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March 1, 1949
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- -3- ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 .011- tgr ? K.- sovrET PARTISAN. WI:Up SINCE 190 ? Document N. NO CHANGE in Class. 0 iJ DECLASSIFIED lass. CHANC:D.TO: TS DA lieme, 4 Apr 77 Auth: 'D-)A 77/17C5 DOW: By: 7-3 fUi id 949 a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25 CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 INTRODUCTION time elra-Worgeboa, Q1k3 el highly-developed Soviet Partisan Mozement guerrilla operaflon, but was German 92132 and regular prepgfrtions operations fare headquarters military were 0 Army technique not adjunct made before was R.11Mtir..5 gOR abg gagoe ce partisan TOYUCI0 spontaneous and Army a conceived directed set economic territory supply IsaaAl popllation in the German Soviet and system0 of tED partisans large seriously They propaganda from most movement between 'arm i220 also Red developed Plans war, Integrated Moscow0 succeeded part of interfered and partisan gm disrupting ilki) occupied Sc7Viet WM the C5 powerful psycho- preventing MG) local with glo Germans affl lati2 ifee acted weapon cqplaboraklng civil admiTinfration OC 3 German important prerequisite organizdttilin of groups partisan Army Mfa Red was and ail %to Elaiegea cliseMay aa partisans Force part'Isans. MI@ &sumo ca 'Ma troops 90 a partisans, and cooperation were planes, poli of but ical 'Me Front area only also able Red for air Army gllatiPet 'quarter devoted occupied aka 90 gbag necessary to occupied meet serving partisan communications At use of CO29 Red point the Air servicing ft; challenge lacked sufficient unwilling win because because concessions ao popufAion of 1529a Mis) areas. 0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 a ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 MODERN Army must FORM memorandum dated tIG) May viewed combat sArinion wgtich PARTISAN 19431 Red This had war, and was indivfaual many territory reports partisans complaints measures partisan COD WARFARE General emphasizes important A which C2, Morsi? of that "Partisan well-disciplined increasing in statement of first Fman-TT German warfare method is general developed rs.ported diT0tChes about repeated concerning empTTgn by warfare in the Russian Germans with from clam Sq112) increasing occupin Soviet MGM 03 OMOV destruction each caused dispatch, Inadequacy of Germans. Although by eermans tv a? asso counter recognized campaign never were to find solution also acknowledVd activities of the prirte German to cign situation as mail= very throughout The German 1943 enemy counter method important the Whole General that 201EM early probiem, war alae Staet 00 memorandum well measures naa designation, combat c the attention. Russian earliker Spanish before time now have I0 exists. nan important Red Army" basic Herein partisan classic guerrllla against lies warfare the of appro- led well-disciplined deserves specAl distlinction between and of rid 1013 801 21201 0(3 i?33 MO CCM EGCsag 0 EIG212e5g a war examples, war Napoleon. guerrilla a combat guerrillas conduct failed and of gx, method (2 4a3 Spanish replaced the regular The regular Spanish they attemperd had Spaniards the war0 completely guerrialas. lead a a MO was Army If make that Actually the officers of Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 gito figa suffered and final disastrous fighting separati defeats. on sgin 'QM 00 In army The guerrillas Spanish but people rather became resistance Cat)ViTtic EEO the MEMO ZiaP botaigrgBaaB9 and of ADA:1 modern ( purely ARM they developed people ce Cite priests. development 16Taa quite arising Dation power PAT1tAPan Fannonship traditional through against haa only warfare %kg army which led and combat SECRET guerrillas complete guerrillas. itilho tlY SID spontaneous means organized EGM9 ?63 CO fgaig Seba led Soviet most partisan different and significance confaict. concept spontaneous Invader limited partisans. partisan than Security part warfare during demonstrates partisan reaction against application recent whatsoever Wiltsga activity initial Police ORaGIN upon insure Several June between The the the were QE031 has form movements the popu- occupying case of es tEeta imgitga ce ci? az ciao Teigos.R.0 ilime noted indeed cases activities SOVIET Security heels of of Army battle qtl@ PARTISAN Police days almost Soviet spontaneous only Himmler much qe32) ttElP0 MOVEMENT units the advancing Ce Kee 06626) iirap TIM security days 27th alma a advance Impossible and Russian noted Libau part report the Security "because and followed army of areas outbreak scattered Memel civilians, C112 were 'eon later SS immediately order iW) wara ser ieari forces continuing contrary 6Wag aB Police the perately OtiaMtok, civiOlan bands. cfin 8B %ea soldiers day notes escape Volkovysk, woods toward Front. report Red international disclosed Minsk wag 5t1?13 cal civilian the clothirig0 attempted encirclements ace tin Russian A enemy three Novogrodek) a bands report des- partly supported Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 Q, a a a According ascertained ik) a report in L trig twelve agents lrETt behind mission se performing forthou 951 ce Exesaa the and 511a)glooe cal adav according of and ge 9th conclusive report noted ?jj according g0 appears AO movement posed direction dispatches decisive forming dispersed of Thus, of h2sti11ties, STMOMPFtghce Characterized from ?th, Poland oars iffirEi was Russians sabotage partisan EiGEG%0 military significance the elements Soviet energetic only and times by the obvious the that SECRET about with bredges activities experiences headquarters resistance area the officers? Red MDag Germans movement "decisive having however, majority (namely Army ? A? under weeks after the already speaking this movement was At Com- beg-inning of were and German great pleasure reiI SoviTV) The ordered disftinct have troops the in attitude afia &IOCILIg ho stile ? 12?0AGe gtEEECEM CEP importance0 being either received population,, the from actIvities. already scattered above, and adm eascia Dim go was gradually tGELB Tag Soviets members ce 9113 Communist Organization) instructed Battalions" rtaaa ce parts addlition, ING20 newly hopeful Movement more Some mentioned Red elca some very little. began exactly elements Army 0 with from won reserve activity number movement cited: dispatches left whom agents about established evacuated Party Youth MECO .remain beyond behind,, Germans doubt that all C331213 GeV' aomsomois Part CR these groups CX) "Destruction along. bind and disappear into eig ce) 'Coo with order Communist NKVD ( carry forests primary Party GPM) scorched and form mission workingclose organize guerrilla earth bands Communist policies of partisans0 organizations coordination prepare grdalgl, more ordination tb the military command become "well-.disciplined Red Army as) qfc$ method warfare, sub- complete and finally of coraVa SECRET Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 a o Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 units 3rd, partisan and dIversion ORDERS l genera was 19410 units, given ting partisan damaging FOR FORMING order by Bard: PARTISAN eta' 9119 Stalin "In mounted groups formations of T22392sG roads, and setting enemy They step, C93 "Unbearable and all GROUPS formation himself COMO and created enemy everywhere telephone woods, must and be Countless s his occupird unmounted, and conditions C1ZB hunted their original for struct ions movement, (or before Stalin reported of the fOth 0 help down efforts ete the SECRET partisan speech by must purpose army, for blowing up telegraph and dumps, must him and orders by organization of "movements") The German order enemy formed carrying bridges combat- 053 and communications, transports. created glo gre Srt occupied exterminated at every be frustrated.