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December 27, 2016
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April 24, 2013
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March 1, 1978
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L +K?3 Amy ~ S cement No? '- Offico of .Ro~oz?ts~zc~HAiNGFis&~ Class. Cl- Tran.spor4at~~~r;,1i~SSIFIED _ - C concluded after ____~___ _,,.,,,,;,,,,,,,, u.. ~: ra uy, pro ractod negotaat.)on, Venezuela s irst intonrational air transport agreement authorizing r~outc:s for a Venezuelan airline, The agree- ment is in accord With the stands.rd rec3.procal type air agreement which tho IIS has concluded vrith thirty-aiF: other aouritries including, amonf; hat;in F.meriaen nations, Argentina, Br`;.zil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Pore?and IIruguay, - , 2,~ A Czechoslovak-BTonrsgian civil air agreement, providing for ser= wicea between Praha and Oalo fvie Gopenhage:, and Goteborg), :vas signe3 7 April, In addition to exiati?.g agreesents vl,.th th? USSR and t'ha other Satellites, Caechoslovakia sec previously concluded formal nir'ugresments with th? US, U1{,?Netherlands, Ire7.and, Seredon, De:?:mark and Turkey, Moreover, the Czechoslovak airline (GSA) has~beeri grantad p?~oavisional operating rights into Belgium, France,, Scritzerl'and; Greece,. Italy, licypt, Iraq, and Lebanon, .. 3, Tho recent broakdcrm of US-;,'.ungarian air ne;;otiations (which wore ` undertaken by tho, US on the ;~oun~thaii a satisfactory ~viP agreomentmight contribute to the European Ru.:overy Program 'by opening Ecat-iYeat trade channels) has evident7.y imprr;esed upon scma A'estern Europa~~a nations the im- ~portance of coordinating their air pohiries vie-a-vie the S~~tellits States, Sir George bribbott, Deputy Secretary oC the British E?inistr~= of Civil? AviaP tion, has already urgad the: the US and iFestern Arropean-coui:i:ries adopt a common aviation polic;/ tow,.rd the Iron Giirtain ocuntries: iFi;'iout such a coordinated policy', Cribbf,tt fears that Lhe Belgians and Dutch might weaken ,the airspace control oC Aer.tern 1?lrrope by granting entry ri.lhts to Satel.lito air carriers without securing com:rtensurace operating righis into.Easter~n Europe. The French also have evidenced concern, regarding penet.ation by Satellite airlinos of YF'rsterh h}rrope, by their continued rei'hsal to permit the Rcunanian national rirline (TARS) to satablisfi regular, suhed,al.ed flights ~ into Paris. (The French still subscritu?to the foimer US pbli,ey? tovrard the Satellite States and, thus, do not conu.ider an air agreement pith Rumania ,' aufficient'compensati:m 'far the operatlon of g Soviet-controlli:d airline (TABS) into France,) The Italians, meanwhile, are'frankly.see;:ing guidance from the US conoernir,; imminent negoti:etions with Yugoslavia air.; other Balkan States, The for~hcor.ing Geneva Assemi-~iy of TCAO (International Civil'Avia_- ~tion Organization) T/ill offer the delei etas of the YPestern. Povre:~s' an oppor- tunity for informal, "off-th?-record" ~iiscussiona concerning a coT,.~uon civil aviation policy toanrd the nations vrithin the Saviet orbit, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/04/24 :CIA-RDP78-01617A005000010012-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/04/24: CIA-RDP78-01617A005000010012-2 A Draft Convention on "International Recognition of Rights in Aircraft" The Second Assembly of the International_Cisil Aviation Organization (ICAO), convening at Geneve. 1 June, Trill consi'dez for approval 'and sip,~iaturo a draft eonvention.cn "International Recognition of Rights in Aircraft." The US Delegstion considers this the roost significant policy issue likely to ari.;e during the Assembly meetings.. The US, as the world's leading producer and exporter of si+-craft, vrould, benefit materially by the adoption of such a convention. By codifying.di- verso and conflicting national laws into an internstilonal sgrserient, the cone vention could provide, for the first Limo, international Legal recognition of. valid financial and property interests in aircraft and aviation'aquipmsnt. . The draft convention presumes to provide rsasoz?sble legal security for creditors advancing the large amounts o? capital required to purehea~e fleets of aircraft. Adoption of th~.Convention, ite sponsora.boliovs; creuld result in new sources of, private credit becoming ~.va:4lrablo to prospective aircraft purchAsers. _ ~ . The proposed draft eras prepared by the Legal Committee of YC.AO at Brussels in September 1947. It renresonts a substantial compromise between the wideiy divergent views of the IInitsd States and those of many other countries to vhrom certain Amarigan legal.aoncepts and corporate financial procedures were either unf'tuniliar or totally uukxrovrn._ .Blrrther considera.- tion of the draft convention, however; as ~ihe result of an ICAO circular letter of October 1947 requesting com.^ients thereon, has elicited' a number of proposed amendments both as to the subs+.ance and wording of the IInrssels draft. Zt is cow feored that the general agreement achieved"at Brussels may have been premature. The IIS Delegation to the Geneva meeting has been instructed to oppose an anticipated move by several countries to defer action on the draft by raturn?P ing it to the Cormnittiee for further studj!. Prolongod'debats may be expected and it is possible that the Assembly vr113. not have sufficient time td agree upon a text for sigtYature, (This is the third of a series of articles'Considering the principal questions which are expected to arise.s'c this meeting. See also Trerreporta- tion Group Pieeklies of 3 and 10 pisy.) Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/04/24: CIA-RDP78-01617A005000010012-2