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December 12, 2016
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June 26, 2002
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February 13, 1946
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DIA? OSD, DOS ere /3 Feb ri% yg . Approved For Release 2002/0? ? RA-RDP78-01617A005800010040-01,4:f / I ALT All At-4' JelmpplapA: uuq 00,1rEiE,NOLi11A0 DirLe,,eor Orr propose& Y4crt early conference of respoaeible ministers to plan rebilization of u9.21d resources to zeet the foreteet 1946-1947 food eeisiD. State AMR, Agriculture concue. Theme Aepartmente eepoee arty a4 hi o ar"emgmonts for 1945-1946 see they feel exietirg agencies can do the JO. UhERACOffRb i4A13C4 17ee The vaaRA cfm,:ti meeting at Atlantic City le expected to discuss measures for allev:eting the vorld feed shortage, nf UNkkA operations. and thehetaling of eefugees e.bsent f-ro7m their eountries by the end of 1946. gOaD a'ROEMSeINDIAL The India )Food Delegation now in London fpr 7611euitation win shortly come to Washington to confer with the eemblned ?cod Beard, CPS representative says every effort is eelee meoe te erele;fie Tediere andeltber nnAernouriehed pecoplee with food, 4gligA# lip$94,4411 AlliniOnED:.The Unt today, despite Soviet opposition, ndoptf. te, US-TX sponeered refuRue resolution forbiddieg enfoeee:1 eopeeelation end recommendieg the establishment of a committee to 1e eroblene , OPEATINGPTMDS: Pending formal adoption of a budget UNC will be 452:-e000,000 of which $6?155,500 yin be contributed by the US. 1?,`11.0PE-AFRICA I- UBS!: Narshall Mukov, eecontly elected'to the Supreme Soviet, may eOfee, be-ereageto its Ppaealdium. This woulil require hime to leave Perlin for full time dutles in Momoow. AUSTRIA: Proposed Exchango of Repreeentatiyee with lifelehboring Statesee Auetriees request for Permission to accred:it e7e5Fizienpativee to. Czechoslovkia, BUngary, Italy, Switzerland and Yugoslavia is acceptable to the quadripartite political division, Allied eounoil, Vienna, erovided such action is bilateral,. The division eill recemmend approval by the Allied Council and also recommend tbat representation of any nation_ in Austria be limited to one type of mission, either military or political. The Soviets approve Austria s requeet, provided no exchange is permitted with Germany or Japan .- review(s) completed. Document No. 0 a Ze NO CHANGE in Class. rl LI ---A- ,DECLASSIFIED Lass. CHATJ2?10 TO: TS . S 191161 r An( g 4F Date: it D Mjyt?Ingr,sr : j Approved For Release 2002/08/16: 25X1 '"`"P"'""""annoPRowimmmempory Approved For Release 2002/08/16 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005800010040-0 foeivizio. ,;Reduotion of Soviet Forcesagedentbasey Moscow has repeated its request of January to theeSoliet Government that the Soviet Commander in Vienna be authorized to disown reduction of Allied occupatimforcee. SoyietViewp on Dannbe emnally_gstseany-The Soviet member of AliThd Council Austria remaine adamant in the face of vigorous US aeseetione that the Dannbe Steamehip Company is an Austrian, rather than a German asset and that 210 unilateral action should be taken concerning it. The Soviet member is clearly acting on Moscow'a instructions in insisting that the conpany is German property. The Couneil closed its diseueelon with statemente by the UK and Freneh maulers that they would refer the natter to their respective Governments. 3. BULGARIA: &m.z.....attp_ns St.t.d.lck--Irhe Soviet menber of ACC advisee that food reparations cannot now be sent Yugoslavia or Greece because of shortagese Vyshinski will be told that the US regards this es non-fulfillment of the armistice, The US AOC =Mbar will requeet copies of trade agreements and a report of commodity deliveries made since the armistice. 4, YUGOSLAVIA* AntieUS kmaigaContinies--Three US jeeps near the Enbasey were confiscated by police after breaking padlocks it the presence of US naval and diplomatic representatives. Violation of parking ruIea was charged but these rules were to be effective only on the text clay. The Ambassador is making a strong protest. MeanAFEn has tnetruoten the VS Military Attache not to -surrender without AFHQ's permission a US soldier charged with killing a Soviet NCO in Beleeade. 5.