* areas. must and rather CIO? the General Soviet qra24 ions CO 9 speech. interrogation Statt Division, instructions that prewar tao captain hostilities concerning instruction occurred during 8 declared instructions warfare, partisan Soviet captain cora) assembled Staff and 'Etta guns said must attain German the division given. first days partisan Wits al> proclamations Stalih. However, %D back were given Security Police 02 even July captured prisoner to the 12th after captain Zeall serving discussed partisans before were but -s crossing staffn small Army arms0 corps commander captured fXowing gines, 2. smaaoxi 'ED MCI given during the particular the quest- length. outbreak Red the fighting case war, from Army when the retreating Niemen, commanders forest told has and. been and Corps Grodno. commander selected distributed cut " platoons machine Ceeo? tLO 0324 Ce MogO them. No alive. Therefore, objectives.: 1. IL?ew partisan must breakthrough unsuccessful, captain group strive to breakthrough 1:)21 must a0 undertaken. a SECRET 0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 the Farms gaxp same q0249 Cia3GGea report interrogations ZZX) ruthless remote animal, inhabitants complained 8C.,8 Collective 'ERG MIRD shown carrying obviously (ifte Even existed need about Security that terror Farms, -ood, clothing, civ ihi Ian farmers partisans 'MD against Slaughtering and some Red Police from SECRET mentioned Collective perpetrating inhabitants away their every caries Army clothing July let farm already reports using June Ca aricasesaftrio iegya before ane but ion effect war CA and theme Ce however serious perhaps It plans must 2c3 gte gRED ate and a partisan captain could obvious great morale have defeats, occupation MLLY0 The be would a robbing EgAITYM warfare General am %Kg Eociao Mee ow partisan defeats, 93 Me been have had known was anything widespread distri- indLicating bad warfare, have Such would A 1' Red Dna prepared large-scale extensive Russian 13 instructions, MG, =03 Ca CEP MO CI /WNW withdrawals, eagaistaA followed counter-offensi foreign rather c%) 2.220 that immediately and the war Russian' areas with a would by enemy attack mighty Red Army be conducted on soil. spoke especially several Soviet Army occasions Commissar Soviet bombastically before Defense0 captain reckoned such exarined large Why warfare partisan Corps WC& 5I6 masses might army said eba before war General ftge nate Voroshilov subject gX) was aaS mo con ata Sxa et? possibility regular issued &EKG %Mil ga We CS 'ROD Commander that rather than attifine Ssi &xi troops and Red encirclement this regarding hostilities. 'ffina instructions outbreak different acted on his tradtft attitude partisans only Ge ional affi Mx) necessary Ce basia initiative, in the Red has nothing to oPatriotic" 2a19 aaEte revived ea? to earlier case assume, instructions, followed how- since Army a?? political memories 1812, Which but purposes, SECRET Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 0 0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 a rather Russian plamA deSirEive flon of with MG) tradition Revolution CI? 1917 extremely great role. Accoraing partisan gnaEps was military &las:lit-6'r. PRE-WAR PREPARATION whi and in this Neyprtheless, according assem1Trina,lby the Germans, it partisan warfare wAlpfsihned di? hostIlities, althodgh (1061 Communist Party and saw in Vallee report, .eas) December Chief 317.t? This report twenty-five-year Sop go Mom wzi133 noted da Soviet of eiviS eh war after partisan some ugions, fiTaifYon perfectly the natural information appears even before by the miaSitary NKVD. This is Army Military certain SECRET 'aka forma- reaction gradually that beginning 13111112Y substantiated 1941. Kossolapov (the highest meetings and urged the The absolute graPPs, drafLted by Kos gnapov afternoon House in before member following partiTeing the outbreak .Holshevik statement "I the group) discussions organeiTfion RAX414RP necessity and said 0 Ce who the parflsan know war, Central Committee kMim during of a that, VassAi that for the possibikity army t71107ht conducted dall!Y fnpm two J six Mani, Participants were, members of Yung Communist and Comsomols) as not Party szon repeatedly 99 groups. Kossolappv organention for the pointed of every enemy themetTscgal ?c176k incQ registered OPioneers persons who out partisan comraAe not in tgls courses Red Party for 910 most part, Organizations other acceptable wayo_ MIG1 "The remarkable, pants About well members0 large participation " the parfnan told age from fifteen one hundred 00 The lessons hand course ranged ninety I took, of the explosives 11.1Tima TC13 two shooting bridges During times." and weeks, ten goa13) female Germans, persons so this workeu was "Partici- thirXy-five attended the included instructions grenades, forth, time for The attaching course the 00 ZOR52670 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 Declassified and ApprovedFor Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 said 912e fiala agents. the Astricts Toropen sky, in groups declared, We had riltle eltc8 course ended c9f9 23rd, exercises 000n June 1.7)knya0 COGIK) 24th, hundred wagon grenades, axes and and "In, with wore forty addition, several always 1941, Ostrov supervised by 'UGUG) set Staraya Russa, twenty-five SECRET 19410 NKVD ( .march and Ce %MEW EgegagelB a ck clothing, gamtiga khafe, ammunition, bayonet rounds Gaa cases group ammunition, Ci? men, ciao og gap and GPU) into 0 and accompanied bottles Every man was self-Sacrifice') provisions. Mnish It training the war. Most seems in Kholm War 'bp year. in various had y liquid been occurred been cesS3 ce places MEASURES AFTER According other gum Then, however, which leads instructors eC) training o2 Qra9 meo proportions, lreWit advance0 sworn coincidence More the by hand hatchets, fight Mae expected training times. various Eta most STARTED statements began czeggriame In forced the wfitich Russian landing, organization was. courier Political dealt only as .esko CC) the outbreak Geste arz MR) the scheduled other ofiSs9 assumed had prisoners, s9 very outbreak large conclusion that been Germans GSESE4190 partisan document reported gaministration ( Front. It gdministration July Northwestern of the Political dated 5g30,3 military partisan the found groups above ZOCI trained which had document Fm-619 reporting region, same statements. measures taken An Army) to Mekhlis, Red Army by the addressed of MEI document CE9 14th shows authorities groups. ace the f?41. already participating Chief and MEM 0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 special Atministration di77VtIon of partisan document stated0 arMament department t3 the movements "It aa been Army the handles leadership of maintains and SECRET 01 Tin .e&G established Front for &ow cl? o22, enemys the organizations groups. The with local Political fITMITtwo lead Mra enemy department party organs Administration and political movement partisan RaB4M72Aleftw partisan Northwestern "twenty-two of the Communistss of he workers 1941, groups Front. Chiefly political Red Army constant partisan the Army who and the work partisan contact 00 The i) crffla aroups Front are %ffa work document pre ese 101. Th "Political leaders leaders. PFTEtIpally and. af? ECM It ?stray workers collective group group subdivided f-rom farms leaders ad One special party Yakoshev comrade been led C3 into comrade districts captain formed organize In .efa and SI209 03 continued groups workers from local also Mx) area led by active organizations served were thoroughly strength of firfty divisions. active 0 grjagp instruct7Fa. to eAlity ft five was three Krassavins while hundred men official of staff troops. If?/Furthermore assigned leaderss and oups .taraya NKGB 2Exa July eleven its of the chief border strong, of the officers 'EX) C3 field have 0 this document ag2lb advancing active are Russa, group company continued0 group____ toward the In the districts,: Opochka-lholm.' assembled Fprthermore, OPeopies formed authorities Commissariat so-called parachutists. the Ge@GMa of clean-up enemye ean -up Measures German of Safety 0 rice iiEn and platoon ata Dr) the enemy Pskov-Luga, 000 battalions had the battalions MCP OGG330 been advance NKVD of and combat according convert area Other Ostrov enemy these partisan 0 groups fight so SECRET Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 0 _ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010066-2 Thus Russa) p2aisan spontaneous from 0 8E6 ffin movement. above. same two In movement? The area sources both but Kholm, of SECRET Os trova q:BW recruits cases this ordered first the Red NKVD paty ouanizationti, MiiTnistriMon rogv-he Ce 01263 organs GENERAL a ft, secret put means source ieon other Army (and was from DEVELOPMENT introduction reports by "The of use was and not initiated membersoof local ele both in KG.) OD n EiaKe roodcfsca 0 ORgee go on partisan General Staff warfare and national partisans by used of dated Poll collaboration series May well-known Russian international struggles. SEB Soviet Gbvernment, More not surulalag 0 prepared the war by enliTting people It for partisan settibg up partisan former training leaders ship more courses, of "During the of by outward Voroshilov Movement." 