oppose racial dis- crimination?and=tosupport=solidarity, with the peasants and other strata of the working peoples in another resolutione~ the, conference'- presented several recom dat one 'to t} WF.TU, The r reeommendati- s- cover study tours of young trades union-off, icials in various ,courrtries,' consideration of questions',once -ning, ;young"workers att..the n xt session of the WFTU General-Council 'and,expansion of: relations among young workers all over the worldo On the que-sbior 'of peace the, Conference- declared.- "War pre- parations entail ,at;,coneiderable dete ioration an tkie present con- ditions of young, .workers-,,,ands. are-, ~a minace' to' their future. Our fight for better,"wages" against, une rloy'menb9 and for broad educa- tional facilitie's$.:, and-the' fight -for? our demands in general is closely ??bcmntd, up with: the, fights to event;.,anothesr. ware The partici- pants- in-thee'conference--call.on-- the- capitalist great powers to follow up?'t"he'I peace-move,, the 5oviest Unison in halting nuclear weal -fin tests. -Theyter ardent s.upport;ff'or the struggle of the young and -the 'people- of 'the German Federal Republic'. and Japan direct- ed against-the militarization of 'these a ountr es;; and to the struggle of the, French peopl ?in defense of democrats a freedoms and against the-threat of fascism." The state ent-sharply condemned eelonial sn ,and emphasized that the straggle L'i''the . na tip ? against foreign interventions and for independence Is at, the same time a-struggle .for, peace in the world. Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R001000280003-7 Approved For-Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R00V00280003-7 We act arewith cdeterntinonvinceda~tic- that rr, if the all the forces-of peace unite firmly and war. will= be eliminated. Human values will be preserved?: and lasting, peeace will, fully open t he road to a_ better life,, peace9 and happine6s.'" The Conference-addressed an a ppea-l to the- young workers of the United States- of Americas 11Together',with young people throughout the world, demand that your government withdraw its troops from Lebanon and respect the independence'',of all nations. You can do much-in company with all the young people of the world-to put a stop to this adventure and the war it heralds." In another resolution the Conference protested to the U.S. Government against U.S. intervention;in Lebanon, called upon the United Nations to secure the withdrawal of the American forces from Lebanon in the interesta~af peace., and expressed full support for .the newly-established>Republic of Iraq. D. Miscellaneous The Confeerencee2also.adopteed-resolutions which called for: (1) solidarity with the people., of Cyprus;,(-2.).opposition to atomic tests in:the Sahara; (3) support of striking Spanish workers; (L1) support of the independence?of Caneercon (French); (5) the peaceful unification of Korea and (b) the granting. of an amnesty to political prisoners on Madagascar. During the concluding session, 'a joint declaration by the British and French delegations protesting the landing of British troops??in Jordan and the presence of ',French military units in the neighborhood of.Lebanon was also read. SPECIFIC ACTION IN REGARD TO THE MIDDLE EAST The-delegates, .to the-First World Conference -of Young Workers unanimously approved the appeal of WFTU in regard to the Middle East which reads as follows.- Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R001000280003-7 Approved For blease : CIA-RDP78-00915ROOOLgp0280003-7 "The landing-, of, Amer-ricen armedforces in Lebanon is a crime aga nstep~scea4 Ittia a~ vile violation of the, rights.: of na c to eeli et;erm nation. It is an open threat to the raw rIraq Reapubiic. The American monopolia~tae ., ;are: prepareet ?ta , un a h a war on Arab soil to preeorve???titeidr? profit: and, privileges. Working people-throughout the' world,are?prepared for opposition to this new-imperialist offensive. "The WFTU , calls on ~ trade K un't.onistf to take part in ant imperia :ist- c empa,igne-,aka.,actively to demonstrate solidarity with, the-=Arab nationsae,:. !'forking men and women?,:throughout ,the worlds' slays the appeal in con, ciusion; "the-hour . of- vigilances : ard. action in defense of peacee ham a4ruc The hour', for efficient unity of all the fe rcee x,og,-.peace rr the' wprld has struck." SPEAKERS The following delegates wore reported,-to have addressed the conference- KIM"Uri chol, leader of the Korean delegation and chairman of the-'central committee- of the Korean ,Trade and Public Utility Workers Unions spoke -:onthe life and:work: of, Demo- cratic .People 9 S-- Republic of Korea. The assistant secretary of the union of metallurgy workers of Peru, Arnrio Garcia, dwelt on the struggle,,o hie-union for the ful- fillment, of the - demands ~ of .the ,workers of, this, branch. The secretary of the ,reg anal rade unionn council at Petrichi in Bulgaria spoke of : the perspectives , that .had opened before Bulgar- ian youth Khristofoulos Stavros, a ember . of,the central . committee of the Clothing and.,u:hoe.