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December 20, 2016
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July 17, 2006
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October 10, 1946
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Approved For Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005800040009-2 DIA & DOS review(s) completed. Approved For Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005800040009-2 Approved For Release 2007/02/07381A-RDP78-01617A005800040009-2 19bAREEVFA1 GENERAL 200 1 U id40 1. Czech Government ed of Soviet flight restriction--US Ktche tlia'.vernmen nothing of and is very puzzled by" the Soviet notice to the US Delegation ACC Hungary which includes Czechoslovakia among the countries over which all Allied flights have been prohibited until 14 October EUROPE 2. USSR: US radio correspondents are denied broadcast facilfties--Accord- ing to Embassy Moscow, representatives of US broadcasting companies have been denied the further use of Moscow radio facilities. The corres- pondents have been unable to learn whether the ban is temporary or permanent. 3. ITALY: Eximbanigoa ested?The Undersecretary of State has re- quested Secretary Byrnes e views on the advisability of an immediate Eximbank loan to Italy, because the lack of essential materials already Is apparently checking Italian recovery and Italian exports are failing to make the gains essential to a stable economy. Premier desires United Police Mission--Admiral Stone has in- formed US Embassy Rome that Premier De Gasperi is concerned over the low efficiency and the extent of political influence in the Italian police forces. De Gasperi would personally welcome a United Police Mission in Raly, but he considers that NI exclusively Anglo-American Mission would be "politically. impossible," and that Soviet participation in such a mis- sion would be "most undesirable," Stone may initiate a study of the Italian police situation, and submit recommendations to the Italian Gov- ernment. FAR EAST 4. CHINA: Soviet intentions in Manchuria--Consul General Dairen reports that the Soviets are keeping the free port of Dairen closed probably be- cause they wish to gain control over all Manchurian resources before THE C.I.A. HAS NO OBJECTION TO THE DECLASSIFICATION OF C0111PRENTIZET THIS DOCUMENT. ? Approved For Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP784M617Std0blie0110009-2 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005800040009-2 (01,i RNA they allow other countries to use the port. Though the Soviets are abstaining from direct political action in the area, Chinese Communist influence is increasing despite the fact that most of the people are pro- Kuomintang? THE AMERICAS 5, CHILE: Soviets_promote German products--US Ambassador Bowers has been reliably informeilertommercial Attache has been urging German merchants, formerly on the US "black list," to buy products manufactured in the Soviet zone of Germany. The Attache has been stressing the superiority of German heavy chemicals and farm equipment over US products. Approved For Rel 2 ? 15fAY ? rg78-01617A005800040009-2