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December 14, 2016
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December 26, 2002
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June 14, 1946
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Approved For Release 2003/04/23 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005800020014-8 DIA and DOS review(s) completed. Approved For Release 2003/04/23 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005800020014-8 Approved For Release 2003/04/23 : CIA-RDP78-01617A00580002&44-dlJN 1946 TOP t1 WT GENERAL 1. Soviets May moderate attitude at Paris Conference- Attache in Bern has been informed that the Soviets may be obliged to "' rececie IF m e ormer 102 Intransigeant attitude" in the CFAL Reasons advanced for this change are (a) accumulating economic and politicai d culties, (b) the stiffening US attitude, (c) increasing signs that Western Europe rejects Soviet Ideologies, and (d) rising hostility in satellite nations, 2. Soviets ready to s new Austrian control machinery Bement..- e et Commander Vienna has Wormed General Clark in writing that he is read rnent covering Austria, EUROPE-AFRICA 3. BULGARIA: Soviet troop movements--A high-ranking general In the Bulgarian Array has told General Robertson of the US Military Mission in Sofia that the Soviets plan to withdraw from Bulgaria to the USSR all but one Infantry division. Armored and motorized troops will remain In the country. Robertson also states that (a) there is Independent evidence that such a move Is actually there are no etoally ~ place; and positive indications that Soviet air strength Is being withdrawn from Bulgaria. 4. VENEZIA GIULIA: US and UK demand return of de tees--The State Department has In a to join with his British colleague in presenting to the Yugoslav Government a revised fist (prepared by APHQ) of 4330 persons deported from Venezia Giulia by the Yugoslav military during May and June 1945. Shantz is instructed to state that (a) contrary to Yugoslav Government protestations, there Is conclusive evidence that a large number of persons were In fact deported from Venezia Giulia, and (b) the US hopes that the Yugoslav Government grill "now finally take immediate steps" to have these persons returned. Document No. 0(4 NO CHANGE in Class. ^ [] DECLASSI IED Class. CHANCED TO: TS S r~~o X 7 ~N11A~- D 03 ID 77 17 A Auth: D Approved For ReleaseT2 /& lbIR-R[M7&Q16 , d~9a0 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/04/23 : CIA-RDP78-01617AO05800020014-8 T `L3t~'f'ti NTIAL' 5. FRANCE: Communist views--US Military Attache Brussels reports that In two French Communist Politburo meetings last week Duclos argued that (a) the Communists were "victorious" in the 2 June elections; and (b) MRP influence will be decreased by accusations of complicity with the Vatican. Duclos considers that (a) it would be bad policy for the Communists not to join the Government, because "penetration is not yet complete"; (b) prepay undermining the Socialist left wing must be "intended at all costs"; and (c) the 4'big Communist trumps" are CG`p-sponsored strikes and accusa- tions of 3.P-Vatican collusion. 6. SPAIN: Possible referendum on Erem o ng1mg- Military Attache Madrid reports that Franco"appears to be preparing to call a referendum on his regime. The MA considers that in such a refer- endum a majority is likely to vote in favor of the Vie. 7. FINLAND: Finnish Communists dissati ied with party leaders-- Te US Minister rms 6ig Wt rank and file Finnish Communists are dissatisfied with Party leadership. In order to meet the reparations schedule, Communist leaders are stressi production and stability at the expense of Immediate benefits for workers and the revolutionary program in general. 8. USSR: US representations on Ruess case--Secretary Byrnes believes that US iCceptanoe of Soviet jurisdiction In the Buena apse (see the Daily Summary, 4 June, Item 4) would seriously undermine the security of the US Embassy and the morale of Its staff. Byrnes to InstructiM Smith (a) to make every effort to induce the plaintiff to withdraw her complaint against Ruess, and (b) If the effort Is esuccessful to defer further representations until Ruess is out of the country. In any event Smith Is to seek an interview with Molotov and (a) explain Byrnes-' 99 personal interests: and "earnest hope" for US-Soviet agreement on the principle involved, and (b) state_ that, If the Soviet Government is not prepared to grant the US Embassy customary diplomatic privileges and immunities, the corresponding privileges will be withdrawn from the Soviet Embassy in Washington. CONFID NTIALL Approved For Release 26 4f2U ik-'DP78-01617A005800020014-8' Approved-For Release 2003/04/23 : CIA-RDP78-01617AO05800020014-8 TO-DCC6fMMNTIAL FAR EAST 9. KOREA: Soviet Consul to withdraw from Seoul--General Hodgehas been inform y- Sovie MiiU v that the Soviet Government has ordered t?Ne thdrawal "in the near ftwe" of the Soviet Consubde in Secaal Hodge came tss that Poltanshi apparently expects to complete the move tbia the next ten days. 10. INDOCHINA; Chinese seize French mach ery as war booty--T'S Consul I' Oi one that tte war booty shipped iron ohina by the Chinese War Ministry Wasion included some French Industrial equipment from Haiphong. The French regard this action as similar to Soviet actin in churia against Bch the Chinese have pro- twted. 11. N,E.!.: Dutch cannot extend rotectiaa to Sumatra--Embassy The IN- 2, Hague repo that aced the ex Minister of Foreign Affairs, (a) the British expect to withdraw their troops and most of the Japanese by the end of 1046; and (b) the Dutch will be fully occupied in Java, and will be unable to extend 1 r protect on to Qwft own and foreign interests In S#ra. 12. CHINA: Communists in Tsingtao area ordered to cease ire- -Admiral Cooke reports has issued ceasefire orders to Communist forces in the Tsingtao area. While there has been C nsiderable Communist activity In Sham Province Admiral Cooke has been "rely Informed" that the Contests will not attack Tsingtao. THE AI RICAS 13. CHILE: Elimiw',tioe of Communiets contemplated- -Aecordlvg to A Bowers' the MUM v+ernm to eliminate the Communists If "terrorism" continues. Bowers states that (a) current labor troubles involving illegal strikes, mums and violent dis- orders can be ascribed to the Communists, and (b) strong anti- Communist measures will apparently meet with general support ..3. CONNFIK MM 64 % ~F7 617AO05800020014-8 Approved For Release 226 25X1