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Approved For-R51 leasee : CIA-RDP78-00915R00 200060044-4 Attachment 1 Propaganda Forgeries, 1957-59 - Alphabetical List xx x ALLISON CABLES. Two cables, surfaced in the 28 Sept 57 issue of 1B itz. Purportedly sent by U. S. Ambassador ALLISON, in Indonesia, to the U. S. Embassy in Taipeh. The first reported on "the necessity of increasing military aid" to the rebel forces in Indonesia, while the second was a "progress report" on U. S. efforts to overthrow President SUKARNO. The second closed with a note on details of packaging arms shipments for smuggling to the dissident DARUL ISLAM leaders in Indonesia. Surfacec.itz)28 Sept 57. apt BERRY LETTER. Letter purportedly written by U. S. Aa*istant Defense Secretary Frank B. BERRY to ]fense Secretary Neil McELROY on 27 March 1958. The letter was a "confidential report" to Secretary McELROY, stating that medical examinations had shown that 67.3 percent of all U. S. Air Force flight personnel were psychoneurotic (alcoholics, sex perverts, etc) due to the strain of flying with atomic bomb loads. Surfaced, Neues Deutschgnd 7 May 58. BEN GURION/EISENHOWER CORRESPONDENCE. "Secret letter* which Israeli Premier BEN CIIRION has exchanged with President EISENHOWER since about 16 July, i. e., two days after the revolution-in Iraq, and continuing to date." Surfaced in Cairo daily AL AHRAM, with the above introduction, on 3 Oct 58. Tied by subsequenreplay with the ISRAELI GENERAL STAFF campaign. BISHOP DIRECTIVE. Allegation, in Blitz of 13 July 1957, of the existence of a State Department directive to Ambassador BISHOP, in Thailand, ordering him to use all local U. S. intelligence facilities "to screen the loyalties of the Ki and his Government members." CESKE SLOVO. Forgery of an entire issue of a bona fide Czech emigre newspaper. C& it SLOVO,wbich is published by Czech emigres in Munich. The forged issue announced that Ct5ft SLO'V? was going out of existence because its editors were disillusioned with the West, and oarrkid other anti-Western propaganda. Mailed "black," June 58. CHIANG KAI-?SHEK LETTER TO EISENHOWER. Blitz of 13 Dec 58 reported that CHIANG Kairek had recently written a letter to President EISENHOWER, warning that "$very third soldier" in the CHINAT Army was disloyal. DULLES MEMORANDUM. "Secret memorandum" alleg9dly written by U. S. Secretary of State DULLES to President EISENHOWER, stating that the real objective of U. S. policy in the Middle East was to suppress national independence movements and to establish the U. S. in the colonial role previously occupied by Great Britain and France. Surfaced in an article on the ROCKEFELLER LETTER. The article Iended, "it is clear that the (DULLES) memorandum met with the agreement J of the National Security Council and served as a Jr-1- t basis for the so-called EISENHOWER DOCTRINE." Surfaced, Neues Deutschland 10 Mar-,,57- Approved For Rele-RDP78-00915R001200060044-4 an"r Approved For'Welease : CIA-RDP78-00915RO 00060044--4 *ftt Attachment 1 - page 2 ERHARD LETTER. Letter allegedly written by Ludwig ERHARD, West German Minister of Economics, to Chancellor ADENAUER, reporting that "the highest representatives of the West German armament industry support ADENAUER's policy of remilitarization without reserve and emphatically ask ADENAUER to frustrate all attempts toward a relaxation of international tension, to prevent the convening of the Summit Conference, and to reject, long with the U. S., the policy of peaceful coexistence." Surfaced RUDE PR,AVQ Prague) 22 May 58. FROST LETTER. Letter allegedly written by Rear Admiral Laurence FROST, Chief of U. S. Naval Intelligence Bureau, to Indonesian rebel leader KAWILARANG. The letter "told the rebels not to despair just because the U. S. issued statements expressing, on the surface, non-interference in the Indonesian civil war," and added, "We will continue giving assistance to you through Taiwan and the Philippines and other channels." Surfaced in The Mirror, Rangoon, 8 June 58. HOOVER LETTER. Purportedly written by former U. S. Undersecretary of State Herbert HOOVER, Jr., to "the Anerican capitalist CURTIS who is now in Venezuela." The letter