- ITALY.: VenezieG1li Flections Preteeted?eremier de Gasperi has proteeted to the Aillea-ralarlleaTZTarlast Novenber s elections In YUgeslav-occepied Venezia Giulia. Ho charges the Yugoslays with using the occasion for political demenetratione for annexation to Yugoslavia, conducting the elections withoutsafeguardn Tor free voting, intimidating the Italian residents end altering the election results. The local "Asseebly" elected a "Regional. Popular Cemmittee of Istria" which asserted the unanimoue will of the Istrian population to be in fi of entering the Federal Yugoelav Republic. 6? FRANCE: The French Eatign Office will order confiscation of any Pan- Arerican plane that lands at Marseille without French Governmant authorization. The French have dimapprovod Panama's proposed 9295 ' New nen-Marco/11e rate, Under the provisional Air Transport Aereement, mutual agreement on rates muet be reached before operations can loin. . /)957- Approved For Release 2002/08/16 : CIA-RDP78- 1/V05800010040-0 mime Approved For Release 2002/VarIA-RDP78-01617A005800010040-0 E-121aa4o, vith e3,,ed. by France without parallel action by the US and UL1 r"to the semi- offioial Foreign Office liewsparer . FAR VAST CHM: ONtnese Admit rdsoussion With USSR on Manchuria?A high Chine e. official acknowledges that talks are under way. He declares that the Soviets are being opportunistic and consider Manchurian industriev. as war booty. Be denies that China has asked. Soviet forces to remain in Manchuria beyond 1 February. Foreign fanister Soong has seen the Boviet Ambassador twice in the past ten days Chiang Orders Civil Liberties restered-:!-The Supreme National Defense Council has approved the repeal or amendment of all regulations restricting Chinese civil rights. Final action rest with the enfbrcement authorities. INDIA: Martial law in Calcutta?The British imposed martial law fr Calcutta yesterday following MoslemAed riots protesting Indian ational Army trials. The rioting is on a larger scale than in Noveeibor according to (len. Terry, who reports 4 US army pereennel injured. Maslen revolt threatsned?annahihoad of the Moslem League? has to the press that the Moslems intend to revolt if the British fail to provide for "Pelrietanl a sovereign Moslem State aebracing six nornern provinces of India. Bo opposed the British plan to call a eine Constitution-making body for a free and unified India. ZOREA: Gate, Hodges has molested US backing In urging Soviet agree- - ment on free om of expreseforabacere=Eatemnt is mao.e io form an _ interim Korean government. Be le prepared to postpone interim government ookeiderations until a satisfactory solution is reached. Gen. Hodges has been given authority by State and JCS to re- Ieage a poro detailsd acnownt of. the Flooril Corferoncs should he con - eider publicity at present undoeirable? he is authorized to prepare a factual recital of US efforts to obtain Soviet consent to remove zone barriers, for release when USSR publicity or public opinion here dictates.. THE AMERICAS ARGENTINAI Reaction to.."Blue Book"--Embasey Buenos Aires reports that the Argentine Foreign Office is considerably agitated over the US "Blue Book" on Argantine-Nazi collaboration. The Venzuelan Foreign Minister believes that the Argentine People will now repudiate pre-Vazi leaders. Widespread publicity is being ? given to the document in Bolivia?whose present Government is substan- tially the same as that which the "Blue Book" states to have come Into power in 103 with Argentine-Nazi backing. 417)0617A005800010040-0 ? Approved For Release 2 Approved, For Release 2002/08/16 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005800010040-0 2 CHILE: The oM.tioaa ooaL shorge is oreating a dangerous situation thioh iaut iner and Navy Laking over the mines, Embassy Santiago urgos that the US Qmiravor to obtain coal for Chile rProul Peru. BPAZIL: Ambaesador Martips.p3 hotn r,c9t tlerrael with the new Foreign Minlatei,? who has been taY lisitine is pi7o -Iallgss. Martins will continue poet in Washington ':or the time being, CANADA:, A $1.00,p22,990 lf tgNetherlands wtx announced yesterday by :.;1,e, Canadian Finance 1,111lietlry. CONF)CIENTIAP . Approved For Release 2002/08/16 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005800010040-0