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December 21, 2016
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Approved For Release 2008/06/25: CIA-RDP78-01617AO06000060004-1 MISSING PAGE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT MISSING PAGE(S): ARMY review completed *ARMY Declass/Release Instructions On File* V Approved For Release 2008/06/25: CIA-RDP78-01617AO06000060004-1 Approved For Release 2008/06/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A006000060004-1 MAR 1948 . __ 11 ?V 46 *ARMY Declass/Release CONTVE DECI.ASSI}t 1ED D Instructions On File* Class. CH3-``, TG: TS S 25X1 O; F 31 DDA ! 4 Pnr 77 AUth: M R!- 97S 77Z11" iM1 1. US ?position on Antarctic rifsnutes--Thhe tg 4na ant a ,State has War et the UX that (a) the US liars postponed moves to s?amd out interested governments with a vi :w to resolving Antarctic disputes through diplomatic discussions; and b) the US does not object to the British proposal to tell Argentina and Ch, le Informally that the UK will confer with them over the disputed Antarctic islands after the Bogota Conference, if they do not press the issue at Bogota. The .~epartment has informed US Embassy London that the US ,#ould not be averse to a mutually satisxaxtory British-.Argen- tine-Chile= settlement of overlapping claims in the islands ?which would safegwnard essential points of British Interest." 2. aunt for Chinese i eso anon on n -.-The US delegation to the UN reports that the US, UK Canada, and Belgium have agreed to sup-port. a nenr, ed Chinese proposals to the Security Council for the settlement of the Kashmir case, upon the understanding, how ever, that they were not committed to the plan and remained fzee to accept changes suggested either by Tndia or Pal Istan. 7X Cabinet Minister Noel-Baker has told the US delegation that he is optimistic about the pos- sibilities of a settlement on the basis of these Chinese pro- posals 3. DENMARK: Acute nervousness 1 t --US Ambassador Marvel has been told by Foreign Minister Rasmussen that the Danish Government is acutely nervous. Rasmussen con- siders that for the Immediate future Denmark has little chance of being invited to join the Brussels treaty; he referred to the v ew of Netherlands Premier and Foreign :Minister that no country should be invited util the five original members had "consolidated their situation. t `' Rasmussen also doubts that participation would ensure potential military assistance. State Dept. review completed Army Review Completed TOP SEC] n Class. NO CHANGE in t4J Approved For Release 2008/06/25: CIA-RDP78-01617AO06000060004-1 Approved For Release 2008/06/25: CIA-RDP78-01617A006000060004-1 TOCRET C IF Refers, L.!,g: to fi'.s Co'terimm,ant ryv mid-Mart b -e ueEt US arm, Ras. r,u s$ n siwid t en 'n.trAt. a tght be fot a 1l "c t.U s, . Norway in regaostl ig T :; rnl: ita r: f p v a.zt? nter.s. Be as: a flar ?t that he d: slike.:.i foil ii tg or$ ?aj n breaking up St:3a* na-vLt sol a ?ity, but, baoasauce ;.t is sf;.tt}fi.eai that :swede a v ~w let. t' nE:uV rat , 3en a:s? rm t 6 'ea e''an ^ICI+ k ;!"'7P course Jens 's' ; 'Mc("r. t. 4$ by sober f3o!s r . t h. ox,,gbi s" on t.a npllr..ati is of in lttti tion for V he TOT, ,,i:.' o' t hE Tat rlt ox:f to taly has bce? folio," of enth' sj~ a#srti .. rra a we ovtti- tie VS -T -French roco 4. TRIESTE: fro ,.~1 c f .t s : as lbl f bra nsfex. ,..a --IPA! us I tier Ad-vi r i3 a.'ce : po tS i"aat: t ae iFait.i a aot ac a a~ . outbu Yugo3lavta, ur.1v: s V7' -Uli, at.op,:; s etai;ra in `:'ries'!.escir the ltalo-Yugoslav b4:rtler is 1 .aa.:tant;eod uraaler a milif ut" P1.111 . between the US, the UK, i id. l" ranee. is in, no position sae~li' tn, #. l q, 4t -Mao:rnicaliy or ii L!t .awi.ly to p .a.. tect its northern Crx-, ci a.go aiw t a Coinmur 15;t a at', Castile . tection and eco re rr ic: ; or Tri ?s':e as part of ltxa :f w inevitably &,ir lo -,,o t aall is i}: popul.a"tiena; d (b) It 11 belief preva.ie; ii to Trrlcs.;.. t it without t3: ... US r. litarp a? ..capital" for the Mar1tiot, iurxata. Orlswold adds the zany G are trying to avoid takint' videt> it the present struggle, beca.' they fear ultimate Gommwt st cotdnatior and desire o be should succeed in cantur:an +- a -r town sufficiently lartie for 2L I logical consequences jnignt; det?felop - especially if V14 guerri an a ent that serious military and political as we w p:E;yc1a Army, foreign aid to the g ,,er?.etll may be increased to cl for economic recovery to the c~xt{ t previously antpsc ated. I Although Griswold says h t the internal military sittartio - Greece is improving, he friars that the guerrillas ..ou h of the actual frontier zar