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June 4, 1957
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Approved For Release 200,1/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-01634R000100t p019-9 State Dept. declassification & release instructions on file SECRET,/NOFORN 4 Jun 57 Imo.-Affiliated Relief Parcel Agencies in U.S. 1. In 1951, there were four U.S. firms engaged in the transmission of relief parcels to Hungary through IKEA (IBUSZ.FAreign Commercial Drive - Budapest.)s a. U.S. RELIEF PARCEL SERVICE, aka PEDLOW-BRACK RELIEF PARCELS, aka CAPTAIN PEDLOW'S EUROPEAN RELIEF PARCEL SERVICE INC., 315 E. 79th St., NYC. b. RICHMOND AND BROWNFIELD, INC., 62 William Street, NYC. c. AMERICAN FUEL TRADING COMPANY, 300 Foruth Ave., NYC. d. GLOBUS TRADING CORP., 61 Broady, NYC. rtinent 2. Nc details are available concerning RICHMOND AND BROWNFIELD and AMERICAN FUEL TRADING. The former firm is still listed in Manhattan directories as an insurance agency but the latter is no longer listed in available directories. 3. U.S. RELIEF PARCEL SERVICE was organized prior to 1950 by Martin operated BLACK and Captain James G. PEDLOW and has also %4( under the trade styles mentioned in para. 1-a above. According to an informant described as reliable by another government agency, an agent of this firm in Cleveland was A. Y,tj( FRIEDMAN DRY GOODS CO., 8803 Buckeye Road. CAPTAIN PEDLOW'S EUROPEAN RELIEF PACKAGE SERVICE INC. was registered with the Department of Justice as an agent of a d#1j foreign government prior to February 1.951. reported 4. AMERICAN FUEL TRADING COMPANY is atrade stole which was registered as of May 1954 by the owner, Georgette VIDA, succeeding the trade style previosuly registered by Alexander VIDA, deceased. The firm is no longer listed in Manhattan directories. Approved For Release 2001/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-01634R000100110019-9 Approved For Release 200,W7/28: CIA-RDP78-01634R000100110019-9 5. RICHMOND & BROWNFIELD INC. is still listed in Manhattan directories as An insurance agency but it is not known whether the firm is still engaged in transmitting relief parcels. According to reports received by another W. government agency, the firm had a close relationship with the Hungarian legation during 1950, receiving remittance from the Legation and purchasing travel tickets for Legation personnel. 6. GLOBUS TRADING CORPORATION akak GLOBUS TRADING CO. was organized in 19,46 with Leopold LONK&Y as President and Antonia LOMY as Vice- President and Treasurer. Prior to March 1952, Carl EISNER became Vice- President afd Leslie RONAY Treasurer. The firm offers to deliver gift parceke to recipients in Hungary after payment by the sender for the price of the parcel selected, cable expense, and Hungarian duty stamps. Both a Dutch official source and an Italian clandestine service have reported that GLOBUS has actively cooperated with the Hungarian government, receiving profits from the transactions while M retains the hard currency paid. The firm reportedly has had a Swiss operation o aagerd by Anna BERNER- LONKAY, trading as GENERAL-AGENCY EUROPE aka TRNSGLOBUS aka GLOBUS TRADING Annam Berner-LONKAY Mas been described as Leopol I0NKAY's niece. CO. IKKA'E license to GLOBUS for Swiss representation was reportedly cancelled in December in 1953 and assigned to another enterprise. Arrangements are made through the Hungarian enterprise IKKA, which has been )W#gly; j authorized by the Hunagrain Fiance Ministry to deliver rele if packages, using thr facilities of the # BORON TRANSPORT CO.m another Hungar&an enterprise. Approved For Release 2001/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-01634R000100110019-9 Approved For Release 2Q,07/28 : CIA-RDP78-01634R000100110019-9 Reported foreign affiliates of GLOBUS have included Carlos KLEIN, Rio de Janeior, and Francisco Rodolfo TAMAS, Havana. Leopold LONKAY'a Josef akak Josef LUSTIG younger brother, the father of Anna/ BERNER,-LONKAY, has been reported to be the manager of SUDAN S.A., another gift-parcel agency in Montevideo. Frau B LONKLY was reported to have transferred $365,000 to Josef forofficial Hungarian account. The firm TRANS-GLOBUS, 'w Poughkeepsie BY has been described as an agency paddling remittances to Hungary but it is not known whhther or not any connection exists with GLOBUS TRAM% New York. An allegation in 1952 that GLOBUS TRV'ING had been collecting dual payment for Hungariin duty stamps was beferred by the Commerce Dept. to the Postal Inspector for investigation, but the results are not known. iu 1952, GLOBUS TRADING was required by the Justine Department to register 1Y under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Approved For Release 2001/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-01634R000100110019-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-01634R000100110019-9 1. CARE Inc. (Cooperative for American Remittances to Everywhere) is currently negotiating a relief parcel program for Poland and hopes to start operations by July. Richard W. REUTER, CARE Executive Director, ha 9\ expressed the hope that this would lead to the reestablishment of CARE in of er Communist countries. 