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December 9, 2016
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April 6, 2000
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June 7, 1957
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j DO NOT TYPE riAiticrAor Release 01 ,.1 iticIrty (Security C .0 cation R00010,01p909 0 IN THIS SPACE . 0 OREIGN SERVICE DE?PATCII FROM Lef,,Ition, Iulnoest' . , DESP. NO. s TO Tun DEPARTMENT OF STATE. WAE1111k8ifi":14 '; Junp DATE REF ....Tor Dept. Use Only MEDT: ? -.Li 1 0 ? 31-4.1D'Une 6, 1957. 77.., FA.6 rA 6 ift/ 7 je 14C f Hatibnal APSCrNlyxhin we t orliiketleh ail' 017_52'000 million 'forint ino4Mo anA 51.800 nillion forint expenditure stit,a#I'Attes,' Tinance statad that expenditures for economic r,lioufit to 33,70cp: million .forints; relatively large igpre-ef 7-000 il.innforints earnarked for covering state subsidies and -deficits Of Atte ut4ertalins. Antos said thnt 2,600 million forintA:lesa'would he's'It6t this year than last on defense and adminis-- tratUti;AIJefen1 figures for this year given as 1,912 million forint* tb:1-it year's 4,00n million -forints, tiepszabu4ea61, June 5). t..7ces rindfs cstimated to run to 5 oltlion Ldrints and rOM-State-Utidertkini.;S to 36,200 million forints, the latter 91; below IsictsyiAi'rs4 r. 4cenr41n$, to Antos dawer of inflation is pnst and.barrini., nccien.a r' V' m no raise nr rice consumer - ^ ill notP (UNCLA33 Piku) , tonal ?ureau, spoke on genera,. c subects and predicted fourth quarter industrial production 5..6% below results achieved in third quarter 1956. This p ertO oe first re'imrsa of regime's repeated pronouncements 'that ? nomal,Ilefore end of year. t.iss laid production Orohlet:doersten f raw naterials situation but editorial (June a, on vork discinline clearly. indicates regine aware that ton6ap. problem one of Nunan, rather than material, resources. Kiss AState,4 hAioni11 incano in 1957 would be 9 billion forints, or 9%, below 19:$6 ostiMated intone lf 100 billion forints? but 2'billion forints 00v4 1954 actual national income. Agricultural production is expected tie:in:ereasi-bY.3% oler Inst year. (OFFICIAL USE.OHLY) -teLP by lell esikosliaar: had of National Price Bureau, Andida eAanc other things Viet regime giving its officials rather 1444 leeway in 4iscussinn problems outsideAmmediate spheres of interest. 'Csikos Nagy's remark that crop rotation now left up to free choice of peasant and that sugar beet and hemp production disappointing see tiCtlear cut adOission that regime (as pointed rut in Legdeepatch 577 M?22n11). exercising much less control in countryside than formerly. I CONFIDESTIAL INFORMATION OPY Retain in divisional files or destrnY th abcordance with security regulations. oved For Release 2001/07/28 : CIA- p 4hoM4 , -Rp 0:1-oolooll0000-o iristruc 1 . Approved For Releiase COOFtYAVTIAL ( Claisification) Desp. No. 610 , I, From. ql-F 11.1)est , A 1 I i ,41Yti 'A - Regime plans to set purchase price or wheat at about 200 forints per 100 kilo grans this year, according to Csikos Nagy, compared to ft/440-6111'kender.purchase price or 135 forints Per 100 itilo!.Telis at _ Ar: (weighted lverage of previous surrender price 60 and &Chile price 280 per Kilo)._ Reduction in price of pigs as tt164 int:reads in Pri-6-6:4 Jliild -for prndqce sold in bulk and Oriiinirta Ana maxima free nark-et prices also appear in offing. Ae-SK WM) , ini I A .i. , Witta told trip t). B 'vow A;lti on of.v cers nqtel oilstructien 14:lent houties-ilt' AVii- one tif ihVeitMents 6-lilted -Under . An t.p be continued.' Aluriintwiplant At Inota still alpears aqe1r Taoperativo. (CoUFTOSOTIAL) V-- , Change in Hun:arlan Red Cross leadership announced this wee PAK with old line people rola1acin4 five professor collegium which 1 raanagod..: , orgalliNcttion durinq post-revolutionary period. ittszliri says move will ' roOtO-re erl.ani,7ation 4 s autonomy,: but _reverie is true. ::?-,gine has 40 ,fr _ . AlloOt6ntIy decided time rine to reMove facade of respectability with ,. ? wM? it 47.lowed MO to ace kle Wes,t. (014 IG.,.. 1.4 u,J4.-4 04LY) , . , ! . 1 , artit.11e. on urmliu4 .)-linpa, o. ;1essic, stml;s; ent rands that praCticeOf:paAsint; them off as teuxite !Aiwa cor ectly abandoned. ShiPMents of Ore to F.:oviet UniOn:s0.4 to hove been sna 1 up to present tinP.'ii::'-!cLA ,.31:,)) z 441trf21: . rrae-r ciar of flunary's food :amply, anpointed Ilationnl PederatiOn ogOoperativei3 vice Zoltan Vass currently le-gazy exiles. (VCLA,I;STM7411)-. A4H4i 1 & 4 . 1 0* irAtilti itii, ' il'elationt sligied on heels of ilUngarian. -eel,ient Concitilled.rricen4Y Tilepszabadsaal ilay 29th). According,, _. . _ _ ,eantion officers audapeatuient not in favor eehent with Hun.-arins but power KLM pressure forced P- T1AL) INN hI A 1 y ceml product Oh reportedly. 701053 tons. Apr production ;7iven ns 921 presumsbly of sane month 1956. F1LB) ress rit,tes 200 O3) people visi1Ite. ButInoest, Industrit4 Fair throuGhSunday. June 2nd. Falk -seciis- prin-arily designed for internal rond and is dominateki _-1.7.privnte and cooperative ,ariceii,re exhibits consular Lioodzi.. narket placed io11 in b* (Legdes 604, June 4)- (0111:11Citia 11:3E ONLY) N. Spencer Barnes Chari;e d'Affaires a.i. ved For Release 2001/0712 634R000100110009-0 , , Approved For Release CONFIDENTIAL ' (Classification) 4R00010921-4-0309..e--of xL No Desp. No. 610 From Budaoest CC/ Pouched to SETA?, Leghorn: CINCUSAFE, Viesbaden: CltenLM, London: VSOINC- LUR, Paris: cauximul, Heidelberg; USOOCO3OUTH, Naples, AneNbassies, Belp;rade, Berlin for EM, Bonn, London, floscow, New Delhi, Paris (2 copies), Prague, ome, Tel Aviv, Vienna for PAD and Nal, ,;arsaw; AmLealtion, Bucharest: hnConGenFrankfort for Ptili? ,iunich for Pb (2 copies) and ARC, Frankfort for SED. (.0N;1;)E7.:TIAL Approved For Release 2001/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-0 634R000100110009-0