-markers, Union= of Cyprus..,, rerted that the work- ing, youth of,Cypr s ,were playing an,:- mportant ;part in the struggle of the Cypriot, people against British -ec miec2n&-naational oppreessien. Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915RO01000280003-7 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R090000280003-7 Chairman of the Syrian drivers union Khalid al-Hakim, who served as delegate of the United Arab Republic, described the estam blishment. of the _ UAR: as the frait of the struggle of the people and primarily the youth of the Arab countries and the beginning of full unity of the Arab world. He mentioned the help which_WFTU has given to the people_of.Asia and.Afries, particularly the support which they have received from the Soviet Union., Peoples China and other democratic. countries. French delegate Andre Merlot, CGT Secretary, pointed out the very difficult.economic_situation in France, the. consequences of which were-unfavorable-for the working people, especially for young people. Zhutgai Gombo, member of the central. council of Mongolian trade unions, dealt with the development of. vocational and technical training,, the improvement of health facilities, and the. work of the Mongolian trade unions among. the. youth. Laszlo Gal, member of the. Free Hungarian. Trade Unions, spoke about the bright prospects of. working youth in the Hungarian. Peoples Republics Albania Nakuri,, Vasil Argentina Diaz,, Elpidio Didiano, Josefina Dresney, Jose, Antonio Seifert, Mauricio Zalazarq.Julio Cesar Australia Crisp, Desmond Austria Zwitelhofer, Go Belgium Pirard$ Leonard Brazil Piotto, Orlando Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915RO01000280003-7 Approved F Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R0O000280003-7 Ceylon Chile China Colombia Cyprus Czechoslovakia Denmark Egypt El Salvador Finland France French - Eqi itorial Africa.. Fresh -West Africa Pala, Jinedra Figueroa9 Luis Han Hai ya Ferrer9 Luis fUu istofoulos Stavros Kucera9 Vaclaw Pr.silova9 Vets Zupkaa Frantisek Hansen9 Knut Au Haasen9 Abd Ar Rahman to fHidalgo7 CA Antti9 Jantti Pohjola9 Maija Charvanet9 Henri Gil9 Rene #4erl.ot9 Andre SaLd iccci9 Charles Ayatia Francois poualla9 Jacques Mandeng9 Pierre hic aya s Raymond Alapini9 Pascal Aminata 9 Fall (Sal) Diabate9 Fousseynou Dieng9 Germain Doumbia9 Lassana Guibril9 Sar Djim queye Massaer L3', Mohamed Nlamery9 Cherif Sekou9 Cisse Sidibe9 Koloko Approved For Release- 00915R001000280003-7 Approved Fc Release : CIA-RDP78.,.-00915ROQ6000280003-7 Germany (East' Guatemala Haiti Hungary Indonesia Iraq Italy Jamaica Japan Korea (North) Madagascar Mexico Gunther., Roland Weidemann, Heinz Edwaxds, John (James) Ley,, John 9oore, William Hdralea Castillo, (fnu) Georges., Andre G.ll9 Laszlo Babarao Yeshwant, Bhapse Krishna Gangaram, Desai Baklitiar, Khalim Haloho Nasir Jamil Ad Din Banfie Leonardo Dawes., Jo Bo Risaku Hayashi Tsuyako Kawasaki Yasushi Komori Masao Nakamura Eiji Ogawa Yohichi Oshima Kiyoshi Sambe Akemitsu Tanaka Sumi Yamagawa Hiroshi Kim Unmchoi Ranivosa* Justine Arriagaa, Rigoberto Orozaca, Panfila Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915RO01000280003-7 Approved FJ Release : CIA-RDP78100915RW4000280003-7 Mongolia Netherlands Nigeria Norway Paraguay Peru Poland Portugal Pu1ia Sweden Syria Gombo9 Zhutgai Bean Mohamed9 Abdul Foavi9 Ahmed Blauw9 Hans Do Mooy9 Johanna G. Be,Vroome9 Pieter Eysten9 Nioo Ferwerda 9 Lydia Slagt9 Cornelia S. Van Hattem9 C0Po Zinoken9 M. Badou9 Traor. Egil9 Lovlien Ramirea9 Jose De- la. Motta 9 Eleuterio Fuentes-Castillo.. Zenon Garcia.. Mario Kos,, Wieslaw Syty9 Jerzy Pereira., Augusto Circei9 Ion Pasou9 Nioolai Abu Gabal9 Hassan Hallgren'Spokum9 Karl Jatko9 Stig Jonsson9 I'ngve Karlsson9 Nils Al Hakim.. Khalid Toughlabi9 Talaat Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915RO01000280003-7 Approved For.Release : CIA-RDP78-00915ROOUOO280003-7 Thailand Urd6ay USSR Mahasins S