is a confidential offer to CURTIS of the job of directing th U, S. Government program for wresting control of the Sahara oil fields away from France and obtaining ownership for U. S. oil companies instead. ( The letter did not show the identity of the addressee, which was supplied editorially, as above, by Neues Deutschland in surfacing the forgery.) Surfaced in Neues Deutschland 22 Jan 58. ISRAELI GENERAL STAFF PLAN. Two phases: The first was launched as a rumor campaign, in Europe and the Middle East, that the French and Israeli General Staffs were working together on a plan for joint Israeli/French action against Egypt. Rumors March_April 1957. The second-tied with the first in later replay--was a propaganda forgery entitled "Strategic Plan of the Israeli Army for 1956_57--Tranalated from the original in Hebrew," published in a booklet entitled "Dagger of Israel" by BLITZ in Bombay! Eke in fall of 1957 Strategic Plan" P01b x purported to soaraeli planning to XttmdaacU seize the territories of all its Arab neighbors. . i4 "JOHN H" LETTER. Letter which in the BEIRU T At_MAuAi'and subsequent CHICOM versions was signed "JOHN Hw" iun t e viet replay versions was signed "JOHNSON." Letter purported to be written to members of the U. S. Army Task Force in Lebanon by an officer in the 75th U.S.Engineer Battalion, saying Aim* "I arrived together with a group of American officers fro a Munich on 27 July...; few days ago we received orders to remain in Lebanon for 15 months to insure U.S. security and tranquility. In addition to this, it is intended to carry out large-scale technical world in Lebanon for turning the Riyaq and Al-Qualyat airports into bases for American planes with atomic weapons. Five sites for the launching of rockets will be built on the Syrian-Lebanese frontier* o'%%60% Surfaced in Beirut 1-Masa 25 Aug 58. KISHI/DTJLLES PACT. Blitz of 12 Oct 57 alleged the existence of a secret pact between Japanese Premier KISHI and Secretary of State DULLES"to permit use of Japanese troops anywhere in Asia." Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915RO01200060044-4 CLV+p'cr{+ Approved ForRelea ~'EIA-RDP78-00915R00T200060044-4 Attachment 1 - page 3 MURPHY LETTER. Letter*jc x addressed to U. S. Ambassador McCLINTOCK, in Lebanon and purportedly written by Deputy Unde`ecretary of State Robert MURPHY. Th4etter "assured" Ambassador MoCLINT?CK that "NASSER is not the man we shall support't since "you are right to note that we have nothing in common with NASSER and his kind.."#,41 Mailed "black" c at various points in the Middle East in March 1959. O'SHAUGHNESSY LETTER. Letter purportedly written to the State Department by Elim O'SHAUGHNESSY, Chief of the Political Division of the American Embassy in West Germany. The letter ca ed the attention of the reader to the activity of reactionary ultrationalist groups in West Germany and advised that the U. S. Government support and use these groups. Mailed "black," in West Germany in July 1957. POWERS ORDER. Allegation that "a U. S. pilot stationed in West Germany" had, in the course of a conversation, disclosed details of a "secret order" by General Thomas POWERS, bead of the Strategic Air Command, ordering planes with nuclear loads to fly only over foreign territory and not to endanger the American population by flying over the U. S. Surfaced in Neues Deutschland on 2 Oct 58. RANKIN CABLES (2). Forged cables purportedly sent by U. S. ism Ambassador RANKIN, in Taipeh, to the S ecretary_.,9f State. They discussed methods of assassinating CHIANG Kai-13hek and included a recommendation by Ambassador RANKIN that ilVaxat r,xxx "Version 3"-murder disguised as accident-be used. Surfaced in Blitz on 21 Sept 57. ROCKEFELLER LETTER Purportedly written to President EISENHOWER. by Nelson A. ROCKEFELfER, outlining a plan for U. S. domination of the world through use of economic and military assistance pacts. The letter stressed the need to play up"the economic rather than the military aspect of U. S. aid programs, in an obvious effort to discredit all future U. S. economic aid projects b-. identifying them as instruments of a U. S. plan for world domination. Surfaced in Neues Deutschland 15 