1E20 warfare of plan mabers, instructions for political gimacw partisan Red Army in expression Chief 2B mg German 1113 General study partisan presented thorough the about noted Staff CIT and is,,, through oUtbreak upven both therefore.? the the organizaflona nordaTEEMete responsible organizations. course movement development appointment Central the taken S4)9 here that evidently eko seril.m of Bgturally little most not also some palications Pure Conscience" Offl reports CI movemeat.0 summariTTd and in war leader- and over more foun ? d - of Marshal RUN c(ii about May conducted and The form several short outline over-simplitTn. important only by development0 like But and entire material comparatively honestly the sullject ( best by P0 Vershigora, Moscow very alp Partisan 19430 the particularly voluminous material of91fie s study laceago in other the do,cymentp. given Here above-mentioned eilD 20000 these German 0 correctly confirmed files, but written Soviet being "People 1946) CUD Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 a 0 0 a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 eca Although had been warfare would be movement Furthermore, movement e trz Ecce was ca made exaggeration alr-ardy before It did preparations the to say organized taken be develop & German armies so many encirglementss disorganfrreii that for coordinate the outbreak that before SECRET partisan warn it the pariLisan granted according, advanced and 913 long individual groups with ciao Rea Army ce plan. quickly Soviet front time there and regular connection The 4Q6 outlined established amazing that during og arms and ammunitrons leadership cam is, ;past gUelelligel Preponderantly (as able connections be regular with out ning the ,on by very could more supply expert the part many Nor winter only was began0 first aZSG) C5G3G CC) became ED chance establish report WaG90 much this chaos, frequently in Mig begin ? hostile attitude addressed It without of the reports) damage heavy Complaints the would did local 'Wag population part sans the Germans0 upon about partisan German hope ETEIA28a These was only a established their Via and 2Miara.P.L6 The skill emphasized them. There sacrificings Germans of lost. 1Vderss his book0 shown attacks authorities activity While partisan short never clearly inflict ceased. 1941 materialize0 interruption areffes9 camps. could German partisans. difficulties doubtrt 80 OD Cileteffla3269 a nor did deny reports encountered that the partisans fanatical0 and seems likely that 'wave of the partisan Vershigoras himself has igaicated this In Junes important areas 19429 of a even May movement of partisans the always combatting self? boldness descriibed alITOTt wep later and the indirectly arrived partisan ce as the entirely pallitIALT cetitTUUTay MG4 most wrote SECRET Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 cs a Gag lower true and heroes Among 5eleven gt(2,14R0 P3W1ttical medium such officers tgn Red They Army vv. cog aroila rank area of triumph unknown been were unknown c S9 iffin firs rai3t" field Red Army W9050%, fighters, did partisan' 52150 who movement0 probably assigned Exl ffira mentioned Administration included As Kossolapov will provede many civilians, Army laLg *1203 ing0 WIgo @Alpo the be said, every Cie were usually formation comrade is opportunity report Northwestern those partisan of officers tibilfaa who partisan drafted Et39 draft age lack ict? %ra and old0 those into partisans partly ? members of front0 and had from warfare cfix.a were for A v some partly d 4(ala Front. ci? Q11219 Communists0 partisan groups not drafted iriro fight 4elk:# expected reason recruited enemy concentrate iris3 other from called Ead gB gD aot5GeogilftseWo time those older partisans latter February of the ParApisan 19X8 Supreme been view group partiZUlar partisans especially quick old importance of al@ Civil were instance, 1942, 27th, entire and 1942, Partisan who had Crimean had been Council services. gteekkos report stated Parti already appointed the Soviet and could ima colors German young because faithful gze Southern san distinguishea honorary sector Seourity Makrusov Movement pamphlets were signed by Nbvemento5 most leader 071 into division) "Hero during of th him Another Union advance, PAIPY acqTr?ties I91tE20, of the Police leader wom himself member and towaild end "Commander partisan old Ce the decorated 02 famous partisan brigade decorated Union" partisan He e %Ada ez90 Soviet and arid group then a with appointed JJanuaryCrimean Kovpak, enTgrged Gtze (later 'partisan the order Major General SECRET Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 was partisan a S3 soldier C ril early staff important *Grandfather partisan Kovpak, co in War, units, another World E7ap ao ending part. ? because who and ce? He Frost SECRET fought famous EX3 most Division. partisan pligret called *Died Chapayev ord was Russian beard. Korenev YOUTH And 5250 mama long AMONG qPla PARTISANS ranks very young, military Colonel accompanied by ofac Lieutenant was Books about beside some leader later 93020 older still children. Kci7pak? staff General) Rudnev not Moroz, character, men OB Major Who son, Kovpak t5299 brigade gw3 mention employe Soviet d literature fighters who were mainly Statements in Me very young partisans (mare German reports. 80 particularly seventeen-and eighteenyear old girls only tita liaison duty tee as spies0 progressed, increasing of these year naissance0 old parachuted boys Groups. into mostly S10264 only also number area recruited many Commissar fourteen- recon- about confirmed ce gba from local tafa amazing employed, As the war girls strengthened how many enemy ceM9 %BB um& zoci held before q213 gagE132/B Fingla V as statements quoted earlier course, ranged CHM ing war During any without trained executed from previous the show partisan however, training. partisan captured old seventeen-year Oxen Other In the their June, veterans of same Communist from young Youth sy3 as G egogfa= ce arzi participants young These Kholm outbreak age0 people groups. Citege928=9Gc9 girls reports. 1941, the whose Kovpak Civil another part Partisans, again. those But there World War Was War short 0 maw %Mail 0 evidently MFG &maw old boys mercilessly and biographies fifty-four often be ZEIRD U IBS) war they M will even able other ORD old. ? tp play vord 0 SECRET npriassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 tlOpai Union There being the youth exercises Pnlishing C3 book Ow tei go aPaegi Reg gagte indicat ions trained, schools. Children %De As '15)9 0$9 children House Moscow understandable 05030 rato book for sketches, various second %39 and ftrom only 1948 Soviet through military "Detgisn (State Literature published (*Metklye "The 19481) cCe Maw 00 Sharpshooters? 