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November 17, 2016
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April 14, 2000
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September 14, 1956
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Approved For ReleasQ?2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP7 - - CONFIDENTIAL MEMORANDUM OF MEETING: Workin Grou September 14, 1956 g p - Committee on Broadcasting and Television (COBAT) OPERATIONS COORDINATING BOARD Washington 25, D.C. 22nd Meeting held 2:30 p.m. September 12, 1956 OCB Conference Room Working Group Members Present: USIA - Robert E. Button, Chairman Frederick A. Long State - Sidney B. Jacques ICA - Gerald Winfield CIA - Representative present OCB - Ralph Busick, Staff Representative Marjorie Denny, Staff Assistant Others Present: USIA - Gerald Dooher 1. The minutes of the July 31st meeting were adopted. In connection with Paragraph 2, the State Department member requested it be noted that Mr. Allen remarked he was not personally familiar with the details of the Beirut case and his comments, as recorded, should be understood in that light. 2. The draft of an OCB Progress Report on NSC #169, together with changes and suggestions transmitted to COBAT from TPIB, were considered. After a discussion covering both form and content, as well as purpose, of this report, the Committee concurred in the CIA member's request that further consideration be delayed until an amended draft of the technical evaluation portions could be produced by his agency. The CIA member agreed to submit suggested revisions as soon as possible, for distribution to and staffing by COBAT. 3. A draft prepared by TPIB of a contract for a technical radio survey in Libya was next considered. In connection with the draft it was noted that ICA would submit copies of a preliminary report made by a radio consulting firm to the State Department for clearance. The Committee agreed that the present draft did not represent legal text, but furnished guidelines for a future contract to be negotiated by ICA. The ICA representative outlined the present status of the Libyan project in his agency, and expressed appreciation for the work done by the TPIB. After adoption of an addition suggested by the State Department member, the Committee approved the draft, copies of which are attached hereto for the members', permanent record. In connection with the Libyan project, the Chairman raised the question of external broadcasting - whether the broadcasting system were to be designed to reach people outside of Libya. The ICA representative informed that ICA authority was to provide assistance in developing channels for education within a country, and not for facilitie c ~l~ reaching Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-01634R00030003B~7 # DOS & USIA declassification & release instructions on file CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Releas,000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-01634R000304 0072-7 -2- CONFIDENTIAL people outside the confines of a country's own borders. 4. The State Department member informed the C itt f omm ee o the State Department position on the Lebanon TV project, as set forth in the attached memorandum addressed to the Chairman of COBAT. The status of this project is that the Beirut USOM Director has gone to the field without formal instruction but with the knowledge of the disdussion held at the last meeting. The ICA representative agreed to check with the Ford Foundation representative (who -is now in Washington) regarding the present situation in Beirut, and if necessary, to send a message to the mission requesting up-to-date information. (Reference Item 2 COBAT minutes 8/31/56) Concerning such projects as the Beirut TV, the ICA representative informed that his agency was reconsidering policy matters relative to radio, TV and film, including such questions as whether ICA should do more than offer assistance and training for education only, by offering assistance and training in the field of. entertainment, inasmuch as more and more countries were getting such assistance from the Russians. 5. Full discussion of Agenda Item 5 was postponed until the next meeting. USIA is exploring the situation to ascertain whether an educational TV project in Pakistan could be supported by the military. 6. The Staff Representative reminded the Panel that the papers entitled "International Broadcasting Facilities" dated May 3 and 15 respectively had been returned to COBAT on May 18 by the Board'Assistants for revision, following preparation of a statement for the USIA by the Department of State as to the adequacy, from the foreign policy objective standpoint, of existing and planned overseas broadcast facilities. This COBAT project is being carried on OCB agendas as one of the "projects outstanding with completion dates still to be determined." 7. The Staff Representative also informed the Committee of the reply received from Saigon relative to the holdup of the promised despatch from the mission regarding a big transmitter for Vietnam. 8. The next meeting will be at the call of the Chairman, / C e, NY-, /t, . / t;L.k r Ralph R. Busick Staff Representative Attachments (2) Contract Guidance and Draft 9/12/56 Memorandum to the Chairman of COBAT from State Department representative 9/12/56 Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-01634R000300030072-7