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June 1, 1946
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:14,4 : ? , , ar0R41, ,1 ,F54.?f ? ' : 0 Mrrrri41:rM, , 4.-p? , '4; '; `? , . 4 - Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R00010007000' This strip index facilitates the location of the sections. Tabs separating individual sec- tions appear opposite entry in strip index. BASIC INTELLIGENCE DIRECTIVE This Revision Supersedes the November, 1944, Edition. JUNE, 1946 -9 INTRODUCTION INSTRUCT IONS ALPHABE2 IC AL INDEX MILITARY ARMY, IRREGULAR NAVY AIR, MILITARY AIR, CIVIL POLITICAL EC ON OMIC SOC I ?LOGIC AL TOPOGRAPHIC WHO'S WHO SC IENT IF IC MISCELLANEOUS CONVERSION FACTORS MILITARY INTELLIGENCE DIVISION WAR DEPARTMENT WASHINGTON, D. C. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 ANNEX EEE PENCE LIST Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 WAR DEPARTMENT Washington 25, D. C., 15 June 1946 Basic Intelligence Directive, Military Intelligence Division, is published for the information and guidance of all concerned. By order of the Secretary of War: OFFICIAL: Edward F. Witsell, Major General, The Adjutant General. DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER Chief of Staff Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-02646R00010007 SECRET NUCLEAR PHYSICS SUPPLEMENT TO BASIC INTELLIGENCE DIRECTIVE NOTE: THIS SUPPLEI\ENT SHOULD NOT BE FILED IN THE BASIC INTELLIGENCE DIRECTIVE, AS THAT WOULD NECESSITATE CHANGING THE CLASSIFICATION OF TT IR B I .D TO SECRET. INSTRUCTIONS COVERING REPORTING OF INTELLIGENCE IN TEE B .1 .121 WILL BE SPECIFICALLY APPLIED TO THIS SUPPIRMENT, HOWEVER, IN RENDERING REPORTS . SECRET Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 SECRET 8600.0000 NUCLEAR PHYSICS (Atomic Energy). The following outline on nuclear physics is a supplement to the Basic Intelligence Directive. This outline carries a Secret clas- sification and accordingly it is distributed under separate cover. The BID numbers shown below should be assigned, without exception, to all intelligence reports on this subject. .0100 Personnel. 10 NUclear Physicists (Native). 20 Scientists other than nuclear physicists working on develop- ment of atomic 'energy (native). 30 Scientists, visiting, working on development of atomic energy. .0200 Institutions. 10 Education or other institutions working on nuclear physics ? or atomic energy. 20 Training programs in nuclear physics, micro-chemistry, vacuum, engineering. , .0300 Industrial Firms. 10 -large firms capable of undertaking large cale specialized engineering projects (chemical, electrical, civil engineers). 11 Large firms undertaking the fabrication of equipment, con- struction or erection of large scale plants for atomic energy. 20 Location of large scale engineering projects erected in secrecy. 30 Firms engaged in mining or refining uranium, thorium or radium. 31 Output, destination and products of these firms. 40 Firms engaged in processing uranium and_ thorium. .0400 Plant, Equipment and Material. 10 Large plants from which no normal commodity is produced. 11 Plants having large water cooling installations. 12 Plants screened with concrete, metal or dirt. 8600.0413 Plants taking health precautions such as carrying photo- graphic films or small electric charge measuring devices. SECRET sci. 17 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 SECRET 8600.o420 Engineering Equipment. 21 Large numbers of electro magnets, gas compressors, vacuum tight equipment or vacuum pumps. .0430 Research Laboratory Equipment. 31 Cyclotrons, betratrons. 32 Van der Graaf and other special ultra high voltage generators. .o44o Materials. 41 Uranium metal. 42 Uranium oxide.. 43 Uranium fluoride. 44 High purity graphite. 45 Thorium and its compounds. 46 Deuterium (heavy water). 47 Fluorine. .0500 Raw Materials. 10 Locations of deposits of uranium or thorium bearing ores. 20 Exploitation of uranium or thorium ores. 21 Rates of production. 22 Destination of ores or derived products. 30 Imports and exports of uranium or thorium ores. ?4o Geological surveys and prospecting for uranium and thorium ores. 50 Production, imports, exports', uses and availability of radium. 60 Governmental control of uranium and thorium ore deposits, pro- duction imports and exports and uses. .0600 Specialized Products. 10 Plants producing heavy water. 11 Imports and exports of heavy water. 20 Plants proaucing carbon or graphite in large quantities. .0700 Uses. 8600.0710 Military. SECRET Sci. 18 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 SECRET 8600.0711 Rockets. 12 Guided Missiles.. 13 Bombs. 14 Explosives. 15 Other. 20 industrial. 50 Countermeasures. .0800 Miscellaneous. 10 Appropriations for development of atomic energy. 11 Research. 12 Industrial. 13 Military. 20 Intelligence. 21 Activities directed towards obtaining information on any phase of atomic energy development. 30 Legal. 31 Laws, decrees, executive orders or court decision bearing on atomic energy. 40 Political. 41 Developments effecting or influencing activities in atowic energy field. 50 Propaganda. 60 Agreements and treaties on international control. 70 Conferences, Publications and Statements. 8600.088p Diplomatic. SECRET Sci. 19 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Zni ,ffn al Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP74r 46R00010007000 ) This strip index facilitates the location of the sections. Tabs separating individual sec- tions appear opposite entry in strip index. BASIC INTELLIGENCE DIRECTIVE This Revision Supersedes the November, 1944, Edition. JUNE, 1946 MILITARY INTELLIGENCE DIVISION WAR DEPARTMENT WASHINGTON, D. C. -9 INTRODUCTION INSTRUCTIONS ALPHABET IC AL INDEX Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001 MILITARY ARMY, IRREGULAR NAVY AIR, MILITARY AIR, CIVIL POLITICAL EC ON OMIC SOC IOLOGICAL TOPOGRAPHIC WHO ' S WHO SCIENTIFIC - MISCELLANEOUS CONVERSION FACTORS ANNE REFERENCE LIST 9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 WAR DEPARTMENT Washington 25, D. C., 15 June 1946 Basic Intelligence Directive, Military Intelligence Division, is published for the information and guidance of all concerned. By order of the Secretary of War: OFFICIAL: Edward F. Witsell, Major General, The Adjutant General'. DWIGHT D. ETRREMWER Chief of Staff Approved, For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 TAB Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 NI3MIRDE18-02646R000100070001-9 INTRODUCTION 1. The BASIC INTELLIGENCE DIRECTIVE is isIlued as a manual of standing instructions to: a. All agencies engaged in the collection of military information for the Military Intelligence Service and components of the War Department dependent upon it for intelligence material. b. All Research Branches of MIS. c. The Intelligence Library of MIS. 2. This directive sets forth in detail the basic categories of information concerning foreign armies and countries required by the Military Intelligence Service and establishes a uniform system under which that information is organized in the form of reports, correlated in analysis, and catalogued for filing. It is therefore mandatory that all concerned become familiar with the general purposes of the directive. 3. -The BASIC INTELLIGENCE DIE.LCTIVE is to be used in the preparation of: a. Original reports and estimates. b. Digests of synopses of information forwarded to NIS. c. Replies-to directives, questionnaires, letters, and cables submitted in standard intelligence report form. 4. Since all subjects of intelligence interest to NIS and related components of the War Department have been assigned Specific numbers, and definite instructions or outlines clearly indicate the type and scope of information to be submitted under each, it is imperative in reporting that all information be segregated, organized and numbered in accordance with this system in order that it may be properly recorded and readily available for analysis and dissemination. 5. The BASIC INTELLIGENCE DIRECTIVE is designed to apply to all countries. Its range is therefore extremely broad and it is not expected that it will exactly fit any one country. Specifically applied, however,. it can be adapted to a major or minor nation or power. In some countries, the absence of large and well equipped military forces reduces the amount of technical military information required concerning them. The possibility of military intru- sion by foreign powers, however, makes necessary the maintenance of up-td-date information on which pound planning may be based. 6. It will be noted that political, economic, sociological, topographic who's who and scientific information is sought in some detail by NIS. Although military and air factors are given priority in the normal course of reporting, responsible assessments of the military capabilities of nations cannot be based on these alone. Accurate and current informatidn in all of these fields, developed and interpreted from the military intelligence viewpoint, is of vital significance in evaluating trends, in the preparation Of strategic and economic war- fare plans, as well as military plans affecting training, orgsnization, administration, equipment, logistics, and operations. 7. NUMBERING SYSTEM. The numbering system employed in the Basic Intelligence Directive is designed to cover all subjects and types of information desired by NIS. Although the contents of the Basic Intelligence Directive cover a multitude of subjects, it is recognized that further ex- pansion may be desired. The numbering system employed offers almost unlimited room for additions. All the subject material has been grouped under eight major headings, each with its identifying block of numbers. For example, all code numbers preceded by the digits 0 or 1 pertain to Military, codes for the Air Block begin with the digit 2, political with 3, and so on. The major blocks are further broken down into main topics, which in turn are subdivided, and additional numbers in the series are assigned to each level of the breakdown. Intro. 1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 :c(ilik-RDP78-02646R000100070001:9 Approved For Release 201:WI8AT&JA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 The complete code for any topic is a composite number consisting of eight digits, four to the left and four to the right of the decimal. The code numbers are built up as follows: EXAMPLE 1: (See page 1 EGOLIMale Section) 4000. ECONOMIC 4lo0. ECONOMIC - GENERAL 4101. ECONOMIC STRUCTURE .0100 Natural resources .0200 Degree of economic development .0300 Pattern of industrial development .0400 Salient Shortages The Number opposite "Pattern of Tfldustrial Development" is .0300. This is a sub- topic of "Economic Structure" (4101.). Since the subtopic must always be tied to the main topic, the combination of an eight-digit code must always be indicated. Therefore, the com- plete code for the "Pattern of Industrial Development" is 4101.0300. EXAMPLE 2: (Air Section) 2000. MILITARY, AIR 2300. AIRCRAFT, WEAPONS, EQUIPMENT 2301. GENERAL 2302. AIRCRAFT AND EQUIPMNNT ORGANIZATIONAL, GENERAL .0100 CHARAGIERISTIGS AND PERFORMANCE 01 Fighter-Single Engine 02 Fighter-Twin Engine 03 live Bomber The number opposite "Dive Bomber" is 03. Dive Bomeer is a subtopic of "Character- istics and Performance" (.0100) Which in turn, is a subdivision of "Aircraft and Equipment - Organizational, General" (2302.). The complete number for "Characteristics and Performance - Dive Bomber" is 2302.0103. It will be noted that all code numbers are built from right to left, beginning with the smallest subdivision. Although all reports will be limited to one subject, they will, whenever possible, cover some or all of the subheadings of the topic under discussion. Detailed breakdowns of complicated subjects are given not only to direct field representatives with respect to the important details of information required by MIS, but to standardize the organization of such details in all reports. Therefore When it is desirable to cover more than one subheading, the B.I.D. number will be that of the heading of which the subheadings are a part. Assuming that the "Characteristics and Performance" of all three aircraft (Example 2) are to be discussed, the B.I.D. number for the report will then be 2302.0100. However, since there are three separate topics covered, each topic will be given its proper code in the body of the report. This code will be typed on the line following the last line of the proper paragraPh and opposite that paragraph in the right hand margin. Thus, the number following the paragraph on "Characteristics and Performance of a Fighter Plane - Single Engine" 14111 be 2302.0101; the number following the paragraph on "Characteristics and Performance of a Fighter - Twin Engine" will be 2302.0102; and the num- ber following the paragraph on "Characteristics .and Performance of Dive Bomber" will be 2302.0103. Intro. 2 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : OikERLAM02646R000100070001-9 NOTE: In the body of the B.I.D. it will be noted that the complete eight digit number appears opposite the first and last entry on each page. All subject headings falling between these entries likewise consist of eight digit numbers, but for the sake of brevity, only four num- bers to the left or four or two numbers to the right of the decimal are actually shown. The balance of the numbers forming the complete eight digit number are to be understood. 8. TM. ALPHABETICAL INDEX OF 'ILL, B.I.D. is to facilitate location of pertinent sections of the B.I.D., but it cannot serve as a substitute for a thorough knowledge of the contents of the Directive, and should never be used alone as a means of titling and numbering reports. When a subject is not cited in the Alphabetical Index and is not specificPily mentioned in the relevant section of theevery effort should be made to integrate the data with the section which calls for that information by implication. 9. Instructions governing the preparation of intelligence reports are included in this directive. It is highly important and imperative that they be read and thoroughly unrierstood by all concerned as they cover all phases of the preparation of intelligence reports. Intro. 3 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : SlorDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 TAB Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08M3FMIAIRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE PREPARATION OF INTELLIGENCE REPORTS 1. GENERAL. Military Intelligence reports will conform to the subject material outlined in the Basic Intelligence Directive. Priorities will be established from time to time in the War Department Intelligence Plan and other Intelligence directives, letters or cables, which will Indicate the specific information concerning specific countries needed by MIS. These and re- ports prepared in reply to them will be based on the B.I.D. and will be assigned first, sec- ond, and third priorities. In general: a. FIRST PRIORITY will be given to intelligence of immediate importance in clarifying the military or political situation, or to other information for which the need is urgent. b. SECOND PRIORITY will be given to intelligence which mRst be considered in any general estimate of the military or political situation, or to other information BO desig- nated by MIS. c. THIRD PRIORITY will be given to background intelligence not emphasized in any intelligence plan or assigned a higher priority in any communication issued by MIS. 2. FORM OF INTELLIGENCE REPORTS. a. CABLE REPORTS. Intelligence information will only be reported by cable when it is first priority and it is essential that the information reach MIS immediately. Source and evaluation must be included and comment by reporting officer Should be included if practica- ble in the cable report. Intelligence information reported by cable will be reported in greater detail by a written intelligence report. The written intelligence report will make specific reference to the cable report previously submitted. b. STATISTICAL FORMS. In some instances MIS requires intelligence information to be reported in the form of statistics. Specific forms are generally provided for this pur- pose. For example, Annexes I through IX in the B.I.D. are provided for reporting statistics on aviation, weapons, and vehicles. c. WRITTEN INTELLIGENCE REPORTS. All Intelligence information will be reported on OCS No. 17 Form (Revised) except as Indicated in paragraph a. and b. above. Written intelli- gence reports cover all ordinary reports of first, second, or third priority information (es- sential, important, and background intelligence information). 3. SAMPLE INTELLIGENCE REPORT. Following herewith is a; sample Intelligence report on OCS No. 17 Form with accom- panying explanation of all entries. This sample is to be used as a guide for the filing and submission of intelligence reports. EXPLANATION BY NUMERICAL INDEX OF COVER SHEET OF SAMPLE INTELLIGENCE REPORT 1. BID FTTF NO. Insert here the Basic intelligence Directive (B.I.D.) File No. as per instructions contained in the introduction of the B.I.D. 2. REPORT NO. Insert here the number of the report. Numbers of reports will conform to instruc- tions contained in SIMIS. Only one series of numbers will be used for reports originating at the same station. The reports of the Military Air Attache will be included in the series of reports rendered by the office of the Military Attache. Instr. 1 Approved For Release 2001/08/280:SAppE78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 ? CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 B I D No 3144.0500 Report No 176-46 SAMPLE REPORT (COVER PAGE) SECRET CLASSIFICATION INTELLIGENCE REPORT FOR GENERAL USE BY ANY U.S. INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Frorn Military Attache, Magnolia, Utopia (1)Nte 21 January 1946 AGENCY OR OFFICER STATION Utopia Bource Former Magnifican Cabinet Minister now Refugee in/ &al C (2) CD?a-Area Reported On 4)- FORM OCS17 4TH REV. UTOPIA ?Subject Political Parties and Groups, 4` Current Revolutionary Movements b/b No. Political - 46, lette-r-Tated 6 Jan l946, above subject; and Refemceprevious Report No. 113-46, dtd 12 Jan 1946, Subject: Magnifican and Microsmiaa,TAtepleagpo.,,, ETC., IF APPLICABLE.) SUMMARY: EWER CAREFUL SUMMARY OF REPORT. CONTAINING SUBSTANCE SUCCINCTLY Stara,. ANSWER QUESTIONS WHERE, WHEN. WHAT, FIOW, HOW MANY. AND ONE DOTE OF EVENT. M A FINAL ONE SENTENCE PARAGRAPH GIVE SIGNIFICANCE. BEGIN TEXT ON PAGE 2. 1. Causes leading to the purge of 10 July 1946; the subsequent behavior of the several political factories; the stability of the present coalition. 2. Report based upon a personal interview of the source, now a political refugee in an adjoining country. Date of interview 20 January 1946. COMMENTS: 1. The source, although emotional and prejudiced, in his analysis of the situation, is well informed, its friendly to the United States, and is reliable. 2. It is believed that the economic causes of the purge are over- emphasized, and that the main basis for the purge is purely political with outside aide having been furnished by magnifica (Refer M/A Report No. 113-46 dated 12 Jan 1946 above). APPROVED: RICHARD C. ROE Oolonel, GSC Military Attache 07,1-.0301 JOHN R. DOE Major, GSC Assistant Military Attache Distribubon by0qina or M/As Gransta, Shangrila; CG, Main Defense Command MIS Serial No. MIS Distribution DO NOT USE THIS SPACE 0_91.40. Distribution of Enclosures SECRti CLASSIFICATION DO NOT USE THIS SPACE Do not write below line ? "Distribution by Originator" Balance of space is to be used for indicating distribution given report by the Military Intelligence Service. Instr. 2 pprove or e ease IA=RDP78=02621-6R0001-0-0070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/0EMPOWRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 3. CLASSIFICATION Insert here the classification of the report as dictated by the instructions con- tained in AR 380-5. Do not over-classify the report, as such classification limits the dis- tribution and consequently the Use of the report. This limitation is especially true of re- ports classified as TOP SECRET. Prior to the dispatch of a report make sure that the subject matter both as to facts and as to source justifies the classification given. Remarks such as "control", "controlled distribution", "not to be distributed outside MIS", or any similar terms will not be placed on the report. If a military attache desires to have the distribu- tion of his report limited by the Military Intelligence Service, the following procedure will be used; a. The original report and any copies going to MIS, together with a covering letter requesting limited distribution will be forwarded in-a double envelope addressed to the Chief, Military Intelligence Service with the inner envelope narked, "To be opened only by the Chief, MIS, or his Deputy". b- The covering letter will explain what limitation on distribution is requested and explain the reason therefor. c. Remarks covering the reasons for limitations of distribution will be confined to the covering letter and not entered on the report proper. 4. ENCLOSURES Insert here the number of enclosures attached. 5. COPY NO. Insert here the number of the copy of the report if there is more than one copy transmitted. 6. FROM Insert here the nano of the office submitting the report with the name of the city or town and country in which the office is located. Standard abbreviations for designated offices may be used here. T. DATE Insert here the date on which the report is written. 8. SOURCE Insert here the name or description of the source of the information reported upon. If it is desired to protect the name of the informant, it is essential at least to give a succinct description in order to facilitate evaluation by the user; e. g., "Jewish Refugee", "Political Refugee", "Cabinet Official", "Exiled. Diplomats", or simply "Confidential". 9. E7ALDATION E te here the degree of reliability of the information re-lorted, both as to source and as to contents by use of the Evaluation Code, in accordance with subsequent instructions in the B.I.D. titled "Evaluation of Information". 10. AREA REPORTED ON State here the name of the geographic area reported on. This area will be normally limited to a single country or nation. 11. SUBJECT State here as succinctly as possible the subject matter reported upon. Only one subject will be used, as separate reports will be rendered on separate subjects.. sub- ject titles will be used whenever possible. If the subject concerns serial or periodical publications give their title with number and date of issue stated fully. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Instr. 3 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 20901bg28lACIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 12. REFERENCE State here any pertinent references. If the report was occasioned as the result of a specific request for information by directive, letter, or cable, specific reference will be made here to such directive letter or cable by number, date, and subject matter. Also in- cluded here will be references to any previous related reports or reference material. This is especially necessvy if this report is amendatory of a previously submitted report. If there is no roam for reference to previously submitted reports of reference material, such references will be included at the end of the report. 13. SUMMARY Enter here a clear statement of the substance of the report. It is important to In- clude here a statement as to the date of the information reported, as the date of the report and the date of the information do not always coincide. It is also important to state here if the subject is open to further development. 14. COMMENTS If room is available, a brief of the comments of the reporting officer may be In- cluded here; otherwise full comments need only appear at the end of the report. The comment should include the objective views of the reporting officer as to the source itself and the significance of the Information presented. Comments Should not be relegated to mere expres- sion of personal feelings. 15. SIGNATURE Signature of the reporting officer will be in accordance .with subsequent instruc- tions in the B.I.D. titled "Signature on Reports". 16. APPROVAL An intelligence report will always be forwarded by the Military Attache or Executive Officer In accordance with subsequent instructions in the B.I.D. titled "Signature on Reports". 17. DISTRIBUTION BY ORIGINATOR Insert here the distribution other than to Nas made by the origination office. The master ditto will always be sent to MIS. 18. MIS SERIAL NO. Reporting officer will not use this space. 19. MIS DISTRIBUTION Reporting officer will not use this space. Recommendations regarding distribution are welcomed but will be included in the comments. MIS is familiar with the needs of the other division of the War Department and in fact representatives of the other divisions are represented on the Reading Panel MIS and view the reports as they are received in MIS. 20. DISTRIBUTION OF ENCLOSURES Reporting officer will not use this space. 21. CLASSIFICATION Repeat classification assigned in item 3. REPORT PROPER 1. SOURCE OF INFORMATION (Include here a brief biography and personal observation on the source or a refer- ence to a previously submitted Who's Who report. Also Include here information as to the approach made to the source and the circumstances under which the interview was arranged and held.) Instr. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 4 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08t28FEMARDP78-02646R000100070001-9 2. POLITICAL PARTIES AND GROUPS (Name the various Political Parties and groups under discussion and include any background and material necessary to an understanding of the report such as their composi- tion, individual members, and aims, or a reference to previously submitted reports containing such material.) 3. EVENTS OF THE PURGE OF 10 JULY 1945 (Outline here in chronological order the events of the purge.) 4. CAUSES OF THE PURGE (Outline here the Causes of the Purge including economic, political, sociological, and outside influences.) 5. IMMEDIATE RESULTS OF THE PURGE (Outline here the immediate effects of the purge on the domestic and foreign affairs.) 6. INTERMEDIATE RESULTS OF THE PURGE (Outlir- here the subsequent results of the purge after the shakedown period.) 7. STABILITY OF THE COALITION NOW IN POWER (Outline here the stability of the political group in power including the strength of the opposing forces.) 8. ESTIMATE OF FUTURE POLITICAL SITUATIONS (Outline plans of opposing forces and chances of success in view of strength-or weaknesses of present regime. 9. COMMENTS (Outline here the personal views, of the reporting officer including information as to the basis of such views.) 10. ENCLOSURES (Organization chart of the present government.) FORM OF INTELLIGENCE REPORT PROPER 1. SUBJECT HEADINGS Use subject headings wherever possible. It may prove profitable to make a brief outline of the report and write the report to fill the outline, using the outline topics as subject headings. This will facilitate the handling of the report by the users. 2. LENGTH OF REPORT There is no yardstick for measuring the length of the report. It is important to present the facts in such a way that they are clearly understood. Unnecessary embellishments should be eliminated keeping the report to the bare necessities. It often happens that im- portant data can be reduced to the minimum whereas relatively less important material may re- quire a longer report to develop the thought. 3. DIRECT QUOTATIONS Direct quotations may be used wherever necessary to preserve the original thought. Instr. 5 Approved For Release 2001/08!RADP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 200l9gguigA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 4. CROSS REFERENCES Cross references to reports previously submitted and to references used as the basis of the report are essential and will always be included. 5. ILLUSTRATIONS Illustrations will be included as enclosures to reports whenever possible to ad ,3 to the clarification of the report. - 6. RECOMMENDATIONS Recommendations for action will not be included in any intelligence report. Such recommendations will be submitted by letter making specific reference to any pertinent reports. INS'.IRUCTIONS FOR PREPARATION OF "DITTO MASTER" (OCS NO. 17 FORM) 1. Do not attempt to produce more than one ditto master at a single typing. 2. Remove and save slip sheet insert from between book paper and ditto carbon. 3. If no ordinary carbon copies are desired, place assembly (book paper and ditto car- bon) in typewriter with book paper facing out (i.e. in position for typing directly on book paper) and ditto carbon face up, as assembled by manufacturer. 4. If it is desired to make ordinary carbon copies of material which is being dittoed, assemble material from typewriter platen out in this order: (1) second sheet; (2) ordinary carbon paper, face down in usual position; (3) ditto carbon, face up; and (4) book paper ditto master sheet. Additional ordinary carbon paper and second Sheets may be added to the back (platen) part of the assembly, but the quality of the ditto master will be reduced pro- portionately, and the practice is not recommended. 5. Type, using even pressure, but slightly more pressure in striking the keys than would normally be used. Always use typewriter ribbon, in order that copy may be read from face of the book paper sheet. The ditto impression will appear reversed, or as a mirror im- pression, on the back of the book paper sheet. It will be noted that proper pressure results in very dark letter impressions (a "good" ditto master); too light pressure will produce light purple letters; too heavy pressure will cause the keys to cut through the paper. 6. To make corrections, use a soft rubber eraser and carefully remove th6 error from the back of the book paper sheet, taking care not to obliterate or smudge adjoining impres- sions. Resultant smears may be disregarded, inasmuch as they will not reproduce. Insert a sufficiently large piece of ditto carbon, torn from an unused sheet, and type the correction. Corrections should not be made on the face of the book paper sheet. except by striking over. Corrections on ordinary carbon copies may be made in the usual manner. 7. When copy is removed from typewriter, take off and discard ditto carbon, which can- not be used a second time. Immediately replace slip sheet against back of ditto master to protect impression against defacement. Slip sheet removed C) Ordinary second sheet " ? Ordinary oerben. Carbon aide eat feet ttpt Book paper Far No. (4,0tt No ericlusores CiAs.tegiON INTELLIGENCE REPORT Proper Assembly in Typewriter for Ditto Master and Ordinary Carbon Instr. A - Approved For Release 200g8L2Ely CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/082IEPI1IAARDP78-02646R000100070001-9 INCLOSURES AND ANNEXES TO REPORTS 1. NUMBER OF COPIES Expense and delay may be incurred in needless reproduction of inclosures by MIS in fulfilling distribution commitments. It has been noted that officers submitting reports of- ten indicate that additional copies of inclosures are available if desired. In view of the fact that KIS ordinarily reproduces reports for the use of various WD agencies it is obvious that a reasonable number of copies of any inclosure are desired. No number can be designated for all reports; it is necessary that the submitting officer analyze his report and attempt to determine for himself how many copies can be used. 2. INCLOSURES a. Maps, sketches, diagrams, charts, and photographs, legibly titled and completely identified will only be attached as inclosures when they add to the understanding of the re- port proper. Otherwise they Should be forwarded by covering letter in the prescribed manner. Standard documents and maps of which a plentiful supply is believed to be on hand in MIS should not be forwarded but may be listed as available so that MIS may request them if desired. b. In those cases where sketches, diagrams, charts, photographs, and especially maps, are attached as inclosures, they should be on as small a scale as possible in order to avoid needlessly bulky inclosures and complicated reproduction. Lines and numerical refer- ences should be clear and heavy so that they may be clearly visible in the photostat of the original. Black ink only should be used as colors do not reproduce. Information and discus- sion should not be contained on such inclosures as this will tend to clutter up the map, dia- gram, or the like. c. Overlays are highly undesirable as an inclosure to a report on OCS 17. Their reproduction within MIS is possible only as a hand process, the expense and delay of which are prohibitive. 3. MAPS When a map is used purely for the purpose of indicating a general location, it need not be attached, provided the pointcan be located by grid coordinates on a standard WD map. If it is necessary to resort to the use of a non-standard map, the scale should be sufficient BO that all data are clear and uncrowded. Since maps are reproduced by photostatic process in disseminating reports, consideration should be given to color, key and legend. All en- tries should be in black ink to assure proper registration in photostats.- Markings and leg- ends in color will not register in reproduction. Conventional signs and military symbols as found in FM 21,30 will be used when appropriate. 4. SEETCBES Locality sketches should be used only when no suitable map is available. Sketches of devices, etc., should carry sufficient detail so that reference to highly specialized' technicians is not required. Free-hand sketches Should be rendered on blank ditto forms whenever practicable. If not practicable, black ink should be used for proper photostatic registration. 5. PHOTOGRAPHS In general, photographs should accompany reports for dissemination whenever called for in the BID and when they add to a more complete understanding of the subject matter under discussion. a. Types of photographs required will be found in:the alphabetical index of the BID. b. Details of processing of photographs, both aerial and ground, will be found in the manual CHOOSING ta, RIGHT PHOTOGRAPH (Section III, Part VI). c. Photographs illustrating a report will be submitted on the Photographic Appendix Form, a sample of which is Shown in the BID Annex. r.n.Ertr. 7 Approved For Release 2001/08A4MpP78-02646R000100070001-9. Approved For Release 200110 fasaWA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 d. Photographs of value in themselves, and which do not require a covering intelli- gence report, may be forwarded by the regular form letter for transmittal of photography. These will be accompanied by the MIS Photo-Identification Forms provided therefor (Materiel, Personnel, or Geographic). Samples are Shown in BID Annex. e. Incompletely titled photographs are of little or no value. If the forms men- tioned above are not available, full title data, including subject, accurate location, date taken, and other pertinent data (such as time taken for terrain photos, focal length and al- titude for aerial photos, etc.) will accompany each photograph, whether covered by an -_r,ol- ligence report or letter of transmittal. Note particularly titling and forwarding of negatives. NOTE: Samples of all available forms for transmitting photographs are shown in BID Annex X through XIII. Supplies of these forms may be obtained by requisition to MIS. SIGNATUE.h ON REPORTS 1. In order to determine positively the authorship of a report, it is directed that each officer writing a report sign -that report with his proper rank, assignment, and code number as follows: 0301 JOHN R. DOE, Major, G. S. C., Asst. Military Attache. 2. If the writer is, himself, the Military Attache, Senior Observer, or Chief of a Mission, his awn signature, designation, and code number on the paper is sufficient. If the writer is not, himself, the Military Attache, Senior Observer, or Chief of a Mission, then it is directed that: a. The Military Attache, Senior Observer, or Chief of the Mission either indorse the report, if he has any .comments to make, and sign the indorsement, or b. Countersign the report in the lower left-hand corner as indicated below: (1) let Ind. Remarks or suggestions relative to report. (2) RICHARD C. ROE, Colonel, G.S . C . , Military Attache. 0301 JOHN R. DOE Major, G. S. C., Asst. Military Attache. Approved and forwarded. RICHARD C. ROE, Colonel, G. S. C., Military Attache. 3. In no instance is the code number to be used except by the producing officer signing the report. 4. Code numbers have already been assigned to individual officers at each station. Each new officer will be informed of his assigned code number. 5. In the event of an officer's relief or transfer from a station, the code number as- signed to him will be cancelled. When an officer reports to a new station he will be as- signed a new code number, thereby forestalling error through duplication of numbers or by the use of the wrong code number. Instr. 8 Approved For Release20049A/AriR? IA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/0894,114@DP78-02646R000100070001-9 6. The Military Attache, Senior Observer Or Chief of a Mission is held responsible for the performance of his staff. Therefore, he should countersign every report not of his own origin, or delegate the responsibility of countersigning reports to his executive officer or, in his absence, to the officer designated as acting Military Attache, Senior Observer, or 'Chief of a Mission. The practice of having the originating officer sign his own reports and indicate his code number aids materially in evaluating the worth of the officer In his as- signment and the practice of having the Military Attache, Senior Observer, or Chief of a Mission countersign such reports indicates his official approval. REPORTING OF INTELLIGENCE INFORMATION 1. It is desired that insofar as possible the OCS Form No. 17 be used in transmitting intelligence information to the Military Intelligence Service. 2. It is desired to limit the use of letters to adminidtrative matters and to recommen- dations requiring positive action. The reporting of intelligence information in administra- tive letters and the inclusion of administrative matters and recommendations in intelligence reports seriously complicates proper handling of such reports in MIS. 3. If it is necessary to report intelligence information in letter form, such letters will be numbered in the R series to distinguish them from administrative letters numbered in the A series. 4. The transmission of intelligence information mentioned in paragraph 1 above includes the following: a. An intelligence report originating with an MIS field office, the contents of which are placed entirely on an OCS No. 17 Form. b. An intelligence report originating with an office other than an las field of- fice, but transmitted by an MIS office, in which case the OCS No. 17 will be used as a trans- mittal cover sheet and will be lumbered in the R series. c. In transmitting official government publications, the OCS Form No. 17 will be used as a tranamittal cover Sheet. It would be helpful in such instances if a brief resume of the publication were made on the OCS Form 17 and numbered in the R series. Privately pub- lished newspapers, magazines, and other periodical matter will be forwarded either with an administrative letter in the A series or without any covering document. d. An intelligence report originating with an MIS field office and intended for another field office, MIS being fturnished a copy. Nas does not desire to receive copies of letters containing intelligence which have been prepared primarily for another office in the field. It is to be presumed that all intelligence has been furnished MIS on OCS No. 17. It is suggested that a practical solution is to place such reports on OCS No. 17, making carbon copies for lateral transmission, and sending the original master ditto to MIS. e. Maps and photographs will be forwarded under cover of OCS No. 17 only when they are in integral part of an intelligence report. Otherwise they will be forwarded by covering letter which will be numbered in the A series. f. Intelligence report initiated as a result of a cable Or letter request for in- formation or comments by users will be reported on OCS No. 17. In such instance reference will be specifically and conspicuously made to the cable, letter, source control number, com- ment by user, or other inquiry causing the rendition of the report, g. Forms which when completed contain intelligence information will be forwarded under cover of OCS No. 17. Such forme would include AAF Form No. 63 "Foreign Airport Description", etc. 5. There are certain reports which are not intelligence reports but which fall within the category of administrative reports. Such reports will be forwarded under cover of a let- ter and will be numbered in the A series. Reports included in this category are: a. Station Reports b. Office Plans Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-91nBtr. 9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/0811F8TjE9A-RDF78-02646R000100070001-9 c. Office Organization d. Monthly Reports of Operations submitted by Military Air Attaches REFERENCE TABLES AND CONVERSION FACTORS for the principal weights, measures, etc. of important countries will be found in the B.I.D. Field Representatives of MIS are not expected to convert all factors to U.S. equivalents. They are cautioned at all times to be specific in terminology, i.e., "long tons," "metric tons", etc.; and always to be consistent ir the use of such terms in a single report. REPORTING OF SUPPLEYINTARY INFORMATION 1. Any information which supplements, amends, or corrects information previously re- ported on OCS Form No. 17, will also be reported on OCS Form No. 17. Such procedure will facilitate the distribution of the supplementary, amendatory or corrective information to agencies which receive the original report. 2. Information reported in response to the "Comments" of various users will likewise be submitted on OCS Form No. 17. 3. In reporting the additional information described in paragraphs 1 and 2, specific reference will be made to the earlier report, or to the user's comment, and to the MIS number of the report which may be obtained from the DETATT,ED LIST OF REPORT RATINGS. Reference to the MIS number will assist MIB in connecting the supplementary report with the original report. EVALUATION OF INFORMATION 1. DEFINITION OF EVALUATION Evaluation is the critical and systematic analysis of information to determine its probable accuracy and significance. Information subjected to this process becomes intelligence. 2. DUTY TO EVALUATE The observer who merely transmits unevaluated information gained or received has performed only part of his duty. Information will be evaluated both as to its source and as to the information itself. The report will be worded to show clearly that which is personal- ly known to the one reporting and that which is based on the report of other agencies or per- sons. The reliability of this last will be classified according to the known records of these agencies. If information of questionable accuracy is forwarded, its doubtful character must be indicated clearly. The recipient of an intelligence report is probably receiving reports of a similar nature from other sources and accordingly he will be able to make sound- er deductions than the originator of any one report. 3. DETERMINING CREDIBILITY AND ACCURACY In determining the .credibility and accuracy of information the following points will be carefully considered: a. What is the source of information? b. Is it confirmed by collaboration from other sources? C. How does it agree with information on hand? d. If at variance which is more likely to be correct? 4. EVALUATION CODE The following evaluation code will be used in evaluating information. Special care will-be taken to avoid using this code as a sliding scale of values. Instr. 10 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/261i,qMpP78-02646R000100070001-9 AS TO SOURCE Completely reliable Usually reliable Fairly reliable Not usually reliable Unreliable Reliability cannot be judged EVALUATION CODE AS TO INFORMATION 1. Confirmed by other sources 2. Probably true 3. Possibly true 4. Doubtfully true Improbable report Truth cannot be judged 5. 6. The evaluation of the Source of Information is an estimate of the reliability of the contact himself. An "A" rating will only be given under the most unusual circumstances, when for example: the informant is an Intelligence Officer of long experience. A "B" rating in- dicates an informant of known integrity. "C", "D", and "E" ratings indicate a proportion- ately decreasing degree of reliability of the informant. An "F" rating is assigned when nothing is known concerning the informant. An evaluation of the truth, credibility, or probability of the information is an estimate of the quality of an item submitted by an informant. Numbers "1" through "5" indi- cate the degree of accuracy of a piece of information as stated in the above code. Number "1" need not necessarily accompany the letter "A", number "2" the letter etc., since a reliable source may submit an improbable report, or an unreliable source a probable true report. 5. DETERMINING TEE SIGNIFICANCE OF TEE INFORMATION ?Bit It is essential that the observer include in his report personal comments and inter- pretations of the reported information. These are essential in the analysis of the informa- tion and its conversion to intelligence. They will be included even when at variance with the accepted opinion or doctrine, and they are of value not only in evaluating the original reports but also when applied to the interpretation of reports prepared by persons other than Military Intelligence Service representatives. Comments and interpretations will also be made separately from statements of facts or the opinions of others presented in the report. Comments from other professional sources significant in interpreting the report whether In agreement or not with those of the reporting officer should also be included and clearly identified. In considering the significance of the information reported the following points will be taken into account: a. What does it mean? b. What significance can be attached to it?. c. Does it alter the significance of previous information? d. Does it clarify any doubtful information? e. Is it information cf Immediate value? f. Is it information cf future value? What conclusions may be drawn from it? h. Does it change conclusions already drawn? 6. TESTING SIGNIFICANCE s? The observer will test the significance of the information obtained and the conclu- tions drawn therefrom by placing himself in the position of an enemy or foreign commander and trying to determine the enemy's capabilities or lines of action, conditions under which any particular capability may be carried out, and in certain cases draw conclusions as to the relative probability of adoption of lines of action open to the enemy or foreign commander. Instr. 11 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001Naki,S4A-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 TYPES OF INTELLIGENCE REPORTS 1. ESTIMATES OF THE SITUATION Military attaches will be required to prepare general estimates of the situation of the country to which they are accredited and of other countries if they are in a position to obtain sufficient information thron& available contacts. a. ESTIMATES OF THE SITUATION, B.I.D. No. 8000, are not to be confused with the ANNUAL ESTIMATE OF POLITICAL STABILITY called for under B.I.D. No. 3170 of the Poli+Lical Section. b. The frequency of Estimates of the Situation will be dictated by instructions from MIS to military attaches in various countries. They should be submitted, however, more frequently on the initiative of the attache, whenever justified by important changes in trends. c. The basis of Estimates will be the controlling factors of war: military, polit- ical, economic and psychological. Whenever information on enemy activity is available, it also will be included in the Estimate. d. The Estimate is not intended to be a 'recital of facts or an enumeration of events not reported elsewhere, although it will be desirable to mention briefly certain data on which opinion is based, or to refer to other reports in which such data are set forth.. The Estimate is intended to be the observer's considered and unreserved evaluation of the situation obtaining at that moment in the area under discussion. It will not be distributed to agencies outside the War Department but will be used as a basis for MIS and War Department official opinion. e. The following are examples of the type of information which will be considered in the Estimate: (1) MILITARY: Army strength, disposition, and reserves of belligerent and im- portant neutral countries; in the amaller countries and those not directly concerned with war, the loyalty of the armed forces (police as well as army) to the incumbent government. (2) POLITICAL: (a) Attitudes and activities of the major political parties; (b) formation of new parties; or organizations; (c) alliances and trends in inter- national relations; (a) trends in national and enemy subversive activity; (e) general and official attitudes towards the United Nations; (f) general and official attitudes towards the defeated nations. (3) ECONOMIC: Trends in the production of critical and strategic materials; food and cost of living situation and any other economic factors vital to the stability of the government; trade with the enemy or with suspicious neutrals; dependence upon other nations for basic commodities; effect of sanctions to enforce compliance with United Nations or other "bloc" influences. (4) PSYCHOLOGICAL: Morale of the armed forces and the civilian population; propaganda, both enemy and United Nations, and its effectiveness. f. In addition to the detailed estimates of the principal factors governing stabil- ity, the report will inclade a general statement embodying the net effect on stability. This statement should leave the reader with a definite impression of the general stability of the area and of any enemy activity therein. g. It is contemplated that the first report which is submitted from each area will be more cqmprehensive than those which follow. Certain generalities which will necessarily appear therein under each of the headings need not be repeated in subsequent reports. In this first report, the observer should feel free to include all the facts which are needed properly to orient the reader. h. Estimates will be submitted on standard ditto intelligence report forms and will be assigned the appropriate B.I.D. number listed in the Miscellaneous Section. Instr. 12 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/05MnakeDP78-02646R000100070001-9 2. COORDINA1ED MILITARY INTELLIGENCE REPORTS Coordinated Military Intelligence Reports from geographical areas in the field will be prepared upon specific instructions from MIS. 3. ORDER OF BATTLE REPORTS At stations where an order of battle assistant is stationed, reports will be pre- pared in accordance with existing instructions. Cabled order of battle reports will indicate this fact and include the name of the reporting officer.. When no assistant is present, nor- mal procedure will govern. All Order of Battle reports will be organized and numbered in accordance with relevant sections of the B.I.D. 4. TECHNICAL INTELLIGENCE REPORTS Technical information of interest to the Ordnance Department; Signal Corps; Chemical Warfare Service; Transportation Corps; Office, Quartermaster General; Office, Surgeon General; and Corps of Engineers is incorporated in many portions of the B.I.D. In such cases the information is required by MIS as well as by one or more agencies of the War Department or one or more of the Services. The intelligence requirements of each Service cannot be de- tailed in full because of space and personnel limitations within the organization of the Military Intelligence Service. The Services are, however, dependent upon MIS for the major portion of their intelligence requirements, and supplementary outlines of such requirements may be issued by MIS from time to time and qualified technical personnel assigned to certain stations to cover those requirements. In the absence of such assistance and instructions, all MIS representatives will report on, using any technical assistance available, and forward all technical information and documents considered of value to the Service. All such materi- al will be assigned appropriate B.I.D. numbers. 5. REPORTS OF ILTIERVIEWS AND COMMENTS ON CURRENT EVENTS Reports of Interviews and Comments on Current Events are not desired as such, as all important information can and should be reported under pertinent numbers throughout the B.I.D. NOTE: The Miscellaneous Section provides B.I.D. numbers for certain types of re- ports, such as Estimates of the Situation, Coordinated Intelligence Reports, Comments or Current Events, etc. PERIODIC REPORTS REQUIRED 1. ANNUAL REPORTS REQUIRED Annual Reports Required are as follows: a. POLITICAL (B.I.D. No. 3170) ANNUAL ESTIMATE OF POLITICAL STABILITY; to reach MIS not later than 1 January. b. ECONOMIC (B.I.D. No. 4904) NATIONAL DEFENSE BUDGET; to reach= not later than 1 November. 2. MONTHLY REPORTS REQUIRED ARE AS FOLLOWS: a. AIR (B.I.D. No. 2203.0400) MONTHLY MID-ONI AVIATION INITILIGENCE REPORT; to reach MIS not later than 10th of each month, information as of end of preceding month. (1) The MID-ONI Aviation Report will be submitted on or before the 10th of each month, with the air intelligence therein given as of the last day of the month being reported (i.e. the previous month). (2) The report consists of an OCS No. 17 cover form with three (3) inclosures. BE number 2203.0400 will be assigned to the overall Monthly Aviation Report. The three inclosures consist of: (a) CHECKLIST - Six copies submitted with each report. (b) AVIATION STATISTICS - Six copies submitted with each report. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9Th18-tr. 13 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/081211ThfikARDP78-02646R000100070001-9 (c) SUPPLEMENTARY REPORT - In addition to the overall report BID number 2203.0400, the Supplementary Report also will carry its appropriate BID number, as based oh the Check List. (3) The CHECK LIST includes all items from the Basic Intelligence Directive considered to be of sufficient timely importance at present to warrant monthly reporting. Items not applicable to a particular country will be lined out. If an item is unchanged since the last report, the words "no change since R-123-46", Will be entered under Remarks". If an item has changed, such a remark as "see paragraph 1, Supplementary Report, will be entered. (4) All items in the Air Section of the Basic Intelligence Directive not in- cluded in the Check List will be covered by interim reports as the situation requires. (5) All the AVIATION STATISTICS Forms applicable to a particular country will be filled out and submitted, whether or not changes have occurred since the last report. FORM A. of the Aviation Statistics Forms, calls for numbers and various additional in- formation on the first line, second line, and obsolete aircraft. It is recognized that not all Air Forces are the same size and caliber, accordingly each reporting officer should indicate in the "Remarks" column the definition of first line, second line, and obsolete aircraft as it applies to the particular country being reported on. Further in the "Remarks" column of Form A, the number or percentage of the total aircraft by types that are operational (serviceable), the number in storage, their condition and the amount of spare parts or other equipment that would be necessary to rebuild or recondi- tion those aircraft which are not at present considered operational or serviceable, should be shown. On Form B, Section 1, in addition to number of squadrons called for, give the name or designation of the squadron. (6) The SUPPLEMENTARY REPORT will be submitted on OCS No. 17 Forms and will be a written explanation based on the outline in the Basic Intelligence Directive of each item in the Check List. It is not expected that a Supplementary Report as indicated in paragraph 2 c will be submitted on every item in the Check List in each monthly report. As many items as possible will be covered, however, in the initial and succeeding re- ports until all items have been reported. These will constitute basic reports for your area. Once a basic report has been submitted on any item of the Check List, subsequent reports can then refer to the basic report on that particular item indicating minor changes. If no items have changed, Supplementary Reports will not be rendered. Items of the Check List showing major changes will be covered by a new basic Supplementary Report. NOTE: Sample of the CHECK LIST and AVIATION STATISTICS Forms are in Annex I, in the BID. PROTECTION OF SOURCE It is the fixed policy of the Military Intelligence Service to safeguard the iden- tity of sources anywhere furnishing confidential information to MIS. In order to preserve the security and lives of individuals, all sources must be safeguarded and may not be re- vealed to anybody without authority of the Chief, MIS. 1. Persons in the Army receiving information or material from another Government agency, designated by said agency as secret or confidential, will respect such classification and not change it without the authority of the issuing agency. In all cases the provisions of AR 380-5, and amendments thereto, will apply. 2. Dispatches, cables and other documents produced by US Government agencies, which can be secured by MIS in Washington, will not be duplicated as such in intelligence reports. This material may be used, however, with other source material in the preparation of compre- hensive intelligence reports. MIS should be advised of the date, number and general contents of reports produced by other Government agencies, thought to be of interest to MIS. 3. No copies of or lengthy extracts from reports received from other agencies of the Government and certified by them as confidential will be disseminated beyond the War Depart- ment except by express authority of the originating agency. Those desiring such information should apply to the originating agency. 4. When protection of an individual as a source of information is desired, the name need not be included. Pertinent facts, however, should be succinctly stated, i.e., "Politi- cal Refugee", "Former Military Correspondent" etc. Instr. 14 Approved For Release 2001/QeakkgikRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/287afiktYP78-02646R000100070001-9 TS OF PUBLICATIONS DESIRED BY vas 1. Following is a list indicating the general types of publications in which MIS is interested in receiving on a continuing basis. By continuing basis is meant that with regard to telephone directories, business directories, Who's Who compilations, time tables, and similar periodic publications; new editions are desired as they 'come out even though previous editions have been forwarded to MIS. a. Directories listing people and business organizations resident in the capitals and other leading cities of the world. Telephone directories and commercial directories specifically desired. b. Street directories of the leading cities of the world. c. Who's Who compilations of recent date for all parts of the world. In addition to the general type of Who's Who, special volumes of the various professional, commercial, and technical types are desired. d. Road and city maps of all important cities of the world. e. Time tables and travelers' guides which dhow railroad linen and stations. f. Catalogs of scientific and technical manufacturers such as I. G. Farben, Karl Zeiss, Siemens Schuckert, and others of similar character. g. Catalogs of mail order and department stores similar to Montgomery Ward and Sears Roebuck. Especially useful are catalogs designed for sales to foreign markets such as German catalogs sent to Greece. h. Modern dictionaries and grammers of polygpt and two language types. Dialect dictionaries and grammars are also useful. 2. It is requested that material in the above classifications which is available and new items as they become available be forwarded whenever possible. REFERENCE MATERIAL USEFUL IN PREPARING REPORTS Reference Material Useful in Preparing Reports lists Field Manuals and reference works useful in the preparation and analysis of intelligence reports. PRIOR INSTRUCTIONS , Any prior instructions issued by the Military Intelligence Service which are in con- flict with those set forth above are hereby rescinded. DEFINITIONS TEE WAR DEPARTMENT IN'IMLIGENCE PLAN is the medium for furnishing on a projected basis overall guidance to intelligence agencies, setting forth the War Department intelli- gence requirements in all countries and areas. It is the purpose of this plan to restore world-wide scope to information gathering techniques that have during the war been focused generally toward the enemy nations. All field collection agencies such as occupation forces and military attaches, should direct their information gathering efforts according to the patterns of the War Department Intelligence Plan, since it reflects the changing trends of War Department requirements. It should not be construed as a limiting instrument beyond which a collection agency will not submit information. All military or other information heretofore submitted inaccordance with the Basic Intelligence Directive should still be submitted irrespective of the requirements reflected in the Intelligence Plan. The intelligence resulting from the flow of information based on the War Department Intelligence Plan will be distributed to collecting agencies in the form of G-2 publications, completed projects and studies. Instr. 15 Approved For Release 2001/08/28(51\PWROE78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 200t1:08/26TTIMA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION are specific in nature and are in addition to the require- ments set forth in the Intelligence Plan. They emanate continuously from G-2, Washington describing particular research needs in support of the Intelligence Plan. A continuing effort is made to keep the collecting agency aware or the quality of incoming materialby means of evaluation reports and informal comments on subsequentrequeets. iht. STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE DIGEST AND ESTIMATE is a complete and active intelligence study on every nation in the world. These studies will +Ake the form of books and will be supported by the War Department Intelligence Plan. As War Department trends of interest are modified, they will be transmitted to all field representatives through the medium of the Intelligence Plan so that a continuing state of awareness of needs and concert ofeffort can be effected throughout the world. Instr. 16 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 SECRET NUCLEAR PHYSICS SUPPLEMENT TO BASIC INTELLIGENCE DIRECTIVE NOTE! THIS SUPPLEMENT SHOULD NOT BE FILED IN, THE BASIC INTELLIGENCE DIRECTIVE, AS THAT WOULD NECESSITATE CHANGING TPR CLASSIFICATION OF TEE B.I.D. TO SECRET. INSTRUCTIONS COVERING REPORTING OF INTELLIGENCE IN TEE B.I.D, WILL BE SPECIFICALLY APPLIED TO THIS SUPPTFMENT, HOWEVER, IN RENDERING REPORTS. SECEET Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 SECRET 8600.0000 NUCLEAR PHYSICS (Atomic Energy). The following outline on nuclear physics is a supplement to the Basic Intelligence Directive. This outline carries a Secret clas- sification and accordingly it is distributed under separate cover. The BID numbers shown below should be assigned, without exception, to all intelligence reports on this subject. .0100 Personnel. 10 Nuclear Physicists (Native). 20 Scientists other than nuclear physicists working on develop- ment of atomic energy (native). 30 Scientists, visiting, working on development of atomic energy. .0200 Institutions. 10 Education or other institutions working on nuclear physics or atomic energy. 20 Training programs in nuclear physics, micro-chemistry, vacuum, engineering. .0300 Industrial Firms. 10 -large firms capable of undertaking large 6ca1e specialized -engineering projects (chemical, electrical civil engineers). 11 Large firms undertaking the fabrication of equipment, con- litruction or erection of large scale plants for atomic energy. 20 Location of large scale engineering projects erected in secrecy. 30 Firms engaged in mining or refining uranium, thorium or radium. 31 Output, destination and products of these firms. 4o Firms engaged in processing uranium and thorium. .0400 Plant, Equipment and Material. 10 Large plants from which no normal commodity is produced. 11 . Plants having large water cooling installations. 12 Plants screened with concrete, metal or dirt. 8600.0413 Plfints taking health precautions such as carrying photo- graphic films or small electric charge measuring devices. SECRET Sci. 17 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 SECRET 8600.0420 Engineering Equipment.. 21 Large numbers of electro magnets, gas compressors, vacuum tight equipment .or vacuum pumps. .0430 Research Laboratory Equipment. 31 Cyclotrons, betratrons. 32 Van der Graaf and other special ultra high voltage generators. .o44o Materials. 41 Uranium metal. 42 Uranium oxide. 43 Uranium fluoride. 44 High purity graphite. 45 Thorium and its compounds. 46 Deuterium (heavy water). 47 -Fluorine. .0500 Raw Materials. 10 Locations of deposits of uranium or thorium bearing ores. 20 Exploitation of uranlarrn or thorium ores. 21 Rates of production. 22 Destination of ores or derived products. 30 Imports and exports of uranium or thorium ores. 40 Geological surveys and prospecting for uranium and thorium ores. 50 Production, imports, exports, uses and availability of radian. 60 Governmental control of uranium and thorium ore deposits, pro- duction imports and exports and uses. .0600 Specialized Products. 10 Plants producing heavy water. 11 Imports and exports of heavy water. 20 Plants proancing carbon or graphite in large quantities. .0700 Uses. %Imo 8600.0710 Military. SECRET Sci. 18 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 SECRET, 8600.0711 Rockets. 12 Guided Missiles., 13 Bombs. 14 Explosives. 15 Other. 20 Industrial. 50 Countermeasures. ,0800 Miscellaneous. 10' Appropriations for development of atomic energy. 11 Research. 12 Industrial. 13 Military. 20 Intelligence. 21 Activities directed towards obtaining information on any phase of atomic energy development. 30 Legal. 31 Laws, decrees, executive orders or court decision bearing on atomic energy. 40 , Political. 41 Developments effecting or influencing activities in atomic ? energy field. 50 Propaganda. 60 70 8600.088o Agreements and treaties on international control. Conferences, Publications and Statements. Diplomatic. SECRET Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 62 7504 Sci. 19 Approved For RelecaKEIDEATFIA12646R000100070001-9 WAR DEPARTMENT .War Department General Staff Intelligence Division Washington 25, D.C. MID 313.2 23 July 1946 MEMORANDUM TO ALL USERS OP BASIC INTELLIGENCE DIRECTIVE: SUBJECT:- Revised Edition of the Basic Intelligence Directive 1. Furnished herewith is the revised edition of the Basic Intelli- gence Directive. Upon receipt of this edition all copies of earlier editions will be destroyed as provided in AR 3805. 2. The transition from war to peace has necessitated ehangeS in War Department Intelligence requirements. During the war the emphasis was placed, necessarily, on obtaining military information concerning our enemies. Intelligence needs have now beCome all inclusive, cover- ing every natien in the world with. equal emphasis on military, politi- cal, economic, sociological, Who's Who, and scientific intelligence. The Basic Intelligence Directive sets forth the basic categories of information desired by the War Department on all foreign nations. It has been revised tti'fileet peacetime intelligence needs on a projected basis and to correct ambiguities ahd errors that existed in the former edition. 3. The major changes in this revision are: a. Inclusion in the instructions of a complete coverage of the mechanics of preparing and submitting intelligence reports. (1) Revised and corrected instructions covering the preparation and submission of the Monthly MID-ONI Aviation Intelligence Report. (This rescinds Circular Letter 79-45, dated 13 October 1945) b. Expansion of the alphabetical indeX to facilitate the cross referencing of subject matter and the location of pertinent material in the body of the BID.. (Do not depend on the alphabetical index for assigning a BID number. Chuck appropriate entry in the body of the BID to make sure the numbers coincide.) c. :Revision of the military section to make it adaptable to any army in the world. d. Enlargement of the scientific section to cover all matter of primary interest to the Scientific Branch. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For ReleaGaNHEDSNDT*At46R000100070001-9 MID 313.2 e. Inclusion in the annexes of a sample-of each form em- ployed in the Intelligence Division for reporting of statistics, etc. 4. This revision incorporates suggestions for improVements that have been submitted by field intelligence agencies and the Intelli- gence Division. It is anticipated that as world conditions continue to change other revisions will be forthcoming. Suggestions for improvement or for correction of errors are invited from all users, and should be addressed to the Director of Intelligence, WDGS, Washington 25, D. C. FOR THE DIRECTOR OF INTELLIGENCE: CC)/ .6 . V. ALLAN Colonel, GSC Chief, Collection Group 2 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release (151,0P4F.10-ENTCIAL0001000700 WAR DEPARTMENT War Department General Staff Intelligence Division Washington 25, D.C. MID 313.2 23 July 1946 MEMORANDUM TO ALL USERS OF BASIC INTELLIGENCE DIRECTIVE: SUBJECT: Revised Edition of the Basic Intelligence Directive 1. Furnished herewith is the revised edition of the Basic Intelli- gence Directive. Upon receipt of this edition all copies of earlier editions will be destroyed as provided in AR 380-5. 2. The transition.from war to peace has necessitated changes in Mar Department Intelligence requirements. During the war the emphasis was placed, necessarily, on obtaining military information concerning our enemies. Intelligence needs have now become all inclusive, cover- ing every nation. in the world with equal emphasis on military, politi- cal, economic, sociological, Mho's Who, and scientific intelligence. The Basic Intelligence Directive Gets forth the basic categories of information desired by the War Department on all foreign nations. It has been revised to meet peacetime intelligence needs on a projected basis and to correct ambiguities and errors that existed in the former edition. 3. The major changes in this revision are: a. Inclusion in the instructions of a complete coverage of the mechanics of preparing and submitting intelligence reports. (1) Revised and corrected instructions covering the preparation and submission. of the Monthly MID-ONI Aviation Intelligence Report. (This rescinds Circular Letter 79-45, dated 13 October 1945) b. Expansion of the alphabetical index to facilitate the cross referencing of subject matter and the location of pertinent material in the body of the BID. (Do not depend on the alphabetical Index for assigning a BID number. Check appropriate entry in the body of the BID to make sure the numbers coincide.) c. Revision of the military to any army in the world. section to make it adaptable d. Enlargement of the scientific section to cover all matter of primary interest to the Scientific Branch. Approved For Release 2001 00070001-9 Approved For R Giarl4F/IDENTML02646R000100070001-9 MID 313.2 e. Inclusion in the annexes of a sample-of each form em- ployed in the Intelligence Division for reporting of statistics, etc. 4. This revision incorporates suggestions for improvements that have been submitted by field intelligence agencies and the Intelli- gence Division. It is anticipated that as world conditions continue to change other revisions will be forthcoming. Suggestions for improvement or for correction of errors are invited from all users, and should be addressed to the Director of Intelligence, BDGS, Washington 25, D. C. FOR THE DIRECTOR OF INTELLIGENCE: ? C. V. ALLAN Colonel, GSC Chief, Collection Group 2 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/iFealk1iP78-02646R000100070001-9 Abattoirs Abandonments, surrenders Abrasive Minerals Absences, Leaves of, Army Absentee Land Ownership Absorbents, gas and chemical Academies Academies, Civil Academies, Military Academies, Naval Accessories, Barrage Balloon Equipment Accident Insurance Accords, Foreign Relations Acetic Acid Acetone Acetylene, Gas Fuel Substitute Acids Acquisition and Disposal, Property in Peace and War Acquisition, Supplies and Property, Military Acrylics Active Army, Personnel Administration Activities of Foreigners (not subversive) Activities of Military Agencies Actual Enforecement of discipline, Personnel- Air Actual Intake of Personnel, Manpower Adamsite Addiction, Drug Diseases Adjutant General's Corps, Organization of Adjutant General's Depart- ment, Administration of Adjutant General's Depart- ment or Corps (Who's Who) Administration? Areas and Reservations Administration of Armed Forces Administration of Army , Administration of Branches of Service Administration, Building and Grounds Administration, Censorship in War Administration, Civilian Personnel in Armed Forces Administration, Departmental Administration, Fiscal and Property ALPHABETICAL INDEX 4304. Administration of Frontier 3165.0400 Commands 0206.0300 4206.0400 Administration of General 0209.0205 Staff Corps 0205.0100 4301.0400 Administration, Grounds 0215.0400 4408.0301 Thru and 0215.0407 8520.0200 Administration of Military 5704. Agencies 0202. 5704.5702 Administration of Military 0904.0100 Organizations 0203. 0904.0700 Administration of Military Systems 0201. 0504.0104 Administration, Personnel, 0209.0400 5806.0300 3165.0700 Active Army Thru 0209.0410 408.0100 Administration, Personnel 4408.ol0o Air 2700.0400 Administration, Personnel, 4203.0425 Militia 0211. 44o8.oloo Administration, Personnel, National Guard 0211. 1103.0300 Administration, Personnel, Organized Reserves 0210. 1103.0300 Administration, Personnel, 4417.0100 Quasi-Military Organiza- 0209.0400 tion 0212. Thru Administration, Personnel, 0209.0410 Women's Army Corps 0213. Administration of Special 3163.0400 Zones 0206.0300 Administration of Supply 0202. Division 0204.0204 Administration, Tactical Unite 0208. 2700.0306 Administration of Territorial Organization 0206. 0302.0500 Adminiotration, Unite 0208. 4408.0300 Administration of the War 0204. Department 5301.0700 Administration of War Department 0205.2500 General Staff 0204.0200 Administration of War 0205.2500 Ministry 0204. Administrative Function, 7102.2500 Tactical Units System of 0208. Administrative Headquarters, 0206.0300 Commanders of (ordnance depots, etc.) (Who's Who) 7103.0708 0201. Administrative Headquarters 0203.0100 of Territorial Organiza- tions 0206.0500 0205. Administrative Orders, 0215.0400 Administrative System 0216.0500 Thru Administrative Structure of 0215.0407 Military Districts 0206.0100 Adult Education 5705.0100 1000.1701 Adultery, Regulations of Sexual Relations 5105.0100 0214. Adventurers 7523. 0204. Advertisements 5503. 0215. Advisers, Foreign, Execu- Thru tive Branch 3121.1100 0215.0505 Advisory Councils, Execu- tive Branch 3121.0800 Approved For Release 2001/08/28069DVDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha. 1 Approved For Release 2001/9842Alipa-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Advisory Councils, Members Executive Branch Aerial Attacks Aerial Cameras, Manufacture Aerial Photographs, Topo- graphic Aerial Photography, Military Intelligence Aerial Photography and Sur- vey, Military Aerial Surveys, Civil Aerial Surveys, Informa- tion Re Aeronautical Radios Aeronautical Schools, Com- mercial Aeronautics, Financial Aids To African Trypanosomiasis Age and Sex Statistics of Population Aged, Institutions for Agencies, Air, Internation- al or Allied Agencies, Air, Research and Development Agencies for Censorship Agencies, Controlling, Administration of ' Agencies, Controlling, Civil Air Agencies, Controlling Organ- ization Agencies, Coordinating, Administration of Agencies, Coordinating, Organization of Agencies, Election Disputes Agencies for Institutional Care Agencies, National Defense Agencies, Non Accredited, from Foreign Countries Agencies, Non Accredited, in Foreign Countries , Agencies, Public Health Agencies, Public Welfare Agencies for Relief Pro- grams (Public or Private) Agencies; Scientific Re- search Agencies, for Social In- surance and Pensions Agencies, Special, from Foreign Countries Agencies, Special, in Foreign Countries Agents abroad or intended for use abroad (Military Personnel only) (Who's Who) Agents, Biological Warfare Agents, Labor Agents, Military, Abroad, Accredited Alpha. 2 3121.1000 2802.0500 4418. 6102.0300 1000.1300 2105.0400 2902.0500 6102.0100 2302.0603 2902.1000 2903.0500 5301.0300 5201.0200 5803. 2101.0300 2302.0800 5504 0202:0500 2901.0200 0202.0500 0202. 0500 0202.0500 3136.0300 580. 0202. 3164.0600 3163.0600 5302.0400 5801. 5804. 5706. 5806. 3164.0500 Thru 3164.0503 3163.0500 Thru 3163.0503 7104.0500 8510.0100 5407. 