360 arrows part training me @QV camouflage little does of Gail 'CO MitaitlaiNG0 Union only entire 1941p Citizens SoViret Territory drop was gri diagrams, particularly cover sharpA122211ag f7EfFUUtlive pages0 book, form, the csgeeam aci history nothing, snipers, %AS modern short and ce many practical the with doubt conduct Min matter many CO. %12 fifoa) population. said: "The of e:og %eV% 'aka the Stalin Army Union gecA Strelki, easily sh o ?tin g instruction pictures, examples The one0 also pictures0 such os purpose partisan principle Armed Forces, book subject There children umgeMo9 am igha SINIAMEARDP9 812 ta also rite Soviet Red his speech gt9 Red Fleet Soviet must defend must last Although ffte GOA% TAZG Mlik? conduct 01? fight blood. GEffisca enough extraordinari ly CM) population and July All foot and 3rtsti every and towns @Mane jU Geabgaget women villages answer available guerrilla U-19 this Izimapig npriassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 CONNECTION effig Partisan although 828 SME13 complete Movement actually work. However development through study would there RED ?1? ARMY 21139 history require 20 BD Mai ae important 5112 trends0 general character i' quoted more earlier and more entire Cie possible OB sTra am son taaa ietaae under also meant thoroughly completely Army more more Red the dlt sata Later bandits, consider Army German stated outline '20213 @EGO Soviet volume, for material so cts give the development eaSal Qed21 that direct organized, coordinated control movement and German 00 not Red MOO ail reports Magi that mention eamOly themselves +Me partisan rear of movement however, occupied connected The Party because 0613000 with and 00 Some agents party Germans lopal NKVD The Communist units, advance0 was document picture most correctly movement I:2 'aro gradually called passed Red Army became activity operations partisans, the enemy developed always partisan times partisans wnTdiers %CO 9 azecsoll simultaneous groups Party and had however German dependable party in't behind organizations the by and also, if partisans. Ulto secret their discovered popurEtion. grogps Irad Germans destroyed0 were by contact party of EDO agl members to order territories P086 ible proved 61241PB freedom German Often to was were NKVD leX) tia as well a stages, of originally units. evacuated cEa anzaRy secret up occupied remain dif,ficulto considerably Many 1:F contact 12DIO NKVD The work of handicapped of them of movement. Security Police discovery partisan I betrayed between VaQa. glisgs MOE, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03125: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 ? and The had hundreds act especially communiMion small exclusively the Red Army and partisan m fit:9 waft farp eg from of territory Sao course side long through consolidation German General Such hard groups own initiative0 of QfrO2P %mama ci? vaage% See were SECRET isolatpds It SO urce weapons eo So establish contact "Big Country" contact So C20 front tao partisan contact among rEe areas also f20 ammunition. WE% 'egM' attempted .was movement lack cut them They tx_li,ed, unoccupied Sovat frequently from Ctgagm was groups the partisan Staff study %Ka called Red Impossible eaffa3 Army as consolidated themsel movement ce ves0 gin final was 1943. "During inG past summer (1942) many not 021 CarNigia &WM, Staft reported were connected sig)3 10 %Ws MUG loosely ? "During ZER693 noticeable in between obig Pripyet Bobruysk and CM the accomplished primar44?,y hlanTiously acted band'it organizations. CO Ma were areas and however of Bryansk, Dniepr Nevel described bandit together stated. concentrations Orsha and aal only were triangle of southwest Rivers .44..randi+tf by small b independently In some cases, manpower larger ment concentrations more remote areas Accordkjn gtri LIETEnsl? of summer unions into on (130 partisan "four were was noted. Soviet books partisan 1942, still limited0 gllgaPso uniting into reinforce - additional 9rxg groups although the V4ershigora, the Bryansk 13th, June alometers agaGo was area, This and subject already functions mentioned Mt? 1942. times C20 211 'SW Partisan The groups. ? long renhigora as at existed of such earlier, "Little so-called area 130 large "Little Groups union, of wide) was described Grand Duchy 3,500 Country from from least in parachuted Country " square completely maes under formed EMIA9G630 a Verahlgora than an area Luxemburg, found BO Union individual very loose one. GJEEEI Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 ? i I ? ? . a O 0 ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 ? ? had limited re laying N.Big Country headquarters, gathering them by the 90 contact which fgan. tion AD) It This the with movement union tafiffiX3 reports single other impossible was Red the Army military C ? actual individual groups station activity SECRET was SMag.1 able side (433' first GGEWCA partisans Vershigpra paracgute 19424 Kovpak to E 'conference and radio establish front cIT Tag individual essential regular cdrtact and the groups step subordination usea ? aggiket2, %14 young August himselrf and man leaders Kovpak used wgach August MUG orders the became was partisan leadership0 advised was and COM Mcfa received Kovpak carry following famous: N ? toward ol main- coopera- partisan beforehand eaa girl. by leaders same airplane MGSCOW. CEO and Stalin, OW CS 90 MG (atO words For second ROLE front. partisan weaRpne, paxapans rAporded Igter fatTas 600 more area group in the in -Ole AIR contact FORCE velay movement. ammunition, by Soviet such on, the behind landing joined month the (August, (a Douglas) iagag eao other partisan personally large operation. partisan Agaers, present played Military medicine gILTP Stan you decisive leaders, and Air Eitasto operations partisans the German February, supply than 21"000 of Army Group extended South 1943, and were lines. fl ight s part were planes0 early also single Center. from and of? aln Novo soko "Main B occupied as able are role our technicians, brought German August to Germans reports 19410 ifg 332 reported first section The front lniki andit ? in Region" part the total CO gDij front this North @NU Mei a Sloil located SECRET 0 ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 IT Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 0 a " vo an stated, February means, 0 report 20 ace gaice average in the and 150 fligtIA improvement additional heavy inadequate manppwer, bandits daily in the This equip submachine. mortars, limited the to possibility operations and armament co) gho supply part German flights May ce explains merit ns, lery gu art poor military sabotage of employment of its Germans particular ce an also the bandits, light aN to MCKIE lagicse2. 63211V daily average continued 02 ST,2 machine Up guns (to leadership fighting actdmities were now and value Ult2615) and and insuffigient of power small-scale CM;g9 airborne growing the front parachute Importance and glo (As) aila sac? Tag peak during noted a second the decline half of May following during first rzpqrts, the by the Russians Period 1943 gtv Mfg EX) 14-31 16-31 During whole supply same, drinhg half flrights, increased 8,357 00g0 SileCED qfiii9 must agio attacks, attMks generally but foreseen0 units case0 now, coordinated might apparently May 19439 operations partisans half in air supply According to Army The be readhed The Group faown during Center number of missions were the periods enacated: fg,ghter 1,577 Eigi7 2,883 ? Tle second decreased, total during of flights 4 24. the percent aag? 17.1472?14P - 880 E102EQ For Partisans 1943, of remained half relation flights the first second contrast July tempo the Soviet to the even supply amounted to though sharply. . combat flying month0 flights only total during per number of German explanation eS offensive offensive0 the front and a9 Moo up July 2,055 ED 0,29 activity partisan about 22. ce percent missions the In July 15th, flown Increased due Cino C a npriassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 a 'Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005-700010006-2 a a ? The importance the paitisan movement commpnicatIbn with the 0Big Country ff cannot estTginh. Particularly its psychological effect must not be overlo,pked. Once this was estalaisheda the partisans longer . isolated from the rest of the Soviet World. They again send and receive letters from their families *0 many such letters were found by the Germans (Alin captured partisans. They felt that they had. power behind them taking eXt3 CE? O them. gia923? % over and morale communicate= themselvs could and atae Although much partirsanse himself may be fact. Since Communists the military sUppliesa 'or gramophafies and about 03 a tke relations good in ful authority addition Instruments helped. Without them appears with propagandaa great many Stalin 0a2Msgi and Moscow It also grpat supporting Soviet partisans represented of people. they communication and had publications witl in basis faith- Wii130 them And 0 also records also supreme in When received their military ? the point been part lean whIh 1% able to regular trips to Moscow movement could not dfdo Parachutists accomplish first" rough air fierda, Wrier fre'd by Kovpak possible. made Thus Mier spot CIEW landing illt were Army and the tactical headquarters the basis ment requirements of commagaing officers For instance,, Kovpak Important military lqadera Aagusta 1943, have alone degree fields, that musical morale organization reached wouIrd of and commandev other partisan S ituation and replacement of past experience80 since the never have organization. &Ow inspection well Maers could flights were discussed problems solved Replace rate loss very was great high partisans General and sometimes lost tliar Arianev crippling, most Since Kovpak himself published accounts tlipher )33 0 Major- the Kovpak groupLa Vershigoraa have Sgtalls are known more one been (;) about SECRET _ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 anzl..