Feb 57. ROUNTREE CIRCULAR. Purportedly a State Department circular sent by cable to U. S. diplomatic missions in the Middle East. "Signed" by Assistant Secretary of State William ROUNTREE. The document stated that one of the principal aims of U S. policy in the Middle East was to split the UAR into its original 'Syrian and Egyptian components, to stop the owth of tiara influence, and to spoil Soviet_UAR relations. Surfaced in Abram, Cairo, on 26 July 58. SJAMSUDDIN LETTER. Al'egedly written by rebel leader M. SJAMSUDDIN to U. S. Ambassador'MacARTHUR in Tokyo,xxT J to 'confirm' U. S. agreement to aid the Indonesian rebels. The letter began, "Your phone call proved to be real magic. The meeting. . .was very useful. We have agreed practically on all the details. Now, kmmq hope, our ties will remain permanent and we will receive all necessary materials without delay.." Surfaced in Thg Mi'ror,.in Burma, 15 May 58. STATE DEPARTMENT CABLE (TAIPE$! SERIES). Purported cable from the State Department to the U. S. Embassy in Taipeh, stating that "Control over the armed forces of the Asian members of SEATO remains our prime objective" and outlining subversive steps to be taken in the SEATO area to achieve this aim. Surfaced in Blitz on 12 Oct 57. Approved For Release :98SDP78-00915R001200060044-4 Approved For-ReIease ~ I RDP78-00915R004200060044-4 Attachment 1 - page 4 STATE DEPARTMENT DIRECTIVE ON SUMMIT MEETING. Allegedly a "secret instruction from the U. S. State Department to the chiefs of U. Si, foreign missions abroad, explaining the U. S. policy of sabotaging negotiations for a Summit Conference." Surfaced by official East German news agency ADN on 7 June 58. SUDAN GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS. On 1 Dec 58, the official Czechoslovakian press agency CTK sent out a rla release, crediting "the Cairo press" with publication of a report that the new Sudanese Government had found secret documents of the old (bvvrnmeht, showing U. S. bribery of high Sudanese officials. U.S.PARATROOPER CABLES. Allegation only, in an 11 A.ig 58 news report on RADIO BAGHDAD that "In Lebanon, Saeb Salem has received a cable from four American paratroopers expressing their desire to volunteer in the people's forcea.'1 If. S. PILOT LETTERS (4). The first of the four "U. S. Pilot Letters" was purportedly written by a U. S. pilot stationed in England, threatening to drop an atomic bomb in the North Sea in order to alert English opinion to the dangers of an accidentally-triggered nuclear war. The three later letters were along the sai ines, but differing in details of the threat made. All four were written in an obvious effort to 'prove' the existence of the "psychoneurotie 67.3 percent" on Win whom the BERRY LETTER had reported. All were released by the Soviet Embassy in London, July-September 1958. WELENSKY DOCUMENT. Text allegedly "emanating from the office of the Prime Minister of the Central frican Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, ft= Sir Roy WELENSKY," and signed by "Alfred FINSENT, Head of the European organization of Central Africa, and Sir Roy WELEZKY, Prime Minister of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland." The text stated that it had been officially decided that African nationalist prisoners were to be transferred to "another concentration camp where all those who would not express their resolution to break with African nationalism would be exterminated." Editorial comment added that "the other-concentration camp" to which the do aament referred was the Hola camp in'dKenya, and that "the African prisoners involved number about 80,000. If, after interrogation, they refuse to dim disown the Nationalist movement they will be thrown into ditches called 'poison wells' filled with poisoned water. Within a few days the poisoned water will penetrate the body and kill," and added that "The Cairo R reau of the Kenya African Association states that according to their knowledge, 35 Africans have already been exterminated 'experimentally' by this procedure.# " Surfaced by the official Hungarian press agency MTI on 4 March 1959. Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-00915R001200060044-4