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December 19, 2016
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Approved For Release 2006/12/19: CIA-RDP78-01617AO06000050025-9 $ JUN 1948 701 S(t'e Dept. declassification 8< release instructions on file EUROPE DOS review completed 1. FRANCE: Cabinet crisis tai .deli debate on Ceram _- Foreign Minister B fault has iE or ffi that he will do his best to bring the German question to de- bate in the Assembly before 10 June but can make no prom- ises now. Bidault pointed out that the Government faces an imminent crisis on the issue of subsidies for Catholic schools and that there is general opposition on. the German question, including opposition from his own Popular Republican Party (MEP), the Socialists, and the Foreign Office. Caffery re- ports that Maurice Schumann (leader of the MRP) fears that the question of Catholic school subsidies may bring about a parliamentary crisis which the Government may not survive and believes that until this issue has been settled there is no possibility that the Assembly will be able to debate the Ger- man question. Caffery has learned from Premier Schuman's "right hand man" that the Government hopes to forestall the crisis and sfre gth.en its position by requesting the Assembly to postpone debate on the school subsidy bin? until. its legality can be passed upon by the Council of State. FAR EAST 2. KOREA: Firm US-UST ncalicy recommended.--US Political Adviser Jacobs expresses the view that it is. desirable for the US to try to secure active participation by the United Nations Temporary Commission on Korea (UN T C OK) in the formative stages of the new Korean Government. Jacobs favors this course because of his conviction that: (a) the Koreans are more likely to take advice from the UN than from US officials; (b) less fuel will be provided for Soviet propaganda charges that the US is "running the Korean show" for its selfish inter- ests; and (c) an i uential segment of the US public will support a "Xorea program" if the UN participates. Jacobs believes that although there may be difficulfles In dealing with the new Korean National Assembly, the failn e of the US and the UN In Korea will mean either war or the abandonment of Korea to the USSR. Jacobs declares that this latter event "could only mak a mockery" .of US policy in other theaters of the world. Document No. 0A NO CH1' ucrn D TO CRET Chas.. , Approved For Release 2006/12/19A11 1-1~DP78-O 1617A006000050025-9 ()c Approved For Release 2006/12/19: CIA-RDP78-0 1 17A006000050025-9 TQ t E r.LIYE P W,3F..,ICAS 3. CHILE : cove _mmm t i mi turn to UK for naval g ~ y.... US Ambassador Bo 7Z --s rep artT, - it ilean ?c~ I?r ,m went will be forced to acqut-e "aacliy needed nava? ressulc & from the UK unless t3 r;:ece ss