1000.0700 Agents, Military In Country, Accredited Agitators Agreements, Air Agreements and Conferences, international Financial Agreements and Controls, War Trade Agreements and Conventions Affecting Commerce Agreements, Cultural Agreements, International, Economic Agreements, International, Fishing Agreements, Oral Agreements and. Treaties, Foreign Relations Agricultural Areas, Critical Agricultural Development Agricultural products, Industrial uses Agricultural Products, Salient Shortages and Surpluses Agriculture, Animal Husbandry Agriculture, Dairying and Cattle Agriculture, Fishing and Fish Products Agriculture, Food Crops Agriculture Food Processing ' (Plant and Animal Products) Agriculture, Forest Resources -Agriculture, Governmental Policy Agriculture, Non-food Animal Products Agriculture, Non-food Plant Products Agriculture, Relation to other Industries Agriculture, Restoration of Agriculturists Aid to injured Aides, detail of Officers Aids to aerial navigation Aids to Navigation Aids to water navigation Aid, troops to give aid and relief in time of disaster 1000.0800 and 1000.1000 7233. 2901.0600 4912. 4108.0300 4701.0300 3165.0502 and 3165.0702 4112. 4307.0100 3165.0700 3165.0502 6202.0201 4301. 4301.0700 4101.0400 4303. 4303. 4367. 4302. 4304. 4308. 3141.0203 4306. 4305. 4301.0100 4104.0600 4301.0800 5303: and 2107.1500 0209.0403 2302.0606 and 2401.0101 and 8320. 4604.0106 and 8320. 4604.0303 5804. and 0107. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDKNTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/ira1iki5P78-02646R000100070001-9 Aiming Circles Air Activity, Effect on Civilian Population Air Administration Air to Air Missiles Air, Aircraft Weapons and Equipment Air, Allied Agencies Air, Allowances and Pay Air Attacks Air Bases Air Bombing and Gunnery Air, Air Budget Air Camouflage Air Casualties Air Cernonies Air, Civil Air, Civil, Commercial Air, Civil, Governmental Air, Civil, Private Air, Civil, Statistics Air, Communication Service Air Competitions Air, Conventional Signs and Symbols Air Corps. Commanders of (Who's Who) (or Equivalent) Air, Decbrations, Award, Citations Air Defense Civil Population Air Defense System Air Dembbilization, Personnel Air Demonstrations Air Department or Ministry, Organization of Air Depots . Air, Discipline and Military Law Air Divisions, Commanders of (Who's Who)(or equivalent) Air, Equipment Air Establishment, Structure and Composition Air, Evacuation System, Operations Air Fields, Connection with Ports Air Finance Air Force Education, Personnel - Air Air Force, Regular Administration of Air Force, Regular Organization of Air Forces Air Forces, Commanders of (Who's Who)(or equivalent) Air Forces, Strength Air Force Tactical Doctrines Air Forces, Top Control of Air, Fuel and Oil Air, Ground Camouflage 0502.0100 5502. 2100. 0407.0400 2301. 2101.0300 2700.0500 2802.0500 2401.0100 2401.0300 0215.0101 2403. 2204.0100 2503.0600 2900. 2902. 2901. 2903. 2904. 2105.0300 2903.0300 2402. 7103.0602 2407. 2107. 2106. 2207. 2503.060L 2103. 2401.0200 2700.0300 and 2700.0301 7103.0603 2300. 2202. 2605. 4604.0353 2700.0500 2700.0206 0203.0300 0203.0300 0203.0300 7103.0601 0304.0300 2501.0200 0201. 2603.0200 Thru 2603.0400 2403.0200 Air, Ground Marking Air, Ground Operation Tactics Air Ground, Radio Communications Air, History and Traditions Air, Insignia Air Installations Air, Law Enforcement and. Punishment Air Laws, Civil Air Laws, Military Air, Lessons and Trends, Strategic Employment Air, Lessons and Trends, Tactical Employment Air Logistics, (Supply and Evacuation) Air Mail Service Air Maneuvers Air Manpower Air Markings Air, Military, Who's Who Air, Ministry Air, Ministry, Organization of Air Ministry Positions (Who's Who) Air Missions Abroad Air Missions in Country Air Mobilization Air, Morale and Welfare Activities Air, National Defense Policy Air, Navigation Charts Air, Navy, Strength Air Operations Air Operations, Actual Air Operations, Climate, Geography Air Operations, General Air Organization Air Organization, General Air Organization, Terri- torial, General (Home and Overseas) Air, Pay and Allowances, Civilians Air Pay and Emoluments, Military. Air, Personnel - See Personnel Air Photography and. Survey Service Air, Plane Strength Air Power, Geographic Con- ditions Affection Air Prisoners of War Air, Quarantine Regulations Air, BOAT' System Air Raid Alarm Air Raid Precautions Air Raid Shelters Air Raid Warning Devices 2402.0200 0813.0100 8310.0307 2201.0100 2405. 2401 2700.0307 2901.0400 2201.0400 2502.0200 2501.0300 2600. 2901.0700 2503.0600 2200. 2402. 7100. 2103. 2103. 7103.0400 2101.0200 2101.0100 2206. 2700.0200 2201.0300 2302.0606 0304.0400 2800. 2802. 6204.0706 2801. 2100. 2101. 2102. 2705. 2700.0500 2105.0400 2200. 6202.0104 2205. 5304.0100 2607.0500 2106.0300 2106. and 2107. 2107.1100 2106.0300 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 'Alpha. 3 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/0811t8Z1IIXRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Air Raids Air, Rations Air Regulations, Civil Air Regulations, Military Air Research and Develop- ment Agencies Air, Reserve Equipment Air Routes, EXtablished Air Routes, proposed Air, Salutes and Honors Air Schools, Commercial Air Schools, Military Air Schools, Pre-Military Air-Sea Rescue Service Air Services, General Air Services, Miscellaneous Air, Signal Communications System Air Space Air, Special Commands Air Standardization Air Stations Air, Statistics, Personnel and Plane Air Strategy Air, Structure and. Compos- ition of Military Aviation Establishment Air Supply Air, Supply Depots Air, Supply Service, Organization Air Supply System, Peace Air Supply System, War Air to Surface Missiles Air, Tactical Commands Air Tactical Commands (Who's Who) Air Tactics Air Traffic Control Air Training Air Training, Individual Air Training, Inspection and Visits Air Training, Maneuvers, Ceremonies Demonstrations Air Trairing, Organization- al and Unit Air Training, Pre-Military Air Training Schools Air Transport Companies Air Transport Service Air Transportation, Commercial Air Transportation Service troops and supplies Alpha. 2802.0100 Thru 2802.0600 2603.0100 2901.0400 2201.0400 2302.0800 2604. 2902.0201 2902.0202 0906.0100 2902.1000 2503.0401 Thru 2503.0422 2503.0501 Thru 2503.0515 2105.0700 2105.0100 2105.0800 2607. 2902.0400 and 2902.0500 2104.0500 Thru 2104.0505 2302.0800 2401.0200 2203. 2502. 2202. 2603. 2401.0200 2105.0200 2601. 2602. 0407.0300 2104. 7103.0600 2501. 2901.0400 2503. 2503.0100 2503.0700 2503.0600 2503.0300 2503.0500 2503.0400 2902.0300 2105.0500 2902.0300 2802.1100 Air Treaties Air Uniforms Air War Plans Air Warfare Rules, Adher- ence to Air Weapons Air, Who's Who Air, Women's Auxiliary Airborne Direction Finders Airborne Divisions, Order of -Battle Airborne Divisions, Organ- ization and Administra- tion of Airborne Equipment, Organ- izational Airborne Forces, Strength Airborne Infantry Airborne Radar Airborne, Radio Cannuni- cations Airborne Recoilless Guns Airborne Regiment, Organization Airborne Tactics Airborne Task Forces, Order of Battle Airborne Task Forces, Organization and Admin- istration Airborne Training Airborne Troops Airborne Troops, Landing Areas Airborne Troops, Radio Communications Airborne Troops, Special Commands Aircraft Aircraft, Allotment of Aircraft Ammunition Aircraft Armament Aircraft Camouflage Aircraft Carriers Aircraft, Characteris- tics and Performance of Aircraft combat equipment Aircraft design data Aircraft detectors Aircraft Engines, Character- istics and Performance of Aircraft Equipment, Trdividual Aircraft Equipment, Organ- izational Aircraft and. Equipment, Organizational General Aircraft and Equipment. Research and Development Aircraft Flight tests 3165.0700 2404. 0810.0500 2801.0100 2302.0300 7100. 2105.0600 8320.0301 0103.0308 0208.0308 0509. 0304.0300 2104.0505 8340. 8310.0306 0403.0300 0208.0618 2501. 0103.0206 0208.0206 0902.0300 0812.0103 2401.0400 8310.0305 2104.0500 2300. and 2904. 2104.0600 2302.0400 0409.0300 2403.0100 N-2302 2302.0100 2300. Thru 2302.0800 2302.0100 8360.0200 and 2106.0300 2302.0200 2302.0700 2302.0600 2302. 2302.0800 2302.0800 and 2902.0900 4 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Aircraft Insignia Aircraft Instruments Aircraft, Jet Propelled Aircraft, losses of Aircraft, maintenance and. repairs Aicraft Marking and Painting Aircraft models Aircraft Mooring Aircraft Parking Aircraft Parts and Accessories Aircraft, Performance and Characteristics Aircraft Procurement Aircraft Production Aircraft Propellors Aircraft Pyrotechnics Aircraft Reclamation Aircraft Repairs Aircraft, Rocket Propelled Aircraft Salvage Aircraft, Statistics Aircraft Storage in Peace Aircraft Storage in War Aircraft Supplies Aircraft Tires and. Tubes Aircraft Toole Aircraft Transportation, Military Aircraft Warning Stations Aircraft Warning System Aircraft Weapons Aircraft, Weapons and Equipment, General Airfield Sites and Emer- gency Landings, Vegeta- tion Factors Airfields Airplane Accidents Airplane Detectors Airplane Losses Airport, Construction Design, Layout and Mater- ial Airports Airports, Road Connections Airports, Seaport Connec- tions Airships and. Balloons Airway Communication System (Army ) Airways (Air routes) Alarm Signals, Chemical Alcohol, Manufacture of 2402.0100 2302.0605 and. 2607. 2302.0112 2204.0200 2302. and 2902.0300 2402.0100 2302.0100 2401.0100 2601.0200 2302. 2302.0100 2601.0100 4404. 2302.0608 2302.0500 2302. and. 2105.0200 2302. 2302.0113 2302. and 2105.0200 2203.0200 2601.0200 2602.0200 2302. Thru 2302.1)800 2302.0611 2302.0611 2802.1100 2106.0300 2107.0900 2302.0300 2301. 6203.0520 2401.0100 2204.0200 8360.0200 and. 2106.0300 2204.0200 0504.0400 2401.0100 4603.0301 4604.0353 2302.0118 2607. 2902.0200 0509. 4408.0100 Alcohol, Production as Fuel Substitute ? Alcoholism Alerts, Air Defense Aliens, Conscription Aliens, Political and Civil Rights Alignments, New, Political, Post-war Plans Allergies Alliances, Foreign Relations Allied Air Agencies Allied Military Government Allotment of Funds Allotment of grades and. ratings, enlisted men (see grades and ratings) Allotments, Family, Popula- tion Policies Allotments of Pay Allowances, Ammunition, Tables of Allowances, Civilian Em- ployees, Air Allowances, Civilian Em- ployees, Military Allowances, Military Per- sonnel Allowances, Personnel - Air Allowances, Rations per man Alloys, Ferro Alloys, Non-ferrous Alloy Steels Alloying Metals, Steel Almanacs Alpine or Mountain Division, Organization Alpine or Mountain Division, Tactics Alpine or Mountain Forces, Strength Alpine or Mountain Forces, Training Alpine or Mountain Regiment, . Organization Alterations and Repairing Vessels Altimeters, Aircraft Instruments Altitude, High, Barrage Balloon Equipment Altitude, Low, Barrage Balloon Equipment Altitude, Very Low, Barrage Balloon Equipment Alum Aluminum Amateur Radio Approved For Release 2001/08/26SginglE78-02646R000100070001-9 4203.0418 5301.0700 2107.0900 and 2106.0300 and 2106.0400 0302.0200 3132. 3161.0601 5301.0700 3165.0700 2101.0300 3200.3280 0215.0100 5204. 0215.0300 1105.0200 2705. 0215.0302 0215.0302 2700.0502 1105.0400 4205.0225 Thru 4205.0228 4205.0900 4205.0237 Thru 4205.0240 4205.0400 5505.0100 0208.0307 0812.0144 0304.0104 0902.0300 0208.0618 4604.0363 2302.0605 0504.0101 0504.0102 0504.0103 4408.0100 4205.0300 4805.0107 Alpha. 5 Approved For Release 200110S1NDMIWRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Ambassadors, Foreign Ambulance Equipment Ambulances Ambulance Service 3163.0100 and. 7231. 0507. 0501. 0208.0611 Anti-Aircraft Defenses Anti-Aircraft Defenses, Structural Data Anti-Aircraft Defense System 0703.0400 0704.0400 2106.0100 Thru Amebic Dysentery 5301.0200 2106.1100 Amebic Dysentery Carriers 5304.0203 Anti-Aircraft hplacements American Red Cross 5800. (75 um or greater) 0703.0402 Ammeters 8330.1501 Anti -Aircraft hplacements, Ammonium Nitrate 4408.01co Structural Data 0704.0402 Ammonium Pictrate 4408.0100 Anti-Aircraft fighter Corn- Ammonium Sulphate, Manufac- ture 4408.0100 Anti-Aircraft Fire Control 2104. Ammunition 0400. Equipment 0502.1100 Thru Anti-Aircraft Guns, Self- 0404.0400 Propelled 0404.0400 Ammunition, Air 3202.0400 Anti-Aircraft Obstacles 0703.0533 Amnmnition, Maintenance Anti-Aircraft Obstacles Requirements 1105.0200 Structural Data 0704.0533 Ammunition, Manufacture 4409.0600 Anti-Aircraft, Regimental Ammunition, Reserves of 1103.0600 Strength 0208.0605 and Anti-Aircraft Tactics 0811.0400 1104.0400 Anti-Aircraft Training 0902.0300 Ammunition Supply 1101. Anti-Aircraft Units, Order Amnesty 3133.0600 ,of Battle 0103.0605 Amnesty, Clemency, Pardons, Personnel-Air 2700.0307 Anti-Aircraft Units, Organ- ization and Administration 0208.0605 Amnesty, Military 0209.0307 Anti-Airlanding Obstacles 0703.0530 Amnesty, Military Personnel 0209.0307 Anti-Airlnnaing Obstacles Amphibian Aircraft 2302.0118 Structural Data 0704.0530 Amphibian Commands Organ- ization and Administra- Anti-Boat Mines Anti-Boat Mines, Underwater 0703.0551 tion 0208.0201 Obstacles, Structural Amphibian Commands, Order Data 0704.0551 of Battle 0103.0201 Anti-Detector (Jamming) 8350.0110 Amphibious Equipment 0504.0901 Anti-Freeze and. Cooling Amphibious Tactics 0812.0137 Mixtures 2302.0611 Amphibious Tanks 0405.0400 Anti-Gas Equipment 0505.0100 Amphibious Training 0902.0300 Anti-Glider Obstacles 0703.0531 Amphibious Vehicles 0501.0500 Anti-Glider Obstacles, Amplifiers 8330.0100 Structural Data 0704.0531 Anarchy 3110. Anti-Icer Pumps, Aircraft 2302.0600 Anchorages, Ports Harbors 4604.0304 Anti-Jamming 8350.0220 Anchorages, Seaplane Anti-Mechanized Defense 0812.0124 Installations 2401.0100 Antimony 4205.0600 Anemometers 2302.0605 Anti-Parachutist Obstacles 0703.0532 Anesthetics 5303.0200 Anti-Parachutist Obstacles, Animal Husbandry 4303. Structural Data 0704.0532 Animal Life, Wealth of 4101.0100 Anti-Personnel Mines 0504.1002 Animal Products, Nan-Food 4306. Anti-Personnel Obstacles 0703.0502 Animal Rations, Mainten- ance Requirements 1105.0500 Anti,-Personnel Obstacles, Structural Data 0704.0520 Animals and Insects, Control Anti-Propaganda Measures 5503.0600 of 5304.0300 Anti-Semitism 5501.0500 Animals, Military Purposes 0205.1700 Antiseptics 5303.0200 Antenna, Radio 8330.0200 Antiseptics, Production 4410. Antennas 8330.0200 Anti-Tank Arm, Anti-Aircraft, Air Administration of 0205.0800 Operations 2802.0400 Anti-Tank Arm, Anti-Aircraft Arm, Adminis- tration of 0205.0700 Organization of Anti-Tank Mines 0205.0800 0504.1001 Anti-Aircraft Arm, Organi- zation of 0205.0700 Anti-Tank Obstacles Anti-Tank Obstacles, 0703.0510 Anti-Aircraft Arm (Whole Who) 7102.0700 Structural Data 0704.0510 Anti-Aircraft Artillery 0403.0600 Anti-Tank Regimental Anti-Aircraft Artillery, Organization 0208.0606 Air Special Commands 2104.0500 Anti-Tank Tactics 0812.0100 Alpha. 6 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/RPMITI16P78-02646R000100070001-9 Anti-Tank or Tank Destroyer Arm (Who's W1o) Anti-Tank or Tank Destroyer Units Order of Battle Anti-Tank Organiza- tion and Administration Anti-Tank Weapons (20 mm or mailer) Antitoxin Antitoxin Production APO's Apparatus, for Protection from Gases and Chemicals Apparatus, for using Gases and. Chemicals in Fighting Appeals, Board of Appointment, Executive Appointment, Judicial Appointment, Legislative Appointment, Military Personnel Apportionment, Electoral Laws Apprehension, Escaped Civil Convicts or Prisoners Apprentice Air Schools Apronn Landing Strips Aptitude Testa Aqueducts Arbitration and Mediation for Terminating War Arbitration, Permanent Court of Arbitration, Preserving Peace Archeological Sites Architects Archives, Military Archives, Military, Admin- istration Archives, National Archives of. the War Depart- ment Areas (Topography) Areas, Concentration in War Areas, Demobilization in War Areas, Metropolitan Areas, Military Areas, Mobilization in War Areas, Rural Areas, Staging Areas, Training and Maneuvers Armament Armament, Aircraft Armed Forces, General Esti- mate of Effectiveness of Armed Forces High Command, Administration of Armed Forces, Role in National Life Armies, See Army Armies, Commanders of (Who's Who) Armies, Order of Battle Armies Tactical Units Organization and Adminis- tration Armistice,. Actual 7102.0800 0103.0606 0208.0606 0401.060o 5303.0200 4410. 0205.2700 8520.0200 8520.0200 3123.0102 3121.0201 3123.0101 3122.0101 0209.0402 3136.0100 5900. 2503.0416 2401.0100 0209.0104 14503.0200 3165.01400 3161.0401 3165.0400 5707. 7327. 0216.1100 0216.1100 5707. 02014.0600 6201.0100 0106. 0307.0101 5108.0500 0206. -0303.0101 5108.10700 0206.0300 0206.0400 01400. 0409.0300 0201. 0202.0100 0201. 7103.0503 0103.0103 0208.0103 3165.0703 Armistice, Negotiation Armistice Terms, Contents of Armor Plate, Manufacturing Armor Protective Armored Armies, Order of Battle Armored Armies, Organization and Administration Armored Cars Armored Corps, Order of Battle Armored Corps, Organization and Administration Armored Divisions, Order of Battle Armored Divisions, Organi- zation and Administra- tion Armored Force, Administra- tion and organization of Armored Forces, Tactics Armored Trains Armored Train Units, Organization Armored Vehicles Armored Vehicles, Amphib- ious Tanks Armored Vehicles, Ftalf- track Armored Vehicles, Heavy Tanks Ardored Vehicles, Light Tanks Armored Vehicles, Medium Tanks Armories Arms and Services Arms, Small Army, Active, Personnel Army Administration Army Airway Communications Systems Army Ambulance Service Army Communications. Organization Army Construction Army Courier Service Army Education, Welfare Activity Army Ebergenoy Relief Army Equipment Army Finance System Army Groups Commanders of (Who's Who) Army Groups, Order of Battle Army Groups, Tactical Units, -Organization and Adminis- tration Army Insurance 3165.0400 3165.0703 4205.0240 Thru 4205.0241 2302.0602 0103.0104 0208.0104 0405.0500 0103.0107 0208.0107 0103.0306 0208.0306 0205.0900 0811.0500 01409.0200 0208.0618 0405. 0405.0400 0501.0400 0405.0300 0405.0100 0405.0200 1103.0600 0205.0000 0401. 0209. Thru 0209.0410 0200. 2607. 0205.1400 0217. Thru 0217.0400 0215.0500 Thru 0215.0505 0217.0400 0209.0206. 5805. 0500. 0215.0200 7103.0502 0103.0102 0208.0102 0215.0305 Approved For Release 2001/08/208016gA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha. 7 Approved For Release 2001/cOM : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Army, Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence 1000. Artillery, Self-propelled Artillery, Self-propelled 0404. Army, Irregular: See under Anti-Aircraft Guns 0404.0400 Section II, Military ,Artillery, Self-propelled Army, Logistics 1100. Assault Guns 0404.0100 Army, Manpower 0300. Artillery, Self-propelled, Army Newspapers, Administra- tion of 0216.0400 Close Support Guns Artillery, Self-propelled 0404.0100 Army of Occupation 0207.0400 Field and Medium 0404.0200 Army, Order of Battle 0100. Artillery, Self-propelled Army Organization 0200. Tank Destroyers 0404.0300 Army Periodicals, Official, Artillery, Tactics 0811.0300 Administration of 0216.0300 Artillery Training 0902.0300 Army Personnel: See Personnel Artillery Units, Order of Army Post Exchange Service 0209.0203 ? Battle 0103.0604 Army Post Office 0205.2700 Artillery Units, Organization Army Postal Service, (Who's Who) 7102.2700 and Administration Artillery (Weapons) 0208.0604 0403. Army, Regular Administration Artillery. (Who's Who) 7102.0600 of 0203.0100 Artists 7425. Army, Regular Organization Arts, Literature 5708. of 0203.0100 Asbestos 4206.0100 Army Regulations 0216.0100 Asphalt 4603.0302 Army Schools 0904.0100 Assassination 5900. Thru Assault Division 0208.0316 0904.1200 Assault Forces, Tactics 0811. Army Service Journals 0908. Assault Forces, Training 0902.0100 Army, Strength 0304. Thru Army, Tactics and Strategy o800. 0902.0300 Army Telephone Directories 0217.0200 Assault Guns 0404.0100 Army Training 0900. Assault Regiment 0208.0618 Army Transports (Water) 4604.0412 Assembly Jigs (Mine Equipment) 0504.1200 Army, Uniforms, Insignia, etc. 0600. Assembly Plants: See Manufacturing Assessment of Damage from Army War Plans 0810.0300 Sabotage, Etc. 4404.0800 Army, Weapons 0400. Assets, Frozen 4907.0100 Arsenals 1103.0600 Assignment, Military Arsenic 4205.0600 Personnel 0209.0403 Arsenical Gases 8520.0101 Assignment and Transfer, Articles of War, Military Personnel-Air 2700.0403 Law, Discipline 0209.0301 Assistant Secretary of War 0204.0100 Artificial Obstacles 0703.0500 Associated Features, Artificial Obstacles, Vegetation 6203.0509 Structural Data 0704.0500 Associations 5106. Artillery (Manufacture) 4409.0200 Atabrine 5303.0200 Artillery, Administration of 0205.0600 Athletics, Air Personnel 2700.0202 Artillery, Aricraft (Cannon) 2302.0304 Athletics, Amateur 5807.0300 Artillery Ammunition, Aircraft 2302.0402 Athletics and Competitions, Personnel - Air 2700.0202 Artillery Ammunition Athletics, Military Reserves 1103.0600 Personnel 0209.0202 Artillery, Anti-Aircraft Athletics, Professional 5807.0200 Guns 0403.0600 Atlases 6101.0201 Artillery, Anti-Tank Guns 0403.0500 Atrocities 3134. Artillery, Directors 0502.0500 Attaches Abroad 1000.0500 Artillery Divisions 0208.0303 Attaches in Country 1000.0800 Artillery Divisions, Order Attack Bomber, Air 2302.0104 of Battle 0103.0303 Attacks by Enemy, Economic Artillery Divisions, Organ- ization and Administration 0208.0303 Effects Attacks, Urban, Economic 4110. Artillery, Fire Control Effects of 4110.0500 Equipment 0502. Attitudes, Post Defeat 5501.0600 Artillery Forces, Strength 0304.0101 Audio, Frequency 8330.0101 Artillery, Heavy 0403.0700 Authors 5505.0400 Artillery, Organization of 0205.0600 Autogiros 2302.0118 Artillery, Railway 0403.0700 Autogiros, Special Command 2104.0503 Artillery Reserves 1103.0600 Automatic Pilots (Aircraft Artillery, Seacoast 0403.0800 Instruments) 2302.0605 Alpha. 8 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001--9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/281WWI1RIDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Automatic Systems, Radio Barbed Wire, Underwater Communications 8310.0302 Obstacles 0703.0555 Automatic Weapon Emplace- Barbed Wire, Underwater ments (40 mm and less) 0703.0401 Obstacles, Structural Automatic Weaponlhplace- Data 0704.0555 ments, Structural Data 0704.0401 BargerTs Mixture, War Gases 4408.030o Automatic Weapons: See under Barges, Inland Waterways 4604.0207 Specific Weapon (Rifle, Eta) Barges, Porte and Harbors 4604.0325 Automobile Tools 4403. Barium 4205.0700 Automobile Transportation 4603. Barley 4302.0100 Automobiles, Manufadturing 4403. Barometers 2901.0800 Automobiles, Military 0501.0200 Barracks and Hutments, Pre- Automotive Engineers 7523. fabricated Construction Automotive Tools 4403. Materials 0504.0405 Automony, Regional 3142.0700 Barracks and. Quarters, Aviators 2503.0201 Administration of 0215.0404 Aviation: See Under Air Aviation Intelligence, Barracks and Quarters, Construction 0215.0502 Annual Report 2203.0400 Barrage Balloons 0409.040o Aviation Medicine 2700.0207 Barrage Balloons, Manu- Awards, Air 2407. facture 4421. Awards, Army 0605.0100 Barrage BAlloon Equipment 0504.0100 Award's, Political 3183. Barred or Restricted Areas Axes 0504. (Military) 0206.0100 Barrels, Small Arms 0401. Barter of Property 5105.0200 Bacteriological Bombs 0409. Baseball 0209.0202 Bacteriologists 7501. Base Hospitals 0215.0403 Bacteriology 85oo. Basic Air Schools 2503.0413 Badges; Award of 0605.0200 Basin, Catchment 5304.0501 Baggage ears 4602.0411 Basins, Waterways 6203.0310 Bags, Sand 0509. Basketball 0209.0202 Bags Feed, for Horses 0509. Baskets, Airships and Baking and Cooking Balloon 0504.0100 Equipment 0508. Battalions, Commanders of Bailiffs 7425. (who's Who) 7103.0509 BalFirtidial Dysentery 5301.0200 Batteries, Radio 8330.0300 Ball Bearings, Manufacture 4406.0300 Battle, Behavior in 5105. Ballistics 041o. Battlefields, and Parks 0215.0401 Balloon Barrage, Air Battle Groups, Order Operations 2802.0111 of Battle 0103.0208 Balloon, Barrage Equipment 0504.010o Battle Groups, Organization Balloon Barrage Defense and Administration 0208.0208 Systems 2106.1000 Battle Order 0102. Thru Battles and Battle Reports 0102. 2106.1100 Bauxite 4205.0302 Balloons, Barrage 0409.0400 Bayonets 0401.0700 Balloons, Manufacture 4421. Beaches 6203.0606 Bamboo 4305.0500 Beaches, Landing 6203.0606 Band Equipment 0509. Thru Band and Fencing Corps 0205.2800 6203.0612 -Bandages 0507. Beaches, Landing, Photo- Bandoleers 0502. graphs 6102.0203 Army (Musical) 0205.2800 Beacon, Airfield 2401.0101 Bankers 4913. Beacons, Radio - 8320.0304 Banking, 'Ranking System 4908. Beam Systems 8320.0303 Thru Bearings 0501. 4908.0300 Bedding Equipment, Military 0509. Barbed Wire, Fixed, Anti- Beds, Hospital 5303.0100 Personnel Obstacles 0703.0522 Beef; Production and Distri- Barbed Wire, Fixed, Anti- bution 4303.0500 Personnel Obstacles, Beer, Fermantation 4304.0800 Structural Data 0704.0522 Behavior Criminal and Mob 5900. Barbed Wire, Anti-Personnel Beliefs and. Morals 5105. Obstacles 0703.0523 Belligerency, Policy 3161.0206 Barbed Wire, Portable, Anti- Bellows 0504.1200 Personnel Obstacles, Belt Conveyors 0504.120o Structural Data 0704.0523 Belting 0504.1200 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 COPEIDENTIAL Alpha. 9 Approved For Release 2001/03128zZ11-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Belts Belts, Clothing Belts, Knives and Clubs Beneficiary Benefit Societies Benzine, Manufacture Benzoate of Soda Benzol Bergius Process, Synthetic Oil Berths, Ports and Harbors Beryllium Beverages, Bottled Bibliographies, Geographic Source Materials Bicycles, Manufacturing Bicycles, Parts and Accessories Bids, Supplies and Equipment Bigamy Billeting Billeting of Property, Peace and War Bill of Rights Billiards BinoculPrs, Manufacture Biographies Biological Warfare Biologicals, Medical Supplies, Drugs Biologicals, Preparation of Biology Birth Control, Government Position Birth Rate Birth Rate, Measures to Increase Birth Statistics (see vital Statistics) Bishops Bismuth Bivouacs, Tactics Black List, Definition of Black Lists, Economic Warfare Black Lists, Effect on Local Industrial Enter- prises Blackmail Black Markets Blackout, Air Defense Civil Population Blast Meters Blasting Machines Blind, Institutions for Block System, Railways Blockade Controls ' Blockades Blockage by Snow, Railways Blockhouses, Land. Blockhouses, Structural Data Blocs and Pressure Groups Recognized 0501. and 0504.1200 0601.0100 0401.0700 0215.0305 5106. 4408.0100 4410.0300 4203.0418 4203.0409 4604.0313 Thru 4604.0316 4205.0700 5304.0403 6103. 4403. 0501.0100 1103.0300 5605. 5603.0300 5603.0300 3130. 0209.0202 4419. 7100. 8510. 5303.0200 5303.0500 5305. 5204. 5203.0100 5204. 5203.0100 5104. 4205.0600 0817. 4108.0306 4107.0203 4108.0305 5903. 4105.050o 2107.1300 0504.0509 0504.0509 5803. 4602.0321 4107.0202 0703.0200 4602.0210 0703.0203 0704.0203 3144.03040 Blocs and Pressure Groups Unrecognized - Blood EXaminations Blood Typing, Army Blueprints Blind Bombing, Radar Blind Bombing, Radar Boathouses Boats Boats and Accessories, Marine Equipment Boilers, Equipment Boilers, Heating Boilers, Machinery Boilers, Manufacture Bolos Bomb Bomb Racks Boo Sights Bomb Sights, Manufacture Bombardiers Bombardment, Air Operations Bombardment, Air Training Bombed Out Families Bomber, Tactical Doctrines Bombers, 3144.0400 5303.0500 0209.0207 6101.0100 8340.0260 Equipment 8340.0360 4604.0313 4604.0207 0504.0901 4501. 4501. 4501. of 4406.0100 0401.0700 2302.0403 2302.0601 2302.0308 4420. 2503.0202 2802.0111 2503.0304 5805. 2501.0201 2302.0103 Thru 2302.0107 Bombing Damage; See Cate- gories under Sabotage Bombing and Gunnery Ranges Bombing, Results Individual Air Operations Bombing, Vulnerability to: See Vulnerability Bombproof Shelters Bombproof ing Bomb, Air Bombs, Manufacture of Bombs, Signal Bonds, Domestic Debt Bonuses, Military Personnel Booby Traps and Mines, Equipment Booby Traps, Fortifications Booby Traps, Manufacture Booby Traps, Structural Date Books, Geographic Source Materials Books, Military Publicaions, Administrative System Books, Military Unofficial, Administrative System Books and Pamphlets, Types Booms, Marine Obstacle Booms, Marine Obstacle, Structural Data Boosters, Ammunition Bootlegging Boots Booty-in Campaign Border Patrols Bore Sights, Gun Carriages 2401.0300 2802.0600 2107.1100 0815.0300 2302.0403 4409.0400 2302.0500 4905.0200 0215.0304 0504.1004 0703.0519 and 0703.0524 4409.0400 0704.0529 6103. 0216. 0216.0900 5505.0500 0703.0542 0704.0542 0404.0100 5903. 0601.0100 0106. 5901. 0403.0000 Alpha. 10 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/2V.Failit5P78-02646R000100070001-9 Bottlenecks, Routes to Critical Areas Bottom Materials, Water Approaches to Beach Boulders, Rock Types Available Boundaries Boundary Disputes, Foreign Relations Boundary Lights, Airfield Bounties, EXport Bowling Boycotts, Foreign Policy Boxing Brakes, recoil and counter- recoil, traversing (For carriages, guns, & tripods) Branches of Service, Admin- istration of Branches of Service, Organiza- tion of Brassards (Insignia) Brasses (Alloys) Bravery Brawls, Violence Bread Breakwaters, Ports and Harbors Breech Mechanisms, guns Breeding, Fly, In Sewage Disposal Bribery Brick Brick, Building Materials Brick Works Bridge Units, Engineer Organization Bridges and Bridging Equipment Bridges, Military Construc- tion Bridges, Railway Bridges, Roads and Highway Bridges, Tracks and Trails Bridging Equipment Brigades, Commanders of, (Whole Who) Brigades, Mixed, Order of Battle Brigades, Mixed, Organiza- tion and Administration Brigades, Organization Brigades, Strength Briquetting Broadcasting, Radio Broadcasts, Control of News Bronzed Buddhist Religion (Data and Statistics) Budget, Air Budget, Government 6202.0305 6203.0608 6203.0209 6202.0109 3165.0500 2401.0100 4301.0500 0209.0202 3161.0409 0209.0202 040. 0205. 0205. 0601.0200 4205.0900 Thru 4205.0903 0209.0107 5105.0300 4302.0100 4604.0302 0403.0000 5304.0603 5903. 4413. 4413. 4413.04o0 :Budget, National Defense Budget, Scientific Research Budgetary Matters, Fiscal and Property Administra- tion Budgets, Family Buffers, recoil and counterrecoil Bugles Building Contracts, Army Construction Building Materials Building Restriction Buildings, Administration Buildings, Army Construction Buildings and Grounds, Military Bulletins Geographic Source Material Bullets Buna (Synthetic Rubber) Bunkers, Fortification Buoys Bureaus, Foreign Government Burglar Alarm systems Burials, Military Bus and Truck Routes Buses Manufacturing Busin:313 ,Engine Business Relations, Mili- tary with Commercial 0208.0608 Buses Butter, Production 0504.0200 Butter Substitutes Buttons, Lapel Buzzer Equipment 1110.0300 4602.0332 4603.0325 4603.0406 0504.0200 7103.0506 0103.0400 0208.0400 0208.0500 0304.0104 4202.0100 4805.0101 5506.0100 4205.0900 5104.0600 0215.0101 4903. Thru 4903.0500 Cabinet Members, Current Views, Domestic Cabinet Members, Current Foreign Cabinet, Membership Cabinet, Organization and Functions Cable and Cable Systems Cable Censorship Cadet Air Schools Cadet Army Schools Cadium Caissons, Gun Calcium Chloride, Manufac- ture 4904. Thru 4904.0200 5706. 0215.0110 Thru 0215.1040 5603. 0403. 5807.0400 0215.0500 4413. Thru 4413.1100 4105.0300 0215.0400 Thru 0215.0407 0215.0500 0215.0400 6103. 0400. 4416.0202 0704. 0504.0203 3163.0500 5901. 0215.0406 4603.0301 4403. 0501. 1103. 4603.0510 4303.0400 4304.0700 0605. 0504.0604 and 8311.0400 3141.0503 3161.0703 3121.0600 3121.0400 Thru 3121.0402 4804.0100 Thru 4804.0209 5504. 2503.0411 0904.0600 4205.0600 0403. 4408.0100 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha. 11 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/M): CtRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Calcium Carbide, Manufao- tura Call Signs, Radio Camel Corp Camels Cameras, Manufacture Cameras, Organizational Equipment Camouflage, Air Camouflage, Aircraft Camouflage, Airfields Camouflage, Civil and In- dustrial Areas Camouflage Designations, Order of Battle Camouflage, Effect of Climate Camouflage Equipment Camouflage, Fortifications Camouflage, Individuals Camouflage, Tactical Thoploy- ment Camouflage Equipment, Manu- facture Camouflage Uniforms, Army RegulAr and Reserve Camouflage Uniforms, Civil Police Organizations Camouflage Uniforms, Civil- ian Organizations Camouflage Uniforms, Militia Camouflage Uniforms, Semi- Military and other Mili- tary Organizations Camouflage Units, Engineers Camp Newspapers Campaign Booty Campaigns, Military Camps, Administration of Camps, Concentration, Military Camps, Concentration, Political Camps, Construction Camps, Prisoner of War Canals Candidates Elections Canes, Food Crops Canned Foods Cannelured.Bullets Canneries Canning, Fish Canning, Fruit, Vegetable, Meat Products Cannon Cannon, Air Operations Cannon, Aircraft Cannon Mounts, 'Aircraft Cannon Turrets, Aircraft Canteens and Post Exchanges, Morale and Welfare Activ- ities, Air Canteen andPost Etchanges, Morale and Welfare Activ- ities,,Military Cantonments, Administration of Cantonments, Construction of Canyons 4408.0100 4805.0203 0208.0110 4303. 4418. 0504.0803 2403. 2403.0100 2403.0200 2107.1000 0104.0200 6204.0702 0504.0300 0818.0300 0818.0100 0818.0100 4421. 0601.0107 0604.0107 0603.0107 0602.0107 0602.0107 0208.0608 5505.0100 1000.1200 0106. 0215.0405 0209.0305 3133.0300 0215.0503 0209.0305 4604.0200 3143.0100 4302.0100 4304.0600 0400. 4304.0600 4307.0500 14.04.0600 0403. 2802.0600 2302.0304 2302.0305 2302.0306 2700.0203 0209.0203 0215.0405 0215.0503 6203.0101 Capabilities, Intentions and Policies, Biological Warfare Capabilities, Intentions and Policies, Chemical Warfare 'Capes, Geographic Capital, Government Attitudes and Measures In Regard. to Capital, Invested Abroad .Capital Movements, Inter- national Capitalists Capitulation Caps, Ammunition Captured Documents and Material Caravan Routes Carbide, Manufacture Carburetors Carburetors, Aircraft- Cardboard, Manufacture Care of Animals Carpenters, Tools, Machine and Hand Carrier-Based Air Operations Carriers, Disease, Quaran- tine and Control Oar, Manufacture Cars, Military Equipment Gars, Armored Cars, Railroad, Manu- facturing Cartels, International Cartographic Equipment Cartography: See under Map, Maps Mapping Cartridge, Belts, boxes, clips, Holders-sma11 arms Carts and reels, cannon Casein, Manufacture Casements, Fortification, Location of Casements, Fortification, Structural Data Caskets (see Funerals) Castes (Social Structure) Castilla (Rubber) Manu- facture Casting: See under Specific Metal (Steel, etc.) Casualties, Air Casualties Casualties, Army Casulaties, Army Air Casualties, Navy Casualties, Navy Air Catalogues, Map Catalogues, Scientific Catapult, Air Operation's 8510.0200 8520.0400 6203.0600 4102.0300 4907.0100 Thru 4907.0600 4901.0400 4913. 3165.0400 0401. and 0504.0509 1000.1200 46o3.0400 4408.0100 0501. 2302. Thru 2302.0200 4412. 4303. 0504.1301 2802.0302 5304.0203 4403. 0501.0200 0405.0500 4402. 4401.0400 0504.0802 0401. 0403. 4417.03m 0703. 0202 0704.0202 0215.0406 5103. 4416.0100 2204.0100 0305. 0305.0100 0305.0300 0305.0200 0305.0400 6101.0203 8y10.4000 2602.0302 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha. 12 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/24PWATROP78-02646R000100070001-9 Catchment Basin Caterpillar Tractors and Trailers Cathode Ray Tube 'Catholic Church, Ronan (Data and Statistics) Captured Documents, Scientific Cattle Cavalry, Administration of Cavalry Corps, Order of Battle Cavalry, Organization of Cavalry, Strength Cavalry, Tactics and Strength Cavalry, Training Cavalry (who's Who) Cavalry Corps, Organization and Administration Cavalry Divisions, Order of Battle Cavalry Divisions, Organization. and Administration Cavalry Units, Order of Battle Cavalry Units, Organization and Administration Celebrations Celluloid, Manufacture. Cellulose (Wood Products) Manufacture Cellulose Plastics, Manufacture Cement, Manufacture Cement, Surface Material, (Topography) Cemeteries, Administration Censorship in Peace Censorship in War Census, Population Cereals, Food Crop Cereals, Milled Product Ceremonies, Air Ceremonies, Marriage Ceremonies, Religious Cesium Cesspools (Sewage Disposal) Chair Cars, Railroad, Manufacture Chancroid (Disease) Channels, Approach, Ports, and Harbors Chapels, Administration of Chapels, Construction Chaplains, Corps of Administration and Organ- ization of Character of Military Organizations Charcoal Charges Hollow, Demolitions and El-plosives Charges, Improvised, Demoli- tions and Explosives Charges, Powder Charitable Organizations chpirts, Air Navigation 5304.0501 0504.1301 8370.0240 5104.0100 8720.3000 4303. 0205.0400 Charts, Hydrographic Charts, Maps, Photographs, and Tables Charts, Organization of Tactical Units Chassis, Gun Carriages Cheese, Manufacture Chemical Industries Chemical Research Chemical Warfare 0103.0109 0205.0400 Chemical Warfare, Air 0304.0104 Operations Chemical Warfare, Policies 08,11.0200 and Intentions 0902.0300 Chemical Warfare, Equipment 7102.0400 Chemical Warfare, Equipment, Aerial Weapons 0208.0109 Chemical Warfare, Equipment, Anti-Gas 0103.0302 Chemical Warfare, Equipment, Gas Defense 0208.0302 Chemical Warfare, Equipment, Ground. Weapons 0103.0602 Chemical Warfare, Equipment, Reserves 0208.0602 Chemical Warfare, Equipment, 5807.0700 War Gases 4417.0200 Chemical Warfare, Equipment, War Gases 4412. Chemical Warfare, Gas De- fense Equipment 4417.0200 Chemical Warfare, Strategy 4413. Chemical Warfare, Tactics Chemical Warfare, Use of Poison Gas (incidents) Chemical Warfare Regiment, Organization Chemical Warfare Service, Administration of Chemical Warfare Service, Organization of Chemical Warfare Service, Tactics Chemical Warfare Service, Training Chemical Warfare Service, (who's Who) Chemical Warfare Units, Order of Battle Chemical Warfare Units, Organization and. Adminis- tration Chemicals, Manufacture Chemicals, Photographic Processing Chemicals and Compounds Fire Fighting Equipment 0203. Chemistry 4202.0202 6203:0211 0215.0406. 1000.1800 1000.1700 5201. 4302. 4304.0100 2503.0600 5105.0100 5104. 4205.0700 5304.0601 4402. 5301.0100 4604.0303 0215.0405 0215.0503 0205,2600 0504.0502 0504.0503 0401. 5802. 2302.0606 Chemists 6101.0101 6100. 0208. 0403. 4303.0400 4408. 8520.0108 8520. And 0505. 2802.0600 8520.0400 0505. 0505.0400 0505.0100 8520.0200 0505.0300 1104.0400 0505.0200 8520.0100 8520.0200 8520.0300 8520.0300 8520.0500 0208.0610 0205.1300 0205.1300 0811.0800 0902.0300 7102.1300 0103.0610 0208.0610 4408. 4418. MA:818; 5704. and 5706. 5706. 7503. 7504. and 7506. 13 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001RiffieTti1$-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Chests, Arms Chevrons Chicken Pox Chief of Economic Warfare Agency and Subordinates (Who's Who) Chief Executive, Currant Views Foreign Affairs Chief E;ecutive, Present ChiefEtecutive Previous Chief of Intelligence Div- ision of General Staff and Subordinates (Who's Who) Chief of Operations Division of General Staff and Subordinates (Who's Who) Chief of Personnel Division of General Staff and Sub- ordinates (Who's Who) Chief of Psychological War- fare Agency and Subordin- ates (Who's Who) Chief of Staff of Air Forces and personal Assistants (Who's Who) Chief of Staff or Army and Personal Assistants (Who's Who) Chief of Staff of Navy and Personal Assistants (Who's Who) Chief of Supply Division of General Staff and Subor- dinates (Who's Who) Chief of Supreme General Staff and Staff Assis- tants (Who's Who) Chief of Training Division of General Staff and Sub- ordinates Mots Who) Chief of Inspectors of Branches (Infantry, Artil- lery, etc) and. Subordinates (Who's Who) Chiefs of other Main Wer Department Subdivisions and their Personal and Staff Assistants (Who's 'aho) Chief of other Staff Divi- sions and Their Subordin- ates (Who's Who) - Chiefs of Service Depart- ments or Equivalent (Ord. Sig C, AGO, Etc) and their Subordinates (Whole Who) Chief of Staff, Joint Admin- istration of Chiefs of Staff, Joint Or- ganization of Children, Evacuation of Children, Laws Governing Employment Children, Policy to Increase Manpower Chiropody Chiropidists 0401. 0607. 5301.0400 7103.0308 3161.0701 3121.0300 3121.0301 7103.0302 7103.0305 7103.0301 7103.0309 7103.0108 7103.0104 7103.0106 7103.0304 7103.0102 7103.0303 7103.0310 7103.0307 7103.0306 7103.0312 0202.0400 0202.0400 5805. 54013.0300 5205.0300 5303. 5303.0300 Chiropractors Chlorination of Water Chlorine (Industrial) Manufacture Chlorine (War Gas) Manufacture Chloropicrin (War Gas) Manufacture Cholera Quarantine Reg- ulations Chrome Chrome Steel Chromium Church and Church Organization Church, Relation to School System Cigarettes Cigars Circuit Courts Circuits, Gun Carriages Circulars Circulation, Newspaper Citations, Air Citations, Army Cities, Aerial Photo- graphs of Cities, Air Interceptor Defense Cities, Military Aspects Cities, Roads and Streets Cities, Sociological Aspects Cities; Topographic Aspects (Including Transportation) Cities, Traffic Control Citizens (US in Service of Foreign Countries) Citizenship Civil Aviation Civil Disturbance, Military Control Civil Flying Schools, Pre- Military Training Civil Medals, Decorations, Awards Civil Pensions Civil Polibe Organizations, Insignia Civil Rights Civil Service Civil War Civil War Economic Effects Civilian Air Defense Civilian, Clothes and Uniforms Civilian Defense Organization, Insignia Civilian Defense Organiza- tions, Uniforms 5303.0300 5304.0503 4408.0100 4408.0300 4408.0300 5304.0100 4205.0238 4205.0400 4205.0239 5104. 5701. 4305.0100 4305.0100 3123.0102 0403. 5505.0100 5505.0100 2407. 0605.0200 6102.0301 2106.0700 0703.0100 4603.0301 5108.0500 6202.0318 4603.0317 3163.0500 and 1000.0700 5204. 2900. 0810.0600 2503.0510 3183. 5806.0400 0604. 3130. and 3133. 3121.1200 3135. 3144.0500 3144.0502 and 3144.0800 4109. 2107. 5603.0200 0603. 0603. Alpha. 14 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08128 ?W-fibP78-02646R000100070001-9 Civilian Employees, Air Clothing, Types, Prices, Military 2702.1000 Shortages, Restrictions 4105.0200 Civilian Employees, Armed Clouds, (Climate) 6204.0300 Forces 0214. Clubs, Flying 2903.0100 Civilian Internees 3165.0800 Clubs, Rifle, Sale of Civilian, Personnel - Air 2705. SuPP11,es to 0215.0103 Civilian, Population, War Clubs, Youth 5107. Morale of 5502. Coal 4202.0100 Claims, Court of 3123.0102 Thru Clandestine Stations, 4202.0109 Radio 4805.0108 Coal, Use for Electric Clandestinely Operated Power 4501.0102 Radio 5506. 0300 Coal Oil (Kerosene) 4203.0401 Classes, Social-Economic 5103.0300 and. Classification, Documents 1000.2007 4203.0505 Classification, Supplies 1102. and Classified Documents, 4203.0503 Security of 1000.2007 Coal Storage, Ports and Clays 4206.0300 Harbors 4604.0359 Clearing Arrangements, and. . (Foreign Trade) 4704.0502 4604.0337 Clemency, Military 0209.0307 Coaling and Taking Water, Clemency, Pardons, Amnesty, for Vessels 4604.0357 Personnel-Air 2700.0307 Coastal Commands, Order of Clergy 5104. Battle 0103.0204 Cliffs 6203.0102 Coastal Divisions, Order of Cliff, Coastal 6203.0601 Battle 0103.0313 Climatic Conditions (See Coast Artillery Regiment 0208.0313 Meteorological Data) 4506. and 4603.0324 2028.0604 and Coast Defense Sectors, 6204.0100 Administration of 0206.0300 thru Coast Guard, Strength 0304.0104 6204.0706 Coast Lines, Photography 6102.0202 Climate, Effect on Ground Coastal Commands Organi- Operations 6204.0700 zation and Administration 0208.0204 Climate, General 6204.0100 Coastal Division, Organization 0208.0313 Thru Coastal Divisions Organi- 6204.0600 zation and Administration 0208.0313 Climate Landing Beaches 6203.0612 Coastal Radio Stations 4805.0104 Climbing Equipment . 0504.1200 Coasts, (Military Aspects) 6203.0600 Clinics 5303.0100 Thru Clinometers 0504.0809 6203.0612 Clips, Cartridge 0401. Coasts, Topography 6201.0100 Clocks 0504.0609 Coats of Arms 3182. Closed Weapon Emplacements 0703.0302 Cobalt 4205.0400 Closed Weapon Emplacements, Cockpits, Aircraft 2302.0611 Field Fortifications, Cocoa 4203.0100 Structural Data 0704.0302 Code Number- Military Units 0104.0200 Cloth, Camouflage Equipment 0504.0302 Cod Liver Oil 4307.0800 Clothing, Air 2302.0703 Codes, Air Military 2607.0400 Clothing, Civilian 5603.0200 Codes, Cable 4804.0207 Clothing, for Bombed out Codes, Telegraph 4803.0314 Families 5805.0100 Codes of law 3122.0400 Clothhag,in Occupied Areas 4103.0100 and Clothhg; Manufacturing 4401. 3123.0103 Clothing, Protective, Re- search and Development 8520.0202 Coffee Coffins, Funeral Supplies 4302.0100 0215.0406 Clothing, Protective Uniforms, Coils 8330.0400 Army Regular and Reserve 0601.0108 Coinage System 4904.0200 Clothing, Protective Uniforms, Coke 4202.0100 Civil Police Organizations 0603. Cold, Common (Disease) 5301.0400 Clothing, Protective Uniforms, Cold Storage of Food 5304.0404 Civilian Organizations 0603. Collection, Military Clothing, Protective Uniforms., Intelligence 1000.1100 Militia 0603. Thru lothing, Rationing 4105.0500 1000.1400 lothing, Rubber. and Rubberized 4416.0502 Colleges 5704. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 COEFIDENTIAL Alpha. 15 Approved For Release 2001/08WPti**DP78-02646R000100070001-9 Collusion Colonial Affairs Colonial Government Colonial Policy Colonial Forces, Organization Colonial Forces, Role of Colonials, Mobilization of Colonies, Colonial Affairs Colonies, Organization and Functions Colored-White, Relationships Colors, Flags Colt Automatic Guns Columbium Combat Cars, Manufacturing Combat Equipment Combat Installations, Underground_ Combat Intelligence Combat Intelligence, Air, Operations Combat Orders Combat Zone Combat Zone, Air Defense System Combined Arms, Tactics Combined Commands, National Defense Combined Control, Air, Training Combined General Staff Schools Combined Operations, Allied Forces Combined Operations, with Air and Navy Combined_ Training Combines, International Command, Air Home Command, Air, Operations Command, Air, Overseas Command, Air, Tactical Command, Exercise of Tactical Command and General Staff School Command, High, in Peace Command, High in War Command Organization, Theater of Operations Command Post and. Staff E?ercises Commander in Chief of Air Force and Personal Assistants (Who's Who) Commander in Chief of Army and Personal Assistants (Who's Who) Commander in Chief of Army and Personal Assistants (Who's Who) Commander in Chief of Navy and Personal Assistants (Who's Who) Commanders of Administrative Headquarters (Ordnance Depots, etc) 5900. 3125. Thru 3125.0406 3125. 3125.0200 0208.0316 3125.0302 0303.0104 3125. 3125.0100 5501.0500 3182. 0401. 4205.0700 4403. 0500. 0703.0207 1000.1100 2802.0404 0814.0300 0207.0100 2106.0200 0813. 0202.0200 2503.0315 0904.1100 0106. 0106. 0903. 4401.0400 2102.0200 2801.0300 2120.0500 2104. 0814. 0904.1100 0106. 0201. 0207.0100 0903. 7103.0107 7103.0103 7103.0103 7103.0105 7103.0708 Commanders of Air Corps (or Equivalent) (Who's Who) Commanders of Air Divisions (or Equivalent) (Who's Who) Commanders of Air Forces (or Equivalent) (Who's Who) Commanders of Armies (Who's Who) Commanders of Army Groups (Who's Who) Commanders of Battalions (Who's Who) Commanders of Brigades (Who's Who) Commanders of Corps (Who's Who) Commanders of Divisions (Who's Who) Commanders of Fortresses (Who's Who) Commanders of other Ground Tactical Units (Who's Who) Commanders of Groups (Who's Who) Commanders, Indentification by Commanders of Independent Commands (Who's Who) Commanders of Military Gendarmerie or Local Defense Forces (Who's Who) Commanders of other Military Post and Stations (Who's Who) Commanders, Military, Powers In War Commanders of Military Schools, Memebers of their Instructions Staffs, and Officers Attending Courses (Who's Who) Commanders, Occupational Troops Commanders, Order of Battle Commanders of Occupied Territories (Who's Who) Commanders of Recruiting Areas (Who's Who) Commanders of Regiments (Who's Who) Commanders of Squadrons (Who's Who) Commanders of Territorial Subdivisions (Corps, Areas etc.) (Who's 'Who) Commanders of Theaters (Who's Who) Commanders, Theaters of Operations Commanders of Training Posts (Who's Who) Commanders, Units in Operations Commanders of Wings (Who's Who) Commands, Air, Tactical Commands, Air, Tactical (Who's Who) 7103.0602 7103.0603 7103.0601 7103.0503 7103.0502 7103.0509 7103.0506 7103.0504 7103.0505 7103.0703 7103.0510 7103.0605 0104.0300 7103.0507 7103.0704 7103.0709 0207.0600 7103.0706 0207.0400 0103. 7103.0702 7103.0705 7103.0508 7103.0606 7103.0701 7103.0501 7103.0501 7103.0707 0104.0300 7103.0604 2104. 7103.0600 Alpha. 16 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28makik5:1213P78-02646R000100070001-9 Commands, Ground Tactical (Who's Who) Commands, Independent, Organization Commands, National Defense Commands, Tactical Units, Organization and. Adminis- tration Commands, Territorial and. Administrative (WholsWho) Commendations (Organizational) Commendations (Personal) Commerce Commerce (Including Treaties) Commerce, Economic Penetra- tion Foreign Countries Commerce, Effects of Enemy Attacks Upon Commerce, Governmental Policy Commerce, Post-war Restoration Commercial Aviation Commercial Transport Planes Commissaries Commission, War Crimea Commissioned Officers Commissioned Officers, Air - See Personnel Commissions, Air Commissions, Military Courts and., Personnel-Air (Including'Courte Martial) Commissions, Purchasing from Foreign Countries Commissions, Purchasing, in Foreign Countries Committees, Ecenomic Re- lating to Trade and. Industry Communal Tend Ownership .Communal Property Communication Zone Communications, Air Defense System, Civil Population Communications, Air Defense System, Military Communications, Army, Organ- ization Communications, Internation- .al, Foreign Policy on Communications, Radio Communications, Scope of Censorship in War Communications, Signal Net- work, Army Communications Division, Organization Communications Equipment, Manufacture Communications Equipment, Organizational Communications Regiment Communications Service, Air Communications Service, Air (Logistical) Approved For Release 7103.0500 0208.0200 0202.0100 0208. 7103.0700 0605:010o 0605.oeoo 11.700. 11.704.0500 11.701.0800 4110.0300 3141.0205 11.1011.. 011.00 2902. 2302.0'17 0203.1000 3161.0407 0209. 2700. 2101.0300 Communications Service, Military Communications SerVice, Military (Logistical) Communications System, Commercial Communist, Movement Communist Parties and. Groupe Community and Regional Studies Companies: See under Spec- ific Field (Insurance, etc.) Companies Foreign Owned or Controlled. Compasses Compensation, War Damage Compensation, Workman's Competitions, Air Competitions, Military Personnel Competitions and. Athletics, Personnel-Air Composition, Air Composition of Military Agencies Compound Plugs (Mine 2700.0302 Equipment) Compressed Mr Plants 3164.0501 Compressors, Air Compressors, Equipment 3163.0501 Compromised Navigation Aids Compromised Radio Communi- aationn 4102.0600 Comptometers 4301.0400 Compulsory School Attendance 5105.0200 Computers, Navigation 0207.0100 Instruments Computing MacHines 2107.0900 Concealed Weapons Concealment of Ground 2106.0300 Operations (Vegetation) Thru Concealment of Ground 2106.1100 Operations (Relief Fea- tures) 0217. Concentration Areas in War Thru Concentration Camps, 0217,0400 Military Concentration CPmps, 3161.C)02- Military-Perecnnel-Air 8310. Concentration, Military Concentration Camps, 1000.1704 Political Concrete Anti-Tank Obstacles 0217.0100 Concrete, Structural Data Concrete Underwater 0205.1200 Obstacles Concrete Underwater Obsta- cles, Structural Data Condensers Condensers, Fixed Condensers, Variable 4407. 4407.0300 0208.0618 2105.0300 2607. 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDADITIAL 0217. 1105. 11.800. 5107. 3144.0100 Thru 3144.0200 5108. 4911.0300 4907.0200 0504.0809 5805. and. 5805.0100 5806.0300 2903.0300 0209.0202 2700.0202 2202. 0202. 0504.1009 4406.0101 4406.0101 0504.1201 8320.0500 8310.0500 0509. 5701. 8320.0300 0509. 0407. 6203.0517 6203.0101 0209.0305 2700.0305 0106. 3133.0300 0703.05111. 0704.0514 0703.0553 0704.0553 8330.0500 8330.0501 8330.0502 Alpha. 17 Approved For Release 2001Wygiira-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Conduct, War, With Relation to Conmnfill, Organizations and places Conduct Off Duty, Air Conduct of War With Relation to Persons and Commercial Firms Conductors, Radio Conduits, Gun Carriage Conferences, International Economic Conferences, International Financial Conferences International, Political' Confidential List, Defini- tion of Conscientious! Objectors Conscription) Aliens Conscription; Nationals Abroad Conscription System, Air Conscriptive Recruitment Conservation of Forest Resources Conservation of Natural Resources Conspiracy Constables Constitutuion, Civil Rights Defined by Constitutional Position of Military Agencies Constitutional Provisions of Military System Contraband of War Control, Military Construction, Army Construction, Military Construction, Military (Bridges) Construction, Military (Ports) Construction, Military (Railways) Construction, Military (Roads) Construction, Transportation Facilities (Amy) Construction and Capabil- ities, Methods of, Bridges and Bring Equipment Constuct ion, Equipment, Organizational Construction Materials (Geographic Aspects) Construction Materials, Manufacture rionstruction Methods and Port Operation, Marine Equipment ConsithRy Service, Abroad Consul Service, In Country Alpha. 18 0209.0300 2700.0300 4107. 8330.0600 0504.1200 4112. 4912. 3165.0400 4108.0306 0302.0200 0302.0200 0302.0200 2702.0402 0302. 4308.0500 4102,0100 3123.0405 5901. 3131. 0202. 0201. 1000.1200 0207.0600 0215,0500 Thru 0215.0505 0215.0500 1110.0300 1110.0400 1110.0100 1110 0' 1110. 0504.0205 0503.0200 6203.0212 and 6203.0519 4413. 0504.1105 3163.0200 3164.0200 Consultants Consulting Engineers Containers, Amtunition Containers, Arms Containers, Carriages Containers and Methods of Packing Parachute and Airborne Equipment Contamination, Protection of Reservoirs and Storage Tanks Contamination, by Sabotage Contamination, Soil and Water, by Sewage Disposal Contamination, Water, In Distribution Contracts, Building, Army Construction Contracts, Building, Army Construction Contracts, Supplies and Equipment Control, Air Traffic Control, Aircraft Accidents Control, Military, Occupied Territory Control, Rivers, Harbors, Waterways Control, Tactical, Organiza- tion and Administration Control, Towers, Aircraft Control Data, Ground, Maps Control Points, Maps tontrolling Agenaea, Military, Administration of Contro1ling Agencies, Military Organization of Controls, Economic, Concen- tration of Conventional Signs, Air Conventional Signs and Symbols, Armor Conventions and Agreements Affecting Commerce Conversations Military Staff, Bilateral and Multilateral Converters (Steel Plants) Convicts Convoy Plana and Practices, Merchant Marine Convoys, Troop CoOkbegEopipment Cooling Ranges Cooling Plants Cooling Systems and Equipment, Aircraft Cooperatives, Number and Character Coordinates, Map Coordinating or Controlling, Administration of Coordination, Censorship ?inWar Copper Copyrights Cork Products 7523. 7523. 0401. 0401. 0504.1200 2302.0611 5304.0502 5304. 5304.0603 5304.0504 0215.0500 0215.0500 1103.0300 2901.0600 2901.0400 0207.0400 4604.0305 0208. 2401.0101 6101.0205 6101.0205 0202.0500 0202.0500 4114. 2607. 0104. 4701.0300 3165.0401 4205.0255 5902. 4604.0416 1107..0200 1109.0300 and. 1109.0301 0508. 0508. 4504. 2302.0200 4106. 6101.0205 0202.0500 1000.1708 4205.0500 4107.0205 4305.0500 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/MASI7s2RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Corn Corporations Corps, Commanders of (Who's Who) Corps, Organization and Distribution 4302.0100 4401.0100 7103.0504 0103.0100 County Authorities Courier and Mail System, Civil Courter Service Army, Organiza- tion and Administration Couriers, Accredited Couriers and Telegraph and Mail 7209. 4812. 0217.0400 4812. Corps, Organization and Service 0217.0400 Distribution, Outbreak of Court Martial 0209.0302 War 0101.0203 Court of Arbitration, Permanent 3161.0401 Corps, Organization, Tactical 0208.0100 Court of International Justice 3161.0402 Corps, Tactical Units, Organi- zation, and Administration 0208. Courtesies, Exchange of Courts, Judicial Branch 0607.0200 3123.0102 Corps Areas 0206.0100 Courts Martial, Military Personnel 0209.0302 Corps Areas, Organization 0206.0100 Cover Name Military Units 0104.0200 Corps of Chaplains, 'Administration of 0205.2600 Covers, Ammunition Covers, Arms 0400. 01400. Corps of Chaplains, Organi- zation of 0205.2600 Covers, Gun Cowardice 014.00. 0209.0107 Corps of Chaplains, (Who's Who) 7102.2600 Cowling, Aircraft Cradles, Gun Carriage 2302.0611 0400. Corps of Engineers, Cranes, Ports and Harbors 4604.0324 Administration of 0205.1000 Cranes and Attachments, Motorized Corps of Engineers, and Heavy Construction Equipment 0504.1109 Organization of 0205.1000 Crank Cases, Engine 0501. Corps of Riagineers Crank Shaft, Engines 0501. (Who's Who) 7102.1000 Crash Trucks Air 2604. Corpses 5203.0200 Craters, Ditches and Trap, Field Correspondence Regulations 0216.0700 Fortifications 0703.0511 Correspondence Work, Training 0901.0200 Craters, Ditches and Traps, Correspondents, American Structural Data 0704.0511 Press, Foreign Service 5505.0600 Credit, Public 4905.0400 Correspondents, Domestic 5505.0300 and Correspondents, Foreign 5505.0400 4901.0200 Corundum 4206.0400 Credits; Export 4701.0100 Cost, Supplies and. Equipment 1103.0300 Credits, Trade Agreements 4704.0500 Cost of Living 4105. Cremation 5203.0200 Cost per Man, Air 2700.0501 Crimes, Criminal Activity and Cotton Textiles, Manufacturing 4415. Behavior 5900. Cotton, Volume of Production Crimes, War Commission 3161.0407 and Disposal 4305.0200 Criminal Statistics 5903. Councilmen 7209. Criminals 5902. Councils, Advisory, Executive Critical Areas, Geography 6202.0200 Branch 3121.0800 Critiques, Map 6101.0203 Councils, Advisory, Executive Crop Reports 4302.0200 Branch Members 3121.1000 Crop Sabotage' 8510.0100 Councils, National Defense 0202.0200 Crop Seeding and Duetings, Air 2902.0800 Counterfeiting 5900. Crops 4302. Counter-Amphibious Oper- Crops, Field 6203.0506 ations 0812.0149 Crops, Food 4302. Counter-Devices, Radio and. Radar 8350. Crops-, Food, Domeetic Consumption, Exp rt and Import 4302.0600 Counter-Espionage 1000.1600 Crops, Food, Factor's Affecting Counter-Fifth Column p]an 1000.1600 Production of 4302.0400 Counter-Intelligence 1000.1600 Crops, Food, Farming Methods 4302.0500 Counter-Intelligence Per- Crops, Food, Irrigation and Re- sonnel, Subversion of 1000.1900 clamation Projects 4302.0300 Counter-measures Guided Missiles 0407.0900 Crops, Food Production and Counter Propaganda 5503.0600 Distribution Figures 4302.0200 Counter Recoil Mechanisms 0504.0509 Crops, Land Under Cultivation 4302.0100 Counter Sabotage 3123.0405 Crops, Photographs 6102.0300 Counter Subversive (Use for Cross Country Flights 2902.0200 ? Foreign Agents) 3123.0405 Cross Country Movement, Effect of Counties 6202.0318 Soil Types 6203.0203 Countries, Geographic Re- Cross Country Movement, Effect of gions -within Sociological Weather 6203.0217 Study of 5108.0200 Thru Countries, Sociological 6203.0221 Study of 5108.0200 Crossings, Cable 4804.0202 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9Alpha. 19 CONFIDERTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08JirapP78-02646R000100070001-9 Crude Oil Production Crusading, Social Movements Cryolite, Production, etc. Cryolite, Sources Cryolite, Spythetic Production Statist! ca Cryptanalyet Cryptograph and Cipher Equipment Crystals, Radio Cultivational Practices Cultural, Agreements Cultural and Educational Agencies Abroad Cultural and Educational Agencies, Political in Country Cultural Movementa Cupronickel Currency, InAstion and Counter- Measures Currency, Laws and Methods of Control Currency, Monetary Systeme and Currency Currency, New and Special Issues Currency, Notes in Circulation Currency, Reserves Currents, Water Approaches to Beach Curriculum, Colleges and Univer- sities Curriculum, School Customs and Etiquette Customs, Food Customs., Government Income Customs, With Regard to Clothing Customs Patrol, Air Customs Requirements, Duties, Import Trade Curtaneous Leishmaniasis Cyanamide, Manufacture Cyclones Cylinder Heads, Engine Cylinders, Oxygen Equipment, Aircraft Cylinders, Recoil and Counter- recoil Daggers Dairy Equipment Dairy Production Dairy Products Control and Inspection Dairy Products, Domestic Consump- tion, Sufficiency, Exports and Imports Dairy Products, Imports and ex- porta Damage from sabotage, etc., assessment of Dame Dancing, Recreation Deacons Dead, Disposal of in War Death, Military Casualties Death Rates 4203.0300 5107. 4206.0200 4205.0302 4205.0303 7523. 1000.1400 and 8360.0100 8330.0700 6203.0508 3165.0701 3163.0503 3164.0503 5107. 4205.0900 4909.0600 4909.0100 4909.0200 4909.0500 4909.0400 4909.0300 6203.0608 5704. 5703. 5604. 5603.0100 4902.0201 5603.0200 2901.0902 4702.0100 5301.0300 4408.0100 2901.0800 0501. 2302. 0501. 0401.0700 4303.0300 4303.0400 5304.0402 4303.0700 4303.0700 4404.0800 6203.0305 5807.0400 5104. 0215.0402 0305. 5203.0200 Death Rays Defaults, contract Death, (Religious Beliefs) Debarkation and Ports in War Debt, Domestic. Debt, Foreign Debt, Public Declaration of War Decontamination Equipment Decontamination, Research and Development Decorations, Army Decorations, Civil Decorations, Awards, Citations, Air Decree, Legislation by Decrees in Effect Defeat Defeat, Attitudes Defective supplies and equipment Defense, (Air Installations) Defense, Anti-aircraft Defense, Anti-mechanized Defense, Attitude of Labor Organi- zation Defense, Gas Defense, National, Attitude of Educational System Defense, National, Attitude of Newspapers, Periodicals and News Services Defense, National, Budget Defense, National, Ministry of, Administration of Defense, National, Ministry of, Organization of Defense, National, Policy of Army Defense of Population, Air Defense Positions, Relief Features Defense, Strategic Doctrines, Air Defense System, Air, Military Defensive Measures, Economic Warfare Defensive Tactics, Deferment Deficiencies, Deficiencies, Deficiencies, Deficiencies, Diseases Defiles, Mountain Defiles, Railways Degrees Degrees, honorary Degrees, scholastic Dehydrated Foods De-icing boots and shoes, aircraft De-icing equipment and compounds Delousing Equipment Demobilization Demobilization, Actual, Personnel Demobilization Areas in War Army Economic Food Iodine, Vitamin Diseases A, B, C, D, 8360.0900 14.108.0300 5105. 1107.0100 Thru 1107.0200 4905.0200 4905.0300 4905. 3161.0206 0505.0100 and 8520.0204 8520.0204 0605.0100 3183. 2407. 3123.0300 3123.0400 0106. 0106. and 5501. 1106.0100 2401. 0703.0400 0812.0124 5501. 8520.0200 5700. 5505.0100 4904. 0202.0100 0202.0100 0810. 2107. 6203.0107 2502.0102 2106. 4107.0200 0812.0117 0302.0200 4110. 5301.0700 5301.0700 5301.0700 6102.0205 4602.0301 5704. 5704. 5704. 4304.0200 2302.0703 2302. 0507. 0307. 0307.0102 0307.0101 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha. 20 CONF1MNPIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/YWZIFEW78-02646R000100070001-9 Demobilization, Army 0307.0100 Demobilization, Army Air 0307.0300 Demobilization, Disposal of Equip- ment 1103.0700 Demobilization, Methods and Pro.- cedure 0307.0101 Demobilization, Navy Air 0307.0400 Demobilization, Personnel, Air 2207.0100 Demolition, Engineer Organization. 0205.1000 Demolition, Factories, Fishing and Fish Products 4307.1200 Demolition, Food Processing Plants 4304.0900 Demolition, Power Plants 4501.0600 Demolition, Railways 4602.0335 Demolition, Telephone Systeme 4802.0309 Demolition, Teletype Systeme 4803.0325 Demolition Vehicles, Remote Controlled 0409.0100 Demolitions and Explosives 0504,0500 Demolitions and Mines, Naval, Marine Equipment 0504.0904. Demolitions Operations, Advance or-Retreat 0106. Demolitions, Structural Data 0704.0517 Demonstrations, Air 2503.0600 Denaturalization 5204. Dengue Fever 5301.0300 Denominations, religious 5104. Dental Corps, Administration of 0205.1500 Dental Corps, Organization of 0205.1500 Dental- Corps (Who's Who) 7102.1500 Dental Equipment, Manufacture 4411. Dental Equipment, Military 0507. Dental Public Health Program 5302.0300 Dental Schools 5303.0400 Dental Service, Strength, Military 0304.0104 Dentists, Medical Personnel 5303.0300 Department in Charge of School System 5701. Departments of Ministries, Executive, Organization and Functions 3121.0700 Departures, passengers by aircraft 2902.0300 Departures, personnel 4601. Departures, troops, reports of 0816. Departures, vessels, reports of 4604. Dependencies, Colonial Affairs 3125.8300 Dependencies, Organization and Functions 3125.0300 Dependents 0215.0302 Deployment Possibilities, Routes 6202.0306 Deportation 5202. Deposit of Funds 4908.0200 Depot Divisions, Order of Battle 0103.0310 Depot Divisions, Organization and Administration 0208.0310 Depot or Replacement Divisions, Order of Battle Depots, Administration, Army Depots, Air Depth bombs Depth of Surface Water Depth of Water, Wharves and Piers Derelics, wrecks Dermatolegists Dermatology 0103.0310 0203.0100 2401.0200 0409. and 2302.0403 6203.0323 4604.0314 4604.0426 5303.0300 5305. Descendants Desert Warfare Desertion Desertions, Air Deserts Deserts, Topography of Destroyers, torpedo Destruction equipment, mine Destruction Methods, Rail Lines Destruction, property in battle Detection Devices, Sound, Radio and Radar Detectives Detectors Detectors, Equipment Detectors, Mines and Booby Traps Detectors, Radio Detectors, Sound Detectors, Sound, Land Fortifications Detectors, Techniques Detectors, Theory and Principles of Operations Deterioration, rivers, harbors and waterways Detonators, Manufacturing Development, Agricultural Development, Aircraft and Equip- ment Development, Commerce Development, Economic Structure Development, Hydro-Electric Development, Natural Resources Developments in aviation and aeronautics Developments, Research Developments and Research, Manufacturing Developments, Supply (and Research) Devices, Controlled Devices, Counter Radar and Radio Devices, Light Beam Modulation Devices, loud speaking Devices, Railway Signal and Safety Devices, Signaling, Army Dialects Diamonds, Industrial Diaries., Military Diarrhea Dictaphones Dictator Dictionaries Diet, Normal, of Population Dieticians Dikes Diphenylamin, ingredient of powder Diphtheria Diplomatic and Consular Service abroad Diplomatic and Consular Service in Country Direction Finding, Red. Corn. 5200. 0812.0146 0209.0108 2700.0108 6302.0327 6203.0327 Thru 6203.0330 8410.0300 0504.0500 Thru 0504.1208 4602.0334 4501.0600 8330.0880 ,1000.1000 8360.0200 8360.0213 0504.1007 8330.0800 8360.0210 0703.0407 8360.0212 8360.0211 4604.0300 4408.0200 4301. 2302.0800 4701. 4101.0200 4501.0101 4102.0100 2302.0800 8430.0100 4422. 1103.0200 8410. 8350.0300 8320.0307 8330.3800 4602.0321 8311.0500 5102. 4206.040o 1000.1200 5301.0200 0509. 3121.0200 5505. 5603.0100 5300. 6203.030o 4408. 5301.0400 3163. 3164. 8310.0309 Alpha. 21 Approved For Release 2001/08/4iSAISP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/014.1RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Directives, Administrative System 0216.0500 Directives, training 0901. Directories 5505. Directories, Telephone, Army 0217.0200 Directional finders, radio 8310.0309 Directors, Artillery 0502.0500 Dirigibles 2302. Disabled soldiers, rehabilitation Of 0307.0101 and Dispersal of aircraft 2802.0302 Displaced Persons 3165.0901 Disposal of Sewage 5304.0600 Disposal of Unexploded Bombs and Shells 0407.0900 Disposition of Forces, Air Opera- tions 2801.0500 Disposition of Forces, Order of Battle 0100. Thru 5805.0300 0106. Disarmament 1103.0700 Disputes, Boundary 3165.0500 Disarmament, Domestic Policy 3141.0304 Disputes, labor 5404. Disarmament, Foreign Policy 3161.0207 Disrespect of flag 5900. Disasters, troops for relief work 5804. Dissemination, B.W. 8510.0300 Disasters, use of aviation for Dissemination, Censorship Infor- relief work 2107.0700 mation 1000.1710 and Dissemination of Information from 2605. Censorship 1000.1710 Discharge, Air Personnel (See Dissemination, Military Intelli- Personnel) 0307.0300 gence 1000.0100 and Distances, measuring equipment 0504.0801 2700.0409 Distillate oil 4203.0300 Disci-1,47'gs, Army Personnel (See Distillation and Fermentation Personnel) 0307.0100 Processes, Liquor 4303.0800 Discharge Policies and Practices, Distillation Plants, Equipment 4203.0401 Military Personnel 0209.0409 Distillation. Units, Equipment 0504.1203 Discharge Procedure 0307.0101 Distilled Products 4304.0800 Discipline and Military Law, Air 2700.0300 Distinguished service 0605.0100 Disciplinary Powers, Military Distributing boxes, mine equipment 0504.1009 Personnel 0209.0303 Distributing systems, gasoline Disciplinary Powers, Personnel - and oil 4203.0800 Air 2700.0303 and Discipline, Actual Enforcement of- 4203.0804 Personnel-Air 2700.0306 Distribution, aircraft 2302. Discipline, Enforcement of, Military Personnel 0209.0306 Distribution of Air Forces, Administration and Command 2801.0300 Discipline, Military Personnel 0209.0300 Distribution, Field 1104.0300 Discrimination against uniform 0601. Distribution, forces 0106. Disease bearing insects, flies, mosquitoes, and others 5304.0300 and 1109. Disease, Control and Sanitation 5304. Distribution of Forces, Outbreak Disease in Army 0209.0103 of War 0101.0200 Diseases, Animol 4303.0600 Distribution of Forces by Theater, Diseases, Human, Types and Military Operation 0101. Prevalence 5301. Distribution of Higher Units 0204. Diseases, Plant 4305.0800 Distribution and Issue, Air Disinfectants, Chemicals, use of 5303.0200 Supply, Peace 2601.0300 and Distribution and Issue, Air 0507. Supply, War 2602.0300 Disinfectants, medical 5303.0200 Distribution, maps 6101.0200 and Distribution of Population 5201.0100 0507. Distribution, publications 5505. Disinfectants, sanitary 5303.0200 Distribution, supplies and equip- and ment 1103.0500 0507. and Disinfection of rinimnls 5303.0600 1108. DisinfectOre 5303.0300 Distribution, supplies and equip- and ment to foreign governments. 4705.01m 0507. Distribution, Supply 1103.0500 Disks, elevating on guns 0400. Distribution,of Supply, Peace, and Army 1103. 0500. Distribution of Supply, War, Army 1103.0500 Dismantled Railways 4602.0301 Distribution, systems, supply 1103.0500 Dispatch bearers 0217.0400 Distribution, Water 5304.0504 Dispensaries 0205.1400 District courts 3124.0800 and Districts, Administrative 0209.0207 Structure, Organization 0206.0100 Alpha. 22 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28anedERD1278-02646R000100070001-9 D.:stricts, Tactical Structure, Organization ilisl-ricts, Territorial, Adminis- tration Districts, Territorial, Organiza- tion Disturbances, Internal, Economic Effects Disturbances, Internal, Political Effect Ditches, Irrigation, Photographs Ditches, traps and craters, structural data Ditching Dive Bomber Divers, employees (Salvage Corps) Divine Origin, Morale and Belief Diving equipment Division, Intelligence, Adminis- tration and Organization Division, Operations, Adminis- tration and Organization Division, Peroonnel, Administra- tion and Organization Division, Supply, Administration and Organization Division, Training, Administra- tion and Organization Divisions, Commanders of (Who's Who) Df'Visions of Military System Divisions, Order of Battle Divisions, Organization Divisions, Organization and Dis- tribution, Outbreak of War Divisions, Other Staff Adminis- tration and Organization Divisions, Tactical Units, Organization and Administration Divorce (Statistics) Divorce Regulations Docking vessels Docks and Cranes, Marine Equipment Docks, Inland Waterways Docks, Seaports Docks, Security of Doctors Doctrines, Religion Doctrines, Social Structure Doctrines, Staff Doctrines, Strategic, Air Doctrines, Strategic, Army Doctrines, Tactical, Air General Doctrines, Tactical, Air Force Doctrines, Tactical, Army Documents Documents, Captured Military Documents, Classified, Security Documents, Personnel Administra- tion Documents, Personnel - Air Dogma of Societies Approved 0812.0100 0206.0100 0206.0100 4109. 3142.0600 6102.0207 0703.0511 2204.0200 2302.0103 0208.0110 5105. 0504.0903 0204.0202 0204.0205 0204.0201 0204.0204 0204.0203 7103.0505 0201. 0103.0300 Thru 0103.0316 0208.0300 0208.0300 0204.0206 0208.0300 5105.0100 and 5203.0600 5105.0100 4604.0304 0504.0902 4604.0210 4604.0313 Thru 4604.0316 4604.0306 5303.0300 5104. 5103. 0204.020o 2502.0100 0821. 2501.0100 2501.0200 0812. 2700.0401 1000.1200 1000,2007 0209.0401 2700.0401 5106. Dole 5804. Dolomite 4205.0302 Dolphins, aids to navigation N-2302.0606 Dolphins, structure in water N-2302.0606 Domestic Affairs, Current Views 3141.0500 Domestic Affairs Elections 3143. Domestic Affairs, Government 3140. Domestic Affairs, Political Issues and Problems 3142. Domestic Consumption, Food Crops 4302.0700 Domestic Disturbances, Employment of Troops 0107. Domestic Employment of Forces, Order of Battle Domestic and Foreign Writers and Press Correspondents Domestic Life, Conditions Domestic News Services, Newspapers, and Periodicals Domestic Policy, Government Domestic Propaganda Domestic Subversive activities Domestic Trade Domestic Writers, Attitude Toward Foreign Countries Domestic Writers, Attitude Toward Own Country Domicile, legal Dominions, Colonial Affairs Dominions, Organization and Functions Donations Charity Dope, drug Draft Animals Draft, Army Drafting Instruments, Instruments of Precision, Photographic and Reproduction Equipment Drafts, Labor DraftaMen Drainage Drainage of Beach Terrain Drainage Features, Topography Drainage systems Dramatics Dramatics (Air) Drawing instruments Drawings Dredges, Ports Dredging Dress Uniforms, Army, Regular and Reserve Dress Uniforms, Civil Police Organizations Dress Uniforms, Civilian Organiza- tions Drees Uniforms, Militia Dress Uniforms, Semi-Military and other Military Organizations Dressings, surgical 0107. 5505.0300 5600. 5505.0100 3141. 5503. 3164.0600 4703. 5505.0300 5505.0300 5603.0300 3125.0300 3125.0300 5802. 4410.0700 4303.0200 0302. and 0302.0200 0504.0803 and 0504.0804 5205.0300 7327. 6203.0300 6203.0610 6203.0300 6203.0300 5807.0600 2700.0201 0504.0802 6101. 4604.0386 4604.0386 0601.0103 0604. 0603. 0602. 0602. 0507. and 4411. Drift slides, amall arms 0401. Driftmetqrs, aircraft instruments 2302.0605 Drill halls 0206.0600 For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001_90901. Drilla training_ CONFIDENTIAL Alpha. 23 Approved For Release 2001/080213ENCIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Drinks Driveways Drop bombs Drought Drought, Affecting Crops Drought, Affecting Forest Resources Droughts, Affecting Animal Industry Drug Addiction Druggists Sundries Drugs, medical supplies Drugs, production and Source Drugs, use and sale of on or near military reservation Drums, ammunition Drums, cable Drums, musical instruments Drydocking vessels Drydocks Drydocks, Ports Duels Dummy artament Dummy, Prefabricated, Camouflage Equipment Dummy, Prefabricated, Portables, Camouflage Equipment Duties, Export Trade Duties, Import Trade Duties of vessels Duty of officers Duty, relief from Duty with Troops, Personnel - Air Duty with troops, Rotation System Dyeing Dyes Dyes, Manufacture Dynamite Dynamos, Manufacture Dysentery Dysentery, Amebic, Carriers Earphones, radio Earth, scorched Earthworks, fortifications Economic Classes Economic CoMmittees relating to Trade and Industry Economic Controls, Concentration of Economic Deficiencies Economic Groups, Recognized, Political Influence Economic Groups, Unrecognized, Political Influence Economic Measures and Policies, Government 5304.0500 and 5807.0900 4603.0318 2302.0403 6204.0500 4302.0400 4308.0500 4303.0600 5301.0700 4416.0504 4410. 4410. and 5303.0200 4410.0200 0400. 0504.1200 5807.0400 4604.0364 4604.0364 4604.0363 5105.0300 0504.0304 0504.0303 0504.0304 4702.020o 11.702.0100 4604.0400 0209. 0307. and 0307.0101 2700.0406 0209.0406 4408.0100 4408.0100 4408.0100 4408.0200 4406.0200 5301.0200 5304.0200 8330.110o 0821. 0703.0202 5103.0300 4102.0600 4114. 4108.0100 and 4108.0200 3144.0302 3144.0400 4102. Economic Measures and Policies, Occupied Areas Economic Missions Abroad Economic Missions, International Economic penetration by foreign countries Economic Penetration foreign countries Economic penetration in foreign countries Economic Planning, Post-War Economic Reconstruction, Foreign Policy Economic Reconstruction, Post-War Plans ECOTIODt.0 Structure Economic Sufficiencies Economic warfare agency, Chief of and subordinates (Who's Who) Economic Warfare Agency of War Department (Organization and Administration) Economic Warfare, Conducted by Belligerent or Semi-belligerent Countries Economic Warfare Programs of 'Belligerents, Operation in Neutral Countries. Economic (Who's Who) Economic, General Economics, Teaching of Economists, Important Editions,New, Maps Education, Adult Education, Air Force (Personnel - Air) Education, Army, Welfare activity Education, Elementary and Secondary School Education, General Education, and Religion, Govern- mental Policy Education, Higher Education, Military Education, Military Personnel Education, Nationals Abroad Education (Personnel . Air) Education, Private Education, Vocational Educational and Cultural Agencies in Country 3164.0503 Educational Fields, Special 5705. Educational Statistics 5702. Effectiveness of Military Organiza- tions 0203. Effects, estates, and funds 5105.0200 Efficiency, Air (See personnel) 2700.0304 Efficiency,. Army (See personnel) 0209.0109 Efficiency, Labor 5205.0200 Efficiency, Maneuvers 0903.0103 Efficiency, Military personnel 0209.0109 Efficiency (Personnel Air) 2700.0109 Effibiency Reports, Military Personnel 0209.0404 Efficiency Reports (Personnel-Air) 2700.0404 4103. 3163.0402 4112. 4101.06o0 4701.0800 4101.0700 4104. 3161.0603 3141.0603 4101. 4101.0200 7103.0308 0204.0400 4107. 4108. 7300. 4100. 5704. 4102.0600 6101.0202 5705.0100 2700.0206 0209.0206 5703. 5700. 3141.0207 5704. 0904. Thru 0905.0205 0209.0105 5705.0300 2700.0105 5705.0500 5705.0200 Alpha. 21APProved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/281F1ADP78-02646R000100070001-9 Eggs-, Production Election of Legislative Branch Ejectors, small arms Elections, Recent and Pending Electoral System Electric Power Facilities Electric primers, ammunition Electrical Communications, Research and Development Electrical, Engineers Electrical Equipment Electrical Equipment, Aircraft Electrical, equipment and material transformers, wire cables, etc. Electrical, equipment, medical and surgical Electrical, inspectors Electrical, machinery Electrically Charged Wire, Anti- personnel Obstacles Structural Data Electricians Electricity Electrification, Railways Electrodes, Manufacture Electromagnets Electronic Devices, Special Electronics Electronics, Electromagnets Electronics Equipment, Navigation Aids Electronics Equipment, Radar Electronics Equipment, Radio Electroplating, supplies and equipment Electrotyping, outfits and supplies Elevating mechanisms, gun carriage, (arms, bands, disks, gears, locks, racks, scales, wheels) Elevators Embargoes, Trade Restrictions Embarkation,Points in War Embassies, foreign governments Embassies, US Emergency Landing Fields Emergency Landing Fields, Topo- graphy Emergency rations Emergency, State of Emery Emigrants Emigration, Data 7MOgration, Population Policies Emperors Emplacements, Automatic Weapon (40mm and lest) Emplacements, Anti-aircraft, Automatic Weapon, Structural Data Emplacements, Closed Weapon, Field Enplacements, Closed Weapon, Field Structural Data 4303.0400 3122.0101 0401. 