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December 19, 2016
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Approved For Release 2006/12/19: CIA-RDP78-01617A006000050040-2 D , Interior reviews C. 1+ TO%$CRET GENERAL sibali of Arab-Tewish truce in Palestine--US Ambassador rgls has been for ed by the Jewish Agency (JA). represen - tative in London that in a recent conversation, hector McNeil of the UK Foreign Office expressed the view that King Abdullah will cupy #aly the Arch areas of Palestine and a truce between the Je'rs an , ' Abdullah is therefore a possibility, The JA repre- 7-sentatfbo, said that the Jews would welcome Abduilah as a neigh- 7bor bufthe' I'A would have to "protest loudly" if he Invaded Palestine. The representative expressed the opinion that if Abduflah baits his invasion at the Jewish frontier, the Jew. ought to begin immediate negotiations with hi for a truce. US Ambas:ador.Tuck reports front .Calm that it t 44, s` f dually "coming appars nt" that the Arabs would now .rel- come "almost any face-saving device" which would prevent open war.. Tuck expects that as a result of British pressures Abdullah's forces will move only as far as the Jewish frontier. Tuck adds that British Minister Clayton is continuing to urge the Arabs to accept partition and to confine their future action to economic and guerrilla warfare. (CIA Comment: Although CIA agrees that Arab leaders themselves would welcome a ""face-saving" device which would avoid the necessity of full-scale warfare against Haganah, Arab- Jewish hostilities will almost. certainly increase and continue for some time when the Arab governments--compelled by public opinion--send their armies into Palestine.) conversations should include the UK and } t No . Spaak of Belgium has expressed to US Ambassador Kirk in Brussels his approval of the recent US approach to the USSR and of Ambassador Smith's "excellent" statement. Spivak feels that Molotov's reply reflects an increased concern by the USSR over the coalescence of anti-Soviet world opinion and may also signify an actual desire for discussions with the US. Spaak suggested that the US should give careful con- sideration to plans for carrying on such discussions with the Soviet Union: Spaak added that he saw no necessity that these 2. Spank favorable to direct US-Soviet talks--Ex-Prime Minister State, Interior declassification release o~ Date: ? 4 h9AR 1976 By : DDA TnL~:? 77 25X1 Auth DDA 1 e i1o , 4 Apr 77 "Pr 13 C1as . CHANGED TC : TS 'COP ~CRET NO CHANGE in Class. ^ DECLASSIFIED Approved For Release 2006/12/19: CIA-RDP78-01617AO06000050040-2 Approved For Release 2006/12/19: CIA-RDP78-01617A006000050040-2 6RET EEtr ftDPE 3. CZECHOSLOVAT(IA: Renes j:lads resignation i uie --US Ambassador Steinhardt hia.s been reliably informsUS Embassy Nanking has l e; i rnec i from the principal adviser to Vice -President Li Tsung-jen that Li and his followers plan to present within a few weeks a reform program to Chiang Kai-shek. Source adds that unless this program is acceptet in its entirety, Li will provoke a political crisis, following which Chiang will be permitted to retain only limited presi. dential powers and a new cabinet will be named by U. Source is optimistic that Li's group will be enabled by its overwhelm.. ing popular support to obtain its objectives peaceiay. (CIA Comment: Until the preponderance of the mili- tary forces in Nationalist China have shifted their pport from Chiang Kai-shek Lo Li Tsung-jen, it is unlikely that Chiang would acquiesce In such a reform program and gov- ernment reorganization or that Lt would risk a political crisis.) Ti :AMERICAS 5. PUERTO RICO: e C gmmunIst disturba.ncee s, -.-The secretary to the Governor of Peerto Rico has communicates to the US Department of the Ihaterior his conviction that Approved For Release 2006/12/19: CIA-RDP78-01617A006000050040-2 Approved For Release 2006/12/19: CIA-RDP78-01617AO06000050040-2 Nationalist and Communist agitators will cause troszble if the Caribbean Commission holds its 24 May conference in San Juan. (CIA Comment: CU believes that such disturbances are quite possible. Recent ultra Nationalist and Communi1 activities on the part of the students have forced the closing of the University for the remainder of the current term. Furthermore, presence in Puerto Rico of the violent Nation _ ist leader, Albii Campos, after ten years incarceration fot sedition, encourages anti US excesses.) 6. CHILE: Con over Ar inn Mira mission to US-- Foreign Minister Vergara has asked U A assn o were for US reassurances concerning the visit of an Argentine military mission to Washington and the US attituda toward the mission's purposes. Ver;aradeclared that, V the the Arge1ti mission succeeds in obtaining large amounts of military tpp meat and arms production facilities, the Chilean . gray woul i demand heavy appropriations to meet the resulting danger, with consequent serious effects on the Chilean economy. Vo r gara believes that most Latin American countries would be deeply concerned by any such US action in ~iding :Peron to build up a powerful military machine. Approved For Release 2006/12/19: CIA-RDP78-01617AO06000050040-2