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December 19, 2016
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Approved For Release 2006/12/19 :CIA P - 1 6 -8 19 APR 1948 664 46 TOP SECRET CONFIDENTIAL DOS review completed GENERAL 1. UK may be more cooperative on Palestine--In a recent dis- cussion with the US delegation to the UN, UK representative Creech-Jones, while stressing overwhelming British public opinion against further UK participation in Palestinian affairs, indicated that the UK Government does not want to continue indefinitely in a negative position on Palestine but wants to follow a positive and constructive policy. Creech-Jones ex- pressed a desire to cooperate with the US in working out terms of a possible trusteeship agreement. EUROPE 2. YUGOSLAVIA: Estimate of possible olitico-militar action-- US Ambassador cannon believes that rece?it in rna develop- ments in Yugoslavia suggest the possibility that the Yugoslav Government is preparing for politico-military action following a Communist defeat in Italy. Cannon suggests that one reason for Yugoslav failure up to the present to pursue a more aggres - sive policy in Greece may be that Yugoslavia is expected to act elsewhere. 3. GREECE: Likelihood of Cabinet reshuffle increasi Charge Rankin reports an Increase of political maneuvering for changes in the present Greek coalition Cabinet together with further evidence of public and press dissatisfaction with the Government. According to Rankin, Sophocles Venizelos (a leader in Prime Minister Sophocles Liberal Party) main- tains that the present Cabinet must make at least a few changes in order to survive the reconvening of Parliament on 10 May. Rankin expressed concern to Venizelos lest anything resem- bling a "crisis" develop as a result of efforts to obtain Cabi- net revision. State Dept. declassification & release instructions on file 9 Doot,unent No. 01(a ANA CHAP;CE, in C~.ass. ^ DECI, ^ ^ 25X1 Auth: SECT U:~4Ryry``?,s C Approved For Release 2006/12/19: CIA-RDP78-01617AO06000050062-8 Nf J .!R . A- T-AFRI_A 4. 1Y: Governj se t 1 t) fall--US Ambast 3 for 1,0E,11 reportsi'f le Ha drzi C >ernment,, hich is wj.,; eaty attack ire the i1 t j1is, r.r.. fa 1. (CEA, Cc,c.rnnnt: GI, belii vos that the we:a] wtct~z,i ~Gier ent, it :aich is n~~w t icing a vote of confidew:i e, wti il govarnment of :l liar consryrvitive to encies, f. is "al that thi s interl.rn goverMP'nen wi11 le replaced in ti?n by a ern rent headed by +'Qaz:. n.} `t'IFE .+4.MERLAS 5. COSTA RICA: Latest c_rrm ronc-ise solution re a - -US Embassy San Jose reports that r wl leade " r, ~ uer ;s, has found unacceptab le " tho nit recent comprise solution of the civil war? The Embassy transmits I state meat from the diplomatic co nnai :sion in San Jose est.. tog the desirability of putting pressure on Nicaragii to ceal : - intervening in Costa. Ri.c;.. diplomatic comniti:,icon, which includes the US, Chile, M(mico, r .ndd Panarn, ' aas beet i attempting to a~3stst in finding a so1tition ending the CA VII Approved For Release 2006/12/19: CIA-RDP78-01617A0060000$0062-8