-ric=2:?4 a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 a 0 a 0 CP this group bring Kovpak quarters behind About ma end ce a ex) %Gab wasp age %re about the medical German others. supplies Pines close beginning himself flew to with parWsan groups end of OcfBber two 76 aircraft After became thato quite millimeter evacuated Moscow0 the July Kovpak The landed ele communication regular. At the guns the flown wounded January, the Byelorussian field was lid croa4t brought in milatary operaflons, aniOpiritographers of pictUre photbgilphers member of the Ukilginian decorations and medgls. 1943, village and in, mothers near Bryzylsk Ailgrat, Moscow. SECRET aircraft had 19420 and the and same children Kovpakso was of Lyakhovichi0 the of Clnearby ammunition for further coMespondelits 'well as pictures. Senet brought caa ail located A ling lake. Air - weapons and Moscow to ice and also papers, takirdtTon SSA Supreme brought moving A In the meantime, five partisan Kovpak and Audnev, were range% to. the General, Their generals' un*orms OP by air. ?Fina.lbly0 when Kovpak DM teeth, specal plane Cal outstanding dentist and partisan. Mat El set with with was arrived leaders, .rank of also having frbm technician teeth. 61:0oa including Mgr brought troal% Moscow to 0 On .April 20th, MG Secretary a? the Communist Party Korotchenko, Accompanied aides, arrived with instructions, aTa, CEnIzof-Staff c the Soviet Ukrainain mentliMjor GenerallStrokach, landgd. aVratirons and medals. miles tory, ications Although they with Kovpak' Ge the. maiStained Fla Atter partisan grows bummer of 1942 organization trpops lifries almost Army communications had been 00 Ukrainian by several later, Partisan make the Move- more marched at least thr,d7gh occupied un.17-Mrrupeir air between weik and was the spring systemaenally 64?.??gpo terrk.v. coMMun- most individual estal51tished, between 1943, the partisan developed. cb 5 a aiREE gb? , a a a a a -- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 a ?1 1 0 B a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 C20 borne 2. forces organizing C/51 ECGECO o 0-" MOVEMENT Ce partisan brigades Consolidation Use 3. civilians. of complete in support n Reinforcements small bands into and divisions0 units of bands through paratroops or for the recruitment ME25R 9 c ' 01191200 and purpose local .Raising and courses Equipment assure''olBaer 7. Use intraoduction pOti'san units of of by training standards of intructlon. of bands control of more planes regular air, with ala for system more units, through radio liaison of and supplYing partisan supplies also of According to the same report t thexp Were, 129 largelgirde with total strength of lAk,000 in Maya 1943a compared 43'bands with 879000' men in Fibru- ary of the same year. These figustA0 howevata not give 3 compWite or altogether Wourate piliture. The comparisons not oorreet because the rAblvary figures doOVilude bands operating in the Baltic States and the Uk-aine. Therefore the two sets of figures not directly oomparahle0 a with When comparable areas considered; the February let figure afar.= oompares with 3 May 18th figure of 93,000 men. Even these figures are not entirely accurate since addition to larger bands smaller groups were also operatigliln fatlit is impossible to present an exacta stitafical report of the partisan movement vitae, knowledge of eeoret Russian data. On the other Eada mufti:VIM data is availAble to gain Q3 approximate numirioal estimate of the partiean movement0 SECRET o '240 0 a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 00 a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 SECRET statistics of losses the partisans suffered during f943 and 1944 show fakaing figures.: Dead Captured 90904 Deserters 7 402 TOTAL 2451364 &) apparent the beginning thousada persons only for souves puasans December Artdcle of but may one 19481) therefore, gkig end Ce served aa partisan units. Mgure ale available, that of By'glorussian (Ogoniok @LB LIB 9121 93:12a war the several period hundred From SoViet from 'ffix4 Mom issue Byelorussian be CIA 0. cplebrating S$R0 9133 figure git)9 propaganda figure 2639 Cre' appears 30th 3404;000 520 tipX) anniversary over Nevertheless, movement partisan fts aces greatest of May bands not originated there, 19431'61 in Byelorussia strength large fiDig gt-2 Mtge age German whole ratio Soviet in German ar2 be refTgble purposes. unneasonable Byelorussia statistics of percent publication region, so 06E76ied exilriega estimate correct. PARTISANS German according between the is this gives would one? and and The reached show all partisans neighboring figure 3400000 nearly 6000000 for that the same and mean area, assuming throughout 61 percent war, BYELORUSSIA celitgotem an 'ffir4 tall a? esRecially irea tion of according are Army very Group In AND U that Byelorussia UKRAINE distribution revealing? Center interesting, popullition in German ? 2I91 Army Sg321 estimates, a A and Group fol C20 percent the partisans comparison Ukraine g19 composi? atea, Center lows: Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 0 Ma) 2arog= Ukrainians Russians According German of the Ukrainian Grgat Russian tendencies furthering observations, population influence, Wt e therefore area 0 among Soviet most while Russians. 11711san this gloGID 2000 3009 000 500,000 4,320 2000 ce &ace a csca Mow this cause favorable BB ao Oco Mao' zagl Eseaw 063 My reason since between German the figures groups Ukraine Great a0 Eil were 0 portion under separatist Conditions '&08 asidgoAg antagonism Ukrainians. area. comparison part strong and Russians the showed Date - 1943 pia a alma atD were, ce Mao interesting, existed According MG number partisans following fauctuations: Arm Grou Center 2300 WAD wactato Ezp. P.17 20 ODD EiMe eriai 'ella ate ce 75,f)00 BOO contained czia tions particularly forests aZa2C3D would area again. Including Soviet and Army favorable figures. assemble It movement ile some '53xa assembly f-rom II ? partly 612E9 CA seems evident publications, Ulintine Army Bryansk 1331200 519 was Group Group Ukraine ,000 lopeco a9 2500 00030 aVoIXID 2L-.) 2000 Cigie2e exesoo etarean= topographical explains from %SS) groups time and f-rom many Mae ao mainly Miter forests ZGERD Ukrainian neighboring leave reports, Soviet fostered area. favorite partisan partisan quite partisan KoVpak leader Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: Clk-RDP7-8-01617A00570001000=2 also came brigade to Soviet words, struggle,if cdleinporate this Ukraine spreading there Germans area the "ET Although with before f943 and areas, almost deep ita universal hatred However, E5SER appeared with JQ the purpose fire of the people? widespread wiglingness all 9b21 occupfn efil Mg Ukraine, he for o ail EitIO was especially among against occupation policies, hatred deve25157a bitter the the strong UOgnian Soviet experience antl-Gezplan diTrinians, among peasants, regime0 feeling German and The anti-German trend did not pro-Soviet elements as qtgated Ukrainian NationalirEt Movement a, Ogl the Western UkTalne Meta SepeMer f940. Bandera, various most part balongrd strength "Taras and fighting Soviet developed Poland these BuIba" among movements g1:41,1P8 themseves. were Their partisans did EIKAGECE0 partisans fight A51 largely 'ME) Ossaceoc, German "Fortunately between some report as partly attitude C0033 CO both much firmer even help basis who tato for for had Howeveri, the Melnik, dissipated by towards hostile, although propose sides August has agreement Ukrainian 9th, nationalist would the be 1943, far been