3143. 3136. 4501. 0400. 843o. 7323. and 7327. 0504.0600 2302.0607 8330. 14-411. 7327. 4406.0200 0704.0525. 7327. 4501. 4602.0209 and 4602.0305 4406.0200 8330.0900 8360. 8300. 8330.0900 8320.0300 8340.0300 8310.0300 .0504.0600 0504.0600 0504.1200 0501. 4702.0200 1107.0200 3164. 3163. 2401.0100 6203.0108 1105.0400 0207. 0600 4206.0400 5202.0200 5202.0200 5204. 7201. 0703.0401 0704.0401 0703.0302 0704.0302 Emplacements, Heavy Antiaircraft (75mm or greater) Emplacements, Heavy Antiaircraft, Structural Data Emplacements, Open Weapon, Field Emplacements, Open Weapon, Field, Structural Data Emplacements, Open Weapon, Isnd Enplacements, Open:Weapon, Land, Structural Data Emplacements, Radar (Air. Search) Structural Data? Enplacements, Radar (Gun Laying) Structural Data Emplacements, Searchlight, Structural Data Emplacements, Sound Detector, Structural Data Employees, Civilian, Armed Forces, Administration .Employers' Organizations Employment Employment of Forces, Domestic Disturbances Employment, Strategic Employment, Woman and Children Employment, Strategic, Air Employment, Tactical, Air Enamelling, Metallurgical Enemy aliens Enemy Occupation, Economic Effects Enemy Property, Laws Regarding Enemy trading Enfield rifles Enforcement of Security Measures Engagements, troops Engineer Bridge Units, Organiza- tion Engineer Camouflage Units, Organization Engineer Corps or Service, Organization Engineer Corps or Service, Strength Engineer Demolition Units, Organization Engineer Engineer Engineer tion Engineer Engineer Engineer Engineer Engineer Equipment Operations and Training Pioneer Units, Organize- Regiment, Organization Tactics Training Units, Order of Battle Units, Organization and Administration Engineering Construction Equip- ment, Manufacture Engineers Engineers, Corps of, Administra- tion of Engineers, Sanitary Engines, Aircraft - Engines and Motors, Manufacture Engines, Marine, Manufacture CONEDIENTIAL 0703.0402 0704.0402 0703.0301 0704.0301 0703.0206 0704.0206 0704.0405 0704.01406 0704.0403 0704.0407 0214. 5406. 5402. 0107. 0824. 5403.0300 2502.0200 2501.0300 4205.1000 0302.0200 4111. 3123.0404 4108.0203 Thru 4108.0200 0401.0400 1000.2008 0102. 0208.0608 0208.0608 0205.1000 0304.0104 0208.0608 0504. 0903: 0208.0608 0208.0608 0811.0600 0902. 0103.0608 oto8.0608 4421. 0208.0608 and 0811.0600 0205.1000 5303.0300 2302.0200 4406.0400 4405.050o Alpha. 25 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-91uPna. CONFlolGTIAL Approved For Release 2001t0 Exports and Imports, Explosives Exports and Imports, Fish and Fish Products Exports and Imports, Food Crops Exports, Foreign Trade Exports and Imports, Foreign Trade Exports and Imports, Foreign Trade, Inclusive Studies Exports and Imports, Furs Exports and Imports, Heavy Industrial Equipment Exports and Imports, Iron Exports and Imports, Exports and Imports, Manufactures Exports and Imports, Exports and Imports, Exports and Imports, Exports and Imports, Exports and Imports, Nonferrous Exports and Imports, Precious Exports and Imports, Metals, Secondary Nonferrous Exports and Imports, Metals, Steel Alloying Exports and Imports, Minerals, Nonmetallic Exports and Imports, Minerals Refractory and Clays Exports and Imports, Minerals in Manufaature of Light Metals Exports and Imports, Miscellaneous Manufactures of Military Impor- tance Exports and Imports, Motorized and Nonmotorized Vehicles Exports and Imports, Optical Equipment Exports and Imports, Equipment Exports and Imports, Equipment Expoxcs and Imports, Plactice Exports and Imports, Building Materials Exports and Imports, Rocket Launchers Exports and Imports, Exports and Imports, Exports and Imports, Exports and Imports, Metals Labor Leather Machine Tools Meat Products Metals, Light Metals, Minor Metals, Metals, Photographic Precision Protein 21/MNA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 4408.0205 4307.1100 4302.0600 4704.0302 4704.0300 4704.0303 4306.0200 4-fv6.0101 4205.0205 and 4205.0214 5205.0400 4414.0600 4406.0301 4303.0700 4205.0308 4205.0700 4205.0500 4205.0800 4205.0608 4205.0408 4206.0105 4206.0300 4206.0200 4421. 4403.0300 4419. 1418.0500 4420. 4417.0300 Prefabricated 4413.0904 Rockets And Rubber Small Arms Steel Steel Alloying 4205.0408 4409.0300 4416.0706 4409.0105 4205.0264 Exports and Imports, Synthetic Resins Exports and Imports, Textiles Exports and Imports, Tobacco Exports and imports, Wood Products Exports, Livestock, Dairy and Meat Products Exports by Neutrals of Critical Items 4417.0103 4415.0700 4305.0100 4412.0800 4303.0700 4108.0102 and 4108.0203 Expositions Express Companies Expropriation of Property, Peace- time Extension Courses Extermination (rat, Rodents, Roaches Termites and Vermin) Extinguishers, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Fighting Equipment Extracts, Flavoring Extracts, Nonfood Animal Products Extraterritoriality, Foreign Policy Eyeglasses Eyes, Artificial Eyes, Refracting Mechanism Fabrics Facsimile Transmission Factories Fairs, Recreation Falange Falangist, Group False Information Family Allotments to Increase Birth Rate Population Policies Family Budgets Family and Household Organization Fanaticism in Army Fax Eastern Religions, Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto, etc. Farm Labor, Availability Farm Tools and Equipment Farming (See Under Agriculture) Earning, Fur Farming, Methods Fascism, Party or Group Fascist, Movoment Fats and Oils, Edible Feeding, Animal Husbandry Felony Felt Feminist Movements Fencing Organization Fencing Strength Fermentation Processes Fermented Products Ferries, Railways Ferries, Roads and Highways Ferries, Tracks and Trails Ferro-Alloys, Manufacture Ferrying Service Ports Fertilizers, Chemical, Manufacture Fertilizers, Requirements, Supplies and Use Festivals, Recreation Feuds Fevers Fever, Carriers 5807.0900 4703.0400 3123.003 0901.0200 5304.0300 0504.0701 0504.0701 4302.0100 4306.0500 3161.0204 4419. 4419. 4411. 4415. 4801.0500 4400. Thru 4422. 5807.0700 3144.0200 3144.0200 5503. 5204. 5603. 5601. 2029.0107 5104.0600 4302.0400 4302.0500 4306.0200 4302.0500 3144.0100 and 3144.0200 5107. 4304.0700 4303.0300 5900. 4415. 5107. 5106. 0304.0103 4304.0800 4304.0800 4602.0332 4603.0326 4603.0406 4205.0225 Thru 4205.0228 4604.0386 4408.0104 4302.0400 and 4302.0500 5807.0700 5105.0300 5301. 5304.0203 Alpha 28Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 0011FianTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/280:NCIPM3P78-02646R000100070001-9 Fiber Board Fibers Field Artillery Field Artillery, Self-Propelled Field Artillery Weapons Field Crops Fields Depots Field, Distribution Field Firing Training Field Fortifications Field Fortifications, Structural Data Field Glasses Field High Command, Administra- tion of Field Post Numbers Field, Procurement and Requisitioning Field Ranges, Cooking Equipment Field Rations, Requirements Army Animal Air Force Field Service Troops Field Storage Field Strength Meters Field, Supply Administration Field, Supply Installations and Reserves Field, Supply System Field Uniforms, Army, Regular and Reserve Field Uniforms, Civil Police Organizations Field Uniforms, Civilian Organizations Field Uniforms, Militia Field Uniforms, Semi-Military and other Organizations Fields, Rmergency Landing Relief Features Fields of Fire, Effect of Vegetation Fighter, Air Defensive Operations Fighter, Air Operations Fighter, Single Engine (F) Fighter, Tactical Doctrines Fighter, Twin Engine (F) Fighter (See also Under Inter- ceptor Defense) Fights Filariasis, Disease Filing Systems Film Films and Negatives, Organization- al Equipment Films, Training Filter, Organizational Equipment Filtration of Water Finance 4412. 4305.0300 0205.060o 0404. 0403.0400 6203.0506 0206.0600 1104.0300 0902.0400 0703.0300 0704.0300 4419. 0207.0200 0104.0200 1104.0200 0508. 1105.0400 1105.0500 2603.0100 0208.0614 1104.0300 8330.1505 1104.0100 1104.0400 1104. 0601.0101 0604. 0603. 0602. 0602. 6203.0108 6203.0516 2802.0404 2802,0112 2302.0101 2501.0202 2302.0102 5105.0300 5301.0300 0216.0800 4418. 0504.0800 0901. 0504.1202 0504.1202 4900. Thru 4913. Finance, Air, Civil 2901.0202 Finance, Air Military 0215.0200 Finance Department, -Administration of 0205.2300 Finance Department, Organization 0205.2300 Finance Department, Or Paymaster Service (Who's Who) Finance Department, Strength Finance, Governmental POlicy Finance, Payment to Personnel Finance System, Army, Administra- tion Financial Enterprises, Foreign Investments Within Country Financial Enterprises, Own In- vestments Abroad Financial Regulations in Occupied or Controlled Areas Financial Structure and Strength of Country Finders, Height Finders, Range Finders, Range, Manufacture Finders, Range, Equipment Fine Arts Fingerprints, Indentification System Fire and Searchlight Control Equipment Fire and Searchlight Control, Radar Fire Control Equipment, Airmin Circles Fire Control Equipment, Anti- . Aircraft Fire Control Equipment, Directors Fire Control Equipment Fire Control Equipment, Field Artillery Fire Control Equipment, Height Finders Fire Control Equipment, Range Finders Fire Control Equipment, Seacoast Artillery Fire, Fields of, Effect of Vegetation on Fire Fighting Equipment Fire Patrols, Air Fireproofing Materials Fireproofing of Supplies and Equipment for use Fire Protection, Civilian Air Defense Fireproof Clothing, Arm;- Fireproof Clothing, Other Military Organizations 0602. Fireproof Clothing, Civilian 0603. Fireproof Clothing, Civil Police 0604. - Fireproof Clothing, Air Force 2302.0703 Fires, Affecting Animal Industry 4303:0600 Fires, Affecting Food Crops '4302.0400 Fires, Affecting Forest Resources 4308.0500 Fires, Affecting Nonfood Crops 4305.0800 Firing Instruments and Accessories, Manufacture 4420. Firing, Instrents and Accessories, Equipment , 0502. 7102.2300 0304.0104 3141.0206 0215.0300 0215.0200 4906. 4907. 4103.0400 4901. 0502.0300 0502.0200 4419. 0502.0200 5708. 5901. and 0606. 8340.0320 8340.0220 0502.0100 0502. 0502.0500 0502. Thru 0502.1100 0502. 0502.0300 0502.0200 0502.1100 6203.0516 0504.0700 2902.0800 0509. 1103.0300 2107.1400 0601.0108 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha. 29 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001108128oril1A-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Firing, Regulations Firing, Smell ATDIS (Training) Firing, Tables Firing, Training 0902.0400 0902.0400 0502.1100 0902.0400 Flies, Control of Insects and Animals Flight, Procedures, Irregularities Flight, Records, Individual 5304.0300 2801.0100 2503.0207 First Aid Equipment 0507. and Fiscal and Property Administration 0215. 2700.0401 Thru Flight, Surgeons 0205.1400 0215.0505 Flight, Trainers, Aircraft 2503.0200 Fish Canning 4307.0500 Floating, Bridges and Bridging Fish Catch 4307.0200 Equipment 0504.0203 Fish Catch, Disposition (as Floating Docks, Ports 4604.0364 Fresh, Salted, Etc.) 4307.0400 Floats, (Structures in Water) 4604.0364 Fish, Frozen 4307.0600 Flood Control 4604.0208 Fish Landing (Handling and Flood Light, Manufacture 4407. Transportation Facilities) 4307.0300 Flood Lights, Equipment 0504.0604 Fish Meal 4307.0700 Flood Lights, Photographic Fish Oils 4307.0900 Supplies, Manufacture 4418. Fisher -TropackSynthesis, Synthetic Oil Process 4203.0409 Flood Lights, Photographic Equipment 0504.0903 Fishing Areas 11.307.0100 Floods 6203.0220 Fishing Craft, Available in Ports 4604.0386 and Fishing and Fish Catch, Factors 6203.0304 Affecting 4307.1200 Floods, Affecting Food Crops 4302.0400 Fishing and Fish Products 4307. Floods, Affecting Forest Resources 4308.0500 Fishing and Fish Products, Cod Floods, Affecting Nonfood Crops 4305.0800 Liver Oil 4307.0800 Floods, Affecting Soil and Cross Fishing and Fish Products, Import Country Movement 6203.0220 and Export Satistics 4307.1100 Flour 4304.0100 Fishing and Fish Products, Flukes, Disease 5301.0700 Whaling Industry 4307.1000 Fluoroscopic Devices, Manufacture 4411. Fishing Industry, General Studies 4307.1300 Fluorescent Lamps or Lanterns, Fishing Regulations 4307.0100 Manufacture Fixed, Bridges and Bridging Fluorescent, Equipment 0504.0604 Equipment 0504.0202 Fluorescent, Photographic Supplies, Fixed Flame Throwers, Land 0703.0208 Manufacture 4418 Fixed Fleme Throwers, Structural Fluorescent, Photographic Data 0704.0208 Equipment 0504.0903 Fixed Stations, Radio 4805.0102 Fluorite 4200. Flags 3182. Fluoroscope 4411. Flags, Aviation Signal 2607.0300 Flurospar, Light Metals 4205.0302 Flags, Civil and Military 3182. and Flags, Communication Equipment 8311.0500 4206.0200 Flame Throwers and Accessories, Flying Clubs 2903.0100 Flame Warfare 0506.0100 Flying Pay 2700.0500 Flame Throwers, Fixed, Land 0703.0208 Flying Time, Air Training 2503.0207 FlemP Throwers, Fixed, Structural Fog, Climate 6204.0300 Date 0704.0208 Foliage Characteristics 6203.0320 Flame Throwers, Manufacture 111109.0500 Food, Availability and Need 5603.0100 Flame-Throwers, Motorized and Food Crops 4302. Trailers, Flame Warfare 0506.0200 Food Crops, Consumption, Domestic 4302;0600 Flame Warfare 0506. Food Crops, Factors Affecting 4302.0400 Flame Warfare Equipment 0506. Food Crops, Farming Methods 4302.0500 Flannel 4415. Food Crops, Land Under Cultivation 4302.0100 Flares, Aviation Signal 2607.0300 Food Crops, Irrigation and Flares, Flares Equipment Organizational 8311.0500 Reclamation 4302.0300 Flash Cannons 2302.0304 Food Crops, Production and Distri- Flash Hiders, Small Arne 2302.0302 bution Statistics 4302.0200 Flash Lights, Manufacture 4407. Food Crops, Utilization of 4302.0700 Flash Lights, Equipment 0504.0604 Food Customs 5603.0100 Flash Lights, Photographic Food Container, Parachute 0509. Manufacture 4418. Food, Deficiencies 4108.0200 Flash Lights, Photographic Food, Economic Measures and Policies Equipment 0504.0903 In Occupied or Controlled Areas 4103.0100 Flax, Production, Disposal 4305.0300 Food Examinations, Medical 'Flea, Jigger, Disease (Tunga Laboratories 5303.0500 Penetrans) 5301.0600 Food Handlers, Intrastate Fleas, Control of Insects and Quarantine and Control 5304.0202 Animals 5304.0300 Food Prices and Scarcities 4105.0100 Alpha. 30 Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/2et1-P78-02646R000100070001-9 Food Processing, Plant and Animal Products Food Processing, Butter Substitutes Food Processing, Canning Food Processing, Dehydrating Food Processing, Distillation and Fermentation Processes Food Processing, Freezing Food Processing, Milling Food Processing, Sabotage and Demolition, Assessment of Damage from Food Processing, Slaughtering Food Processing, Sugar Refining ' Food Rationing Food, Sanitary Aspects Food Sufficiency, Domestic Food Supplies, Ports Foods, Canned Foods, Dehydrated Foods, Frozen Foods, Processed Foot and Mouth Disease Football Football, Army ,,Football, Air Forces Footwear, Leather Footwear, Leather Substitute Footwear, Rubber Forage Resources Forecasters, Weather Forces Abroad, Role Forces Abroad, Strength, Forces, Irregular, Administration of Fordings Foreign Advisers, Executive Branch Foreign Affairs Foreign Affairs, Current Views of Leaders on Foreign Agents In Country (military Personnel Only) (Who's Who) Foreign Capital, Invested in Country Foreign Capital, Attitude of Government Toward Foreign Correspondents Foreign Countries, Invest- ments in Foreign Debt Foreign Exchange Foreign Investors Foreign Labor Foreign Land Ownership Foreign Language Schools in Country Foreign Military Attaches in Country (Who's Who) ForeignMilitary Missions Abroad ? 4304. 4304.0700 4304.0600 4304.0200 4304.0800 4304.0500 4304.0100 4304.0900 4303.0500 4304.0300 4105.0500 and 5603.0100 5304.0400 4302.0600 4604.0362 4304.0600 4304.0200 4304.0500 43404. 5301.0500 5807. 0209.0202 2700.0202 4414.0300 4414.0400 4416.0501 4303.0100 .4506. and 2401. 0302.0100 0303.0100 0203.0800 4603.0325 3121.1100 3160. 3161.0700 7104.1000 4906.0100 4906.0200 5505.0400 4907. 4905.0300 4910.0300 4906. 5205.0400 4301.0400 5705.0400 7104.0600 0202.0600 Foreign Military Missions in Country Foreign Military Missions in Country, Administration of ForeignMilitary Missions, in Country, Organization of Foreign Military Observers in Country (Who's Who) Foreign Military Personnel, Training Foreign Military Schools, Personnel In (Who's Who) Foreign Missions Foreign Nations and Nation- als, Attitude of Population Toward Foreign News Services Foreign Newspapers in Country Foreign Office Foreign Office, Diplomatic and Consular Service Abroad Foreign Office, Diplomatic And Consular Service in Country Foreign Office, Nonaccredited Agents or Agencies from Foreign Countries Foreign Office, Nonaccredited Agents or Agencies to ' Foreign Countries Foreign Office, Special Agencies from Foreign Countries Foreign Office, Special Agencies to Foreign Countries Foreign Office, Special Missions from Foreign Countries Foreign Office, Unusual Powers Foreign Ownership in Banks Foreign Periodicals Foreign Personnel in Military Schools of Country, (Who's Who) Foreign Policy Foreign Policy, Effect of Public Opinion Foreign Policy; Important Policies Foreign Policy, International Post War and Other Long Range Plans Foreign Policy, Participation In Internation Movements Foreign Policy, Participation in International Organizations and Movements Foreign Policy, Spheres of influence Foreign Propaganda for Domestic Consumption Foreign Propaganda (General) Attitude Toward Foreign Radio Programs Foreign Relations 0202.0700 0202.0700 0202.0700 7104.0700 0901.0300 7104.0400 5104.0800 5501.0200 5505.0200 5505.0200 3162. 3163. 3164. 3164.0600 3163.0600 3164.0500 3163.0500 3164.0400 3162.0200 4908.0300 5505.0200. 7104.0900 3161. 3161.0800 3161.0200 3161.0600 3161.0500 3161.0300 3161.0100 5503.0400 5503. 5506.030o 3165. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha. 31 CONFIDERTIAL Approved For Release 2001401inibritAA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Foreign Relations, Between Two or More Countries Regarding Fortifications, Location of Fortifications and Defensive Another Country 3165.0600 Installations 0703. Foreign Relations, Civilian Internees 3165.0800 Fortifications, Permanent, Land 0703.0200 Foreign Relations, Exchange and Fortress Commands, Order of Rehabilitation of Populations 3165.0900 Battle 0103.0202 Foreign Relations, Negotiations Fortress Commands, Organization and Conferences . 3165.0400 and Administration 0208.0202 Foreign Relations, Reaction to Fortress Divisions, Order of Military Policies of Foreign Battle 0103.0311 Nations 3165.0200 Fortress Divisions, Organiza- and tion and Administration 0208.0311 3165.0300 Fortresses, Commanders of, Foreign Relations, Treaties, Alliances, Accords, EnteAtes, Pacts 3165.0700 (Who's Who) Forts and Defended Localities, Land 7103.0703 0703.0204 Foreign Relations, With Individual Countries 3165.0500 Forts and Defended Localities, Structural Data 0704.0204 Foreign Relations, With Forts, by Name 0703.0204 Principal Powers 3165.0100 Foundations, Effect of Soil Foreign Representatives, Types on 6203.0204 Restrictions on 1000.2006 Foundries, Steel Plants 4205.0255 Foreign Service, Military Foxholes 0703.0304 Intelligence Service, Fragmentation Bombs 2302.0403 Anprican Press Correspondents 3133. for 5505.0600 .Franchise Franking Privileges 4812. Foreign Teachers, Influence Fraternal Societies 5106. of in Colleges and Universities 5704. Fraud 5900. Foreign Trade 4704. Freedom of Speech 3133.0200 and Free Entry into Foreign 4701.0200 Countries 5202.0100 Foreigners In Air Schools 2503.0404 Free Entry into United States 5202.0100 Foreigners In Army Schools 0904.0200 Free France 3144.0200 Foreigners in Country, Air Freezing, Food Processing 4304.0500 Training 2503.0209 French 3144. Foreigners at Maneuvers 0903.0103 Frequency, Audio 8339.1701 Foreigners, Mobilization of 0303.0104 Frequency Meters 8330.3002 Foreigners, Mobilization Air 2206.0204 Frequency Meter Sets (Radio) 8330.3002 .Foreigners, Political Influence Frequency, Radio 8330.1702 of 3144.0101 Friction Primers (Ammunition) 0504.0509 Forest Patrols, Air 2902.0800 Frontier Ca/mends 0206.0300 Forest Regions 4308.0100 Frontier Commands, Order of Forest Resources 4308. Battle 0103.0203 Forest Resources Exploitation 4308.0200 Frontier Commands, Organization Forest Resources, Policies and Administration 0208.0203 and Factors Affecting 4308.0500 Frontier Divisions, 'Order of Forest Resources, Routes of Battle 0103.0312 Timber Movement 4308.0300 Frontier Divisions, Organization Forest Resources, Timber ahd Administration 0208.0312 Classification According to Frontier Guard Division Use 4308,.0400 Organization 0208.0312 Forests, Administration of 0215.0402 Frontier GuareRegiment, Forests, Geographical Regions 6201.0100 Strength 0304.0104 Forests, Woodlands, and Frontier Guards, Forces 0208.0312 Plantations, Vegetation 6203.0501 Frontier, National 6202.0109 Forgery 5900. Front Sights, Sun Carriages 0502.0600 Forging, Supplies and Equipment 0504.1302 Front Sights, Small Arms 0401. Forgings, Gun 0504.1302 Frozen Assets, Including Funds 4907.0100 Formaldehyde, Manufacture of 4408.0100 Frozen Assents, In Foreign Fortifications, Characteristics Countries 4907.0100 and Structural Data of Frozen Foods 4304.0500 Fortification Installations 0704. Fruit, Land Under Cultivation 4302.0100 Fortifications, Field 0703.0300 Fruit, Food, Sanitary. Aspects 4304.0600 Fortifications, Field, Structural Data 0704.0300 Fruits, Poisonous, Scientific Names and Prevalence of 5304.0405 Fortifications, General 0701. Fuel, Extent of Use, Prices, Shortages, etc. 4105.0400 Alpha. 32Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/29/P3MeAbP78-02646R000100070001-9 Fuel, Gas Substitutes Fuel and Oil, Aviation Fuel and Oil,. Army Supply and Allowance Fueling and Refueling Vessels Fuel, Maintenance Requirements Fuel Oils Fuels and Propellants, Guided. Missiles Fuel Storage, Ports and -Harbors Fuel Service, Ports and Harbors Fuels Fuels, Finme Warfare Fuels Liquid., Production Figures Fuels, Liquid, Substitutes Fuel, Solid Fuels, Substitute (Liquid, Solid, Gas) Fulminate Fumigating Vessels Ftnctional Systems and Equipment, Aircraft Functions of Military Districts Functions, Staff, Tactical, Units Organization and Administration Funds Funds, Accounting Laws Funds, Appropriations Funds, Audits of Funds, Deceased Officers Funds, Deposits of Funds, Disbursements Funds, Estimates Funds, Expenditure or payment of Funds, Invoice of Funds, Transfer of (Money Accounting) ' Funeral, Supplies for Funerals Funerals, Military Fungus Diseases Furloughs Furloughs, leaves and Passes, Personnel, Air Furloughs, MAlitary Personnel Furnaces, Manufacture of Furnaces, Steel Plants Furs Fuselage, Aircraft Fuses, Manufacture, Explosive Devices Fuzes Fuzes and Detonators, Mines and Booby Traps Fuzes, Guided Missiles Fuzes, Proximity 4203.0425 2603.0200 Thru 2603.0400 2603.0200 4604.0357 1105.0300 4203.0505 0407.0700 4604.0337 4604.0358 4200. 0506.0300 4203.0432 4203.0400 4202. 4203.0417 0400. and 4409.0600 2302.0611 and 0509. 2302. 0206.0100 0208. 4901. 4908.0100 4903.0200 4901. , 0215.0300 4908.0200 4903.00400 4901. 4903.0400 4901. 4901. 0215.0406 0215.0406 0215.0406 5301.0600 0209.0205 2700.0205 0209.0205 4406.0100 4205.0255 4306.0200 2302. 4409.0400 0504.0709 0504.1006 0407.0800 8360.0500 G-1, 0-2, 0-3, G-4, See General Staff Galvanizing Gambling Games, Recreational Garrison and Armory Training Garrison Commands, Order of Battle Garrison Commands, Organization and Administration Garrison Discipline Garrison Divisions, Order of Battle Garrison Divisions, Organization and Administration Gas Defense, Civil Population Gas Defense, Research and Development Gas Detector Equipment Gas, Fuel Substitute Gas Masks, Civil Population Gas Masks, Manufacture Gas Masks, Research and Development? Gas, Natural Gas Spraying Equipment, Air Gas System, Public Utility Gases, Poison, Use of (Incidents) Gases, War, Air Forces Gases, War Air Operations Gases, War Manufacture Gas, War, Material Gases, War, Research and Development Gases, War, Reserves Gases, War, Scientific Gas Generators Gasoline Gasoline, Aviation Gasoline, Aviation, Production' Statistics Gasoline, Motor Fuels Gasoline Operated Toole and Accessories Gasoline, See alsO Petroleum Gasproofing, Fortifications Gasoline, Storage Systems Gasoline, Supply Aircraft use Gasproof Shelters, Research and Development Gapproofing, Impregnating and Fire Proofing Supplies and Equipment for use Gauges, Railways Gazetteers Gelatin Genealogy General Estimate of Effective- ness of Armed Forces General Staff Corps, Adminis- tration of 4205.1000 5807.0500 0209.0200 0902.0100 0103.0205 0208.0205 0207.0600 0103.0314 0208.0314 2107.1200 8520,0200 8520.0200 4203.0425 2107.1200 4421. 8520.0201 4204. . 2302.0611 4502. 8520.0500 2302.0301 2802.0800 4408.0300 0505.0200 8520.0108 8520.0107 8520.0100 Thru 8520.0108 0504.1205 4203. 4203.0501 4203.0402 4203.0502 0504.1307 0704. 4203.0600 and 2603.0400 2603.0200 8520.0203 8520.0200 4602.0203 6101.0207 4304, 5103. 0201. 0205.0100 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-91aphis. CONFIDENTIAL 33 Approved For Release 2001/6811gfArRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 General Staff Corps, Branches of Service, Organization of General Staff Corps (who's Who) General Staff, Organization General Staff, Schools General Staff, Strength General Staff, Supreme, Administration of. General Staff, Supreme Organization of General Staff, War :Department Administration of General Staff, War Department, Organization of Generator Equipment for Uses of Substitute Fuels, Manufacture of Generators, Electrical Equipment Generators, Electric Power Generators, Manufacture Geodetic Survey Geographic Characteristics of . Country in General Geographic Conditions Affecting Strategy Geographic Details, Air Bases, Air Ports, Etc. Geographic Distribution, Disease Geographic Regional Studies Geographic Source Materials, Books and Pamphlets Geographic Source Materials, Maps Geographic Source Materials, Miscellaneous Map Data Geographic Source Materials, Photographs, Aerial and Ground Geographic Source Materials, Publications Geography, Climatic Aspects Geography, Features, Affecting Means of Transportation (See Under Railways, Roads, etc.) Geography, Topographic Aspects Geopolitics Germicides Glanders Glass Glass, Manufacture Glasses, Field, Manufacture Glider Commands Gliders Gliders, Strategic Landing Areas Gliders, Tactical Doctrines Gloves Glue Glycerin Goats Alpha. 34 ? 0205.0100 7103.0100 0202.0300 0904.1100 0304.0100 0202.0300 0202.03?0 0204.0200 0204.0200 4403.0600 0504.0601 4501.0500 4406.0200 6101.0101 6201. 6202. 2401.0100 5301. 5108.0100 and 5108.0300 6103. 6101.0100 6101.0300 6102. 6101.0200 6204. 6203. 5101. 5303.0200 and 4410. 5301.0500 4413. 4413. 4419. 2104.0501 2302.0118 2401.0400 2501.0206 2302.0700 4306.0500 4409. 4303. Goggles Gold Gonorrhea Government Budget Government, Colonial Government, Domestic Affairs Government, Dominions, Colonies and Dependencies Government, Economic Measnres and Policies Government, Executive Branch Government, Form and Exercise Govelliment, General Government, Housing Program Government, Income of Government, in Exile Government, Judicial Branch Government, Land Ownership Government, Legislative Branch Government, Local Government, Mandates and Protectorates Government, Military Government, Military, Occupied Territory Government, Occupational Government, Organization and Functions Government Owned Railways Government, Police and Security Organizations 3135. Government, Political and Civil Rights 3130. Government, Political Parties and Groups 3144. Government, Practice 3113. Government, Provisional 3600. Government, Puppet 3500. Government, Stability, Annual Estimate of Government, Theory Governors! 2302.0700 4205.0800 5301.0100 4903.0212 3125. 3140. 3125.0300 4102. and 4103. 3121. 3110. 3111. 5603.0300 4902.0200 3400. 3123. 4301.0400 3122. 3124. 3125.0400 3200. 0207.0400 3300. 3120. 4602.0202 Graders, Motorized and Heavy Construction Equipment Grades and Grading, Military Grades and Ratings, Air Gradients, Railways Grain for Flour and Meal Granuloma Inguinale . Graphite Grasslands Grasslands, Topography and Geography Gratuities Gravel, Rock Types Available, Surface Materials Gravel, Types of, Coasts and Adjacent Islands Graves, War, Administration of Graving Docks, Ports 3170. 3112. 7210. and 3124.0500 0504.11C4 0601.0201 2700.0411 4602.0301 4302. 5301.0100 4206.0100 6203.0505 6201.0100 5801. and 5802. 6203.0209 6203.0601 0215.0406 4604.0364 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTTAL Approved For Release 2001/0f/W?E64RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Gray List, Definition of 4108.0306 Gulf 6203.0600 Grazing Land 4303.0100 Gullies 6203.0102 Greases, Lubricating 4203.0506 Gun Mounts and Turrets, Greek Orthodox Religion 5104.0200 Manufacture 4420. Grenades 0408. Guncotton 4408. Grenades, Hand 0408.0100 Gunner, Air, Crew Training 2503.0305 Grenades, Improvised and Gunner, Air, Individual other 0408.0300 Training 2503.0204 Grenades, Rifle 0408.0200 Gunnery and Bombing, Aerial Grids, Map Construction 6101. (Training) 2503.0300 Ground. Camouflage, Air 2403.0200 Gunnery and Bombing Ranges, Ground Control Data (Geographic Air 2401.0300 .Source Materials) 6101.0205 Guns 0400. Ground Crew, Air Training 2503.0206 Guns, AA Artillery 0403.0600 Ground, D/F Stations 8320.0302 Guns, Airborne Recoilless 0403.03c? Ground, Fixed, Rad. Com 8310.0303 Guns, Aircraft 2302.0300 Ground Forces Top Control of 0201. Guns, Aircraft, Ammunition for 2302.04co Ground Markings, Air Guns, Aircraft, Rockets for 2302.0405 Installations 2402.0200 Guns, Anti-Aircraft 0403.0600 Ground Mobile and Portable, Guns, Anti-Aircraft, SP 0404.0400 Rad. Com 8310.0304 Guns, Anti-Aircraft, Rockets Ground-Navy-Air Tactics for 0406.0200 Combined.. 0813.0300 Guns, Anti-tank 0401.0600 Ground Operations, Effect of and Climate on 6203.0700 0403.0500 Ground Operations, Effect of Guns, AT Artillery 0403.0500 Topography, Geology, Vegetation on 6203.0103 ' Guns, AT (20 mm. Caliber and Smaller) . 0401.0600 Ground Tactical Commands, (Who's Who) 7103.0500 Guns, Assault Guns, Bazooka 0404.0100 0406. Ground Tactical Units, Guns, Close Support 0404.0100 Commanders of others, (Who's.Who) 7103.0510 Guns, Field Artillery Guns, Heavy Artillery 0403.0400 0403.0700 Grounds, Administration 0215.0400 Guns, Infantry 0403.0100 Thru Guns, Machine 0401.0500 0215.0497 Guns, Manufacture 4409. Group, Army, Strength 0304.0100 Guns, Medium Artillery 0403.0400 Groups, Commanders of Guns, Mortars ; 0402. (Who's Who) 7103.0605 Guns, Mountain 0403.0200 Groups, See Under Specific Guns, Railway Artillery 0403.0700 ?Type (political, Linguistic, Guns, Railway Cara for 4602.0410 Ethnic, Minority, etc.) Guns, Rifles 0401.0400 Guard, National 0203.0500 Guns, Seacoast Artillery 0403.0800 Guard, National, Issues of Guns, Self-Propelled 0404. Supplies and Equipment 1103. Guns, Self-Propelled AA 0404.0400 Guerrilla Groups and Move- Guns, Self-Propelled Close ments, Political 3144.0600 Support and Assault 0404.0100 Guerrilla or Partisan Guns, Self-Propelled Field forces (Who's Who) 7103.0205 and Medium Artillery 0404.0200 Guerrilla Warfare, See under Guns, Self-Propelled Tank Section II, Military Destroyers 0404.0300 Guerrillas, Administration of 0203.0800 Guns, Small Arms 0401. Guerrillas, Organization of 0203.0800 Guns, Sub-Machine 0401.0300 Guerrillas, Partisans and Gymnasiums, Buildings 0215.0400 Irregular Forces Organiza- and tion and Administration 0203.0800 0209.0202 Guide Books (Geographic Gymnastics, Army 0209.0202 Source Materials) 6103.. Gymnastics, Air Corps 2700.0202 Guided Missiles 0407. Gynecology 5305. Guided Missiles, Jet Propelled 8420.0101 Gypsum 4206.0300 Guided Missiles, Rocket Gyroscopes, Manufacture 4420. Propelled 8420.0102 Guides, Postal 6103. Hague?. Convention, Adherence to 3123.0402 Guiding Systems, Guided Hair 4306.0500 Missiles 0407.0600 Half-Tracked Vehicles 0501.0400 Guidons 0601.0202 Half-Track Vehicles, Manufacture 4403. Guinea Pigg 5305. Halls, Hiring, Lajoor 5407. Guinea Worm 5301.0600 Hand, Tools and Machine 0504.1300 Approved For Release 20Q1/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 A-1-1m? CONFIDENTIAL 35 Approved For Release 20011018gBaelltA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Hand Grenades Hand Grenades, Manufacture Handball Handbooks Handbooks, Scientific Handcuffs Hangars, Airport Hangers, Prefabricated Construction Materials Harbor Defense Harbor and Sea Port Facilities (For More Detailed Index, See Ports) Harbors, Natural (Economic Structure) Harness Harnessmakers Hatchets Haversack Rations Haversacks Hawaiians Hayland, Land Devoted to Hazards, Aerial Head of Government, Present Head of Government, Previous Headgear, Uniform Headphones Headquarters, Higher, Tactical Units, Organization and Administration Headquarters, Theater, Tactical Units, Organization and Administration Headquarters or Inspectorates of Army Headquarters (Tactical Units) Organization and Administration Headquarters Organization, Air Defense, Civil Population Headquarters of Service Departments Headstones, Funereal Equipment Health Health, Effect of Climate on Health, Military Personnel Health, Personnel - Air Health, Prevention of Disease Health, Relation of Sewage Disposal to Health, Reports Health, Statistics Health, Ma.intenance, Air Health, Maintenance, Personnel - Air Health Organization, Public Health and Accident Insurance Health and Sanitation Hearing, Heating Heating, Lighting, Refrigera- tion and Ventilation of Vessels Heating Plante Alpha. 3 0408.0100 4409.0400 0209.0202 and 2700.0202 5505.0100 8710. 5902. 2401.0100 0504.0402 0703.0204 4604.0300 4101.0100 4414.0200 4414. 0502. 1105.0400 1105.0400 3144. 4301.0200 2802.0110 3121.0500 3121.0501. 0601. 8330.1100 0208.0100 0208.0101 0204.0700 0208. 2107. 0204.0800 5203.0200 5300. 6204.0705 0209.0103 2700.0103 5304. 5304.0600 5300. 5300. 2700.0207 2700.0207 5302. 5806.0300 5300. 5301.0700 5300. 5603.0300 4604.0411 4502.0200 Heating, Systems and Equipment, Aircraft' Heavy Bomber Heavy Construction and Motorized Equipment Hebrew Religion Hectograph Machines Hedges, Photographs (Geo- ? graphic Source Materials) Height Finders ,Heights Dominating Routes to Critical Areas Helicopter, Air, Special Commands Helicopters Heliographs Helium Helmets Helmets, Gas Hemp Heredity Heoric Conduct Herring Oil Hevea Hides High Alloy Steels High Command, Armed Forces, Administration of High Command, Armed Forces, Organization of High Command, Field, Adminis- tration of High Command, Field, Organiza- tion of High Command positions (Who's Who) Higher Headquarters, Order of Battle High Temperature Tar Synthetic Oil Process High Tide Depth, Landing Beaches Higher Headquarters, Tactical Unite, Organization and Administration- Highest Echelons of Other Military Organizations (Who's Who) Highways, See Roads and Highways Hills Hindu Religion Hindus Hippologists Hiring and Recruitment of Labor Historical Historical, Messages Historical, Records Historical, Societies and Associations Historical Branch And Archives 2302.0607 2302.0106 0504.1100 5104.0500 0509. 6102.0300 0502.0300 6202.0201 2104.0504 2104.0504 0509. 4408.0300 0601. 0505.0100 4305.0300 5103. 0607.0200 4307.0900 4416.0100 4306.0100 4205.0238 0202.0100 0202.0100 0207.0200 0207.0200 7103.0100 0103.0100 4203.0409 6203.0608 0208.0100 7103.0200 4602.0300 6201.0100 and 6203.0101 5104.0600 5104.0600 4306.0200 and 5305. 5407. 5101. 5101. 5101. 5101. 0204.0600 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-ROP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/20mCIANKR78-02646R000100070001-9 Historical Branch, Army, Organization Historical Development of Education Histories, Unit, Partial Identification by Histories Histories, Medical Histories, Military History, Air Mobilization History of Nation History, Social History, Teaching of History and Traditions, Military Aviation History and Traditions, Army Hoarding Hockey Hogs Hoists Hoists, Projectile Holidays Holidays, National Holidays, Recreation HO= Guards Home Life Homeopathy Homesteading, Government Promotion of Homes, Workers Homing Pigeons Honey Honorary Degrees Honor, Military Honor, Rolls of Honors, Hookworm Horse Shows Horsemanship Training. Horses Horticulturists, Prominent Hospital Equipment, Military Hospital Ships Hospitals Hospitals, Air Posts Hospitals, Military, Administration Hospital s, Military, 'Construction Hospitals, Military Posts Hospitals, Prefabricated Construction Materials Hostages Hours and Wages, Labor Household Organization Household as a Producing Unit Houses of Prostitution, Quarantine and Control of Housing Housing, Air Posts Housing, Cost of Living Factor 0204.0206 5700. 0104.0500 5101. 5303. 0216. 2206.0201 5101. 5101. 5703. and 5704. 2201.0100 0301.0100 4105.0500 5807. 4303.0200 0504.1109 2302. 3181. and 5807.0700 3181. 5807.0700 0203.0600 5600. 5305. 4301.0500 5603.0300 0509. 4302. 5704. 0209.0107 0607. 0607. 5301.0200 5807.0700 0901.0200 4303.020o 4301.0800 0507. 4604.0411 5303.0100 2401.0200 1106.0200 and 1106.0201 1106.0200 1106.0201 0504.0406 0306. 5403.0100 5601. 5602. 5304.0204 5603.0300 2401.0200 4105.0300 Housing in Occupied or Controlled Areas Housing, Military Posts Howitzers Human Rations, Maintenance Requirements Hurricanes Husbandry, Animal Hydraulic Systems and Equipment, Aircraft Hydro-Electric Power Hydrogen Cyanide Hydrogenation, Synthetic Oil Process Hydrographic Charts Hydrographic Surveys Hydrography Hygiene, Army Hygiene and Sanitation Hypnotism Ice, Artificial, Plants Ice Breakers Ice Data, Landing Beaches Ice, Natural, Plants Ice and Refrigeration, Food, (Sanitary Aspects) Ice Plants and Refrigeration Ice Plants and Refrigeration, Refrigeration Facilities and Uses Identification, Air, Ground Marking Identification, Air, Air- craft Marking Identification, Equipment, Radar Identification, Partial, Units Identification, Personnel, Army Identification, Radar Identification Tags, Person- nel, Air ? Identification Tags, Person- nel, Army Identification, New, In Air Operations Identification, New, In Army Operations, Igniters, Manufacture of Igloos Ignited Oil, Anti-tank Obstacle, Location of Ignited Oil, Anti-tank Obstacles, Structural Data & Characteristics of Igniters (Mines and Booby Traps) Ignition Parts, Ammunition Ignition Plarts, Battery Ignition systems, Aircraft Illegal Entry Illegal Traffic, Narcotics Illiteracy in Army Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 4103.0300 0206.0600 0403.0400 1105.0400 6204.0400 4303. 2302.0600 4501.0101 8520.0102 4203.0409 6101.0101 6101.0101 6101.0101 0209.0207 5300. 5105. 4504.020o 4604.0386 6203.0608 4504.0100 5304,0404 4504. 4504.0300 2402.0200 2402.0100 8340.0350 0104. Thru 0104.0600 0606. 8340.0250 2406. 0606. 2801.0600 0103. and 0103.0618 4409.0400 5603.0300 0703.0518 0704.0518 0504.1005 0504.0604 0504.0604 2302.0607 7900. 4410.0700 2029.0105 Alpha. 37 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Illiteracy, Military Personnel Illiteracy, Statistics, Population Illuminating, Ammunition Illuminating Flares Illuminating Gas as Fuel Substitute Illuminating Rockets Illuminating Signal Bombs Illuminating Signaling Cartridges Immigrant Groups, Loyalty Immigrant Groups, Recognized, Political Influence Immigrant Groups, Unrecognized, Political Tnfluence Immigration Data Immigration Stimulation of Immorality, Air Force, Personnel Immorality in Army Immorality, Military Personnel Immorality, Belief in Immunization, Interstate Import Duties Imports, Economic Warfare Imports, Foreign Trade Imports and Exports, Foreign Trade Imports and Exports, Foreign Trade, Inclusive Studies Imports, Livestock, Dairy and Meat Products Impregnating Plants Impregnating of Supplies and Equipment for use Incendiaries, Manufacturing Incinerators Income Income, Government Income, National Income Tax Indebtedness, Public 'Independence, Dominions and Dependencies Independence, Mandateeand Protectlorates. Independent Commands, Commanders of (Who's Who) Independent Commands, Order of Battle Independent Commands, Tactical units, Organization and Administration Independent Offices, Executive Branch Independent Offices, Executive Branch, Heads Indemnities Indicators (Electronics) Alpha. 38 0209.0105 5702. 8311.0500 8311.0500 4203.0425 8311.0500 and 01406. 8311.0500 8311.0500 5103. 3144.0305 3144.0400 5202.0100 5204. 2700.0106 0209.0106 0209.0106 5105. 5304.0100 and 5305.0205 4702.0100 4108.0200 4704.0301 4704.0300 4704.0303 4303.0700 4408.0104 8520.0200 4408.0200 0509. 4902. 4902.0200 4902.0100 4902.0203 4905. 3125.0301 3125.0401 7103.0507 0103.0200 0208.0200 3121.0800 3121.0900 4911. and 4900. 8330.1200 Indicators, Aircraft Instruments Indicators, Signalling Equipment (Manufacture) Indium Individual Equipment, Air Individual Equipment, Army, Reserves of Individual Transportation, Military Individual Training Induction, Policies and Practices, Personnel-Air Induction Policies and Practices, Personnel, Army Industrial Areas, Topography Industrial Development, Pattern of Industrial Enterprise, Pro- motion of in Colonial Possessions Industrial Installations, Distribution of Industrial Machinery, Manufacture Industrial Labor Organizations Industrial Manpower Industrial Mobilization Industrial Organizations, Control or Subsidy of Press by Industries, Effects of Rationing Industries, Governmental Emphasis in Stimulation and Curtailment of Industries, Manufacturing, Relative Importance of Industry, Absorption of Manpower (Post-;War Economic Planning) Industry, Animal Industry, Economic Committees relating to Industry, Economic Measures and Policies Relating to Industry, Governmental Policy Industry, Manufacturing, Aircraft Industry, Manufacturing, Building Materials Industry, Manufacturing, Chemicals, Explosives, War Gases, Smoke Preparations Industry, Manufacturing, Communications, Signal and Lighting Equipment Industry, Manufacturing,. Concentration of Domestic Control Industry in Occupied or Controlled Areas Industry, Manufacturing, General Industry, Manufacturing, Guns, Explosive Ammunition Industry, Manufacturing, Leather Industry, Manufacturing, Machinery, Parts, Miscellaneous Heavy Equipment 2302.0605 4407. 4205.0700 2302.0700 1103.0600 1107.0400 0901.0200 2700.0402 0209.0402 6202.0201 4101.0300 4102.0400 4101.0500 4406.0100 5405. 5205. 4197.0101 5505. 4105.0500 4102.0200 4101.0300 4104.0300 4303. 4102.0600 4102. 3141.0205 4404. 4413. 4408. 4407. 4401.0500 4103.0200 4401. 4409. 4414. 4406. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28nBIATBDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Industry, Manufacturing, Medical and Surgical Instruments and Equipment Industry, Manufacturing, Miscellaneous Industry, Manufacturing, New Developments and Research Industry, Manufacturing, Optical Equipment Industry, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Drugs and Medical Supplies Industry, Manufacturing, Photographic Equipment Industry, Manufacturing, Plastics Industry, Manufacturing, Precision Equipment Industry, Manufacturing, Railroad Equipment Industry, Manufacturing, Rubber Industry, Manufacturtag, Shipbuilding industry, Manufacturing, Textiles Industry, Manufacturing, Vehicles Industry, Manufacturing, Wood Products -:industry, Metals and Metallurgy Industry, Mining Industry, Movement to Interior (Economic Warfare) Industry, Natural Gas Industry, Nonmetallic Minerals Industry, Petroleum Industry, Reconstruction of (Post-War Planning) Industry, Reconversion of (Post-War Planning) Industry, Regulations. (Economic Warfare) Industry, Rehabilitation of Industry, Relocation and Dispersal (Economic Warfare) Industry, Solid Fuels Industry, Whaling Infantry Infantry, Administration of Infantry, Airborne, Air Special Command Infantry Corps, Order of Battle Infantry Corps, Organization and Administration Infantry Division, Organization Infantry Division (all types) Organization and Administration Infantry Divisions, Order of Battle Infantry Forces, Strength Infantry Guns Infantry Regiment, Organization Infantry, Organization of Infantry Units, Order of Battle Infantry Units, Organization .and Administration Infantry Weapons Infantry (Whofs Who) 4411. Infectious Diseases Infiltration and Raiding 4421. Infirmaries Inflation and Countermeasures 4422. Influenza Informants 4419. Information, Geographic Infr-Red and Ultra 'Violet Ingots, Steel, Total ,Production 4410. Ingredients of powder Inheritance of Property 4418. Inheritance Tax Injuries 4417. Inland Waterways Inlets 4420. Inoculations, Army Insanity Statistics 4402. Insects Insects and Animals, Control of 4416. Insect-Borne Diseases Insignia, Air 4405. Insignia, Army, Regular and Reserve 4415. 4-403. 4412. 4205. 4201. 4107.0201 4204. 4206. 4203. 4104.0500 4104.0200 4108.0303 4104.0400 4110.0400 4202. 4307.1000 0811.0100 0205.0300 2104.0505 0103.0105 0208.0105 0208.0301 0208.0301 0103.0301 0304.0104 0403.0100 0208.0301 0205.0300 0103.0601 0208.0601 Insignia, Civil Police Insignia, Civilian Organiza- tions Insignia Militia Semi-Military and other Military Organiza- tions Insignia, Unit, Partial Identification by Inspection, Beverage Plants Inspection, Food Inspection Methods and Standards Inspections and Reviews, Air Inspections and Reviews, Army Inspections and Visits, General, Army Inspoctor General Department, Organization, Army Inspector General Department, Strength, Army Inspectorates of Arms Installations, Air Installations, Defensive Installations, Distribution of Installations, landing Beaches Installations, Medical Installations, Military Posts Installations, Reconstruction Installations, Supply and Reserve Installations, Supply and Reserve, Field Installations, Underground, Combat Installations, Veterinary Institute of Pacific Relations Insitution Penal Institutional Care (Other than Mental and Penal) Institutions, Educational Institutions, Scientific Research 0401. 7102.0300 5301.0400 0812.0148 5303.0100 4909.0600 5301.0400 1000.0100 6101.0300 8360.0600 4205.0247 4408.0100 5105.0200 4902.0203 5300. 4604.0200 6203.0305 0209.0207 5306. 5304.0300 5304.0300 5301.0300 2405. 0601.0200 Thru 0601.0204 0604. 0603. 0602. 0104.0400 5304.0403 5304.0401 4404.0700 2503.0700 0906. 0907. 0204.0206 0304.0104 0204.0700 2401. 0703. 4101.0500 6203.0611 1106.0201 0206.0600 4413.1100 1103.0600 1104.0400 0703.0207 1106.0301 3161.0404 5902. 5803. 5700. 5706. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha. 39 CONFIIENTIAL Approved For Release 2001t0takkricAg-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Institutions, Mental Instruction, Military Instruments, Aircraft Instruments, Band Instruments, Cable Instruments, Detectors Instruments, Drawing Instruments, Rngineer Equipment Tnstruments, Fire Control Instruments, Firing Data Instruments, Flight Training, Aircraft Instruments, Legal Instrumento, Measuring Instruments, Medical Instruments, Medical and Surgical, Manufacture Instruments, Meterologicai Instruments, Mine Detectors Instruments, Musical Instruments, Navigation Instruments, Observing Instruments, Optical Instruments, Range Finding Instruments, Range Finding, Aerial Instruments, Instruments, Instruments, Instruments, Signaling Surgical Surveying Telegraph Instruments, Telephone Instruments, Testing Instruments of Precision, Photographic and Reproduction Equipment Insular Possessions Insulating Materials Insulators Insurance, Accident Insurance, Air, Military Insurance, Old Age Insurance, Military Personnel Insurance (Other than Military and Social) Insurance - Personnel - Air (In lieu of or Supplemental to:"-flying; pay) Insurance, Social Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Workmen's Com- pensation Insurrections, Suppression Intelligence Intelligence, Combat Intelligence Corps, Branches of Service, Administration of Intelligence Corps, Branches of Service, Organization of 5306. 0900. 2302.0605 5807.0400 0504.1200 and 4804. 8360.0200 0504.0802 0504.0800 0502. Thru 0502.1100 0502. 2302.0605 3123.0400 0504.0800 4411. 4411. 4506. 0504.1007 5807.0400 2302.0606 0504.0809 4419. 0502.0200 0502.0200 0503. 0507. 0504.0801 0503. and 4803.0200 0503. and 4803.0200 0504.1200 0504.0800 3125. 4407. and 4416.0505 8330.1400 5806.0300 2705.0505 5806.0200 0215.0305 4911. 2700.0505 5806. 5806.0100 5806.0300 0107. 1000. 1000.1100 0205.0200 0205.0200 Intelligence Corps (Who's Who) Intelligence, Counter Intelligence, Division Administration of Intelligence, Division, Air Ministry Intelligence, Details Intelligence, Digest Intelligence, Division, WDGS Organization of Intelligence Division of General Staff, Chief of. and Subordinates (Who's Who) Intelligence, Tnformation Intelligence, Military Intelligence, Military Personnel of Intelligence, of Personnel Air Intelligence, Radio Intelligence Personnel, Subversion of - Intelligence Tests, Air Intelligence, Training Intercepting of Messages Interception, Radar Interception, Radar, Airborne Interception, Radar, Ground Interception Radar Equipment Interception Radar Equipment, Airborne Interception Radar Equipment, Ground Interceptor Defense Systam, Air, Cities Interceptor Defense System, Air, Combat Zone Interceptor Defense System, Air, Interior Zone Interior, Zone of, Supply ' System Internal Migration Inter Racial and Ethnic Groups, Attitude of Population Toward International Affairs International Affiliations, Labor Organization International Air Agencies International Agreements, Censorship in War International Agreements, Fishing International Agreements, Merchant Marine' International Communication and Transportation (Foreign Policy) International Communist Activities International Economic Missions, Conferences and Agreements (Economic Warfare) International Law International Law, Adherence to 7102.0200 1000.1600 0204.0202 2103.0102 1000.0100 1000.0100 0204.0202 7103.0302 1000.0100 1000. 0209.0104 2700.0104 1000.1400 1000.1900 0209.0104 2702.0702 1000.0100 1000.0100 8340.0240 8340.0241 8340.0242 8340.0340 8340.0341 8340.0342 2106.0700 2106.0600 2106.0500 1103. 5202.0300 5501.0500 3160. 5405. 2101.0300 1000.1707 4307.0100 4604.0405 3161.0202 3161.0507 4112. 3123.0402 and 3165.0700 3123.0402 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha. 40 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001 00070001-9 International Organization, Attitude of Population Toward International Organization, Labor International Organizations and Movements, Participation in (Foreign Policy) International Post-War and other Long Range Plans International Relations International Security, Foreign Policy Interned Person, Civilian Interned Persons, Military Interned Vessels . Internees, Civilian Internment Camps Internment of Property Internment, Military Prisoners of War Interrogation, Air Prisoners of War Interrogation, Prisoners of War Interrogation and Interviews Interpreters (Civil) Interrogators Interstate Control and Quar- antine Measure, Disease and Sanitation Interventions, International Interviews Intestinal Diseases, Preva- .1ence Intestinal Parasites, Treat- ment and Prophylaxis Pro- gram Intrastate Control and Quar- antine, Disease and Sanitation Intrenchments, Fortifications Invasion by Enemy, Economic Effect (Economic Warfare) Invasion, Military Inundations Inundations, Structural Data Inventions, Research Inventories of Property, Stores and Supplies on Hand Investigations, Supplies and Equipment Investigators Abroad Investigators in Country Investments Investments, Foreign, in Manufacturing Industries Investments, Foreign, in Country, General Investments in Foreign Countries Iodine Deficiencies, Diseases Iron and Steel Irregular Armies, See Section II, Military 5501.0400 5405.0100 3161.0300 3161.0400 and 3161.0500 3161.0600 3160. 3161.0207 3165.0800 0306. 4604.0404 3165.0800 0209.0305 3233.0100 0209.0305 2205.0200 0209.0305 8025. 3163.0600 0209.0305 5304.0100 3161.0300 1000.1500 5301.0200 5304.0206 5304.0200 0701. 4110. 0812.0104 0703.0513 0704.0513 8430.0102 1103.0600 1103.0300 1000.0700 1000.0800 4901.0100 4401.0400 4906. 4907. 5301.0700 4205.0200 Irregular Forces, Adminis- tration of Irregular Forces, Organize.- tion of .Irrigation Ditches, Photo- graphs (Geographic Source Materials) Irrigation Project, Food Crops Islands, Topography Isolationism Isopropyl Alcohol, Manufacture Issues and Problems, Politi- cal-Domestic Issues of and Equipment, Supplies Isthmuses Jackets, Uniform Jamming Jamming Guided Missiles Jamming Navigation Jamming Radar Jamming Radio Jamming Radio Proximity Fuze Jamming Devices, Radio and Radar Jaundice, Catarrhal Jaundice, Spirochaetal Jeeps, Jet Propelled Aircraft Jet Propelled,Guided Missiles Jetties, Structures In Water Jewish Religion Jews Jigger Flea Joint Chiefs of Staff, Administration of Joint Chief of Staff Joint Commands Joint Intelligence Agencies Joint Intelligence Committees Joint International Boards Joint War Plans Journals, Geographic Journals, Medical Journals, Military Journals, Service Journals, Service School Judge Advocate General Depart- ment, Organization Judge Advocate General Depart- ment, Strength Judge Advocate General's Corps, Administration of Judge Advocate General's Corps, Organization of Judge Advocate General's De- partment, Administration Judge Advocate General's De- partment or Corps (Who's Who) Judge Advocate General's De- partment, Organization of Judicial Branch, National Government 0203.0800 0203.0800 6102.0300 4302.0300 6203.0600 5501. 4408.0100 3142. 1103.0500 6203.0101 0601. 8350.0210 8350.0214 8350.0215 8350.0212 8350.0211 8350.0213 8350.0210 5301.0400 5301.0500 0501.0100 2302.0112 0407.0200 4604.0313 5104.0500 5104.0500 5301.0600 0202.0400 0202.0400 0201.0300 1000.0300 1000.0200 0202.0400 0810.0200 6103. 5305. 0908. 0908. .0908. 2400. 2400. 0205.2400 0205.240o 0205.2400 7102.2400 0205.2400 3123. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha. la CCNFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001fi8raftfAcIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Judicial Decisions, Effect In Political Issues and Problems Judiciaries, Local, Powers of Judiciaries, Provincial Judiciary, National, Views Domestic Affairs Jujitsu Junctions, Railway Jungle Warfare, Equipment Jurisdiction, Censorship in War Jurisdictbn, Civil Govern- ment over Federal Property or Operations ' Justice, Military Jute Kala-Azar Kalsomine laillthAl (Alloys) Kerosene, Production Statistics Kerosene, Properties, Uses Kings (Who ls Who) Kitchens, Field Kitchens, Post Kitchens, Rolling Kite Barrages, Air Operations Kite Barrages, Defense Kits, Aircraft Tools Kits, First Aid Knives Kodaks and Supplies K,yanite Labor, Agricultural Labor Bureau, International Labor, Employers's Organiza- tions Labor, Employment and Unemployment Labor, Government Relation- Ship to Labor, Governmental Policy Labor; Hiring and Recruiting of Labor, Manpower Studies Labor, Organization, International Labor, Organization, National Labor, Strikes and Lockouts Labor Working Conditions and Regulations Labdratories Laboratories, Aircraft Radio Laboratories, Chemical Field Laboratories, Industrial Laboratories, Medical Laboratories, Naval Research Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Laborers ' Labradorite Lachrymose Gases and Chemicals Alpha. 42 3142.1000 3124.0800 3124.0900 3141.0505 0901. 4602.0301 0503.1500 1000.1703 3123. 2400. 1106.0600 5301.0300 4413. 4205.0900 4203.0402 4203.0503 7201. 0508. 0215.0404 o5o8. 2802.0404 2106.1000 2302.0611 0507. 0401.0700 0504.0800 4206.0300 4301.0100 ,and 4302.0400 3161.0405 5406. 5402. 5401. 3141.0204 5407. 5205. 5405.0100 5405. 5404. 5403. 4422. 2302.0800 5706. 4422. 5303.0500 N 8430.0102 4410.0400 5205.0200 4205.0302 and 4206.0200 8520.0105 Lagoons Lakes, See Topography Lakes, Water Transportation Lamps, Communication Equipment Land, Agricultural, General Land, Annexation Land, Disposition. of, Buildings, and Grounds Land Fortifications Land, Grazing Landing Mat, Prefabricated Construction Materials Land Mines, Manufacture Land Mounted Torpedo Tubes Land Mounted Torpedo Tubes, Structural Data Land Owners Land, Property Administration Land, Sheep Raising Land Transportation Land Warfare, Rules Landing Beaches Landing Craft Landing Fields, Etergency, Individual Landing Fields, Emergency, Potential Landing, Gear, Aircraft Landing, Lights on Aircraft Landing, Strips Landmarks Landscape Photographs Landslides Language, Proficiency in and study of Language Schools, Foreign, in Country Language Students, Foreign, Military, In Country Language Students, Military, in FOreign Schools Languages, General ? Characteristics Lantern Slides Lanterns Latex, Preparation of Crude Rubber from Latex, Statistical Data Lathes Launching Devices, Guided Missiles Launching of Ships Laundry Equipment, Military Latrines Laundries Laundries, Supplies for Lavatories Lae, International, Adherence to Law, Martial Law Observance and Execution, Attitude of Population Toward Lawlessness, Suppression of Laws, Administration of the Army Laws, Affecting Disbursement 6203.0310 6203. 4604.0200 8311.0500 4301. 0215:0401 0215.0407 0703. 4303.0100 0504.0401 4409.0400 0703.0209 0704.0209 4301.0800 0215.0401 4306.0300 4603.0500 3123.0402 6102.0203 and 6203.0606 0501.0500 2401.0101 2401.0102 2301. 2301. 2401.0100 6203. 6102.0207 6203. 5102. 5705.0400 0904.0400 0904.0500 5102. 0504.0809 0509. 4416.0102 446.0700 4406.0300 0407.0100 4604.0411 0509. 5300. 0208.0614 0208.0616 5300. 3123.0402 0107. 5900. 5901. 0201. 4908.0100 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/01912'gDMITAIRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Laws, Civil Code Law, Constitutional Laws on Espionage, Sabotage Subversion Laws, Foreign Laws, International Law, Judicial Branch Laws, Mobilization Laws and Methods of Exchange Stabilization -Laws, Labor Laws, Municipal Ordinances 3123.0401 3123.0102 3123.0405 3123.0400 3123.0402 3123.0400 0303.0101 4910.0200 5403.0100 3124.0600 Lessons and Trends, Strategic Employment, Air Lessons and Trends, Tactical Employment, Air Levees Lewleite, Manufacture Liaison, Exercise of Command Liaison, Technical, Foreigners in Country Liaison, Technical, By Nationals in Foreign Countries Liberation 2502.0200 2501.0300 6203.0304 4408.0300 0814.0700 1000.0900 1000.0600 5805. Laws, National Defense 0201. and Laws, Naturalization 5204. 4104. Laws, Penal Coda 5902. Libraries 5707. Laws, Property, Peacetime 3123.0403 Libraries Military, Laws, Property, War 3123.0404 Administration 0216.1100 Laws, Regulations of the Army, Libraries, Post 0215.0407 Affecting Organization 0216.0100 Lice, Control of 5304.090 Laws and Regulations, Civilian Lie Detectors 5901. Air Defense 2107.0200 Life, Domestic, Conditions of 5600. Laws and Regulations, Civil, Life Tables 5203.0300 Air 2901.0400 Lifesaving, Apparatus, and Laws and Regulations, Military, Devices, Aircraft 2302.0611 Air 2201.0400 Lifesaving Guns 0401.0200 Laws and Regulations, Mobiliza- tion, Air 2206.0101 Light Control, Measures (Blackout) 2107.1300 Laws, Revised Statutes and Light Divisions, Order of Amendments 3123.0400 Battle 0103.0305 Laws or Rules, Land Warfare 3123.0402 Lighters 4604.0325 Laws, State and Territorial 3124.0800 Lighthouses 4604.0106 Laws, Traffic Regulations, Civil and Military 5900. Lighting, Electric Power. Systems. 4501. Lead 4205.0500 Lighting, Prefabricated Leaders, Political, Current Construction Materials 0504.0404 Views on Foreign Policy of 3161.0700 Lights, Aids to Air Navigation 2402.0200 Leaders, Religious 5104. Limbs, Artificial 0507. Leaders, Revolutions 3144.0501 Lillie 4206.0100 Leaders, War, Confidence of Limestone 4206.0100 Civilian Population in 5502. Limitation of Armament 3165.0500 . League of Nations., Attitude of Limited Service, for Officers 0209.0102 Population Toward 5501.0400 Linen, Manufacture 44'5. Leather Manufacture 4414. Linguistic Groups 5102. Leave, Military 0209.0205 Linguistic Groups, Statistics 5201.0300 Leaves of AbAence, Military 0209.0205 Link Trainers, Aircraft, 2302.0611 Leaves of Absence, Officers and Liquid Air, Manufacture 4408.0100 Warrant Officers 0209.0205 Liquor, Distillation and Leaves, Furloughs and Passes, Fermentation 1+3014-. 0800 Personnel - Air 2700.0205 Liquid Fire 0506.0300 Lectures, Army 0209.0208 Liquor Rationiug 4105.0500 Legal Attaches 1000.0500 Listings (Scientific) 8720. Legations 3164.0100 Listings (Foreign Documents) 8720.1000 Legislation 3122. Listings (Foreign Equipment) 8720.2000 Legislation, Defense 0201. Lists of Intelligence Targets Legislation of Military System 0201. on Intelligence Objectives 8100. Legislative Body, Current Literature and the Arta 5708. View in Foreign Affairs 3161.0704 Literature, Restriction of Legislative Branch 3122. Propaganda 5503.0600 Legislatures, Local, Powers of 3124.0600 Lithium 4205.0700 Legislatures, State Members of 3124.0700 Lithographing outfit, Supplies Leishmaniasis, Kala-Azar and and Products 0504.0804 Cutaneous (Disease) 5301.0300 Litters 0507. Lend Lease 4705. Livestock, Imports and Exports 4303.0700 Lenses, Optical, Manufacture of. 4419. Living Conditions 5600. Leprosy 5301.0400 Living, Cost of 4105. Lessons and Criticisms., Living, Standards of 5603. Military Operations 0106. and 5502. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpfia . 43 COEFIDINTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28WINA6RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Loading and Unloading, Ports and Harbors Loading and Unloading, Railways Loans of Supplies and Equio- ment to Foreign Governments Loans, Public Debt Loans, Supplies and Equipment Loans, U.S. Government to others, as Allies Funds Local Governments Local Governments, Political Issues and Problems Within Local Governments, Relations. Between Location, Radion Communica- tions Stations Location, Units, Identifica- tion by Locations, Navigational Stations Locations, Radar Installations Locations, Strategic, Geographical Lockouts, Labor Locks, Inland Waterways Locomotives Locomotives, Manufacture Logistical Facilities, Adequacy of in War Logistics, Military, Air Loiasis Losses, Material, Equipment and Supplies, Air Losses, Personnel, Air Losses, Shipping, Thru Navigational Mishaps Losses, Ships Losses, Supplies and Equipment Losses, Vital Statistics Loud Speaking Devices Louse-Borne Diseases Loyalty, Army Personnel, Loyalty, Air Force Personnel Loyalty to Goveriment, News- papers, News Services, etc. Lubricators Lubricants Lumber, Manufacturing Lympho-Granuloma Venereum Machetes, Small Arms Machetes, Scabbards Machine, Hand and Tools Machine, Punch Cards Machine Gun Mounts Machine Guns Machine Guns, Air Machine Shops, Ports Machinery, Canals Machinery, Electrical Machinery, Industrial Machinery, Manufacturing of 4604.0321 4602.0331 4705. 4905. 4705. 4704.0502 3124. 3142.0400 3142.0500 8310.0400 0104.0100 8320.0400 8340.040o 6202.0101 5404. 4604.0208 4602.0401 4402. 4601.0400 1100. and 2600. 5301.0300 2204.0200 2204.0100 4110.0300 1105.0600 5203. 8311. 5301.0300 0209.0107 2700.0107 5505.0100 0504.1206 4203.0506 4412. 5301.0100 0401. 0401. 0504.1300 0509. 2302.0305 0401.0500 2302.0303 Thru 2302.0307 4604.0363 4406.0100 4406.0200 4406.0100 4406. Machines, Cleaning 4406. Machines, Measuring and Testing 4406. Machines, Office 0509. Machines, Photographic 4418. Machines, Printing and Duplicating Machines, Tools and Implements Machines, X-ray Mackinaws Magazine Rifle Magazines Magazines-, Small Arms Magazines, Subscriptions Magic, Belief in Magicians Magnesite (Light Metals Sources) Magnesite, Minerals in Manufacture of Light Metals Magnesium (Light Metals) ' Magnesium (Secondary Nonferrous Metals) Magnetic, (mine, ship and submarine detectors) Magnetic Disturbances Magnetos Mail, Air-mail Mail, Air Routes Mail Censorship Mail and Courier Army Service, Mail and Courier System, Civil Mail, Establishment of Post Offices and Routes (Not Air) Mail, Franking Privileges Mail, Free Postage Mail, Irregularities Mail, Lost or Destroyed Mails Mail, Misdirected Mail, Parcel post Mail, Penalty Envelopes Mail, Postage Stamps, Use of Mail, Readdressing and Forwarding 4812.0300 Mail, Registered 4812.0400 Mail, Regulations and Rules, Postal and Otherwise 4812. Mail, Routes (Not Air) 4812.0200 Mail, Rural Free Delivery and Extension of Special Delivery Mail, V-Mail Mail Service, Army, Administration 0205.2700 Mailing Lists 4812. Mailing Tubes 4812. Mailameters 4812. Mails, Transportation of 4812.0200 Maintenance, Aircraft 2302.0800 Maintenance, Health, Personnel- Air 2700.0207 Maintenance, Repair', and Sal- vaging of Equipment and Aircraft Maintenance, Requirements, Allowances 1105. 0509. 4406.0300 0507. 0504.0203 0401.0400 5505.0100 0401. 5505.0100 5105. 5105. 4205.0302 4206.0200 4205.0300 4205.0600 8360.0700 6204. 4406.o400 2901.0700 2901.0700 5504. 0205.2700 and 0217.0400 4812. 4812.0100 4812.0100 4812.0100 4812.0100 4812.0300 4812.0300 4812. 4812. 4812.0100 4812.0300 0205.2700 2601.0400 Alpha. 44 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/2figLIPEIRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Maintenance, Requirements, Ammunition Maintenance, Requirements, Animal Rations Maintenance, Requirements, Fuel Maintenance, Requirements, Human Rations. Maintenance, Requirements, Total Maintenance, Ships Malaria Malaria, Intrastate Quarantine and Control Malaria, Treatment and Pro- phylaxis Program Mallein (Special Veterinary Treatment) Malnutrition Mandates, Colonial Affairs Mandates, Organizatien and Functions Maneuver Areas, Administration of Maneuver Areas, Organiza- tion of Maneuver and Deployment Possibilities, Topographic Maneuver Areas Maneuver Grounds Maneuver Maps Maneuver and Training Areas Maneuvers, Air, General Maneuvers, Air, Tactical Trends Maneuvers and Exercises, Training, Army Manganese (Steel Alloying Metal) Manifests, Ship Manifolds Manpower Manpower, Air Manpower, Available Military Manpower, Controls and Policies of Government Manpower, Efficiency Manpower, Foreign Labor Manpower., Industrial, etc. Manpower, Occupational Distribution Manpower and Population Manpower Studies Manuals Manuals, Geographic Manuals, Training, Administra- tive System Manufacture and Methods of Supplies and Equipment Manufacturing, Armament, Materials Consumption and Requirement Manufacturing, Aircraft Production Manufacturing, Areas Manufacturing, Automobiles, Buses, Etc. Manufacturing, Building Materials 1105.0200 1105.0500 1105.0300 1105.0400 1105.0100 4604.0357 5301.0300 5304.0200 5304.0206 5303.0600 5301.0700 3125.0100 3125.0100 0206,0400 0206.0400 6202.0306 0206.0400 0903.0100 6101. 0903.0103 2503.0600 2501.0300 0903.0100 4205.0400 4405.0300 0501. 0300. 2200. 0301. 5205.0300 5205.0200 5205.0400 5200. 5205.0100 5200. 5205. 1216. 6103. 0216.0200 4421. 4409.0800 140+. 4401.0200 4403. 4413. Manufacturing, Chemicals, Explosives and Gases Manufacturing, Commanications and Signal Equipment Manufacturing, General Manufacturing, Industrial Equipment, Heavy Manufacturing, Leather Manufacturing, Machinery and Heavy Equipment Manufacturing, Margarine and Butter Substitutes Manufacturing, Medical and Surgical Instruments and Equipment Manufacturing, Medical, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing, Miscellaneous, of Military Importance Manufacturing, New Developments and Research Manufacturing, Optical Equipment Manufacturing, Photographic Equipment Manufacturing, Manufacturing, Equipment Manufacturing, Equipment Manufacturing, Manufacturing, Manufacturing, Surpluses Manufacturing, Plastics Precision Railroad Rubber Shipbuilding Shortages and Steel Manufacturing, Textiles Manufacturing, Vehicles, Motorized and Nonmotorized Manufacturing, Wood Products Manufacturing Establishments Manufacturing, Guns, Explosive Devices and Ammunition Manufacturing Industry, Con- centration of Domestic Control Manure Manuscripts Map Data (Geographic Source Materials) Mapping, Aerial Mapping and Map Work Mapping, Equipment, Army Maps, Aeronautic Maps, Battlefield, Maneuver, and War Maps, Blueprints, Drawing, Sketches, Tracings Maps, Construction Maps, Disposition of Maps, Distribution of Maps, Foreign Maps, Geographic Information to be Reported Maps, Information about Maps to be Reported Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 4408. 44o7. 4401. 4406. 4414. 4406. 4304.0700 4411. 4410. 4421. 4422. 4419. 4418. 4417. 4420. 4402. 4416. 44o5. 4101.0400 4205.0233 Thru 4205.0248 4415. 4403. 4412. 4401. 4409. 4401.0500 4306.0400 5505.0500 .6101. 6102.0100 and 2902.0500 6101. 0504.0802 2902.0500 6101.- 6101. 6101. 6101. 6101. 6101.0100 6101.0300 6101.0100 Alpha. 45 Approved For Release 2001 Maps, Methods of Reproduction Maps, Mosaics Maps, Publications to be Forwarded Maps, Purchase of Maps, Reproduction of Maps, Sale of Naps, Scale of .March Techniques, Tactics Margarine and Butter, Substitutes Marijuana Marine, Life, Extent of (Economic Structure) Marine, Merchant Marine, Merchant, Convoy Plans Marine Corps Marine Equipment Marine Obstacles Marine Obstacles, Structural Data Marine Railways, Ports Marines, Strength, Active and Reserve Maritime Quarantine Regulations Marking, Packing, Inspecting, Supplies and Equipment, Logistics Markings, Air, Ground Markings, Airplane Marksmanship Marriage Ceremonies, Regula- tion of Sexual Relations, Restrictions Marriage Statistics Married Men, Enlistment of Marshalling Yards, Ports and Harbors Marshalling Yards, Railway Marshals Marshes, Critical Areas, Strategy of Country Marshes and Swamps Martial Law Masks, Gas Masks, Gas, Research and Development Masons Massacres, Historical Matches Shooting (National) Materials, Blackouts Materials, Building (See item, such as Lumber) Materials Essential, Strategic, Critical, Controlled and Prohibited Items Material, Plastic Materials, Symthetic Materiel Crumnnd, Air Materiel Losses, Air, Operations Measles, Diseases faidacjA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 6101. 6101. 6101.0200 6101. 6101. 6101. 6101.0102 0816. 4304.0700 4410.0700 4101.0100 4604.0400 4604.0416 0303.0200 0504.0900 0703.0540 0704.0540 4604.0364 0304.0200 5304.0100 1104. 2402.0200 2402.0100 5807. and 0902.0400 5105.0100 5203.0500 0302.0100 4604.0346 4602.0205 5901. 6202.0201 6204.0318 Thru 6204.0324 0207.0600 and 0107. 0505.0100 8520.0201 5400. 3414. 5807. 2107.1300 4413. 4413.0100 4417. 4417.0100 2102. 2204.0200 5301.0400 Measles, German, Diseases 5301.0400 Measles, Intrastate Quarantine and Control 5304.0200 Measures, Passive Defense 0812.0125 Measures and Weights 4702.0300 Measuring Instruments and Machines 4406. Meat, Canning 4304.0600 Meat, Freezing 4304.0500 Meat, Production and Distribution 4303.0500 Meat Products, Domestic Consumption and Sufficiency of 4303.0700 Meat Products, Exports and Imports 4303.0700 Meat, Sanitary Aspects 5304.0400 Meat, Slaughtering 4303.0500 Mechanical Equipmen, 0504.0800 Mechanics 7523. Mechanics, Civilian 0214. Mechanics, Military 0208.0614 Mechanics - General, Personnel Air 2700.0111 Mechanics, Personnel Air 2702.0423 Mechanization 0822. Mechanization and Motorization Theories, Army 0822. Mechanized Force 0207.0600 Medals 0605.0100 Medals, Army 0605.0100 Medals, Civil 3183. Mediation, Terminating War 3165.0703 Medical 0811.0900 Medical Attendance 5302. Medical Crops 0205.1400 Medical Corps, Administration of 0205.1400 Medical Corps, Organization of 0205.1400 Medical Corps (olhofs Who) 7102.1400 Medical Department, Organization, Army 0205.1400 Medical, Dressings and Materials 0507. Medical Equipment Medical, Examinations Medical Facilities and Personnel (NonMilitary) Medical Histories Medical Hospitalization Medical Installations Medical Instruments Medical Laboratories Medical Research Medical Reserve Corps Medical Service, Air Defense, Civil Population Medical Service, Organization, Army Medical Service, Strength, Army and 8;8,?:0200 5303.0500 5303. 5305. 1106.0200 1106.0200 1106.0201 and 5303.0500 0507. and 5303.0200 5303.0100 and 5303.0500 5305. 0205.1400 2107.1500 0205.1400 0304.0104 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha. 46 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001 Medical Supplies - 4410. 00070001-9 Metals--Continued Medical Supplies, Electrical Maganese 4205.0400 Equipment 4411. Minerals 4200. Medical Supplies, Manufacturing 4410. Molybdenum 4205.0239 Medical and Surgical Instruments and and Equipment, Manufacturing 4411. 4205.0400 Medical Units, Order of Monel metal 4205.0900 Battle 0103.0611 Nickel 4205.0400 Medical Units, Organization and and Administration 0208.0611 4205.0238 Medicine Aviation 2700.0207 Ores 4205. Medicines 4410. Platinum 4205.0800 Medicines, Manufacturing 4410. Silver 4205.0800 Medicines, Training in and Surgery, Nursing, Clinics, and First Aid 0904.0800- Steel 4205.0900 4205.0200 Medium Member 2302.0105'. Tin 4205.0500 Meetings 3165.0400 Tungsten 4205.0238 Members of Foreign Military 4205.0900 Missions in Country (Who's and Who) 7104.0800 4205.0400 Members of Military Missions Wolfram 4205.0238 Abroad (Who's Who) 7104.0300 4205.0900 Memorial Halls 5603.0300 and Memorials. 1215. 4205.0400 Meningitis 5301.0400 Zinc 4205.0500 Mental Disorder 5306. Metals, Alloying, Steel 4205.0400 Merchant Marine 4604.040o Metals, Alloys, Various 4205.0900 Merchant Marine, Convoy Plans 4604.0416 Metals, Light 4205:0300 Merchant Marine, Recruiting 4604.0406 Metals, Mining Industry, MercbantMarine, Training 4604.0406 General 4201. Mercury 4205.060o Metals, Minor 4205.0700 Mess Boxee (rations) 1105.0400 Metals, Miscellaneous and Metallurgical Processes 4205.1000 0508. Metals, Nonferrous, IMportent 4205.0500 Mess Equipment 0508. Metals, Nonferrous, Secondary 4205.0600 Mess Halle .0215.0405 Metals, Precious 4205.0800 Mess Hits 0508. Metals and Metallurgy 4205. Mess Management training 0904.0800 Meteorological Instruments, Message Centers, Army Observations 4506. Administration 0217.0300 Meteorological Equipment, Radio 8360.0800 Messenger Dog Units, Signal Meteorological Services 4506. Corps, Organization 0208.0609 Meteorological Services, Air, Messenger Pigeon Units, Civil 2901.0800 Signal Corps, Organization 0208.0608 Meteorological Stations 4506; Messengers, Military 0208.0609 Meteorologist 7523. Metallurgy 4205. Meteorology 2901.0800 Metallurgy, Research 8430.0103 and Metals: 4506. Aluminum 4205.0300 Meteorology, Radio 4805.0105 Bauxite 4205,0302 Meters (see conversion tables). Beryllium 4205.0700 Methane as Gas Fuel Substitute 4203.0425 Brass 4205.0900 Methanol as Liquid Fuel Bronze 4205.0900 Substitute 4203.0418 Chrome 4205.0238 Methanol, Manufacture 4408.0100 and Methods, Inspection and 4205.0400 Standards 4404.0700 Copper 4205.0500 Methods and Manners of con- Cryolite 4206.0200 ducting War 0800. 4205.0302 Methods of preserving and and storing supplies 1103.0500 4205.0303 Methods Propulsion 8420.0100 Gold 4205.0800 Methylaline 4408.0100 Iron 4205.0200 and Lead 4205.0500 4203.0418 Magnesium 4205.0300 Metropolitan Areas 5108.0500 and Mica 4206.0100 4205.0600 Mice, .date 5305. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha. 47 CONFIDENTIAL ' Approved For Release 2001/NIAtRWRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Microfilms Microphones, radio Microscopes, Manufacture Microscopists Middlemen, Labor Midwives Migration, Internal Mileage, Road System Militarism Militarized Societies, Administration of Militarized Societies, Organization of Militarized Societies, Health Maintenance Militarized Societies, Premllitary Training MilitArized Societies, Strength Military Academies Military Agencies, Organiza- tion and Administration Military Agencies, Significance of Military Agents Abroad, Accredited Military Agents Abroad, Not Accredited Military Agents in Country, Accredited Military Agents in Country, Not Accredited Military Aircraft, Transporta- tion by Military Archives, ARminis- tration Military Areas Military Attaches, Abroad Military Attaches Abroad, (Who's Who) Military Attaches, In Country Military Authorities, Relations between Civil and Military Military Blocs Recognized, Political Influence Military Blocs, Unrecognized, Political Influence Military Books, Unofficial, Administrative System Military Bridges, Construction of Military Budget Military Commanders in War, avers Military Concentration Camps Military Concentration Camps, Personnel - Air Military Control, Efficiency of Military Control, Merchant Marine Military Control, Occupied territory 0504.0803 and 2302.0610 8330.1600 4419. 7523. 5407. 5303.0300 5202.0300 4603.0202 3141.0300 0203.0700 0203.0700 0209.0207 0905.0204 0304.0103 0904. 0202. 0202. 1000.0500 1000.0700 3000.0800 7000.1000 2105. 0216.1100 0206. 1000.0500 7104.0100 1000.0800 3141.0302 3144.0301 3144.0400 0216.0900 1110.0300 0215.0101 0207.0600 0209.0305 2700.0305 0207.0400 4604.0404 0207.0400 Military Courts, Personnel discipline Military Courts and Commis- sions, Personnel - Air Military Discipline Military Districts, Adminis- trative Structure Military Districts, Division of the Country into Military Districts, Functions of Military Districts, Organiza- tion of Military Engagements and Campaign Military Espionage Organizations Military Espionage Organiza- tions, Administration Military Espionage Organiza- tions (Who's Who) 7103.0207 Military Expeditions 0106. Military Expenditures 0215.0102 Military Expenditures, Other Agencies 0215.0103 Military Explorations 0106. Military Gendarmerie of local defense forces, Commanders of (Who's Who) 7103.0704 Military Government 3200. and 0209.0302 2700.0302 0209.0300 0206.0100 0206.0100 0206.0100 0206.0100 0106. 0203.1000 0203.1000 Military Government, Effect on Executive Powers Military Government, Occupied Territory Military Histories Military History of Coasts Military Information and Collection of Military Information and Dissemination of Military Information, Means of Safeguarding Military Installations at Landing Beaches Military Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence Military Intelligence, Organization Military Intelligence, Strength Military Intelligence Service, American Press Correspondents Suitable for Military Intelligence Service of Foreign Countries Military Law, Personnel, Air Military Law, Personnel, Discipline Military Libraries, Administration Military Manpower Military Manpower, Policy to Increase 3280. 