2. After the Hungarian revolt in October 1956, CARE operated a relief parcel program in that country byt was forced to discontinue the effort beacus, of visa dofficulities imposed by the Kadar regime. In the absence of CARE facilities, many persons desiring to send relief parcels to Hungarian reci} %%&ents have been forced to use the services offered by GLOBUS TRADING CORP. of New York. This firm was organized in 1946 { described as and has been actively cooperating with the Hungarian had government. Reportedly GLOBUS has/an arrangement with the Hungarian enterprise IKKA whereby Hungary receives the dollars paid for the parcels and remits GLOBUS' Wouffil share of the proceeds to already IKKA an account in Switzerland. The parcels contain goods stored in warehouses and within Hungary %4 are delivered to the recipient upon receipt of cable advice from GLOBUS. The sender is required to pay a cabel service charge of $1.50. 30 comparison of the materials offered by GLOBUS with those in tthe'established CARE packages shows X a wide discrepancy between gF~ ~/ d the advantage which GLOBUS and IKKA-are taking of the donor. substantial which must accrue to GLOBUS and IKKL.. 8 - b1e A comparison of GLOBUS and CARE. price lists indicate;the profit >. Approved For Release 2001/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-01634R000100110019-9 d For Release 207/28: CIA-RDP78-01634R000100110019 -9 st, A kC ``tA L-_ mow, 4J- e 11 Appr ved For Release 2001/07/28: 6IA-RDP78-01634R000 TAM Approved For Release 2 O( 1 07/28 : CIA-RDP78-01634R0001001W 9-9 delivery of relief packages, to be delivered through the intermedia y of the BORON Transport Company. actively cooperating with the Hungarian government, In March 1952, GLOBUS was described as receiving the profits from these transactions from #4 IKKA, while the Hungarian government retained the foreign currency.- GLOBUS had been mentioned as engaged in this sort of activity by both a Dutch offiola source and a fairly reliable Italian clandestine service. Reports refer to a Swiss branch of the firm, either GLOBUS or TRANS-GLOBUS, of Zurich. Swiss directories contain no ata GENERAL-AGENCY.. EUROPE. identifiable listing. Reportedly.. IKKA's license to GLOBIS was cancelled in December 1953 and transferred to Dr. Rower Goldstein, Zurich. Goldstein subcontractedwith GONDRAND- M&RITIME S.A.., and SETACIPA A.G., Zurich to handle hte IKKA sale.s An allegation was received in March 1952 to the effect that GLOBUS had been demanding dual payment of duty stamos on packages. The firm TRANS-GLOBUS, EXPORT & IMPROT CO., INC., Box 09 935 Poughkeepsie, NY as also bee n mentioned is handling.money order transmittals to Hungary. (1953) GLOBUS war rqeuired by the Justice Department in 1952 to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. PACKAGE Captain PEDLOW'S EUROPEAN RELIEF PARCEL SERVICE INC. was regsitered with tl The Department of Justice a a an agent of a Foreign government prior to January 1051. According toaan official Dutth service and an) A(XWXlo untested Austrian so roe,.GLOBUS acted as a cover firm for Hungarian government activiy Approved For Release 2001/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-01634R000100110019-9 Ap Prior to March 1952, Antonia LONKAY was succeeded by Carl. EISNER as Vice- President and Leslie RONAY as Treasurer. According to March 1952 information, Leopold LONKAY has been 1% described as a brother of Josef LONKAY aka Josef GLOBUS TRADING CORPORATION vats organized 15 January 1956, with Leopold LONKAY as President and Antonia LONKAY as Vice-President and Treasurer, roved For Release Q1/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-01634R00010 1 D019-9 1. Hungarian-affiliated Relief Parcel Agencies: In 1951, there were four U.S firms engaged in the transmission of relief paroets to Hungary, through the cooperation of the Hungarian government; MVIVA0 U. S. RELIEF PARCEL SERVICE, 315 E/ 79th It... NYC., also trading as PEDLOW BRACK RELIEF PARCELS, also trading as CAPTAIN PEDLOW'S EUROPEAN RELIEF PARCEL SERVICE INC. RICHMOND AND BROWNFIELD, INC., 62 William St., NYC. AMERICAN FUEL TRADING COMPANY, NYC. GLOBUS TRADING CORP., 61 Broadway, NYC except American Fuel Tradin Corp. All of these/are listed in the current Manhattan telephone directroy and are presumable rtill in operation. alleged LUSTIC, father of Ahna BERNER-LONKAY in Zurich. Among representatives of Havana. Globus offers to arra~:uge the delivery to persons inside Hungary of GLOBUS are Carlos KLEIN, Rio di Janeiro, and Francisco Rodolfo TAMAS, variety of gift parcels. The sender is required to pay for the parcel, for Hungarian cable expense, and-for duty stamps , thereby enRbling the Hungarian government,. hrough GLOBUS, to acquire dollars, Swiss francs, or other hard currencies. irectories have no record of a GLOBUS,trading company. Intermediary between 4 Josef Lonkai in Montevideo, for offical Hungarian account. Swiss In June 1952, Frau BERNER-LONKAI f the GLOBUS TRADING CO., Zurich, was reported as having transferred $365,000 ~he Organizations outside Hungary and the Hungarian recipient As lEE ( I1IBUSZ Foreign Commercial Drive), Akademia-utca 10, Budapest IV. According o a decree of the Hungrian Finance Ministry, IKKA is granted a license for the, Approved For Release 2001/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-01634R000100110019-9