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December 20, 2016
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June 30, 2006
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November 29, 1946
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Approved For Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP78-01617AO05800040050-6 State Dept. review completed ARMY review(s) completed. ARMY ARMY DIA review(s) completed. NAVY review(s) completed. Approved For Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP78-01617AO05800040050-6 Approved For Release 2007/0 : CIA-RDP78-01617AO058Q&1t0V1-6624b OWL `?lSFLCRET /ZNT/AL GENERAL 1. Hint of Soviet-German pact--In discussing a Soviet lecturer's recent re- ference Meth possible emergence of a Soviet-German alliance," US Embassy Moscow comments that such a development would not be sur- prising. The Embassy notes Moscow's unwillingness to permit any reha- bilitation in Germany except in strict accordance with Soviet plans, and calls attention to the highly centralized character of the draft constitution proposed by the USSR and to Moscow's current effort to raise the level of German Industry. These developments, considered in the light of the complementary economies of the two countries, lead the Embassy to the conclusion that the Kremlin still aspires to the control of all Germany, a control which would probably be exercised through an "alliance" follow- ing the lines of present agreements between the USSR and her satellites. 2. Tito protests US "delay" in return of Danube v, se sel@--A Yugoslav Por- cign Office official, on direct orders from Tito, has protested orally to US Charge Hickok in Belgrade that the US is apparently intentionally delaying the restitution of Danubian vessels to Yugoslavia. Hickok be- lieves that "unnecessary "delays serve no useful purpose and shed an un- favorable light on our promises." 3. Political Soverefanty not Involved in Sink IM offer to USSjj - -US Consul General Shanghai now reports that the Sinkiang Governor's offers to the USSR, covering joint exploitation of the Province's tin, petroleum and wolfram resources, and possibl old deposits, do not include concessions involving political sovereignty 4. Soviet strategy concerning Chinese conflict--US Ambassador Smith in Mos- cow reports that the Chinese Ambassador believes the Chinese Govern- ment does not Intend to extend its current offensives to final assaults on Harbin and Yenan because it does, not wish "to risk provoking Soviet retaliation." The Chinese Ambassador says he has advised the General- Issimo, in response to the latter's query, against taking the risk involved in the occupation of Yenan and "consequent collapse of the Chinese Com- munists." Smith comments that Central Government occupation of Harbin would provoke sharp Soviet reaction but not open military intervention be cause the Soviets will go far even In Manchuria to avoid a direct clash with the US. Smith "suspects" that Soviet reaction to the capture of Yenan ARMY, DIA, DOS & NAVY review(s) completed. Approved For Rele s THE C.I.A. HAS NO OBJECTION TO THE DECLASSIFICATION 0' EN'TIAL. 20MAR 198 lV 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP78-01617AO05800040050-6 T % NVA would be limited to violent press campaigns and undercover aid to the Communists. 5. Soviet stand on Koreanoint Commission unchanaed--General Chistiakov, in, reply to General Hodge s~1 November offer to reconvene the joint Com- has rejected the formula and ha r e r - na ve con ons, equ valent, in General Hodge's opinion, to the original Soviet demands presented at the opening of the joint Commission on 20 March. 6. Rem iation of Japanese Soviet areas--Agreement to repatriate an Initial increment 25,006 Japanese nationals from Soviet areas was reached on 26 November between SCAP and the Soviet member of the Allied Council. Japanese will be repatriated In groups of 5,000 each from designated points in North Korea, Siberia, Manchuria, and Sakhalin. The ships will arrive In Soviet ports between 4 and 13 December. A compre- hensive agreement for the repatriation of all Japanese submitted on 22 No- vember is now being studied by the Soviets. EUROPE 7. FRANCE: Armv in event of a Communist --US Military Attache Paris considers that the bulk of the French Army would act against any Communist attempt to seize power In France by force. He adds that the "considered estimate" of the British Military Attache is similar to his. 8. RUMANIA: on sider appeal to Big Powers--US Delegate ACC reports that King Michael Is undecided as to whether to open the Ruma- nian Parliament on 1 December and thereby indicate his approval of the elections. The Delegate asserts that the King is "seriously considering" making a formal request that the Government postpone the opening of Parliament pending Inquiry as to whether the US, UK and USSR consider that the Rumanian Government has satisfactorily discharged the Moscow agreement concerning elections. Approved For Released sRDP78-01617A005800040050-6 Approved For Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP78-01617AO05800040050-6 9. ITALY: Recommendations for MJILtMy Missions--According to US Mili- tary Attache Rome, Admiral stone recommends that a US Military Mission without British participation be established in Italy after the peace treaty becomes effective. The MA believes, however, that the most feasible so- lution would be a joint Mission. The Italian land and air forces would like- ly recommend a purely US Mission but would prefer a joint Mission rather than a solely British Mission. The MA seriously doubts the wisdom of leaving a single British Mission to represent the Western democracies, Possible alliance of Christian Democrats with the ft ht--The Supreme Allied Commander reports that Piccione, Secretary of the Chris- tian Democrat Party, has publicly hinted at an alliance of his Party with such rightist elements as `have ngt been compromised with fascism or neo-fascism." SACMED adds that a right-wing bloc composed of Uomo Qualunque, the Action Party, and Liberals apparently is being formed in northern Italy. 10. GREECE: Procedure on UN appeal--US Embassy Athens has emphasized to the Greek Foreign Office the importance of (a) presenting its case to the UN in. a legally sound manner; (b) referring only to events warranting the attention of the UN which can be substantially proved; and (c) possibly presenting such evidence as actual Albanian and Slavic weapons, uniforms and documents taken from bandits in Greece. The Embassy recommend- ed appeal to the Security Council rather than to the General Assembly. The Greek Foreign Office will advise its delegate to the General Assembly accordingly. Broader Government suggested--Ambassador MacVeagh has sug- gested to the IKing'~s political adviser that (a) in order to make clear that the Greek case has full parliamentary'support, Tsaldaris be accompanied to New York by Opposition leaders and (b) the formation of the broadest possible coalition government is a matter of urgent necessity particularly in connection with desired US assistance. NEAR EAST-AFRICA 11. IRAN: Soviets exert g pressure can government--Allen reports that Sov- iet pressure on the Tehran Government was indicated by the Soviet Ambassa- dor a recent inquiry of the Shah and Qavam as to whether the Iranian Gov- ernment intended to "attack" Azerbaijan; and by the violence of Tudeh -3 Approved For Relea Approved For Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP78-01617AO05800040050-6 ,kOWDENTIAL To radio and press attacks against Qavam. The Tudeh press is also attack- i the US as "the principal reactionary power." Allen believes that, unless Soviet pressure Is backed by "move ments" of Soviet troops, neither Qavam. nor the Shah will abandon pre- sent efforts to regain sovereignty over Azerbaijan, "particularly if they feel they are not being left to stand alone against the Soviet Ambassador." THE AMERICAS 12. CHILE: Government threatens to operate _ gftes--Bowers states that President Gonzalez has told officIils of the Braden Copper Company to choose between arbitration and-the Government's operating the mines "'as you have done In the United States," but that the Company remains un- willing to arbitrate a Communist demand that would involve setting aside "existing Chilean labor code provisions." Gonzalez has asked Bowers to ascertain whether the US "`threat" to "cut off credits and assistance to Chile" is being Implemented ""In the midst of negotiations." Approved For Release 007/02/07 :CIA-RDP A005800040050-6