Soviet Soviet fiGaa statesg effected and bands0 and contrary recently twenty-five suffering , these engaged miles several a tag more struggle the Soviet's. Ukrainians directed civik groups a three-day of southeast hundred important against The the of German bringing thqTr under had military independent and Soviet and Ukraine armies same bitter battle Rovno casualties. Ukraklian Germans the German enemies, at Ostrog both groups as well states MEG report their efforts administration much Ukrainian territory as control. They freely admitted Whatsoever attacking lines since 4! establyished to drirtroy only about sides committed against that the exclusively against wiTh avowed .32o conditions summer changed supply couVa wouit aC133 1943 1F4-if raci calay ppurpose possible that they German before German other. ggi report The the each continued, of attacks number SECRET a neclassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 3 0 convom, strong ppints acts against indivTauals, groups, regions became so numerous that situation developed into "real the Army supply agricuakural prestige on trains, terrorillit and entire and GLUM warehoukes, vikages, parftjan only over menace transport are distributed administration system products the German and routes QM 0 time, and others, who- Stalin himself that is, already been The changed0 raised the Ukraine0 ea the partisans Augustn 1942,. proceed7a) the Ce CIP. MK? but and even itself " Kovpak? to Saburov had been ordered "right bank Ukraine, 0 region active two azi2es Dniepr for River, months0 atWAude the local population Red Army victories, begirriM possiiiility that the S3VT7T's The populaflon began to fear no longer dared actively to reupals partisans, and reppEp Staff* fb43, steadTly gap increased 10 MORG! Economic jny 24th, bands had with might Soviet about in gi3 cannot the Eastern "The ceefieCe 1119 Increasing times over from the occupied number and June ascertained incropase partisan Mal development the actimity of the Bryansk Uffaine Byelorussia. Motu had al so SfWAngrad, reconquer ? oppose G areas, attacks Soviet the dated by this during the exactly due was, movement ghg from forest Sai3 previous val3 part primarily and partisans part Who tabular representation accompampg striking increase in parfnan attacks part of Ari, i93 This fact Soviet sources concerning sent to the U2Vrine. shows TElt from who occurred and during iS %Ego833 Increase and the attacks. gfila Soviet period signia,icant supports the activity The greatest April 25th relationship from corresponding aiING032) Unfort,unateiy0 German statistics partisan groups, such Q those May 15th, 1943, larger time aE) eo not German number to moved the Into report afttekhe partisans increase June between rear of ar4eas partisan concerning avaini5le compiled SECRET Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 U Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 -later the period. sharp dlYtterence pperaflons in Ukraine after CEE/ between of Army Ukrainian %la became Finally menfrOnd, the partisans which this summer event partisan caw were 4 mount.ainous it adept ik3 C126/3?in number 1? partisan Center and the Movement the 1943. (MEW, assumed Group 1;6321&;1;51 C520 a area a also the Crimea relatively exploAing afdOnga them0 should strong, opportunities and d Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 A Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 In advance t e ERERA partisan of 1943. but Red intensity, of the PARTISAN EGIZO3 movement reached ithg3Gogice in Army scope g33 CHG:1 4E(03 9k4 contracted control of parfisan been until their groups mopped occupied Soviets0 up the 0 aeo peak declined p7-4-1-1 am sop twe gradually CO CI 93312Th3 el? ao2) U.S.S.R. Soviet homeland. by Red the A The activities withdrawing Germans Importance offenstve0 occupied forces DTWtricts concentrated and 0 constant tfj `26121 eGiMITO MSG again art 801 vthich 4IMG vat& caa tfy one, se= 92351 MGM CR 'atG complete Germans and were, became partisans did of their Soviert The partisan suppozpIt formerly Red Air Force Army8O offensive_. OofSber record 571 never who measured movement the Frea of also from occupied total could the received qMPpitilg 5O13 bomber c03290061) Soviet too German missions pixrtleans sorties, missions a 13,RPlY frghter partisans Win second partisans and 3190 bomber amounted 2t31.9 against 4.8 Percent fapwn 0. MEG reports for Oa' missions Plown0 represented disturbing October recorcird sorties,. only 3.5 Nevertheless, factor down Partisan at the German iffin warfare was time when offensive defenses, gs 1943,. strengthen from July definitely One functions junction of and 0 REP' Red at Il 1 but lost behind some colgt3se ce obtain Army supporting the first of because fiCs) the purpose 3952 fighter of total %to and Plights to as agaiiist 3237 Plights percent cirt CC) so cin cea2e113 partisan 00g.' 8.g.1310' (89AN) stil. 1 half Germans even maim eco %to the greatest YHter?ered with (1139 Red Army MB% (MD September might add over eo obtain significance offensive gave 00 when sustained more a the and slowed time periTh Poviet offensive.. coM%lete partisan supplementing picture armies con.., study _ ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 0 0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 Soviet experience in other Allies' conduct ofTfiTTive limited countries landings.) .other parsan capabilities by fails type with (as hand, German combat pared Army with with It exampleo 5001,000 Various tion. study example 9112 partisan France EfilEE2 movements after experiences clearly in CID army warfare? losses ap manpower partisans. Were of rosses suffered ie true Soviet Byelorussian Germans, Soy-egt give engagements of German losses0 often Thus, occupied by 19Y60 by Kovpak that his a small be show how enemy Cfin the country Soviet dict result siFificange agFinst assert alone reports partisans this reports several cs the p for com Red ? more fantastic exaggera- concerningrOticufar contradictory figuret example, Bragin, German garrison, two alone eg writes German officers Vershigora, tit; in reports units, reports published. these more use, would leave existed? are which be and unit and PGgil small Ukrainian city aftaan in April, units. Kovpak than 40Q other partisan Who than 200 entirely obvious German men. also that took part is by all Germans were unreliable, as) eta crim cgo in three more killed. partisan Soviet These %EV' propaganda purpp ese. However, report's publliTeed for their own necessarily more acburate0 sine there for 9113 German military authorities eg Map eirso ary because reason validity publnation such losses Furthermore, 'Elha partisans following a=pern'd Germans, anSies, wounad, nationalities and 3512 German IFTit area ZOO own reports ?10 reports 03:P rather Cgs reason Which were restricted they the for doubt not destined official Army Center, Where strongest, Command by their allied Months, May to Sepeelber ibt/ wounded, and 202 most part Hungarians, 3:44 missing, auxialaries from ais4P4Z4g;t u71767041494g2a4, lidnapped, deserteri Group losses of five 902 dead, own German Or a:Cb ffazi noted troops 14431 missing; their ard, 501 varfblis 788 and the 72 during missing, and B @&I 1 a wounded, Wii;ffa Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 q.) U Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 open regular great0 a basic principle with German combat German Vamozsi destroying the extraoraharily , 1943, so-called Grishin ? bodies, all0 troops troops0 superiority partisans In Germans partisan October 1769 was high the succeeded flTd2aPP0 compared to partisans probably about 00 64 dead, 18 120 and Germans was SECRET 'kr avoid engagements armament '111:13 ea) encircling losses were For example, liquidating and partisan Germano succeeded Regiment., and this civilians missing woundne Far actual losses more German troops 1943, Bovember had of 210 orde They from the obviously The Germans report captured woods0. important killed tied already when decreased Center of 350 minimum It Arzy Group battalecins r Catee highways numbers alone., and etg 463 The added Germans, wounded partisan area and Germans counted qadi Sgo rounded up lost case) ? however 9h9 number In activitlea. occupied substantialty that estimated IIEGB troops Furthermore, because necessary roads supply ascertal halrf each, that securityn gal Q, it9 not available other security the partisans but also and highways, depof's. In ned, the Germans attempted attacks their disposal. serious +20)9 summer ?9 akom forces were sufficient traftic. the High would 73 position h. duty troops attacked villages, of 1943, able 90 'efkg on The cause tag CfiCegelage3 sinceQM some Qmx.. far behind ing Byelorussia uniform, the Qnii a area same CGCLI Eire Army cases lit9 Germans Command require 9500 men, railroads Q17 make also only cities, far GO prevent rsgdlroads successful disrruption and rail- German be and as barely attempts railroad 02Biliaf ilCia W0240361% Group front each time. Thu s, of the sufficient attack reported, for Army including governed 'MSG count occurred ? example, Grbup the U Qa during also only railroads by counted. Ciala several in General Likewise, attacks, co di S33? number places Sept ember or4r, 588 Byelorussian in the attacks 110 limited were area, 1256 SECRET Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 a (attacks) October 093 0 14,150 attacks the previous smallig0 and in airlanons. 