3121.0103 0207.0400 0106. 6203.0601 1000.0100 1000.0100 1000.2000 6203.0611 1000. 0204.0202 0304.0105 k 5505.0600 1000.0100 2700.0301 0209.0301 0216.1100 0300. 5205.0300 Alpha. 48 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDETTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/22P.DZWPROP78-02646R000100070001-9 Military Missions Abroad, Members of (Who's Who) Military Missions in Foreign Countries, Administration of , Military,Miseions in Foreign Countries; Organization of Military Missions fram Foreign Countries Military Missions to Foreign Countries Military Missions, Foreign, in Country; Administration and. Organization Of Military antiNaval TranBpOrt-7. Military Objectives Military Observers Military Gbservers Abroad (Iirho'slfho) Military Operations, Military: Operations, Com- bined. WitIV=Air and Navy felltary Operations, Com- -.fined With Allied Forces Operations, Demolition in Admuice,,or Retreat Military-Gparations, Disposi- :tion Of Forces MitItaryOperatione, Distribution, of Forces Military Operations, Effect Of Drainage on Military.Operations, Effect on Civilian Morale Military Operations, General, Military Operations, Movementa..:',, MilitaryGperatione, Order of Battle : MilttaryOperations, Organiza- tion and. Distribution of Forces.* MilitaryGperationa, Political Aspects Military Operations, Public Order and Safety-UBe of Troops - Military Operations, Reviews and Inspections by Foreigners Military Operations, Rules of Land Warfare Military Operations, Scorched. Earth Military Operations, Strength of Forces Military Organizations, Character of Military Organizations, Effectiveness of Military Organizations Organ- ization and Administration Military Organizations, Part Played in Overall Military System Military Organizations, 7104.0300 Purpose of 0203. Military Organizations, Significance of 0203. 0202.0600 Military Organizations, Size of 0203. 0202.0600 Military Periodicals, Unofficial, Administrative 3164.0404 System 0216.1000 Military Personnel Adminis- 3163.0404 tration, See - Personnel Military Personnel, Suffrage 0202.0700 Military Police, Aaminis_ tration of 2302.0114 Military Police, Organita- 0812.0104 tion of 1000.0800 Military Police, Secret, and Administration of 1000.0500 Military Police, Secret, Organization of 7104.0200 Military Police (Who's Who) Military Police Corm 3165.0703Organization i4ilitary Police Corps, Strength 0106. military Police Units, Order of Battle 0106. Military Police Units, Organiza- tion and Administration 0208.0617 0106. Military Policies of Other Countrieg, Reaction to 3165.0300 0106. Military Policies of U.S., ? Reaction to 3165.0200 0106. Military Ports (Construction of) 1110.0400 Military Posts and. Stations, 0106. Administration of 0206.0600 Military Posts and Stations, 5502. Commanders of Others 0106. (Who's Who) 7103.0709 Military Posts and Stations, 0106. Organization of 0206.0600 Military Pressure Groups 0106. Recognized, Political Influence 3144.0301 Military Pressure Groups, Unrecognized, Political 0106. Influence 3144.0400 Military Prisons 0209.0304 3165.0300 Military Prisons,' Perecinnel, Air 2700.0304 Military Problems 0903.0100 Military Publications 0107. Administrative System 0106. 0106. 0106. 0106. 0203. 0203. 0203. 3131.0200 0205.2200 0205.2200 0203.0900 0203.0900 7102.2200 0205.2200 0304.01o4 0103.0617 Military Radio, Military, Railways, Construction of Military Railway Service Military Records, Administrative System Military Reservations Military Roads, Construction of Military Rubber Goods Military Schools, Commanders of, Members of instructing staffs, and officers attending 0203. courses (Who's Who) 0216. Thru 0216.11.00 4805.0103 1110.0100 1101.0100 0216. Thru 0216.1100 0206.0300 1110.0200 4416.0505 7103.0706 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha. 49 CONF.LuliaTIAL Approved For Release 2001/Arog94.1AXArRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Military Schools of Country, Foreign Personnel (Who's Who) Military Science Military Staff Conversations, Bilateral and Multilateral Military Stations, Aaminis_ tration of Military Stations, Organiza- tion of Military Strategy Military Strength, Manpower Military System, Constitutional Provisions of Military System, Organization and Administration of Military System, Basic Legislation of Military Tactics Military Textiles Military Traditions of the Nation Military Transportation System Military Who's Who, Branches of Service Military Who's Who, General Military Who's Who, Individual Military Who's Who, Positions Militia or National Guard, Military Organizations, Organization and Adminis- tration Militia or National Gnard, Personnel - Air Militia, Personnel Militia (Who's Who) Milk, Pasteurization Milk, Production Milling (Food Processing) Mimeograph Machines and Supplies Mimeograph Operators Mine Blocks Mine Destruction equipment Mine Detectors Mine Exploders Mine Fields, Anti-Personnel Mine Fields, Anti-Tank Mine Fields, Anti-Personnel, Structural Data Mine Fields, Anti-Tank Structural Data Mine Fields, Marine Obstacles Mine Fields, Marine Obstacles, Structural Data Mine Field Marking, Mines and Booby Traps Mine Laying, Air Mineral Content of Water Mineral Deposits, Wealth of Mineral Mines Minerals Minerals, Metals and Metallurgy 7104.0900 Minerals, Mining Industry, 0800. General Minerals, Nonmetallic 3165.0401 Minerals, Petroleum Minerals, Solid Fuels 0206.0600 Miners Mines, Ammunition, Air 0206.0600 Mines, Anti-Boat, Under Water 0820. Obstacles, Location of 0300. Mines, Anti-Boat, Underwater Obstacles, Structural Data 0201. Mines, Anti-Personnel Mines, Anti-Tank 0201. Mines, Booby Traps Mines and Booby Traps 0201. Mines, or Booby Traps, 0811. Improvised 4415.0500 Mines, Coal Mines, Iron 0201. Mines, Explosive Devices, Manufacture of 1107. Mines, Minerals Used in Manufacture of Light Metals 7102. Mines, Minor Metals 7100. Mines, Nonferrous Metnls, 7101. Important 7103. Mines, Nonferrous Metals, Secondary Mines, Nonmetallic Minerals Mines, Precious Metals Mines, Refractory Minerals Mines and Resources, Dept. of Mines, Steel Alloying Metals Mining, Relative Importance Mining Industry, General Ministerial Agency of the War Department, Organization and Administration of Ministers, Executive, Current Views on Domestic Affairs Ministers, Executive, Present Ministers, Foreign Ministers, Religious Ministries, Executive, Organization Ministry, Labor Ministry, Press Ministry, Propaganda Ministry, School System Ministry or Department, Air Ministry or Department, Army, Organization Ministry or Department, War, Strength Ministry of National Defense, Organization and Administra- tion of Minorities, Political Tnfluence and Activities Mirrors, Searchlight, Anti-Aircraft Mirrors, Searchlight, Anti- Aircraft, Manufacture of 0203.0500 2702. 0211. Thru 0211.0410 7103.0201 5304.0402 4303.0400 4304.0100 0509. 7327. 0704.0512 0504.1000 0504.1007 0504.1208 0703.0521 0703.0512 6704.0521 0704.0512 0703.0541 0704.0541 0504.1008 2802.0301 5304.0501 4101.0100 4201. 4200. 4205. 4201. 4206. 4203. 4202. 7304. 2302.0406 0703.0551 0704.0551 0504.1002 0504.1001 0504.1004 0504.1000 0504.1003 4202.0103 4205.0204 4409.0400 4206.0203 4205.0703 4205.0503 4205.0603 4206.0103 4205.0803 4206.0303 3120. 4205.0403 4101.0300 4201. 0204.0100 3141.0503 3121.0600 3121.0600 7413. 3121.0700 5401. 5505. 5503.0100 5701. 2103. 0200. 3004.0105 0202.0100 3144. 0703.0403 4407. Alpha. 50 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/2117XU1I.LRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Misconduct, Personnel, kativa Army Missible, Controlled Devices Missiles, Guided Missing in Action, Army Missing in Action, Navy Missing in Action, Army Air Missing in Action, Navy Air Mission Of Army in National Life Missionaries Missions, Air, Abroad Missions, Air, in Country Missions, Foreign (Religious) Missions, Foreign Military, in Country, Administration and Organization of Missions, International. Economic Missions, Military, in Foreign Countries, Administration and Organization of Missions, Public Health Missions, Special, From Foreign Countries (Foreign Affairs) Missions, Special, to Foreign Countries (Foreign Affairs) Mist (Climate) Mistreatment of Enlisted Men Misuse of Flag Misuse of Uniform, Active Army Mite-Borne Typhus Mixed Brigades, Order of . Battle Mixed Brigades, Tactical Units, Organization and Administration Mixed Smaller Unite, Order ob Battle Mixed Smaller Units, Organiza- tion and Administration Mob Behavior, Tendency Toward Mob Disturbances, Political Significance Mobile Corps, Order of Battle Mobile Corps, Organization and Administration Mobile Divisions, Order of Battle Mobile Divisions, Organiza- tion and Administration Mobile Guns, Carriages, Mounts, and Tripods for Mobile Medical Intelligence Units Mobile or Motorized Corps, Order of Battle Mobile Refrigeration Units Mobile Reporting Units Mobile Surgical Units Mobilization 0209.0106 Thru 0209.0109 8410.010o 0407. 0305.0100 0305.0200 0305.0300 0305.0400 0201. 5104.0800 2101.0200 2101.0100 5104.080o 0202.0700 4112. 0202.0600 5302.0400 3164.0400 3163.0400 6204.0300 0209. 3182. 0601.0100 5301.030o 0103.0400 0208.0400 0103.0500 0208.0500 5900. 3144.0800 0103.0106 0208.0106 0103.0304 0208.0304 0404.0200 0208.0611 0103.0106 0208.0614 0208.0618 0208.0611 0303. Mobilization, Air Mobilization, Army Mobilization, Army Air Forces or Corps Mobilization, Economic Mobilization, Foreigners and Colonials Mobilization, Industrial Mobilization, Army, Methods Mobilization, Nationals Abroad Mobilization, Navy Mobilization, Navy, Air Arm Mobilization, Wartime Mobilization.t Women Mob Violence Models, Aircraft Models, Supplies and Equipment Models, Vessels or Ships Modulators Modulators, A.F. Modulators, R.F. Mohammedan Religion Molasses Moles (Ports and Harbors) Molybdenum Monel Metal Monetary Exchange Monetary Systems and Currency Money, SEE Currency. Monitoring, Telecommunications Monks Monographs, Medical Monopolies, Economic Monopolies, Government Monroe Doctrine Monuments Mooring, Aircraft Moorings, Mine Equipment Moral Standards, Military Personnel Moral Standards, Personnel, Air Morale, General Attitudes of Civilian Population Morale, Military Personnel Morale, Personnel, Air Morale Service Morale, War, of Civilian Population Morale and Public Opinion, General Morale Service Army, Organiza- tion and Administration of Morale Service or Propaganda Corps Mots Who) Morale and Welfare Activities, Military Morale and Welfare Activities, Personnel, Air Morals and Belief Moratorium Morbidity, Diseases Morphine 2206. - 0303.0100 0303.0300 4107.0101 0303.0104 4107.0101 0303.0101 0303.0105 0303.0200 0303.0400 0303.0102 0303.0103 5105.0300 2302.0800 1103.0300 4405.0200 8330.1700 8330.1701 8330.1702 5104.0400 4304.0300 4604.0302 4205.0400 and 4205.0239 4205.0900 4910.0100 4909.0200 4802.0305 5104. 5305. 4114. 4701.0600 3161.0208 5707. 2401.0100 0504.1009 0209.0106 2700.0106 5501. 0209.0108 2700.0108 0205.2800 5502. 5500. 0205.2800 7102.2800 0209.0200 2700.0200 5105. 3122.0400 5301. 4410.0700 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9Alpha. 51 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001818it8iwfaia-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Mortality, Diseases Mortality Statistics Mortars Mortars, Adequacy of Domestic Production Mortars, Manufacture Mortgages Mortuaries Mosaics Mosquitoes, Control of Moslem Religion Motion Picture Photography (See Also Moving Pictures): Equipment, Army Manufacture of Motion Picture Service, Organization, Army Motion Pictures and Theater, Informational Aspects Motion Pictures and Theaters, Recreation Motorized Corps, Order of Battle Motorized Corps, Organization Motorized Divisions, Order of Battle Motorized Divisions, Organization Motor Transport, Civil Motor Transport Corps, Organization Motor Transport Corps, Strength Motor Transport Equipment, Army Motor Transport, Statistics Motorcycles Motorcycles, Manufacturing Motorized Corps, Organization and Administration Motorized Divisions, Order of Battle Motorized Divisions, Organiza- tion and, Administration Motorized and Heavy Construc- tion Equipment Motorized and Nonmotorized Vehicles,. Civilian and ? Military, Manufacture Motors, Manufacturing Motors Ship, Manufacture Mountain Corps, Order of Battle Mountain Corps, Order of Battle Mountain .Corps, Organization and Administration of Mountain Defiles and Passes, Photographs Mountain Divisions:, Order of Battle Mountain Divisions Organiza- tion and Administration of Mountain Guns Mountain Training ,Mountain Warfare Mountains, Topography 5301. 5203.0200 0402. 4409.0201 4409.0200 and 4409.0205 3123.0403 0215.0406 6101. 5304.0300 5104.0400 0504.0803 4418. 0208.0609 5507. 5807.0600 0103.0106 0208.0106 0103.0304 0208.0304. 4603.0500 0208.0106 0304.0104 Q501. 4603.0509 0501.0100 4403. 0208.0106 0103.0304 0208.0304 0504.1100 4403. 4406.0400 4405.0500 0103.0108 0103.0108 0208.0108 6102.0205 0103.0307 0208.0307 0403.0200 0901.0200 0812.0144 6201.0100 Mounts, Cannon and Machine Gun, Aircraft 2302.0305 Mounts, Gun 0403. Mounts, Gun, Parts and Accessories 0403. Mounts, Navy Guns N-0403. Mounts, Trench Mortar 0403. Mounts, Turrets 0403. Mouth and Foot Disease 5301.0500 Movement Cross Country, as Affected by Surface Materials, Windstorms Movement, Forced Manpower Movement, Ground Operations, Effect of Climate on Movement, Ground Operations, Effect of Relief Features on Movement, Ground Operations, Effect of Vegetation on Movement of Ships and Vessels Movement of Troops, Army, Logistics Movement of Troops, Army, Tactics and Stratea Movements, Air, Supply Movements, Air, Troops Movements, Guerrilla, Partisan, and Resistance Groups, Etc. Movements, Inland Waterway, Supply Movements, Inland Waterways, Troops Movement, Military Movements, Oceanic, Supply Movements, Oceanic, Troop Movements, Population Movements, Railway, Supply Movements, Railway, Troop Movements, Revolutionary, Political Parties and Groups Movements, Road, Supply Movements, Road, Troop Movements, Social Movements, Supply Movements, Water, Supply Movements, Water, Troop Moving Picture Equipment Moving Picture Equipment, Manufacture of Mud, Coasts Mufflers Mules Multiball Cartridges Multigraph Machines and Supplies Multilith Machines Multivibratore Mumps Municipal: Authorities Courts Ordinances Munitions, Reserves of 6203.0221 5205.0300 6204.0700 6203.0103 6203.0515 4604.0423 1109. 0816. 1108.0400 and 2802.1100 1109.0400 and 2802.1000 3144.0600 1108.0302 1109.0302 0106. 1108.0301 1109.0301 5202. 1108.0100 1109.0100 3144.0500 1108.0200 1109.0200 5107. 1108. 1108.0300 1109.0300 0504.0803 4418. 6203.0601 0501. 4303.0200 0400. 0504.0804 0504.0804 8330.1800 5301.0400 3124. 3124. 3124. 1103.0600 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha. 52. NNTI CCIFICOE AL Approved For Release 2001/08/W17JKADP78-02646R000100070001-9 Munitions and Supply Murder Museums ? Music, Recreation Musical Instruments Musicians Musketry Training Musette Bags Mustard Gas Mustard Gas, Manufacture Mutinies Mutton Myiasis Myths (Morals and Belief) Name Plates and Production Rates, Radio Names, Geographical Changes Designations Naphthaline, Manufacture Narcotics Narrow Gauge Railroads, Prefabricated Construction Materials National Anthems National Affairs, Influence of Newspapers, Periodicals and News Services National Archives National Capital and Financial Enterprises in Foreign Countries National Debt National Defense Agencies, (Military) National Defense Budget National Defense Council, Administration and Organization of National Defense, Department .of National Defense, Ministry of Administration and Organization of National Defense Policy, (Military) National Defense Policy, (Political) National Defense, Political -Issue National Defense System National Frontiers National Groups National Guard, Administration and Organization of National Guard, Insignia National Guard (National Militia) National Guard, Personnel National National National National National Guard, Uniforms Guard, Who's Who Police Organizations Socialism Shooting Matches 1102. 5105.0300 5707. 5807.0400 5807.0400 5807.040o 0902.0400 0509. 8520.0104 4408.0300 0209.0108 4.303.0500 5301.0600 5105. National Telephone Network and Equipment National Telegraph Network and Equipment Nationalistic Attitudes (Patriotism) Nationality Nationals Abroad Nationals in Foreign Air Schools Nationals, Mobilization of Nationals, Normally Living Outside of Country Native Forces, Organization Native Forces, Role of Nativity 8330.1900 Natural Gas Natural Phenomena 6200. Natural Resources 4408.0100 Natural Sciences 4410.0700 Naturalization Laws Nautical Instruments Naval Academies 0504.0408 Naval Air Forces, Combined 5807.0400 Training Naval Air Forces, Cooperation with Military 5505.0100 ' Naval Air Forces, Structure 3142.0100 Naval Air, Intermediate Tactical Organization Naval Air, Large Tactical Commands Naval Air Schools Naval Air Stations Naval Air, Tactical Doctrines Naval Aircraft ,Naval Attaches, Foreign Naval Attaches, U.S. 0202.0200 Naval Aviation Units Assigned to Army 4907. 4905.0100 0202.0100 4904. 0202. and 3121.0900 0202.0100 0810. 3141.0300 3142.0300 0201. 6202.0109 5201.0300 0203.0500 o6ol. 0203.0500 0211. Thru 0211.0410 0601. 7103.0202 5901. 3144.0200 5807. Naval Bases, Districts, Stations Naval Depots Naval Forces, Employment of Aviation in lieu of Naval Naval Naval Naval Naval Naval Naval Naval Naval Forces, Top Control of Intelligence, Office of and Military Transport Operations, Chief of Patrols Radio Research Laboratory Service, Evasion of Units Navicular, Devices Navies, Foreign Navigable Streams Navigability and Navigable Potentialities, Rivers, Harbors and Waterways Navigation: Aerial Equipment Aide to, Water Navigation, Aids to 4802. 4-803. 5501.0100 5103.0100 5202.0200 2503.0405 0303.0105 5201.0500 0205.0100 0302.0100 5103.0100 4204. 6204. 4101.0100 4101.0100 5204. 2302.0605 N-0904.0600 2503.0315 2501.0102 2202. 2104.0400 2104.0200 2503.0400 N-2401.0100 2501.0100 2302. N-1000.0800 N-1000.0500 2104.0600 Thru 2104.0800 N-4604.0300 N-4604.0300 2802.0100 0201. N-1000. 2302.0114 7103.0106 N-2106.0500 4805.0103 8410.0300 0209.0300 0103.0500 and 0208.0500 8410.0200 0303.0105 4101.0100 4604.0100 2302.0606 4604.0303 4604.0106 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9, alpha. 53 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/0013Dzek7RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Navigation Apparatus, Radio, Portable Navigational Aids Navigational Equipment, Aircraft Navigational Equipment, Manufacture 8350.0315 and 8350.0503 8350.0312 2302.0606 4420. Newspapers, Foreign, in Country Newspapers and Periodicals, Personnel - Air Newspapers and Periodicals, Use by Military Personnel Nichrome Nickel Nickel Alloy Steel 5505.0200 2700.0204 0209.0204 4205.0900 4205.0400 5205.0238 Navigator, Air, Crew Night Flying 2902. Training 2503.0302 Night Training Navigator, Air, Individual Nitrate Plants 4206.0101 Training 2503.0200 Nitrates V06.0100 and Nitric Acid, Manufacture 4408.0100 2503.0203 Nitrogen 4408.0100 Navigators 2503.0203 Nitrogen Mustard Gas 8520.0104 and Nitroglycerine 4408.0100 2503.0201 Non-Accredited Agents or Navigator's Charts, Books, Agencies Abroad, Political 3163.0600 Supplies Equipment 4420. Non-Accredited Agencies of Navy, See Section III; Foreign Power in Country Military (Political) 3164.0600 Navy, Air, Demobilization 0307.0400 Nonbelligerency 3161.0206 Navy, Air, Mobilization 0303.0400 Noncombatants 0209.0107 Navy Bureau of Ordnance 0205.1800 Noncommissioned Officers 0209. Navy, Demobilization 0307.0200 Nonfood Animal Products 4306. Navy Guns 0400. Nonfood Plant Products 4305. Navy, Mobilization 0303.0200 Nongovernmental Propaganda Navy Ordnance Supply 1102. Organizations 5503.0100 Navy Schools 2503.0400 Nonmetallic Minerals 4206. Navy, Strength 0304.0200 Nen-Political Blocs and Navy, Regular, Administration of 0203.0200 Pressure Groups, Recognized, Political Influence 3144.0300 Navy, Regular, Organization Non-Political Blocs and of 0203.0200 Pressure Groups Unrecognized, Navy Vessels 4604.0412 Political Influence 3144.0400 Navy War Plans 0810.0400 Nonviolence, Morals and Belief 5105. Navy, Who's Who 7100. Numbers, Station 4805.0202 Nazism 3144.0200 Numerical Strength, Order of Negotiations, International 3165.0400 Battle 0105. Nets, Camouflage Equipment 0504.0301 Nuns 5104.0100 Nets, Fish 4307.0100 Nurses: Nets, Marine Obstacles 0703.0543 Allowances 0215.0302 Nets, Marine Obstacles, Civilian 5303.0300 Structural Data 0704.0543 Military 0213. Nets, Torpedo 0703.0543 Pay 0215.0302 Netwol4ks or Grids, Trans- mission of Electric Power by 4501.0200 Transportation Uniforms 1107. 0601. Neurologists 7502. Nursing Schools 5303.0400 Neurology 5301.0700 Nuts 4302. Neutrality 3161.0205 Nylon, Manufacture 4415. Neutrality Patrol, Air 2901.0901 New Articles and Ideas Offered Oath to the Colors 0209.0402 for use of Army, Supplies 1103.0200 Oaths, Officers' Commissions 0209.0402 New Developments and Research, Oats 4302.0100 Manufacturing 4422. Objectives: News Broadcasts, Control of 5506.0100 Intelligence, Lists of 8100. Newspapers in Army 0209.0204 Military, Desigeation of 0812.0102 News Services 5505.0100 Objectors, Conscientious 0209.0107 News Services, Foreign, in Observation: Country 5505.0200 Aircraft 2302.0109 Newspaper Correspondents 5505.0300 Air, Tactical Doctrines 2501.0204 and Plane 2302.0109 5505.0400 Posts, Antiacraft Defense 0703.0404 Newspapers 5505. Posts, Anti-Aircraft De- Newspapers, Army, Administration fense, Structural Data 0704.0404 of 0216.0400 Posts, Land 0703.0210 Alpha. 54 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 COMIDEBILAI, Approved For Release 2001/08/28NkgMapP78-02646R000100070001-9 Observation--Continued Posts, Permanent Fortifications, Structural Data Observations: Military Topographical Observer., Air Training Observers: Abroad, Military Foreign in Country, Military Foreign, Maneuvers and War Observing Instruments, Telescopes Observing Stations Obstacles: Antiairlanding Antiairlanding, Structural Data Antiglider Antiparachutist Antipersonnel Antipersonnel, Structural Data Antitank Antitank, Ignited Oil Antitank, Ignited Oil, Structural Data Antitank, Structural Data Artificial Artificial, Structural Data Marine Marine, Structural Data Underwater on Landing Beaches Underwater on Landing Beaches, Structural Data Obstruction, Navigation Hazards Obstetricians Occupancy of Property in War Occupation: Armies of Costs Enemy, Economic Effects of Forces, Administration Forces, Costs Government Occupational Labor Groups Occupations, Distribution of Occupied Areas, Economic Measures and Policies in Occupied Territories, Com- manders of (Who's Who) Occupied Territory, System for Control Oceanic Movements (Supply) Oceanic Movements (Troop) Oceans Oculists Offense: Air Operations, Support of Land Forces Strategic Doctrine, Military, Naval, Air Tactical Theories and Doctrines Offenses: Crimes Morals and Conduct 0704.0210 0903.0103 6203. 2503.0205 1000.0500 1000.0800 0903.0103 0502.0800 0703.0210 0703.0530 0704.0530 0703.0531 0703.0532 0703.0520 0704.0520 0703.0510 0703.0518 0704.0518 0704.0510 0703.0500 0704.0500 0703.0540 0704.0540 0703.0550 0704.0550 4604.0303 5303.0300 4103. 0207.0400 0215.0104 4111. 0206.0500 0215.0104 3300. 5405. 5205.0100 4103. 7103.0702 0207.0400 1108.0301 1109.0301 6200. 5303.0300 2802.0200 2502.0101 0812.0101 5903. 5105. Officers Commissioned, See Personnel, Noncommissioned, See Per- sonnel Public Health Offices and Quarters, Assignment of Official Representatives Abroad Officials, Foreign Office Officers, Military: Foreign, Detailed for Training Military Attaches Observers at Maneuvers and Wars Staff Corps and Departments Oil: Coal Oil, Kerosene or Mineral Oil Consumption Crude, Production Crude, Transportation Diesel Diesel, Production Statistics Distribution Systeme Fields and Wells, Recon- naissance & Target Photographs & Reports on Fuel (Light) Fuel, Liquid Individual Types, Properties, Uses, Production and Consumption Lubricating, Production' Statistics Production, Overall Figures Reserves Seeds, Food Seeds, Nonfood Storage, Ports Storage Systeme Synthetic, Production Oils, Cooking Oils, Nonedible, Animal Products Oils and Fats, Edible Oilskin Clothing, Uniform Ointment Old Age Insurance Oleomargarine Olive Oil Onchocerciasis (Disease) Open Sights, Small Arms. Open Terrain Warfare Open Weapon Emplacements: Field Fortifications, Structural Data Land Land, Structural Data Operational Orders, Administrative Operations: Air Air, Climate, Effect of Camouflage 0209. 5302.0200 0209.0400 1000.0400 3162.0100 7104.0400 7104.0100 0903.0103 7103.0300 4203. 4203.0500 4203.0900 4203.0300 4203.0800 4203.0504 4203.0402 4203.0800 4203.1000 4203.0505 4203.0400 4203.0500 4203.0402 4203.0432 4203.0200 4302.0100 4305.0600 4604.0360 4203.0600 4203.0408 4304.0700 4306.0500 4304.0700 0601.0108 5303 .0200 5806.0200 4304.0700 4304.0700 5301.0300 0404.0100 0812.0126 0704.0301 0703.0206 0704.0206 0216.0600 2800. 6204.0706 0818. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha. CONFIDENTIAL 55 Approved For Release Operations--Continued Combined Counter-Amphibious Division of General Staff, Chief of and Subordinates 4205.0400 4205.0202 Thru 4205.0205 2107. 2106. 2001 WilltRIM-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Ore and Metal, Steel Alloying 0106. Ore, Iron and 0813. 0812.0149 Organization: Air Defense System, Civil Air Defense System, Military (Who's Who) 7103.0305 Air Department or Ministry 2103. Division War Dept., General Air, Services 2105. Staff 0204.0205 Air, Special Commands 2104.0500 Ground, Effect of Climate on 6204.0700 Air, Tactical Cramsnan 2104. Ground, Topography Suitability 6203.0103 Air, Territorial 2102. Joint Allied Forces 01?16. Army 0200. Joint Army and Navy olo6. Amy, Armed Forces 0205. and Amy, National Defense 0813. Agencies 0202. Military 0106. Amy, National Defense 0812. System 0201. 0813. Amy, Services 0205. and Army, Tactical Unita 0208. 0820. Army, War Department or Special 0812.0136 Ministry 0204. Thru Branches of Service 0205. 0812.0150 Censorship in War 1000.1702 Theaters of 0207.0100 Distribution of Forces 0101. Ophthalmology, 5303. and Ophthalmologists 3jui.uivu 0102. and Frontier Commands 0206.0300 7523. General Staff Corps 0205.0100 Opiates 5303.0200 Government 3120. and Military Agencies 0202. 4410.0700 Military Districts 0206.0100 Opinion, Public 5500. Military System 0201. and Special Zones 0206.0300 3501. Supply Division 0204.0204 Opinion, Public, Influence Supremo General Staff 0202.0300 of Press 5505. Tables of 0205. Opium 4410.0700 Tactical Units 0208. and War 0207. 5303.0200 War Department General Staff 0204.0200 Optical Equipment, Manufacture 4419. War Department or Military 0204. Optical Instruments 4419. War Ministry 0204. Opticians 5303.0300 Organizational: and Equipment, Air 2302. 7523. Equipment, Army- 0500. Optometry 5303. Training 0902. Orchards under Cultivation 4301.0200 Organizations: Order of Battle: Charitable 5802. Air Operations 2802.0101 Employers' 5406. Military Operations 0100. Independent 5106. Thru Labor 5405. 0106. Military 0203. Orders: Military Espionage 0203.1000 Administrative, Administra- tive System 0216.0500 Police Pre,Military Training 5901. 0203.1100 Operational Administrative Propaganda Nongovernmental 5503.0100 System 0216.0600 Quasi-Military 0203.0600 Travel, Military Personnel 0209.0407 Public Welfare 5801. Ordinances, Municipal 3124.0600 Reserves 0203.0400 Ordnance: Student 5704. Corps or Service, Territorial 0206. Organization 0205.1800 Trade, Nongovernmental 4701.0700 Plants and Works 4409. Organized Reserve Corps 0203.0400 Service, Organization of 0205.1800 Organized Reserves: Service, Who's Who 7102.1800 Personnel 0210. Units, Order of Battle 0103.0613 Thru Units, Organization and. 0210.0410 Administration 0208.0613 Personnel, Air 2701. Alpha. 56 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONF101.NTIAL Approved For Release 2001/089fffEak4ibP78-02646R000100070001-9 Organized Reserves--Continued Parachute Troops 2802.0900 Who's Who 7103.0203 Parachutes: 0509. Orientals 5103.0100 and and 2302.0700 5201.0300 For Equipment Containers 0509. Orientation Training 0901.0200 and Orphans, Institutions for 5803. 2302.0701 Orthodox Religion 5104.0200 For Food Containers 0509. Orthopedists 7523. and Oscillators, Radio 8330.2000 2302.0701 Oscillographs and Oscilloscopes 8330.3005 Manufacture 4421. Osteopaths 7523. Parts and Accessories 0509. Osteopathy 5303. and Other Static Divisions, 2302.0701 Order of Battle 0103.0315 Parades 0906. Other Task Forces, Order of and. Battle 0103.0207 2503.0600 Other Types of Corps, Order Parades, Fortifications 0703.0100 of Battle 0103.0110 and Other Types of Divisions, 0704.0100 Order of Battle ? 0103.0316 Paraffin 4203.0508 Overcoats, Uniform 0601.0100 Parasites, Intestinal 5304.0206 Ownership of Land 4301.0400 Paratyphoid Fever 5301.0200 Oxalic Acid, Ingredient Parcel Post 4812. for Explosives 4408. Pardons: Oxanilie, Ingredient for Amnesty, Clemency - Person- Explosives 4408. nel, Air 2700.0307 Oxygen: Civil Prisoners 5902. Breathing Apparatus 2302.0611 Military 0209.0307 and Parentage 5601. 4421. Parking, Aircraft 2401.0100 Cylinders 2302.0611 Parking Space, Automobiles 0501.0200 Equipment, Air 2302.0611 Parks: Equipment, Manufacture 4421. Recreation 5807.0100 Masks 0505.0100 Superintendents of 5807,0100 2302.0611 Parlor and Sleeping Cars, and Railroad 4602.0411 A421. Parole of Military Prisoners 0209.0307 Regulators 2302.0611 ,Partisans, Administration and and Organization of 0203.0800 4421. Partial Identifications, Pacific Relations, Foreign Policy 3161.0404 ' Order of Battle 0104. Policy 3161.0404 Parties and Groups, Political 3144. Pacifism, Religious 5105; Partisan Groups ,and Movements, Pack Equipment 0509. Political 3144.0600 Packing: Plants, Meat Products 4303.0500 Parts and Components, Electronics 8330. Service 1103.0500 Passenger Cars: Supplies & Equipment 1103.0500 Railway 4602.0410 Supplies and Materials Railway, Manufacture 4402. for Packing 1103.0500 Passenger Lists of Vessels 4604.0423 Packs, it 0509. Passenger Rates 4601. Pacts, Foreign Relations 3165.0700 Passenger Transportation, Paintings 5708. Commercial Aircraft 2902,0300 Paints 4413.0700 Passenger Transportation, Manufacture 4413.0700 Railroad 4602. Pamphlets and Books, Types of 5505.0100 Passengers Disch81ging and Pamphlets, Geographic 6103. Embarking from Ships 4604.0321 Panel Instruments 4420. Passes: Panels, Aviation Signal 2607.0300 Geographic 6203.0101 Panoramic Sits, Gun Military Personnel 0209.0205 Carriages 0502.0600 Railway 4602.0332 -Paper 4412. Road 4603.0325 Parachute and Airborne Passive Defense 0811. Equipment 0509. Passive Defense Measures 0812.0125 and Passport Regulations 5204. 2302.0701 Passports 5204, Parachute Training . 0901.0200 Pasteurization, Milk 5304.0402 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha; 57 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/9figArRA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Pastures 4301.0200 Penetration, Econamic, of Patent Medicines 4410. Foreign Countries 4701.0800 and Penetration by Foreign 5303.0200 Countries 3164.0700 Patents 4107.0205 Peninsulas 6201.0100 Safeguarding & Control 4107.0205 and Pathologists 7523. 6203.0101 Pathology 5303. Penitentiaries, Civil 5902. Patients 5303. and Patriotic Societies 5106. 3133.0300 Patriotism 5501.0100 Pennants 3182. Patriotism in Army 0209.0107 Pensions 0215.0303 Patrol Plane (FEEL) , 2302.0110 and Patrol, System,. Air Defense 2106.0500 51306.0400 Patrols: Air 2705. Border 5901. Civil 5806.0400 and Civilian Emloyees 5806.0400 3165.0500 Military Personnel 0215.0303- Navy (N) 4604.0307 National Health 5806. Patterns of Consumption 5603. Personnel, Air 2700.0503 Pawls, Tripping 406. People, Evacuation of 1103. Pay: and Civilian Employees 5403.0100 2107.0700 Officers, Nurses, and Percussion, Fuzes 0407.0800 Warrant Officers 0215.0301 4409.0400 Enlisted Men, Cadets 0215.0301 and Pay and Allowances, Air 0504.0509 Civilian Employees 2705. Percussion, Primers, Pay and Emoluments: Ammnnition 0401. Air 2700.0500 and Legislative Branch 3122.0101 0403. Personnel, Air Defense 2107.0604 Periodicals 5505.0100 Premier and Cabinet 3121.0401 Army, Official, Administrative President, Sovereign, System 0216.0300 Dictator 3121.0201 Distribution Supply 5505.0100 Paybooks, Military 0209.0401 Foreign, In Country 5505.0200 Pay, Rates of: In Army 0209.0204 . Air Personnel 270040501 Military, Unofficial, Adminis- Military Personnel 0215.0301 trative System 0216.1000 Paymaster Service, Adminis- tration of 0205.2300 Periodicals and Newspapers, - Personnel, Air 2700.0204 Paymaster Service, Organiza- tion of 0205.2300 Periscopes 0504.0809 and Payments 14.901.0400 2302.0606 Payments to Personnel 0215.0300 Periscopes, Manufacture 4420. Payments to Personnel, Air Perjury 5900. (Including Flying Pay) 2700.0500 Permanent: Peace: Negotiations 3165.0400 Court of Arbitration, Foreign Affairs 3161.0401 Preserving 3165.0700 Fortifications, Land 0705.0200 Treaties 3165.0700 Fortifications, Structural Peaks, Geographic 6203.0101 Data 0704.0200 Peat 4202.0201 Permits affecting use of and Pediatricians 5303.0300 Activities on Government and Property 0215.0400 7523. Permits for Ships 4604.0104 Pediatrics 5303. Personalities: Pelorus (Navigation Instruments) 2302.0606 Important, Education 5704. and Judicial 3123.0500 4420. Legislative 3122.0300 Penal Camps 3133.0300 Other Military (WhotsWho) 7104. Penal Codes, Military Research 7500. Discipline 0209.0301 Personnel: Penal Institutions 5902. Air, Active, Commissioned Military 0209.0304 Officers 2700. Penetration and Attempts at Thru Penetration in Foreign Countries 3163.0700 2700.0505 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha. 58 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/31WWWW78-02646R000100070001-9 Personnel--Continued Air, Active, Enlisted Personnel--Continued Administration, Rotation 'Personnel 2700. System 0209.01406 Thru Administration, Transfer 0209.0403 2700.0505 Administration, Travel 0209.0407 Air, Active, Warrant Air Forces 2700. Officers 2700. Armies, Tactical Units, Thru Organization and 2700.0505 Administration 0208.0103 Air, Casualties 2204.0100 Army, Casualties 0305.0100 Air, Civilian Employees 2705. Army, Demobilization 0307.0102 Air, Demobilization 2700.0409 Army, Military in Foreign Air, Discipline 2700.0300 Armies 0901.0400 Air, Division of Air Army, Military from Foreign Ministry 2103.0101 Armies 0901.0300 Health Maintenance 2700.0207 Army, Military Language .Air, Air,Loyalty ? 2700.0107 Students in Country 0904.0400 Air Militia, Commissioned Army, Military Language Officers 2702. Students to Foreign Thru Countries 0904.0500 2702.0505 Army, Mobilization 0303.0100 Air Militia, Enlisted Army, Recruitment 0302. Personnel 2702. Army, Relative Rank 0607. Thru Army, Replacement System 1104.0500 2702.0505 Assignment 0209.0403 Air Militia, Warrant Athletics and Competitions 0209.0202 Officers 2702. Civilian, Air 2705. Thru Civilian in Armed Forces 0214. 2702.0505 CoUnter-Intelligence, Air, Mobilization 2700.0402 Subversion of 1000.1900 Air, Morale, Welfare 2700.0200 Courts Martial; Military 0209.0302 Air, Recruitment 2206.0202 Discipline, Military 0209.0300 Air, Reserves, Commissioned Division, Administration of 0204.0201 Officers 2701. Division of General Staff, Thru Chief of and Subordinates 2701.0505 (who's Who) 7103.0301 Air, Reserves, Enlisted Division, Organization of 0204.0201 Personnel 2701. Education, Military 0209.0105 Thru Education, Welfare Activity 0209.0206 2701.0505 Efficiency, Military 0209.0109 Air, Reserves, Warrant Entertainment, Military 0209.0201 Officers 2701. Evacuation of 1106.0200 Thru In Foreign Schools (Who's 2701.0505 Who) 7104.0400 Air, Statistics 2203.0100 Furloughs, Leaves, Military 0209.0205 Active Army 0209. Health, Military' 0209.0105 Thru Intelligence, Military 0209.0104 0209.0410 Intelligence, Subversion of 1000.1900 Administration, Active Loyalty, Military 0209.0107 Army 0209.0400 Medical (Nonmilitary) 5303.0300 Thru Military, Amnesty 0209.0307 0209.0410 Military, Clemency 0209.0307 Administration., Appointment Military Discipline 0209.0300 of Officers 0209.0402 Military Discipline Enforce- Administration, Assignment 0209.0403 ment 0209.0306 Administration, Discharge 0209.0409 Military Law, Discipline 0209.0301 Administration, Documents 0209.0401 Military Pardons 0209.0307 Administration, Duty with Militia 0211. Troops 0209.0406 Thru Administration, Efficiency 0211.0410 Reports 0209.0404 Militia or National Guard, Administration, Induction 0209.0402 Air 2702. Administration, Personnel, Thru Air 2700.0400 2702.0505 Administration, Promotions 0209.0405 Moral Standards, Military 0209.0106 Administration, Reinstate- ment 0209.0410 Morale, Military 0209.0108 Administration, Retirement 0209.0408 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-8, alpha, CONFIDENTIAL 59 Approved For Release 2001 Personnel-Continued Nation/11 Guard 0211. Thru 0211.0410 Organized Reserves 0210. Thru 0210.0410 Organized Reserves, Air 2701. Thru 2701.0505 Payments 0215.0300 00070001-9 Phosphates 4206.0100 Photographers, Civilian 7425. Photographers, Military 7104.1100 Photographic Equipment: Air, Organizational 2302.0610 Army, Organizational 0504.0800 Photographic Instruments, Instruments of Precision, Photographic and Reproduction Equipment 05?4.0803 Photographic and Reproduction Payments to, Air (Including Equipment, Instruments of Flying Pay) 2700.0500 Precision 0504.0800 Public Health Organizations 5302.0200 Photographic: Physical Fitness, Military 0209.0102 Laboratory Trailer 0501. Quality Factors, Military 0209.0100 Machines and Equipment 0504.?800 Quasi-Military Organizations 0212. Machines and Equipment, Thru Manufacture of 4418. 0212.0410 Squadrons 2105.0400 Quasi-Military Organizations, Units 0208.0618 Air 2703. and Thru 2105.0400 2703.0505 Photographs: Replacement System 1104.0500 Aerial and Ground, Geographic Social Classes, Military 0209.0101 Source Materials 6102. Subversion of 1000.1900 Aerial, Service 2105.0400 War Department General Staff, Organization and Identification Personnel Miscellaneous, See Relevant 0606. , Administration 0204.0201 Subject-Matter Wamen's Army Corps 0213. Restrictions 1000.2004 Thru Photography 6102. 0213.0410 and Women's Auxiliary, Air 2704. 2105.0400 Thru Aerial 6102.0300 2704.0505 Military Areas, Restrictions Persons: on 1000.2004 Conduct of War with Relations Motion Picture 6102. to 5501.0300 and Quasi-Military 021a. 0504.?800 and Reconnaissance, Air 2700.0110 7103.0204 and Perversion, Sexual 5105.0100 4203.1000 Pests (Food Crops) 4302.0400 Still 6102. Petroleum (See also under Oil) 4203. Photostat Machines 0504.0804 Consumption 4203.0900 Photostating 0504.0804 Crude Production 4203.0300 Photostats 0504.08?4 Damaged by Sabotage, Bombing Physical Characteristics of and Demolition 4203.1100 Population 5201.0400 Exports and Imports 4203.0700 Physical Characteristics, Individual Oil Types 4203.0500 Rivers, Harbors, Waterways 6203.0100 Liquid Fuels, Production 4203.0400 4604.0200 Reconnaissance and Target and Photographs & Reports 4203.1000 4604.0300 Reserves 4203.0200 Physical Examinations: Stocks and Storage 4203.0600 Enlisted Men 0302.0200 Transportation and Distribution 4203.0800 and MarsCacists 7502. 0209.0102 and Officers 0209.0102 7523. Physical Exercises 0209.0207 Pharmaceuticals, Manufacture 4410. Physical Fitness, Air Pharmacy 5303. Personnel 2700.0102 Phenol, Manufacture 4408.0100 Physical Fitness, Military Phenolics (Synthetic Resins) 4417.0100 Personnel 0209.0102 Phenomena, Natural or Physical 6204. Physical Phenomena 6204. Philosophy of Education 5700. Mythical Requirements, Army Phonographs and Records 5807.0400 Induction 0302.0200 Phosgene 8520.0103 Physical Sciences 5706. Manufacture 4408.0300 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha. 60 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/181N.1 W-ftP78-02646R000100070001-9 Physical Standards, Air, Active Force, Commissioned Officers Physical Tests and Trials, Officers and Enlisted Men Physical Training: Army Health Physics, Nuclear Physiology Picrate Picric Acid Pictorial Service, Signal Corps Pictures, Motion Piers, Wharves and Berths Pig Iron Pigeon Companies Pigeon Units, Signal Corps Pigeons, Homing Pile Drivers Pillboxes, Land Fortifications Pillboxes, Structural Data Pilot: Air Crew Training Air Proficiency Air Training, Individual -Pilotless Aircraft Pilots: Automatic (Aircraft Instrument) Licensed, Air, Civil Pionions, Traversing Pioneer Tools, Machine and Hand Pioneer Units, Organization Pipe Lines: (Gasoline, Oil Fueling and Distributing Systems) Natural Gas Petroleum Prefabricated Construction Materials Pipe Network, Water Supply Installations Pistol Ball Cartridges Pistols Signal Pistons Plague, Disease Plague, Quarantine Regulations Planing Planing Mills Planning, Post-War Economic Plans: Air Mobilization Army War Civil Disturbances Control Demobilization, Personnel Division, Air Ministry Joint Army, Navy and Air Mobilization Post-War Specifications (Construction & Installation of building and Grounds) War 2700.0103 0209.0103 0902.0100 0209.0207 8600. 5303.0500 4408.0200 14408.0200 0208.0609 5507. 4604.0313 4205.0210 and 4205.0215 0208.0618 0208.0609 0217.0100 4406.0100 0703.0201 0704.0201 2503.0302 2700.0110 2503.0201 2302.0116 2302.0605 2903.0200 4406. 0504.1305 0208.0618 4203.0801 4204.0203 4203.0801 0504.0407 4503.0200 0401.0100 0401.0100 0401.0200 4406.0300 5301.0300 5304.0100 4412.0500 4412.0700 4104. 2206.0102 0810.0300 0810.0600 0307.0101 2103.0105 0810.0200 0303.0101 3141.0400 0215.0500 0810.0100 Plant Life, Wealth of Plant: Products, Non-food Protection Policy Survey Plantation Owners Planting Mines, use of Vessels. for Plants: Cold Storage Filtration Foreign Owned Government Factories Heating Horticultural Ice Industrial Miscellaneous Nitrate Poisonous Power Power, Electrical Equipment Purification Refrigerating Research Plants, Commercial: Capacity, Facilities, Output Commandeered Government Control Guarding and Protecting Industrial Mobilization Labor Conditions and Statistics Labor Disputes and Strikes Priority Orders Plastic Surgery Plastics, Manufacture Plate: Armor Armor, Turret Platforms, Election Plating, Metallurgical Processes Platinum Platoons Playground Equipment playgrounds, Recreation Plotting Boards Plotting Rooms, Fire Control Plugs and Jacks, Radio Plumbers Tools, Machine and :Hand Plumbing Systems Plywood Pneumatic Tubes Pneumatic Tools and Accessories Pneumonia Pogroms and Purges, Political Points (Geographic)' Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 4101.0100 4305. 1000.2005 4412.0700 4301.0800 4604.0412 4504.0300 5304.0503 4906. 4401.0500 4501.0102 4101.0100 4504. 4401. 4401. 4401. 5304.0405 4501.0500 0504.0602 and 4501. 4503.0200 4504.0300 4422. 4401. 4412.0700 4401.0500 4401.0500 1000.2005 5205. and 5400. 5400. 5404. 5205.0300 0205.1400 4417. 4205.0240 2302.0602 3143.0100 4205.1000 4205.0800 0208.0600 5807.0100 5807.0100 0502.1000 0502. 8330.2100 0504.1304 5300. and 5304.0600 4412. 0501.0207 and 2302. 0504.1306 5301.0400 3133.0400 6203. Alpha. 61 Approved For Release 2001/0871213)=TXRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Police 5901: Population--Continued Courts 5901. Civilian, War Morale 5502. Military 0208.0617 Diet 5603.0100 and Distribution 5201.0100 0203.0900 Exchange and Rehabilitation 3165.0900 Organizations, Civil, General Attitude 5501. Insignia 0601. Growth 5203. Organizations, Civil, Language Groups 5102. Uniforms 0601. Manpower 5200. Radio Net 4805.0400 Morale in War 5502. Secret, Military, Adminis- tration and Organization 0203.09o0 Morals and Belief Movements 5105. 5202. Secret, Political 3135. Number and Distribution 5201.0100 Security Organizations, Political 3135. Number and Percent, Relief Programn 5804. Police Systems 5901. Occupational Distribution 5205.0100 Policy: Physical Characteristics 5201. 0400 Air 2201.0200 Policies 5204. Air, Civil, Governmental 2901.0100 Polls on Public Opinion 5501. Alien 3132. Racial, Ethnic, and Linguistic Censorship 5504. Groups, Statistics 5201.0300 Disarmament 3141.0304 Recreation and Sports 5807. Domestic 3141. Regional Studies 5106. Economic, Governtent 4102. Religious Groups 5104. and Social Movements 5107. 4103. Social Structure 5103. Espionage 1000.1600 Statistics 5201.0200 Foreign 3161. Portable Searchlights and International Affairs and Lights 0502.0400 Relations 3165. Ports of Debarkation and Manpower 5205.0300 Embarkation 1107.0200 National Defense 3141.0300 Ports and Harbors: Plant Protection 1000.2005 Capacities, Statistics 4604.0371 Population 5204. Thru Trade 4701.0100 4604.0387 Political: Characteristics and Plans Aspects, Military Operations 3165.0300 General 4604.0301 Campaigns 3143.0100 Thru Civil Rights 3130. 4604.0308 Civil Rights, Police and Loading and Unloading Security Organizations 3135. Facilities 4604.0321 Civil Rights, Suppression Order of Importance 4604.0105 and Restriction 3133. Ship Servicing Facilities 4604.0357 Demonstrations 3144.0600 Thru Divisions, Countries 3144.0100 4604.0366 Groups 3144. Storage Facilities 4604.0333 Groups Outside Country 3144.0700 Thru Issues and Problems, 4604.0338 Doimestic 3142. Transportation Facilities to Parties and Groups 3144. and from 4604.0343 Prisoners 3133.0600 Thru Rights, Aliens 3132. 4604.0353 Rights Nationals 3131. Wharves, Piers, Berths, etc. 4604.0313 Who's Who 7200. Thru Politics 3130. 4604.0316 Poll Tax 4902.0203 Position finding Instrument's, Polls, Public Opinion 5501. Radar 8340. Polygamy, Regulation 5105.0100 Positions Air Ministry Ponchos 0601.0108 (Who's Who) 7103.0400 Pontoon: Possession, Devine, Morals Equipment 0504.0203 and Belief 5105. Units 0208.0608 Possessions: Units, Equipment 0504. Insular 3125.0300 Poor Institutions for 5803. Relations between Mother Population: Country & Dependencies 3125.0301 Age and Sex Statistics 5201.0200 Post Buildings 0215.0500 Census Data 5201.0100 Post Exchanges: Characteristics 5201. Commissaries 0209.0203 Alpha. 62 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/0wa4RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Post Exchanges-Continued Buildings Canteens, Personnel, Air Welfare Activities Post Newspapers Post Office Department 0215.0500 2700.0203 0209.0203 0908. 3120. and Precedence of Troops Precedents Precious Metals Precision Navigational ,Systeme Precious Stones Precipitation 0607.0200 59oo. 4205.0800 8320.0305 4205.0800 6204. 4812. and_ Post Offices and Routes 2901.0800 (Not Air), Establidhment of 4812. Predictors 7100. Post, Regulations 0206.0600 Prefabricated, Construction Postage Stamps (use of) 4812. Materials 0504.0400 Postal Card, form of Prefabrication, Building Correspondence 4812. Materials 4413.0900 Postal Censordhip Field offices, by Location 1000.1702 Premier and Cabinet, Organiza- tion and Functions 3121.0400 Postal Guides 6103. 3121.0401 Postal Service, Army - Organiza- and tion and Administration 0205.2700 3121.0402 Posters 5505. Premier, Present 3121.0500 Post-War Economic Planning 4104. Premier, Previous.. 3121.0501 Post-War and Other Long- Premonitory Training, Air 2503.0500 Range Plans 3141.0400 Premonitory Training, Non- Post-War Plans: academic 0905.0200 Domestic Development 3141.0401 Pre-:Military Training Organiza- Economic Reconstruction 3141.0403 tions, Administration of 0203.1100 Foreign Policy 3161.0600 Pre-Military Training Organiza- Political Reorganization 3141.0402 tions (Who's Who) 7103.0208 Political Reorganization, Foreign Policy 3161.0602 Pre-Military Training, Schools and Colleges 0905.0100 Posts: Preparations and Prepardness Air 2401.0200 for War 3141.0303 Military, Administration Preparation for War, Sports 5807. and Organization of 0206.0600 Preparedness for War, National Pptabh . 4206.0100 Defense Policy 3141.0303 Potassium Nitrate 4206.0100 Presents (Gifts) 5807. and Preservatives 1103.0500 4400. 4504. Pots, Smoke 0505.0300 4505. Pouches, Mail 4812. 4302. Poultry Production 43o3.0400 and Poultry, Types 4303.0200 4304. Powder Bags, Manufacture 4421. Preserving Peace 3165.0700 Powder and Powder Charges, Explosives o400. President, Office, Executive Branch 3121.0200 Powder Depots 1103.0500 President, Present 3121.0300 Power of Attorney, Powers and Presidential Appointments 3121.0201 Duties 0215.0305 Presidents of Foreign Power, Electric 4501. Countries 312140200 Power, Electric, Consumption 4501.0406 and Power Facilities, Ports 4604.0363 7201. Power, Hydroelectric 4501.0101 Press Agents 5505.0600 Power, Lines and. Network 4501.0300 5505.0300 and and 4501.0200 5505.0400 Power Plants, Electric 4501.0500 Press Associations, By Name 5505.0500 Paver Stations, Electric 4501.0200 Press Censordhip 1000.1700 Power Supplies 8330.2200 and Power, Motor Generator 8330.2202 l000.1800 Power, Vacuum Tube 8330.2201 Press Conference, White House 5505. Power Supply, Electric, Press, Control by Foreigners 55o5.o2oo Assessment of Damages 4501.0600 Press Correspondents, American, Power, Thermal, Electric 4501.0102- Foreign Service 5505.0600 Powers, War, Allocation of 0207.0600 Press Correspondents, Practice, Target 0902.0400 Dcmestic 5O .0300 Practices, Cultivational 6203.0508 Press Correspondents, Precedence, Military, Relative Foreign 5505.0400 .Rank 0607. 63 Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 AlPha. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/0818P1JYJteMDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Press, Domestic Newspapers, Periodicals and News Services Press, Foreign Controlled Press, General Press Interviews Press, Publishing Houses (Other Than Daily and Periodical) Press Reviews Press Service, Radio Press Syndicates, By Nam Pressure Cabins, Air Price Control in War Price Indices, Wholesale and Retail Price List for Publication Price List for Supplies and Equipment Priests Primers, Ammunition Printers Printing Machine and Equipment Printing Services Priorities, Government Manpower Priority for Manufacture of Supplies and Equipment Priority, Transportation of Supplies or Property Prison Outbreaks Prisoner of War Reports Prisoners: Civil MilitRry Enlistment of Escape of ExchRnge of Use of for Labor and other Duties Prisoners, Number and Types Prisoners, Political Prisoners of War Camps and Prisons for Information Obtained from Interrogation of Prisoners of War, Air Prisoners of War, Evacuation of (Army) Prisoners of War, Evacuation, Air Prisoners of War, Military Intelligence Prisoners of War, Numbers Prisons, Civil Prisons, Military (Including Systems) Prisons, Military, Personnel - Air Private Education Private Enterprise Private Land Ownership Private Property Private Welfare and Charitable Organizations Privileges, Constitutional Privy, Sewage Disposal Prize Fighting 5505.0100 5505.0200 5505. 5505. 5505.0500 5505. 4805.0106 5505.0100 2302.0609 4105. 4105.0600 5505. 1103.0300 5104.0100 0400. 5505. 0509. 5505. 5205.0300 4401.0500 4601.0500 0209.0304 0306.0100 5900. 0209.0304 0209.0304 0209.0304 0209.0304 2029.0304 5903. 3133.0600 0306. 1106.0401 0306. 2205. 1106.0400 2606. 0306. 0306.0100 5900. 0209.0304 2700.0304 5705.0500 4102.0300 4301.0400 5105.0200 5802. 3130. 5304.0601 5807.0200 Prizes Problem, Military Proceedings, Legal Processed Foods Proclaimed List, Definition of Proclamation Terminating War Proclamation of War Procurement of Air Craft Procurement, Air Personnel, Mobilization Procurement, Air Supply, Peace Procurement, Air Supply, War Procurement, Army Supply, Peace Procurement, Army Supply, War Procurement, Awards of Contracts Procurement (And Requisitioning) Field Procurement (and Acceptance) Supply Production, See Related Subjects Production (Output) Production, Industrial Production, Sabotage in (See Related Subjects) Professional Experts Professors, Exchange Proficiency - Personnel - Air Profiteering Programs, Radio Programa:, Relief Progress Reports, Scientific Prohibited Areas, Aaministration and Organization of Prohibited and Restricted Areas, Air Projections, Map Projectiles Projection Machines Projectors, Chemical Equipment Projectors: Camera Searchlight Promotion: Civilian Employees Enlisted Men Officers Promotion of Target Practice Promotions - Personnel - Air Proofing, Supplies and Equipment Propaganda Propaganda Corps, Administra- tion and Organization of Propaganda Corps, Military Propaganda Missions Abroad Propaganda, Reaction to Allied Propellants, Explosive Manufacturing Propeller Spinners, Air- craft Propellers, Aircraft 5807. 0905.0103 3123.0400 4304. 4108.0306 3165.0703 3161.0206 2602.0100 2206.0105 2601.0100 2602.0100 1103.0300 1103.0300 and 1104.0200 1103.0300 1104.0200 1103.0300 4102. 4102. 7523. 5705.0300 2700.0110 4101. 5506. 5804. 8710. 0206.0300 2901.0500 6101.0102 0403. 0504.0803 0505.0300 0504.0803 0502.0400 5403.0100 0209.0405 0209.0405 0902.0400 2700.0405 1103.0300 5503. 0205.2800 0209.0200 3163.0403 5503.0700 4408.0200 2302. 2302;0608 Alpha. 64 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 COAKIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/69111apai&DP78-02646R000100070001-9 Propellers, Engines (not aircraft) Property, Accounts Property, Occupancy and Use of in War Property, Affected by War Property and Supplies, Reports of, Arrivals Supplies Property, Captured or Seized Property, Commandeering Private Property Property, Destruction in Battle or Under Military Necessity Property, Federal, Civil Jurisdiction over Property, Foreign Government (Transportation of) Property, Internment of Property, Laws and Regulations (Property Accounting) Property Laws, Peacetime Property Laws, War Property, Military, Aftinis- tration Property Rights Property Sequestration in Occupied or Controlled Areas Property Tax Prophylactic Measures Prophylaxis Proprietary Medicines Propulsion Prospectuses, Map Prosthetic Equipment Prostitution, Espionage Through Prostitution, Houses Prostitution, Regulation Protection, Biol. Warfare Protective Apparatus, Gases and Chemicals Protective Clothing, Research and Development (Gas Defense) Protective Plating (Aircraft) Protective Uniforms, Army, Regular and Reserve Protective Uniforms, Civil Police Organizations Protective Uniforms, Civilian Organizations Protective, Uniforms, Militia Protective Uniforms, Semi- Military and other Military Organizations Protocols Protectorates, Colonial Affairs Protectorates, Organization and Functions Protein Plastics, Manufacture Protestant Religion Provinces Provinces, Local Government 4406.0400 4900. 3123.0404 3123.0404 1103.0300 3123.0404 3123.0404 3123.0404 3123. 3123.0404 3123.0404 3123.0403 3123.0403 3123.0404 0215. 5105.0200 4103.0300 4902.0203 5304.0200 5304.0200 5303.0200 8420. 6101.0203 4411. 3123.0405 and 3164.0600 5304.0204 5105.0100 8510.0400 0505. 8520.0202 2302.0600 0601.0108 0601.0108 0601.0108 0601.oloa 0601.0108 3165.0700 3125.0100 3125.0400 4417.0300 5104.0300 5108.0400 3124.0100 Provinces, Relation to Central Government Proving Grounds Provisional Governments Provisional Units, Military Provost Marshal General Psittacosis Psychiatry Psychological Conditions Psychological Examination Psychological Warfare Agency, Chief of and Sub- ordinates (Who's Who) Psychological Warfare Agency of War Department Psychological Warfare Field Units Psychology Public Address systems Public Buildings, Protection_ Public Debt Public Health Organizations Public Opinion and Morale Public Order and Safety Public Order and Safety, Use of Troops Public Reaction Public Service Facilities, General Public Utilities, Electric Power Public Utilities, Gas System Public Utilities, General Public Utilities, Ice Plants and Refrigeration Public Utilities, Meteorological Services Public Utilities, Warehouses and Storage Facilities Public Utilities, Water Supply Systeme. Public Welfare Activities, Attitudes Towards Public Welfare Organizations Public Works Publications, Books and Periodicals Publications, Military, Administrative System Publications, Navy Department Publications, Subscriptions and Purchases Publicity Publicity, Interviews and Giving out Information Publicity, Radio Broadcasts Publishing Houses (Other Than Daily Press and Periodical) Pulleys Pumice Pumping Stations, Water Supply Pumps and Equipment Pumps, Oil Punishment, Air Punishment, Criminal 3142.0600 0206.0400 3600. 0206.0600 0204.0900 5301,0500 5306. 5500. 5303.0100 7103.0309 0204.0500 0204.0500 5500. 5506. 2107. 4905. 5302. 5500. 5900. 0107. 5501. 450o. 4501. 4502. 4500. 4504. 4506. 4505. 4503. 5800. 5801. 4500. 5505.0100 0216. Thru 0216.1100 N-5505. 5505.0100 5505. 5505. 5506. 5505.0500 0504.1300 4206.0400 4503.0200 4406.0100 4406.0100 2700.0300 5902. Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001_?1pha. 65 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/081128DECPIAERDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Punishment, Military Punishment, Subversion of Personnel Puppet Government Purchase of Maps Purchase of (Including Authority and request for Authority) and selection, adoption and acquisition of supplies and equipment Purchases, Made Abroad Purchases, Open Market Purchasing Agents Purchasing Commissions Abroad Purchasing Commissions In Country Purges and Pogram, Political Purification, Drainage Systems Purification Plants and Systeme (Sewage) Purification Plants and Systeme (Water) Purpose of Military Agencies Purpose of Military Organizations Pursuit Squadrons Puttees Putty Pyrites Pyrotechnic Firing Devices, Manufacture Pyrotechnics, Air Pyrotechnics, Signaling Pyrotechnics, Smoke-producing Quadrants Qualification Cards Quality Factors, Military Personnel Quality Factors, Military Personnel Quality Factors, Personnel, Air Quarantine and Control of Diseases, Interstate Quarantine and Control of Diseases, Intrastate Quarantine, Animals Quarantine Stations Oarries, Building Materials Quarries, Nonmetallic Minerals Quartermaster Corps, Administration of Quartermaster Corps, Organization of Quartermaster Corps, (Who's Who) Quartermaster General Department Quartermaster Schools Quartermaster Units, Order of Battle Quartermaster Units, Organiza- tion and Administration Quarters, Administration of Quarters, Construction Quasi-Military Organization, Air 0209.0303 Quasi-Military Organization Quasi-Military Organizations 1000.1900 Administration of 3500. Quasi-Military Organizations, 6101. Personnel Quasi-Military Organizations, Personnel - Air Quasi-Military Organizations, Strength Quasi-Military Organizations (Who's Who) Quays (Posts and Harbors) Quicksilver, Use Mercury Quinine 1103.0300 3163.0501 3163.0501 3164.0500 3163.0501 3164.0501 3133.0400 4503.0200 5304.0602 4503.0200 0202. 0203. 2104.0900 0601.0801 4413. 4206.0100 4409.0500 2302.0500 8311.0500 0505.0300 0502.0700 0209.0401 0209.0100 0209.0100 2700.0100 5304.0100 5304.0200 5304.0300 5304.0100 4413.0300 4206.0103 0205.1900 0205.1900 7102.1900 0205.0100 0904.0800 0103.0614 0208.0614 0215.0404 0215.0502 2202. Rabbis Rabbit Meat Production Rabies Races Race Incidence, Diseases Racial Groups Racial Groups, Attitude of Population Toward Racial Groups, Statistics Racial Groups, Statistics on Educational Attainment Racial Influence in Strikes and Lockouts Racks, Air, Bomb Racks, Ammunition (other than air) Racks, Arms Racks, elevating Racer, gun carriage Radar Radar Aids to Location, Direction and Detection Radar (Air Search) Radar (Air Search) Emplacements, Structural Data Radar, Aircraft Equipment Radar, Counterdevices Radar Detector Equipment Radar Fire Control Equipment Radar (Gun Laying) Radar (Gun Laying) Emplacements, Structural Data Radar, Telecommunications Radical Labor Organizations Radicalism, Political Radio, Aircraft Radio Altimeters Radio Antennae Radio Beacons Radio Broadcasts Radio, Censorship Radio, Clandestinely Radio Communications Radio Compass loops Radio, Counterdevices Radio Countermeasures Radio Direction Finding Stations Radio Earphones 0203.0600 0203.0600 0212. 2703. 0304.0103 7103.0204 4604.0314 4204.0600 5303.0200 7413. 4303.0500 5301.0400 5201.0300 5301. 5103.0100 5501.0500 5201.0300 5702. 5404. 2302.0601 0401. 0400. 0403. 0401. 8340. 8320. 0703.0405 and 8340.0230 0704.0405 2302.0604 8350. 8340.0300 8340.0320 0703.0406 0704.0406 8340: 5405. Groups 3144.0200 2302.0603 8320.0306 8330.0200 8320.0304 4805.0101 1000.1700 Operated 4805.0108 8310. 8830. 8350. 8350. 8310.0309 8330.1100 Alpha. 66 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Radio Radio Radio Radio Radio Radio Radio Radio Radio Approved For Release 2001/60671tMRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Entertainment in Army Equipment, Air Equipment, Army Filters Frequency Frequency meter sets Fuses Installations for vessels Instruments (private- ly owned) Radio Intelligence Radio Intelligence Companies Radio Laboratory Trailer Radio, Listening, Restriction of Radio Operators, military Radio Operators, military, strength Radio, Police Net Radio, Portable Navigation Apparatus Radio Programs Radio Receiving Sets (Privately owned) Radio, Repair Facilities Radio, Sound Detection Devices Radio Stations, General Study Radio Stations, Individual Radio Supplies (organization radio equipment) Radio supplies, parts & components Radio Systems Radio Telegraph, Signal Units, Organization Radio, Telegraph System, Air, Radio, Telephone, Signal Units, Organization Radios, Privately Owned Radio training Radio transmitters Radio tubes Radio, wireless, etc. - counter measures Radium Rafts, Pneumatic, aircraft Rafts, Bridges & Bridging Equipment Raiding and Infiltration Raids, Aerial Attacks Rail Connections, Ports and Harbors Rail Destruction Technique Quarantine Regulations Railroad: Cars , ? Schedules Station Service Terminal Facilities Time-Tables Transportation Railroad, Artillery, Organization Railroad Artillery, Strength 0209.0201 2302.0603 8310.0300 8330.1000 8330.0102 8330.1502 8330. 8320. 4805.0300 1000.140o 1000.1100 83'0.0304 5503.0600 0208. 0609 0304.0104 11.805.011.00 8320.0307 5506. 4805.0300 11.805.0500 8310.0310 4805.0100 4805.0200 8310. 8310.0200 8310.0200 0208.0609 2607.0200 0208.0609 4805.0300 0901.0200 8330. 8330. 8350. 4205.0700 2302.0700 0504.0204 0812.0148 2802.0110 4604.0344 4602.0334 5304.0100 4602.0410 4602.0301 4602.0301 4602.0331 4602.0301 4602. 0208.0604 0304.0101 Railroad Equipment, Manufacture Railroads Railroads, Protection Railway cars for guns Railway equipment Railway equipment, Armored Railway Cars, Parts and Accessories Railway Movements (Supply) Railway Movements (Troop) Railways, General Railways, Individual Lines Railways, National or Area Network Railways, Port Rail Facilities Railways, Rolling Stock Rain, As Affecting Soil and Cross Country Movements Rainfall at Landing Beaches Rainfall, Climate Raincoats, Army Ramrods, Small arms Range Finders Range Finders, Manufacture Range finding instruments, Aerial Range Finding Stations Range Quadrants Range Tables Ranges, Field, Cooking Ranges, Target, Construction Rank and Command, Officers Rank & Rating, Insignia, Civil Police Organizations Rank & Rating, Insignia, Civilian Organizations Rank& Rating, Insignia, Militia Rank& Rating, Insignia, Regular & Reserve Rank & Rating, Insignia, Semi-Military & Other' Military Organizations Rank, Relative Rape Ratchets, Traversing Rates of Pay, Military Personnel ' Rates of Pay, Persqauel - Air Ratings - Specialists, Personnel - Air Ration Boards, by .cities Ration Boxes Rationing Rationing, Effect on Civilian Population Rationing of Supplies & Equipment Rations, Air Rations and Forage, Army Rats, Rodents, Etc., and Extermination of Raw Materials, Domestic, Salient Shortages and Surpluses 4402. 4602. 0815. 4602.0410 4602. 0509. 1108.0100 1109.0100 4602.0100 4602.0300 4602.0200 4604.0,44 4602.0400 6203.0219 6203.0612 6204.0200 0601.0108 0401. 0502.0200 4419. 0503.0300 0704.0406 0502.0700 0502.1100 0508. 0215.0504 0607. 0604.0201 0603.0201 0602.0201 0601.0201 0602.0201 0607. 5900. 0403. 0215.0301 2700.0501 2700.0411 4105.0500 1105.0400 4105. 5502. 4105.0500 2603.0100 1105.0400 5304.0300 4101.0400 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha.. 67 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/011401EPIM-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Raw Materials, ExpOrt-Import Pattern, Manufacturing Industry Raw Materials, Light Metals, Sources of Raw Materials, Relation to Economic Warfare Raw materials, supplies Rayon Rayon Textiles, Manufacture Rays, Death, Ignition Systems Rays, Power Transmission Rear Sights, Small Arms Rebellion Receiving Sets, Radio Receptions Reclamation Projects Reclamations, Aircraft and Aeronautical Supplies and Equipment Reclamations and Replacements of Supplies and Equipment Recoil Mechanisms, Gun Carriage Reconnaissance Air Craft Reconnaissance, Air Operations Reconnaissance, Air Tactical Doctrine Reconnaissance, Army Tactics Reconnaissance: Cars Reconnaissance Troops, Administration of Reconnaissance Troops, Organization of Reconnaissance Troops (Who's Who) Reconnaissance Units, Order of Battle Reconnaissance Units, Organiza- tion and Administration Reconstruction, EconoMic, Foreign Policy Reconstruction, Economic, Post-War Plans Reconstruction, Economic, Post-War Plans, Political Aspects Reconversion of Industry , Reconstruction of Installations., Building Materials Recorders, Radio Disc Magnetic Tape Records, Military, Adminis- trative System Recreation, Civilian Recreation Facilities, Air personnel Recruit Schools, Air Recruit Training, Army Recruiting Areas, Administra- tion of 4401.0100 4205.0302 4108.0100 and 4108.0200 4108.0100 4415. 4415. 8360.0900 0401. 3144.0500 8310.0300 5807. 4302.0300 2605. 1106.0100 0400. 2302.0108 2802.0113 2501.0203 0815.0400 0501.0200 0205.0500 0205.0500 7102.0500 0103.0603 0208.0603 3161.0603 4104.0500 3141.0403 4104.0200 4413.1100 8330.2300 8330.2301 8330.2302 8330.2303 0216. Thru 0216.1100 5807. 2700.0200 2503.0417 0901.0200 0206.0200 Recruiting areas, Commanders of (Who's Who) Recruiting Areas, Organization of Recruitment Recruitment, Air Recruitment, Commissioned Officers Recruitment, Conscriptive Recruitment, Enlisted Men Recruitment of Labor Recruitment, Merchant Seamen Recruitment, Noncommissioned Officers Recruitment, Voluntary Rectifiers, Chemical & Oxide Red Cross Red Cross, Insignia Red Cross, Uniforms Reefs Water Approaches to Beach Reenlistment Refineries, Oil Refineries, Oil, Reconnaissance And Target Photographs Refineries, Sugar Reflector Equipment Reforestation Reformatories Refrigerating Systems Refrigeration Cars, Railways Refrigeration Facilities Refrigeration Facilities, Ports and Harbors Refrigeration, Food, Sanitary Aspects Refrigeration, Merchant Marine Refrigeration, Mobile Units, Army Refrigeration Units, Equipment Refrigerators Refugee Government in Exile Refugees, Foreign Relations Refugees, Immigrants Refugees, War Relief and Rehabilitation Regattas Regiments Commanders of (Who's Who) Regiments, Distribution and Organization at Outbreak of War Regiments, Organization Regional Aspirations for Autonomy Regional and Community Studies Registered Documents, Security of Registration Regular Air Force, Administration of Regular Air Force, Organization of Regular Army, Administration of Regular Army, Organization of Regular Navy, Administration of 7103.0705 0206.0200 0302. 0302. 0302.0300 0302.0200 0302.0400 5407. 4604.0406 0302.0400 0302.0100 8330.2400 5302.6400 0603.0200 0603.0100 6203.0608 0302.0100 4203.0401 4203.1003 4304.0300 8330.3400 4308.0500 5902. 4504. 4602.0411 4504.0300 4604.0336 5304.0404 4604.0411 0208.0618 0504.1204 4504.0300 3400. 3165.0901 5202.0100 5805. 5807. 7103.0508 0103.0600 0208.0600 3142.0700 5108. -1000.2007 0301.0100 0203.0300 0203.0300 0203.0100 0203.0100 0203.0200 Alpha. 68 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/?&LCIA-11778-02646R000100070001-9 Regular Navy, Organization of Regulations: Army Commerce Correspondence Field Service Regulations, Air, Civil, Governmental Regulations, Army, Administra- tive System Regulations, Army Correspondence Regulations, Army Training . Regulations, Army Uniforms le6mlations, Censorship in War Regulations, Passport and visa Regulations, Personnel Administration ? Rehabilitation of Industry Rehabilitation, Industry, Occupied or Controlled Areas Rehabilitation Provisions Rehabilitation and War Relief Rehabilitation of War Veterans Reinforcements, Troops Reinstatement, Military Personnel Reinstatement Personnel - Air Rejection Relapsing Fever Relation to Central Government, Air Relation to Central Government, Amy Relations between Mother Countries and Dependencies. Relations, Civil and Military Authorities, Relations, Foreign Relations, Public Relative Rank Relief of destitutes- supplies and equipment for Relief Features, Topography Relief Programs, Occupied or Controlled Areas Relief Programs, Peacetime Relief, War Relief; War, Domestic Relief, War, to Foreign Countries Religion Religion, Governmental Policy Religious, Ceremonies or Service Religious Groups, Recognized, Political Influence Remedies Remote Controlled Demolition Vehicles Remount Service, Administration of Remount Service, Organization of Remount Service Strength Remount Service (Who's Who) 0203.0200 0216.0100 4702. 0216.0700 0216.0600 2901.0400 0216.0100 0216.0700 0901.0100 0601. 1000.1707 5204. 0209.0401 4104.0200 4103.0200 0307.0101 5805. 5805.0300 1104.0500 0209.0410 2700.0411 0301.0104 5301.0300 2202. 0201. 3125.0401 3141.0302 3165. 5505. 0607. 5804. 6203.0100 4103.0100 5804. 5805. 5805.0100 5805.0200 5104. 3141.0207 5104. 3144.0303 5303.0200 0405.0700 0205.1700 0205.1700 0304.0'04 7102.1700 Removal of Unexploded Shells and Bombs Renovating Service Repair and Reconstruction of Damaged Installations, Water Supply Repair and Reconstruction of Damaged Plants, Electric Power Repair and Reconstruction of Damaged Systems, Gas Plants Repair and Reopening of Damaged Circuitil, Telephones Repair' Facilities, Airport Repair Facilities, Ports Repair Facilities, Radio Repair Facilities, Railway Repair Installations, Aircraft Repair Trucks Repair Trucks, Parts & Accessories Reparations Repatriation Replacement centers Replacement Divisions, Order of Battle Replacement Divisions, Organization and Administration Replacement, Equipment Replacement, Personnel Replacement Training System Organization and Administration Replacement of Troops Report, Monthly Aviation Intelligence Reporters (See Correspondents) Reports, Efficiency, Military Personnel Reports, Efficiency Personnel - Air Reports, Miscellaneous, See Miscellaneous Section Representatives Abroad, Official Representatives of Foreign Countries (Envoys, Ministers, Ambassaders, Representatives, Foreign, Restrictions on Reproducing Machines Reproduction Equipment, Inetruments of Precision and Photographic Equipment Reproduction Instruments, Instruments of Precision, Photographic and Reproduction Equipment Reproduction of Maps Requests for Information Requirements Misc. Supply Requisitioning, Field Requisitioning (Supply) Research, Agricultural Products, Industrial uses. Research and Development, Air Research and Development, Organization Equipment, Army Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 1106. 1106.0100 4503.0400 4501.0700 4502.0300 4802.0310 2401.0100 4604.0363 4805.0500 4602.0330 2601.0401 0501.0300 0501.030c 4112.0100 5202. 1104.0500 0103.0310 0208.0310 1105.0600 1104.0500 0207.0500 1104.0500 2203.0400 5505. 0209.0404 2700.0404 8700. 1000.0400 3163. 1000.2006 0504.0804 0504.0800 0504.0804 0504,0804 $100. 1105.0700 1104.0200 1103.0400 4301.0700 2302.0800 8430. Alpha. 69 Approved For Release 200(E28_LCIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 IDIZTIAL Research and Development, Telecommunications, Army Research & Development, War Gases Research, Manufacturing Research, Medical Research & Production of Biological Warfare Agents Research, Scientific Research, Supply (Development) Research, Weapons, Rescue, Air Disaster, Civil Rescue, Service, Air-Sea Rescue Work, Use of Aviation Reservations, Air Space Reservations, Military Reserve Components, Strength Reserve Divisions, Order of Battle Reserve Divisions, Organiza- tion and Administration Reserve Officers Training Corps, Training Reserve Stocks (of Supplies & Equipment) Reserves, Ammunition (Other Than Military) Reserves, Arms (Other Than Military) Reserves, Composition and. Structure, Air Reserves, Explosives Devices (Other Than Military) Reserves, Individual Equipment, Army Reserves, Military Organiza- tions, Organization and. Administration Reserves, Munitions and Equipment, Army Reserves, Organized, Personnel Reserves, Organized Reserve Corps (Engineers, Medical, Ordnance, etc.) ? Reserves,. Personnel, Air Reserves, Petroleum Reserves Pilots, Air Training Reservoirs, Water, Sanitary Aspects of Reservoirs, Water Supply, Installations Residence, Legal Residence, Temporary Resignations, Civilians (employees) Resistance Groups and Move- ments, Political Resisters Fixed Variable Respect for Property Rights Responsibilities, allocation of in War Responsibilities and. War Powers 8430. 8520.0108 4422. 5305. 8510.0500 8430. and 5706. 1103.0200 0410. 2901.0905 2105.0700 2105.0700 2902.0300 0206.0300 0304.0102 0103.0309 0208.0309 0905.0100 1104.0400 4409.0700 4409.0700 2202. 4409-0700 1103.0600 0203.0400 11(14.0400 0210. 0304.0104 2701. 4203.0200 2503.0208 5304.0502 4503.0200 5603.0300 5603.0300 5407- 3144.0600 8330.2600 8330.2601 8330.2602 5105.0200 0207.0600 0207.0600 Resorts, Recreation Resources, Economic Warfare Resources, Forest Resources, Natural, Economic Structure Resources,Naturel, Government Policy Restaurants Restoration of Agriculture Restricted Areas, Aeministra- tion of Restricted Areas, Air Restricted Areas, Organization of Restricted Areas, Restrictions on entrance Restriction and Suppression, Civil and Political Rights Restrictions, Fortified Areas Restrictions, Military Tnformation Restrictions, Military and Naval Reservations Restrictions, Military Plants and Factories Restrictions, Photography, Military Areas Restrictions Safeguarding Military Information Restrictions, Shipyards Retirement, Air - See Personnel, Air Retirement, Army - See Personnel, Army Retirement deduction, civilian employees Retirement, Military Personnel Retirement pay, Civilian employees Retirement - Personnel - Air Retracting Mechanism, Gun Carriage Retrograde Movements, Tactics Revenue Anticipated., Govern- ment Budgets Revetments, Aircraft Reviews, Aerial Reviews and Inspections by Foreigners Reviews and Inspections by Military-Authorities Revolution Revolutions and Current Revolutionary Movements Revolver Ball Cartridges Revolver Belts Revolver Holsters and Lanyards Rewards: Air Army Rheostats Ribbons, Insignia Ribbons, Lapel Riding Hells, Buildings Riding Tests 5807.0100 41.07. 4308. 4101.0100 4102. 5603.0100 41(14.0600 0206.0300 2901.0500 0206.0300 1000.2003 3133. 1000.2003 1000.2000 1000.2003 1000.2005 1000.2004 1000.2000 1000.2005 5806.0200 0209.0408 5806.0400 2700.0408 0403. 0812.0128 4903.0100 2107. 2503.0600 0906.0200 0906.0100 3144.0500 3144.0500 0401.0100 0401.0100 0401.0100 2407. 0605.0100 8330. 0605. 0605. 0215.0505 0901.0200 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha. 70 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/94AtaftRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Rifle Grenades Rifles Rights Aliens and Alien Enemies Rioting Riots, Political Significance Riots and Strikes., Use of Troops Rivers Rivers, Harbors and Waterways: Controlling, Operating & Using. 4604. Damage or Deterioration 4604. Erosion, Caving Crevassing, etc. 4604. Floods and Control 4604. Ice Breaking 4604. Maintaining & Improving for Navigation 4604. Navigability 4604. Navigation Aids to 8320. Navigation Obstruction 4604. Physical Characteristics 4604. Scientific Data on 4604. Slackwaters 4604. Soundings, Sweeping, Borings, & Tests 4604. Structures: Floats, Landing Places, Landing Stages, Stages, Ramps, Dolphins, etc. Terminal Facilities Rivers, Water Transportation Riveting Apparatus, Machines and Tools Rivets . Road. Equipment, Motorized and Heavy Construction Equipment Road Machinery Road Movements (Supply) Road Movements (Troop) Road Transport Roadbed, Railways Roads Roads and. Highways, General Roads and Highways, Individual Roads and Highways, National or Area Networks Roads and Highways, Tracks and. Trails Roads, Military (Construction ' of) Roadway Facilities, Ports. Robbery Rock Crushing Plants Rock Quarries Rock Types Available Rock 'Wool (Building Material) Rocket Projectiles, Air Rocket Propelled Aircraft Rocket Propelled Guided Missiles Rocket Weapons, Aircraft Rocket Weapons, Antiaircraft Rocket Weapons, Field Rocket Weapons, Other 0408.0200 0401.0400 3132. 5105 .0300 3111.14. .0800 o3.07- 4604.0200 4604. 4604.0343 4604.0200 4406. 4406.0300 0504.1100 4406. 1108.0200 110.0200 4603.0500 4602.0306 4603.0302 4603.0100 4603.0300 4603.0200 4603.0400 1110.0200 4604.0349 5900. 4413.0300 4413.0300 6203.0209 4413. 2302.0405 2302.0113 0407. 0406.0300 0406.0200 0406.0100 0406.0400 Rockets, Comdcation Equipment Rockets, Manufacture Rodents, Control of Rodents, Extermination of Roentgenology Role in National Life of Armed Forces Roller Bearings, Manufacture Rollers, Motorized& Heavy Construction Equipment Rolling Kitchens Rolling Stock, Railway Rolling Stock, Railway, Ports and. Harbors Raman Catholic Church Rope Rope, Wire . Rosettes, Ornaments Rosin Rosters, Registers or Other Lists of Personnel Rotation System, Military Personnel Roundhouse a, Railway Routes, Topography Royalties, Patents Rubber Boats, Aircraft Rubber Cultivation Rubber Goods Rubber, Individual Manufacturing Plants Rubber, Manufacture Rubber, Natural Rubber, Reclaimed Rubber, Statistical Data Rubber, Synthetic Ruins Rulers, Foreign Rules of Land. Warfare (4ilitary) . Rales of Warfare (Political) Runways Runways and. Roads, Prefabricated. Construction Materials Runways, Lights . Rural Areas Rye Saber belts Saber scabbards Sabers Sabotage Sabotage Agents in Country Sabotage, Economic Effects Sabotage, General - See Under Relevant 'Subject-Matter Sabotage Laws Saboteurs Saccharin Approved For Release 2001/08/28 :-CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 0503. 4409.0300 5304.0300 5304.0300 5303.0100 and. 4411. 0201. 4406.0300 0504.1105 1105.0400 4602.0400 4604.0347 5104.0100 4305.0300 4407. 0605. 4412. 7000. Q209.0406 4602.0404 6202.0305 4107.0205 and 4902.0211 2302.0611 4305.0400 4416. - 4416.0600 4416. 141416.0100 4416.0300 4416.0700 14.416.0200 4110. and 4408.0206 3121.0200 0101. 3123.0402 2401. 0504.0403 2401.0101 5108.0700 4302. 0401.0700 0401.0700 0401.0700 5900.0000 3164.0600 4109. 3123.0405 5900. and 3164.0600 414,10. Alpha. 