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November 17, 2016
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April 14, 2000
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August 28, 1956
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fti Approved For Releap 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-01634R000300030083-5 ` Washington 25, D. Co 28 August 1956 INTELLIGENCE NOTES 1. Trinidad - Architect Needed After Hurricane Betsy US Consulate General Port of Spain reports that the Prefect of Guadeloupe has requested that the Caribbean Commission consider sending an architect to assist the island in building hurricane-proof structures to replace those destroyed by hurricane Betsy. (US Consulate General Port of Spain 2L, 23 August, Unclassified) 2. Peru Prison Experts }'{oquested The Peruvian Minister of Justice has asked that US experts on the technical aspects of prison construction and administration come to Peru to assist him in developing plans for a new prison system. Initial surveys for the project are to start about 15 September. (US Embassy Lima 176x 27 August, Official Use Only) 3. The Netherlands - TV Programs Several agencies within the Dutch Government have requested US Embassy and USIS help in obtaining important US television plays for programming on Netherlands TV stations. Dutch officials have felt that lack of interest by US agencies and the high costs involved make it impossible for smaller TV stations like the Dutch to consider using US plays. USIS asks that the USIA give serious consideration to making the use of US TV productions possible in Holland. (USIS. The Hague Desp. 9x 20 August,, Unclassified) I. Hungary ,- Writers Federation Wants American Books Gyorgy Gera, a member of the Hungarian Writers Federation,, recently visited the US Legation and asked that a selected group of current American literary works be sent him in order that he might write a column on current US and UK literature for the Federation's magazine. He also wants to recommend works for the New Hungarian Publishing House to trans-. late. The Legation feels that Gera has been assigned the task of closing the gap between Hungarian literati and Western literature and comments that this appears to be an excellent opportunity to exert a positive influence on Hungarian intellectuals. The Legation recommends referring the matter to USIA for immediate action. (US Legation Budapest 80, 27 August., Confidential) State Dept., ~ ~ f f'un"mn%92 fn~#rmfkP@ M@14WO00300030083-5 Approved For Rese 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-01 R000300030083-5 SECRET 5. Morocco - Egyptian School to Open in Rabat An Egyptian high school is due to open in Rabat shortly according to a Cairo dispatch appearing in Moroccan newspapers. The Moroccan Ministry of Education confirms the report but says details etai sshave y)t to be resolved. (US Embassy Rabat 103, 27 t x 6. Syria - Cultural Relations with Communist China US Embassy Damascus reports that the Communist Chinese Pilgrimage- Trade Delegation has invited the Syrian Grand Mufti to visit Chinese Moslems., send Syrian religious instructors to China, accept Chinese students in Syrian religious institutions and form a Syrian-Chinese friendship club in Damascus composed of lawyers., artists and journalists who have visited Communist China. (US Embassy Damascus 482, 27 August, Unclassified) 7. North Vietnam - Soviet Difficulties The Soviet First Secretary of Embassy in Hanoi has reportedly remarked that Viet Minh authorities are "most exasperating", obstinate and stupid in their dealings with Soviet officials supervising the Soviet economic aid program for Viet Minh. CIA comments that this is the firmest confirmation yet received of friction between the USSR and North Vietnam concerning the administration of the Soviet aid program. (Current Intelligence Digest item 7, 27 August, Secret Noforn) 8. Japan - US Embargo on Red China Trade The Japanese Foreign Office has informed US officials that unless the China differential list is more uniformly enforced,. Japan will soon follow the British lead in using the liberal exceptions procedure in its Communist Chinese trade. CIA comments that Peiping is pressuring Japan to abandon the embargo on its Red China trade. While Peipingts allegations that Red China is able to obtain embargoed items from Britain and France may be exaggerated., the argument will have marked influence on the Japanese business community. (Current Intelligence Digest item 9, 27 August, Secret Noforn) OCB/IIS SECRET Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-01634R000300030083-5