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December 12, 2016
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June 28, 2002
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July 27, 1946
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Approved For Release 2002/08/16 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005800030055-2 DIA, OSD and DOS review(s) completed. Approved For Release 2002/08/16 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005800030055-2 Approved For Release 2002/08/16 : CIA-RDP78-01617AO05800030055-2 $ 7 JUL 1946 "nWALI GENERAL 137 1. British attitude on Palestine lan--Grady has informed Byrnes that the ritish do not expect either the Arabs or Jews to Approve formally the US -UFO plan for Palestine as worked out in London but are count- ing on "a measure of acquiescence" from both sides. Grady adds that as soon as the British have decided to go ahead with the plan they will at once Implement the movement of the 100,000 Jews Into Palestine. 2. p pain reported will to make deal with UK--US Milita Attache reports that the Franco Government probably has Indicated Its willingness to carry out certain internal reforms and restore the Monarchy in return for ` official" assurance of British support (see Daily Summary of 17 July, item 2). Informed Spaniards are said to regard this change in British policy as one reason for Franco's deferring changes in his Government. 3. Soviet propaganda in Italy--Legation Bern has been reliably informed thas the USSR consulate to be established "in Lugano will employ over eighty people for Infiltration and propaganda. 0-2 MTOUSA reports from Caserta that Communist propaganda agents, well supplied with funds, appear to be active throughout Italy. 25X1 EUROPE -AFRICA 4. USSR: Smith comments on Zhukov transfer--US Ambassador Smith re- ports that there is some circumstantial evidence" that Zhukov has been replaced by ' oniev as commander of " Soviet Ground Forces. The fact that censors passed news stories of Zhukov's transfer to Odessa "suggests" that the report is true. Smith adds that the rumors about Zhukov and the removal of two other high Soviet officials do not appear to afford evidence of a widespread "reshuffle of high military and security personnel." 5. IRAN: Extension of Schwarzkouf mission--US Ambassador Allen expresses _ the hope that the US will not hesitate to grant Qavams request for a two- year extension of the Schwarzkopf mission. Soviet proposal for civil air routes--Allen also reports that the resisted apparently because Iran has sisted the proposed Soviet air monop- oly In northern Iran (see Daily Summary of 24 July, item 9), has requested Document No. ~/ - NO CHARGE in Class. ?. 0 DECLASSIFIED ,dry, Class. CfANGED TO: TS S (~'rl emo 4 A r 77 Approved For Rele~ rRROF 01~5dgq @?5-2 MAR 1 B 25X1 Date: q Y Approved For Release 2002/08/16 : CIA-RDP78-01617AO05800030055-2 TO6nE CRET VNFIDENTIALL Iran's permission to fly four civil air routes from the Soviet Union Into Iran. One route would connect Baku, Tehran and Abadan and continue on to Cairo. 6., ENGLAND: Labor loses ound in b -elections---Ambassador Harriman, in commenting on recent by-election results, notes that Labor has lost ground for the first time since the general elections and that the losses have been largely on domestic issues. He observes that Labor leaders expected to lose ground after about a year and that political feelings are gradually dissolving personal comradeships developed during the war- time coalitions Labor Party mission to visit Warsaw--Harriman also reports that the Labor Party ggood- mission ocr eed from Moscow to Warsaw. The Foreign Office is "somewhat concerned" because the visit will be with the pro-Communist "Social Party" rather than with the Peasant Party. FAR EAST 7. CHINA: Civil war impending--Ambassador Stuart reports that the in- creasing scope an o Cate of clashes between 'uomintang and Commun- ist forces throughout China indicate the imminent approach of full scale civil war. Security of fore! nationals in S hai--US Consul General Davis, in answer o o fit French Inquiries, has replied that US representatives in Shanghai (a) look to the Chinese authorities to protect US nationals and other foreigners and (b) have no reason to anticipate any need for the use of foreign armed forces for this purpose. Davis added, however, that should the situation develop beyond Chinese control, "American assistance would be extended to American nationals and for humanitarian considerations to such other foreign nationals as might require ft." 8. N,E.I.: Malin Conference---US Consul General Foote reports that certain members of the Dutch delegation to Malino have been outspoken in their praise of the Indonesian delegates. These Dutch members believe that if Soekarno falls in step with the developments at Malino, real progress will have been made towards the end of trouble in the N.E.I. Approved For Release 20 T 617A005800030055-2 Approved For Release 2002/08/16 : CIA-RDP78-01617AO05800030055-2 TOP SECRET CONFI DENT1AII THE AMERICAS 9. BOLIVIA: Recognition of new regime considered--The State Department has advised the various US Embassies in Latin America that several American Republics have asked the US Government for its views on the recognition of the new Bolivian Government. Ambassador Wiley reports from Bogota that the Colombian Foreign Minister is critical of atrocities committed at the time the Villarroel government was overthrown. US Ambassador Flack reports from La Paz that the majority of deaths occurred when Government troops and police fired on unarmed students. Flack feels that order is slowly being restored and that the new regime is "substantially" meeting conditions for recognition. 10. ARGENTINA: British views--According to Harriman, the British Foreign Office is of the opinion tha , ecause of the world food shortage, Argentina feels herself to be in an advantageous position which will last for five years. The British also believe that such an attitude shows a lack of comprehension of world developments and that the members of the Argentine government have little ability and no experience In international affairs. -3 Approved For Releaser W;78-01617A005800030055-2