71 Approved For Release 2001 00070001-9 SaddJes, rigind, pack, and cloth for Safe conduct Safeguarding Military Wormation Safehaven Safety belts, aircraft Safety Devices Safety devices, guns Safety harness, aircraft Safety, program of Safety, Public Order and Safety Conditions, Labor Sailors Sales of, and equipment to foreign governments, supplies Sales of supplies and equipment Sales Tax Salient Statistics, Domestic Trade Saloons Salt, Deposits Salt, Manufacture Saltpeter (ingredient of powder Salvage Salvage, aircraft Salvage Corps, Organization Salvage Corps, Strength Salvage Operations, Merchant Marine Salvaging, Supplied and Equipment Military Salvaging, supplies Salvarsan Salvo tables Sanatoria Sanctions, Foreign Policy Sanctions, Religious Sanctions, Trade Restrictions Sand. Sand, Rock Types Available Sandfly Fever, Disease Sanitarium, civil Sanitary Aspects, Food Sanitary Conditions, Labor Sanitary Corps, Organization Sanitary Engineers Sanitary Requirements, Trade Sanitary Service, Army, Strength Sanitation, Disease Control Sanitation Equipment, Army, Organization Sanitation, Health and Sanitation, Food and Beverages Sanitation, Sewage Disposal Sanitation, Water Sapper Units, Organizational Sawmills Snales, Map Scarlet Fever Alpha. 72 0504.1000 5900. 1000.2000 Thru 1000.2008 4107.0204 2302.0700 0504.1309 0401. 2302.0700 5800. 5900. 5403.0200 0304.0200 4704. 4703. 4902.0203 4703.0500 5807. 4206.0100 4408.0100 0504.0509 1106.0100 2601.0400 and 2602.0400 1106.0100 1106.0100 4604.0427 1106.0100 1106.0100 4410. N-0502.1100 5303.0100 3161.0409 5104. 4702.0400 4-413. 6203.0209 5301.0300 5303.0100 5304.0400 5403.0200 0208.0618 5303.0300 4702.0100 0304.0104 5304. 0504.1209 5300. 5304.0400 5304.0600 5304.0500 0208.0618 4406.0100 6101.0102 5301.0400 Schedules, Training Schedules, trains (time- tables) Schedules, transportation (Tariffs) Schistosomiasis Rectal and Vesical, (Disease) Scholarships, Exchange School Attendance, Legislation School Attendance, Statistics School Curriculum School System Schools, Air, Civil Schools, Air, Military Schools, Air, Premilitary Schools, Army Schools, Army Administration Schools, Army and Navy Service and Technical Schools, Staff Colleges and Troop Schools Schools, Army, Premilitary Schools, Aviation Schools, Dental Schools, Enrollment Schools, Establishment of (Army and Navy) Schools, Foreign Language in Country Schools, Foreign, Instruction of Officers and Enlisted men Schools, Graduates (Army and Navy Schools) Schools, Instructors (Army and Navy Schools) Schools, Journals, Service Schools Schools, Medical Schools, Nursing Schools, Sales of Supplies and Equipment to rifle- Clubs and Schools Schools, Special Schools, Students School, Tenlinical Schools, Vocational Science, Military (See Research and Development) Sciences, Natural Sciences, Physical Scientific Whole Who Scientific Journals, Medical Scientific Map Societies Scientific Research Scientific Studies, Military Value Scientists Scientists, Group Scorched Earth Scorebooks, Target Scouts Scrap Iron 0900. 4602.0301 4602.0301 5301.0400 5705.0300 5701. 5702. 5703. 5701. 2902.1000 2503.0400 2503.0500 0904. 0904.0100 0904. 0905. 2503.0400 5303.0400 5700. N-0904. 5705.0400 0904.0200 0904. 0904.1200 0908. 5303.0400 5303.0400 4104.0100 5705. 5701. 5705.0200 5705.0200 Woo. and 5706. 5706. 5305. and 5704. 7500. 5305. 6101.0203 5706. 5704. 7501. 7500. 0812.0131 0902.10400 0812.0148 42405.0245 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONF.W.M.CIAL Approved For Release 2001/06/32IFFM41DP78-02646R000100070001-9 Scrapers, Motorized and Heavy Construction Equipment Sculpture Seacoast Artillery Guns Seacoast, Lights Seacoast, Guns Seacoast, Guns, Carriages for Seacoast, Guns, Mounts 0504.1106 57o8. 0403.0800 0703.0403 0703.0206 0403.0800 0403.0800 Secretaries, Religious Security, Cryptographic Security, International Foreign Policy Security Measures, Military Information 5104. 1000.1400 and 0815.0600 3161.0207 1000.2000 Thru Sealed Orders 1000.2007 1000.2008 Seamen, Employees 4604.0600 Security, Military Seamen, Merchant, Recruiting Information 1000.2000 and Training 4604.0406 Thru Sea Mines, Manufacture 4409.0400 1000.2008 Sea Power, Geographic Factors Affecting 6202.0103 Security, Military, Safe- guarding Military Seaplane Anchorages, Tnformation 1000.2000 Installations 2401.0100 Thru Search-Airborne, Radar 8340.0230 1000.2008 Search-Airborne, Radar Equipment 8340.0230 Security Organizations, Political 3135. SearCh and Warning, Radar 8340.0210 Security, Tactics 0815. Searchlight Defense System, Sedition 3144.0500 Combat Zone 2106.0900 Seduction 5105.0100 Searchlight Defense System, Seeds, All Kinds 4302.0100 Interior Zone 2106.0800 Seized Records 1000.1200 Searchlight Emplacements, Structural Data 0704.0403 Selection, Adoption and Acquisition of Supplies 1103.0100 Searchlights 0502.0400 Selenium, Minor Metals 4205.0700 Searchlights, AA Defense 0502.0400 Self-Propelled Artillery 0404. Searchlights, Air Operations 2802.0404 Self,Propelled Artillery Searchlights, Electrical Assault Guns 0404.0100 Equipment 0504.0603 Self-Propelled Artillery, Searchlights, Fire Control 0502.0400 Close Support Guns 0404.0100 Searchlights, Manufacture of 4407. Self-Propelled Artillery, Searchlight Outfits 0504.0603 Field and Medium GUD2 0404.0200 Searchlight Plants 4407.0300 Self-Propelled Artillery, Searchlight Units 0208.0605 SP AA Guns 0404.o400 Searchlights, Seacoast 0504.0603 Self-Propelled Artillery, Search Warrants 5105.0200 Tank Destroyers 0404.0300 Seasonal Changes 6203.0324 Semaphores, Manufacture 4407. Seaweed 4307. Semaphores, Railways 4602.0321 Seaweed, Water Approaches Sentry Duty Training 0901.0200 to Beach 6203.0608 Separations, Enlisted Men 0307.0100 Secessions 3125.0301 Separations, Officers 0307.0100 Second Front 0102 Septic Tanks 5304.0601 Secret Communication 2607.0400 Sequestration, Property 3123.0404 Secret Communication, Cipher Serge (See Clothing) 4415. Letters and Dispatches 2607.0400 Serial Numbers (Identification, Secret Communication, Cipher- Personnel) 0606. graphs and Cipher Writers 8311.0600 Serial Numbers (Air) 2406. Secret Communication, Codes 2607.0400 Serums 4410. Secret Communication, and Secret Writing 1000.1706 5303.0200 Secret Military Police, Serums, Use of 4410. Administration of 0203.0900 Service, Branches of, Secret Military Police Administration 0205. (Who's Who) 7103.0206 Service Clubs, Buildings ogp9.0201 Secret Orders 1000.1800 Service Commands, Division Secret Police Organizations 3135. of the Country into 0206.0100 . Secret Service (U.S.) 1000.0100 Service, Courier, Army, Secret Service (In Foreign Administration 0217.0400 Countries: Includes M.I.D.) 1000.0100 Service Departments or Secret Service, Followed by Country 3135. Equivalent (Ord, Sig C, AGO, Etc.) Chiefs of and. Secret Societies 5106. Their Subordinates (Who's Secretary, General Staff 0204.020o Who) 7103.0311 Secretary of War 0204.0100 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha. 73 CONFIDEBTIAL Approved For Release 2001/0111281MARDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Service Departments, Shields, Gun Carriages 0403. Headquarters of 0204.0800 Shinto Religion 5104.0600 Service and Equipment, Supplies 1102. Shipbuilding 4405. Service Commands 0206.0100 Ship Manifests 4604.0305 Service, Field, Foreign, Tropical 0207. Ship Movements Ship Schedules N-0816. N-4602.0301 Service Journals 0908. Shipborne, Radio Service, Limited, Enlisted Communcations 8310.0301 Men 0301.0102 Shipments, Foreign Govern- Service, Limited, Officers Service, Military or Naval, Evasion of Records 0302.0300 0302.0200 ments (Supplies and Pro perty) Shippers 4604.0100 Service Records 0209.0401 Shipping, Aircraft and Service Ribbons 0605.0100 Aeronautical Supplies and Service, School Journals 0908. Equipment 2105.0200 Service Schools 0904. Shipping, Effects of Enemy Service Uniforms, Civilian Attacks and Invasion 4110.0300 Organizations 0603. Shipping, by Land 4600. Service Uniforms, Civil Police Thru Organizations 0604. 4603. Service Uniforms, Army, Regular and Reserve 0601.0102 Shipping Losses, Thru Naviga- tional Mishaps .46c4.0426 Service Uniforms, Militia 0602. Shipping, Volume and Type by Service Uniforms, Semi- Ports 4604.0381 Military and other Military Shipping, by Water 4604. Organizations 0602. Ships (See Vessels and Services, Air, Organization 2105. Transports) 4604.0207 Services, Army, Organization 020r. Ships and Barges, Individual Services, Army, Strength 0304.0104 Waterways 4604.0207 Services, Miscellaneous 0207. Ships, Bureau of 4604.0305 Services, News 5505.0100 Ships, Equipment, Supplies Services, Public Health 5302. and Apparatus 4604.0357 5303. Ships, Foreign in Use 4604.0429 Services, Sanitary and 5304. 5302. and Ships, Port Accommodations by Volume and 4604.0436 4604.0378 5304. and Services, Veterinary, 4604.0379 Civil 5303.0600 Ships, Servicing Facilities 4604.0357 Sewage Disposal 5304.0600 Shipyards, Commercial 4405.0400 Sewage Systems 5304.0600 Shipyards, Construction 4604.0400 Sewer Material 5304.0600 Shipyards, Shipbuilding 4405.0400 Sewers and Sewage, Disposal of 5304.0600 Shoals, Water Approaches Sex Statistics of Population 5201.0200 to Beach 6203.0608 Sextant 2302.0605 Shoes, Leather 4414.0300 and Shoes, Leather Substitute 4414.0400 8320. Shoes, Rationing 4105.0500 Sexual Perversion 5105.0100 Shoes, Rubber 4416.0501 Sexual Relations, Regulation 5105.0100 Shooting Matches, National 5807.0300 Sheep 4303. Shoe Employees 5103. Sheep, Raising, Wool 4306.0300 and and 5103.0300 4303.0200 Shoe Equipment 0504.1207 Sheeting, Wire 4407. Shop Equipment, Motorized Shellfish 4307. and Heavy Construction ShelI-J2ooms 4409.0600 Equipment 0504.1207 Shelter, Bombed-Out Shops, Organization (Army) 0208.0608 Families 5805.0100 Shores and Land Adjacent to Shelters 5805.0100 Water 6203.0600 2107.1100 Shortages, Agricultural and Products, Manufactures, 0703. Ray Materials 4101.0400 Shelters, Gasproof, Re- search and Development 8520.0203 Shortages, Clothing Shotgun Cartridges 4105.0200 0504.0509 Shelters, Land 0703.0205 Shotguns 0401.0400 Shelters, Structural Data 0704.0205 Shrapnel 0403. Sheriffs 5901. Shrapnel Cases 0305.0100 Alpha. 74 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08P2181PMADP78-02646R000100070001-9 Shovels, Motorized and Heavy Construction Equipment Shrubs 0504.1103 4308. Signaling, Cartridges Signaling, Communication only Signaling, Devices 0401.0200 0503. 0503. Shutters, Searchlight 0703.0403 Signaling, Flags and other Sick Leave, Civilian (for communication only) 0503. Employees 0214. Signaling, Instruments 0503. Side Arms 0401.0100 Signaling, Pyrotechnics 0503.. Side Cars, Motorcycles 0501.0100 Signaling Towers 2401.0100 Sidings, Railways 4602.0304 and Siege 0812.0108 8311.0500 Siege Guns 0401. Signaling, Training ? 0902.0100 Siege, Operations' 0102. and Sighting Bar and Hood, 0902.0300 Small Arms 0902.0400 Significance of Military Sights 0502.0600 Agencies 0202. Sights, Air Machine Gun 2302.0307 Significance of Military Sights, Bomb, Air 2302.0308 Organizations 0203. Sights, Carriages 0502.0600 Signs and Symbols, Carto- Sights, Fire Control graphic' 6101.0206 Equipment 0502.0600 Signs and Symbols, Conven- Sights,, Gun (Cannon) Air 2302.0304 tional, Army 0104.0400 Sights, Small Arm 0401. Silencers, Small Arra: 0401. Signal Equipment (Dealt Silhouettes, (For Identifi- with by Scientific Branch) 0503. , cation of Aircraft Signal) Armored Companies 0208.0609 Silhouettes) 2402. Signal, Blocks 4602.0321 Silica, Natural 4206.0400 Signal Bombs 2302.0403 Silicon ? 4205.0400 Signal Communications Silk 4415. Network, Army 0217.0100 and Signal Communications 4306.0600 System, Air 2607. Silk, Location and Volume Signal Communications of Production, Disposal 4306.0600 System, Army 0814.0500 Silk, Manufacture 4415. Signal Corps . 0811.0700 Silos 5108.0700 Signal Corps, Administration and of 0205.1200 6203.0509 Signal Corps, Equipment 0503. Silver 4205.0800 Signal Corps, Schools 0904.0800 Silver, Alloys 4205.0900 and Sinnrquism 3144.0200 0904.0900 Sinkholes, Relief Features 6203.0102 Signal Corps or Service, Sinking of Boats 1109.0300 Strength 0304;0104 and Signal Corps Tactics 0811.0700 1109.0301 Signal Corps Training 0902.0100 Sinking of Transports 1109.03Q0 and and 0902.0300 1109.0301 Signal Corps, Mors Who) 7102.1200 Sirens 2106. Signal Devices, Railways 4602.0321 Sisal 4305.0300 Signal Equipment (See Sitascopes 4419. Scientific Section) 0503. Sites, Historic 5707. Signal Generators 8330.2202 Size of Armed Forces 0304. Signal Intelligence 1000.1400 Size of Military Organizations 0304. Signal Lights 0503. Skating 5807.0900 Signal Pistols 0401.0200 Sketches, File Under Relevant Signal, Stations, Fog,.Radio, or Wireless 4805.0100 Subject Skiagraphs 0503. 4805.0103 Skids, Ammunition 0504.0507 4805.0104 Skiing Training 0901.0200 and and 4805.0105 0903. Signal Units, Order of Skilled Labor, Shortage 5205.0200 Battle 0103.0609 Skin Diseases 5301.0600 . Signal Units, Organization Skis, Equipment, Organization 0504.1200 and Administration 0208.0609 Slaughter Houses 4303.0500 Signaling, Aid to Navigation 4805.0103 Slaughtering 4303.0500 4805.0104 Sleds, Equipment, Organizational 0504.1200 and and 4805.0105 0503.1403 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONMIJEMITIAL Alpha. 75 ' Approved For Release 2001/08t28zetesARDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Sleeping Bags Sleeping car Transportation 0504.1200 and 2302.0703 4602.0411 Societies Societies, Militarized, 3144. and 5106. Small Arms 0401. Administration of 0203.0700 Small Arms, Ammunition, Air 2302.0401 Societies, Militarized, Small AXMOB, Ammunition Organization of 0203.0700 Primers 0401. Societies, Political 3144. Small Arts, Cases 0401. Societies, Voluntary Small Arms, Firing (Training) 0902.0400 Associations 5106. and Society, Position of Women 5605. 2503. Sociological, General 5100. Small ATMS, Manufacture Sociological Lists 7400. (up to 37 mm) 4409.0100 Sociological, (Who's Who) 7400. Small Arms, Parts and Soda, Manufacture 4408.0100 Accessories 0401. Sodium 4205.0600 Smallpox 5301.0400 Sodium Nitrate 4206.0100 Small Units by Type or Sodomy 5105.0100 Branch of Service, grder Soft-nosed Bullets 0401. of Battle Small Units, Organization 0103.0600 Soil and Cross Country Move- ment, Topographic Influences And Administration 0208.0600 on 6203.0217 Smelters - See Relevant Metals Soil Erosion 4302.0400 Smoke, Botha 0503. Soil, Trafficability off Road 6202.0307 and Soil Types 6203.0201 4408. Soldering Apparatus, Machines Smoke, Bullets 0503. and Tools 0504.1303 and Soldiers, Disabled, Rehabilita- 4408. tion of 5805. Smoke, Candles 0503. Soldiers's Home 0209.0408 and and 4408. 0215.0407 Smoke Devices, Equipment, Sorcery 5105. Organizatiane1 0503. Sound Detection Devices 8310.0308 Smoke, Manufacture 4408. Sound Detector Emplacements Smoke, Pots 050,3. Structural Data 8330. and Sound Ranging Instrument, 4408. Aerial 8320. Smoke, Screens 0504.0300 Sounding Devices 8310.0300 0503.0405 Sounding (Rivers, Harbors, and and Waterways) 4604.0105 4408. Soundproofiag Materials 4412. Smoke-Effect Gases and Sounds (Bodies of Water) 6201.0100 Chemicals 0503. Source Materials, Geographic 6100. Smoke-Producing Pyrotechnics 0503. Source Materials, Geographic, and Maps and Map Data 6101. 4408. Source Materials, Geographic, Smuggling 4706. Photographs 6102. Snakes, Control of 5304.0300 Source Materials, Geographic, Sniperscopes 0504.1200 Books and Pamphlets 6103. Sniping 0812.0150 SouthAmerican Trypanosomiasis 5301.0300 Snowfall 6204.0200 Sovereign Office, Executive Snow Plows, Machines 0504.1106 Branch 3121.0200 Snowshoes, Equipment 0503. Sovereign, Present Head 3121.0300 Social Classes, Military Soybean, Manufacture 4417.0300 Personnel 0209.0101 Spaniards 5100. Social Classes, Personnel and Air 2700.0101 3162. Social, Conditions 5100. Spanish 3162. Social-Economic Classes 5103.0300 and Social Groups (Political) 3144. 5100. Social History -5101. Spark Plugs 1105.0600 Social Insurance and Pension 5806. 0501.0100 Social Movements 5107. Thru Social Structure 5103. 0501.0500 Social Welfare, Governmental Speakers, Radio 8330.2809 Policy 3141.0208 Speaking Devices, Loud 8330.1600 Socialism 3144.0200 Speaking Tubes 8330. Alpha. 76 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/0812/81WMPRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Special Blocked Nationals, Definition of (Same as Gray List) Special Device, Electronic Special Uniformn, Army, Regular and Reserve Special Uniforms, Civil Police Organization Special Uniform:, Civilian Organizations Special Uniform, Militia Special Uniform, Semi- Military and other Military Organizations .Special Zones, Administration of Special Zones, Organization of Specialist Air Schools Specialists, Ratings, Personnel - Air Specialist School, Army Specialist Training, Military Specifications - See Item Specified Specifications for Supplies and Equipment Spectacles Speedometers Spheres of Influence, Colonial Affairs Spheres of Tnfluence, Foreign. Policy Spices Spiegeleisen Spies Spirochetal Jaundice Sponges Sponges and Staves, Cannon Sports, Recreation Spotters Spraying Equipment, Chemicals Springs, Recoil Sprinkler Systems Spurs Squadron, Air Operations Squadron, Air, Organization Squadrons Squadrons Commanders of (Who'sWho) Stabilization; Currency Stabilizers, Aircraft Stable, Equipment Stables Stabling Animals Staff, Allied. Staff, Chief of Staff Colleges Staff Corps and Departments Staff Divisions, Other, War Department General Staff, Organization-and A4m1n1stration 4108.0306 8360. 0601.0107 0603. and 5901. 0603. 0602. 0602. 0206.0300 0206.0300 2503.0419 2700.0411 0904.0900 0901.0200 1105. 4419. 0501. 3125. 3161.0100 4302.0100 4205.0226 1000.0700 5301.0500 4307. 0402. and 0403. 5807. 0814.0500 8520. 0504.0509 0504.0709 0504.0509 2801. 2101. 2101. 7103.0606 4909.0100 2302.0607 0504.0509 1106.0300 1106.0300 0202.0400 0205.0100 and 7103.0104 0904.1100 0202.0400 0204.0206 Staff Doctrines, War Department Staff Doctrines, AS= and Services Staff Doctrines, Combined ATM Operations Staff Doctrines, Command Staff Doctrines, Strategy Staff Doctrines, Tactics Staff Documents Staff Exercises, Training Staff Functions, Tactical Units, Organization and Administration Staff, General, Organization Staff, General, Strength Staff, Joint Chiefs of Staff Officers, Air, Responsi- bilities Staging Areas Stallions Stalls in Freight Cars Stamping Machines Stamps Stamps, Postage, Use of Stamps, War Savings Starters, Engine Starvation State State, Authorities State, Courts State, Laws State, Rights Static Divisions, Organiza- tion and Administration Station. Buildings Station Wagons Stations, Fire Control Stations, Military, Adminis- tration of Statisticians Statistics (used for the Preparation of War Plans) Statistics, Battles and Battle Reports Statistics, Labor Statistics, Vital Statistics, Wood. Products Status .Rblisted Men, Marilal and Personal Status, Officers, Marital and Personal Statutory List, Definition of Steam Utility Steel Steel, Alloys Steel, Antitank Obstacles Steel Companies Steel, Construction, Building Material Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 OONFIDEBTIAL 0202.0300 0812.0100 0813. 0814. 0821. 0812.0100 0202.0300 0903. 0208. 0202.0300 0304.0105 0202.0300 2104.0800 1109.0300 4303.0200 4402.0100 4421. and 0504:0509 4812. 4812. 4901.0300 4406.0400 5301.0700 6101.0301 5103. ana 3124.0500 3123. 3131. 3131. 0208.0315 1107.0300 4403. 0502.1100 0206.0600 7523. ' 0810.0100 0102. . 5402. 5203. 4412.0800 0209.0400 0209.0400 4108.0306 4500. 4205.6200 4205 T0237 Thru 4205.0241 0703.0515 4205.0253 Thru 4205.0256 4413.0800 Alpha. 77 Approved For Release 2001/084526102NARDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Steel, Disposition of Steel, Manufacture, General Steel, Statistics on Production Steel, Stockpiles and Reserves Steel, Structural Data of Fortification Installations Steel, Underwater Obstacles Steel, Underwater Obstacles, Structural Data Stellites, (Alloys) Stencils Stereopticon Machines Stereoscopes Sterilizers Stock, Blooded, Animal Stockades Stokers, Automatic Stocks, Small Arm Stocks, Reserve,Supplies w and Equipment Stone Stone, Building Stone Walls Storage Storage, Air Depots Storage, Air Fuel and Oil Storage, Air, Peace Storage, Ammunition Storage, Batteries Storage, Cases, Cartridge Storage, Cold Storage Facilities, Inland Waterways Storage Facilities, Ports and Harbors Storage Facilities, Public Service Storage, Field Storage, Food Storage, Oil Storage, Records Storage, Services Storage, Supply Storage System, Air, War Storage, System: (Gasoline and Oil) 4205.0261 Thru 4205.0264 4205.0233 Thru 4205.0241 4205.0243 Thru 4205.0248 4205.0242 0704.0515 0703.0552 0704.0552. 4205.0900 0504.1209 0504.0800 2302.0610 and 6102.0102 0504.0800 2302.0610 and 6102.0102 4411. 4303.0300 0306. 4406.0100 0401. and 4409.0100 1104.0400 4413. 4413. 0703.0200 1104.0300 and 4505. 2401.0200 2603.0400 2601.0200 1103.0600 0504.0604 1103.0500 4504. 4604.0210 4604.0333 Thru 4604.0338 4505. 1104.0300 5304.0400 4203.0600 0216.0800 and 0216. 4505. 1103.0500 2602.0200 4203.0600 Storage Tanks Water Storehouse Stores Storing of, Supplies Storm, Climate Stoves Stoves, Cooking Stoves, Heating Stowaways on Ships Straits Stranding of Vessels Strategic Areas, Potential Air Bases Strategic Materials (Controlled and Prohibited Materials) Strategy, Air Strategy, Air, Actual Operations Strategy, Army Strategy and Tactics, Army, General Strategy, Geographic Factors Affecting Strategy, Topographical Factors Affecting Stratosphere Flights Stream Barriers Stream Courses, Deserts Streams Stream Navigable (Economic ? Structure) Stream:, Photographs, (Geographic Source Materials) Streets, Cities Streets Traffic Control Strength, Air Forces Strength, Air Personnel Strength, Airplanes, Military Strength, Army Strength, Army, Active Forces Strength, Army, Air Strength, Army, Organized Reserve Strength, Army, Quasi- Military Organizations Strength, Army, Services Strength of Civilians Attached to the Army, Manpower Strength of Forces, Military, by Theater of Operations Strength of Forces, Order of Battle Strength, Manpower Available Strength, Ministry of Department of War 5304.0502 4505. 4105.0500 and 4105.0600 1103.0500 6204.0400 4406.0100 and 4421. 4421. 4105.0400 and 4421. 3164.0700 and 3165.0901 6202.0201 4604.0426 2401.0400 4101.0400 2502. 2802. 0820. Thru 0824. 0800. 6202. 6203. 2902.0900 6202.0200 6203.0330 6203.0300 4101.0100 6102.0300 4603.0301 4603.0301 2801.0400 2203.0100 2203.0200 0304.0100 0304.0101 0304.0300 0304.0102 0304.0103 0304.0104 0304.0106 0105. 0105. 0301. 0304.0105 Alpha. 78 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/06PRIPMADP78-02646R000100070001-9 Strength, Navy Strength, Navy, Air Strength, War Stretchers Striken of Crews on Vessels Strikes Strikes, Economic Effects Strikes, Labor Strikes, Troops for Sup- pression of Stripes, Insignia Structure, Social Students, Number of Students Exchange Studies, Critical Materials Studies, Foreign Trade Studies, Manpower Studies, Social Life, Regional and Community Styrene, Manufacture Subcaliber Guns Subdivisions of Country, Political Subletting, Contracts, Housing Sub-Machine Guns Submarine, Mines Submarine, Nets Submarine, Warfare Submarines Submarines, Fueling and Refueling Submersible Devices Subscriptions, to News- papers and Periodicals Subsidies, Air, Civil Subsidies, Agricultural Government Subsidies, Press Subsidies, Trade Subsistence Subsistence, Allowance for Employees Substitute Materials (New, Synthetics, etc.) Substitutes, Developtent; Economic Substitutes, Fuel Substitutes, Leather Substitutes, Textiles Subversion, Laws Subversion of Personnel Subversive Activities Subversive Agents in Country Subversive Leaders, Political Subways Sufficiencies, ECODADMiC 0304.0200 0304.0400 0303.0100 0507. 5404. 5404. 4109. 5404. 0107. 0606. 5103. 5702. 5705.0300 4108.0100 4704.0303 5205. 5108. 141417.0100 0401. 3124.0100 4105.0300 and 5603.0300 0401.0300 0504.0904 0504.0900 N-0812.0101 N-0504.0900 N-4604.0357 81+l0.400 5505.0100 2901.0300 4301.050o 5505. and 5505.0100 4701.0100 1105.04C0 5403. 4417.0100 and 4416.0200 4107.0101 4203.0400 Thru 4203.0432 4414.0400 4415.0400 3123.0405 1000.1900 31614.0600 4109. and 3144.0300 3164.0600 3144.0300 4602.0300 4101.0200 Sugar Sugar Refining. Sulfonamides Sulphite Sulphur (Ingredient of Powder) Sulphur, Elemental Sulphur, Manufacture Sulphuric Acid, Manufacture Summary Courts Martial SuMmer Uniforms, Army, Regular and Reserve Summer Uniforms, Civil Police Organizations Summer Uniforms, Civilian Organizations Summer Uniforms, Militia Summer Uniforms, Semi- Military and Other Military Organizations Super-Bomber Superchargers, Aircraft Superphosphate, Manufacture Supersonic and Sub-Audible, Sound Waves Supplies Supplies, Accounting for Supplies, Acquisition of Supplies, Aeronautical Supplies, Air Transport of Supplies, Conservation, Saving, Rationing and Hoarding Supplies, Consumption or Expenditure (of Supplies and Equipment) Supplies, Costs Supplies, Data on Supplies and Equipment Supplies, Defective Supplies, Disposition of Obsolete, Surplus, Condemned Supplies and Equipment Supplies, Distribution of, and Equipment, to Foreign . Governments Supplies, Electrical, Electrical Equipment Supplies, Food, Effect of Climate on Supplies, Food and Forage Supplies, Losses, Air Supplies, Losses, Army Supplies, Medical, Civil Supply, Air (Logistics) Supply, Army (Logistics) Supply, Classification of Supply Depots, Air Posts Supply, Disposal of Equipment Supply, Distribution of " Supply Division, War Department. General Staff, Administration of 4304.0300 4304.0300- 5303.0200 4412. 4206.0100 and 4408.010o 14206.0100 4408.0101) 4408.010o. 0209.0302 0601.0105 0604.0105 0603.0105 0602.0105 0602.0105 2302.0107 2302.0600 4408.0100 8360.1000 1102. 1103.0600 1103.0400 2600. 2802.1100 1104.0200 1103.0300 1103.0300 1103.0300 1103.0300 1103.0700 and 2207.0300 4705. 0504.0604 6204.0704 6203.0518 2204.0200 1105.0600 5303.0200 2600. 1100. 1102. 2401.0200 1103.0700 1103.0500 0204.0204 Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha. 79 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08628-LoRMARDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Supply Division of General Staff, Chief of and Sub- ordinates (Who's Who) Supply Division, Organization of Supply, Field Administration Supply, Field InstAllatione and Reserves Supply, Field System Supply, Installations and Reserves (Field) Supply, Installations and Reserves (Zone of Interior) Supply Movements, Oceanic Supply Movements, Railway Supply Movements, Road Supply, Overall Administration Supply, Procurement and Acceptance Supply Requirements, Miscellaneous Supply, Requisitioning Supply, Research and Development Supply Service, Administration of - Supply Service, Organization of Supply Service (Who's Who) Supply, Storage of Supply System, Army Supply Units, Order of Battle Supply Units, Organization and Administration Supply, Water, Civil Supply, Water, Effect on Ground Operation Suppression of Lawlessness Supremo Commander and Personal Assistants (Who's Who) Supreme General Staff, Administration and Organiza- tion of. Surf, Exposure to, Water Approaches to Beaches Surface Materials, Topography Surface to Air Missiles Surface to Surface Missiles Surface Water Water Supply Surgeon General Surgeons' Flight Kits Surgical Equipment, Army Surplus Supplies and Equipment Surpluses, Agricultural and Industrial Surrenders Surtaxes, Trade Survey Dataltaps Survey Instruments, Instrument of Precision Photographic and Reproduction Equipment Survey of Plants Alpha. 80 7103.0304 0204.0204 1104.0100 1104.0400 1104. 1104.0400 1103.0600 1108.0301 1108.0100 1108.0200 1103.0100 1103.0300 1105.0700 1103.0400 1103.0200 0205.2100 0205.2100 7102.2100 1103.0500 1103. and 1104. 0103.0616 0208.0616 4503. 6204.0703 5900. 7103.0101 0202.0300 6203.0608 6203.0200 0407.0500 0407.0200 6203.0401 0205.1400 0507. 0507. 1104.0400 4101.0400 0106. and 3165.0400 4702.0200 6101.0205 0504.0801 4401.0100 Survey and Photography Service, Air Surveying Instruments Surveying Instruments, Fire Control Surveyors Surveys: Of Boundries, etc. to Buildings and Grounds Surveys (Geographical Source Material) Surveys, Aerial Surveys, Geodetic and Hydrographic Surveys, Railways, Prospective Surveys, Roads and Highways, Prospective Swords Swamps, Effects on Ground. Operations Swimming Swindling Switchboard Holmes and ROO= Switchboards, Army Switchboard Equipment Telephone Switches Switches, Mechanical Switches, Vacuum Tube Switches (Mine Equipment) Switches, Railroad Manufacture Switching Stations, Power Swivels, Small AMIS Sword Belts Swordemanship Training Symbols, Cartographic Symbols, Military Units Syndhroscopes, Aircraft Engine Syndicates, Press Synthetic Materials Synthetic Oil Synthetic Oil Plant. .Reconnaissance and Target Photographs . Synthetic Resins (Plastics) Synthetic Rubber Synthetic, Supplies Synthetic Textiles Syphilis . System, Administrative Funotioning, Tactical Units System, Air Defense System, Air Defense, Civil System, Cable System, Control of Occupied Territory System, Electoral System, Educational 2105.0400 0502.0900 0502.0900 7327. 0215.0500 6101.0101 6102.0100 6101.0101 4602.0308 4603.0305 0401.0700 6203.0318 Thru 6203.0322 5807.0900 5900. 4800.0302 0503. 4802.0202 and 4802.0302 8330.2900 8330.2901 8330.2901 0504.1000 4402. 4501. 0401. 0401.0700 0901.0200 6101.0206 0104. 2302.0605 5505.0100 4415.0400 4203.0408 Thru 4203.0412 and 4203.0432 4203.1004 4417. 4416.0200 4415.0400 4416.0200 and 4417.0100 4415.0400 5301.0100 0208. 2106. 2107. 4804.0200 0207.0400 3136. 5701. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 COMELDraTTAL Approved For Release 2001/68FDPMWRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 System, Gas, Public Utilities System, National Defense System, Mail System, Penal System, Police System, Power System, Replacement Training, Organization and Administration System, Telephone System, Water Systems, Evacuation Systems, Filing Systems of Supply Systems, Trench Systems, Trench, Structural Data Systems: Drainage, Purification Electric Heating Heating Monetary Plumbing Miscellaneous Communication Tables: Allowances, basic Ammunition Firing Life, Vital Statistics Organization of Army, Range Salvo Tables of Organization, Tactical Units Taboos (Food Customs) Taboos (Morals and Belief) Tachometers, Aircraft Instruments' Tactica, Chemical Warfare Tactical Commands,' Air Tactical control, Organization and Administration Tactical Doctrines, Chemical Warfare Tactical Employment, Navigational Aida Tactical Employment, Radar Tactical Employment, Radio Tactical Schools, Air Tactical Theories, Army Tactics, Air Tactics, Amphibious Tactics, Army Tactics, Aviation Tactics, Camouflage, Army Tactics, Combined Operations, Army Tactics, Exercise of Command, Army Tactics, Halts, Bivouacs, Rest Areas, Army Tactics, Land , Tactics, Marino Tactics, Military Tactics, National Defense Policy, Army Vaatioa, Security, Army 4502. 0201. 4812. 5902. 5901. 4501. 0207.0500 4802. 4503. 1106. 0216.0800 1102. 0703.0303 0704.0303 6203.0300 4502.0100 4500. 4900. 5304.0500 8311.0600 1103.0300 1105.0200 0502. 5203.0300 0203. 0502. N 0403.0700 0208. 5603.0100 5105. 2302.0605 8520.0300 2104. 0208. 8520.0300 8320.0200 8346.0200 8310.0200 2503.0415 0812. 2501. 0812.0137 0811. 2501. 0818. 0813. 0814. 0817. 0800. N 08?0. 0800. 0810. 0815. Tactics and Strategy, Biological Warfare Tactics, Troop Movements, Army Talc Tank Arm, Administration of Tank Arm or Armored Force (Who's Who) Tank Arm, Organization of Tank Cars, Manufacture Tank Cars, Petroleum Tank Cars, Port Operations Tank Cars, Railway Tank Destroyer Arm, Administra- tion of Tank Destroyer Arm, Organiza- tion of Tank Destroyer Units, Order of Battle Tank Destroyer Units, Organiza- tion and Administration Tank Destroyers (Self Propelled Artillery) Tank Destroyer Units, OB Tank Division, Organization Tank Forces, Strength Tank Guns Tank Regiment, Organization Tank Trucks, Petroleum Tank Units, Order of Battle Tank Units, Organization and Administration Tank Vessels, Petroleum Tankers Tanks, Amphibious Tanks, Armored or Combat Tanks, Chemical spray, aviation Tanks, Fuel and Oil, Aircraft Tanks, Gasoline Tanks, Heavy Tanks, Light Tanks, Medium Tanks, Oil and Fuel, for engines Tanks, Parts and Accessories Tanks, Septic Tanks, (Vehicles), Manufacture Tanks, Water, Sanitary Aspects Tanks and Towers, Fire Fighting Equipment Tanneries Tanning, Preparing supplies for use by tanning etc. Tanning Methods Tantalum Tape Worm Tar Tar, Manufacture Target Objectives, Air Operational Target Practice Target Ranges, Construction Target Range Installations Target Training Tariff duties Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 850.0600 0816. 4206.0300 0205.0900 7102.0900 0205.0900 4402. 4203.0803 4604.0347 4602.0411 0205.08m 0205.0800 0103.0606 0208.0606 0404.0300 0103.0606 0208.0607 0304.0104 0405. 0208.0607 4203.0803 0103.0607 0208.0607 4203.0803 4203.0803 0405.0400 0405. 2302.0611 2303.0611 4203.0803 0405.0300 0405.0100 0405.0200 4604.0360 0405. 5304.0601 4403. 5304.0502 0504.0704 4414.0500 4414.0200 4414.0200 4205.0700 5301.0200 4412. 4412. 2802.0700 0902.0400 0215.0504 0206.0600 0902.0400 4702. and 4902.0201 Alpha. 81 Approved For Release 2001/06752811G.tARDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Tariffs, Governmental Trade Policies Tariffs and rates, Transportation Tariffs of supplies and equipment Task Forces, Organization and Administration Tax, War Taxation 11.701.0100 4702. 4701.0100 0208.0207 4902.0202 4902.0203 and 4902.0204 4902.0202 Telecommunications, Radio and. Radar Aids to Location, Direction and Detection Telecomumnications, Radio and Radar Counter-Devices Telecommunications, Research and Development Teleconmrunications, Television Telegrams, Telegraph, Connections with 8320. 8350. 8430. 8360.1100 8311.0300 and 4803. Thru Cable Systems 8311.0300 4902.0206 and Taxes: 4804.0103 Amusement 4902.0204 Telegraph 8311.0300 Income Inheritance 4902.0203 and Internal Revenue 4902.0203 4803. Land 4902.0203 Telegraph, Corps. 0208.0609 Luxury 4902.0204 Telegraph, Individual Systeme Sales 4902.0203 or Companies 4803.0300 Stamp 4902.0202 Telegraph, Instruments 4803.0302 War 4902.0203 Telegraph, Mall and Courier and Service 0217.0400 4902.0204 and Taxes, On Imports and 4812. Exports 4702.9100 Telegraph, Supplies and and equipment 4803.0200 4702.0200 Telegraph, Systeme 4803.0300 Taxi Service, Air 2902.0600 Telegraph, Training 0901.0200 Taxicab, Transportation 4603.0102 and Taxying of Aircraft 2902.0600 4803.0315 Teachers 5700. Telegraph Equipment, Organiza- Teaching: See Edudation and tional, Army 0504.0600 Schools 5700. Telegraph Equipment and Team, Interpreter 0208.0618 Service 4803.0200 Team, Interrogation 0208.0600 Telegraph Network and Equip- Tear Gas 0505.0200 ment, General Study 4803.0100 Tear Gas Bombs 8520:0105 and and 8311.0300 2302.0301 Telegraph System, Air 2607.0100 Technical Air Schools 2503.0419 Telegraph and Telephone Technical Experts 0205.1100 Lines Along Railways 4602.0333 Tecami cal manuals 5505.0100 Telegraphones 8311.0300 Technical Service, Telephone 8311.0100 Administration of 0205.1100 and Technical Service, Organiza- tion of 0205.1100 Telephone, Exchanges 4802. 4802.0103 Technical Service (Who's Who) 7102.1100 Telephone, Instruments 4802.0200 Technicians, Medical 5303.0300 Telephone, Operators, Civilian 4802..0308 Techniques, Aerial 2801. Telephone, Supplies and Tecbniques,.Ceneorehip 10004605 Equipment 4802.0200 Telecommunications, Cable 4804. Telephone, Stations Building 4802.0300 Telecommunications, Devices Telephone, Systems 4802.0300 for Modulating Light Beam 8311.0600 Telephone, Training 4802.0306 Telecommunications, Extent of Telephone Directories 0217.0200 Development 8311.0600 and. Telecommunications, National 7000. Telegraph Network 8311.0600 Telephone Equipment, Organiza- Telecommunications., National tional, Army 0504.0600 Telephone Network 8311.0600 Telephone Equipment and Telecommunications, Radar 8340. Service 8311.0100 Telecommunications, Radio 8310. and and. 4802.40200 4805. Alpha. 82 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 -1( TuTDENTI,T. Approved For Release 2001/08PRI.D3WADP78-02646R000100070001-9 Telephone, Network, and Equipment General Study Telephone System, Air Telephone Systems, Individual and Companies Telephotographic Communica- tions, Developments Telephotographic Equipment Telescopes and. Equipment,. Organizational, Army Telescopes, Manufacture Telescopic Sights, - Telet e Systehi-, Air e e e Systems Teletypewriters Teletypewriters, Equipment, Organizational, Army Television Telluim Temperature, Climate Temperature at Landing Beaches Tennis Tents Terminal Facilities, Railroad Terminal Facilities Rivers, Harbors, and Wate;aYs Terminals, ,Cables Termination of War, Armistice Terrain Territorial Adninistratimi, Army Territorial and Administrative Commands (who's Who) . Territorial Courts Territorial Laws Territorial Organization' Territorial Organization, Administration of Territorial Organization, Air 2102. Territorial Subdivisions, Commanders of (corps areas, etc.) (Who's who) Territories' Territories, Occupied, Control Testaments, Legal Testing, Instruments Vesting, Sets, Cable "Testing, Tools Tests, Aeronautical Supplies and Equipment Teets, Aircraft Tests, Aptitude Teats, Physical Tetrachloride, Manufacture 4802.0100 Tetranitro-aniline 2607.0100 Tetrardtro-methyl Tetryl 4802.0300 Textbooks Textiles, Manufacture 8430. Theater Headquarters, Order and of Battle 4801.0500 Theater Headquarters, Tactical 0504.0800 Units, Organization and. and Administration 4802.0305 Theater of 0perat1011,iVision of 0502.0800 t Mega-Ler of War into Theater, Recreation 4419. Theater Service, Military 0502.0600 Theater of War, Administration 2607.0100 and Organization 8311.0300 Theaters, Army and Theaters, Building 4803.0316 Theaters, Commanders of 4803.0316 (Who's Who) Theaters, Informational 0509. Aspects 8360.1100 Theft 4205.0700 Theories, Mechanization and 6204.0100 Motorization Theories Strategic 6203.0612 Theories, Tactical 0209.0202 Theory of Government and Theory, Navigational Aids 5800. Theory, Radar 0509. Theory, Radio Comoraeloations 4602.0208 Therapeutics Therapy 4604.0343 Thermal Power, Eleotric 4804.0101 Thermometers Thermostats (For Heating and 3165.0400 6203. Thieves ieves; (See Theft) Thiokol, Manufacture 0206.0500 Tick Borne Diseases Ticket Offices, Railroad 7103.0700 0206.0100 Ticks, Control 0206.0100 Tidal Waves 0206. 0206. Tests, Supplies and Equip- ments, Army Tetanua 7103.0701 3124.0100 of 0207.0400 3123.0400 8330.3000 8330.3000 -8330.3000 8330.3000 2300. 0209.0104 0209.0102 and 0311.0100 8330.3000 5301.0500 Tides, Geography Tides, Porta and Harbors Ties, Railway Equipment Tile, Manufacture Tile, Works Timber Timber, Antitank Obstacles Timber, Antitank Obstacles, Struotural Data Timber, Forest Resources Timber, Underwater Obstacles Timber, Underwater Obstacles, Structural Data Time., Calendar and Systems Time, Fuzes, Ammunition Time, Measures, Instruments Time, Tables, Railroad Timing Devices, Manufacture Tin Tinning Tires, Domestic Production 4406.0300 4406. 4408. 4408. 5700. 4415. 0103.0101 0208.0101 0207.0100 5807.0600 02?9.0201 0207.0100 0209.0201 5807.0600 7103.0501 5507. 5900. 0822. 0821. 0812. 3112. 8320.0100 8340.0100 8310.0100 5300. 5300. 4501. 4411. 4501.000 5900. 4416.0202 5301.0300 46?2.0208 4602.010o 53011.0300 4604.0306 and 6203.0608 6203.0608 4604.0306 4402. 4413. 4413.040? 4308. 0703.0516 07?4.0516 4308. 0703.0554 07?4.0554 4506. 0502.1100 004.0604 4602.0301 14420. 4205.0500 4205.1000 4416.0703 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha.. 03 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/02/28DMAIRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Tires, Manufacture Tires and Tubes, Aircraft, Manufacture Tires, Vehicles Titles, Grades Tobacco Toilet Articles Tolls oils, (Rivers, Harbors, and Wa Toluol, Manufac Tcmbstones Tongs, Ammunition Tool Kits, Aircraft Tools and Accessories, Gasoline Engine Operated, Machinery Equipment Tools and Accessories, Pneumatic Tools, Machine and Hand Tools, Machine, Manufacture Top Soil Topographical Observations, Data and Reports Topography Topography, Coast and Adjacent Islands Topography, Drainage Features Topography, Relief Features Topography, Surface Materials Topography, Vegetation Topography, Water Supply Tornadoes Torpedo Destroyers, Automatic Torpedo Nets Torpedo Plane (Torp) Torpedo Tubes, Land Mounted Torpedoes Torpedoes Air Torpedoing of Vessels Torture Tournaments, Military Towers, Parachute Jumping Towers, Signal Towne and Villages Township Authorities Tracer Ammunition Trachoma Tracks, Railway Tracks, Railway Equiimmnit Tracks and Trails Tractors, Civilian, Manufacture Tractors, Heavy Construction Equipment Tractors, Parts and Accessories Trade Agencies, In Country Trade Agreements, Economic Warfare Trade Agreements, General Trade Agreements, with Neutral Countries, Economic Warfare Trade Dislocations Trade, Domestic 4416.0400 4416.0401 4416.0401 0607. 4305.0100 5300. 4902.0202 4902.0203 4408.0100 0215.0416 ---0114a! 2302.06a 0504.1307 0504.1316 0504.1300 4406.0300 6203.0201 6203. 6203. 6203.0600 6203.0300 6203.0100 6203.0200 6203.0500 6203.0400 6204.0400 0409. 0703.0543 2302.0111 0703.0209 0407. 2302.0404 4604.0426 3134. 0209.0202 0901.0200 8311.0500 and 2401.0101 5108.0600 3141.0506 0401. 5301.0400 4602.0204 4602.0304 4603.0400 4403. 0504.1101 0504.1101 3164.0502 4108.0300 4704.0500 4107.0102 4705.0200 4703. Trade, Economic Committees Relating to Trade andFinance, Economic Warfare Trade, Foreign Trade, Government Policy Toward Trade, Regulations Trade, Restrictions and. Control Trade Missions, Abroad. Trade Organizations, Non, Governmental Trade Policies Tradeil&it'wo.. Trademarks Traditions, Military, of the Nation Traffic Control, Air Traffic Control, Roads Traffic Control System, Railways 4602.0320 Traffic Discipline, Theater of Operations 0207.0100 Traffic Regulations, Civil and Military 4102.0600 4108.0304 4704. 4102. 4701.0100 4702. 3163.0502 4701.0700 4701.0100 4703.0100 4107.0205 020i=----- 2901.0400 4603.0207 Trail Wagons Trailers, Manufacturt, Trails Trainees, Meanie and Belief Trainers, Aircraft, Flight, Link, Bombing Training, Air Defense, Civil Training, Air, Facilities at Poets Training, Air, General Training, Air, Individual. Training, Air, Organization and Unit Training, Air, Fre-Military Training, Air, Schools Training, Army, General Training, Army, Orgenization and Unit Training, Army, Schools Training, Biological Warfare Training, Centers Training, Circulars Training, Civilian Air Defense Training, Directives Training, Equipment, Air- craft Training, Films Training, Industrial Training, Intelligence Training, Merchant Seaman Training, Mines and Booby Traps Training, Physical Training, Pre-Military, Non Academic Training, Pre-Military, Schools and Colleges Training, Programs Training, Reviews and Inspections 4603.0207 and 4602.0320 4403. 4403. 4603.0400 0209.0106 2503. 2107.0603 2401.0200 2503.0100 2503.0200 2503.0300 2503.0500 2503.0400 0901. 0902. 0904. 851o.o8o0 0900. 0216.0200 2.107.0603 0216.0200 2503.0100 0901. 5705.0200 cook. 4644.o406 0704.0521 0901.0200 0905.0200 0905.0100 0901.0100 0906. Alpha. 84 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIIIERTIAL Approved For Release 2001/0892VAIRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Training, Schedules Training, System of Replacement Training, Vocational Training, Winter Training Camps, Commander of (Whole Who) Training Division, Adminis- tration of Training Division, Air Ministry Training Division, General Staff, Chief of and Sub- ordinates (RThofs Who) Training Division, Organiza- tion of ND General Staff Training Facilities, Posts and Stations Training Films Training, Garrison and 'Armory Training Grounds, Administra- tion and Organization Training and Maneuver Areas Training Manuals, Administra- tive System Training Methods, General Training Organizational, Pre- Military, Administration Training Plane Trains, Armored Trains, Army Trains, Hospital Traits, National, Susceptibil- ity to Propaganda as Affected by Tramways (Transportation) Transfer, Assignment and, Personnel-Air. Transfer, funds (Money Accounting) Transfer, Military Personnel Transfers, Civilian Employees Transfers, Fmlisted Men (Change of Station) Transformer, Mins Transformers: Audio Frequency Electrical Manufacture Power Radio Frequency Translators, Civilian Translators, Officers and Enlisted Men Transliteration Transmission of Property Transmitters Radio Transport, Air Operations, Combat Troops, Non, Parachute Transport, Air Operations, Parachute Troops Transport, Air Operations, Source, Troops and. Supply Transport, Military and Naval 0901. 0207.0500 5705.0200 and 0901.0200 0902.0300 7103.0707 0204.0203 2103.0103 7103.0303 0204.0203 0901. 0901. 0902.0100 0206.0400 0903.0103 0216.0200 0901. 0203.1100 2302.0115 0409.0200 1109.0100 1109.0100 5503. 4602.0209 2700.0403 4908.0100 0209.0403 0214. 0209.0403 0504.0604 8330.3100 8330.3101 4406.0200 4406.0200 8330.3103 8330.3102 7523. 7425. 5102. 5105.0200 4805.0100 2802.1000 2802.0900 2802.1100 2302.0114 Transport, Road Transport, Tactical Doetrine, Air Transport Clothing Transport Companies, Air, Civil Transport Employees Transport Plane, Commercial Transportation Transportation, Agents Transportation, Air Transportation, Ammunition Transportation, Commercial Aircraft Transportation, .Documents, Mails, and Records Transportation, Effects of Enemy Attacks and. Invasion . (Economic Warfare) Transportation, General Analysis Transportation, Tnii i vidual Transportation (Logistics) Transportation, Overall Administration Transportation, Parachute and. Airborne Equipment Transportation, Pay Passengers Transportation, Railroad Transportation, Railways (See also under Railways) Transportation, Relation to Industrial Development Transportation, Road (See Also under Roads and Highways) Transportation, Schedules Transportation, State of Development Transportation, Streetcar Tranoportatian, Supplies and Property Transportation, Tariffs Transportation, Troop Movements Transportation, Water, General Transportation, Water, Inland Waterways Transportation, Water, Merchant Marino Transportation, Water, Navigation Customs, Laws Regulations Transportation Water, Sea- Ports and Its;bors Transportation Corps, Adminis- tration of. 4603.0502 2501.0205 2802.1100 and 4602.0101 2902.0300 2902.0300 2302.0117 4601. 1107. and 4601. 2105.0500 1107. 2902.0300 0205.2700 4110.0200 4601. 1107.0400 1101. 1107.0100 0504.1400 4601. and 2105.0500 4602.0100 4602. 4601.0300 4603. 4602.'0300 4601.0100 4402. 1106. 3123.0400 and 3133.0400 4701.0100 0816. 4604.0100 ? 4604.0200 4604.0400 4702., 4604,0300 0205.M0 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha' 03 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/0812841CIXRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Transportation Corps, Organiza- tion of Transportation Corps (who's Who) Transportation Doctrines Transportation Establishments Transportation Facilities, Airports Transportation Facilities, Army, Construction Transportation Facilities, At Landing Beaches Transportation Service, Organization, Army Transportation Service, Strength, Army Transportation System, Military Transportation Units, Order of Battle Transportation Units, Organiza- tion and Administration Transports, Transportation Transports and Vessels, Reports of Trapping, Fur Traps, Booby Traps, Ditches and Craters Traps, Ditches, and Craters, Structural Data Traps for Insects Traps, Vermin Travel: (This number means travel of individuals and is distinct from Transportation) Air Travel: Control Enlisted Men Officers Travel, Personnel, Air Travel, Personnel Administration Travel Agencies, Trade, Domestic Travel Manuals, Geographic Source Materials Travel Orders, Military Personnel Traversing, Gear, Turret Treason Treaties, Air, Civil Treaties, Dependencies, Daminions, and Colonies Treaties, Foreign Relations Treaties Mandates Protectorates, and Spheres of Influence Treaties, Peace Treatment; Dental Tree Types, Forest Resources Tress 0205.2000 7102.2000 1107.0200 1107.0300 2401.0100 1110. 6203.0611 0208.0615 0304.0104 1107. 0103.0615 0208.0615 4604.0100 46014. .03.00 4306.0200 0703.0524 0703.0511 0704.0511 5304.0300 5304.0300 2802.0800 Thru 2802.1100 5202. 0816. 0816. 2501.0205 and 2501.0206 0209.0407 4703.0400 6103. 0209.0407 4420. 1000.1900 5902. and 5903. 2901.0600 3125.0302 3165.0700 and 3160. 3125.0402 3165.0700 5302.0300 4308.0100 6203.0501 Trench Digging Machines Trench Fortifications Trench Mortar Mounts Trench Mortars Trench Systems Trench Systema, Structural Data Trends, Strategic, Air Trends, Tactical, Air Trials Trials, of Supplies Trichinosis Triggers, Small Arm' Trinitrotoluol Tripods, Gun Tripping Mechanism, Gun Carriage Troop Camouflage Operations Troop Equipment Troop Movements, Oceanic Troop Movements, Railway Troop Movements, Road Troop Movements, Tactics Troops: Arrival and Departure Assignments Billeting Change of Station, (Report of Arrivals and Departures) Communications, Ways and Means Demobilization Duty with, Personnel-Air Evacuation of Foreign passing thru territory not their own Mobilization Movement of Reinforcements Replacements Transportation of Tropic-proofing Use for Civil Disturbance U.S. passing through foreign. territory Trophies Tropical Diseases Tropical Ulcer Trucks, Transportation by Trucks, Armored Trucks, Auto and Motor Trucks, Fire Trucks, Manufacture Trumpets Trypanosomiasis, African or South American Trypanosomiasis, Treatment and Prophylaxis Program Tube Sockets Tube Testers and Checkers Tuberculosis 0504.1104 0703.0300 0402. 0402. 0703.0303 0704.0303 2502.0101 2501.0300 0209.0302 and 5900. 8430.0304 5301.0500 0401. 4408.0200 0401. 4420. 0818. 0500. and 1106.0100 1109.0301 1109.0100 1109.0200 0816. 0816. 0209.0403 1207.0300 0209.0403 0502.0400 0307. 2700.0406 1106.0200 0816. and 0101.0300 0303. 1109. 1104.0500 1104.0500 1107. 1106.0700 0810.0600 0816. 0605.0100 5301.0300 5301.0600 4603.0500 0403.0500 0501.0300 0501.0300 4403.0400 5807.0400 5301.0300 5304.0206 8330.3200 8330.3002 5301.0400 Alpha. 86 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFICENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/0642CPCMARDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Tuberculosis, Intrastate Quarantine and Control Tubes, Radio Tubes and Ties; Aircraft Tubes and Tires, Vehicles Tugs, Ports and Bhrbors Tularemia Tunga Penetranh (Jigger Flea) Tungsten Alloy Steel Tungsten Carbide Tungsten (Steel Alloying Metal) Tunnels Tunnels, Ports, Rail Facilities Tunnels, Railways Tunnels, Roads and Highways Tunnels, Wind. Turbine Turpentine, Manufacture Turrets: Aircraft Guns Gun and Mortar Batteries Mounts, Rammhrs, Traversing Gear, etc. Turrets, Fortifications Twin-Engine Fighter Typewriter. Typhoid Fever Typhoid Fever Carriers Typhus Ukranians Ulcer, Tropical Ultraviolet Devices Ultra-Violet Rays Ultra-Violet and Infra-Red Underground. Combat Installations Underground Installations, Structural Data Underground Warfare Underground Water Supplies Undergrowth, Nature of Trees and Shrubs and ? Vegetation Under Secretary of War, Organization Underwater Obstacles on Landing Beaches Underwater Obstacles on Landing Beaches, Structural Data Undertakers, Service Undulant Fever Unemployment Unemployment Insurance Uniform: Clothing Materials for Discrimination Against Misuse of 5304.0200 8330.2201 2302. 4403.0600 and 4416.0400 4604.0325 5302.0500 5301.0600 4205.0238 4205.0900 4205.0400 4602.0332 4603.0325 and 4604.0346 4604.0346 4602.0332 4603.0325 2902.1000 2302.0200 4412. 2302.0306 4409.0104 4409.0104 0704. 2302.0102 0509. 5301.0200 5301.0203 5301.0300 5103. 5301.0600 8360.0630 8360.0601 8360.0600 0703.0207 0704.0207' 3144.0600 6203.0340 6203.0504 0204.0100 0703.0550 0704.0550 5203.0200 5301.0500 5402. 5806.0100 0601. 0601.0100 and 2404.0100 0209.0107 0209.0107 Uniforms, Army, Regular and Reserve Uniform, Air, Cost Uniforms, Air, Description Uniforms Air, Regulations Governing Uniforms, Civil Police Uniforms, Civilian Organizations Uniforms Militia, Semi- Military and other Mili- tary Organizations Uniform and Civilian Clothing (Regulations and Rules Governing Wearing of, Un- authorized Disposition, Wearing of by Officers and Enlisted Men) United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administra- tion (Commerce) United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administra- tion (Foreign Policy) Unit Histories, Partial Identification by, Order of Battle Unit Insignia, Civilian Organizations Unit Insignia, Militia Unit Insignia, Partial Identification by, Order of Battle Unit Insignia, Army, Regular and Reserve Unit Insignia, Semi-Military and other Military Organizations Units, Biological Warfare Units, Individual, Order of, Battle 0601. Tbrn. 0601.0108 2404.0200 2404.0100 21404.0300 0604. 0603. 0602. 0603. and 4105.0200 4705. 3161.0406 0104.0500 0603. 0602. 0104.0400 0601.0202 0602. 8510.0900 0103. Thru 0103.0618 Units, Mixed Small Tactical, Organization and Administration 0208.0500 Units, Navy Organiiation of, Tactical N-0208. Units, Small Tactical, Organiza- tion and Administration 0208.0600 Unita, Tactical, Organization and Administration Universities Uplift Movements Uranium Urea, Manufacture Utensils, Kitchen Utilities, Public Unexposed Films Utilities, Supply Utility, Buildings Vacations, Recreation Vaccination of Animals 0208. 5704. 5107. 4205.0700 4417,0100 0508. 4500. 0504.0803 4501. 0215.0404 5807.0700 4303.0600 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9Aipha. 87 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/61028DPCRIRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Vaccines 5303.6'4200 and Vests, Life Preserver Veterans, Quasi-Military 0509. 5303.0500 Persons 0304.0103 Vacuum Tube Bridge 8330.3004 and Vacuum Tube Voltmeters 8330.3003 5200. Vacuum Tubes 8370. Veterinnry 5303.0600 Valleys 6201.0100 and and 1106.0309 6203.0101 Veterinary, Hospital Valves, Gas and Chemical 0505.0100 Buildings 5303.0100 Vanadium 4205.0239 Veterinary, Supplies 5303.0200 Vanadium (Steel Alloying and Metals) 4205.0400 1106.0300 Varnishes, Manufacture 4413.0700 Veterinary Corps, Vaults 4908. Administration of 0205.1600 Vectors Disease 5301. Veterinary Corps, Vegetables, Canning 4304.0600 Organization of 0205.1600 Vegetables, 'Freezing 4304.0500 Veterinary Corps, Mots 'no) 7102.1600 Vegetables, Land Under Veterinary Corps, Training 0902. Cultivation for 4302.0100 Veterinary Equipment, Organiza- Vegetables, Sanitary Aspects 5304.0401 tional, Army 1106.0300 'Vegetation, Topography 6201.0100 Veterinary Service, Public Vegetation, Barrier and Health 5303.0600 Cover on Routes to Critical Areas 6202.0308 Veterinary Service, Strength, Army 0304.0104 Vegetation of Beach Terrain 6203.0610 Veterinary Units, Order of Vehicles: 0501. Battle 0103.0612 Amphibious 0501.0500 Veterinary Units, Organiza- Cars 0501.0200 tion and Administration 0208.0612 Demolition, Remote Controlled Half-Tracked 0409.0100 0501.0400 Viaducts, Railways, Individual 4602.0332 Horse -Drawn 0501.0600 Views, Current, on Domestic Identification 0501.0100 Affairs 3141.0500 and Villages 5108.0600 0501.0600 Vine Rubber (Rubber Motorized and non-Motorized, Civilian and Military, Manufacture' 4403. Manufacture) Vinyl, Synthetic Resins, Manufacture 4416.0100 4417.0100 Parts and Accessories, Manufacture 4403.0600 Violations of Censorship in Wer 1000.1706 Trucks 0501.0300 Violations of Censorship, Vehicular Movement, Effect Rules and Regulations 1000.1707 of Relief Features on 6203.0105 Violence 5105.0300 Vehicular, Controlled Devides 8410.0500 Virus 5301.0500 Vendetta, Violence 5105.0300 Visa Regulations 5204. Venereal Diseases 5301.0100 Visability at Landing Beaches 6203.0612 Venereal Diseas Carriers, Visual Communications, Air 2607.0300 Intrastate Quarantine Vital Statistics 5203. and Control 5304.0206 Vitamin Deficiencies Ventilating: (Diseases) 5301.0700 Equipment 4500. Vocational Education and Systems and Equipment, Training 5705.0200 Aircraft 2302.0(E00 Vocational Training, Army 0209.0206 Ventilation, Heating 5603.0300 Vocations 5705.0200 Ventilation, Temperature 5603.0300 Volcanoes 6201.0100 Ventriloquism 0209.0201 and and 6203.0101 5807.0900 Voluntary Associations 5106. Vessels: 4604.0400 Volunteers 0302.0100 Arming Damages and accidents to 460)1.0413 4604.0426 Voltmeters Voluntary Recruitment 8330.1503 0302.0100 Fueling and Refueling, Voting 3131.0100 Coaling and Taking Water Vessels and Transports: 4604.0357 4604.0400 Voting Methods Voting Results 3136.0100 3143.0300 Captured 4604.0404 Vote, Right to 3131.0100 Charter or Hire of 4604.0436 Vouchers 4908.0200 Equipment and Apparatus 11405. Voyages, Trips, and sailing Vessels for Supplies 4604.0400 Orders of Vessels 4604.0411 Alpha. 88 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CCW111M3TIAL Approved For Release 2001/01 IPM*DP78-02646R000100070001-9 Wages and Hours, Labor Wagons, Manufacture War, Ability of Government to Finance War, Articles of War, Assistant Secretary of War, Attitude Toward, of .Educational System War, Attitude Toward, of Newspapers, Periodicals and News Services War, Attitude of Population Toward War Bonds War, Civil War College War, Conduct of, With Relation to Commercial Firms and Persons War, Conduct of, with Relation to Commands, Organizations an Places War Crimes Commission War, Declaration and Proclamation of War Department (Administra- tion and Function) War Department Agencies, Except Boards, Commissions, etc. War Department Bulletins War Department Bureaus War Department Circulars War Department General Staff, Administration and. Organization of War Department Ministerial Agency, Abn1ni stration and Organization of War Department, Organiza- tion of War Department or Ministry Organization War Department Pamphlets War Department Positions (Who!s Who) War Departments, Foreign War Diaries Wards, Hospital War, Effects on. Standards of Living Warehouses Warehouses and Storage Facilities Warfare: Bacteriological Biological Desert Economic Flame Guerilla Jungle 5403.0100 4403. 4901.0200 0209.0301 0204.0100 5700. 5505.0100 5501.0300 4901.0200 0106. 0904.1200 5501. 5501. 3161.0407 0101. 0206. 0202. 5505. and 6103. 0206. 5505. and 6103. 0204.0200 0204.0100 0204. 0206. 6103. and 5505. 7103.0300 0206. 1000.1200 5303.0100 5603. 4505. 4505. 8510. 8510. 0812.0146 4107. 0506. 3144.0600 0812.0145 Warfare--Continued- Mountain Open Terrain Political Psychological Rules (Military) Rules (Political) Submarine Training Underground Winter War Footing in Peacetime of Armed Forces War, Foreign and Civil War Game Equipment War Gates War Gases 0812.0144 0812.0126 3144.0502 0205.0400 0101.0100 3122.0402 N-0812.0137 0900. 3144.0600 0812.0143 0201. 0101. 0209.0102 0903.0100 8520.0100 Thru 8520.0108 nt 8520.0108 8520.0107 0215.0406 2500. 6101. 0500. 'War Gases, Research andDevelopme War Gases, Reserve War Graves, Administration of .War, Instructions for War Maps .War Materials War Methods and Manner of Conducting 0800. War, Minister of 0204.0100 War, Ministry, Administration of 0204. War, Ministry, Organization of 0204. War Morale of the Civilian Population 5502. Warning Devices, Air Raid 2106. Warning System, Air Defense, Combat Zone 2106.0400 'earning System, Air Defense, Interior Zone 2106.0300 War, Organization for 0207. War Plans, By Country 0811. War Plans, Military 0811. War Plans, Post 0811. War Powers and Responsibilities, Organization and Administration 0207.0600 War Preparation for 3141.0303 War Prisoners 2205. War Production Board, Strength 0304.0105 Warrant Officers 0209. Warrants, Search 3130. 4122.0403 and. 4122.0404 5805. 0204.0600 1103.0600 0215.0315 0204.0100 N-0403. 5141. 4104.0100 0304. 4902.0202 3165.0400 War Relief and Rehabilitation Wars, Records of War, Reserves for War Risk Insurance War, Secretary of Warships War Statistios War Stocks, Sale of (Post War Economic Planning) War Strength War, Tax War, Terminating War, Theater of Administra- tion and Administration of War Trade-Agreements and Controls (Economic Warfare) War, Under Secretary of 0207.0100 4108.0300 0204.0100 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9Alpha. 89 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08Mame1baRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Waste and Losses of Supplies and Equipment Water: Aqueducts Distributing Systems Drinking and Mineral Filtration and Purification Plants Gages Heaters for Heating and Lighting Mater Readings Meters Plants and Systems Plumbing Systems Power Pumping Plants Supply Supply, Analysis and - Pollution Systems Tanks Tenders, Employees Transportation (Naviga- tion Customs, Laws, Regulations) Transportation of Persons on Transports Transports, Transportation on Utility Wheels Water Approaches to Beach Waterfronts, Protection Water Power, Sources Waterproofing Materials Waterproofing, Military Waterproofing, Supplies Water Purification, Equipment Water, Sanitary Aspects Water Service, Ports and Harbors Watersheds, Geography Water, Supplies, Under- ground Water Supply (by Regions) Water Supp1y, Deserts Water Supply, Hydroelectric Water Supply, Systems Water, Surface, Depth Water Transportation Water Transportation Inland Waterways Water Transportation, Merchant Marine 1105.0600 6203.0300 and 5304.0500 6203.0300 5304.0501 5304.0503 8330.1200 and 4501.0500 8330.1505 4501.0500 8330.1500 and 4501.0500 4501.0500 and 5304.0502 5304.0601 4501. 4501.0101 4503. 5304.0500 4503. 5304.0502 5400. Thru 5405. 4604. 4604. 4604. 4501. 4501.0500 6203.0608 0703. 4101.0100 4101.0200 1106. 1106. 0504.1202 and 5304.0500 5304.0500 4604.0361 6201.0100 6203.0340 6203.0400 6203.0329 4501.0101 4503. 6203.0323 4604. 4604.0200 4604.0400 Water Transportation, Sea Ports and Harbor Facilities Wave Propagation Wealth, Countries Wealth National Weapon Emplacements, Automatic (40 mm and less) Weapon Emplacements, Automatic, Structural Data Weapon Emplacements, Closed, Field Fortifications, Structural Data Weapon Emplacements, Open Field Fortifications, Structural Data Weapons - Air Weapons - Army Weapons and Equipment, Air Weapons, Anti-Tank Weapons, ChamicalWarfare, Aerial Weapons, Chemical Warfare, Anti-Gas Equipment Weapons, Chemical Warfare, Ground Weapons, Gas and Chemical Weapons, Guided Missiles Weapons, Research and Development Weapons, Rocket Weapons, Small Arms Weapons, Special Amphibious Weather Weather Bureaus Weather Forecasts Weather Reports Weather Service, Airports Weather Stations Weights and Measures Welders, Tools, Machine and Hand Welding Apparatus, Machines and Tools Welding Compounds Welding Supplies Welding Activities Welfare Activities, Military Welfare and Morale Activities, Personnel - Air Welfare of Civilian Employees Welfare Organizations, Private Welfare Organizations, Public Welfare Social Insurance and Recreation Wells Whaling Industry Wharves 4604.0300 8380. 4901.0100 4901.0100 0703.0401 0704.040], 0704.0302 0704.0301 2300. 0403. 2300. 0401.0600 0505.0400 0505.0100 0505.0300 0401. and 0403. 0407. 0410. 0406. 0401. 0409. 4506. 4506. 4506. 4506. 2401.0101 4506. 4702.0300 0504.1303 4205.0255 4205.0255 4205.0255 5800. 5801. and 5802. 0209.0200 2700.0200 5800. 5802. 5801. 5800. 6203.0340 6203.0402 and 5304.0501 4307.1000 4604.0210 and 4604.0314 Alpha. 90Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001 /o8oFigthkOpP78-02646R000100070001-9 Wharves, Inland Waterways Wharves, Ports and. Harbors White-Colored Relationships White Mice Whooping Cough Who's Who, Economic Who's Who Tnformation Who's Who, Military, Army, Air, Navy Who's Who, Military, (h-Tulch of Service) Who's Who, Military (General) Who's Who, Military (Individual) Who's Who, Militery (Positions) Who's Who, Political Who's Who, Scientific Who's who, Sociological Windmills Windstorms Wines Wings, Aircraft Wings, Commanders of (Who's Who) Winter Equipment Winter Training Winter Uniforms, Army, Regular and Reserve Winter Uniforms, Civil Police Winter Uniforms, Civilian _Organizations Winter Uniforms, Militia Winter Uniforms, Semi-Military and other Military Organizationa Winter Warfare Wire: Barbed Barbed, Fixed Barbed, Portable Cables (ElectricaJ Equipment) Corrugated Cutters Fencing Manufacture Rope Sheeting Wire, Communication, Air Wire, Electrically Charged Wire, Electrically Charged Structural Data Wirelaying Equipment Wireless Communication, Air Wireless-Counter-Measures Wireless Equipment Wireless Instruments Wireless Supplies Wireless Systeme Wolfram, See Tungsten 4604.0210 4604.0314 5501.0500 5304.0300 5301.0400 7300. 7000. 7001. 7102. 7100. 7101. 7103. 7200. 7500. 7400. 4501.0500 6203.0221 4304.0800 2302. 7103. 0503. 0900. 0601.0106 0601.0106 0601.0106 0601.0106 0601.0106 0812.0143 4407. 0703.0522 0703.0523 4407. 4407. 4407. 4407. 4407. 4407. 4407. 2607.0100 0703.0525 0704.0525 0503. 2607.0200 2607.0200 2607.0200 2607.0200 2607.0200 2607. and 2607.0200 4205.0238 4205.0400 and. 4205.0900 Women and Children, Govern- ment Labor Policies Toward Women and Children Regula- tions and Statistics Con- cerningEMployment Women and Children, War Relief and Evacuation Women in Civilian Air Defense Women in Society and House- hold, Position of Women, Mobilization of Women Personnel in Air Administration Women, Respect for Property Rights of Women's Auxiliary, Air Women's Auxiliary - Personnel Air Women's Army Corps, Administra- tion and Organization of Women's Army Corps, Personnel Women's Army Corps, Training, Army Schools Women's Army Corps, Uniforms Women's Army Corps, (Who's Who) Wood as a Fuel Wood (Building Material) Woodcraft Wood Products Wood, Use of as Fuel for Electric Power Production Wool (Land. Devoted to Sheep Raising, Amount of Wool Grown and Disposition) Woolen Textiles, Manufacturing Work, Effect of Increased Hours on Morale Workers' Groups, Educational Programa Workers Housing Working Conditions and Regulations Workmen's Insurance Compensation Work Projects for Relief Programa Worm, Guinea Worms, Intestinal Worship, Ancestor Wounded, See Casualties Wrecking,Servicee, Salvage Wrestling Writers and Press Correspondents, Domestic and Foreign Writers, Domestic, Prominent Wrought Iron Wuchereria Bancrofti, W. Malayi, (Filariasis) X-ray X-ray Equipment, Manufacture X-ray Machines 5205.0300 5403.0300 5805. 2107.0602 5605. 0303.0103 2702. 5105.0200 2105.0600 2704. 0203.1200 0213. 0904.0100 0600. 7103.0209 4202.0203 4412. 5807. 4412. 4501.0102 4306.0300 4415. 5502. 5705.0100 5603.0300 5403. 5403.0200 5804. 5301.0600 5301.0200 5105. 1106.0100 5807.0200 and 5807.0300 5505.0300 5505.0300 4205.0236 5301.0300 4411. 4411. 4411. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Alpha 91 CoNFIDIDITIAL Approved For Release 2001/0862BIDAKARDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Yards, Railway Yawn, Disease Yaws, Treatment Yellow Fever Yellow Fever, Quarantine Regulations Youth Movements Zinc Zionism, Foreign Policy Zirconium Zone, Combat, Air Defense System Zones, Division of the Country into Zone of the Interior, Division of Theater of War Into Zone, Interior, Air Defense System Zones, Military Territorial Organization and Administration Zones, Special, Administration and Organization of 4602.0413 5301.0400 5304.0206 5301.0300 5304.0100 5107. 4205.0500 3161.0506 4205.0700 2106.0200 0206.0100 0207.0300 2106.0100 0206. 0206.0300 Alpha. 92 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 cOXFIDUTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 TAB Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL MILITARY CONTENTS SECTION I - ARMY. 0100.0000 ORDER OF BATTLE. 0200.0000 ORGANIZATION & ADMINISTRATION. 0300.0000 MANPOWER. 04130.0000 WEAPONS. 0500.0000 EQUIPMENT. 0600.0000 UNIFORMS, INSIGNIA, DECORATIONS, AWARDS, CITATIONS, RANK. 0700.0000 FORTIFICATIONS. 0800.0000 TACTICS & STRATEGY. 0900.0000 TRAINING. 1000.0000 INTELLIGENCE & COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE. 1100.0000 LOGISTICS. SECTION II - IRREGULAR ARMIES. (GUERRILLA, UNDERGROUND, PARTISAN, ETC.) SECTION III - NAVY. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/286MkRIN78-02646R000100070001-9 0100.0000 ORDER OF BATTLE. NOTE: Military personalities as such are reported under 7100 block. 0101. COMPLETE ORDER OF BATTLE OF GROUND FORCES. Comprehensive list of all units, so far as available; showing the location, commander, subordination, and composition of each. Include man showing loca- tions of headquarters and boundaries between units. 0102. ORDER OF BATTLE IN AN AREA OR InEATER. List all available data, as above. 0103. INDIVIDUAL UNITS. For each unit report the exact designation and all available data on its present and past locations, subordination, composition, commander, staff offi- cers, unit insignia, cover name or number, numerical strength, and history. Also report here lists of units of a given type, so far as they do not consti- tute a complete order of battle of an area. .0100 HIGHER HEADQUARTERS. 01 THEA1EE ARADWARTERS. 02 ARMY GROUPS. 03 ARMS. ok ARMORED ARMIES. 05 INFANTRY CORPS. o6 MOTORIZED OR MOBILE CORPS. 07 ARMORED CORPS. 08 . MOUNTAIN CORPS. 09 CAVALRY CORPS. 10 OTHER TYPES OF CORPS. .0200 INDEPENDENT COMMANDS. 01. AMPHIBIAN COMMANDS. 02 FORTRESS COMMANDS. 03 FRONTIER COMMANDS, 04 COSTAL COM:MAPS. 05 GARRISON COMMANDS. o6 AIRBORNE TASKFORCES. 07 OTHER TASK FORCES. 08 BATTLE GROUPS. .0300 DIVISIONS. 01 INFANTRY DIVISIONS (ALL TYPES). 0103.0302 CAVALRY DIVISIONS (HORSE, MIXED, OR MECHANIZED). Approved For Release 2001/08/22cte&KO78-02646R000100070001-9 Mil. 1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 ? CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 0103.0303 ARTILLERY DIVISIONS. 04 MOTORIZED OR MOBILE DIVISIONS. 05 LIGHT DIVISIONS. 06 ARMORED DIVISIONS. 07 MOUNTAIN DIVISIONS. 08 AIRBORNE DIVISIONS. 09 REbtRvt DIVISIONS. 10 DEPOT OR RMDLACEMENT DIVISIONS. 11 FORTRESS DIVISIONS. 12 FRONT DIVISIONS. 13 COSTAL DIVISIONS. -14 GARRISON DIVISIONS. 15 OTHER STATIC DIVISIONS. 16 OTHER TYPES OF DIVISIONS. .040o MIXED BRIGADES. Brigades vhich belong to a single branch of service (infantry brigades, cav- alry brigades, etc.) are reported under the appropriate branch below. .0500 NUKED SMAILER UNITS. .0600 SMALL UNITS BY TYPE OR BRANCH OF SERVICE. Report here all units which belong to a single branch of service or type. Do not report divisions or other large mixed units, however designated,' under this number. 01 INFANTRY UNITS. 02 CAVALRY UNITS. 03 RECONNAISSANCE UNITS. 04 ARTILLERY UNITS. All types except antiaircraft and antitank. 05 ANTIAIRCRAFT UNITS. 06 ANTITANK OR TANK DESTROYER UNITS. 07 TANK UNITS. 08 ENGINEER UNITS. 09 SIGNAL UNITS. 10 CHEMICAL WARFARE UNITS. 11 MEDICAL UNITS. 12 VEIERINARY UNITS. 13 ORDNANCE UNITS. 0103.0614 QUAicZERMASTE? UNITS. Mil. 2 Approved For Release 2001/gAig&RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/2liFgeklic9p78-02646R000100070001-9 0103.0615 TRANSPORTATION UNITS. 16 SUPPLY UNITS. 17 MILITARY POLICE UNITS. 18 OTHER TYPES OF UNITS. 0104. PARTIAL IDENTIFICATIONS. Report all available data, as above, on units which are only partially identi- fied by some attribute other than their full and proper designations. Include under this. number lists of such attributes as well as individual items. .0100 LOCATION. Report here any units which are referred to by the nano of the town or area in which they are stationed or in which they originated. Also report under this number any units which cannot be identified by their proper designations or by any other attribute except the nano of the locality where they are momentarily stationed. .0200 CAMOUFLAGE DESIGNATIONS. Include cover name, code number, field post number, and any other form of designation used to protect the security of the real nano of the unit. If the full and proper name is also known and is, equated with the camouflage designation, the unit should be reported here as well as under the appropri- ate subdivision of 0103. .0300 COMMANDERS. Report under this number any units which cannot be identified by their proper designations or by any other attribute except the names .of their commanders. .0400 UNIT INSIGNIA. If the full and proper name is also known and is equated with the insignia, the Unit should be reported here as well as under the appropriate sub- division of 0103. .0500 UNIT HISTORIES. Report under this number any units which cannot be identified by their proper designations or by any other attribute except their past activities. .0600 OTHER A1TRIBUTES. 0105. NUMERICAL STRENGTH. Report the numerical strength of ground forces in each area, broken down into the smallest sub-areas for which the information is available. Show distribu- tion on map. Include this material here only if the units involved are not identified; Information on the numerical strength of specific units is reported under previous numbers in this section. .0100 BY TYPE OF UNIT. .0200 BY TYPE OF PERSONNEL. 0106.0000 MILITARY OPERATIONS. Report each operation separately. (Material will be filed according to theater, campaign, specific operation, or period of time covered, depending on the circumstances.) Include all preparations for operations, such as movement and concentration of troops. Such activities are reported under this number even if they take place in peacetime and are intended to apply political pres- sure to a neighboring state, whether they lead to actual operations or not. Report all details of actual operations, including forces involved, rate of build-up, probable or known objectivt.s, dates of all events reported, influence of terrain and weather, tactical employment, objectives attained, losses in men and equipment, prisoners of war lost and taken, results from both the strategic and the tactical points of view, and lessons or criticisms:. Arrange informa- tion on each operation as best fits its circumstances and development. Approved For Release 2001/08/2itfikkg9p78-02646R000100070001-9 mil. 3 0106.0000 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 ? CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Wherever possible report chronologically, by phase, and by large tactical groupings. New material on past operations or historical campaigns should also be reported under this number. Include as many maps as necessary. 0107. DOMESTIC EMPLOYMENT OF FORCES. Report any employment of troops within the country for the maintenance of maintenance of public order and safety. Include all details, as under Military Operations above. NOTE: If domestic disturbances reach the proportions of a civil war they should be reported under 0106. 0200. ORGANIZATION AND ADMINISTRATION. 0201. MILITARY SYSTEM. Forward under this number general descriptions of the system of national defense, including constitutional provisions, basic legislation; top control of ground, naval, and air forces, division between ministerial and command func- tions, size of armed forces, degree to which they are on a war footing in peacetime, role in national life, military traditions of the nation, and gen- eral estimate of effectiveness. 0202. MILITARY AGENCIES. For each agency indicate constitutional position, purpose, functions, composi- tion, significance, and activities. .0100 MINISTRY OF NATIONAL DEFENSE OR ARMED FORCES HIGH COMMAND. .0200 NATIONAL DEFENSE COUNCIL (or equivalent agency). .0300 SUPREME GENERAL STAFF. .0400 JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF (or equivalent agency). .0500 OTHER COORDINATING OR CONTROLLING AGENCIES. .0600 MILITARY MISSIONS IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES. .0700 FOREIGN MILITARY MISSIONS IN COUNTRY. 0203. MILITARY ORGANIZATIONS. For each organization include under this number only general descriptions of its character, purpose, size, significance, effectiveness, and part played in the overall military system. All details are reported under the appropriate subsequent numbers of this block (0204 - 0208). .0100 REGULAR ARMY. .0200 REGULAR NAVY. .0300 REGULAR AIR FORCE. .o400 RESERVES. .0500 MILITIA OR NATIONAL GUARD. .0600 QUASI-MILITARY ORGANIZATIONS. .0700 MILITART7FD SOCIETIES. .080o GUERRILLAS, PARTISANS, AND IRREGULAR FORCES. .0900 SECRET MILITARY POLICE. 0203.10.00 MILITARY ESPIONAGE ORGANIZATIONS. Activities reported under 1000.0000 block. Mil. 4 Approved For Release 20016MAiSIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/26NRAIM78-02646R000100070001-9 0203.1100 PRE-MILITARY TRAINING ORGANIZATIONS. .1200 WOMEN'S ARMY CORPS. 0204. ORGANIZATION OF WAR TIPPARTMENT OR MINISTRY. Give the overall organization under this general number. Include charts. For each of the subheads below give the detailed organization, functions, procedures, and activities of each branch, but only so far as they relate to the War Department proper. The administrative control of functions and activities throughout the army is reported under subsequent numbers of the Organization and Administration block (or in other blocks). .0100 WAR DEPARTMENT MINISTERIAL AGENCY. This includes the office of the Minister (or Secretary) of War, offices of Under-Secretaries or Assistant Secretaries, or whatever other agency in the War Department is responsible fOr its political control and its rela- tions with other branches of the government., including legislative matters. .0200 WAR 1WPARTMENT GENERAL STAFF. 01 PERSONNEL DIVISION. 02 INTELLIGENCE DIVISION. 03 TRAINING DIVISION. 04 SUPPLY DIVISION. 05 OPERATIONS DIVISION. 06 MEER STAFF DIVISIONS. .0300 OTHER MAIN WAR DEPARTMENT SUBDIVISIONS. Give the overall organization of major commands (AGF, ASF) or equivalent echelons. .0400 ECONOMIC WARFARE AGENCY OF WAR DEPARTMENT. .0500 PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE AGENCY OF WAR DEPARTMENT. .0600 HISTORICAL BRANCH AND ARCHIVES. .0700 HEADQUARTERS OR METECTORATES OF ARMS. .0800 HEADQUAR1EHS OF SERVICE DEPARTMENTS. .0900 OTEER WAR TSFPARTMT AGENCIES. 0205. BRANCHES OF SERVICE. Describe the system for organizing the army into arms and services. Indicate the general concept of this system, including nomenclature. List the arms and services. Give separately under the subheads below the organization and administration of each branch. Organization of specific types of units is reported under 0208; tactical employment in the 0800 block; all functions and activities relating to the system of supply, movement, storage, maintenance, and -evacuation in the 1100 block. Include here (unless otherwise specified below) only the administrative organization of the armor service as such or general discussions of its functions which cannot be properly classified in any of the other blocks. .0100 GENERAL STAFF CORPS. Report functions and procedures of the War Department General Staff under 0204.0200 and of lower staffs under 0208. .0200 INTELLIGENCE CORPS (IF SEPARATE). Report intelligence methods and activities under 1000. 