GonzalIrogoyen9 Calixto ICorbova, Polina Zakovlev, Yuri Cojedes, Rafael Hurtato'Martinez, Antonio irayevendi, Dr, Adolfo Torres-Vargas, Pedro Vietnam (North) Nguyen Huu Ki Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78 00915RO01000280003-7 Approved Fo Release : CIA-RDP78-00915RO0 DO0280003-7 INFORMATION DEVELOPED SINCE THE COMPLETION OF THE REPORT ON FIRST WORLD TRADE UNION CONFERENCE OF YOUNG WORKERS The many meetings which were held'apart from the Conference itself constitute an important by-product whose propaganda and organizational value to the WFTU should not be overlooked. These meetings were held by the delegates representing similar trades or representing countries having similar problems. One such delegate, Germain Dieng, representing the Dakar Oil Industry Workers Union, reported that he had attended numerous meetings including one held by delegates from chemical and petroleum products industries. Louis Saillant in his. closing speech at the Conference listed a number of common declarations emanating from these unofficial meetings. They were 1. Common declaration of all African trade union organizations represented at the Conference which set down all the possibilities for joint action by West African and Equatorial African trade union organizations. Saillant indicated that representatives of these African trade unions had worked out at the Conference methods of action to be used to accomplish their objectives. 2. Common, declaration by the delegates, of the Federal German Republic and the German Democratic Republic stating that the young workers of both countries had the common aim of preservation of peace and struggle against the atomic armament of Western Germany. 3. Common declaration made by the delegations from Great Britain and Cyprus. 4. Common declaration made by the delegations of Great Britain and. France protesting the landing of British troops in Jordan and the presence of French military units in the neighborhood of Lebanon. 5. Common declaration made by the delegates from the German Democratic Republic, the French CGT and the Federal German Republic. 6. Common declaration by the Japanese and Korean delegates which denounced the US for trying to form a Northeast Asian Treaty Approved For Release CIA-RDP - 15RO01000280003-7 Approved F elease : CIA-RDP7800915R001p00280003-7 Organization and for conspiring to establish guided missile bases in South Korea and Japan. The delegations said that they would strive to bring about the immediate withdrawal of the US army from South Korea, the peaceful unification.of Korea, the removal of US military bases from Japan and the return of Okinawa to Japan. They would also strive for the unconditional release of the Korean citizens. detained in Japanese camps and for their right to live where they desire, as well as for the establishment of normal relations between Korea and Japan. 7. Common declaration by the delegations from the German Democratic ]Republic, the Federal German Republic, Czechoslova- kia and Poland confirming the cooperation of the trade union organi- zations of these four countries to achieve the atom-free zone in Europe. Recommendations. of the First World Trade Union Conference of Working Youth included the following items not listed in the previous report. 1. The Conference invited the trade union leaders to follow the example set by those trade unions which had created special com- missions or other bodies to assist in their work among working youth. 2. The Conference considered it desirable for young workers to be promoted to leading positions at all levels of trade union organization to a greater degree than at the present. 3. The Conference recommended to the WFTU that it study the possibility of holding a trade union course on. the youth ques- tion during 1959. A course of this type would allow the young trade union. officials to join the Secretariat of the WFTU in examining specific problems which occupy the attention of young workers and trade unions. 4. The Conference recommended that the next session of the General Council of the WFTU should not only invite the attendance of union officials responsible for youth] questions but in addition should. examine the results of this First Conference and the ways in.which its activities might be continued. 5. The Conference also recommended that the special columns dealing with youth problems. should be continued in the international trade union publications. Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R001000280003-7