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November 17, 2016
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April 14, 2000
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January 18, 1956
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State Dept. declassification & release instructions on file Approved For Release 2000/08/23ECflETRDP78-01634Rn.n 3-4 January 18, 1956 *t.s on European TV and uroviaion for considerati CST, oiled ovision is an eight-country cooperative venture, historica established as a eprogra : excb rye" project tween England and France primarily at the tine of the coronation, 25X1A9a Euroviai on is cooperatively run by the European Broadcaztin Union practical program operations level, by the U Program ComAttee, ular r Section TV --2 -* L he "live" program working group. 117-1 is the fib. exchange group. 3, The TV-2 erob as the Chairman., xJ' a cy .rogrbi17'~ k' Kan r of L, While each member ci' t xe TV-C^ group hL? s exn equal voice, influence operations is exerted pretty such on the politico-power basis that would expected. the cast 1 (1poi to t: sa f )F ~::: are -- 1. ngl.a rd - Cecil a~ clivi: rn 2, Fre.nce - Jean t rcy 3. Italy - r=r, Pu licsvi 4. i.3errae,nv - r, 'lei tfir in that order. These rye>nbers ;nave a tendency to cc pc>s+e the t ha]. ince of dcirer guiding 0.1 uroir .sign retwcrk broadcasting. gains ground itt V IC progress of televit ion, Or, there is a goad possibility that with the tremendous progress waki in elevI Ion, and depcrndin4 on the pry ssures each Approved For Release 2000/0887,,,-RDP78-01634R000300030093-4 Approved For Release 2000/08/27 DP78-01634R000300030093-4 participant is able to exert on the others, that aexmy might be able to gain the balance position like this -- 0 At this time, it world seem questionable that official U, S. Tele- on could influence operations of Eurovision by working collectively with a group of arm make-up within the current or forseeable structure of either FUW or the Eurovision network itself. Conversely, there is good reason to believe that working arrange- ments can be fostered with individual participants to advantage. There is reason to believe that U. u, Television networks might be helpful. Unless the U. S. contributes substantially to the programming of the Eurovision network, it ay well be that Eurovision will be wide open to Soviet Orbit programs, fed directly on the cable from the East. commodities or other possible exchange items between the East and "Test,, there are no restricting rules or control factors on such Television exchange, This would n&ce the solution the problem of Eurovision or some sort of Television "network" operation in Western Europe of even more importance, In connection with all of the above, questions would seem to include Are the people of the TV-2 U group the right people to work through? Or, are there others up above of better position to us? hecognizing that L BU is a "trade organization" and as such runs "the cooperatives' Euroviaion, would working with the U,, per as, be either productive or effec- tive, even if possible on a broad scale? with the four top members of Uee TV 2, where it would be possible for us to move around within the "balance of power" field? it be advantageous to us to work separately not counter the threat of Soviet Orbit Television program exchanges on Eurovision with U.S, originated pro- grams, working through the individual .member countries -- and perhaps even once more removed by working through established U.S. Television networks and then in turn through EBU members? Are these factors the guide lines we are looking for or is there a better, more obscure approach? Approved For Release 2000/ ' `CIA-RDP78-01634R000300030093-4