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November 17, 2016
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April 14, 2000
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August 20, 1956
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Approved For Release 2000/08/27 :CIA-RDP78-016348000300030082-6 ~. Tor 1`1 ~:~TIA~ ~I,11._~-L~IIC_ll:__ _ I~II~I'a5$Ik_.I? _-.---~ ~`~? raioa~Tr (Securit,y Classification) I~?IIEIGN SEI~.VICE DESPATCH ~ ~~S1S/~'he Hague ~~~'~~~~~~I~~lL~'~C'~ We1SHIN(zTON. none previOUS ACTION ~ l: , ept. I f /? ~ P ~ rye c??ly EG' o ` _ I }` ~J F August 20$ 1956 DATE D E P~'. ~/ / 1 J n J / / F OTHER ~ ~ ~ I': r, ~~ ~ .~ c/~ . ,. ~ ' ~% ican k'rograxns for Netherlands Television ~~r. II, J. EZeininkv Diretytor-General for the Arts and for External Cultural `:a}:ia~ians, Ministx-y far Education Arts and Science, has written to the Ambassador ~~n i.:4;, su~~ect of the difficulties Netherlands Tel ?~~.~~{~~--cant slays from the ITnited a es, sirniXar le_ tee from Mr> J. ~. _k engelink~ ;x^x~e ~-s.l Secre ary o e e era s elevision Station wend, t > Mrs Robex?t A., =~auer,, Chief, European Frogramming lJivision, Broadcasting Service, of the ~_b~'~'e~c~~. At the same t.irne 1l~ir, Ii,engelink's letter was forwarded, Mr. ~r'illiam A. Fella Infa~?mation officer, wrote Mr. Bauer July 18~ 1956) in which he expanded the c1e;~i~~abilityM as pointed out by bath Mrs einink anal Mr. ,engelink; of giving $~erft~,. es oi' American works in this country. The Dutch officials feel that a, n ies are not muc i e es a in making contracts with smaller ;~~evi~yir~n or?ganizatians in Europe since- the high charges make it quite impossible ~t_a ~_ :~uci groups as ii?e Dutch Television Station to consider the American play s ~.-e~, waul~~ Like to presento Since European countries in eneral are much mflre c~?~~r~erative in these matters;, t e n par icu~a ,. it is an obvious d our ot~,jectives that American rye nc~t available? and it is hoped ai: i=ie ge ~ serious cansideration to ways and means by which :~tis px?vice;~s can be reversed. Mr, Donhauser will shortly be in Washington on xr~me leave and will be anxious to discuss the problem with the appropriate officials it? the Ageneya Earle H. Balch Cultural Affairs Officer ~.PPFt.iUVEDe ~~..y Public Affairs Officer ~abert Uanhauser _~ ~;HBalch/m5 ~~T) -- --------~p:rr,~aved-For--Rele -C-tA-=RDP78-016348000300030082-6 State Dept. declassification &~'re1ease~instructions on file