211 attacks completely 3853 hours, 2,132 123 May which interrupted month November L943 -dor had demolitions with because 952 5456 Da3 hours; severely and Erb In carried 202o were 086 August out night carried Germans following results,: damaged track o2 saga SECRET lines, (fewer area 4574 demolitions, the occupied attacks with recorded CO3 reduced locomotives damaged0 eft la Aug out additional 933 was partisan traffic soe2a single were partisans rgs-scale ust 2-3. 6,519 charges 2,2woo for operation ce damaged, Army operation, In points T5269 and Group ZAgligh nights, gkO removed During August there were against railroda installations, iddrrItual demolitions and 3T511 641, 74 locomotives 80 locomotives and (1.1qEP %CS 90 unserviTeRble. Hitler charges. damaged, kilometers rendEFia number tions, 91920 troops found Army tES Re mo OB orders0 that rvorted for other drawn bands0 had purposes elto89 from Eil2C9 C20 less 24th, the Eastern Command partisan strong during situdtion was 1943, 0 gtr9 Mom Glazace began demolitions aigrao area during and unexploded0 total of involving addit.ional .and 214 781 625 miles) ordered used Group been c2a 'ir!)24 assigned movement %ag chief occupied many 'Maa guard Impossible Center forced front0 mission a93 to They 9220 summer viewed ?20 attacks 711,7 unexploded rai.f5Md derailed ZEEiG cars and soil% ffeceoaaaa. High to carry Command had combatting 1943, grave. Economic very Military wrote territories harassing Warman He carried against in the Western Ukraine0 consisted of "221 caused by be of rail recognized, traffic greater. 011 actions ariaosto removals, '619 main was but had the been troops with EtEaGGO neverthe- On July Staff Army stated with 78 and danger supply areaS that 65 ines, Ce? High successfully June during these derailments It actions attacks0 interruption steadily must sudden becomes U SECRET a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 The attacks of effectively slowed up supplies and delayed Both of these con4itions of the German the partisans the precision or nervousness activity occupeed how on They had officigl The the movement destroyed interfered hine In frequptaIly of German mad fo a253 among ma troops0 affected the at seriously and areas eft4 attached Termans economic al so situation activity in other The ap (see imated est7 lif no reason documents German contained lag decline russian of the area, low, 10 meat. had end the ielta od SECRET and military transports0 usual created addition, MOO with and economic of local of effect study) of occupied blacker situation partisan of the population0 shows clearly partisan acti:vity areas April, 1943. picture i3 their actually to present than the report some worst developed eceaka 0 this map figures. Where very striking Byelorussia, earlier 060330 Germans expected that the agrirentural "because of the and and more there production insufficient warranted0 at partisan vXgorously would of very of the 0 therefore of percent The GeVaan report their achievement the quotas ncApifled. 40 percent flifi'llza0 meat fat-s (including vegetable 033 grain states that ft that Grain per hectare partisan Of association only 3ft partisans of farm land activity 967 to 1943 previous. state farms appoineerd by remained under had taken over quotas yield, quotas ollg) by declined ":Sovkhoz the Germans control others0 sharp BYAELP- paciffition deliveries percent gte and bands even these collecPons only 36 ci* itp the woodcutting season yea3 amount could destroyed. 0 olvEational. yreiks per only be COGG 0:cease could claim reduced percent percent. 74 percent Which operated in f043, During C12 En SID rxr741551ri percent and half the in while the 1942 only and Deliveries an 9D 1942, Army farm Group Center rand dropped efEIM Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 ef) percent; 59.6 percent 75 tons percent. forests total and grain total The percent? The Wag report infested situation The Germans Ukraine only 13 and meat yields meat estimated 1 urcent pmauction endangered, dropped production sawmill stated that by bands. 150 000 dropped production 90 etka Effeitin 4?01g ce percent was For grain production 111 greatly would be lost percent was spring grain production endangered, and and more 1943 a SECRET tons or 30 000 declIfir&Z of favorable0 the occupied producflbn percent were similar ing in situation were of areas, 20 and would lost percent overall loss wrt percent certain, Cg considered and 8 grain considered gt:4 southern activity Germans losses of the AseiTt percent greatly imperiled? those prevalling other deterioration ail meat percent greatly percent in meat of loss over-all production However, were ugVgIns, so fat areas MG921 might conditions develop- the materialize0 expected and did report related !'how Russia (the Ukraine) 01 Finally fabor following heavy0 the 01;13 army because and and expanded can't be deeply been also economy imperiled by partisan activity deprived d? 10595,000 able-Milled has conclusion The dangers East FFOnt We C1119 partisan ir ed. One reduced present activity import ant deTIveries from extracted local the These produced cut in F,or the the Germans At first population sentiment fiIIAArmans. fertile aspect of all population with drawn: .Which and band persons. %le threaten of even situation arid economic supply the Reich strengthened extraordinarRY real , however namely agricuAural products areas by increasing pressure mentioned in the report. Ukraine usually and that coufa even be Z130 no surpluses production local t.Aon. t.he the only not Ce 'MD exception even aB OfB (MO R2pulatlon under against pr577ded partisan normal hardship grain meant stirred up anger Lafer, however and times, for to deliver CE63 conditions %go development against tirepartisans. of the population turned more This reversAr feeling ground the development of and actual people, meat to starva- movement0 more turn in the - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 PARTISANS The directly subljeTted an't aims Vhich might 4mariTY AND LOCAL POPULATZONS country population and heavlly from to pressure of the estroy livestock. for the appear particular partisan ag;tivity from directions, partisans to destroy otherwise be Germans0 livestock. parfT777E stuffs and to carry 6292a? suffered They One of anything TiTT's tried was by The food and food. This, populTaTion. in the used M21 if EQ13 successful, The vfflacc3213 majority of improvement dissolution the time, bread of German same daily reports, Unfavorafile indicate that tzTo the 02 their same COW meant partisans requisition population, acCI particularly by collective however by the whir& well as prAinalaT parflUans and CS) was to. slaughter terrible would famine later provisions. C13 Office economy glsig 9:33 they partisans. Apparently consegt7n17 emphasize those favorable to the attitude of overwhelmingly hoped for Germans0 being reliable condMons Germans, for robbed Then Germans against terror" as ft Seanty Porice,, dated lation tried to demands for bands, was inaugurated was atIONd August 22nd, the partisans, the Germans partisan If they compeRalvlifo werfrald subjected oppose food, an did 8B the hostile. farmers