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December 20, 2016
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July 20, 2006
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December 20, 1946
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r Approved For Release 2007/03/06 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005800040069-6 DIA & DOS .review(s) completed. Approved For Release 2007/03/06 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005800040069-6 AO DEC 148 Approved For Release 2007/03/18 CIA-RDP78-01617A005800040uou-6 CQ 259 /VtA,ErT /V ik GENERAL 1. Proposed French-US base negotiations.-Te State Department has reqis?lJ Kmbassapor CI7 to inform the r reoch Foreign Office that, in response to its note of 28 November, the US would "welcome the opportunity" to hold "comprehensive conversations" in Paris as early as 15 January regarding US base rights in France and French overseas territory. 2. Danish Airlines reported to'refer non-redi rocal reeme 25X1 ,ation StockitOlm reports that, the Danish Govern era is being pressed by the head Danish Airlines to accept a non-reciprocal agreement with the ,IISSR because traffic benefits to be gained would far outweigh the political advantages of a fully reciprocal agreement. (A traffic bene- fit to the Danes is suggested in a report transmitted by Embassy Stockholm on 4 September that the Soviets might make the Danish Air- lines their agent for westbound Soviet traffic beyond Copenhagen.) ,ArgentlRe-CtOlean !rade formula to be extended?US Ambassador cooper in Peru has-been told by Bap de la Torre, leader of Peru's powerful anti-Communist APRA, party, that the recent Argentine Chilean trade treaty marks Chile's entry into a Communist-oriented South American bloc and that he will oppose a similar treaty between Argentina and Peru. Cooper adds that President Gonzalez Videla 01 Chile told US Senator Brewster that the Argentine-Chilean "economic formula" will be extended to Peru, Brazil, and Bolivia. According to Cooper, some Peruvians favor seeking "substantial" loans from Argentina. (CIG Comment: The charge that the potential southern bloc would be "Communist-oriented" conflicts with all available evidence regarding the character of the Peron regime. However, the Chilean Communists are enthusiastic supporters of the new treaty on the grounds that it withdraws Chile from the US "imperialist" orbit.) 4. Argentina seeks customs union with Bolivia?US Embassy La Paz :recommends that the US supply Bolivia with essential foodstuffs to enable that country to bargain without being subjected to the pressure of a probable Argentine withholding of food exports. According to the Bolivian Sub-Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Argentina has requested Approved For Document No. 00? NO CHANGE in Class. Ej Ej DECLASSIFIED Class. CHANGED TO: TS S DDA Memo, 4 Apr 77 lAkReFt78141i6t7A0C1580116a0R9-R Date: 16 mu . 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/03/06 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005800040069-6 CONFIDEMAC. i.tra overall trade treaty and customs union, while the Argentine Ambas- aarior has suggested that, in the absence of such a treaty, shortage of uling stock will preclude exports to Bolivia after 1 January 1947. i. FRANCE: Possible change in_Milp.tactics toward_Communists--A high MRP official has told US Ambassador Caffery that the MRP will 'ae obliged to give the appearance of moving to the left and of being prepared to make concessions to the Communists_ This maneuver was, The official said, necessitated by Communist propaganda claims ;trade plausible by past MRP tactical errors that the MRP is reaction- Cattery teels that, while the MRP leaders imow the Communists are, their "deadly enemies", they do not yet feel the time is ripe for an open break, rlIedaction of ,milit_a_ry_budeete-US Military Attache Paris feels at the appointment of Andre Le Troquer as Mi.aister of National iielense ts indicative that a sizeable reduction will be made in the 'ret for the French armed forces. The MA believes that such a eenuctIon would pesnt the Frerch Army with serious problem',. eepecially regarding steeneth, organleation, and efficiency/ SPAIN: Reported British political ,eonsultationts--US Charge Madrid eeiJorts that the British Ambassador is "most annoyed" at a UP dis- ttaiell from London that British diplomats in Madrid have been cosu1t- ng Spanish political leaders reeding the formation of an interim eovernraent to repiace Franco, The Charge believes that (a) "certain .3teetivgs between alleged representatives.' of various political factions have taken place in the British Embassy and (b) the UK Ambassador allay in fact have tried to play a part an effort to form a united moderate trout against Franco,' ITALY: Italian premier to visit. US--US Charge Penne reports that fleernier De Gasperi plans to leave for the US on 3 January r GREECE: US concurs in nront need for arms?The State Department eancurs with Ambassador Mac Veagh as to the urgency of providing the 1,teeek Army with adequate equipment. 25X1 The Department, in view of Foreign Minister !we Approved For ReleasXfiel CON NFITtgr78-01617A005800040069-6 Approved For Release 2007/03/06 : CIA-RDP78-01617A005800040069-6 TTONFIttN PAL' Bevin's agreement that the UK has primary responsibility to slimly combat arms to Greece, has requested Embassy London to ascertain to what extent Britain will be able to supply Greece's needs. NEAR EAST-AFRICA 9. IRAN: Qavam sees useful weapon in Soviet fear of UN--Premier Qavam has told US Ambassador Allen that the Soviets were especially annoyed by Ms notifying the Security Council (on 6 December) of Soviet representations regarding the dispatch of Iranian troops to Azerbaijan. Qavam considers "Soviet fear of the Council a useful weapon with which he may be able to prevent undue Soviet pressure in the future." 3 Approved For Release 2 617A005800040069-6