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November 17, 2016
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April 14, 2000
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August 20, 1956
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Approved For Rele'e 2000108127 :CIA-RDP78-016R~Q~Q~00030078-1 ? OPFRAT IONS CO ORDI;!1A T ING BOARD TrTashington 2~ ~ D. C. August 20, 196 MEMORANDUM OF MEETXNG ~ OCB WORKING GR~I P ON LATIN AMg?,ICA 72nd meeting Thursdays August 16, 195 11:00 A. iii. at OCB Working Grau Members or.Alternates Present: STATE Mr. Spencer Ni. King, Chairman DEFENSE Lt. Gol. Henry W. Taylor CIA Representative present USIA. Nir. George R. Manson ICA NIr. Z~da~lter Bauer LABOR i~Ir. Joseph Harmon COMMERCE T~?r. A. J. ?airier TREA~Ry Nir. Herman J. Koenig N~1r+ Thomas D. Kingsley Assistant Staff ~cepresentative UCB The OCB tr3ox'king Group on Latin America met on August 16, 1956, an d discussed the following items: 1. Briefin on Secretary I?ulles~ Conference w~inform dbahe members the Suez Crisis -The hairman of the Working Group Dulles an the Suez o .the tees to br~.efing of LA Ambassadors by Secretary problem. He explained t4 them eZyCan ~Aonathenbasisbthatlthose invitedehad the London Conference on the Su either participated in the 18p8eiori trade# or wereCcount iesewha e'citizens dent on the Canal for their g awned significant ship for ghat bathhthesCanalhandgherhship tonnage eTntitle connections Panama argue her to attend the London meeting. There was consi~~~cQeanas$ritain and its Secretary~s meeting regarding the use of force by justification under the UNa hharter y~olation.A Ambassadors believed that the use of farce would be C 2. LA Polic=,t Paper in Planning Board -? The LA policy paper was men- . tinned anc~i was noted 'that the Plannr~ng Board was. considering it again on Augu,~t 16; including the Financial App 3e gemisphere TV -Copies of theerstand theiesubjectmdiscussed byrthe possibilities were distributed to memo D SIA representative. TJix'. Monson saki that inter :Ame rican TV was definitely possible and was te~hn~ca,~-ly feasible. Certain legal aspects of interna- tional TV broadcast~.nb we re being worked out at Present and direct trans- mission to Niexi.co and- Cuba from the U. S. this Fall was ~.ike~.y~ He said it Approved For Release 2000/08/27 :CIA-RDP78-01634R00030d~~8-1 DOS & USIA declassification & release instructions on file ~~ Approved For Release 2000/08/27 :CIA-RDP78-016'~R000300030078-1 s1;cRET was also possible that by 1957 direct U. S. transmission to the Alorth Coast of South America would be feasible. He continued that an inter-American TV network was technically possible, but was several years .away. I-ie thought that USIA could arrange for broadcasts of special events to LA once private companies had made network arrangements, but that in general he felt locally- produced shows, such as USIA is now doing in the radio field, were more suit- ', able. Local editing of U.S.-produced TV programs has many advantages over full shows transmitted from th a U. S. in order to meet the local require~- ments of various audiences in LA. Borne TV shows are already being produced and sent to Argentina; for example. Mr. Monson is ;going to check on Argentine and Venezuelan TV equip went to see whether British TV equipment which they employ is compatible with the I:~ . ~. system, '~ Thy Group .felt that under present circumstances there was npth~.ng that' Could ~be done in connect~.on with the TV question. ~~ Engi~ rie~er Battalions -~ Mr, Bauer said- nothing had developed in th3.s connection, 1~, South At~.antic Conference. Proposal of Argentina w Col. Taylor in- quired whether any developments zn this respect had occurred, and I~Ir. King replied that, the U. S, was not going to offer to send observers to such a meeting] ~.f held as suggested in a recent telegram from Buenos Aires, The Argentine Navy apparently made this proposal in an ill-timed manner and little support has since been forthcoming from any source. It is now mu ch watered down to point maneuvers of I3razilian~ Uruguayan and Argentine navies and talks under the prov:i.sions of existing inter-.American defense treaties. If they are-held within this frameworks the U. S. will not oppose them, ac- cording to the Chairman. 5. Communist Pi.an for Latin America -The field replies to .the inquir- ies-sent by S ate and U SZA on the progress being made under the directives in the Communist Plan for LA are coming ins but not s1.1 have been received, Mr. King said State was preparing to remind those Missions which have not replied of the need to send them in at an early date, OCB-will make asum- .mart' analysis of the replies far the information of the Working Group members in order to determine the effectiveness of the field implementation. of the Plan.. b. 1290'd Papers - At this point the Treasury, Commerce and Labor members of the Lu'orking Group left, since the Chairman indicated that the remainder of the meeting would, be devoted to a discussign of the 1?_?0-d program i.ri LA.. He read a Memorandum on the subject which he had prepared for Mr. Harrison in U/UP summarising to date all. developments in the field. Mr. King asked Col, Taylor if he would sound out his superiors on the ques- tion. of accrediting a publ~.c i#~formation officer to the Army Mission in Bolivia to assist the ~.nistry of Defense in develgping a public relations program to build public confidence in the Artrly'a an objective recommended in the 1290-~d paper on Bolivia. Approved For Release 2000/08/27: CIA-RDP78-01634F~~~~~~0030078-1 Approved For Rele se 2000/08/27 :CIA-RDP78-0168rA~R000300030078-1 SEC FtET The Chairman also asked the USIA member what the possibiliti es were of amore indirect approach to this problem than that recommended by the Embassy in ~,a Pa.z which would not involve USIA excessively with the Ministry of S}efense~ ~~ention was also made of the qu estion of priorities in dealing with the genexa~. 1290~,d ,program in connection with Venezuela, Costa Mica, Brazil and Chile;. Details of the 1290-d discussion are omitted since they are all :contained in 11x',. Kings s Memorandum on the subaect which provided the bulk of the mater~.al for this part of the meeting. This Ntemorandum can be r~b- tained by the OCB Staff Representative for any Working Group member to examine upon request 7. UN Back~fo~Ambassador dodge - Mr. Spencer King provided the Group with a ist t~f pos5~.ble topics which LA countries mi.gkit bring up in the UN llth General Assembly this Fall Copy of this list is attached to these Ntinutes. 8M Next Meetin -The next meeting of the pCB ?7orking Group on Latin America wi e at~:00 A. M. Thursday] August 34f at OCB, ?OO Jackson place, N. Wt Thomas D. Kingsley Acta,ng OCB Staff Representative. ATTACHMENTS:. (2) 1. SECRET -USIA Report on T V Activities ~. WO - UNGA Items of Special Interest to LA Governments (8/x.5/56) SECRET Approved For Release 2000/08/27 :CIA-RDP78-016348000300030078-1