policy ilelor67t 19410 If and help subject not assist ITtray iVals oppose them, them by SO SO repr populafion. prepared entire burn The Security "reports awe fed partisans basirs of these down In the most the and whole Police been had locate reprITals0 partisans, if they did the Germans,. Germans who and villages stated received temporarily number reports cases, interrogation confibeiTftal reports and succeeded They CO' C5G93 IECe triM33 CIP MSG were perfectly execute iffir489 on August 22nd, about vilfgETrs hidden them. On of villages the persona questioning of villagers partTsans. ? lp_cating: the either shot ? a 1941, 4 0 0 had searched0 accused in other accomplices the 613% @EEO Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 useful information interrogation, (pe egFrity were of executed0 partisans from that given in the techniqps achieved farmers such tiMir once might they were Police). Repeatedly burnt down It was viklage partisans immediately against Fear expected taken After action? entare to more village of foot 09 the in f-rom ine SECRET further headquarters interrogation, houses order announced woulld of accomplices deter others the population down if afd burnt partisans reported.. has were opposing excelirent 90 partisans %to come horse vat& terror reslts, distances order bring proved from method, turned partisans, and efag German population of patriotic go) 02 most cases however rather strongly fiValusreffitent reign hate the sentiment0 terror worked long as appeared inability cdpe with ttigir authority and In was appearing ritife terror reprisals reports the exploitation gitallaky and more about correct? two-edged advantage by led 0 cp weapon of terror Germans caused the the taught renaissance Germans, in Mez) to be the stronger the partisan movement resulted in different their feared power. more Since of was growing influenced by partisan Which stream 1942 favor many , 1942, complaints seralally regions the Germans. German that worse situation, Menaced also from reports attitude Germans side. only Their undermined appreciatIon partisans ? contained and atm meffitely caused was %cc@ Sup German protection, but that of taging the partisans BB sans. forced Simultaneously many the and sides people wens recruifIng the many partisans was 'Ma ine steady population m inly desperate partisan and and without other jeARIng food ex0610847 adequate solution the parti did - acia have resort cases a) fill their diAprzanized the eel 6747"ghs by me.n2Al_cfisly elements and partTFUTEFly the by the Germans and G?an- ((Ordnungsd.ienst)0 Whenever in sch751 licensed by administrations set up deqt_1121(g_ coflaboraflng vi:jgg"g-0 mayors appointed confFolled police forces vfOiage may-or teacher es ranks. local @fp SECRET a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 G. 9 Germans fear Army who murdered, resigned several fear of other village partilnhs. Finally, when Red Army began ilpprisals collaboration woula reconquer the spread6 fought on German Edde and employed against the partisans, began partisans. The September wort of Asted under losses "Indigenou0 of Russian origin, iirafT6InIg wounded, iT94 missing and had gcgi SECRET mayors victorious, case Red Prisoners of war, MUG frequently desert the * Army Group Center manpower, that is national minorities, 2076 deserters0 leraa persons 187 dead, GERXAN 2122a13 May Forces 9th, Security situation wThe not 19420 of Army f011oweg FIGHTING the Group PARTISANS Commanding Center battle the only for mflitary struggle. The less more political long run forced political avai'labl e, 15,kecaus.e in occupied jualtpr situation weagEWS, iTgelYty 13"ifOre and Which saprice syz) maw area their means 1176k even worked 0 occupied area operations @Gam% cg co Ma summed existence. to the behind 1M is military measures have entlrelpopulation participate in fills struggle, An aggravation of partisan popuilatidh admission of our of poffifTril goal makes doubtful those parts of the popuiMon ready sTd.voluntarial7 for and proved their confidence in by dr their 151ood. A finaly p acificailon the front largely are Means used, Mo any parAlpans and depend on 1) adequate German to fight the parPisansw 2)) * ical goal Whirch flakes into the populafion of the Germ4t7s had neither 051 furnish the ag political goal0 war. would a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 If have sa3 us triumph entire area made of aspirations However, the were Which wiTih their over thus forces being anunciThon account occupied suffealent manpower population witWhe tam already lod.t, They the Germans had not lost had sufficient Russian a 0 previous the will avall05le polit? of nor necessary poffeical the political forces war combat they the MEER cases Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 partd.sans0 peasants to doubt and have %re land ii?ey fight the defended should have fits) %rap permitted own land. fieam S collective divided The partisans, taaal Zga, 02 had forced the utmost among property moreover peasants bru?ta1l?ty0 Because MG had SECRET Russian glisaa peasants against been dissolved %KV everyone? represented into exploitation, that ppasants the partisans, decided cpnsidered IT136lages," armed0 concerning Eastern area wish Germans might question positively establishment is, M21 draft 1942 villages c$2 military population against inhabitants C1?, CIa0 that partisan areas result could defend iffin collective c grki would regime farms 07116 policy arming against discussed but themselves particular of so-called whose German the Germans rArmed inhabitants Army in government statement expressed they might attacks0 villages by edlensk Bryansk, some of CHM partisan cases attacks ceased the Smolensk 0gB spite experimentda. 061MaGe various in the this basis the report German matteri? of this second fA40 armed IIPC1 The Army made 0 geaaaa the that elements armed and. ao report occupied "as the defend experimental tB al2arming a country themselves of Group WTRY lalme,01391091 had entirely Kommandatur0 the following and - ? example as success not Mt3 ascribes authorities .ed Mao of this principle attempted CEICI large inao Wag ) a t 13 attempt In this 3 5 dispute almost rivalry however also villages ClagaYaelaal armed proved diminished peasants attacks.II Germans fought However missed WilgOORIO and me ft 'alga% Ga the defense certain, mainly made had 0 between jurisdiction however polit atical. ? beginning "the ffin olgtaseaiscEozao in cm% their noticeably tag same very was report against already a:3 at into tg-Gik@gape opportunity side against said, Partisan The areas0 several S co aCgloc, partisan The transform partisan Russian civil army backed @El 0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A005700010006-2 0 difficult conceive of -Russian campaign Finally, it were practically partisansafr. partisan losses in lost 295 aircraft, These losses, eaectively the May 3rd, f943, to High Command necessary that the partisans be stopped the supply aircraft by the other soil. basis seems of the possibility remarkable powerlests According years apparently however 4' SU pply CElef wrote seems the were of German for Wira EEE53 experience successful Germans of prevent supply the German to f944, down by sufficient to 1943 shot not iffixa or? never German airpower partisan the jj was accomplished. reports tint. against air strips ftsm repor,ts faiirified example determination two the One Sg39 partisan General Group supply by means vigorous fighters." the Army continuing of s by Staff Center the estimate the partisans the Geirataa. interrupt On to air0 night "necessary" gains Germans pjartisans0 wefe surprisingly instances the did o. much Attempts alscover ineffectual. In Where air things impression make Army that it .s.,Ar of attacks clga Z20 Taa Ca from are many repeatedly in a area of Dyatkovo) sk9 Apparently the forces combat ilg.guirements partigans, ever location Germans the the Eta formulated certain but strips (f or accurate location more never made0 also not have sufficient piar.,1.4.....Ltans.. Thus neither of the sucdessful comlAtting the'document cited above, did ?DocUMenIW t CEW1: in Claf- DZCI,:.13SIFLEV CGEO - 77 pAtO: - SECRET Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/03/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A-0-06700010006-2