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December 21, 2016
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June 30, 2008
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March 23, 1950
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i, mr p mqo Approved For Release 2008/06/30: CIA-RDP78-01617AO06100060009-5 X50 TOP sHeRET EUROPE 1. FRANCE: Speed in initial MDAP shipment urged m SUS Embassy Paris reports that French. Defense Minister Pleven is greatly concerned over the arrival dates of ..MDAP shipments, because the French Army will be at half strength from 15 to 25 April 1950, when one class of conscripts will have been released and the new class will not have reported. Pleven expressed the hope that the initial MDAP shipment will arrive well before 15 April and that the next shipment will not arrive until after 25 April. The Embassy urgently recommends. (a) that every effort be made to speed the initial MDAP shipment; and (b) that Pleven be informed as soon as possible of the approximate arrival time of the shipment. (CIA Comment: CIA believes that the French Government's capabilities for coping with serious dis- orders between 15 and 25 April will be seriously weakened, because immediately after the present conscript class is released on 15 April, the troop units in France will con- sist, almost entirely of conscripts having, about four months' training.) State Dept. review completed 1246 Docum- t No. _...~ TS S D r'ioao, Anr 77 Auth: DDA. r::G. 77 763 Date 1 b MAR 7978 _ By. t"OqUI ~Vv T ;P 9F Approved For Release 2008/06/30: CIA-RDP78-01617AO06100060009-5