0205.0300 INFANTRY. Approved For Release 2001/08/280M1MP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 20014%8428 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 0205.0400 CAVALRY. .0500 RECONNAISSANCE TROOPS (IF SEPARATE). .060o ARTILLERY. .0700 ANTIAIRCRAFT ARM (IF SEPARATE). .08o0 ANTITANK OR TANK DESTROYER ARM (IF SEPARATE). .0900 TANK ARM OR ARMORED FORCE. .1000 CORPS OF ENGINEERS. .1100 TECHNICAL SERVICE (IF SEPARATE). .1200 SIGNAL CORPS. Report system of signal communications under 0217.0100. .1300 -CHEMICAL WARFARE SERVICE. .1400 MEDICAL CORPS. Include medical methods and activities. Report system of hospitalization under 1106.0200 and health maintenance under 0209.0207. .1500 DENTAL conrs (IF SEPARATE). .1600 VEIMINARY CORPS. Include veterinary methods and activities. Report veterinary installations under 1106.0300. .1700 EMMET SERVICE. Include functions. Report all logistic aspects under 1100 block. .1800 ORDNANCE SERVICE Report all logistic aspects under 1100 block. .1900 QUARTERMASTER CORPS. Report all logistic aspects under 1100 block. .2000 TRANSPORTATION CORPS. Report all logistic aspects under 1100 block. .2100 SUPPLY SERVICE (IF SEPARATE). Report all logistic aspects under 1100 block. .2200 MILITARY POLICE. Report discipline and military prisons under 0209.0300. .2300 FINANCE DEPARTMENT OR PAYMASTER SERVICE. Report fiscal and pay administration under 0215. .2400 JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL'S DEPARTMFAT OR CORPS. Report military law and courts under 0209.0300. .2500 ADJUTANT GENERAL'S DEPARTMENT on CORPS. Report personnel administration under 0209.0400. .2600 CORPS OF CHAPLAinb. Include functions. .2700 ARMY POSTAL SERVICE. Include functions, APO system, and all related material. 0205.2800 MORALE SERVICE OR PROPAGANDA CORPS. Include functions and methods of operation. Report morale building activi- ties under 0209.0200. mil. 6 Approved For Release 2001/02081E1AIRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28d09MW8-02646R000100070001-9 0206.0000 TERRITORIAL ORGANIZATION. .0100 MILITARY DISTRICTS. Explain the division of the country into military districts, zones, corps areas, service commands, etc. Include map. Give detailed organization, administrative structure, and functions of each such area. .0200 RECRUITING AREAS. Describe the territorial organizations of recruitment or conscription. List all recruiting areas and headquarters. Material on methods of recruit- ment and actual recruitment is reported under 0302. .0300 SPECIAL ZONES. Report the existence or the creation of any special military zones such as coast defense sectors, frontier commands, restricted or prohibited areas, and military reservations. Include map. .0400 TRAINING GROUNDS AND MANEUVER AREAS. Include all details on location, layout, capacity, administrative structure, and utilization. Include map or sketch. .0500 ADMINISTRATIVE HEADQUARTERS. Report here the location and functions of any administrative military installations other than those connected with supply, storage, transporta- tion, evacuation, hospitalization, and recruitment. .0600 MILITARY POSTS AND STATIONS All details on locatich and functions. 0207. ORGANIZATION FOR WAR. .0100 THEATER OF WAR. Describe the system and concepts used in dividing the theater of war into theaters of operations, combat zones, communication zones, zone of interior, and the like. Include nomenclature. .0200 FIELD HIGH COMMAND. Give the organization of the High Command to control operations in war, if distinct from the War Department. Explain the channel of command from the Supreme Commander to the field forces (creation of theater headquarters, joint staffs, etc.) .0300 ZONE OF '1.1DLE INTERIOR. Explain the administrative structure of the zone of the interior in war, its chain of command, and its relations to the field forces. .ohoo OCCUPIED TERRITORY. Explain the system for the military control of occupied territory in war, its chain of command, and its relations to the field forces and to the zone of the interior. Give detailed structure for each occupied area. .0500 REPLAMENT TRAINING SYSTEM. Describe the administrative control and functioning of replacement train- ing in the zone of the interior. Recruitment is reported under 0302; field replacement is reported in the 1100. block. Report here only the overall system as a part of the nation's organization for war. .0600 0208.0000 WAR POWERS AND RESPONSIBILITIES. Report the allocation of special powers and responsibilities to regional or local military commanders in war, including responsibility for local defense and for area or garrison discipline, declaration of states of emergency or martial law, relations with civil authorities, and the like. ORGANIZATION OF TACTICAL UNITS. For each type of unit or headquarters include both the administrative and the tactical organization. Give detailed organization and functioning of staffs wherever they exist. Data to be reported under organization include: Mil. 9 Approved For Release 2001/08/2860g1MO78-02646R000100070001-9 0208.0000 Approved For Release 2001 s8 tiligeeRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Number and types of subordinate units. Number, ranks, functions, and distribution of personnel. Number, types, and distribution of weapons. Number, types, and distribution of vehicles and animals. Number, types, and distribution of special equipment. System of administrative functioning. NOTE: Organization charts (See Annex XVI for sample) should be included. All changes in organization should be reported immediately. Reporting should cover both the prescribed organization (Tables of Organi- zation) and the actual organization, particularly under combat conditions. .0100 HIGHER HEADQUARTERS. 01 TEENIER HEADQUARTERS. 02 ARMY GROUPS. 03 APICES. O1 ARMORED ARMIES. 05 INFANTRY CORPS. 06 MOTORTZED OR MOBTTF CORPS. 07 ARMORED CORPS. 08 MOUNTAIN CORPS. 09 CAVALRY CORPS. 10 OTHER TYPES OF CORPS. .0200 INDEPENDENT COMMANDS. 01 AMPHIBIAN COMMANDS. 02 FORTRESS COMMANDS. 03 FRONTIKR COMMANDS. O 4 COASTAL COMMANDS. 05 GARRISON COMMANDS. 06 AIRBORNE TASK FORCES. 07 OMER TASK FORCES. o8 BATTLE GROUPS. .0300 DIVISIONS. 01 INFANTRY DIVISIONS (ALL TYPES). 02 CAVALRY DIVISIONS (HORSE, MIXED, OR MECHANIZED). 03 ARTILLERY DIVISIONS. O MOTORIZED OR MOBILE DIVISIONS. 05 LIGHT DIVISIONS. 06 ARMORED DIVISIONS. 0208.0307 MOUNTAIN DIVISIONS. Nil. 8 Approved For Release 2001gMiRkiff46-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28d0RMW8-02646R000100070001-9 0208.0308 AIRBORNE DIVISIONS. 09 REaNEVE DIVISIONS. 10 DEPOT OR REPLACEMENT DIVISIONS. 11 FORTRESS DIVISIONS. 12 FRONTIM DIVISIONS. 13 COASTAL DIVISIONS. 14 GARRISON DIVISIONS. 15 OTHER STATIC DIVISIONS. 16 OTHER TYPES OF DIVISIONS. .0400 MIXED BRIGADES. Brigades which belong to a single branch of service (infantry brigades, cavalry brigades, etc.) are reported under the appropriate branch below. .0500 MIXED SMALLER UNITS. .0600 SMALL UNITS BY TYPE OR BRANCH OF 6KEVICE. Report here all units which belong to a single branch of service or type. Do not report divisions of other large mixed units, however delaigmated, under this number. 01 INFANTRY UNITS. 02 CAVALRY UNITS. 03 RECONNAISSANCE UNITS. 04 ARTILLERY UNITS. All types except antiarcraft and antitank. 05 ANTIAIRCRAFT UNITS 06 ANTITANK OR TANK DRSTROIER UNITS. 07 TANK UNITS. 08 ENGINEER UNITS. 09 SIGNAL UNITS. 10 CHEMICAL WARFARE UNITS. 11 MEDICAL UNITS. 12 VEAEINARY UNITS. 13 ORDNANCE UNITS. 14 QUARTERMsTIN UNITS. 15 TRANSPORTATION UNITS. 16 SUPPLY UNITS. 17 MILITARY POLICE UNITS. 0208.0616 OTHER TYPES OF UNITS. Approved For Release 2001/08/2EMIAMM78-02646R000100070001-9 Mil. 9 0209.0000 Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL PERSONNEL - ACTIVE ARMY. Under each subhead.below, wherever applicable, report separately for com- missioned officers, warrant officers, noncommissioned officers, and enlisted personnel. .0100 QUALITY FACTORS. 01 SOCIAL CLASSES. Report the social origin of various categories of military personnel. 02 PHYSICAL FITNESS. General discussion of the physical qualities of various categories of military personnel. Details on the application of standards of fitness In recruitment are reported under 0302. 03 HEALTH. Report the current status of health within the army, including the preva- lence of common diseases and the existence of absence of epidemics. Health maintenance activities are reported under 0209.0207. 04 INTELLIGENCE. Include all data on aptitude and intelligence tests. 05 EDUCATION. General discussion of the standards of education of various categories of military personnel. Include percentage of illiteracy. Army educational activities are reported under 0209.0206. 06 MORAL STANDARDS. All aspeots of morality and immorality pertaining to military personnel. 07 LOYALTY. Include discussion of the concept of loyalty and military honor, patri- otism, religious fanaticism, bravery or cowardice, and similar basic qualities of various categories of military personnel. 08 MORALE. Report under this heading the momentary morale factor as distinct from basic loyalty concepts. Include data on desertions and mutinies. Morale-building activities are reported under 0209.0200 and discipline under 0209.0300. 09 E.brIC1ENCY. General discussion of the efficiency of military personnel. Efficiency reports are reported under 0209.0404, .0200 MORALE AND WELFARE ACTIVITIES. The organization of the morale service or propaganda corps is reported under 0205.2800. Report here the activities and media themselves, especially from the point of view of the personnel affected. 01 ENTERTAINMENT. Availability and use of theaters, radio, and locally organized, entertainment. 02 ATHLETICS AND COMPETITIONS. 03 POST EXCHANGES AND CANTEENS. 04 NEWSPAPERS AND PERIODICALS. Availability and use. 05 FURLOUGHS, LEAVES, AND PASSES. . General system and its application. 0209.0206 ARMY EDUCATION. All data on vocational and other non-military training and education con- ducted or sponsored by the army. Mil. 10 Approved For Release 2001/0MemateRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/2?thaNFRE78-02646R000100070001-9 0209.0207 HEALTH MAINTENANCE. Include data on inoculations and blood typing as well as general material on measures taken by the army to maintain health and hygiene. Detailed functioning of the Medical Corps is reported under 0205.1400. 08 OTHER ACTIVITIES. Report here any other measures intended to promote morale and welfare within the army, such as lectures, conducted tours, or special methods of indoctrination. Bonuses, pensions, and allotments are reported under 0215.0300. .0300 DISCIPLINE. 01 02 MILITARY LAW, Forward Articles of War, military penal codes, and all other documents or regulations to enforce discipline. MILITARY COURTS AND COMMISSIONS, INCLUDING COURTS MARTIAL. . Composition, jurisdiction, and powers. Amenability of military person- nel to trial by civil courts. 03 DTSPLINARY POWERS. Degree of authority to inflict puniShment without trial. 04 MILITARY PRISONS. General data on the prison system. Construction, control, and administra- tion of military penal institutions. Location of each. Prison outbreaks. 05 MILITARY CONCENTRATION CAMPS. Information as above. 06 ACTUALENFORCEMEET OF DISCIPLINE. General effectiveness of the disciplinary syttem. Significant individual cases of enforcement. 07 AMNESTY, CLEMENCY, PARDONS. Policy and practice for each. .0400 PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION. NOTE: Pay and allowances are reported under 0215.0300. 01 DOCUMENTS. Forward all available regulations relating to personnel administration and copies of service-record books and any other personal documents. 02 Appointment and Induction. Policies and practices pertaining to the appointment or commissioning of officers and the inanntion of enlisted personnel Include oath to the colors. 03 ASSIGNMENT AND TRANSFER. Policies and practices in assigning and transferring various categories of military personnel. 04 hiiICIENCY RETORTS. System of reporting. Submit form used. 05 PROMOTIONS. Authority to promote, rules governing length of service in grade, etc. 06 DUTY WITH TROOPS. System of rotation. 0209.0407 TRAVEL. System of travel orders. Submit forms used. Approved For Release 2001/08/2FFINP1ii P78-02646R000100070001-9 Nil. 11 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 0209.0408 RETIREMENT. System of retirement by age and grade. 09 DISCHARGE. Policies and practices, including actual procedure and documentation, for various categories of military personnel. 10 REINSTATEMENT. Policies and practices. 0210. PERSONNEL - ORGANIZED REBEEVES. Information as under 0209 wherever applicable, using the same subheads. 0211. PERSONNEL - MILITIA OR NATIONAL GUARD. Information as under 0209 wherever applicable, using the sane subheads. 0212. PERSONNEL - QUASI-MILITARY ORGANIZATIONS. - Tnformation as under 0209 wherever applicable, using the sane subheads. 0213. PERSONNEL - WOMEN'S ARMY CORPS. Information as under 0209 wherever applicable, using the sane subheads. 0214. PERSONNEL - CIVILIAN. All data on the uee of civilians in the armed forces, including both salaried employees and wage earners. Control exercised over them by the military authorities, conditions of employment, type of work performed, classification, appointment, promotion, retirement, discharge, numbers in each category, _rates of pay and allowances, loyalty, morale, efficiency, leave etc. 0215. FISCAL AND PROYERTY ADMINISTRATION. .0100 BUDGETARY MATTERS. 01 MILITARY BUDGET. Report all details on the military budget, including all public discus- sion of it, its progress through the legislative body, and its complete breakdown. Include comment. 02 ACTUAL EXPENDITURES. Compare the actual military expenditures with the budget. 03 MILITARY EXPENDITURES BY OIEEH.AGENCIES. Discuss any expenditures for military or quasi-military purposes by non- military branches of the government, including use of secret funds, donations, private subscriptions, etc. 04 OCCUPATION COSTS. Give expenditures for maintaining a foreign army in the country or for maintaining occupation forces abroad. Include information on the method of obtaining funds for this purpose. .0200 ARMY FINANCE SYSTEM. Discuss the general system of financial administration within the military establishment, including regulations on accountancy, auditing, etc. The organization of the Finance Department and paymaster service is reported under 0205.2300. .0300 PAYMENTS TO PERSONNEL. 01 RATES OF PAY. Discuss methods and frequency of payment. Submit chart shaving actual rates of pay for all categories of personnel. 0215.0302 AIIOWANCES. Report regulations governing all types of allowances. Submit charts shaving all allowances. Mil. 12 Approved For Release 200161039AdicdA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 0215.0303 PENSIONS. Information as above. BONUSES. Information as above. 05 INSURANCE. Discuss methods of army insurance. List companies. .04o0 ADMINISTRATION OF BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS. Give supervisory and anministrative procedures used in the control of immovable army property. Include layout of standard-type buildings. 01 LAND. 02 FORESTS. 03 PERMANENT BUILDINGS. 04 BARRACKS AND QUARTERS. 05 CAMPS AND CANTONMENTS. 06 CEMETERIES AND WAR GRAVES. 07 OTHERS. .0500 ARMY CONSTRUCTION. Give the system for awarding building contracts and controlling the pro- gress of construction. Report individual cases of army construction activity, with details as to type, location, layout, purpose, and size. Construction of ordnance and quartermaster installations is reported under 1103.0600, hospitals under 1106.0200, prisons under 0209.0304, and forti- fications under the 0700 block. 01 PERMANENT BUILDINGS. Except those reported elsewhere (see above). 02 BARRACKS AND QUARTERS. 03 CAMPS AND CANTONMENTS. 04 TARGET RANGES. 05 OIEERS. 0216. MILITARY PUBLICATIONS AND RECORDS. Report here the adnlnistrative system only, including responsibility for issuance and manner of distribution, filing, and requisitioning. Actual spe- cific publications should be reported under the subject with which they deal. Only those which deal with a large variety of subjects should be reported here. NOTE: Report classification measures for protecting their security under 1000.2007. .0100 ARMY REGULATIONS. .0200 TRAINING MANUAL'S. .0300 OFFICIAL ARMY PERIODICALS. .04o0 ARMY NEWSPAPERS. Availability and use of newspapers as morale-building media for the troops are reported under 0209.0204. 0216.0500 ADMINISTRATIVE ORDERS AND DIRECTIVES: Administrative functioning of tactical units is reported under 0208. Approved For Release 2001/08/284NCIMRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Mil. 13 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 0216.0600 OPERATIONAL ORDERS. Issuance of orders in tactical units as a command function is reported under 0814. .0700 CORRESPONDENCE REGULATIONS. .0800 FILING SYSTEMS. .0900 UNOFFICIAL MILITARY BOORS. .1000 UNOFFICIAL MILITARY PERIODICALS. .1100 MILITARY LIBRARIES AND ARCHIVES. Organization of the War Department branch responsible for archives is reported under 0204.0600. The actual location and administration of the archives themselves should be reported here. 0217. ARMY COMMUNICATIONS. NOTE: All material on the army postal service is reported under 0205.2700. .0100 SYSTEM OF SIGNAL COMMUNICATIONS. Include here all details on the overall signal network and its system of control and operation. The organization and administration of the Signal Corps is reported under 0205.1200. Signal methods in the field are reported under 0814.0500. .0200 ARMY TETEPHONE DIRECTORIES. .0300 MESSAGE CENTERS. .0400 ARMY COURitit SERVICE. 0300. MANPOWER. NOTE: Since the subject of military manpower can be treated only frcm the overall point of view of the entire armed forces, separate blocks have been assigned under each general topic to Army, Navy (including Marines and Coast Guard), Army Air, and Navy Air. The breakdown for sub-topics is given only once, but the last digits of numbers used for Army may be repeated in other blocks of numbers for Navy and Air. For example, methods of Navy mobilization could be reported under 0303.0201. SECTION I. ARM FORCES 0301. AVAILABLE MILITARY MANPOWER. .0100 NUMBER OF MALES OF MILITARY AGE IN CIVILIAN LIFE. 01 Number by age classes. 02 Numbers classified as to fitness for military service: fully fit, fit for limited service, and unfit. 03 04 0302. .0100 0302.0200 1411. 14 Numbers classified as to training: fully trained, partly trained, and untrained. Numbers deferred in essential industry, by age and physical fitness. RECRUITMENT. NOTE: Where methods apply only to Army, Navy, or Air, report separately. VOLUNTARY. CONSCRIPTIVE. Liability to military service. Methods of registration and selection; age Approved For Release 200j6Wifiti9JA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/4jSilikEpP78-02646R000100070001-9 0302.0200 requirements for induction and termination; physical requirements; regula- tions governing deferment and exemption; disposition of surplus conscripts; regulations governing conscription of aliens in country and nationals abroad. .0300 PROCUREMENT OF COMMISSIONED OFFICERS. .0400 PROCUREMENT OF NOWCOMMMSSIONED OFFICERS. .0500 ACTUAL INTAEE OF PERSONKEL, BY MONTHS, AGES, AND AREAS. 0303. MOBILIIMATION. .0100 ARMY. 01 METHODS. Report regulations, peacetime plans, general plans for expansion and creation of units in wartime. 02 ACTUAL MOBILIZATION IN WARTIME- Numbers called, by year classes and reserve components. 03 MOBILIZATION OF WOMEN AS AUXILIARTRS. 04 MOBILIZATION OF FOREIGNERS AND COLONIALS. 05 MOBILIZATION OF NATIONALS ABROAD. .0200 NAVY. .0300 AIR FORCE OR ARMY AIR CORPS. .0400 NAVY AIR ARM. 0304. STRENGTH. .0100 ARMY. 01 Strength of active forces, by grade, age, and fitness for military service. NOTE: Report separately men called up for reserve components, giving component and numbers called. 02 Strength of organized reserve components (including militia) 1)y grade, age, and fitness for military service. 03 , Strength of quasi-military organizations. 04 Strength of arms and services, by branch of service. 05 Strength of Ministry or Department of War. 06 Strength of civilians attached to the Army by grade, age, and fitness for military service. .0200 NAVY. .0300 AIR FORCE OR ARMY AIR CORPS. .0400 NAVY AIR ARM. 0305. CASUALTIES. 0305.0100 ARMY. Fbrward periodic and cumulative estimates (numbers or percent) of casualties, classified as follows: Battle losses - killed, wounded (permanently inca- pacitated and returnable to duty), captured, and missing; nonbattle losses-- Approved For Release 2001/08/280PMERTE5078-02646R000100070001-9 Mu. 15 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CCRFILENTIAL 0305.0100 dead and permanently incapacitated, by disease and nonbattle injuries. Casualty figures in war should be sabmitted by theaters, campaigns, specifio operations, and all other breakdowns for which they are available. .0200 NAVY. .0300 AIR ICRCE OR ARMY AIR CORPS. .o4co NAVY AIR ARM. 0306. PRISONERS OF WAR. .0100 NUMBERS. Forward periodic estimates of total number of prisoners of war held in country and in each occupied country. Classify prisoners as follows: By theater of operations in whibh captured. By date. By nationality. By age. 0307. DEMOBILIZATION. .0100 ARMY. 01 METHODS AND PROCEDURE. 02 ACTUAL DEMOBII1ZATION OF PERSONNEL. .0200 NAVY. .0300 AIR FORCE OR ARMY AIR CORPS. .o400 NAVY AIR AM 0400. WEAPONS (including ammunition). NOTE: For uniform and complete reporting on weapons and equipment use prepared specification forms, samples of which are located in the Annex. Stocks of these forms may be obtained by requisition to MIS. 0401. SMALL ARMS. .0100 PISTOLS. .0200 SIGNAL PISTOLS. .0300 SUBMACIUNE GUNS. .0400 RIFLES AND AUTOMATIC RIFLES. .0500 MACHINE GUNS. .0600 AT WEAPONS (20-M1 CALIBER AND SMALLER). ,0700 BAYONETS, SABERS, SWORDS, DAGGERS, AND KNIVES. 0402. MORTARS. 0403. ARTILLERY. .0100 INFANTRY GUNS. .0200 MOUNTAIN GUNS. .0300 RECOILLESS GUNS. 0403.0400 FIELD AM MEDIUM ARTILLERY. Mil. 16 Approved For Release 20011010120rgek-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/2C8 N: 0403.0500 AT ARTILLERY. .0600 AA ARTILLERY. .0700 HEAVY AND RAILWAY ARTILLERY. .o800 SEACOAST ARTIIIERY. 0404. SELF-PROPELLED ARTILLERY. .0100 CIOSE SUPPORT AND ASSUALT GUNS. .0200 FIELD AND MIMI SP ARTILLERY. .0300 TANK DESTROYERS. .o4o0 SP AA GUNS. 0405. ARMORED VEHICLES (inclusive of armament). .0100 LIGHT TANKS (under 15 tons). .0200 .MEDIUM TANKS (15 to 40 tons). .0300 HEAVY TANKS (over 40 tons). .o4o0 AMPHIBIOUS TANKS. .0500 ARMORED CARS. .0600 ARMORED TRAINS. .0700 REMOTE-CONTROLLED DEMOLITION VEHICLES. (3406. ROCKET WEAPONS. .0100 FLEIDWEAPONS.. .0200 AA ROCKET WEAPONS. .0300 AIRCRAFT ROCKET WEAPONS .040o OTHER BOGERT WEAPONS. 0407. GUIDED MISSTTRS. .0100 LAUNCHING DEVICES. .0200 SURFACE TO SURFACE MISSILES. .0300 AIR TO SURFACE MISSILES (INCLUDE SUB-SURFACE). .0400 AIR TO AIR MISSILES. .0500 SURFACE TO AIR MISSILES. .06co GUIDING SYSTEMS. .0700 FUELS AND PRCITIIANTS. .0800 FUZES. .0900 COUNTERMEASURES. o4o8. GRENADES. 0408.0100 HAND GRENADES. ? 3.7 COXFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 ? CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFTOFilTIAL 0408.0200 RIFLE GRENADES. .0300 IMPROVISED AND OTHER GRENADES. 0409. OTHER WEAPONS. .0100 REMOTE-CONTROLIED DEMOLITION VEHICLES. .0200 ARMORED TRAINS. .0300 AIRCRAFT ARMAMENT. .040o BARRAGE BAIIDONS AND RELATED LETHAL DEVICES. 0410. WEAPONS RESEARCH AND DEVEIOPMENT. 0500. EQUIPMENT. 0501. VEHICLES. .0100 MOTORCYCLES. .0200 CARS. .0300 TRUCES. .0400 HALF-TRACKED VEHICLES. .0500 AMPHIBIOUS VEHICLES. .060o HORSE-DRAWN VEHICLES. 0502. FIRE CONTROL. Report here type and characteristics of all fire control instruments and equipment. Include: 0502.0100 AIMING CIRCLES. .0200 RANGE FINDERS (STEREOSCOPIC AND COINCTDPNCE). .0300 HEIGHT FINDERS (STEREOSCOPIC AND COINCIDENCE). .0400 SEARCHLIGHTS. .0500 ARTILLERY DIRECTORS. .0600 SIGHTS. .0700 QUADRANTS. .0800 TELESCOPES. .0900 SURVEYING INSTRUMENTS. .1000 PLOTTING BOARDS. .1100 OTHER FIRE CONTROL EQUIPMENT. Give detailed description of each item with photographs or drawings. 0503. SIGNAL (DEALT WITH BY SCIENTIFIC SECTION). 0504. ENGINEER EQUIPMENT. Report specifications and characteristics and include drawings, photographs, sketches, etc. .0100 BARRAGE BAIIDON EQUIPMENT. 0504.0101 HIGH ALTITUDE,. Mil. 18 Approved For Release 2001/88128DACIARDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 0504.0102 LGW ALTITUDE. 03 VERY IOW ALTITUDE. 04 ACCESSORIES INCLUDING ARRESTING, LAUNCHING, HANDLING, AND SERVICING GEAR. 09 MISCELLANEOUS. .0200 BRIDGES AND BRIDGING EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES. 01 EXADIEN1S. 02 FIXED including pile, trestle bent, truss, :suspension, girder, Bailey type, and components. 03 FLOATING including foot, ponton, floating Bailey type, pneumatic, and. components each as chess, balk, cables, paddles, boats, outboard motors, and other parts. 04 RAFTS - Pneumatic, ponton, half boat, expedient methods. 09 MISCELLANEOUS. .0300 CAMOUFLAGE (Tactical aspects reported under 0818.) 01 NETS. 02 CLOTH. 03 DUMMY, prefabricated such as flash simulators. 04 DUMMY, prefabricated, portables such as guns, tanks, trucks, planes. 05 EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES. 09 MISCELLANEOUS. .0400 PREFABRICATED CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS. 01 LANDING MAT. 02 HANGARS. 03 RUNWAYS AND ROADS. 04 LIGHTING. 05 BARRACKS AND =MOTS. 06 HOSPITALS. 0/ PIPELINES. 08 NARROW GAUGE RAIIROADS. 09 MISCEIIANEOUS. .0500 DEMOLITIONS AND EXPLOSIVES. 01 TYPES OF EXPLOSIVES. 02 HOLLOW CHARGES. 03 IMPROVMED CHARGES. 0504.0504 SPECIAL TYPES SUCH AS PANGAIORE TORPEDOES, SNAKES, ETC. Approved For Release 2001/08t2 ttal&RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Mil. 19 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 0504.0505 REMOTE CONTROLLED DEMOLITION VEHICLES. 09 MISCELLANEOUS ACCESSORIES AND EQUIPMENT such as blast driven rod, blast- ing caps, cartridges, detonating cord, blasting machines, and fuses, firing reels, etc. .0600 ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. 01 GENERATORS, TRUCK OR SKID MOUNTED. 02 POWER PLANTS AND TRANSMISSION LINES. 03 SEARCHLIGHTS. o4 ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES, cables, insulated wire, measuring devices, bat- teries, circuit breakers, lamps, switches, transformers, etc. 09 MISCELLANEOUS. .0700 FIRE-FIGHTING EQUIPMENT. 01 EXTINGUISHERS - Hand, wheeled, and truck - mounted. 02 MOTORIZED FIRE-FIGHTING EQUIPMENT INCLUDING TRAILERS. 03 CHEMICAL AND COMPOUNDS. o4 TANKS AND TOWERS. 09 MISCELLANEOUS EQUIPMENT. .0800 INSTRUMENTS OF PRECISION, PHOTOGRAPHIC, AND REPRODUCTION EQUIPMENT. 01 SURVEY INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES. 02 DRAFTING INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES. 03 PHOTOGRAPHIC INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES. Q4 REPRODUCTION INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES including field reproduction. 09 MISCELLANEOUS - Barometers, binoculars, odographs, thermometere, compasses, etc. .0900 MARINE EQUIPMENT. 01 BOATS AND ACCESSORIES including assault landing craft. 02 DOM AND CRANES. 03 DIVING EQUIPMENT. O 4 NAVAL DEMOLITIONS AND MINES. 09 MISCELLANEOUS. .1000 MINES, BOOBY TRAPS, AND MINE FIELDAPIPMEET. 01 ANTITANE:MINES. 02 ANTIPERSONNEL MINES. 03 IMPROVISED MINES OR BOOBY TRAPS. o4 BOOBY TRAPS. 05 IGNITERS. 0504.1006 FUZES AND DETONATORS. Mil. 20 Approved For Release 2001/Vabk1g&RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08giaMpP78-02646R000100070001-9 0504.1007 MINE DETECTORS. 08 MINE FIELD MARKING. 09 MISCELLANEOUS, .1100 HEAVY CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT. 01 TRACTORS - BULLDOZERS, TAYEDOZFRS, ANGLEDOZERS, AND ACCESSORIES. 02 ROAD EQUIPMENT - asphalt 'plants, rock crushing and. screening plants, distributors, loaders, concrete mixers, etc. 03 SHOVELS, DRAGLINES, CRANES, AND ATTACHMENTS - non-revolving, revolving, crawler, and truck mounted. GRADERS, MOTORIZED AND TOWED TYPES. 05 ROLLERS, MOTORIZED AM TOWED TYPES. 06 SCRUMMRSARD CARRYALLS, MOTORIZED AND TOWED TYPES. 07? DITCHERS. 09 MISCEIIANEOUS - Steel tanks (asphalt, gasoline, water), power control units, trailers all types. .1200 .D.LEER EQUIPMENT - Track, trailer or skid mounted. 01 COMPRESSORS. 02 WAZER PURIFICATION. 03 DISTILLATION: UNITS. 04 REFRIGERATION UNITS. 05 GAS GENERATORS. 06 LUBRICATORS. 07 SHOP EQUIPMTUIT - electrical and emergency repair, general purpose, machine shop, Small tool repair, etc. 08 MINE EXPLODERS - rollers, flails, etc. 09 MISCELLANEOUS - air conditioning, shower baths, etc. .1300 TOOLS, MACHINE AND HAND. . 01 CARPENTER. 02 BLACKSMITH. 03 WELDERS. PLUMBERS. 65 PIONEER. 06 PNEUMATIC TOOLS AND ACCESSORIES. .07 GASOLINE-OFERAD TOOLS AND ACCESSORIES. ? 09 MISCELLANEOUS. 0505.0000 CHEMICAL WARFARE, Approved For Release 2001 00070001-9 Mil. 21 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 0505.0100 ANTI-GAS EQUIPMENT. .0200 WAR GASES. NOTE: Report on gases that have been accepted and are standard with the military organization. For research and development and experimental gases, report under 8520.0100. .0300 GROUND WEAPONS. .0400 AERIAL WEAPONS. . 0506. FLAME WARFARE. .0100 TIME THROWERS AND ACCESSORIES. . .0200 MOTORIZED FIAME THROWERS AND TRAILERS. .0300 FUELS. .0400 MISCELLANEOUS. 0507. MEDICAL. . 0508. FIELD RANGES AND COOKING EQUIPMENT. 0509. 01E22. 0600. UNIFORMS, INSIGNIA, DECORATIONS, AWARDS, CITATIONS, RANK. 0601. ARMY UNIFORMS AND INSIGNIA (REGULAR AND RESERVE). .0100 UNIFORMS. (Description, quality, suitability, sizes, issue lists, cost, regulations governing. Distinguish between those of officers and enlisted personnel. Submit photographs or skilled drawings and samples of cloth used.) 01 FIELD. 02 SERVICE 03- , DRESS. 04 FULL DRESS. 05 SUMMER. 06 WINTER. 07 bPECIAL (CAMOUFLAGE, PARATROOP, ETC.) 08 PROTECTIVE (raincoat, anti-mosquito hoods, etc., but not including pro- tection against chemical agents.) .0200 INSIGNIA. (Description, mode of wearing. Submit actual samples, photo- graphs, or skilled drawings.) 01 PANIC AND RATING. 02 UNIT. 03 ARM OR BRANCH OF ..E.HVICE. 04 SPECIALTY (Officer of day sashes, signal man, mechanic, carpenter, etc.) 0602.0000 MILITIA, SEMI-MILITARY, AND OTHER MILITARY ORGANIZATIONS UNIFORMS AND INSIGNIA (Such as National Guard, Motor Corps). Information as under 0601. wherever applicable, using the same subheads. Mil. 22 Approved For Release 2001INW&CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 IAL Approved For Release 2001/08/40AMM3W78-02646R000100070001-9 0603.0000 CIVILIAN ORGANIZATIONS UNIFORMS AND INSIGNIA (such as Red Cross, Boy Scouts, Civilian Defense, etc.). Information as under 0601. wherever applicable, using the same subheads. o6o4. CIVIL POLICE ORGANIZATIONS-UNIFORMS AND INSIGNIA. Information as ander 0601, wherever applicable, using the same subheads. 0605. DECORATIONS. .0100 DECORATIONS AND AWARDS. (Description, including both sides of medals, and description of service ribbons. Regulations governing bestowal, wearing, and privileges obtained. Submit actual samples, photographs, or skilled drawings.) .0200 CITATIONS. (Discuss form of citations and regulations for bestowal.) o6o6. PERSONAL IDENTIFICATIONS. (Description of tags or other standard means of per- sonal identification. Submit actual samples, photographs, or skilled drawings. Service-record books and similar documents are reported under 0209.0401.) 0607. RELATIVE RANK. .0100 Submit a tabulated list, in the terminology of the country reported on, of every rank and rating held in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and other organiza- tions listed above, with a description of the duties discharged by that rank. .0200 Report on the rules of precedence in each service and organization, and among the various services and organizations. Discuss regulations governing the exchange of courtesies. 0700 FORTIFICATIONS. 0701.0000 FORTIFICATIONS - GENERAL. Doctrine, policies, ,or principles upon which fortifications and other defenses are based. General plans and methoUs for defending different types of terrain. Include: Coast, beach, inland, and antiaircraft defenses. ? 0702. (This number is not used.) 0703. FORTIFICATIONS - LOCATION OF FORTIFICATION AND DEFENSIVE INSTALLATIONS. The location of all installations should be given by coordinates and if possible shown on sketch or map of area. Be as specific as possible and include number, type, and caliber of weapons and size of garrison where applicable. .0100 GENERAL. Include location of fortified lines or defended areas, including cities or towns containing several or all of the installations mentioned below. .0200 PERMANENT FORTIFICATIONS. Include those constructed of concrete, steel, or heavy log. 01 PILLBOXES. Closed emplacements containing one or more guns of caliber up to and indluding 25-mm. 02 CABEMAIES. Closed emplacements for guna of caliber greater than 25-mm. 03 BIOCEHODSES. Large closed emplacements containing several embrasures for rifles and automatic weapons. 0703.0204 FORTS AND DETENDED LOCALITIES. Relatively. small, strongly organized groups of emplacements and other fortification installations. Approved For Release 2001/08/28c.WIR2015T8-02646R000100076001-9 Mil. 23 0703.0205 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL SEEL1ERS. Structures which provide shelter for troops, weapons, and supplies not engaged in actual cotbat. OPEN WEAPON EMPLACEMENTS. Include coast defense dual purpose and other weapons sited for other than AA fire. 07 UNDERGROUND COMBAT INSTALLATIONS. Include single and organized cave systems. 08 FIXED FLAME THROWERS. 09 LAND-MOUNTED TORPEDO TUBES. 10 OBSERVATION POSTS. .0300 FIELD FORTIFICATIONS. 01 OPEN WEAPON EMPLACEMENTS. 02 CLOSED WEAPON EMPLACEMENTS. 03 TRENCH SYSTEMS. 04 FOXHOLES. 09 OTHER FIELD FORTIFICATIONS. ANTIAIRCRAFT DEFENSES. 01 AUTOMATIC WEAPON EMPLACEMENTS (40-mm and less). 02 HEAVY AA EMPLACEMENTS (75-m1 or greater). 03 SEARULIGHTS. 04 OBSERVATION POSTS. 05 RADAR (AIR SEARCH). 06 RADAR (GUN LAYING). 07 SOUND DETECTORS. 09 0.0BER ANTIAIRCRAFT DEFENSES. .0500 ARTIFICIAL OBSTACLES. Obstacles constructed expressly for the purpose of hindering military operations. 10 ARTITANE-OBSTACIES. 11 DITCHES, TRAPS, AND CUES. 12 MINE FIELDS. 13 INUNDATIONS. 14 CONCRETE. 15 STEEL. 16 TIMBER. 0703.0517 DEMOLITIONS. mu. 214. Approved For Release 200148/28 : Slt-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 0703.0518 IGNITED OIL. 19 OTHER AT OBSTACLES. 20 ANTIPERSONNEL OBSTACLES. 21 MINE FIELDS. 22 BARBED WIRE, FIXED. 23 BARBED WIRE, PORTABLE. 24 ELECTRICALLY CHARGED WIRE. 29 OTHER ANTIPERSONNEL OBSTACLES. 30 ANTIAIRLANDING OBSTACLES.\ 31 ANTIGLIDER. 32 ANTIPARACHUTIST. 33 ANTIAIRCRAFT. 39 OTHER ANTIAIRLANDING OBSTACLES. 40 MARINE OBSTACLES. 41 MINE FIELDS. 42 BOOMS. 43 NETS. 49 OMER MARINE OBSTACLES. 50 UNDERWATER OBSTACLES ON LANDING BEACHES. 51 ANTIBOAT MINES. 52 STEEL. 53 CONCRETE. 54 TIMBER. 55 BARBED WIRE. 59 aLEEE UNDERWATER OBSTACLES ON LANDING BEACHES. 0704. FORTIFICATIONS - CHARACTERISTICS AND STRUCTURAL DATA OF FORTIFICATION INSTALLATIONS. Include dimensions, fields of fire, materials, and methods of construction, and structural details. .0100 GENERAL. Include general descriptions of all or several of the installations men- tioned below. .0200 PERMANENT FORTIFICATIONS. Include those constructed of concrete, steel, or heavy log. 01 PILLBOXES. Closed emplacements containing one or more guns of caliber up to and including 25-mm. 0704.0202 CASEMATES. Closed emplacements for guns of caliber greater than 25-mm. Approved For Release 2001/08/280.LCUPRE/P78-02646R000100070001-9 Mil. 25 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 0704.0203 BLOCKHOUSES. Large closed emplacements containing several embrasures for rifles and automatic weapons. 04 FORTS OR DEFENDED LOCALITIES. Relatively small, strongly organized groups of emplacements and other fortified installations. 05 SHELTERS. Structures which provide shelter for troops, weapons, and supplies not engaged in actual combat. 06 OPEN WEAPON EMPLACEMENTS. Include coast defense dual purpose and other weapons sited for other than AA fire. 07 UNDERGROUND INSTALLATIONS. 08 FIXED FLAME THROWERS. 09 LAND-MOUNTED TORPEDO TUBES. 10 OBSERVATION POSTS. .0300 FIELD FORTIFICATIONS. 01 OPEN WEAPON EMPLACEMENTS. 02 CLOSED WEAPON EMPLACEMENTS. 03 TRENCH SYSTEMS. 09 OTHER FIELD FORTIFICATIONS. .0400 ANTIAIRCRAFT DEFENSES. 01 AUTOMATIC WEAPON EMPLACEMENTS (40-mm and less). 02 HEAVY AA EMPLACEMENTS (75-mm or greater). 03 SEARCRTIGHT EMPLACEMENTS. 04 OBSERVATION POSTS. 05 RADAR (AIR SEARCH) EMPLACEMENTS. 06 RADAR (GUN LAYING) EMPLACEMENTS. 07 SOUND DETECTOR EMPLACEMENTS. 09 OTTER EMPLACEMENTS. .0500 ARTIFICIAL OBSTACLES. Obstacles constructed expressly for the purpose of hindering military operations. NOTE: Mines and booby traps are reported under 0504.1000. 10 ANTITANK OBSTACLES. 11 DITCHES, TRAPS, AND GRATERS. 12 MINE FIELDS. 13 INUNDATIONS. 0704.0514 CONCRETE. mu- 26 Approved For Release 2001/118N1ENUA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28cSMW78-02646R000100070001-9 0704.0515 STEEL. 16 TIMBER. 17 DEMOLITIONS. 18 IGNITED OIL. 19 OTHER AT OBSTACLES. 20 ANTIPERSONNEL OBSTACLES. 21 MINE FIELDS. 22 BARBED WIRE, FIXED. 23 BARBED WIRE, PORTABLE. 24 ELECTRICALLY CHARGED WIRE. 29 OTHER ANTIPERSONNEL OBSTACLES. 30 ANTIAIRLANDING OBSTACLES. 31 ANTIGLIDER. 32 ANTIPARACHUTIST. 33 ANTIAIRCRAFT. 39 OTHER ANTIAIRIANDING OBSTACLES. 40 MARINE OBSTACLES. 41 MINE FIELDS. 42 BOOMS. 43 NETS. 49 OTHER MARINE OBSTACLES. 50 UNDERWATER OBSTACLES ON LANDING BEACHES. 51 ANTIBOAT MINES. 52 STEEL. 53 CONCRETE. 54 TIMBER. 55 BARBED WIRE. 59 OTHER UNDERWATER OBSTACLES ON LANDING BEACHES. 0800. TACTICS AND STRATEGY. Discuss briefly historical tactics and strategy and ..heir effect upon present tactics and strategy. Other influences affecting. 0810. NATIONAL DEFENSE POLICY. NOTE: Political aspects are discussed under 3141.0300. 0810.0100 WAR PLANS. Discuss briefly, including text and analysis of plans. Approved For Release 2001/08/28c: ? 0:: ADREP78-02646R000100070001-9 Mil. 27 Approved kn. Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 0810.0200 JOINT WAR PLANS. Discuss briefly plans for the combined use of the Army, Navy and Air. (Plans for each enemy discussed separately.) .0300 ARMY WAR PLANS. Data on various war plans. .0400 NAVY WAR PLANS. Data on various war plans. .0500 AIR WAR PLANS. Data on various war plans. .0600 PLANS FOR CONTROLLING CIVIL DISTURBANCES. Data on plans for military control of civil disturbances. 0811. TACTICS. .0100 INFANTRY. .0200 CAVALRY. .0300 ARTILLERY, .0400 ANTIAIRCRAFT ARTILLERY. .0500 ARMORED FORCES, .o600 ENGINEERS. .0700 SIGNAL CORPS, .0800 CHEMICAL WARFARE. .0900 MEDICAL. 0812. TACTICAL THEORIES AND DOCTRINES. Tactical theories of leading military writers and critics. Brief analytical discussion of their value and influence. .0100 ARMS AND SERVICES. Prescribed staff doctrines for arms and services and tactical functions of units, including special organization. Summarize the lessons learned from exercises and combat operations and trends. towards change. Report for each arm or service on: 01 0111ENSIVE WARFARE. 02 Designation of objectives. 03 Distribution of forces. o4 Forms of offensive action. 05 Frontages and depths. 06 Reserves. 07 Coordination. 08 Meeting engagements. 09 Attack of fortified positions. 0812.0110 Counter-offensives. Mil. 28 Approved For Release 20010926EN-f4A-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 0812.0111 Pursuit. 12 Tactical use of weapons. 13 Airborne troops. NOTE: Security in offensive warfare reported under Security (0815). .0117 DEFENSIVE WARFARE. 18 Selection of positions. 19 Tactical organization. 20 Organization of fire. 21 Organization of ground. 22 Conduct of the defense. 23 Tactical use of weapons. 24 Anti-mechanized defense. 25 Passive defense measures. 26 Open terrain warfare. NOTE: Security in defensive warfare reported under Security (0815). 28 RETROGRADE MOVEMENTS. 29 Delaying actions. 30 Withdrawals. 31 Retreats. 36 SPECIAL OPERATIONS. 37 Amphibious. 38 Attack of fortified locality (special tactics). 39 Operations at river lines. 40 Town and city combat. 41 Woods combat. 42 Night combat. 43 Winter operations. 44 Mountain operations. 45 Jungle operations. 46 Desert operations. 47 Anti-Partisan operations. 48 Raiding and infiltration. 49 Counter-amphibious operations. 0812.0150 Other operations. Approved For Release 2001/08/aEffailip,P78-02646R000100070001-9 mu. 29 0813.0000 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL OPERATIONS OF COMBINED ARMS. Prescribed staff doctrines for use of the arms In combination. Sunnarize he lessons learned from exercises and combat operations and trends toward changes. Include: .0100 Ground-Air Operations. .0200 Ground-Navy Operations. .0300 Ground-Navy-Air Operations. 0814. EXERCISE OF COMMAND. Prescribed staff doctrines for commands of all units. Summarize lessons learned from exercises and combat operations and trends toward change. Report on: .0100 Estimates of the situation. .0200 Command conduct in battle. .0300 Combat orders. .0400 Command posts. .0500 Signal communications. Discuss briefly operations of communications, from highest field head- quarters, through intermediate headquarters, down to company, troop, or battery, showing responsibility for the communications involved. Include chart. Codes and ciphers in use. .0600 Liaison. 0815. SECURITY. .0100 Against mechanized forces. .0200 Against chemical warfare. .0300 Against aircraft. .0400 Reconnaissance. .0500 Counter-Reconnaissance. .0600 Counterintelligence. 0816. TROOP MOVEMENTS. Prescribed doctrines, lessons learned from exercises and combat operations, and trends toward change. Report on: .0100 Tactical march techniques by motor. .0200 Tactical march techniques by rail. .0300 Tactical march techniques by air. .0400 Tactical march techniques by water. (Security during movements reported under Security above.) 0817. HALTS, BIVOUACS, REST AREAS. Prescribed doctrines, lessons 1ea4ned from exercises and combat operations, and trends toward change. 0818. CAMOUFLAGE. 0818.0100 Mil. 30 Tactical employment of camouflage for individual. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFERMITIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 0818.0200 Tactical employment of camouflage for unit. .0300 Tactical employment of camouflage for fortified areas. .0400 Tactical employment of camouflage for deception in large areas. NOTE: Camouflage for industry and other aspects reported elsewhere. 0820. STRATEGY. 0821. THEORIES AND DOCTRINES. Strategic theories of leading military writers and critics. Brief ana- lytical discussion of their Value and influence. Prescribed strategic staff doctrines and their application to current military problems. Influences affecting strategic doctrines of country. 0822. THEORIES OF MECHANIZATION AND MOTORIZATION. Strategic ideas of leading military writers and critics. Brief ana- lytical discussion of their value and influence. Prescribed strategic doctrines and their application to current military problems. 0823. OTT ER STRATEGIC THEORIES. 0824. STRATEGIC EMPLOYMENT. Summarize the lessons in strategic employment learned from the conduct of exercises or combat operations and trends toward change.' 0900. TRAINING. 0901. TRAINING - GENERAL. Discuss briefly the general System of army training. Give control, central- ization or decentralization. Submit training films if available. .0100 REGULATIONS. Report regulations governing raining in general. NOTE: Training of each staff, arm, service, or unit is reported separately below. .0200 INDIVIDUAL. Give a concise discussion of the system of individual training and the number of men who receive individual training annually. For Reserves and Organized Militia give the number called back annually. 0901.0300 For officers, warrant officers, noncommissioned officers, professional (long-term) soldiers, and short-term soldiers, report training under the following heads: Courses at civilian educational institutions. Correspondence work. Recruit training. Specialist training. LEducational and vocational training. NOTE: Report training in garrison schools under Organizational and Unit below (0902.). MILITARY PERSONNEL FROM FOREIGN ARMIES. Officers and enlisted men detailed from foreign armies and serving in the country's army. Purpose, name, and location of units in which they are serving. Number sent; names of outstanding personnel. Training and mili- tary activities. Approved For Release 2001/08/286AIWIE8-02646R000100070001-9 Mil. 31 0901.0400 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL MILITARY PERSONNEL IN FOREIGN ARMIES. Officers and enlisted nen detailed to foreign axties. Purpose, nate, and location of units in which they are serving. Number sent; names of out- standing personnel. Training and military activities. - 0902. ORGANIZATIONAL AND UNIT. .0100 GARRISON AND ARMORY. Give character and scope of garrison and armory training for Active Army, Organized Reserves, and Organized Militia. Include garrison schools for officers and noncommissioned officers. Report number of nen trained each year. .0200 ROAD MARCHES AND ROAD SPACES. All pertinent data, including length of step, cadence, goosestep, etc. .0300 FIELD. Scope and methods of field training in the Active Army, Organized Reserves, Organized Militia. Report number of men trained each year. Include train- ing of Combat Intelligence Units. .0400 TARGET, MUSKETRY, AND FIELD FIRING. Give information concerning training and actual perfornance for each amend. service. For installations see Military Posts and Stations (0206.0600). 0903. COMBINED. Report on extent, direction, character, and methods of combined training; training in coordination and cooperation with combatant units; command post and staff exercises. .0100 MANEUVERS AND EXERCISES. 01 GENERAL SYSTEM. Give general system for the holding of large scale tameuvers and exercises. 02 CONTROL AND UMPIRING. Give complete methods of control and umpiring. Brief discussion an methods of leasing land, method of payment to property owners, housing, etc. 0903.0103 ACTUAL. Report each important naneuver or exercise held annually. Give the following data: Date and location. Type of terrain chosen. Arms, Units, and Conmandern participating. Broad outline of tactical or strategic problem. Unusual methods of regulation and control differing from those -reported under General System (0900.0100). Brief account of actions taken by opposing sides. Number of troops participating by Active Army, Organized Reserves, Organized Militia, etc. Number of foreign observers by nationality and other non-participating personnel present at maneuver. Give a critique of each maneuver or exercise as follows: Tactical principles stressed. (Lessons and trends toward change in tactical doctrines should be reported simultaneously under Tactics Mil. 32 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001 00070001-9 0903.0103 0904. 0810. Methods of coordination and cooperation of combatant arms and their efficiency. Brief mention of new types of equipment. (Details of equipment reported under Equipment, 0500.) General impression of readiness of troops for combat as gathered from observed standards of discipline, training, and equipment. Include here the observed dif- ference between Army, Reserves, and Militia. Discussions of readiness of trdops for botbat from any other sources. ARMY SCHOOLS, .0100 ARMY SCHOOLS - GENERAL. List all Army Schools. Give policy governing attendance at Army, Reserves, Organized Militia, and Women's Auxiliary Corps Schools. Give policy governing attendance at Army Schools by Air and Naval officers. Give policy governing the exchange of military profeesdre and students with foreign countries. .0200 FOREIGN MILITARY PERSONNEL IN MILITARY SCHOOLS. Officers and enlisted men from foreign countries detailed to military schools of country. Purpose, name and location of schools to which sent. Muller sent; names of outstanding personnel detailed; activities. .0300 MILITARY PERSONNEL IN FOREIGN MILITARY SCHOOLS. Officers and enlisted men detailed to foreign schools. Purpose, .name, and location of schools to which sent. Number sent; DAMS of outstanding personnel detailed; activities. .0400 FOREIGN MILITARY LANGUAGE STUDENTS IN COUNTRY. Officers and enlisted men detailed from abroad as language officers. Purpose and activities. Location of detail. Number sent; names of outstanding personnel detailed. .0500 MILITARY LANGUAGE STUDENTS SENT TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES. Officers and enlisted men detailed to foreign countries as language officers. Purpose and activities. Location of detail. Number sent; names of outstanding personnel detailed. .0600 CADET AND PREPARATORY. Report each school separately. Give the following data: 0904.0700 Name, location, and facilities. Similarity to type of school in U S. Method of selecting students. Noteworthy methods of training. Number, length, and scope of courses. Efficiency and value of school to AMY'. Number of students in attendance from Active Army, Reserves, Organized Militia, Women's Auxiliary Corps. Number of graduates of each per year. Number of foreigners attending. NOTE: Military training in schools and colleges corresponding to ROTC and CMTC reported under Pre-Military Training (0905.0100). SFPARATE ARMS. Report each branch school separately. Give same data as under o9o4.6600. Approved For Release 2001/08/WMTR6P78-02646R000100070001-9 mil. 33 Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 0904.0800 TECHNICAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE. Report each school separately. Give sane data as under 0904.0600. .0900 SPECIALISTS. Report each school separately. Give same data as under 0904.0600. .1000 NONCOMMISSIONED OFFICERS. Report each school separately. Give sane data as under 0904.0600. .1100 COMBINED GENERAL STAFF. Report each school separately. Give sane data as under 0904.0600. .1200 WAR COTJPGE AND SUPERIOR. Give same data as under 0904.0600. Include number of selected civilians in attendance. Air and Navy instructors. 0905. PRE-MILITARY. .0100 SCHOOLS AND COTTEGES (ROTC). Report all training in schools and colleges similar to ROTC train- ing in U S. Give the general system; age of entrance; voluntary or compulsary attendance; scope; objectives; method of training; effi- ciency and value to the Army; correlation with troop service. Report number and names of schools and colleges giving this train, ing, number of students taking courses annually, number of students completing military courses annually. .0200 NON-ACADEMIC. System of pre-military training In: 01 Youth Organizations. 02 Labor Organizations. 03 Quasi-Military Organizations. 04 Militarized Societies. 05 Others Give same data as under 0904.0600 REVIEWS AND INSPECTIONS OF TROOPS. 0906. .0100 REVIEWS - GENERAL. Report significant aspects of reviews and inspections by military authorities, government officials, etc. .0200 BY FOREIGNERS. Report significant aspects of all reviews and inspections by foreign military authorities, diplomatic officials, etc. 0907. INSPECTIONS AND VISITS. Cover here Inspections other than those for military operations and training. Report on military inspections and visits of areas, posts and installat'ons, fortifications, schools, factories, etc. 1000. INTETTIGENCE AND COUNTERINTETjXGENCE. 1000.0100 MILITARY INTELLIGENCE - GENERAL. Describe the functions of the Military Intelligence Service. (Organi- zation of the Intelligence Division of the General Staff is reported under 0204.0202.) Analyze the country's intelligence doctrines and techniques as applied to its strategic need for military intelligence. Mil. 34 Approved For Release 2001/086/8ffa&RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 1000.0100 System of collecting information and producing and disseminating strategic intelligence. Coordination of technical and strategic intelligence. Operation and efficiency of the intelligence service. .0200 JOINT INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEES. Give the system, policies, and control of intelligence by the cm, mittee. All other pertinent data. Names of important military personnel on committee. (Forward biographical material under the 7100 Block.) .0300 JOINT INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES. Information as above. .oltoo OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVES ABROAD. Give the general system of accrediting representatives abroad and list each accredited agency for Army, Navy, and Air. .0500 ATTACHES AND OBSERVERS ABROAD. Method of selection and appointment of Military, Naval, and Air Attaches and Observers sent abroad. Submit a list of all attaches and observers and the countries to which accredited. Report on the acti- vities of each separately. (Forward biographical material under 7104.) .0600 TECHNICAL LIAISON AND EXCHANGE BY NATIONALS IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES. Describe here official and unofficial exchanges of military informa- tionby technical services, learned societies, and similar agencies. .0700 MILITARY AGENTS OR SPIES ABROAD. All data available on this subject. (For non-military see 3164.0600. Forward biographical material under 7104.0500.) .0800 FOREIGN MILITARY REPRESENTATIVES IN COUNTRY. Activities of Military, Naval, and Air Attaches and Observers in the country. (For non-military see 3163.0600). Submit a list of all attaches and observers and the countries from which accredited. Report on the influence and activities of each separately. (Forward biographiCal material under 7104.) .0900 TECHNICAL LIAISON AND EXCHANGE BY FOREIGNERS IN COUNTRY. Same information as under 1000.0600 above. .1000 MILITARY AGENTS OR SPIES IN COUNTRY. All data available on this subject. (Forward biographical material under 7104.1000.) .1100 COMBAT INTELLIGENCE. Report collecting agencies (down to Infantry Battalion or similar unit); techniques of collection; techniques of evaluation and exploi- tation; transmission of information to higher, lower, and adjacent echelons. .1200 CAPTURED DOCUMENTS AND MATERIEL. Report collecting agencies (down to Infantry Battalion or similar unit); techniques of collection; techniques of evaluation and exploi- tation; transmission of information from source to War Department Intelligence Service. .1300 AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. Report techniques of evaluation and exploitation and transmission of information to higher, lower, and adjacent echelons. 1000.1400 SIGNAL INTELLIGENCE. Report system used by Signal Units for intelligence on foreign armies. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 mii. 35 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 1000.1500 OTHER METHODS. .1600 COUNTERINTELLIGENCE Give a list of all agencies and their organization. Mission in . general schema of national defense. Methods of counterespionage: Against own activities. Against foreign activities - MAs, etc. (Include imposition of restrictions in time of war.) Operation and efficiency of espionage and counter-espionage. NOTE: Laws dealing with Espionage, Sabotage, and Subversion covered under 3122.0405. Counterintelligence in the field is reported under 0815.0600. .1700 CENSORSHIP, IN WAR. Complete coverage of censorship as it is effected in war as based on: 01 02 03 04 ADMINISTRATION. (What agency, governmental or other, is responsible; what public laws, proclamations, or decrees contain the authority for censorship.) ORGANIZATION. (What is the structure of the censorship; how many and what types of persons are employed in various divisions; who are the execu. tives; physical location and functions of headquarters and censor- ship stations.) JURISDICTION. (Coverage. over civilian population, military personnel, prisoners of war, aliens, and others.) SCOPE. (Types of communications censored (postal, travelers, press, radio, telephone, telegraph, etc.; number of cummunications of each type examined and percentage of total volume of oommunications; cover- age of external, internal, and transit communications; emphasis of censorship placed on what classes of communications; is more care- ful examination (watch list) given to certain individuals, firms., organizations, countries, etc.; whether to grant immunity from censorship; who is granted immunity from censorship.) 5 TECHNIQUES. Methods of censorship, so far as not covered elsewhere. 06 07 08 EFFECTIVENESS. Is censorship secret or common knowledge, is it easily evaded by code, cipher, or secret ink; inspection of travelers, punishment for violations, apprehension of enemy agents. REGULATIONS. Regulations to public, regulations for censorship personnel, pro- cedure manuals. COORDINATION. Censorship agreements with other nations. Examples. Are communi- cations routed for censorship convenience? 09 PURPOSE. For security, political or economic reasons. 1000.1710 DISSEMINATION. Dissemination of information derived through censorship. Is infor- mation disseminated extensively, or is it closely guarded; list of agencies regularly receiving information; types of information of especial interest to these agencies. Mil. 36 Approved For Release 2001/08f28DMAIRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/giaMNP78-02646R000100070001-9 1000.1711 .1800 .1900 .2000 01 02 03 04 o5 06 07 08 1100. 1101. 1102. 1103. LABORATORIES. Are there laboratories in existence where secret inks were devel- oped, codes broken. Size and extent to which laboratories are used. Is mail sent there for routine examination or are only suspected communications tested? ? CENSORSHIP, IN PEACE. Complete coverage of censorship as it is effected in peace, based on the subheads outlined under coverage of war. SUBVERSION OF PERSONNEL. Activities on subversion of intelligence and counterintelligence personnel. Methods of correction and punishment. MEANS OF SAFEGUARDING MILITARY INFORMATION. General restrictions as promulgated in national legislation, executive order, etc. Restrictions on discussion by and activities military, naval, and air personnel regarding military matters. Restrictions on entrance to fortified areas, military and naval reservations. Restrictions on photography of military areas, etc. Restrictions on military plants, factories manufacturing military equipment, and shipyards. Restrictions on freedom of action and intercourse of accredited foreign representatives. Classification of documents and measures for protecting their security, such as reglstration, keeping under lock and key, and. destruction. Enforcement of security measures. LOGISTICS. LOGISTICS, GENERAL. Obtain logistics manuals of country and reports on the general system of logistics and supply. CLASSIFICATION OF SUPPLIES. Discuss the system of supply nomenclature. Compare the classes and types of supplies of country to U.S. supply classes. SUPPLY SYSTEM IN Th.e, ZONE OF THE INTERIOR. Obtain pertinent manuals of country. NOTE: in peace-time regard the entire country as the Zone of the Interior except for those areas characterized by the use of field nomenclatures. .0100 OVERALL SUPPLY ADMINISTRATION. Administration of highest army supply organizations. Inter- relations among civilian and military production and supply agencies. Interservice coordination. Charts. 1103.0200 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT. Administrative arrangements for research and development. Extent of army control over non-military experimental centers. Interservice research groups. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 :c81FAM3Y8-02646R000100070001-9 Mil. 37 1103.0200 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL NOTE: Not concerned with the specific work of various agencies engaged in research or with data pertaining to experimental equipment. .0300 PROCUREMENT AND ACCEPTANCE. Estimate of needs. Placing of orders. Awarding of contracts Specifications pertaining to standards, costs, markings. Produc- tion by military arsenals. Inspection of private production for military use. Acceptance or rejection of production. Extent of graft (if any). Repiisition of property for military use. .o400 REQUISITIONING. Channels of requisitions from home units in Zone of the Interior storage and distribution centers. Requisition charts. .0500 STORAGE AND DISTRIBUTION. Administration and functions of depots. Nomenclature and classi- fication of storage installations. Doctrines pertaining to mate- rials stored, depot capacities, reserve stores. Storage and dis- tribution responsibilities of various echelons. Administration charts and supply flow charts. If possible report by supply class. .o600 NOTE: Locations and amounts of storage reported under 1103.0600. SUPPLY INSTALLATIONS AND RESERVES. Locations of supply depots and arsenals. Items stored and quantity retained by each Installation. Sketches, pictures, and maps of individual depots and arsenals. Maps of the location of all supply centers in the country. Overall estimate of the total quantity of reserves retained in these supply centers. In wartime, report the effects of destruction due to military operations. NOTE: Report supply installations and reserves under field juris- diction under 1104.0400. .0700 DEMOBILIZATION - DISPOSAL OF EQUIPMENT. Pertinent data. 1104. FIELD SUPPLY SYSTEM. Pertinent manuals of country. NOTE: During peace-time this section will be concerned largely with theoretical doctrines, field maneuvers, potential theaters of opera- tion, and areas characterized by the use of field nomenclature. .0100 FIELD SUPPLY ADMINISTRATION. Staff control of supply. Types of officers and units concerned with field supply. Issuance of supply directives. Charts show- ing field supply organization and duties. _0200 FIELD PROCUREMENT AND REQUISITIONING. Field seizures. Field purchases. Use of captured materiel. Dispatch of requisitions. Filling of requisitions. Requisition flow charts. .0300 FIELD STORAGE AND DISTRIBUTION. Nomenclature of field supply installations. Doctrines pertaining to the theoretical layout and locations of installations, materials stored, dump capacities, storage and distribution responsibilities of various echelons, days of supply carried by the several echelons. Supply flow diagrams. If possible, report by supply class. NOTE: Locations and amounts of storage reported under 1104.0400. 1104.0400 Mil. 38 FIELD SUPPLY INSTALIATIONS AND RESERVES. Locations of field storage. Items stored and quantities retained by each dump. Sketches and pictiares of individual dumps. Maps of Approved For Release 200114)MaNTOIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/0843.,:apP78-02646R000100070001-9 lio4.0400 the location of all theater supply dumps. Overall estimate of the total quantity of reserves stored in these dumps. In war-tine, report the effects of destruction due to military operations. NOTE: Report supply installations and reserves -under Zone of the Interior jurisdiction under 1103.0600. .0500 PERSONNEL REPLACEMENT SYSTEM - to front lines. 1105. MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS AND ALLOWANCES. .0100 TOTAL MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS. War-time tonnage requirements of units under varying combat condi- tions. Peace-tine allowances per division and other units. .0200 AMMUNITION MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS. War-time requirements of ammunition for units under varying combat conditions. Peace-tine and war-tine allowances of ammunition per weapon. Units of fire. Days of supply. .0300 FUEL MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS. War-tine and peace-tine allowances per vehicle and per unit. Fuel consumption of vehicles and units per mile or per kilometer. .o400 HUMAN RATIONS MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS. Human rations scales. Type of rations. Ration components. Weights of rations. Differences between field and garrison rations. Requirements under varying combat conditions and in different thea- ters of operation. Distinctions between war-time and peace-time rations. .0500 ANIMAL RATIONS MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS. Information as above. .0600 EQUIPMENT REPLACEMENT FACTORS. Allowances for damaged, destroyed, or worn out equipment and cloth- ing per item and per unit. Divisional equipment replacement allow- ances per month in peace-time and in war-time. .0700 MISCELLANEOUS SUPPLY REQUIREMENTS. Special issues, such as engineer construction materials. 1106. EVACUATION SYSTEM. .0100 MAINTENANCE, REPAIR AND SALVAGING OF EQUIPMENT. Administration and functions of repair centerp. Authority exercised over non-military factories engaged in army repairs. Repair respon- sibilities of various echelons. Repair and salvage flow charts. 01 REPAIR INSTALLATIONS. Locations of repair depots. Items repaired and other physical characteristics of each depot. .0200 EVACUATION OF PERSONNEL. Administration and functions of hospitals. Use of civilian hospi- tals by the army. Capabilities and duties of various medical echelons. Evacuation charts. 01 1106.0300 MEDICAL INSTALLATIONS. Locations of hospitals and receiving stations. Capacity and other physical characteristics of each installation. NOTE: Report medical equipment supply centers under 1103.0600 and lio4.o400. EVACUATION OF ANIMALS. Administration and functions of animal hospitals. Capabilities and duties of various veterinary echelons. Evacuation flow charts. Approved For Release 2001/08/280=MOP78-02646R000100070001-9 mil. 39 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONIIDENTIAL 1106.0300 VETERINARY INSTALLATIONS. Locations of animal hospitals and receiving stations. Capacity and other physical characteristics of each installation. NOTE: Report veterinary equipment and animal supply centers under 1103.0600 and i104.0400. .040o EVACUATION OF PRISONERS OF WAR. System of evacuating prisoners of war from front lines to final destinations. 01 PRISONER OF WAR CAMPS. Locations and other physical characteristics of camps. 1107. MILITARY TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM. Obtain pertinent manuals of country. .0100 OVERALL TRANSPORTATION ADMINISTRATION. Administration of military communications. Extent of military con- trol over civilian transportation. .0200 TRANSPORTATION DOCTRINES. FUnctions of transportation control establishments such as regulat- ing stations, transhipment points, truckheads, railheads. Dis- tinction between field and Zone of the Interior transportation. .0300 TRANSPORTATION ESTABLISHMENTS. Locations and other physical features of each transportation establishment. .0400 INDIVIDUAL TRANSPORTATION. Rules governing the movement of individuals other than those moving with their units. 1108. SUPPLY MOVEMENTS. .0100 RAILWAY MOVEMENTS. Supply trains. Time required to load and unload supply trains. Number of cars per supply train. Weights of different types of supplies per rail car. Rail car loading space per item. Speed of travel. Railway supply routes. .0200 ROAD MOVEMENTS. Supply columns, including motor transport, animal, and porter columns. Time required to load and unload columns. Length, speed, capacity of columns. Truck loading space per item. Road supply routes. .0300 WATER MOVEMENTS. Ship supply convoys. Tine required to load and unload items. Ship ton and gross registered ton requirements per man and per item. Speed of travel. Military loading capacity of different ships. Sea supply routes. If possible, report by 1108.0301 and 1108.0302. 01 OCEANIC MOVEMENTS. Information as above. 02 INLAND WATERWAY MOVEMENTS. Information as above. AIR MOVEMENTS - pertinent data similar to above. TROOP MOVEMENTS. .04o0 1109. 1109,0100' RAILWAY MOVEMENTS. Troop trains. Time required to entrain and detrain. Number of cars per troop train. Loading space per person and per item for trains carrying only personnel and for trains carrying a unit and its equip- ment. Train requirements per unit. Speed of travel. Mil. 40 Approved For Release 2001/08/26:nEel4iRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28078-02646R000100070001-9 1109.0200 ROAD MOVEMENTS. Unit march speeds, march distances, road spaces. Number of men and amount of equipment per truck by truck type. Number of trucks require for the movement of a unit and its equipment; for the movement of personnel only.. .0300 WATER MOVEMENTS. Ship ton and gross registered ton requirements for loading a unit and its equipment. Average requirements per man and per item. Speed of travel, loading and unloading. If possible, report by 1109.0301 and 1109.0302. Ol OCEANIC MOVEMENTS. Information as above. 02 INLAND WATERWAY MOVEMENTS. Information as above. .040o AIR MOVEMENTS - pertinent data similar to above. 1110. ARMY CONSTRUCTION OF TRANSPORTATION FACILITIES. .0100 MILITARY RAILWAYS. Time required to construct various types of military railways. Capacities of military railways. Planning rather than strictly engineering data should be reported. .0200 MILITARY ROADS. Information as above. .0300 MILITARY BRIDGES. Information as above. 1110.0400 MILITARY PORTS. Information as above. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 :cp1MRKW-18-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 TAB Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : pollAFITEp2646R000100070001-9 SECTION II- IRREGULAR ARMIES 1. Whenever Guerrilla, Underground, Partisan, or similar armies, are organized and operating as a separate force in any country, they will be reported separately by the Mili- tary Attache under the same 'System as established for the Army. Each report will be given the proper number for the subject under discussion in the same manner as for the regular Army, preceded by the letter I for Irregular. 2. In the Military Intelligence Division, research will be conducted and compiled in the same manner. Intelligence on Guerrilla and other similar armies will be separated from that of regular armies througnout the world, for the Library and for the Research Sections. 3. Guerrilla movements,, underground activities, and all similar movements or activities will be reported under the Political Block. Only the organized and operating military force will be reported under the Military Block. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : qlegRaF702646R000100070001-9 Array Ira% 1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 0?li)N8-02646R000100070001-9 SECTION III - NAVY 1. For countries to which US Naval Attaches are accredited, Military Attaches are re- lieved of responsibility for forwarding information on the Navy except for the following, which will be forwarded under the appropriate numerical factors for Army: Information having possible effect on the design of US Army materiel. Naval Budget data necessary for Summarized National Defense Budget. Description of Coast Artillery and air installations pertaining to Naval Bases. Information on construction of Army or Air installations by Navy organizations. 2. For all countries where Naval Attaches are not accredited, Military Attaches will report all Navy data required by the Military Intelligence Division for current studies and estimates, and all other important information as required by the Navy on these countries: All information to be reported under the numbers established for the Army preceded by the letter N for Navy. 3. If there is no appropriate specific number, the most nearly applicable general num- ber should be used. For example, descriptions of naval vessels are reported under N-0500. ? Navy 1 C ONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 TAB Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/2Pcolgfikfige,78-02646R000100070001-9 2000. - 2800. AIR CONTENTS AIR - MILITARY 2100.0000 ORGANIZATION AND ADMINISTRATION 2200.0000 MANPOWER AND PLANE STRENGTH 2300.0000 AIRCRAFT WEAPONS EQUIPMENT 2400.0000 INSTALLATIONS; MARKINGS AND CAMOUFLAGE; UNIFORMS AND INSIGNIA 2500.0000 TACTICS, STRATEGY, TRAINING. 2600.0000 LOGISTICS (SUPPLY AND EVACUATION SYSTEMi 2700.0000 PERSONNEL AND PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION 2800.0000 OPERATIONS 2900. - 2904. AIR - CIVIL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28aDVAERIM78-02646R000100070001-9 2000.0000 AIR - MILITARY NOTE 1: This section is to be used for forwarding information on all aviation used for military purposes, including that attached to, or part of, the Navy. For countries in which naval aviation is part of the Air Force, Military Attaches will similarly cover naval aviation unless there is a Naval Attache accredited to the country. If, such is the case, they are relieved from responsibility for for- warding information on the subject except for information required by the Monthly MID-ONI Aviation Intelligence Report and information having possible effect on Army operations or on the design of US materiel. NOTE 2: In forwarding information under the Air Block add: Army or Navy before the title for materiel pertaining to aviation that is an integral part of the Army or Navy, and (Army) or (Navy) after the title for materiel pertaining to aviation -assigned or allotted to (but not an integral part of) the Army or Navy. NOTE 3: The following aspects of civil aviation are reported under Air-Military adding Civil to the title: Airports. Research and Development. NOTE 4: While several subjects outlined for Army (0100.-1100.) have also been listed for Air-Military, it is not intended that information forwarded under the Military Block be duplicated here. Whenever possible (as for example, in the case of such subjects as mobilization) cover the subject by a statement that the system or method is the same as for the Army, or by stating the differences that exist. ? Samples of the forms referred to in 2401.0101, as well as forms for the Monthly MID-ONI Aviation Intelligence Report, 2203.0400, are included in the annex. Sup- plies of them may be obtained by requisition to MIS. 2100. ORGANIZATION. 2101. ORGANIZATION-GENERAL. Forward monthly, as part of the Monthly MID-ONI Aviation Intelligence Report, data on units at home and overseas such as Groups, Wings, and Squadrons, show- ing number; general location of each; whether Active, Reserve, or Militia; and giving initial and operational plane strength, types, and models. Include station lists when available. Supplementary and fragmentary information on the above should be forwarded promptly. Note: Detailed organization of Squadrons is reported under 2104.0900. .0100 AIR MISSIONS IN COUNTRY. State country from which mission was sent, number, rank and names of personnel. Note: Biographical material on personnel reported under 7100. .0200 AIR MISSIONS ABROAD. Coverage similar to 2101.0100. .0300 INTERNATIONAL OR ALLIKU AIR AGENCIES. Report details of any committee, commission, etc., including names,rank and nationality of members; purpose for which agency was created and accomplishments. Note: Biographical material on personnel reported under 7100. 2102. TERRITORIAL ORGANIZATION-GENERAL. Brief general discussion, indicating administration and chain of command. 2102.0100 HOME-GENERAL. Show on map the division of the home country into principal and subordinate Air 1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 :RiffiRDP178-02646R000100070001-9 2102.0100 Approved For Release 2Q,94/2ggitaCIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 areas, also locations of principal military air bases and headquarters. .0200 HOME-COMMAND. Report general arrangement of administrative and command echelons. Include organization chart. .0300 HOME-UNITS. List all units in each area, down to Squadrons or equal, showing whether Activa Reserve, or Militia, with initial and operational plane strength, types, and models. Forward station list when available. .0400 OVERSEAS-GENERAL. Information as under Home-General(2102.0100) .0500 OVERSEAS-COMMAND. Information as under Hame-Command(2102.0200) .0600 OVERSEAS-UNITS. Information as under Home-Units(2102.0300) 2103. ORGANIZATION OF DEPARTMENT OR MINISTRY FOR AIR. .0100 DEPARTMENTAL. Brief general discussion of organization, functions, and components of agency responsible for military air activities. Include organiZartion chart and show relationship to central government. Give title of chief of Department or Ministry, how appointed, to whom responsi- ble, functions, aides, assistants, etc. Discuss responsibilities and functions of chiefs of divisions of Department or Ministry. 01 PERSONNEL DIVISION. Give organization, functions, etc. 02 INTELLIGENCE AND OPERATIONS DIVISION. Give organization, functions, etc. 03 TRAINING DIVISION. Give organization, functions, etc. 04 SUPPLY AND MATERIEL DIVISION. 05 PLANS DIVISION. Give organization, functions, etc. 2kO4. TACTICAL COMMANDS. .0100 LARGE TACTICAL COMMANDS. 01 PEACE-TIME. Give organization of large tactical units immediately below highest echelon, with plane and personnel strength including highest echelon. 02 WAR. Information as under Peace-time(2104.0101). 03 ADMINISTRATION-PEACE-TIME List all units. Include organization chart. 04 ADMINISTRATION-WAR. List all units. Include organization chRrt. 