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December 21, 2016
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June 30, 2008
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March 29, 1950
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A 2-19 MAR 195U Approved For Release 2008/06/30: CIA-RDP78-01617AO06100060003-1 TOP SECRET GENERAL 1. Views of US Ambassadors on German problem--The US Ambassadors to European nations, meeting in Rome, have agreed that the US should continue its general policy in Western Germany, with perhaps increased emphasis upon action designed to counter increasingly vigorous "Soviet infiltration and propaganda," The Ambassadors recommend that.- (a) the Western protest over the forma- tion of an East German military force be expedited; (b) the western occupation powers repeat their offer of free elec- tions in Germany; and (c) "vigorous and immediate efforts" be made with respect to Berlin., especially to relieve the cpressing9 ' economic situation, The US Ambassadors con- sider Berlin's retention to be "vital" to the West. The US Ambassadors also recommend that the policy of non- recognition of the German Democratic Republic be rigidly maintained and that a Western 'tripartite or larger con- ference be held to discuss the German refugee and ex- pellee problem. The Ambassadors agreed that their next meeting should be held in Berlin, probably in July 1950. 2. US views on Hong Kong aircraft--The Department of State has instructed US Ambassador Douglas in London to make strong representations to the UK Government at the highest level as soon as possible urging British executive action to deny to the Chinese Communists the former Chinese Nationalist aircraft and aircraft equipment now the subject of litigation in Hong Kong. . (A Hong Kong court recently refused to grant an injunction freezing the former Chinese Nationalist aircraft and aircraft equipment pending the outcome of current litigation.) The Department points out that British acquiescence to withdrawal of further equip- ment or planes by the Chinese Communists would contribute directly to the military potential of the Soviet sphere and may seriously prejudice US -UK relations and current prospects for US military and economic aid to the UK. Document No. 17 State Dept. review completed NO CHANGE in Class. D (] DECLASSIFIED Class. C7IA7dr1M TO: TS S is A" 77 if ,HtA E Ali,,}1: 1 j~ NIAR 1Q7R T Approved For Release 2008/06/30: CIA-RDP78-01617AO06100060003-1 Approved For Release 2008/06/30: CIA-RDP78-01617A006100060003-1 TOP SECRET The Department instructs Douglas to stress to British Foreign Secretary Bevin that the overriding considera- tion of the US in withholding the aircraft and equipment from the Chinese Communists is one of security for the Western Powers EUROPE 3. GREECE. Prime Minister may resign-?US Ambassador Grady reports that in a recent conversation Greek Prime Minister Venizelos appeared extremely worried over the stability of his government and over possible difficulties within his own Liberal Party-, Grady expresses the opinion, that Venizelos may resign before Parliament convenes 31 March 1950 and may offer to support the candidacy. of General Plastiras in the belief that these voluntary actions now would help save his own prestige and that of the Liberal Party, (CIA Comment. CIA agrees that Venizelos may be compelled by mounting popular and political pressure to resign before parliament convenes, although his :resigna- tion might be delayed because of continued maneuvering by the King. CIA further believes that the termination of the present government, by making possible the forma- tion of a broadly based coalition government under Plastiras, would tend to increase Greek political stability.) Approved For Release 2008/06/30: CIA-RDP78-01617A006100060003-1