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December 15, 2016
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October 23, 2002
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September 7, 1946
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Approved For Release 2002/11/08 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005800030020-0 Reviews completed by ONI, OSD & STATE Approved For Release 2002/11/08 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005800030020-0 Approved For Release 2002/11/08 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005800030020-0 MihnbigiT r SEP 194g TIA0 172 GENERAL a tial British reinforcement in Iraq?US Consulate Basra has ned from reliable sources that the regular British garrison at Basra, comprising 12,000 Indian and 3,000 British troops, is being reinforced by 12,000 Indian troops. A total of 6,500 men, in motorized, re-equipped and self-contained units, have already arrived; the balance which will begin to arrive in mid-September, may include paratroopers. The Consulate adds that plans have been drawn up for the use of all units as airborne troops and the entire force is organized to permit rapid and great expansion. The Consulate comments that the British are recreating in Iraq a force capable of quick action on a scale far in excess of that required for the occupation of nuzistan (the oil field and refinery area near Basra), The Consulate believes that this force will move into Iran upon the arrival of the remaining reinforcements and completion of plans. 2. US favors elevation of Uallgatt2.--Acting Secretary Clayton has instructed US Legation Cairo to inform the UK Embassy that, regardless of the present state of Anglo-Egyptian negotiations, an exchange of US and Egyptian Ambassadors and elimination of British precedence should *fte be effected immediately (see Daily Summary of 5 September, item 2). 3, .mbassadors State Department Ss confidentially informed US Mission New Delhi that the US is prepared to exchange Ambassadors with the Government of India, if India should so request. The initiative must, however, come from India. 4, Tito mai jajitel_iniiity US for file but a_anes--Marshal Tito has told US Ambassador Patterson that he does not in principle object to indemnity to families of victims (of the downed planes) to show good will and to help toward good relations," but that he does not accept "respon- sibility for the accident." Tito also disapproved' payment of indemnity for the planes, because such action would demonstrate that "Yugoslavia has not the right to protect its territory from unauthorized incursions." 5. Possible settlement ofmtiz.tain France and Corsica?US Charge Key reports that the First Secretary of the French Embassy at Rome has in- dicated confidentially that France would probably offer no objection to the temporary settlement of 25,000 Jewish refugees in Corsica and might Reviews completed by ONI, OSD & STATE Document No. 0 2,0 NO CHANGE in Class. 0 0 DECLASSIFIED s. CHANGED TO: Approved For ReleLfar ? . I TS S 77 20-0 s ? Date :14..mAiL1978___ By:- 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/11/08 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005800030020-0 TIALI even agree to accept this number permanently on the mainland. Key suggests that Corsica might offer a solution to the difficulties encoun- tered in the proposed plan to send 25,000 refugees to Daly. 8. Azor s memorandum to be s ed on 7 Se tember--US Embassy Lisbon repo erm an era regar ing the Azores will be signed on 7 September in the War Minister's presence. Acting Secretary Clayton, however, has informed the Embassy that he does not approve its proposal to turn over gratis the surplus property desired by Portugal. EUROPE -AFRICA 7. USSR: Third s e demobilization believed corn leted--The US War Departmen ry e1 gence on eves stage three of the Soviet Armed Forces demobilization was completed on 1 September. Total Soviet strength Is now estimated at 4,500,000 with Ground Forces at 3,150,000, Air Forces at 550,000, Navy at 300,000, and MVD at 500,000. '4?00' 8. GREECE: Inpiebiscite Ambassador MacVeagh 11111.1ii reports that a preliminary study of observers' reports on the 1 September plebiscite reveals a "substantial" number of irregularities, in many instances condoned by responsible Government officials, including flagrant misconduct of the secrecy of ballotin4and coercion and intimida- tion of voters. Some evidence also exists that a "considerable" number of potential leftist and centrist voters were kept from the polls by "police restraint." 9. AUS'IllIA: Lizavassadelmturomulgating nationalization law--The State Department has been informed that Foreign Minister Gruber has suggested that (a) the promulgation of the Austrian nationalization law be delayed; (b) the Western Powers issue a joint definition of German assets in their zones excluding cases of forced transfer; and (c) the nationaliza- tion law be amended to exempt UN property and pre-Anschluss German assets. Acting Secretary Clayton has informed US Embassy Paris that US falls to see how Gruber's proposal would reduce Austrian difficulties In the Soviet zone. Approved For Relea ? D1P78-01617A005800030020-0 Approved For Release 2002/11/08 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005800030020-0 T?TONMENTIAV FAR EAST 10. JAPAN: SCAP ur es al sroval of 1947 food Ir am--SCAP strongly recommends approval in its present orm of the 1 7 Japanese food program, now under discussion in Washington. The minimum require- ment for the 1947 food year in Japan is set at 2,200,000 metric tons of food in rice equivalents, which will provide an average daily consump- tion level of 1550 calories per person and a reasonable supplementary ration to workers in essential industries. SCAP feels that Japan will be unable to continue the planned political, social, educational, indus- trial and commercial recovery programs unless it is permitted the minimum level of nutritional vitality required for an all-out National, Labor program. Mjatinunx josItyglx--SCAP also urges that the Far Eastern Commission establish assured minimum industrial levels for Japan as soon as possible because the Japanese industrial situation is most precarious." THE AMERICAS 11. CHILE: ruis.frs offerp,4_,..y. British firm7-.4.ecording to the Chief of the US Navallission Santiago, a representative of Vickers Armstrong Barrows has presented to the Commander in Chief of the Chilean Navy plans and srecifications of three light cruisers and has offered to build them for the Chilean Navy on "convenient" financial terms, Approved For Release - 3 - btNtiPA7tt01617A005800030020-0