2104.0105 SPECIAL UNITS-PEACE TIME. List all units. Include organization chart. Air 2 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFICERTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28078-02646R000100070001-9 2104.0106 .0200 .0300 01 02 03 04 05 .0400 .0500 01 02 03 04 05 SPECIAL UNITS-WAR. List all units. Include organization chart. Tactical Commands-Elements of Attached Naval Air Arm. Report Naval commands comparable to 2104.0101, 2104.0103 and 2104.0105. Include organization chart. INTERMEDIATE TACTICAL ORGANIZATIONS. GENERAL. Outline organization of units intermediate between those reported under "Large Tactical commander' and those comparable to Squadrons (reported under 210)4.0901 and 2104.0902). ADMINISTRATION-PEACE-TIME. List all units of the commands. Details are reported under 2105. if service and 2104.0500 if non-service. Include organization chart. ADMINISTRATION-WAR. List all units of the commands. Details are reported under 2105. and 2104.0500 if non-service. Include organization chart. SPECIAL UNITS-PEACE TIME. List all units of the commands. Details are reported under 2105. and 2104.0500 if non-service. Include organization chart. SPECIAL UNITS-WAR. List all units of the commands. Details are reported under 2105. and 2104.0500 if non-service. Include organization chart. if service if service if service INTERMEDIATE TACTICAL ORGANIZATIONS-ELENENTS OF ATTACHED NAVAL AIR ARM. Report' Naval Organizations comparable to 2104.0301, 2104.0302 and 2104.0304. SPECIAL CONNANDS-GEETRAL. Give description, not in detail, of air organizations other than the usual fighte4 bomber, reconnaissance, or transport units. Note: Details are reported under 2104.0900. Special Commands for supply, mainte- nance and communication are reported under 2105. GLIDER. Organization, employment, bases, statistics, trends, development of glider units. Include table of organization. LIGHTER-THAN-AIR, , Organization, employment, bases, statistics, trends, than-air units. Include table of organization. AUTOGIRO. Organization, employment, bases, statistics, units. Include table of organization- hELICOPTER. Organization, employment, bases, statisticu, units. Include table of organization: development of lighter- of autogiro trends, development trends, development of helicopter AIRBORNE TROOPS. General organization and administration of airborne troops. Indicate whether or not they are a part of the Air Force. Report tactical organization under 0208.0206 and 0208.0308. .0600 ASSIGNMENT OR ALLOTMENT TO ARMY TACTICAL UNITS. Report policy governing assignment or attachment of (both heavier-than-air and lighter-than-air) aviation units to army tactical organizations. Same information for naval units. 2104.0700 ORGANIZATION OF UNITS ASSIGNED TO ARMY. Report organization of units normally assigned or attached to armies, corps, divi- sions, or independent commands. Include organization chart howing relationship Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Air 3 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 20111/M28/ACIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 2104.0700 to unit to which assigned. Same information for naval units. .0000 ASSIGNMENT OR ALLOTMENT TO ARMY TACTICAL UNTTS-STAFF. Responsibilities and duties of aviation staff officers on the staffs of such units. Same information for naval officers. .0900 ORGANIZATION OF SQUADRON. 2105. 01 PERSONNEL. Report separately for peace and war, table of organization showing strength, ratings, grades, other organizational details. Include naval. NOIE: Include personnel of units such glider, etc. 02 MATERIEL. Separately for peacetime and war, operational strength in airplanes types,. models, date of acceptance. NOTE: Include equipment of units glider, etc. SERVICES. as helicopter, autogiro, balloon, table of organization showing assigned and and other equipment (such as trucks), giving Include naval. such as helicopter, autogiro, balloon, .0100 GENERAL. Enumerate and briefly describe the various air NOTE: Include comparable naval services under services. each of the following numbers. .0200 SUPPLY. ? Report in detail the organization, functions, statistics, and operations. Pro- curement, storage, and distribution reported under Logistics (2600). Include organization chart. .0300 COMMUNICATION. Information as under Supply above .04G0 AIR PHOTOGRAPHY AND SURVEY. Information as under Supply above (2105.0200). (2105.0200). Include methods and processes. Note 1: 'Aerial photography connected with map making reported under Topographic Block. Note 2: Details of equipment are reported under Aircraft and Equipment (2302). .0500 AIR TRANSPORT. Information as under Supply .0600 WOMEN'S AUXILIARY. Information as under Supply 2702.0200. above (2105.0200). above (2105.0200) except insofar as reported under .0700 AIR-SEA RESCUE. Information as under Supply above (2105.0200). .0800 MISCELLANEOUS. Information as under Supply above (2105.0200). 2106. AIR DEFENSE SYSTEM. 2106.0100 INTERIOR ZONE. Headquarters. Develop fully. Components and their relation. List the components involved in the military defense; i.e., aviation, antiaircraft gun and searchlight, balloon barrage units. (Briefly since each component is reported fully in numbers following.) Air 4 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : Glik-RD12718-02646R000100070001-9 2106.0100 Territorial organization. Include map. Outline the organization within a single typical territorial district. Note: This number is for general material on system of military air defense. Actual defensive air operations should be reported under 2802.0400. .0200 COMBAT ZONE. Information as under Interior Zone (2106.0100). '.0300 WARNING SYSTEM-INTERIOR ZONE. Organization, distribution, and communications; personnel including use of civilians; equipment (see Note 2 below). General system of operation. Correlation with civil air raid warning system. System of differentiating between friendly and hostile aircraft (other than by marking or painting) by means of silhouettes, etc. NOTE 1: This number is for military air defense warning system. Actual de- fensive air operations should be reported under 2802.0400. NOTE 2: Details of equipment are reported under Weapons (0400), and Equipment (0500) unless the warning service belongs to the air arm, in which case under Aircraft and Equipment (2302). NOTE 3: The civil air raid warning system is reported under Evacuation Measures and Plats (2107.0700). .0400 WARNING SYSTEM-COMBAT ZONE. Information as under Interior Zone (2106.0300). .0500 INTERCEPTOR COMMAND IN INIERIOR ZONE-INDIVIDUAL AREAS. Organization, distribution, and communications. Relation to other components of millAary defense. Mention particularly opera- tional control of, and methods of cooperation with, antiaircraft artillery (assignment of zones, time schedules, altitudes, etc.). General system of disposition and employment for general area and local de- fense, including patrol; air and ground alerts. See Note 4. NOTE 1: This number is for system of employment of interceptor pursuit avia- tion in the larger system of military air defense. The actual defensive oper- ations of interceptor pursuit aviation should be reported under 2501.0100. NOTE 2: Doctrine as to tactical employment of interceptor pursuit aviation in the larger system of military air defense. The actual defensive operations of interceptor pursuit aviation should be reported under 2802.0400. NOTE 3: Details of equipment and of Organization of component units are re- ported elsewhere under the numbers pertaining thereto. NOTE 4: Information on antiaircraft defense for airdromes is reported under 2401. .o600 INTERCEPTOR COMMAND IN COMBAT ZONE-INDIVIDUAL AREAS. Information as under Interior Zone (2106.0500). .0700 INTERCEPTOR COMMAND IN INDIVIDUAL CITIES. Information as under Individual Areas above (2106.0500 and 2106.0600). 2106.0800 ANTIAIRCRAFT GUN AND SEARCELIGHT-INTERIOR ZONE. The scheme by which antiaircraft weapons, observation devices, and communica- tions are interrelated is the only subject to be treated here. The actual manner in which these three are operated together should be reported under 2802.0400. Exact locations of antiaircraft weapons, observation devices, and communication nets should be reported under 0703.0100. See also Installations (2401). Details of equipment and of organization of component units are Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Air 5 Approved For Release zwiligvizu CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 2106.0800 reported elsewhere under the numbers pertaining thereto. .0900 ANTIAIRCRAFT GUN AND SEARCHLIGHT-COMBAT ZONE. Information as under Interior Zone above (2106.0800). .1000 BALLOON AND KITE BARRAGE-INTERIOR ZONE. Organization, distribution and communications. Relation to other components of military defense. General system of disposition and employment. NOTE: This number is for the system of employment of balloon and kite barrages in the larger system of military air defense. Actual defensive operations should be reported under 2802.0400. .1100 BALLOON AND KITE BARRAGE COMBAT ZONE. undei- Interior Zone above (2106.1000). 2107.0000 AIR DEFENSE-CIVIL POPULATION. .0100 RESPONSTRTF AUTHORITY. Name and describe responsible ministry or other authority. .0200 BASIC LAWS AND REGULATIONS. .0300 FINANCE AND COSTS. How financed. Total costs. .0400 ORGANIZATION HEADQUARTERS. Briefly describe organization of command or control headquarters. .0500 ORGANIZATION CORRELATION WITH MILITARY DEFENSE SYSTEM. .0600 TERRITORIAL ORGANIZATION. Include map, showing division of country into districts. 01 DISTRICT. Outline organization of a single typical territorial district. 02 PERSONNEL SOURCES. Include utilization of women. 03 PERSONNEL TRAINING METHODS. 04 PERSONNEL PAY AND EMOLUMENTS. .0700 EVACUATION MEASURES AND PLANS. Describe plane for evacuation of women, children and non-essential reeidents, employees and industries. .0800 EVACUATION MEASURES - ACTUAL. Describe actual measures taken for evacuation of personnel and industries. .0900 AIRCRAFT WARNING SYSTEM. 01 ORGANIZATION AND OPERATION. Include communications methods. Give organization. 02 CORRELATION WITH MILITARY. .1000 USE OF CAMOUFLAGE. For large civil and industrial areas show use of protective painting, planting of trees and shrubs, construction of dummy roads and installations, dispersion of buildings. 2107.1100 SHELTERS, STRUCTURES AND BUTT:1)=GS. Describe construction of special buildings and shelters, sandbagging, etc, for protection of personnel and property against explosives and gas; also altera- tions to existing buildings or homes for better protection. Air 6 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 :cgthikfigP3j8-02646R000100070001-9 2107.1200 GAS DEFENSE MEASURES. Issue of masks. Measures for identification, reporting, and special warning. Special measures for medical treatment. Decontamination. NOTE: The gas-proofing of buildings and shelters is reported under 2107.1100. .1300 LIGET CONTROL (BLACKOUT) MEASURES. Control of lighting for buildings and houses; also for vehicles. Traffic control. .1400 FIRE PROTECTION MEASURES. Precautionary measures in buildings and homes. Firefighting measures. Measures for rescue and clearance of debris. Special measures for use against incendiary bombs. .1500 MEDICAL SERVICE. Special measures, including organization of first-aid parties, establishment of collecting stations and temporary hospitals. 2200. MANPOWER AND PLANE STRENGTH 2201. GENERAL. Discuss briefly. Include attitude of the people toward maintenance of an adequate aviation establishment. .0100 HISTORY AND TRADITIONS. Concise summary, including effect of foreign traditions. .0200 MISSIONS. The missions of military aviation and its components in the furtherance of national policy. .0300 NATIONAL DEFENSE POLICY. Role of Air in the general scheme of national defense. Principal or second- ary arm of defense. .0400 BASIC LAWS AND REGULATIONS. 2202. STRUCTURE AND COMPOSITION. General description of the structure of the military aviation establishment and its efficiency as a whole. Show clearly the relationship of the separate Air Force (where existing), aviation assigned or allotted to, or, integrally part of the Army, and aviation assigned or allotted to, or, integrally part of the Navy. Discuss briefly the composition, degree of subservience to the central government, state of training and equipment, and relative value of (separately) such of the following as apply to the country: Air Force, Active, Reserve, and Militia. Army Aviation, Active, Reserve, and Militia. Naval Aviation, Active, Reserve, and Militia. Quasi-Military (Aviation) Organizations. Note: While the inter-relationship of the various components should be clearly set forth here, the discussion of each component should be of a brief and sum- mary nature. Tabulated strength figures for personnel and airplanes are re- ported under 2203. Details of the organizational composition of the Air Force are discussed throughout the 2100. block. The territorial distribution is re- ported under 2102. 2203. PERSONNEL AND PLANE STATISTICS. 2203.0100 PERSONNEL. Forward monthly, as part of the Monthly MID-GNI Aviation Intelligence Re- port, statistical information pertaining to personnel. Forward under this number supplementary, interim, and fragmentary informa- tion on personnel strength. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 :glRF2-02646R000100070001-9 Air 7 Approved For Release 20N/M81iCIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 2203.0200 PLANES. Forward monthly, as part of the Monthly MID-ONI Aviation Intelligence Report, statistics showing strength in airplanes by type, name, and model, classified as to standard, obsolescent, experimental, and on contract but not delivered. Forward supplementary, interim, and fragmentary information. .0300 ALLOTMENT OF PLANES. Forward monthly, as part of the Monthly MID-ONI Aviation Intelligence Report, number of planes assigned to higher headquarters and service units, at govern- ment schools undergoing repair, in storage, and at civil schools. Forward supplementary, interim, and fragmentary information. .0400 MONTHLY MID - ONI AVIATION INTELLIGENCE REPORT. Submit by the 10th of each month, in accordance with existing instructions of the joint Army-Navy agreement, on Aviation Statistics Forms, samples of which appear in-the Annex. Complete instructions for filling out and submitting Monthly MIDeONI Aviation Intelligence Report can be found in the Instructions of the BID under the heading "Types of Reports and Reports Required." Personnel strength 2203.0100 Airplane strength and allotment 2203.0200 and 2203.0300 Number of squadrons 2101. Airplane and engine production Ship-based airplanes 2101. 2204. OASUALTTRS. .0100 PERSONNEL. Forward periodic reports of casualties of air personnel, during the period re- ported upon, and total to date, classified as to whether killed, missing, cap- tured (or interned) and wounded (or injured). Where practicable, differentiate between casualties resulting from operations, and those resulting from training or other causes. NOTE 1: This number is for all inclusive casualty figures (including losses reported under the 2802. bloc for particular operations) for use in calculating attrition rates. NOTE 2: Use this number for peace-time accident reports. .0200 LOSSES OF MATERIEL, EQUIPMENT, AND SUPPLIES. Forward periodic losses during period reported upon and total to date. For air- planes show cause of loss. Report by theater of operations when practicable. NOTE: For all-inclusive loss figures. 2205. PRISONERS OF WAR. .0100 NUMBER: Report periodically on number and age of air prisoners of war held in country together with features of system of collecting, treatment, and disposition. .0200 INTERROGATION. Discuss system of interrogation of captured Air Force personnel. .0300 EXCHANGE AND RsCAPE. Report negotiations completed or pending for exchange of captured Air Force personnel. Forward narrative of experience of Air Force personnel in escaping from the enemy. Include experiences of these who evaded capture. 2206.0000 MOBILIZATION. Air 8 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28TEOFEW78-02646R000100070001-9 2206.0100 PEACE-TIME. 01? LAWS AND REGULATIONS. 02 UNITS - PEACE-.TI ME PLANNING. General plans for expansion to war strength of units of the Active Forces, Reserves, and Organized Militia. General plans for creation of new units of all components. NOTE: This number is for peace-time planning. Actual mobilizations are re- ported under 2206.0200. 03 INSTALLATIONS - PEACE-TIME PLANNING. Plans for the construction, organization, and operation of installations necessary for mobilization. OFFICERS - PEACE-TIME PLANNING., Policy governing the initial assignment of officers of the Active Force, and of Reserve and Militia officers. 05 PROCUREMENT - PEACE-TIME PLANNING. Plans for the procurement (and replacement) of commissioned and enlisted personnel by means other than the usual method including plans for changes in physical requirements. 06 RATE - PEACE-TIME PLANNING. Estimate rate at which aviation personnel can be made available, giving figures for M-day, and for subsequent periods. Report any prospective lack of balance between the rates of availability of combat crews, mechanics, and technicians. NOTE: Actual personnel strength figures for all components are reported under 2203.0100. .0200 MOBILIZATION - ACTUAL. 01 HISTORICAL. Submit brief accounts of past mobilizations when useful in evaluating pres- ent plans. 02 CURRENT. Report actual mobilizations, including classes called. Note whether these were peace-time tests or in preparation for military operations. 03 COMPARISON WITH PLANS. Compare actual procedure with the peace-time planning, including any result- ant changes in availability of man power from the figures reported under 2206.0106. 04 FOREIGNERS. Report utilization of foreigners in country. 5 .READINESS. Submit periodic reports on state of readiness for offeneive operations. , , 2207. DEMOBILIZATION. Noteworthy features. .0100 PERSONNEL. .0200 AIRCRAFT. 2300. AIRCRAFT, WEAPONS, EQUIPMENT. 2301. GENERAL. Report, not in detail, on uniformity, standardization, quality, sufficiency and maintenance of armament and equipment used by air units and individuals. 2302.0000 AIRCRAFT AND EQUIPMENT - ORGANIZATIONAL - GENERAL. .General discussion of organizational equipment, including details on general faults in existing equipment or lack of equipment, as evidenced by results of Approved For Release 2001/08/28TeliMW78-02646R000100070001-9 Air 9 Approved For Release 200VOMP1IMA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 2302.0000 operations and exercises, and which may be of value in affecting future general design of similar equipment. .0100 CHARACTERISTICS AND PERFORMANCE. On the following aircraft give the type and pertinent characteristics: manu- facturer, name and model; engine; performance; armament; etc. When possible give estimated life span of each type during war and during peace. 01 FIGHTER, (F). SINGLE-ENGINE. Plane designed primarily for combat with other aircraft. Include both single-place and multi-place aircraft. ? 02 FIGHTER, (F). TWIN-ENGINE. Plane designed primarily for combat with other aircraft. Include both single-place and multi-place aircraft. 03 DIVE BOMBER (DB). Plane designed primarily for releasing bombs in dives of 45 degrees or more. 04 LIGHT OR ATTACK BOMBER (LIBM). Plane designed primarily for aerial bombardment. Weight empty up to 15,000 lbs. 05 MEDIUM BOMBER (MEHM). Plane designed primarily for aerial bombardment. Weight empty 15,000 lbs. to 30,000 lbs. 06 BEAVY BOMBER (BERM). Plane designed primarily for aerial bombardment. Weight empty 30,000 lbs. to 70,000 lbs. 07 SUPER BOMBER (SUBM). Plane designed primarily for aerial bombardment. Weight empty 70,000 lbs. and up. 08 RECONNAISSANCE (RCN). Land or float plane designed primarily for air force reconnoitering over land and sea areas. 09 OBSERVATION (OBSM). Plant, designed primarily for artillery observation, ground cooperation, and scouting to determine enemy positions, installations, etc. 10 PATROL PLANE (TTRL). Plane, usually flying boat or float type, designed primarily for long-dis- tance, overwater patrol, scouting and bombing. 11 TORPEDO PLANE (TORP). Plane designed primarily for launching torpedoes. 12 JET PROPELLED AIRCRAFT (JET). Planes with engine jets, centrifugal-flow and axial-flow turbo-jets, pul- sating flow propulsive ducts, or constant flow pro -pulsive ducts. 13 ROCKET PROPELLED AIRCRAFT. Planes propelled by both liquid and solid rockets, and planes with rocket- assisted power. 14 MILITARY AND NAVAL TRANSPORT (4ILTPT). Troop 'and/or cargo transport. 15 TRAINER (TG). Plane designed primarily for instruction purposes. 16 PILOTTRSS AIRCRAFT. All types of pilotless aircraft, including flying bombs. 2302.0117 COMMERCIAL TRANSPORT (COMM) Air 10 Approved For Release 2004afibl8g,CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 PWAMP118-02646R000100070001-9 2302.0117 Passenger and/or cargo. 18 MISCELLANEOUS AIRCRAFT (MISC). Special types of aircraft, such as helicopters, autogiros, composite, photographic planes, ballons, gliders, suicide planes, etc. .0200 ENGINES -- CHARACTERISTICS AND PEB/ORMANCE. On each aircraft engine the following information is desired: .manufacturer, name and model; number of cylinders; cooling medium; horse-power; etc. See Annex for suggested form for reporting each engine model. .0300 WEAPONS. 01 GASES. Classes, specifications (see Note 1 below), method of use (i.e. bombs or spray) and result. NOTE 1: Omit specifications for any gases reported under 8520.0100. NOTE 2: Doctrine as to the tactical use of gas is reported under Tactics (2501.). 02 SMALL ARMS. Report for each weapon whether standard or experimental. If new design, state advantages. Give complete description and specifications covering operation; performance characteristics; name of manufacturer; year of de- sign; model or type; number; caliber; methods of marking for identification; designation by name in country; nomenclature; etc. If available, give data on maintenance and stripping. Include charts or drawings, and photographs. Designate arm or service in which weapon is used. (Report each weapon separately). 03 MACHINE GUNS. Describe fully, including specifications and performance; photographs and drawings; sources of manufacture and rate of production; number on hand; and methods of marking for identification. 04 CANNON. Information az under 2302.0303. 05 MACHINE GUN AND CANNON MOUNTS. Information as under 2302.0303. 06 MACHINE GUN AND CANNON TURRETS. Information as under 2302.0303. Also state whether power-driven or manUally operated, number and caliber of guns, and number of degrees of rotation. 07 MACHINE GUN SIGHTS. Information as under 2302.0303. 08 BOMB simrs. Information as under 2302.0303. .0400 AMMUNITION. 01 SMALL ARMS (UP TO 37 mou). Report separately for each type of ammunition whether standard or experi- mental. If new, state advantages. Give complete description and specifica- tions covering operation; performance; characteristics; name of manufacturer; year of design; type number; caliber; nomenclature; markings; etc. Include charts or drawings and photographs. Designate weapon or weapons in which each type is used. NOTE: Omit specifications for any items covered under Ammunition (0401). ARTILLERY (37 mm, AND OVER). Information as under 2302.0401 above. 2302.0402 Approved For Release 2001 00070001-9 Air 11 Approved For Release 2004113117281MIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 2302.0403 BOMBS. Report separately for each type, whether standard or experimental. If new, state advantages. Give complete description and specifications covering operation; performance characteristics, name of manufacturer, year of design, type number, nomenclature, markings, etc. Include charts or draw- ings and photographs. 04 TORPEDOES. Information as under 2302.0403. 05 ROCKET PROJECTTLRS. Information as ander 2302.0403 above. 06 MINES. Information as under 2302.0403 above. .0500 PYROTECHNICS. NOTE: Specify types, whether standard or experimental, use, and means of projection. .0600 EQUEPMENT -- ORGANIZATIONAL. 01 BOMB RACKS. Describe fully, including specifications; photographs and drawings; sources of manufacture and rate of production; number on hand; and methods of mark- ing for identification. 02 ARMOR, PROTECTIVE. Information as under 2302.0601 above. Include leak-proof fuel tanks. 03 RADIO. Information as under 2302.0601 above. Include performance. 04 RADAR. Information as under 2302.0601 above. 05 INSTRUMENTS. Information as under 2302.0601 above. 06 NAVIGATION EQUIPMENT. Information as under 2302.0601 above. 07 MISCELLANEOUS ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. Information as under 2302.0601 above. 08 PROPELIENS. Information as under 2302.0601 above. 09 _PRESSURE CABINS. Information as under 2302.0601 above. 10 PHOTOGRAPHIC. Information as under 2302.0601 above. 11 MISCELLANEOUS-GENERAL. Report oxygen, gas-spraying and other equipment including signal items not already listed. Information as under 2302.0601 above. .0700 EQUIPMENT - INDIVIDUAL. 01 GENERAL. Furnish tables showing all items of weapons and equipment issued to person- nel, items in process of development, and indicate briefly the use made Of each. Separate military and naval. 2302.0702 DEVELOPMENT. StrnmArize trends in design and use, and trace influences due to operational Air 12 Approved For Release 20INRAiSIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 (ttl'Alaiktiois8-02646R000100070001-9 2302.0702 experience which may affect future design, supply, and employment of principal or significant items. Separate military and naval. 03 CLOTHING. Report following data on important or significant clothing items now being issued to individuals or being developed: nomenclature and markings of each and/or its principal components; whether standard or experimental; description of item and its principal parts, with photographs, charts, or sketches; performance data such as method of operation, durability, mainte- nance, dependability; trends of design or use resulting from operational experience; sources and rates of production and supply on hand; anticipated changes, (if any). Separate military and naval. .0800 RESEARCH, DEVEIOPMMT, STANDARDIZATION. Report the various agencies engaged in research, development, and standardize- tion, their purposes, location, facilities, and methods. Include Civil Agencies. NOTE: In ruorting Civil Agencies, add Civil to title. 2400. INSTALLATIONS; MARKINGS AND CAMOUFLAGE; UNIFORMS AND INSIGNIA 2401. INSTALLATIONS. .0100 AIR BASES, AIRPORTS, SEAPLANE ANCHORAGES, EMERGENCY LANDING FIELDS. 01 INDIVIDUAL. Describe airfield fully, covering geographic details, meteorological con- ditions, dimensions, surfacing, communications, equipment, etc. Use WD AAF Form No. 63 (see Annex) and report all required information as completely as possible. Indicate on form whether Army, Navy, or Civil, Use "Remarks" column to indicate construction of new facilities, improvement of existing facilities, etc. 02 POTENTIAL. Describe sites including coordinates, terrain, altitude, meteorology, avail- able facilities, possible use, and possibility of development and probable effort required, .0200 DEPOTS, POSTS, AND STATIONS. Except as noted below, briefly describe facilities of each station, including training, hospital, recreational, and housing, with type of construction. For important permanent storage and supply installations, indicate vital points, vulnerability, landmarks, etc. Maps, sketches and photographs are desired. NOTE:' Research and experimental stations are under 2302.0800. Air Schools are under 2503.0400. . .0300 BOMBING AND GUNNERY RANGES. Description of bombing and gunnery ranges, and similar areas, where no landing facilities exist. .0400 POTENTIAL STRATEGIC AREAS. Study of strategically located areas suitable for landing of gliders and air- borne troops. Brief description of terrain within these areas that could be developed quickly into operational landing strips.. Include type of natural surface. Comment on usefulness in planning seizure of airports or military ob- jectives in vicinity by airborne operations. Include photographs, if possible. 2402. MARKINGS. ? .0100 AIRPLANE. Identification marks and/or painting, of the various types of airplanes and airships including regulations as to use. For combat aircraft Include squadron insignia and other tail markings. 2402.0200 GROUND. Identification marks for ground installations. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 eGRAIM8-02646R000100070001-9 Air 13 Approved For Release 2001a4JeRghS-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 2403.0000 CAMOUFLAGE. .0100 AIRPLANE. Camouflage methods for airplanes and airships. .0200 GROUND. Camouflage methods for airfields. NOTE: Camouflage methods for large civil and industrial areas are re- ported under 2107.1000. 2404. UNIFORMS (ENLISTED AND OFFICERS). .0100 DESCRIPTION. 01 Active Force. 02 Reserves. 03 Militia. 04 Womens' Auxiliary. 05 Others. Furnish photographs or drawings or samples of cloth or complete uniform if possible. Comment on quality. .0200 COST. 01 Active Force. 02 Reserves. 03 Militia. 04 Womens' Auxiliary. 05 Others. .0300 REGULATIONS GOVERNING. Report all regulations governing wearing of uniforms, their procurement, and maintenance. For each component listed in 2404.0100, if different. 2405. INSIGNIA. Submit all data on rank and rating insignia includinedescription, color, mode of affixing, place on uniform. Include actual samples, photographs, or sketches. 2406. IDENTIFICATION TAGS. Describe tags or other articles of personal identification. 2407. DECORATIONS,-AWARDS, CITATIONS. List all decorations and awards in order of importance, with detdled description of each. Describe both sides and the ribbon and metal used. Submit actual samples, photographs or sketches. Regulations governing bestowal and wearing. Privileges obtaining with bestowal of each decoration or award. 2500. TACTICS, STRATEGY, TRAINING. 2501. TACTICS. .0100 TACTICAL DOCTRINES -- GENERAL. Brief summary of policy on use of air force as a separate arm in support of ground or naval forces. 2501.0101 THEORY. Air 14 Approved For Release 20016IREUCIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/203)=ONR0978-02646R000100070001-9 2501.0101 Comments and ideas of prominent writers and critics. 02 COOPERATION. Official doctrines governing, use of air force in cooperation with or ,in support of ground and/or naval forces. .0200 TACTICAL DOCTRINES -- AIR FORCE. Official doctrines governing use of air force as an independent arm. 01- BOMBER. Official doctrines on employment of bombers on various missions. Include type of formation flown, altitude, etc. 02 FIGEITER. Official doctrines on employment of fighters on various missions. Include type of formation flown, altitude, etc 03 RECONNAISSANCE. Official doctrines on employment of reconnaissance on various missions. Include type of formation flown, altitude, etc. 04 OBSERVATION. Official doctrines on employment of observation planes on various missions. Include type of formation flown, altitude, etc. 05 TRANSPORT. Official doctrines on employment of transport planes on various missions. Include type of formation flown, altitude, etc. o6 GLIDERS. Official doctrines on employment of gliders on various missions. Include type of formation flown, altitude, etc. .0300 TACTICAL EMPLOYMENT -- LESSONS AND TRENDS. Summarize lessons learned from, and trend toward, changes in tactical em- ployment evidenced by the conduct or results of air operations or large scale maneuvers. Describe changes likely Io occur as a result of ob- servation of air operations or large scale maneuvers of a foreign air force. 2502. STRATEGY. .0100 STRATEGIC DOCTRINES. 01 OFFENSE. Official doctrines as to strategic employment of air power in. offense, selection and priority of objectives (such as armed forces, -civilian centers, or industry, etc.). Separate military and naval. NOTE: Description of target objectives under 2802.0500. 02 DEFENSE. Official doctrines as to strategic employment of air power In de- fense, noting whether a general defense of entire nation or a strong defense of vital areas is advocated. 03 THEORY. Comments and ideas of prominent writers and critics. 0200 STRATEGIC EMPLOYMENT -- LESSONS AND TRENDS. Summarize lessons learned and trends or influences likely to change exist- ing policies as a result of active air operations or large scale air maneuvers and exercises. Describe any changes likely to. occur as a re- sult of observation of experiences of the air power of another nation actively engaged in operations or exercises. 2503. TRAINING. 2503.0100 GENERAL. General outline of system of training, control, centralized or decentra- lized. Predominant foreign influence, if any. Approved For Release 2001/08/2gokeziaa5J'78-02646R000100070001-9 Air 15 Approved For Release 2001/086116m9tAARDP78-02646R000100070001-9 2503.0100 NOTE: Details of individual, unit, combined, school, and maneuver train- ing are reported under these factors respectively. .0200 INDIVIDUAL. 01 PILOTS. Give divisions of training schedule (such as basic, primary, advanced), with time, scope and requirements for each. Also statistics (annual number of cadets accepted, graduated) and degree of national interest compared with other military training available. Separate military and naval for comparison. 02 BOMBARDIERS. Information as under 2503.0201 above. 03 NAVIGATOR. Information as under 2503.0201 above. 04 GUNNER. Information as under 2503.0201 above. 05 OBSERVER. Information as under 2503.0201 above. 06 GROUND CREW. Information as under 2503.0201 above. 07 FLYING TIME. Report number of flying hours required for flying personnel in Active, Reserve, and Militia Forces. 08 RESERVE. Number of reserve pilots recalled ,for training annually; scope of train- ing and requirements. 09 FOREIGNERS IN COUNTRY. Include those attached to air forces of the country for training and classify as to number and nationality, unit to which assigned, type of duty, etc. Names of outstanding personnel. 10 NATIONALS ABROAD. Include those attached to foreign air forces for training, giving numbar and other pertinent data. Names of outstanding personnel. .0300 ORGANIZATIONAL AND UNIT. 01 AIR CREW -- GENERAL. Policies, character, scope and application of unit training for Active Force, Reserves and Militia, including garrison schools. Mention specifically the training of crew, flight, squadron and larger units. Discuss the degree of emphasis on the training of the crew as a unit and the policy as to maintaining intact the personnel of air crews. Mention the responsibilities of the flight commander in the trainir, program. 02 PILOT. Include croSs-country flying, night flying, bad weather flying, formation flying, high altitude flying, low altitude flying, instrument flying and type of missions assigned.. 03 04 2503.0305 NAVIGATOR. Information as under 2503.0302 above. BOMBARDIER. Information as under 2503.0302 above. GUNNER. Information as under 2503.0302 above. Air 16 Approved For Release 2001/0RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/089ffil17ADP78-02646R000100070001-9 2503.0310 GROUND CREW. 15 COMBINED CONTROL. Policy and practices for training of various types of air units combined, and the training of air units in conjunction with ground or naval forces. 20 SCOPE. Character and methods of training, explaining means of coordination and cooperation. 25 STAFF. Description of command post and staff exercises. .0400 SCHOOLS. 01 GENERAL. Describe system and its general objective. Show classification of schools, their relationship to one another, to pre-military training in civil flying schools, and to troop training. NOTE: Training in schools and colleges, and in civil flying schools not essentially an integral part of the Air Force training system, and other pre-military training are reported elsewhere. 02 POLICIES. Report policies governing attendance of personnel of the Active and Reserve Forces, also with reference to sending air officers to, and exchange of professors with, schools of the Army and Navy. 03 NUMBERS TRAINED ANNUALLY. Submit statistics showing number of pilots, observers, gunners, bomb- bardiers, and navigators trained annually. O1 FOREIGNERS IN AIR FORCE SCHOOLS OF COUNTRY. Include number and nationality of foreign aviation students with name of school to which attached. Other pertinent date. Give names of outstanding personnel. 05 NATIONALS A AIR FORCE SCHOOLS ABROAD. Give number and other pertinent data. .Submit names of outstanding personnel. 10 INDIVIDUAL. 11 CADET OR PREPARATORY. Include flying schools that are essentially an integral part of the air training system. Give name and location; regulation and control; plant facilities; method of selection of students and attendance, all components; number, length, and scope of courses; noteworthy methods of training; efficiency an value; number and type of instructors available. 12 PRIMARY. Give name and location; regulation and control; plant facilities; method of selection of students and attendance, all components; number, length, and scope of courses; noteworthy methods of training; efficiency and value; number and types of instructors available. 13 BASIC. Information as under 2503.0412 above. 15 ADVANCED. Information as under 2503.0412 above. TACTICAL. Information as under 2503.0412 above. 2503.0416 APPRENTICE. Air 17 Approved For Release 2001/08NTRAbP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/011P28met1ARDP78-02646R000100070001-9 2503.0416 Information as under 2503.0412. 17 RECRUIT. Information as under 2503.0412. NCO's Information as under 2503.0412. 19 TECHNICAL AND SPECIALISTS. Radar and similar specialists. Information as under 2503.0412. 20 ADMINISTRATIVE. Information as under 2503.0412. 21 COMMAND AND STAFF. Information as under 2503.0412. 22 SUPERIOR OR WAR COLLFGE. Information as under 2503.0412. .0500 PRE-MILITARY. 01 EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS. 02 GENERAL. Give statements, not in detail, on system, scope, selection of students, national interest, apparent results. 03 SYSTEM: Give details of: curricula; schedules; method of selecting institu- tions, faculty and courses; degree and manner of governmental control, etc. STUDENTS. Give details on selection of students, physical and mental qualifica- tions, responsibility of students during training and afterward. 05 SCOPE. Give details on range of instruction, thoroughness of training, practi- cal application during training period, objectives established, corre- lation with later training. o6 STATISTICS. Give number of institutions, number of students in process, annual number completing training, average number of instructors available. Also number of airplanes and other special equipment available, with base location, if possible; number, size, location of bombing or tar- get ranges used if other than military ranges reported elsewhere. NOTE: Training by military schools is to be reported under 2503.0411. 10 CIVIL FLYING SCHOOLS. 11 GENERAL. Give statements, not in detail, on system, Scope, selection of students, national interest, apparent results. 12 SYSTEM. Information as under 2503.0503. 13 STUDENTS. Information as under 2503.0504. 14 SCOPE. Information as under 2503.0505. 2503.0415 STATISTICS. Information as under 2503.0506. Air 18 Approved For Release 2001/gig : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28cPCIAIRDF1-78-02646R000100070001-9 2503.0420 OTHER THAN SCHOOLS. General description of air activities in youth camps, young people's clubs, model clubs, etc., giving apparent extent of national interest, and available statistics. NOTE: Pre-military training in cadet and preparatory schools directly operated by the Air Forces and training at civil flying schools that are essentially an integral part of the air training system are reported under 2503.0411. .0609 MANEUVERS, CEREMONIES, DEMONSTRATIONS. 01 GENERAL. Data on Important or significant exercises, giving date', location, participating units and commanders, general outline of problem, method of regulation and control, general.action taken by participants. 02 CONTROL. Details of methods of control and umpiring. 03 SYSTEM. Statements on general system for presenting reviews, inspections, field exercises, demonstrations, special flights, ceremonies, and other activi- ties additional to usual training routine. Discuss their correlation with other training programs. 04 SUMMARIES. Summarize results and disclosures of any large or important exercise, such as new trends, new equipment, general impression of readiness, dis- cipline, general standards, tactical principles stressed, etc. .0700 INSPECTIONS AND VISITS. Narrative report on inspections, giving any material of military interest not re- ported elsewhere. Omit details of reception and entertainment. 2600. LOGISTICS (SUPPLY AND EVACUATION SYSTEM). 2601. SUPPLY SYSTEM IN PEACE. .0100 PROCUREMENT. Centralized or decentralized. Method of calling for bids and procedure in awarding contracts. Coordination of aviation agencies with each other, and with other governmental procurement agencies. .0200 STORAGE. System of storage of general supplies, armament and equipment. General use of underground storage construction. Classification, location and function of each depot with reference to cur- rent supply of troops and to mobilization. Normal reserve stocks maintained at each depot for current .0300 DISTRIBUTION AND ISSUE. Give brief outline. .o400 MAINTENANCE REPAIR AND SALVAGING OF EQUIINMMT AND AIRCRAFT. 01 REPAIR INSTALLATIONS. 2602. SUPPLY SYSTEM 12 WAR. supply. .0100 PROCUMMENT. Show changes from peacetime system, including special procurement measures in theaters of operation. (See 2601.0100). 2602.0200 STORAGE. Changes from peacetime system, including system of storage in theaters of Approved For Release 2001/08/28c6M-RIN78-02646R000100070001-9 Air 19 Approved For Release 2001/38/28nZIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 2602.0200 operation. (See 2601.0200 above). .0300 DISTRIBUTION AND ISSUE. Give details of system showing classification of supplies for issue, organization and operation in the interior, in the line of communications, and in the theater of operations. Discuss advantages and disadvantages. .0400 MAINTENANCE REPAIR AND SALVAGING OF EQUIRENT AND AIRCRAFT. 01 REPAIR INSTALLATIONS. 2603. SUPPLY. .0100 AIR FORCE RATIONS. Classification of various rations, with components and cost. Allowances for both peace and war time. Methods and standards of cooking. .0200 FUEL AND OIL. Report peacetime allowances of various types of fuels and lubricants, also annual consumption of .the same. Include naval. .0300 SYNTEMIC FUEL AND OIL. List kinds of synthetic fuels used and peacetime allowances. .0400 STOCK AND STORAGE (FUEL AND OIL). List total stocks usually maintained for aviation use. Show total storage capacities available, describing principal aviation fuel storage points. Describe usual methods of handling and storage, equipment used, transporta- tion. Include naval. NOTE 1: Source, refining etc. reported under Economic. NOTE 2: Storage facilities and stocks at Individual air bases are reported under 2401.0100 on AAF Form 63. 2604. RESERVES OF AVIATION EQUIPMENT. General information. Give totals, with types where applicable. Report location of each reserve depot or other storage facilities. NOTE: Number on hand of a particular aircraft is reported with the characteristics of that model under 2302. 2605. EVACUATION SYSTEM-ACTIVE OPERATIONS. Method and operation of evacuation of sick and wounded personnel (air and ground) and of materiel by air during active operations. 2606. 2607. .0100 EVACUATION-PRISONERS OF WAR. SIGNAL COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM. WIRE. (Ground to ground). Telephone, telegraph, and teletype. Extent of use. .0200 WIRELESS. (Ground to ground; plane to plane; plane to ground). Radio-telephone and radio-telegraph. Extent of use. .0300 VISUAL (Ground to ground; plane to plane; plane to ground). Flares, lights, flags, panels, etc. Extent of use. .0400 CODES AND CYPHERS. Extent of use. 2607.0500 RADAR. Report fixed installations. Give range and location. Report mobile equipment. Give range. Extent of use. Air 20 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/2841P78-02646R000100070001-9 2607.0500 NOTE: Production of signal communication equipment is reported under the economic factor;-types and characteristics of the equipment under 2302. 2700. PERSONNEL - AIR FORCES. Under each subhead below, wherever applicable, report separately for com- missioned officers, warrant officers, noncommissioned officers, aviation cadets, and enlisted personnel. .0100 QUALITY FACTORS. 01 SOCIAL CIASSES. Report the social origin of various categories of air force personnel. 02 PHYSICAL FITNESS. General discussion of the physical qualities of various categories of air force personnel. Details on the application of standards of fit- ness in recruiting. 03 HEALTH. Report the current status of health, including the prevalence of common diseases and the existence or absence of epidemics. 04 INTELLIGENCE. Include all data^on aptitude and intelligence tests. 05 EDUCATION. General discussion of the standards of education of various categories. Include percentage of illiteracy. Educational activities are reported under 2700.0206. 06 MORAL STANDARDS. All aspects of morality and immorality pertaining to air force personnel. 07 LOYALTY. Include discussion of the concept of loyalty and military honor, patriotism, religious fanaticism, bravery or cowardice, and similar basic qualities of various categories of air force personnel. 08 MORALE. Report under this heading the momentary morale factor as distinct from basic loyalty concepts. Include data on desertions and mutinieS. Morale building activities are reported under 2700.0200 and discipline under 2700.0300. 09 AnICTFNCY. General discussion of the efficiency of air force personnel. Effi- ciency reports are reported under 2700.0404. 10 PROFICH44CY. Compare the proficiency of the various categories of aviation person- nel with similar personnel in the US Army Air Forces: piloting, aerial navigation, military maneuver-and combat, bombing and gunnery, recon- naissance photography, artillery registration and direction, infantry contact, and similar missions. 11 MECHANICS - GENERAL Show general proficiency. .0200 MORALE AND WELFARE ACTIVITIES. The general state of morale in the Air Forces and the causes for .its elevation or depression, including measures or policies adopted frOsa time to time, subversive activities, and foreign influences. Relations between officers and enlisted personnel: 2701.0201 ENTEROAINMENT. Availability and use of theaters, radio, and' locally organized enter- tainment. Approved For Release 2001/08/2giugh,ERP78-02646R000100070001-9 Aix 21 2700.0202 03 04 Approved For Release 2001108/2/MCIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 ATHLETICS AND COMPETITIONS. POST EXCHANGES AND CANTEENS. NEWSPAPERS AND _PERIODICALS. Availability and use. 05 FURLOUGHS, LEAVES, AND PASSES. General system and its application 06 AIR FORCE EDUCATION. All data on vocational and other non-military training and education conducted or sponsored by the Air Force. 07 HEALTH MAINTENANCE. Include data on inoculations and blood typing as well as general material on measures taken by the Air Force to maintain health and hygiene. Include results of research on the effect of flying on personnel. NOTE 1: General organization and operation of medical and dental services are reported under services (2105.) .0300 DISCIPLINE. 01 MILITARY LAW. Forward Articles of War, air force penal codes, and all other docu- ments or regulations to enforce discipline. 02 MILITARY COURTS AND COMMISSIONS, INCLUDING COURTS MARTIAL. Composition, jurisdiction, and powers; Amenability of air force personnel to trial by civil courts. 03 DISCIPLINARY POWERS. Degree of authority to inflict punishment without trial. 04 MILITARY PRISONS. General data on the prison system. Construction, control, and ad- ministration of air force penal institutions. Location of each. Prison outbreaks. 05 MILITARY CONCENTRATION CAMPS. Information as above, for camps under air force control. 06 ACTUAL ENFORCEMENT OF DISCIPLINE. General effectiveness of the disciplinary system. Significant indi- vidual cases of enforcement. 07 AMNESTY, CLEMENCY, PARDONS, 040o PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION. 01 DOCUMENTS. Forward all available regulations relating to personnel administration and copies of service record books and any other personal documents. 02 APPOINTMENT AND INDUCTION. Policies and practices pertaining to the appointment or commissioning of officers and the induction of enlisted personnel. Include oath to the colors. 03 ASSIGNMENT AND TRANSFER. Policies and practices in assigning and transferring various cate- gories of air force personnel. 2700.0404 EFFICIENCY REPORTS. System of reporting. Submit form used. Air 22 Approved For Release 200(160MangiA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/062V:PUR*DP78-02646R000100070001-9 2700.0405 PROMOTIONS. Authority to promote, rules governing length of service in grade, etc. 06 DUTY WITH TROOPS. System of rotation. TRAVEL. System of travel orders. Submit forme used. 08 RETIREMENT. System of retirement by age and grade. 09 DISCHARGE. Policies and practices, including actual procedure and documentation, for various categories of air force personnel. 10 REINSTATEMENT. Policies and practices. 11 RATINGS -- SPECIALISTS. Report regulations governing ratings. .0500 PAYMENTS TO PERSONNEL, (INCLUDING FLYING PAY). 01 RATES OF PAY. Discuss methods and frequency of payment. Submit chart showing actual -rates of pay for all categories of personnel. 02 ALLOWANCES. Report regulations governing all types of allowances. Submit chart showing all allowances. 03 PENSIONS. Information as above. 04 BONUSES. Information as above. 05 INSURANCE, (IN LIEU OF OR SUPPLEMENTAL TO FLYING PAY). Discuss method of air force insurance. List companies. 2701. PERSONNEL -- ORGANIZED RESERVES. Information as under 2700. wherever applicable, using the same subheads. 2702. PERSONNEL -- MILITIA OR NATIONAL GUARD. Information as under 2700. wherever applicable, using the same subheads. 2703, PERSONNEL -- QUASI-MILITARY ORGANIZATIONS. Information as under 2700. wherever applicable, using the same subheads. 2704. PERSONNEL -- WOMEN'S AUXILIARY. Information as under 2700. wherever applicable, using the same subheads. 2705. PERSONNEL -- CIVILIAN. All data on the use of civilians in the air forces, including both salaried employees and wage earners. Control exercised over them by the military authorities, conditions of employment, type of work performed, classifica- tion, appointment, promotion, retirement, discharge, numbers in each cate- gory, rates of pay and allowances, loyalty, morale, efficiency, leave, etc. 2800. OPERATIONS. 2801.0000 AIR OPERATIONS - GENERAL. In a general discussion outline courses of air action open to the belliger- ents, general factors influencing the selection of air theaters of operation and of air objectives in those theaters, as well as the allotment and dis- position of defensive forces. Forward opinions and statements from authori- tative commentators. Air 23 Approved For Release 2001/08128TZAIRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08thallEglAIRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 2801.0000 NOTE: Correlate with, and do not duplicate, material forwarded on air war plans under the Army Block. .0100 ADHERENCE TO RULES OF AIR WARFARE. State whether country has adhered to international agreements on air war- fare and extent to which it is observing the rules established. .0200 MOVEMENTS FOR OPERATIONS. Report movements to and from theaters of operation (by theater). Include total forces involved with noteworthy features of methods employed. (For transportation of troops by air see 2802.0900.). .0300 ADMINISTRATION AND COMMAND. Report general administrative and command organization of each air theater, including names of commanders and important staff officers. (Biographical data reported under 7100). .0400 STRENGTH OF FORCES. Tabulate total forces within each air theater, listing all air tactical organizations by type projected down to include the total number of squad- rons, and other units, in order to present a complete picture. .0500 DISPOSITION OF FORCES. Show on map as much of the disposition of the major units listed in 2801. 0400 as is practicable. Keep current by reporting important changes. Report commanders of units and important staff officers, also any changes in command. .0600 NEW IDENTIFICATIONS. Report on all new identifications as follows: Designation (name or number). Type of unit. Present location. Command. Origin of unit and its component nationalities. Previous location(s), other than place of origin. All other pertinent data. 2802. AIR OPERATIONS - ACTUAL. .0100 OFFENSIVE - NOT IN DiRKT SUPPORT OF LAND OR NAVAL FORCES. NOTE 1: An operation is not in direct support of land or naval fartea unless it is directly involved in a tactical operation of land forces on the field of battle or naval forces in a naval engagement. NOTE 2: No factual details on equipment, organization, etc. reported here. NOTE 3: Really noteworthy lessons deduced from a single operation should be reported separately elsewhere. Similarly really noteworthy technical lessons, from even a single operation, should be reported elsewhere. For each operation include: 01 ORDER OF BATTLE. Include Air Force units involved in contact and in Reserve and Army or Navy units attached to the Air Force for the operation. Names of unit commanders and important staff officers are desired. Biographical data reported under 7100. 05 2802.0110 GENERAL OBJECTIVES. OPERATIONS. Air 24 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08F2EFRRAIRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 2802.0110 11 12 Arrange information on each operation as best fits its development. The development may be reported chronologically by phase, and by large groupings, until the operations resolve themselves into separate actions or raids. These should be reported individually, restating the units involved. In either case, cover: Date. Specific objectives. Influence of weather and terrain. Coordination of the air arms. Employment of each air arm (separately). BOMMAEDMENT. Differentiate, when applicable, between light (or dive), medium, and heavy bombardment. COVER: Noteworthy command and control measures. Tactics and technique in attacks against defended and unde- fended objectives. Mention altitude, direction; speed; maneuver; use of clouds for cover; methods of avoiding balloon or kite barrages; methods of illuminating objectives during night attacks; conditions under which horizontal, dive, and glide bombing are used; and bombing accuracy obtained. Tactics and technique in attacks against naval and merchant vessels. Mention size of bombs used, and percentage of hits. Losses: by cause (fighter, antiaircraft, fire of ground troops (other than antiaircraft), weather accidents, etc. Only for the operation discussed.). Average number of missions per crew, with flying hours. Lessons: strategic, tactical, and technical. (See Note 3 under 2802.0100.). FIGHTER. Noteworthy command and control measures. Allocation Of pursuit to protection of bombardment and of reconnaissance. Tactics and technique. Losses: by cause. (Only for the operation discussed.) Average number of missions per crew, witjl flying hours. Lessons: strategic, tactical, and technical. (See Note 3 under 2802.0100.). 2802.0115 RECONNAISSANCE. For reconnaissance over both land and water areas, other than by air units attached to Divisions, Corps, and Armies. Cover: Noteworthy command and control measures. Kind of intelligence sought. Channels of transmission of intelligence for pursuit or bon* bardment. Approved For Release 2001/08/2thiuraggr78-02646R000100070001-9 Air 25 Approved For Release 2001/9*-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 2802.0113 Tactics and technique in both day and night missions. Losses: by cause. (Only for the operation discussed.) Average number of missions per crew, with flying hours. Lessons: strategic, tactical and technical. (See Note 3 under 2802.0100.). .0200 OFFENSIVE - IN DIRECT SUPPORT OF LAND FORCES. Report on each operation. 01 UNITS NOT ASSIGNED OR ATTACHED TO THE ARMY. Generally as outlined in 2802.0100 and the notes thereunder. Where air units assigned or attached to army units also participate, show coordination. 02 UNITS ASSIGNED OR ATTACHED TO ARMY CMS. Noteworthy features of command and control, and of coordination with air units not assigned or attached to army units. Relationship of air commanders to commanders of army units, and to commanders of (separate) Air Force commands. Inter-relationship of service and maintenance facilities. For Army, Corps, and Division observation and liaison air- planes, cover: Location of airdromes with respect to headquarters of units served. Depth of penetrations. Types and num1Ders of missions per crew, with flying hours. Relative effectiveness. Losses: by cause. (Only for the operation discussed.) Lessons: Tactical and technical. (See NOTE 3 under 2802.0100.). .0300 OFFENSIVE - IN DIRECT SUPPORT OF NAVAL FORGES. Report on each operation. 01 Chits Not Assigned,or Attached to the Navy. Submit information generally as outlined in 2802.0100 and the notes thereunder, with such additions, as, for example, mine laying operations, when applicable. Where air units assigned or attached to naval units also participate, show coordination. 02 UNITS ASSIGNED OR ATTACHED TO THE NAVY. Submit information generally as outlined in 2802.0200 (for units assigned or attached to Army units) with such modifications as are neceSsary to cover the operations of both catapult and carrier-based aviation. .0400 DEFENSIVE. Report for each operation. 01 Air forces used in the operation, and any command or control methods differing from the general system reported under 2106.0500. 02 Objective(s) defended in the operation. 03 -Employment and effectiveness of warning service. ?8o2.0404 Rmployment and effectiveness of fighters. Cover: Size of units used by day and night. Patrols and alerts. Channels of intelligence (from ground or air observation). Air 26 Approved For Release 2001/ARti,RA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28?12'78-02646R000100070001-9 2802.0404 Method of guiding fighters to air interception. Coordination with antiaircraft. Tactics and technique or attacks against hostile bombers, both in formation and individual, and against hostile fighters. Losses: by cause. Give ratio of hostile bombardment or reconnais- sance destroyed to own pursuit losses, by day and by night. Lessons: tactical and technical. Employment and effectiveness of antiaircraft guns and searchlights. Employment and effectiveness of balloon or kite barrages. NOTE: (See Notes under 2802.0100.) The general system for the em- ployment of pursuit interceptor aviation in air defense is reported under 2106.0500, while this number is for actual operations. .0500 OBJECTIVES, RESULTS, AND ET.PECTS'OF AERIAL ATTACKS - GENERAL. General observations on vulnerability of targets, results and effects of aerial attacks. .0600 OBJECTIVES, RESULTS, AND EFFECTS OF INDIVIDUAL AERIAL ATTACKS - GENERAL. For each attack or series of attacks report results and effects (both direct and indirect) on military objectives, including troops, installations, materiel, and supplies. Show in as much detail as possible the comparative effect of bombs, cannon and machine gun fire, and chemicals. Report also results and effects of attack on civil utilities, activities and installations, including number of casualties. Report also results and effects of attacks on merchant and naval vessels. NOTE 1: Defensive air operations against the attacks are reported under 2802.0400. NOTE 2: When, as the result of attacks, changes are made in the general military air defense system, or in the civil air defense system, report such changes under 2106. NOTE 3: The effects of aerial attacks on the morale of the civilian popula- tion should be reported periodically under the Sociological Block. .0700 TARGET OBJECTIVES. (NOT REPORTED UNDER APPROPRIA2E HEADINGS IN ECONOMIC BLOCK.). For each objective include: vulnerability of target; vital points; landmarks; obstructions; type of construction; gun emplacements; balloon barrages; etc. Include maps, sketches and photographs. .0800 RESULTS OF THE USE OF HIGH EXPLOSIVES AND GAS IN AERIAL ATTACKS. Detailed reports on a single phase of the subject, such as the effect of high explosive on masonry construction, the effect of gas attack on factory output, etc. when warranted by the information on hand. .0900 TRANSPORT AND INITIAL EMPLOYMENT OF PARACHUTE TROOPS. Methods, numbers carried, and time required. Employment of parachute troops up to the time when their operations take on the status of, or merge with, operations of ground troops. 2802.1000 AIR TRANSPORT AND INITIAL EMPLOYMENT OF COMBAT TROOPS OTHER THAN PARACHUTE. Methods, numbers carried, and time required. Rmployment of the combat troops up to the time when their operations take on the status of, or merge with, operations of ground troops. NOTE: Air troop movement data which are not a part of actual operations are reported under 1109.0400. Approved For Release 2001 00070001-9 Air 27 Approved For Release 2001P88/213=315A-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 2802.1100 AIR TRANSPORT OF SERVICE TROOPS AND SUPPLIES. Methods, numbers or amounts carried, and time required. NOTE: Evacuation of caLualties by air is reported under 2605. Air,28 Approved For Release 2001/008N/F2A : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 TAB Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 FeliMEN48-02646R000100070001-9 2900.0000 AIR-CIVIL 2901. G6VERNMENTAL. NOTE: The following subjects are reported under other numbers: Airports, in- cluding seaplane anchorages, under 2400.0100. Production of Aviation Equipment under Economic Block. Development and Research under 2302.0800. Characteristics and Performance of Aircraft 2302.0100. .0100 GENERAL - HISTORY, DEVTIOPIENT, POLICY. Give concise summary. of history and development of civil aviation, including a statement of policy. Include criticism of policy and foreign influence (if any). .0200 CONTROLLING AGENCY. 01 ORGANIZATION, FUNCTIONS, OFFICIALS. Describe in detail the organization, functions and relationship to other governmental agencies of the ministry or bureau in charge of civil aeronau- tics. Include names, titles and responsibilities of officials. An organization chart is desired. 02 FINANCE. Describe financial organization, operat4,ion and methods of accounting for funds. .0300 SUBSIDIES. Discuss method of subsidizing civil aviation; including full details on cash and other direct and indirect aids. .0400 LAWS AND REGULATIONS. Describe customs, health and other laws affecting civil and commercial aviation. Give regulations affecting civil aviation, including cross-country and airport traffic rules. Furnish texts and pertinent data. .0500 PROHIBITED AND RESTRICTED AREAS. Give laws and regulations. Include coordinates in describing locations of areas. .o600 AIR TREATIES AND AGREEMENTS. Discuss treaties and international agreements including negotiation, signing, ratification, and promulgation, with clarifying statements to show purposes and effects. Include agreements designed to further de- velopment of air traffic. .0700 AIR MAIL SERVICE. International and domestic. Include brief summary of history and develop- ment and organization. An. organization chart is desired. Indicate routes, frequency, postal charges, etc. .0800 METEROLOGICAL SERVICE. Discuss briefly national meterological service and its relation to ai navigation. Include commercial and private services, if any. (Dbtails reported under 4506.). .0900 MISCELLANEOUS SERVICES - PATROLS, AID AND RESCUE ETC. 01 Neutrality Patrols. 02 Customs Patrols. 2901.0903 Civil Air Patrols. Air 29 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : Clrik4IRDPJ78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 21101k0812aZ CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 2901.0904 Police Activities. 05 Aid and Rescue. 2902. COMMERCIAL. .0100 GENERAL - HISTORY, STATUS. Give historical background and brief resume of present status. .0200 Air Routes. 01 , ESTABLISHED. Describe and locate each established air route, commercial or governmental. Give date of inauguration, details of improvements, methods of lighting, radio and radar control equipment, and methods of operation. Include map. NOTE 1: This number includes commercial air routes for both scheduled and unscheduled services. NOTE 2: For airport description and facilities see 2401.0100. 02 PROPOSED. Give plans for adding new air routes or proposals for improvement of established air routes. Include map. .0300 TRANSPORT COMPANIES ENGAGED IN SCHEDULED TRANSPORTATION. For each company (domestic and foreign) submit data as follows: NAME: Locatio/of headquarters, capitalization, directorate, management, control and amount of government subsidy. SERVICE RENDERED: Location and length of routes, character of service, schedules of company, or merger. Include maps. PERSONNEL: Pilots, nationality, rates of pay, average age; other flying personnel; traffic solicitors and other ground personnel. EQUIPMENT: Number of planes in service and in reserve, sources of supply, purchases, identification marks and painting. NOTE: Aircraft characteristics and performance are reported under 2302.0100. Ground installations are reported under 2401.0100. TRAFFIC: Annual statistics on all air traffic including passenger, mail, cargo, and accident rate. PLANS: Present and proposed plans for expansion in number and types of planes and air routes. MAINTENANCE: Forward manuals when available. .0400 STATISTICS (Total mileages, accident rate, etc.). Report annual totals on air route mileage, passenger miles flown, cargo miles flown, weight of cargo, and accident rate. Include total number of pilots by classification and national- ity; total number of planes by type. .0500 AERIAL SURVEYS. Include all details. .0600 TAXI SERVICES. Organization, equipment, personnel, operations, traffic, and financial results. .0700 INDUSTRIAL ACTIVITIES IN COMMERCIAL AVIATION TRANSPORT. Include all details of mining, agricultural and other industrial air transport undertakings. 2902.0800 COMMERCIAL PLANES USED IN AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY, ETC. Include all details of crop seeding and dusting, fish stocking, fire and forest patrols, etc. Air 30 Approved For Release 2A0lfggai CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : c4F,M,Uc02646R000100070001-9 2902.0900 COMMERCIAL EXPEERIMENTAL FLIGHTS AND PLANES (STRATOSPHERE, ETC.) 'Character, purpose, type of plane records established, stratosphere flights etc. .1000 AERONAUTICAL SCHOOLS. For each school; give location, type, course of instruction, flight training, amount of governmental subsidy, number and type of planes used, number of pilots trained annually, rating upon graduation, and later employment. In- clude a statement as to value of graduates as a military asset. NOTE: Pre-military training of civilians at civilian schools is reported under that factor. .1100 Other Activities. 2903. PRIVATE. .0100 FLYING CLUBS, ORGANIZATIONS, PLANES. Discuss organizations for private flying, Including gliding, method of finance, types of sport or touring planes and gliders used, total number of private planes and gliders in country. .0200 LICENSED PILOTS. Report number of pilot licenses granted annually to individuals and total num- ber held in country. Give classification and qualifications. .0300 NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS. Discuss scope; participants; technical results. .o4o0 EXHIBITIONS AND SHOWS. Discuss scope; participants. Forward exhibition and show catalogues. .0500 FINANCIAL AIDS AND SUBSIDIES. Give details of cash and other direct aids, other than governmental, to any form of aeronautical subsidy, extended by transportation or industrial com- panies, by chambers of .commerce or by individuals. 2904. STATISTICS: Total Civil Aircraft. .0100 Governmental. .0200 Commercial. 2904.0300 Private. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : ClAcIWBBIlia46R000100070001-9 Air 31 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 TAB Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 609AMP78-02646R000100070001-9 POLITICAL FROM THE MILITARY INTELLIGENCE VIEWPOINT, POLITICAL INFORMATION EMBRACES ALL POLITICAL FACTORS BEARING UPON AND A.EIFECTING THE STABILITY OF GOVERNMENTS OF ALL NATIONS, THE BROAD OUTLINE, THEREFORE, IS PRESENTED TO DIRECT AND AID IN REPORTING ON GENERAL AND SPECIFIC TOPICS AND IN PREPARING POLITICAL - MILITARY ESTIMATES. CONTENTS 3100. - 3180. REGULAR GOVERNMENT 3130.0000 FORM AND EXERCISE 3120.0000 ORGANIZATION AND FUNCTIONS 3125.0000 COLONIAL GOVERNMENT 3130.0000 POLITICAL AND CIVIL RIGHTS 3140.0000 DOMESTIC AFFAIRS (POLICIES, ISSUES, LEGISLATION, PARTIES, ELECTIONS, ETC.) .3160.0000 FOREIGN AFFAIRS (POLICIES, PLANS, RELATIONS) 3170.0000 STABILITY OF GOVERNMENT 3180.0000 HOLIDAYS, FLAGS, DECORATIONS, ETC. 3200. - 3280. MILITARY GOVERNMENT 3300. - 3380. OCCUPATION GOVERNMENT 3400. - 38O. GOVERNNE!NT IN EXILE 3500. - 3580. PUPPET GOVERNMENT 3600. - 3680. OTHER PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENTS Approved For Release 2001/08/2PRINIP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/26101MANDP78-02646R000100070001-9 3100. - 3180 REGULAR GOVERNMENT NOTE 1: For Military,. Occupation, and other Governments, see 3200, 3300, 3400, 3500, 3600. NOTE 2: Information pertaining to an important Dominion, Colony, Mandate, or Protectorate, is reported under the applicable heading of this outline in the same manner as the National and Local Governments. Care should be exercised to specify precisely, in the title of the report, the dominion, colony, or mandate being discussed. NOTE 3: Submit under the appropriate numbers a bibliography Of the best source material relating to the various subjects covered. NOTE 4: Submit all biographical material under 7200. 3110. FORM AND EXERCISE (BOTH THEORY AND PRACTICE):. 3111. GENERAL. Historical sketch of development of present theoretical form, and development of departure from theoretical form. Forward text of constitution with English translation, if available. 3112. UELORY OF GOVERNMENT. Theoretical form and exercise of governmental power. List the coordinate branches of goverment and show their interrelation. Include chart. (Detailed information is reported under 3121, 3122, and 3123.) -3113. PRACTICE (where different from theory). Practical form and exercise of government. Include chart. (Detailed informa- tion on the extra-legal or otherwise extra-ordinary powers being exercised, lA reported under each branch.) 3120. ORGANIZATION AND FUNCTIONS (OF VARIOUS BRANCHES OF THE NATIONAL AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTS). 3121. EXECUTIVE BRANCH. .0100 EXECUTIVE BRANCH.- GENERAL. 01 ORGANIZATION AND PRESCRIBED GENERAL FUNCTIONS of the office and depart- ments or ministries. Include chart showing their relationship. 02 USURPATION OF LEGISLATIVE AND JUDICIAL FUNCTIONS BY EXECUTIVE BRANCH. (Bureaucracy). NOTE: Uses of Police and Security Organization (Gestapo, NUD, etc.), by the Executive Branch and/or Chief Executive, to maintain the government in power is treated under 3135. 03 EFFECT OF MILITARY GOVERNMENT ON EXECUTIVE POWERS. .0200 OFFICE OF PRESIDENT OR SOVEREIGN, AND/OR DICTATOR. 01 APPOINTMENT AND POWERS. Include tenure, constitutional or otherwise prescribed powers, pay and anolu- ments. 02 ROLE IN NATIONAL DEFENSE. 3121.0300 -PRESENT CHIEF EXECUTIVE (OR SOVEREIGN). Name, title, political affiliation, prestige and influence, (Forward biographical material under 7260.) Extra-legal or otherwise extraordinary powers being exercised. Pol. 1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28?:1%119fi78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/0,1134115EgA1.RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 3121.0301 PREVIOUS CHIEF EXECUTIVES still active in political life. .o40o OFFICES OF PREMIER AND CABINET. 01 ORGANIZATION AND PRESCRIBED FUNCTION'S. List of all portfolios and discuss prescribed functions of premier, and of cabinet as a body. Pay and emoluments. NOTE: For prescribed functions of each executive department or ministry, see 3121.0700. 02 ROLE IN NATIONAL DEFENSE. .0500 PRESENT PREMIER (OR HEAD OF GOVERNMENT). Name, title, political affiliation, prestige, public confidence and support. (Forward biographical material under 7200). Extra-legal or otherwise extra- ordinary powers being exercised. 01 PREVIOUS PREMIERS OR READS of government still active in political' life. .0600 PRESENT CABINET OR MINISTERS. List of members, with title of portfolio and party affiliation. Indicate those wielding unusual influence or power. (Forward biographical material under 7200.) Extraordinary powers being exercised by cabinet. .0700 EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS ,OR MINISTRIES. For each, discuss organization and principal prescribed functions, and duties. (War, Navy and Air are discussed in detail in separate blocks.) .0800 INDEPENDENT OFFICES AND ADVISORY COUNCILS. For each, give organization and prescribed functions. Need filled by the office or council. .0900 NATIONAL DEFENSE AGENCIES List of primary agencies (including executive departments or ministries, general councils, boards or other agencies) that contra]. National Defense. Brief discussion of the importance of each and their interrelationship in the adminis- tration of National Defense. NOTE: Military aspects of national defense agencies are reported under 0202. .1000 HEADS OF INDEPENDENT OFFICES. Name, titles, party affiliations, with discussion where important. _(Forward biographical material under 7200.) .1100 MEMBERS OF ADVISORY COUNCILS. Names, titles, party affiliations, with discussion where important. (Forward biographical material under 7200.) .1200 FOREIGN ADVISERS. Details according to importance. NOTE: Only political advisers are reported under this number. .1300 CIVIL SERVICE. Brief history, organization, grades, method of appointment. Size. Permanence and efficiency. Degree of control by Chief Executive or other official. Power in the conduct of Government. 3122. LEGISLATIVE BRANCH. .0100 LEGISLATIVE BRANCH - GENERAL. 3122.0101 APPOINTMENT OR ETECTION. How and by whom elected; principal classes, social strata, or other groups from which legislators are drawn. Tenure, pay and emoluments. Pol. 2 Approved For Release 2001/4341728EM1A-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001 /01i19DP78-02646R000100070001-9 3122.0E02 ORGANIZATION AND FUNCTIONAL POWERS. Constitutional or otherwise prescribed powers. Include chart. 03 PROCEDURE AND METHODS. Committee system, quorum, control over proceedings and important parliamentary rules. 04 DEVELOPMENT OF SYSTEM. Brief history of system and analysis of relative strength in the government. .0200 PRESENT LEGISLATURE. Political composition, i.e., membership by parties or blocs. Relations with Chief Executive. Strength of legislature as compared with or opposed to Executive Power. Estimate of efficiency. .0300 OUTSTANDING PERSONALITIES IN THE LEGISLATURE. List important personalities with their committee functions and political affiliation. (Forward biographical material under 7200.) .0400 LEGISLATION, For each significant law, decree, regulation, and rule, give circumstances incident to promulgation; summary and analysis of important provisions. Forward text, with English translation, if available. 01 CODES IN USE. 02 RECOGNIZED RULES OF LAND WARFARE. Report on adherence of the nation to the rules of land warfare, adherence to international law, Hague convention, etc. 03 PROPERTY LAWS - PEACETIME. Law regulating holding and transfer of property in time of peace, including expropriation. (For discussion of property rights, see 3130.) 04 PROPERTY LAWS - WAR. Laws regulating holding and transfer of property in time of war, including laws concerning enemy property.; sequestration. (See 3107.0204). 05 Laws Dealing with Espionage, Sabotage, and Subversion. NOTE: National defense laws are reported under 0201. 3123. JUDICIAL BRANCH. .0100 JUDICIAL BRANCH - GENERAL. 01 APPOINTMENT TO JUDICIAL OFFICE. Appointment or election; tenure, pay, and emouluments. Professional and ethical standards of personnel. 02 ORGANIZATION AND FUNCTIONAL POWERS. Powers of national courts as prescribed by constitutional or other statutory provisions. Submit chart of Judicial System. 03 DEVELOPMENT OF SYSTEM. Discuss concept of law (specify code in use) and the relationship of civil to military law. Respect for international law. 04 RULES OF PROCEDURE. Frequency, location and duration of meeting. .0200 JUDICIAL DECISIONS. Interpretive power in law, and status as legal precedents. Important historical decisions, whether of the highest or subordinate judicial tribunal. 3123.0300 NEW JUDICIAL CONCEPTS. Legislation by decree. Encroachment of military law on civil law. Approved For Release 2001/08/2A/iSykffRP78-02646R000100070001-9 3123.0400 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL PRESENT HIGHEST JUDICIAL TRIBUNAL. Composition of present court with respect to political thought, (conservative, liberal, etc.). Integrity, efficiency, and susceptibility to external influence. .0500 PERSONALITIES OF THE JUDICIARY. List of members of highest and other judicial tribunals of national importance, with titles. (Forward biographical material under 7200.) Indicate those wielding unusual power or influence. 3124. LOCAL GOVERNMENTS. .0100 SUBDIVISIONS OF THE COUNTRY. - Give subdivisions by states or provinces (excluding colonies) for political and political-economic control. List of states or provinces and smaller subdivisions. Furnish maps and charts. .0200 ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN STATES (OR PROVINCES) AND CENTRAL GOVERNMENT. Include both traditional and current relationships and legal aspects. Political issues involving states (or provinces) and central government reported under 3142. .0300 ORGANIZATION AND FUNCTIONAL POWERS, Show interrelationship by types of local government (provincial, district, municipal). Include charts. .0400 FUNCTIONAL POWERS OF LOCAL EXECUTIVES. Constitutional or otherwise prescribed powers. .0500 PRESENT STATE (OR PROVINCIAL) EXECUTIVES. List names of executives. . (Forward biographical material under 7200.) Indicate important personalities with positions. .0600 FUNCTIONAL POWERS OF LOCAL LEGISLATURES, Constitutional or otherwise prescribed powers. .0700 MEMBERS OF PRESENT STATE (OR PROVINCIAL) LEGISLATURES. List important members. (Forward biographical material under 7200.) .0800 FUNCTIONAL POWERS OF LOCAL JUDICIARIES. Constitutional or otherwise prescribed powers. .0900 MEMBERS OF PRESENT STATE (OR PROVINCIAL) JUDICIARIES. List important members. (Forward biographical material under 7200.) NOTE: In reporting various types of local government, all material should be grouped in three categories: State (or Provincial) Government. County (or District) Government. Municipal (or City) Government. (If above categories are not applicable, substitutions may be made.) 3125. COLONIAL GOVERNMENT. .0100 GENERAL. Organization and operation of offices of mother country dealing with dominions, colonies, dependencies, protectorates, and mandates. .0200 COLONIAL POLICY. General studies or analyses of colonial policy. .0300 DOMINIONS, COLONIES, AND DEPENDENCIES. Location, political boundaries and importance to mother country. 