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November 9, 2016
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July 21, 1998
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December 18, 1948
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noruri Sanitized - ApWved F P78-,U617A0003000400Q1-0 e :SET 43492 AL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 18 December 1948 25X1x61 INTELLIGENCE MEMORANDUM N4 ? X03` SUB C I+': Views of Indonesian Republic representatives now in US. 1. Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia 25X1 X6 have expressed the fol- 25X1 X6 lowing views concerning the possibility of Dutch "police action" in Indonesia: (1) the Butch may undertake such action between 20 and 30 December, when the UN Security Council would find it difficult to meet; and (2) the Dutch are more likely to begin police action approximately three weeks after they have established an interim government, an event which is expected sometime before 1 January 1949. 2, In an effort to forestall Dutch police action, these Indo- nesian representatives have formulated and are now pursuing an intensive campaign to obtain full US backing for the Republican position. Among their efforts to obtain such backing, the Indonesian representatives hope to include a conference with President Tru- man. At such a meetin, which the Indonesian representatives 25X1 X6 intend to request whenever Dutch police act on. appears imminent, the Indonesians would make strong pro- testations that: (1) Dutch military action will be Interpreted In Indonesia and elsewhere in the Far East as the consequence of US acquiescence; (2) friendship for the US of more than 70 million Indonesians hangs in delicate balance; and (3) many more millions of Far Eastern peoples will be greatly influenced by the ultimate stand which the US takes on Indonesia. Moreover, in pressing for US support, the Indonesian representatives will assert that there is overwhelming popular sympathy In the US for the Republic and that most Americans believe the only beneficiary of Dutch military action in Indonesia will be local Communists and the USSR.. 25X1X6 Document No. 001 NO CHANGE in Class. F-1 n DECLASSIFIED Class. CHANGED TO: TS S .0000, DD A Memo, 4 Apr 77 S CRET Audi: DD El. ", 77J17e3 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RF170- 30g94008 Sanitized - ApWved For Release : CIA-RDP78-617A000300040001-0 3. Indonesian leaders have indicated that they expect little help from the UN Security Council unless the US takes a strong stand. They believe that the Dutch intend to avoid a hearing before the SC until after they have successfully concluded police action in Indonesia. The Indonesians therefore hope that Dutch action can be postponed until after 1 January 1949 when, in their view, the membership of the Security Council will be more favor - able to the Republic. (The Indonesians believe that Norway and Cuba will be more sympathetic than Belgium and Colombia.) The Indonesians also hope that the US will influence France and the UK to support a United States of Indonesia which would in- clude the Republic on the terms envisioned not only by the Ren- ville Agreements, but also by the US proposals submitted to the Good Offices Committee. 4. The Indonesian representatives indicate that if Dutch "police action" occurs, the Republic has made plans for pro- longed and intensive guerrilla action in Java and Sumatra. They expect strong and immediate assistance for the Republic from Indonesians in territory presently held by the Dutch. They realize that the Dutch are capable of extending military control to most of Java and indicate that the Republic plans to move the seat of government to Sumatra, probably to Bukittinggi. Although they do not think that the Dutch can ever occupy the whole of Sumatra, they declare that the Republic will, if necessary, move the top officials to New Delhi where the government has been offered support and asylum. They claim that the Republic has agree- ments with India which will deny the Dutch air landing rights in India and will place an embargo on Dutch shipping. In addition, they indicate that the Republic is prepared to reach a similar air embargo agreement with Ceylon where the Dutch were able to operate effectively during the July 1947 "police action," Although the Republic intends to take immediate steps to strengthen its representation abroad and will announce under - standings and agreements with new areas, no agreements with the USSR are contemplated. Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-01617A000300040001-0