01 RELATIONS WITH MOTHER COUNTRY. Cover traditional and current relations. Degree of independence. Political movements and subversive activities therein. 3125.0302 TREATIES, REGULATIONS, ETC. Provisions establishing relationship with mother country. Other agreements with mother country. Pol. 4 Approved For Release 2001t0n8 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/gi1h-35pP78-02646R000100070001-9 3125.0303 PRESENT GOVERNMENT. Degree of development of executive, legislative, and judicial bodies. o4 LEADERS OF GOVERNMENT AND OTHER IMPORTANT PERSONALITIES. NOTE: Items recorded under this number need be given only briefly. Each colony or dependency will be considered separately under all factors. .0400 MANDATE AND PROTECTORATES. Location, political boundaries, importance. 01 RELATIONS WITH MOTHER COUNTRY. Cover traditional and current relations. Political movements and subversive activities therein. 02 TREATIES. Provisions establishing relationship with mother country. Other treaties with mother country. 05 DEGREE OF CONTROL EXERCISED BY PROTECTING POWER. 04 PRESENCE OF TROOPS OF OTHER THAN PROTECTING POWER. 05 PRESENT GOVERNMENT. Degree of development of executive, legislative, and judicial bodies. 06 LEADERS OF GOVERNMENT AND OTHER IMPORTANT PERSONALITIES. NOTE: Items recorded under this number need be given only briefly. Each colony or dependency will be considered separately under all factors. 3130. POLITICAL AND CIVIL RIGHTS. 3131. BASIC POLITICAL AND CIVIL RIGHTS OF NATIONALS. Civil rights as defined by Bill of Rights, Constitution, or other documents, or as normally and traditionally enjoyed._ .0100 RIGHT TO VOTE AND QUALIFICATIONS. (The electoral system is reported under 3136.) .0200 SUFFRAGE FOR MILITARY PERSONNEL 3132. BASIC POLITICAL AND CIVIL RIGHTS ACCORDED ALIENS. Treatment and attitude toward aliens (Naturalization laws are reported in 5204. Treatment of foreign workers forced into slave labor is reported in 5407.) 3133. SUPPRESSION AND RESTRICTION OF POLITICAL AND CIVIL RIGHTS. General discussion of restriction of rights, either of owa Nationals or of ethnic, social or immigrant minorities. Anti-Semitic-measures. .0100 PROPERTY RESTRICTIONS. .0200 INTERFERENCE WITH FREEDOM OF SPEECH. .0300 POLICE AND PENAL OR CONCENTRATION CAMPS AS INSTRUMENTS OF RESTRICTION. .o400 POGROMS AND PURGES. .0500 RELIGIOUS RESTRICTIONS. .0600 POLITICAL PRISONERS, AMNESTY, ETC. .0700 ()MIER RESTRICTIONS OR SUPPRESSIONS. 3134.0000 ATROCITIES. Atrocities perpetrated against foreign nationals in occupied areas. P01. .5 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 200C1MNA9A-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 3134.0000 NOTE: Reaction to atrocities, trial, procedure and punishment is reported under 3165.0500. 3135. SECRET POLICE AND SECURITY ORGANIZATIONS (GESTAPO, N.K.V.D. etc) EXERCISING CONTROLS OVER CIVIL AND POLITICAL RIGHTS. Organization, national and local, with chart of organization and functions, names of leaders with political affiliations. (Forward biographical material under 7200.) Functions and methods; relations with Chief Executive and principal branches of national and local governments. (Explain if separate executive or other agency.) Uses of organization in maintaining government in power; uses in repression of traditional, constitutional rights; and in intimidation of opposition. (Nationals militarized for purpose of opposing existing government, see, Section II, Irregular Armies, Military.) NOTE: Employment of Internal Police and Security Organization (Gestapo, N.K.V.D., etc.) as components of the Regular Army is reported under Counter- Intelligence 1000.1600. 3136. ELECTORAL SYSTEM. .0100 ELECTORAL LAWS, APPORTIONMENT OF POPULATION AND METHODS OF VOTING. Furnish copies of electoral laws, with English translation if available, also maps and charts indicating apportionment of national and local electoral districts. .0200 ELECTIONS - TRADITIONAL CONTROL OR INTERFERENCE. .0300 AGENCIES FOR SETTLEMENT OF ELECTION DISPUTES, their, efficiency and suscep- tibility to external influence. .0400 ACCEPTANCE OF ELECTION RESULTS. Tendency, traditional and current, to accept or contest election results. NOTE: Recent and pending elections are reported under 3143. 31)!,0. DOMESTIC AFFAIRS (POLICIES, ISSUES, LEGISLATION, PARTIES, ELECTIONS ETC.). 3141. Domestic Policy of Government. .0100 BASIC PRINCIPLES OF DOMESTIC POLICY. .0200 IMPORTANT DOMESTIC POLICIES. 01 POPULAR ACCEPTANCE AND GOVERNMENT ENFORCEMENT. Degree to which policies are accepted by various groups within the country, and degree to which the Government is able to enforce than. 02 EXTENT TO WHICH POLICIES SERVE NATIONAL OR FACTIONAL INTERESTS. NOTE: If necessary to discuss the Government's policy under domestic political issues and problems, 3142, cross reference is made under 3141. 05 AGRICULTURE. (In this and succeeding entries under this number, include statement on major governmental policy. For detailed coverage use entry in other appropriate block.) 014 LABOR. 05 INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE. 06 FINANCE. 07 EDUCATION AND RELIGION. 08 SOCIAL WELFARE. 3141.0209 OTHER IMPORTANT DOMESTIC POLICIES. P01. 6 Approved For Release 2001/1611/28m1215A-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 :_CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 3141.0300 NATIONAL DEFENSE POLICY. 01 HISTORICAL. Historical development of national defense policy. Influence of geographic location and configuration, and historical, political and economic considerations. 02 CURRENT. Current national defense policy. Influence of the form of government (military dictatorship, revolutionary movements, etc.); political activities of the military forces (active and reserve); political significance of military legislation and its effect upon nationel life. Influence of foreign relations. 03 PREPAREDNESS FOR WAR. Domestic policy on preparedness for war, including influences affecting the policy (domestic and foreign). 04 DISARMAMENT. Domestic policy on disarmament, including influences affecting the policy (domestic and foreign). .0+oo DOMESTIC POST-WAR AND. OTHER LONG-RANGE PLANS. Outline of plans and relation to domestic policy. Include such plans as those concerning. 01 DOMESTIC DEVELOPMENT. 02 POLITICAL REORGANIZATION. 03 ECONOMIC RECONSTRUCTION (from political viewpoint only; economic details are reported under the Economic block). .0500 CURRENT VIEWS ON DOMESTIC AFFAIRS. 01 CATFF EXECUTIVE (OR SOVEREIGN). Views on important domestic problems. Annual report, special messages. Foreign influences and influences of personal advisors. 02 PRENEER OR HEAD OF GOVERNMENT. Information as under Chief Executive above. 03 MINISTERS OR CABINET MEMBERS. Information as under Chief Executive above. Loyalty to and accord with Chief Executive and Premier. 04 MEMBERS OF LEGISLATIVE BODY. Information where applicable as under Chief Executive above. Conflict and cooperation between parties and groups. 05 MEMBERS OF JUDICIARY. Views in accord or conflict with other branches of Government. MEMBERS OF LOCAL GOVERNMENTS. Views in accord or conflict with the Central Government. 07 OTHER LEADERS. Views on important domestic problems. 08 ElilkCT OF PUBLIC OPINION ON DOMESTIC POLICIES. Unusual development of favorable or unfavorable opinion regarding any particular policy, and resulting changes, if any. .0600 INFLUENCE AND IMPACT OF PROPAGANDA AND CENSORSHIP ON DOMESTIC POLICY. 01 INFLUENCE OF FOREIGN PROPAGANDA. Sue 3141.0602 EiThCT OF GOVERNMENT CENSORSHIP on maintenance of domeatic policy. Approved For Release 2001/08/4-kg*EIDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Pol. 7 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 3141.0603 DOMESTIC POLICY As REFLECTED IN PROPAGANDA AND CENSORSHIP MTTHODS, 3142.0000 DOMESTIC POLITICAL ISSUES AND PROBLEMS (including Legislative and Judicial). .0100 IMPORTANT ISSUES. (Labor as a political problem is included here.) Discuss domestic and international considerations involved. .0200 SOLUTIONS PROPOSED with respect to such issues and problems. NOTE: Completed and pending legislation on important issues is reported under .0800 and .0900 below. .0300 NATIONAL DEFENSE AS A POLITICAL ISSUE. .0400 PROBLEMS AND ISSUES ORIGINATING WITHIN LOCAL GOVERNMENTS. Running account of political events within the subdivisions of the country, with particular stress on events affecting the Central Government. .0500 RELATIONS BETWEEN LOCAL GOVERNMENTS. Cover interstate (or provincial) relations, and relations between states (or provinces) and their subordinate local governments. .0600 POLITICAL ISSUES BETWEEN STATES (OR PROVINCES) AND CENTRAL GOVERNMENT. Controversies, and accord or disagreement with central government on important national questions. Loyalty to central government, partic- ularly in event of war. Discuss separately for individual states or provinces, when important. .0700 REGIONAL ASPIRATIONS FOR AUTONOMY, ETC. Any important regional movement of national or international significance. .0800 PENDING LEGISLATION as affecting political problems. .0900 COMPLETED LEGISLATIVE ACTIONS as affecting political problems. NOTE: If legislation modifies or establishes a domestic policy, cross reference is made under 3141. If a foreign policy is affected, cross- reference is made under 3161. Important legislation affecting war-making capacity or relations with the United States or other important countries should be reported under the number for the matter affected. .1000 RECENT OR PENDING JUDICIAL DECISIONS HAVING IMPORTANT POLITICAL IMPLICATIONS. 3143.0000 ELECTIONS - RECENT AND PENDING. .0100 PRE-F1FCTION ACTIVITIES. Campaign activities and methods, with estimate of probable influence on results. Candidates, announced platforms when differing party platforms reported under 3144.0101. (Forward biographical material under 7200.) .0200 INTERFERENCE OF ANY KIND. .0300 11FCTION RESULTS. Outcome, giving total votes cast for each party or faction, and, when indicating important sectional differences, the approximate vote by states, provinces, or sections. Analysis of results, including definite action that will be taken by the Government, and the attitude taken by the defeated parties. 3144. 3144.0100 POLITICAL PARTIES AND GROUPS. ESTABLISHED PARTIES AND GROUPS (including party or parties in power at present, and openly recognized opposition groups). List all recognized Pol. 8 Approved For Release 2001/p ? ID ? CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 2nrriAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 314-4.0101 parties in country. Importance in political life as compared with similar groups in the United States. INDIVIDUAL PARTIES OR GROUPS. Historical sketch; strength and solidarity; internal dissension, purges, etc.; doctrines, present platforms, policies; significant activities including subversive; actual or prospective powers in government; list of important leaders. (Forward biographical material under 7200.) 02 ATTITUDES TOWARD GROUPS UNRECOGNIZED BY 'Et PRESENT GOVERNMENT. (see 3144.0200 below) and influence exerted by those movements on the regular parties. .0200 POLITICAL GROUPS UNRECOGNIZED BY THE PRESENT GOVERNMENT. (Socialist, Communist, Fascist, Falangist, Sinarquist, etc., if not recognized parties or groups.) NOTE: Revolutionary efforts of those organizations reported under 3144.0500. Degree to which movements are organized; trends of growth; strength; leaders; aims and international affiliations; activities, etc. 01 ATTITUDE OF GOVERNMENT TOWARD UNRECOGNIZED GROUPS and influence an Government policies. .0300 RECOGNIZED NON-POLITICAL BLOCS AND PRESSURE GROUPS EXERTING POLITICAL INFLUENCE. Program, influence, leaders, activities. 01 MILITARY. 02 ECONOMIC. 03 RELIGIOUS. 04. ETBNIC. 05 IMMIGRANT, 06 OTHERS. .cowo UNRECOGNIZED OR CLANDESTINE BLOCS AND PRESSURE GROUPS EXERTING POLITICAL INFLUENCE. Follow same outline as for 3144.0300. .0500 CURRENT REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENTS. 01 CAUSES, AIMS, LEADERS, FOREIGN INFLUENCE. 02 REVOLUTIONS, ACTUAL AND ATTEMPTED-. Strength of combatants and outcome of efforts to overthrow the existing government. 3144.0600 NOTE: Organized military forces reported under GUERILLA or other ARMIES, Section II, Military block. PARTISAN, GUERRILLA AND RESISTANCE GROUPS AND MOVEMENTS. General organization and strength (chamt); leaders and commanders (report biographical material under 7103.0205); political Complexion and composition; degree of support given by groups to parent government, e.g., government in exile; area of operation and headquarters; functions and methods as a political propaganda agency; general political-military importance in area of operations. NOTE: Military factors such SS military organization, military strength, military operations, equipment, training, etc., are reported under relevant headings in the Military Section and the numbers used are proceded by the letter I. Approved For Release 2001/08/29cbfiliSEW78-02646R000100070001-9 Pol. 9 3144.0700 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL POLITICAL GROUPS OUTSIDE COUNTRY. Cover activities of groups who, although abroad, have a political program for their home country. (Example: Free Germany Committee). 01 PENETRATION OF HOME COUNTRY. By means of propaganda, through church channels, etc. 02 PENETRATION OF FOREIGN COUNTRY. Naturalization cloaks, etc. .0800 RIOTS, YOB DISTURBANCES, AND PUBLIC DEMONSTRATIONS OF POLITICAL SIGNIFICANCE. 3160. FOREIGN AFFAIRS (POLICIES, PLANS, AND RELATIONS). 3161. FOREIGN POLICY OF GOVERNMENT. .0100 BASIC PRINCIPLES AND AIMS OF FOREIGN POLICY including traditional attitude and current trend toward participation in international affairs. Spheres of influence. .0200 IMPORTANT FOREIGN POLICIES. Give decrees and measures adopted for their maintenance, and incidents arising from their enforcement or violation. Include such foreign policies as: 01 Foreign commerce. 02 International communication and transportation. 03 Protection of nationals abroad. 04 Extraterritoriality. 05 Neutrality. 06 Belligerency or non-belligerency. 07 International security, including disarmament. 08 Monroe Doctrine or other regional policies. 09 Other important foreign policies. .0300 PARTICIPATION IN INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS AND MOVEMENTS. Cover traditional and current participation. .0400 PARTICIPATION IN INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS. Extent of participation in such organizations as: 01 Permanent Court of Arbitration. 02 Permanent Court of International Justice (World Court) 03 International Security Organization. 04 Institute of Pacific Relations. 05 International Labor Bureau. 06 United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA). NOTE: Basic information on UNRRA and similar organizations reported under 5805. 3161.0407 War Crimes Commissions, Extradition and Trial of War Criminals. Pol. 10 Approved For Release 20(049WALGIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/MMERWRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 3162. 0408 Other International Organizations. 09 Boycotts and Sanctions. (Political aspects only). .0500 PARTICIPATION IN INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENTS. Extent of participation in, and influence on foreign policy of such movements as: 01 Pan American 02 Pan Latin 03 ?Pen Arab 04 Pan Islamic 05 Pan Slavic 06 Zionism 07 International Communist Activities. 08 Other International Movements. .o600 INTERNATIONAL POST-WAR AND OTHER LONG-RANGE PLANS. Principal provis'ions of plans, countries involved, extent of participa- tion. Cover such plans as: 01 New Alignments. 02 Political Reorganization. 03 Economic Reconstruction (from political viewpoint only; economic details are reported under the Economic block). NOTE: Include only such plans as require international negotiation. .0700 CURRENT VIEWS ON FOREIGN AFFAIRS OF POLITICAL AND OTHER INFLUENTIAL LEADERS. 01 CHIEF EXECUTIVE (OR SOVEREIGN). Views an foreign affairs. Attitude toward the United States and other important countries. Foreign and other influences on views. Influence of views on public opinion, party in power, etc. 02 PREMIER OR HEAD OF GOVERNMENT. Information as above. 03 MINISTERS OR CABINET MEMBERS. Information as above. 04 MEMBERS OF LEGISLATIVE BODY. Information as above. 05 MEMBERS OF FOREIGN OFFICE. Information as above. 06 OTHER INFLUENTIAL LEADERS. Information as above. .0800 EFFECT OF PuBiac OPINION ON FOREIGN POLICIES. Unusual development of favorable or unfavorable opinion regarding any particular policy, and resulting changes, if any. 3162 3162 .0100 FOREIGN OFFICE. IMPQRTANT PERSONNEL. List with the Foreign Minister other outstanding personalities, including important members of the permanent advisory staff, and indicating briefly their attitudes toward the United States and other important countries. (Forward biographical materiAl under 7200.) Pol. 11 Approved For Release 2001/08datal&RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 3162.0200 Approved For Release 2004(018AI:ACIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 ASSUMPTION OF UNUSUAL POWERS. Unusual or extraordinary functions delegated to or acsumed by the Foreien . Office, including all relevant details of organization. NOTE: Couriers, Accredited, reported under 4812. 3163. DIPLOMATIC AND CONSULAR REPRESENTATIVES ACCREDITED TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES. .0100 CHIEF OF DIPLOMATIC MISSIONS, countries to which accredited and dates of assignment. Include other members of mission if outstanding. (Forward biographical material under 7200.) .0200 CONSULAR SERVICE. Similar information if available. .0300 INFLUENCE ON FOREIGN RELATIONS. Political activities of diplomatic personnel abroad, as affecting foreign relations. .0400 SPECIAL MISSIONS TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES (GOVERNMENTAL OR PRIVATE). Include such missions as: 01 Good-Will Missions. 02 Special Economic or Business Missions. 03 Missions Undertaken for Purposes of Propaganda. 04 Military Missions Engaging in Political Activities. NOTE: Military Missions reported under 0202.0600; only political activities reported here. .0500 SPECIAL AGENCIES IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES. Include such agencies as: 01 Purchasing Commissions. 02 Permanent or Temporary Semi-official Trade Agencies. 03 Cultural and Educational Agencies. (Cultural Agreements reported under 3165.0701.) NOTE: Only political significance reported here. .0600 NON-ACCREDITED AGENTS AND AGENCIES IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES. Cover activities of non-accredited agents and agencies working under the direction or control of, and reporting to the Foreign Office (or any other government agency) direct or through its offices abroad, as well as those _who are not working or reporting to any accredited department or office. Include espionage, sabotage and subversive agents or agencies, and spec- ial couriers. Names or titles used. Aims, ostensible and real. Organiza- tion and activities interlocking (or involving) other nations in a known sphere of influence. (Activities of military agents are reported under 1000.0700 and of accredited MA, NA, MAA, and Observers under 1000.0500. Forward biographical material under the 7000 block.) .0700 PENETRATION AND MIEN= AT PENETRATION IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES. 3164. DIPLOMATIC AND CONSULAR REPRESENTATIVES ACCREDITED FROM FOREIGN COUNTRIES. .0100 CHIEFS OF DIPLOMATIC MISSIONS, countries from which accredited and dates of assignment. Include other members of mission if outstanding. (Forward biographical material under 7200.) 3164.0200 CONSULAR SERVICE. Similar information if available. Pol. 12 Approved For Release 2grgigighi CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/0JpD:ERJAIRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 5164.0300 INFLUENCE ON FOREIGN RELATIONS. Political activities of foreign diplomatic personnel in country, as affect- ing foreign relations. NOTE: Foreign (non-military) advisers are reported under 3121.1200. .o400 SPECIAL MISSIONS FROM FOREIGN COUNTRIES (GOVERNMENTAL OR PRIVATE). Include such missions as: 01 Good-Will Missions. 02 Special Economic or Business Missions. 03 Missions Undertaken for Purposes of Propaganda. 04 ? Military Missions. NOTE: Military activities reported under 0202.0700; only political activities reported here. .0500 SPECIAL AGENCIES OF FOREIGN COUNTRIES. Include such agencies as: 01 Purchasing Commissions. 02 Permanent or Temporary Semi-official Trade Agencies. 03 Cultural and Educational Agencies. NOTE: Only political significance reported here. .0600 NON-ACCREDITED AGENTS OR AGENCIES FROM FOREIGN COUNTRIES. Cover activities of non-accredited agents and agencies working under the direction of, and reporting to the Foreign Office (or any other government agency) direct or through its offices abroad. Including espionage, sabotage and subversive agents or agencies, and special couriers. Names or titles used. Aims, ostensible and real. Organization and activities interlocking (or involving) other nations in a known sphere of influence. (Activities of military agents are reported under 1000.1000 and of accredited MA, NA, MAA, and Observers under 1000.0500. Forward bio- graphical material under the 7000 block.) .0700 PENETRATION AND ATTEMPTS AT PENETRATION BY OR ON BEHALF OF A FOREIGN COUNTRY. NOTE: General reports on penetration are to be included under this head- ing, but specific aspects of the subject are to be reported or cross- indexed under the appropriate numbers. 3165. FOREIGN RELATIONS. .0100 RELATIONS WITH PRINCIPAL FOREIGN POWERS. Summary of relations with principal foreign countries. .0200 REACTION TO MILITARY POLICY OF U.S. Governmental and other important reactions or opinions on the military policy or establishment of the United States, or concerning U.S. Military forces in the country. 3165.0300 REACTION TO MILITARY POLICY OF OTHER COUNTRIES.. Governmental and other important reactions or opinions on the military policy or establishment of any other country with other country with whom such relations are important; also concerning the military forces of that country present in the area. Reaction to atrocities perpetrated against its nationals in enemy-occupied areas; trials, procedures and punishment. Pol. 13 Approved For Release 2001/0862SIDDIAARDP78-02?46R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL NOTE: Atrocities are reported under 3134. Participation in War Crimes Commissions is reported under 3161.0407. 3165.0400 NEGOTIATIONS AND CONFERENCES. All international negotiations and conferences, including negotiations for armistice and peace. 01 BILATERAL AND MULTILATERAL MILITARY STAFF CONVERSATIONS. Arrangements between countries for military cooperation, joint action, training programs, etc. .0500 RELATIONS WITH INDIVIDUAL COUNTRIES. (Separately for each nation with which relations are important). Relations up to and including severance of diplomatic relations. Ac- cord and conflict of viewpoint on important controversial questions between the two countries, such as boundary disputes, commercial rivalry, etc. 01 02 03 .o600 EFFECT OF CURRENT POLICIES. (Policies reported under 3161.) EFFECT OF EXISTING TREATIES AND AGREEMENTS. (Treaties reported under 3165.0701 and 3165.0702.) REACTION TO FOREIGN-POLICY (of country whose relationship is being considered). NOTE: Subjects discussed with reference to important foreign policies, and participation in international organizations and movements, are reported in their entirety under 3161. RELATIONS BETWEEN TWO OR MORE COUNTRIES REGARDING ANOTHER COUNTRY. Discuss negotiations and agreements between two or more nations in regard to another nation. (For instance, relations between the United States and Great Britain in regard to China; between the 'United States, Great Britain and U.S.S.R. in regard to Iran.). .0700 TREATIES, ALLIANCES, ACCORDS, ENTENTES, AND PACTS. 01 LIST OF IMPORTANT TREATIES. Include title, signatory powers, dates of ratification. 02 INDIVIDUAL TREATIES. Summary of contents of each. (Forward texts, with English transla- tions if available.) Brief discussion of reciprocal advantages to the signatory powers. Ability of signatory powers to meet provisions agreed upon. 03 ARNESTICE TERNS. Summary of contents. .0800 CIVILIANS INTERNEES. Pertinent information concerning number and location; negotiations for exchange. (Report subversive, clandestine activities and saboteurs among them under 3163.0600 and 3164.0600.) .0900 EXCHANGE AND REHABILITATION OF POPULATIONS. 01 3165.0902 Pol. 16 NOTE: Discuss political aspects and negotiations only under this number. Report sociological aspects under 5202.0400. REFUGEES AND DISPLACED PERSONS. Character and number in area, political problems involved, plans for returning to home country. STATELESS PERSONS. Character and number present in area; problem of legal status. Approved For Release 200(1AggiRA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 3170.0000 STABILITY OF GOVERNMENT - ANNUAL ESTIMATE. NOTE: The Annual ESTIMATE OF STABILITY is to reach MIS not later than 1 January. Estimates may be submitted more frequently however, if warranted by unusual circumstances. The Estimate, or Estimates, will be based on analyses of all-domestic and international factors bearing upon and influencing the stability of a particular nation, e.g., political groups without representation in the government; regular parties and groups; blocs and pressure (both domestic and foreign, allied and enemy) groups exerting political influence; ethnic, social, religious and immigrant groups and minorities; restriction of political and civil rights; participation in international movements and important foreign policies. Generally, the completed Estimate will conform to the following outline: 1. Summary and Conclusions. (1 1/2 to 2 pages only). a. SUMMARY. A brief but inclusive statement of the problemyperiod covered, principal factors analyzed and chief sources used. b. ,CONCLUSIONS. A concise statement, based on an analysis of all ' stability factors, of the relative stability of the country considered. This statement to be the distillate ofthe,intel- ligence analysis performed in preparing the Estimate. 2. STABILITY FACTORS. a. STRENGTH FACTORS. (For example but non-inclusive: strong national defense policy; no dissident minority or other pressure groups; full participation in international movements; realistic foreign policies backed by national parties and public opinion; strong, capable executive, legislative and Judicial agencies both on national and local level.) b. WEAKNESS FACTORS, (For example but non-inclusive: weak or non- existent national defense policy; existence of strong political groups without representation in the government and dissident minority groups exerting pressure against the nation's domestic and foreign policies; unrealistic and inadequate foreign policy; revolutionary movements threatening to overthrow established regime; public opposition or apathy to existing government; weakness in the executive, legislative and Judicial agencies.) 7. WEIGHING OF STRENGTH VS WEAKNESS FACTORS. (For example but ,non- inclusive: ability or inability of the government to cope with dissident minorities, political groups Without representation in the government and revolutionary movements; success of a sound foreign policy in offsetting effects of weak national defense policy; relative strength and influence of "regular" parties in national politics as compared to pressure groups, e.g., labor and peasant parties; degree to which a powerful and capable legislature offsets the weakness of incompetent executive agencies.) 3180. HOLIDAYS, FLAGS, DECORATIONS, ETC. 3181. NATIONAL HOLIDAYS. List of national holidays, with dates and significance. 3182, 3183.0000 FLAGS AND COATS OF ARMS. List all civil and military flags and coats of arms of the country. Brief history and description of each. Pictures or photographs if available. Regulations governing use. CIVIL MEDALS, DECORATIONS, AWARDS. List all non-military medals, decorations and awards. Brief history and description of each. Pictures or photographs if available. Regulations governing bestowal and wearing. Po1. 15 Approved For Release 2001/08/28M1WRIDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL NOTE: Military decorations and awards are reported under 0605, naval under N 0605, and air under 2407. 3200. - 3280. MILITARY GOVERNMENT All information pertaining to Military Government is reported under the proper headings given for Regular Government, with the exception that the SECOND DIGIT OF THE CODE NUMBER WILL ALWAYS BE A 2 (FOR MILITARY GOVERNMENT) INSTEAD OF 1 (FOR REGULAR GOVERNMENT). EXAMPLE: Reports on "Property Restrictions" of a Military Government will be assigned the number 3233.0100 instead of 3133.0100. too. -3380. OCCUPATION GOVERNMENT 3400. - 3480. 3500. - 3580. 3600. - 3680. All information peitaining to Occupation Government is reported under the proper headings given for Regular Government, with the exception that the SECOND DIGIT OF THE CODE NUMBER WILL ALWAYS BE A 3 (FOR OCCUPATION GOVERNMENT) INSTEAD OF A 1 (FOR REGULAR GOVERNMENT). EXAMPLE: Reports on "Functional Powers of Local Executives" of an Occupation Government will be assigned the number 3324.0400 instead of 3124.0-0O. GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE Same as for Regular Government, except that the second digit of the digit of the code number will always be a 4 instead of a 1 for Regular Government. (See Examples for Military ana Occupation Governments above.) PUPPET GOVERNMENT Same as for Regular Government except that the second digit of the code number will be 5 instead of 1 for the Regular Government. (See Examples for Military and Occupation Governments above.) OTHER PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENTS Same as for Regular Government except that the second digit of the code, number will always be 6 instead of 1 for Regular Government. (See Examples for Military and Occupation Governments above.) Pol. 16 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 TAB Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/210:RW-RIDAILD78-02646R000100070001-9 ECONOMIC THE DETAILED ECONOMIC INFORMATION CALLED FOR IN THIS OUTLINE IS REQUIRED BY THE WAR DE- PARTMENT FOR THE PREPARATION OF STRATEGIC, ECONOMIC WARFARE, AND MILITARY OPERATIONAL PLANS. IN THE WRITING OF ECONOMIC REPORTS, FULL USE SHOULD BE MADE OF SUCH PROFESSIONAL ASSISTANCE AS MAY BE AVAILABLE. CONTENTS 4100.0000 ECONOMIC - GENERAL 4200.0000 FUELS, METALS, AND MINERALS 4300.0000 AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY, AND FISHING (INCLUDING PROCESSING) 4400.0000 MANUFACTURING 4500.0000 - GENERAL PUBLIC SERVICE FACILITIES 4600.0000 TRANSPORTATION 4700.0000 - COMMERCE 4800.0000 TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND MAIL 4900.0000 FINANCE Approved For Release 2001/08/21111C1AMIIP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL ? 4loo. ECONOMIC - GENERAL 4101. ECONOMIC STRUCTURE. .0100 Natural resources (wealth of mineral deposits, or plant, animal, and marine life, existence of natural sources of water power, natural harbors and navigable streams, natural advantages of location for development of trade and trade routes). .0200 Degree of economic development (comparative treatment of development and sufficiency of the main phases of economy such as mining, agriculture, manu- facturing, transportation, etc.) .0300 Pattern of industrial development (relative importance of agriculture, mining and the various manufacturing industries; location of vital areas with maps or sketches). .0400 Salient shortages and surpluses in domestic raw materials, agricultural pro- ducts, semi-manufactures and manufactures. .0500 Geographic distribution of industrial and other important installations (names, locations and pertinent information on important installations with- in political or geographic subdivisions such as prefectures, cities). .o600 Economic penetration or attempts at economic penetration by foreign coun- tries. (Details of financial and commercial penetration reported under proper headings.) .0700 Economic penetration or attempts at penetration in foreign countries. (Details reported as in 4101.0600.) 4,102. GOVERNMENT ECONOMIC MEASURES AND POLICIES RELATING TO INDUSTRY AND TRADE. .0100 Government policy toward the development and conservation of natural resources. .0200 Governmental emphasis in stimulation and curtailment of various industries (subsidies and loans, restrictions). .0300 Attitudes and measures in regard to private enterprise and the use of capital. .0400 .0500 .o600 Promotion of industrial enterprise in colonial possessions. Foreign trade partners especially favored. Special economic committees, government and private, for the promotion of industry and trade. .0700 Government policy regarding extraction of dues from personnel in industry to support a national political movement for the benpfit of the State. (Not to be confused with 5404.). 4103. ECONOMIC MEASURES AND POLICIES IN OCCUPIED OR CONTROTXRD AREAS. NOTE: Relief in occupied territory reported under 5805. .0100 Food, clothing, fuel supply, sources; methods of requisitioning; effect on local supplies. .0200 Rehabilitation and management of industry. .0300 Housing (including requisitioning and sequestration of property). .0400 Financial regulations and control. 4104. POST-WAR ECONOMIC PLANNING. 4104.o100 Sale of war stocks and state factories. Approved For Release 2001/08/28c9AER1W78-02646R000100070001-9 Econ. 1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28': CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 ? CONFIDENTIAL 4104.0200 Reconversion of industry. .0300 Absorption of manpower into industry. .0400 Restoration of trade and commerce. .0500 Reconstruction of damaged areas, industries and facilities. .0600 Restoration of agriculture. 4105. COST OF LIVING AND RATIONING. NOTE: Standards of living are reported under Sociological: Standards of Living,and Patterns of Consumption. .0100 Food (food prices and scarcities). .0200 Clothing (types of clothing manufactured and bought, prices, shortages, restrictions). .0300 Housing (prices of various types of homes and common rent fees, housing shortages, restrictions on building). .0400 FUel (extent of use by various population groups of different heating and lighting fuels, prices, shortages, etc.). .0500 Rationing (food, clothing, shOes, tires, fuels, tobacco, liquor, etc.: specific regulations, enforcement, black markets, effects on individual industries). .0600 Wholesale and Retail Price Indices. Include full particulars on method of computation used in making these indices. 4106. COOPERATIVES: AGRICULTURAL, CONSUMER, INDUSTRIAL AND OTHER (number and character of membership, modes of operation, government policies, etc.). 4107. ECONOMIC WARFARE AS CONDUCTED BY BELLIGERENT OR SEMI-BELLIGERENT COUNTRIES. .0100 OFFENSIVE MEASURES to cripple economic sufficiency of the nation's enemy (declared or undeclared) including: 01 Measures of economic mobilization (to put full domestic economic re- sources behind war effort by allocation of scarce materials, manpower and productive facilities; development of new production and of substitutes). 02 Programs of the country applied in neutral countries (to reduce economic and financial help to its enemies and increase help for the hone country by preclusive buying, special trade arrangements, etc.). .0200 DEFENSIVE MEASURES (for protection of economic resources against the enemy or for their destruction to prevent use by the enemy). 01 Movement of industries from border regions to interior. 02 Prevention of movement of native products to an enemy by export and re- export limitations and control (embargo and blockade controls, measures against smuggling, agreements with foreign consignees to prevent re- export, rationing of exports to neutrals, to prevent benefiting the enemy). 03 Enforcing of black lists (within own territory and in trade with foreign countries in which firms are black-listed, recognition of black-listing of allies). Government measures designed to cover up or expose individu- als, banks, organizations, societies, etc., involved. 4'07.0204 Prevention of secretion and cloaking of enemy assets within own terri- tories for warfare purposes or post-war refuge. Prevention of secretion and cloaking of enemy assets in foreign country (friendly to them but enemy to U.S.) for future warfare purpoees or post-war refuge; safehaven. Econ. 2 Approved For Release 2001M/glatrstA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/0W021.1)92PIRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 4107.0205 4108. Special measures for safeguarding and control of patents and secret processes of strategic value. 06 Cooperation with the country's allies to control enemy economic penetra- tion and in support of the economic warfare programs of its allies. Measures to minimize sabotage, war dislocations, or civilian economy re- sulting from war. OPERATION IN NEUTRAL COUNTRIES OF ECONOMIC WARFARE PROGRAMS OF BELLIGERENTS. NOTE: Studies on exports and imports not relating to the economic warfare pattern will be reported under Commerce, 4700. .0100 SPECIAL STUDIES ON RAW MATERIALS AND FINISHED PRODUCTS produced by a neutral which are critically needed by one or both sides in a war. 01 Amounts produced. 02 Amounts exported to either belligerent side or to neutrals. 03 Possibilities of increased production or of decreased domestic consump- tion by substitution or otherwise. .0200 IMPORTS OF RAW MATERIALS AND FINISHED PRODUCTS critically needed by a neutral, and available from one or another or from both belligerent aides, from neutrals, or from any combination of these. 01 Amounts secured and their adequacy. 02 Potentialities for developing domestic production. 03 Relation of imports of raw materials from one belligerent side to ex- ports of raw materials or finished products to the other, and vice versa. .0300 SPECIAL WAR TRADE AGREEMENTS AND CONTROLS. 01 The machinery of import and export controls. 02 Special controls required by the belligerents to prevent imports from benefiting the other side (including enforcement procedures and their effectiveness). 03 Local regulations relating to specific industries (prevention of communi- cation of trade information to belligerents, of assistance to them in economic warfare objectives, or refusal to trade with them). 04 ';Trade and finance (methods of payment of belligerents and limitations imposed, financial connections with local banks, economic.penetration into local industry, concealed stock controls, influences and assets). 05 Effect of black lists on local industrial enterprises. 06 LISTS: Official definition of various lists: BLACK LIST is a British confidential list of suspected but not proven sympathizers or other persons who cannot be publicly listed for diplomatic reasons. CONFIDENTIAL LIST is United States counterpart. PROCLAIMED LIST is an American-published list of enemy sympathizers. STATUTORY LIST is the British counterpart. SPECIAL BLOCKED NATIONS (referred to sometimes as the GRAY LIST) is a list of persons suspected of dealings with Axis sympathizers, but on whom there is no proof; 4109. ECONOMIC EFFECTS OF INTERNAL DISTURBANCES (civil war, sabotage, strikes, etc.; effect upon industries, transportation facilities, financial structure, commerce, etc.). Econ. 3 Approved For Release 2001/08P8'ASTAARDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 4110. ECONOMIC EneECTS OF ENEMY ATTACKS AND INVASION. .0100 Effects on agricultural and industrial production. .0200 Effects on internal transportation facilities and distribution of goods. .0300 Effects upon shipping and commerce. .o400 Relocation and dispersal of industries. .0500 Effects of attacks (incendiary and demolition on urban areas). NOTE: Effects on an individual objective are reported under the heading for the specific type of objective. 4111. ECONOMIC Eii.EN,CTS OF ENEMY OCCUPATION (include policies, directives, adminis- trative structure, etc.). 4112. INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC MISSIONS, CONFERENCES AND AGREEMENTS (names of repre- sentatives, countries concerned, purpose, decisions made, commitments and principles established, estimate of effect). .0100 Financial. .0200 Commercial. .0300 Reparations. .0400 Others having economic significance. 4114. CONCENTRATION OF ECONOMIC CONTROLS (monopolies, industrial combinations, trade and industrial. associations, other economic groups). 4200. FUELS, METALS, AND MINERALS. 4201. MINING INDUSTRY - GENERAL. .0100 Role of mining in the national economy (importance with relation to other industries, number of people employed by and supported by mining). .0200 Extent of exploration and estimates of total reserves in important minerals. .0300 Present extent of exploitation and expansion possibilities (include maps showing productive areas and principal mine developments). .0400 Overall production figures for loading minerals. .0500 Government policies affecting mineral developments. .0600 Foreign ownership and control. .0700 Surpluses and shortages for normal and war-time uses. .0800 Pattern of movement of minerals (within, and to and from the country). 4202. SOLID FUELS. .0100 COAL AND COKE. 01 Extent and regional location of reserves; include map. 02 Present and potential rate of exploitation and method of mining anthracite and bituminous coal and lignite. 4202.0103 Important individual fields and mines (location, ownership, production figures, capacity, include map). Econ. Approved For Release 2001/08428)=TAT-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/2801\iFgA-SP78-02646R000100070001-9 4202.0104 Available domestic supply (overall domestic production, stockpiles; adequacy). 05 Consumption by consumer groups and types of coal. 06 Movements (internal routes, export and import ports). 07 Exports and imports, including amounts and countries of destination and origin. 08 Assessment of sabotage, bombing, demolition or other damages. 09 Factors affecting supply (manpower, technology, etc.). .0200 OTHER SOLID FUELS. 01 Peat (location and extent of resources, processing methods and by- products, present and potential production, coal equivalent of peat pro- duced, household and industrial uses). 02 Charcoal (availdpility of wood for charcoal burning, amounts produced and coal equivalent, specific uses in industry and transportation). 03 Wood used as fuel (amounts used or available, specific heating uses in industry and transportation, heating value in terns of' coal). 04 Other solid fuels. 4203. PETROLEUM. .0100 GENERAL. Inclusive studies and statistics summarizing the overall petroleum situation. Analysis and data relative to individual phases of operations are essential and wherever possible are to be developed as outlined below. (Political implications of this subject should be reported under Political Section.) .0200 PETROLEUM RESERVES. 01 Oil reserves (location, nature, extent, and development; include map). 02 Reserves owned or controlled abroad (location, extent of investment, re- serves controlled); include map. .0300 CRUDE OIL PRODUCTION (domestic and foreign). 01 Present rate of production and possibilities for expanded output. 02 Individual fields and wells (location, ownership, potential production, current production, etc.). .040o PRODUCTION OF LIQUID FUELS AND USE OF SUBSTITUTES. 01 REFINERIES. List, with map. 02 Production statistics of refined products including octane rating, (aviation gasoline, motor fuel, kerosene, diesel oil, fuel oil, lubri- cating oil, etc.). 03 Individual refineries (location, ownership, method of operation, types of products, capacity, current production, source of power, vulnerability to sabotage and bombing). 08 SYNTHETIC OIL. 09 Processes employed (Bergius, Hydrogenation, Fisher-Tropsch Synthesis, Low Temperature Tar, High Temperature Tar). 4203.olao Types and amounts produced. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Econ. 5 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 421)3.0411 Individual plants (location, kind, method of operation, products and amount of production, capacity, source of power, vulnerability). 12 Expansion possibilities. 17 SUBSTITUTE FUELS (liquid, solid, gas). LIQUID SUBSTITUTES AND BLENDING AGENTS (alcohol, benzol, methanol, etc.; various types of blends). 19 Production volumes used for motor fuel and other purposes. 20 Types of blends used with percentages of petroleum, derivatives, and other constituents. 21 Petroleum equivalent of substitute liquid fuels produced. 22 SOLID SUBSTITUTES (wood, charcoal, lignite). 23 Quantities used for motorization. 24 Petroleum equivalent saved. 25 GAS SUBSTITUTES (acetylene, compressed illuminating gas, methane, etc.). 26 Quantities used for motorization. 27 Petroleum equivalent. 32 OVERALL PRODUCTION FIGURES BY TYPES OF PRODUCTS (mineral oils, synthetic oils and substitutes). .0500 INDIVIDUAL OIL TYPES -- properties, uses, production and consumption. 01 Aviation gasoline. 02 Motor fuels (gasoline blends, gasolines, etc.). 03 Kerosene. 04 Diesel oils. 05 Fuel oils (light). o6 Lubricating oils. 07 Bunker oils (residual fuel oils). OS Other. .0600 STOCKS AND STORAGE. 01 Stocks on hand, by areas or districts. 02 Storage installations (location, number, type of installation, ownership, size and capacity of tanks, type of product stored, warehouse storage for packaged products). 03 Temporary storage depots and dumps (location, types of oil, amounts). .0700 EXPORT AND IMPORT PATTERN (types of products, amounts, ownership, source). .0800 TRANSPORTATION AND DISTRIBUTION. 4203.0801 Pipe lines (route, specifications of construction, uses, capacity, pump stations, and other installations, storage, etc., including maps). Econ. 6 Approved For Release 20011f48AL: CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/2AT\iF9ATTITP78-02646R000100070001-9 - 4203.0802 Railroads, roads, and waterways used in the movement of crude oil and petroleum products. 03 Transportation equipment -- tank cars, tank trucks, tank vessels (number, capacity, product carried). 04 Distribution and marketing facilities (location and ownership, areas served, specific installations, kind and volume of products handled, regional and local storage and tank wagon facilities provided). 05 Other factors affecting distribution and marketing of petroleum products (transportation difficulties, temporary shortages, taxation, etc.). .0900 NATIONAL CONSUMPTION (in peace and in war). 01 OVERALL CONSUMPTION OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS (by type of product). 02 PATTERN OF OIL CONSUMPTION BY AMOUNTS AND TYPES OF PRODUCTS. 03 According to use (by all types of shipping, including Navy and fishin,! fleet; by all motor vehicles and units; for other motor and industrial uses; for household uses, etc.). o4 ConSumption by various groups (civilians, Army, Navy, Air Forces, etc.). .1000 RECONNAISSANCE AND TARGET PHOTOGRAPHS AND REPORTS ON: 01 Total or regional oil supply system (strategic and operational). 02 Oil fields and wells. 03 Refineries. . 04 Synthetic oil plants. 05 Storage installations and depots. 06 Transportation equipment. .1100 ASSESSMENT OF SABOTAGE, BOMBING AND DEMOLITION DAMAGES. 4204. NATURAL GAS. .0100 RESOURCES EXPLORED (regions or areas concerned and estimated reserves). .o2oa EXTENT AND IMPORTANCE OF USE. 01 Industrial uses (actual and potential). 02 'Household uses (actual and potential). 03 Important pipe lines (location, installations, with diagram). .0300 INDIVIDUAL COMPANIES AND OPERATORS. .04o0 GOVERNMENT PARTICIPATION IN DEVELOPMENT. NOTE: Public utility gas plants are reported elsewhere. 4205.0000 METALS AND METALLURGY. NOTE: In reporting ore and metal tonnages, care should be taken to give data which cannot be misinterpreted. Whether figures are given in terms of the raw ore broken, ore concentrates or smelter and refinery products, specific infor- mation should be included as to the actual metal content. Also define terms in which metallic Content is expressed, 'specifying whether the reference is to the element or to a compound such as 14003, 1T205, TiO2, A82?3, etc. Approved For Release 2001 00070001-9 Econ. 7 Approved For Release 200118/41;19A-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 4205.0100 SUMMARIES OF METAL POSITION (inclusive studies with nap on extent and development of various metal resources).la .0200 IRON AND STEEL. 01 GENERAL STUDIES ON THE IRON AND STEEL INDUSTRY. 02 IRON ORE RESOURCES AND EXPLOITATION. 03 Ore reserves (areas, type and quality or ore, accessibility, etc.). 04 Developed ore fields and mines (location, ownership, purity and quality of ore, concentration facilities, production, disposition of ore). 05 Movements of ore (along internal land and water routes, export and import). 10 PIG IRON. 11 Extent of conversion of domestic ore to pig iron and use in domestic steel industry. 12 Pig iron types (charcoal, coke and electro pig iron). 13 Production figures (location and production source of ore of individual furnaces and furnace-groups when possible). 14 Movements of pig iron (internal shipping and import and export). 15 Non-steel-making uses of pig iron (castings including malleable, etc.). 20 SPONGE IRON (when produced, type of furnace, volume of production, uses). 25 FERRO-ALLOY MANUFACTURE. 26 Total production figures of various alloy types (ferro-chrome, ferro- manganese, ferro-tungsten, ferro-silicon, ferro-molybdenum spiegeleisen, etc.). 27 Individual ferro-alloy reduction works (location, types and volume of production, ownership, etc.). 28 Import and export of ferro-alloys. 33 PRIMARY STEEL MANUFACTURE - GENERAL 34 EXTENT OF DEVELOPMENT AND DEGREE OF SELF-SUFFICIENCY (including adequacy for war needs). 35 COMPOSITION AND TYPES OF STEEL PRODUCED. 36 WROUGHT IRON, SIMPLE CARBON STEELS, ETC. 37 ALLOY STEELS ACCORDING TO COMPOSITION (Percentage of various alloys and substitutions possible) 38 High alloy steels (chrome, nickel, tungsten). 39 Low alloy (molybdenum--chromium--vanadium, manganese, vanadium, nickel). 4o ALLOY STEELS ACCORDING TO FUNCTION AND USE (armorplate, refractory and corrosion-resistant steel, high speed and other tool steels, ball- bearing steel; give percentages of alloys and possibilities of substitu- tion). 4205.0241 GOVERNMENTAL OR MILITARY CONTROL OF MANUFACTURE AND ALLOCATION of armor- plate and other special steels. Econ. 8 Approved For Release 20CtlitildaftzeJA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/280iTRIATRIDAlf78-02646R000100070001-9 4205.0242 43 44 STOCK PILE RESERVES OF VARIOUS TYPES OF STEEL. GENERAL STATISTICS ON STEEL PRODUCTION. Pig iron used in steel and wrought iron (of domestic and of foreign manufacture). 45 Scrap iron and steel scrap used annually and stocks of scrap (of domestic and foreign origin). 46 Alloy metals used in steel (kind and amount). 47 Total production of ingots and of steel for castings (separately for carbon and alloy steels). 48 ? Total tonnage of finished steel, i.e., steel for castings and all rolled products (with separate figures where possible for forging billets, rails, structural shapes, plate, sheet and strip, etc.). 53 INDIVIDUAL STEEL COMPANIES. 54 Ownership and direction (including participation and interests in other industries). 55 Plant equipment, power and materials (location, types, and capacities of furnaces, converters, foundries, rolling mills, shops, etc., chief sources of materials used, specific sources of power, vulnerability to sabotage or bombing). 56 Types of products and statistics of production for companies or individu- al plants ("home" pig iron, castings and forgiigs, carbon and alloy steel ingots, rolled products, etc.). 61 DISPOSITION AND MOVEMENT OF STEEL PRODUCTS. 62 Principal domestic consumers of steel'(by industries and companies). 63 Main routes of steel shipment within country. 64 Import and export p;..ttern (types of products, amount, countries concerned). 69 ASSESSMENT OF SABOTAGE, BOMBING, DEMOLITION, AND OTHER DAMAGES. .0300 LIGHT METALS (aluminum and maganesium). 01 PROCESSES USED IN MANUFACTURE. 02 KINDS AND SOURCES OF RAW MATERIALS USED (bauxite, labradorite nephelite, andalusite, fluorspar, cryolite magnesite, dolomite, brime, etc.). NOTE: Details of domestic production of such minerals are reported under Non-Metallic Minerals. STATISTICS ON PRODUCTION (alumina, synthetic cryolite, aluminum metal, magnesium metal, aluminum and magnesium rolled products and manu- factures). INDIVIDUAL PLANTS (location, ownership and direction, methods and equip- ment, specific source of power, rate of consumption of electricity per ton of metal, type and volume of production, capacity, source of materials, vulnerability to sabotage and enemy action). 05 SPECIFIC DOMESTIC USES of the metals and possibilities for substitution (including provisions for restricting its use and allocations to.various industries). 4205.0306 MOVEMENTS OF MATERIALS AND FINISHED PRODUCTS. Approved For Release 2001/08/2/1EICIALLEIDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Econ. 9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 c010FIDENTIAT 4205.0307 Routes of transportation within the country. 00 Export and import routes, and amounts. 09 STOCKPILES AND RESERVES. 10 ASSESSMENT OF SABOTAGE, BOMBING, DEMOLITION, AND GIBER DAMAGES. ,0400 STEEL ALLOYING METALS (nickel, chrome, manganese, tungsten, molybdenum, cobnit, vanadium, silicon). 01 EXTENT OF DOMESTIC RESOURCES (known deposits, calculated reserves). 02 TOTAL ANNUAL PRODUCTION FIGURES and potentialities for increase. 03 INDIVIDUAL MINES (location, ownership, mining and concentrating methods and equipment, production, capacity figures, efficiency of operation, and destination of the ore). 04 SMELTERS AND REFINERIES (location, types and volume of production, source of ores, degree of refining, destination of product and route of shipment). 05 USES OF METALS for alloys and manufactures within the country and possi- bilities for substitution. 06 MOVEMENTS OF ORE AND METAL (volumes and routes). 07 Transportation within country. 08 Export and import. 13 STOCKPILES 14 ASSESSMENT OF SABOTAGE, BOMBING, DEMOLITION AND OTHER DAMAGES .0500 OTHER IMPORTANT NON-FERROUS METALS (copper, zinc, lead, tin). (Outlined as under .0400 above.) .0600 SECONDARY NON-FERROUS METALS 01,' VARIED USAGES (mercury, magnesium, antimony, cadmium, bismuth, sodium, arsenic). ' (Outline as under .0400 above.) .0700 MINOR METALS (radium and uranium, 'barium, beryllium, indium, selenium and tellurium, zirconium, cesium, tantalum, columbium, lithium, etc). (Outline as under .0400 above) .0800 PRECIOUS METALS (gold, silver, platinum). (Outline as under .0400 above) .0900 VARIOUS ALLOYS, CHIEFLY NON-FERROUS (brasses and bronzes, nichrome, cupronickel, silver alloys, German silver, Kanthal monel metal, amalgams, hard metals including stellites, tungsten carbide, etc.). 01 Adequacy of domestic production (amounts produced, shortages, imports and exports). 02 Processes and uses. 03 Smelters and processing plants (location, ownership, production and capacity, source of power, vulnerability). .1000 MISCELLANEOUS METELLURGICAL PROCESSES (plating, galvanizing, enamelling, tinning, spraying, etc.). 01 Adequacy of domestic facilities. 02 Methods employed. 4205.1003 Plants and facilities (location, type of products, volume of production, disposition of output, etc.). E,,.;on. 10 Approved For Release 2001/M3E&Mk-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 4206. NON-METALLIC MINERALS. .0100 CHIEF MINERALS (line, limestone, dolomite, nitrates, potash, salts,deposits, elemental sulphur, pyrites, phosphates, mica, graphite, asbestos). 01 Extent of resources (known deposits, calculated reserves). 02 Total annual production figures and 'potentialities for increase. 03 Individual mines and quarries (location, ownership and operation, ? processing equipment, production and capacity figures, destinations and route3 of shipment). 04 Specific domestic uses, industrial and military, of the mineral possi- bilities for substitution. 05 Export and import data. 06 Reserve stooks. .0200 MINERALS OF IMPORTANCE IN MANUFACTURE OF LIGHT METALS (bauxite, labradorite, nepheene and andalusite, fluorspar, cryolite, magnesite, dolomite, etc.). ? (Outline as under .0100 above.) .0300 IMPORTANT CLAYS AND REFRACTORY MINERALS (gypsum, dumortierite, kyanite, talc, steatite, etc.). (Outline as under .0100 above.) .0400 ABRASIVE MINERALS (industrial diamonds, natural silica, pumice, corundum, 'emery). (Outline as under .0100 above.) .0500 ASSESSMENT OF SABOTAGE, BOMBING, DEMOLITION, AND OTHER DAMAGE. 4300. AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY AND FISHING (INCLUDING PROCESSING). .4301. GENERAL AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT. .0100 Position of agriculture in the national economy (importance with relation to other industries, number of people engaged in and supported by). .0200 Percentage of land in whole country or in larger natural areas, devoted to various agricultural usages (under cultivation in orchard, in pasture and natural hayland, in forests). (Include nap or maps.) .0300 Additional areas available' for extension of cultivation or for other agricultural uses. .0400 Distribution of land ownership (governmental, private, absentee, communal, and foreign ownership). .0500 Government promotion of agriculture (financing, subsidies, export bounties, homesteading, etc.). .0600 Availability of facilities for agricultural educatiOn and scientific ex- perimentation. 4 .0700 Research on and development of industrial uses for agricultural products and by-products. - 4302. FOOD CROPS. .0100 Land under cultivation for various main crops (cereals and canes, vege- tables, oil seeds,.fruits, etc.). .0200 Production and distribution figures by type (for the country as a whole and by areas. 4302.0300 . Irrigation and reclamation projects. Approved For Release 2001/08/2cMgerRIF78-02646R000100070001-9 Econ. 11 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 4302.0400 Factors affecting the development of various crops (weather, pests, fires, soil erosion, fertilizer requirements and supplies, foreign competition, availability, of farm labor and farm implements). .0500 Modernity of farming methods (Use of machinery, use of-fertilizers, contouring, rotation of crops, etc.). .0600 Imports and exports. Total annual disappearance and stockpiles (by individual crops). .0700 Utilization of food crops. (Quantity and percentage used for seed, indus- trial uses, manufactured food products, and net table use; consumption by various classes of population - farm, non-farm, etc. - total require- ments, sufficiency.) 4303. .0100 .0200 NOTE: Crops which have both food and non-food uses should be reported under 4302. ANIMAL HUSBANDRY AND DAIRYING. Grazing land and forage resources (in the whole country and by areas). Types and numbers of animals raised in the whole country and by areas (draft animals, cattle, horses, sheep, hogs, poultry; etc.). .0300 Blooded stock, scientific feeding, modern dairy and other equipment and methods. .o4o0 National and regional dairy production (milk, butter, cheese, eggs, poultry, etc.) .0500 Production and distribution of meat, national and regional (beef, pork, mutton, rabbit, etc. Include location and rate of production of main slaughter houses and packing plants). .0600 Factors affecting the animal industry (lack of forage, diseases, foreign competition, etc.). .0700 Domestic consumption and sufficiency of dairy and meat products. Imports and exports of livestock, and dairy and meat products. 4304. PROCESSED FOODS. .0100 Milled products (flour, cereals, etc.). Location and description of plants, production, Imports - exports, domestic consumption, sufficiency. .0200 Dehydrated foods. Location and description of plants, production, imports - exports, domestic consumption, sufficiency. .0300 Sugar (raw materials used, refineries, production, consumption, import - export, etc.). .0500 Frozen foods (volume of production of frozen fruits, vegetables, meats). NOTE: Refrigeration is reDorted under General Public Service Facilities, 4505. .0600 Canned foods: fruit, vegetables, meats, etc. (location, kind and volume of production of principal canneries). .0700 Edible fats and oils (processing plants, production, consumption, import - export, sufficiency). .0800 Distilled and fermented products -- wines, liquor, beer, etc. (location of important productive areas and plants, volume of production, restrictions and regulations). 4304.0900 Assessment of damage from sabotage, demolition, or other causes. Econ. 12 Approved For Release 2091jp8g81;SIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/pviIgA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 4305. NON-FOOD PLANT PROIUCTS. .0100 Tobacco (areas, acreage, production, export and import). .0200 Cotton (same as 4305.0100). .0300 Flax, hemp, sisal, and other fibres (same as above). .040o Rubber (same as above). .0500 Cork, bamboo, etc. (main areas, volume of production). .0600 Non-food oil seeds (main areas, volume of production). .0700 Other products. .0800 Factors affecting the growing of non-food crops (drought, flood, fire, plant diseases, etc.). NOTE: Rubber manufactures are reported under 4416. Forest resources are re- ported under 4308. Wood products are reported under 4412. 4306. NON-FOOD .ANIMAL PRODUCTS. .0100 Hides (kinds, number, disposal). NOTE: Leather manufacture, including tanning, is reported under 4414. .0200 Fur (trapping resources, fur farming, export surpluses). .0300 Wool (land devoted to sheep raising, amount of wool grown and disposition). NOTE: Wool in textile manufacture is reported under 4415. .0400 Fertilizers (places of manufacture and availability). .0500 Other products (hair, bristles, non-edible oils and extracts, glue, etc.). .0600 Silk (location and acreage of mulberry trees, production disposal of cocoons and raw silk). NOTE: Processing of silk report under 4415. 4307. FISHING AND FISH PRODUCTS. (Include shellfish, seaweed, etc., where the topic is appropriate.) .0100 Main fishing areas (kinds of fish, seasons, equipment, international agree- ments and regulations). .0200 Fish catch (tonnages by region and type of fish). ..0300 Landing, handling, transportation facilities. .o400 Disposition of catch (i.e. as fresh, salted, frosted and dried fish, fish meals, fish oils). .0500 Fish canning industry (location, ownership, kind and amount of production of important plants, types of packing). .0600 FrOzen fish industry (as above). .0700 Fish meal industry (as above). .0800 Cod-liver oil industry (as above). 4307.0900 Herring or other fish oil industry (as above). Egon. 13 Approved For Release 2001/0ed28s1 DP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 4307.1000 Whaling industry (waters used, floating factories, production, disposal and use of whale oil. .1100 Statistics on import and export of fisn and fish products. .1200 Factors affecting, catch and plant outputs (restriction of fishing areas, lack of boat fuel, sabotage, bombing or demolition of factories, etc.). .1300 General studies on the fishing industry (status of development, capital in- vested, number of persona engaged and supported, importance in the national economy, plans for development). 4308. 0REST RESOURCES. .0100 Forested regions (location, acreages, tree types, density and size of growth, yearly increase, altitude limit of growth; include map. .0200 Present exploitation of resources (areas, yearly cuttings, etc.). .0300 Routes of movement of timber. .0400 Classification of timber according to use. .0500 Policies and factors affecting the protection and development of forest resources (conservation measures, reforestation, fires and droughts, floods, etc.). NOTE: Wood products are reported under 4412. 4400. MANUFACTURING. NOTE: Steel is reported under 4205.0200. Petroleum refining is reported under ? 4203.0401. Processed food is reported under 4304. 4401. MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY - GENERAL. .0100 Function of manufacturing industries in the national economy (comparative progressiveLess of development, plans for expansiOn, portion of popula- tion employed and supported, export-import pattern of raw materials and manufactured goods). .0200 ' Important manufacturing areas (locdtion by provinces, districts, urban areas, with map; general factors determining concentrations). .0300 Relative importance of various manufacturing industries (list in terms of numbers employed, plant investment, and value of output). .0400 Extent of foreign investment and control (including international cartels and combines). .0500 Concentration of domestic control (both private corporate control and governmental control and direction). , .0600 Factors limiting or promoting industrial development (adequacy of trans- portation facilities and power, access to raw materials, geographic position). .0700 Outstanding industrialists and manufacturing officials (industries and companies with which associated). 4402. RAILORAD EQUIPMENT (locomotives, steam and electric; passenger and freight cars, tank cars, etc; rails, switches and other equipment). .0100 Adequacy ofdomestic manufacture for requirements (necessity for importation or surplus for sale abroad; plans for expansion). 4402.0200 Yearly production statistics and capacities. Imports and exports by type. Econ. 14 Approved For Release 20039PATMIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28c5littRlil?t,'78-02646R000100070001-9 44o2.o3oo .o400 44o3. .oloo .0200 .030o .o400 .0500 .o600 .0700 44o4. .0100 .0200 .0300 .04w .0500 .o600 .0700 44o4.0800 Important individual plants (location, ownership, and control; types and description of equipment made; production and capacity figures; con- vertibility to war-time uses; specific sources of power; vulnerability to bombing or sabotage; maps, sketches and photographs). Assessment of damage from sabotage, bombing, demolition, fire, etc. MOTORIZED AND NON-MOTORIZED-VEHICLES, CIVILIAN AND MILITARY (trucks, auto- mobiles, buses, motorcycles, tractors, half-tracks, tanks, combat cars, trailers, wagons, bicycles, etc.). Adequacy of 'domestic manufacture in peace and in war (necessity for impor- tation of finished vehicles or parts, or surplus for sale abroad; conversion possibilities; plans for expansion). Types of vehicles and other motorized units (specifications as to size, capacity, power, and use). Statistics on yearly domestic production; export and import, by types (for both civilian and military units). Analysis of the total pattern of manufacture and assembly. General assembly plants (location, ownership and control; types and description of motor vehicles; production and capacity figures; disposition of output including destinations of consignments for military use; converti- bility to war needs; specific sources of power; vulnerability to bombing or sabotage; maps, sketches, and photographs). Manufacture of parts, including generator equipment fuels (details as for general assembly plants). NOTE: Numbers of civilian motor vehicles in' country and facilities for motor repair and supply are reported under 4603.0500. Assessment of damage from sabotage, bombing, demolition, etc. AIRCRAFT PRODUCTION (civilian and military). Adequacy of domestic manufacture in peace and in war (necessity for impor- tation of finished planes or parts; surplus manufacture for sale abroad; conversion possibilities; plans for expansion). Types of planes built, including gliders (information as to size, dimen- sions, weight, power, use, performance, carrying capacities, armament, Statistics, by airplane types, on domestic production, export and import (including equipment brought into the country outside the framework of normal commercial exchange). General assembly plants (location, ownership and control, types con- structed, production and capacity figures, general production methods, con- vertibility to war uses, possibility of dispersal to other locations, in- cluding underground plants, specific sources of power, transportation facilities, disposition of output including, destinations of consignments for military use, specific vulnerability to bombing or sabotage; maps, sketches and photographs). Plants producing airplane parts, including engines and propellers (details as for general assembly plants). (See 4420. for Precision Equipment.) Sabotages or lags in production of critical components, especially engines, or other production bottlenecks which would immediately affect aircraft production rates. Inspection methods and standards, especially those stipulated by Army and Navy, and percentage of rejections for each type of aircraft. Relationships between private firma and the government and/or the military forces. Assessment 'ofdamage from sabotage, bombing, demolition, fire, natural disasters, and other causes. for uses of subetitute Approved For Release 2001/08/4dgARRP78-02646R000100070001-9 Econ. 15 Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 4405.0000 SHIPBUILDING (all types of ships including naval units). .0100 Adequacy of domestic manufacture for peace and war-time needs (extent of home needs, necessity for purchases abroad, surplus building for sale ' abroad, etc.). .0200 Types of vessels domestically constructed (specifications as to dimensions, tonnage capacities, fuel use, power and speed, etc.). .0300 Statistics for each type on domestic manufacture, purchases abroad and sales abroad (including number and tonnages of vessels). .0400 Shipyards (location, ownership, equipment and facilities; output, and capacity of ways; types constructed; utilization for repairs; present building program and specific building contracts; specific sources of power, vulnerability to sabotage and bombing; maps, sketches and photographs). .0500 Manufacture of marine engines (steam, diesel, gasoline) and other component parts or units; dependence upon foreign sources for materials and com- ponents. .0600 Possibility of expanded production (by extension or multiplication of yards, conversion of industry, etc.). .0700 Government international policies and other factors affecting the ship- building program. .0800 Assessment of damages from sabotage, bombing, demolition and other causes. NOTE: Ship repair facilities are reported under 4664.0363. 4406. MACHINERY, MACHINE PARTS AND MISCELLANEOUS HEAVY EQUIPMENT. .0100 INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY (mining and drilling, pumping, dredging, lifting, can, struction, agricultural, plant and mill equipment, boilers, furnaces, etc.). .0101 Adequacy of domestic Manufacture for requirements; import needs or export surpluses; plans for expansion. .0102 Important individual plants (location, ownership and control; economic and strategic importance; types and methods of manufacture; statistics an pro- duction and capacity; destination of output; convertibility to war-time uses; specific sources of power and raw materials and possibilities of - alternative sources; specific vulnerability to bathing or sabotage; maps, sketches, photographs.). .0200 HEAVY FINCTRICAL EQUIPMENT (dynamos, generators, transformers; other power equipment; electrodes). Information for subdivisions .0201 and .0202 as under Industrial Machinery above. .0300 MACHINE TOOLS, BALL AND ROLLER BEARINGS, TOOLS, etc. ? Information for subdivisions .0301 and .0302 as under Industrial Machinery above. .0400 ENGINES AND MOTORS. Information for subdivisions .0401 and .0402 as under Industrial Machinery above. .0500 DAMAGE FROM SABOTAGE, BOMBING, DEMOLITION AND OTHER CAUSES. 4407. COMMUNICATIORS, SIGNAL ADD LIGHTEWEQUEEMMOT (telephone, telegraph, cable, radio, radar equipment, vire, semaphores, military signal equipment, search- lights, etc.). .0100 Adequacy of domestic manufacture; plans for expansion. .0200 Types and makes used. 4407.0300 Manufacturing plants and supply companies (location, ownership, equipment, types and description of products; rate of production; disposition of Econ. 16 Approved For Release 2001/SgariaA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 4407.0300 output including destinations of consignments for military use; source of power; vulnerability of installastions). .0400 Statistical data (on reauirements, domestic production; imports and exports). .0500 Reserve Stocks (location and amounts). .2600 Damage from sabotage and enemy action. 4408. CHEMICALS, EXPLOSIVES, AR GASES AND SMOKE PREPARATIONS. .0100 INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS AND CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS (nitrogen, liquid air, nitric acid, sulphur, sulphuric acid, salt, soda, alums, chlorine, ammonium sulphate, calcium carbide, cyanamide, superphosphate, alcohol (including ethyl, isopropyl, and methanol), benzene, toluol, acetone, acetic acid, naphthaline, dyes, phenol, formaldehyde, etc.). 01 Adequacy of domestic production in peace and in war native regional re- sources in raw materials, extent of dependence upon other countries for raw materials, semi-manufactures andmanufacturers, consumption, short- ages and export surpluses; plans for expansion; maps, sketches, photographs). 02 Extent of governmental ownership and control. 03 Foreign investments, control and operation. 04 Individual companies and plants (types of production; ownership and direction; source of materials and destination of products, including destination of consignments to be used for military purposes; figures on output and capacity; types of equipment; conversion possibilities for war purposes; specific sources of power and possible alternative sources; vulnerability to bombing and sabotage; maps, sketches and photographs). 05 New developments in chemistry (including wood chemistry, substitutes, etc.). 06 Overall statistics on various chemicals and chemical products (domestic production, consumption, import and export, stocks on hand, with location where possible). 07 Major consumers of chemicals in various industries. 08 Dsmage from sabotage and enemy action. -0200 EXPLOSIVES, INDUSTRIAL AND MILITARY (propellants and low explosives, high explosives, detonators, incendiaries, etc.). 01 Adequacy of domestic production in Peace and war (as under Industrial Chemicals above). 02 Types of explosives (formulae and processes used, new developments, uses, and possible military adaptations). 03 Ownership, control and operation (governmental and foreign investments and direction). 04 Individual companies and plants (details as under Industrial Chemicals above, including destination of consignments for military use). 05 Overall statistics (domestic production, imports and exports, stocks on hand, With location where possible). 4408.0206 Assessment of damages from sabotage, bombing, and other enemy action. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Econ. 17 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 4408.0300 WAR GASES, SMOKE PREPARATIONS, etc. (phosgene, chlorine, mustard, adamsite, lewisite, chlorpicrin, tetrachloride, Berger's mixture, etc.). 01 Formulae, processes, and materials used. 02 Individual factories or plants (location, ownership, and direction; sources of materials; kind and amount of production; disposition of out- put including destination of consignments for military use; sources of power andjossible alternative sources; vulnerability to bombing and sabotage). 03 Potential rate of production. 04 Stocks accumulated (location and quantity by types). 05 Damage from sabotage, bombing, demolition, etc. 4409. MANUFACTURE OF GUNS, EXPLOSIVE DEVICES AND AMMUNITION. .0100 SMALL ARMS (all guns up to 37 mm). 01 Adequacy of domestic production (degree of development; extent of de- pendence upon other countries for finished arms, parts and semi-manu- factures; requirements, shortages and export surpluses; plans for expansion). 02 Individual types of manufacture (including specifidations and sketches). 03 Ownership and control of the industry. 04 Individual plants manufacturing whole guns or parts (location, ownership and direction; output and capacity figures; disposition of output in- cluding destinations of consignments for military use; equipment and conversion possibilities; specific sources of power and possible alterna- tive sources; vulnerability to bombing and sabotage; sketches and photographs). 05 Overall statistics on various gun types (domestic production, import and export, acquisitions outside of regular commercial exchanges, stocks on hand). .0200 ARTILLERY AND MORTARS (guns of 37 mm and over). Information for .0201, .0202, .0203, .0204, .0205, as under Small Arno above. /.0300 ROCKET LAUNCHERS AND ROCKETS. Information for .0301, .0302, .0303, .0304, .0305, as under Small Arms above. .0400 EXPLOSIVE DEVICES (bombs land mines, sea mines, hand grenades, booby traps, fuzes and igniters, etc. Information for .0401, .0402, .0403, .0404, .0405, as under Small Arms above. .0500 MISCELLANEOUS DEVICES (flame throwers, pyrotechnic firing devices, chemical projectors, others). Information for .0501, .0502, .0503, .0504, .0505, as under Small Arno' above. 4409.0600 AMMUNITON (for small arms, artillery, and mortars). Information for .0601, .0602, .0603, .0604, .0605, as under Small Arms above. Econ.18Approved For Release 2001/W:__CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 LuENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 4409.0700 RESERVES OF MMS, AMMUNITION AND EXPLOSIVE DEVICES NOT UNDER MILITARY CONTROL (location and quantities). .0800. CONSUMPTION OR REQUIREMENT OF MATERIALS (steel, copper, nickel; etc.). .0900 DAMAGE FROM SABOTAGE AND ENEMY ACTION. 4410. PHARMACEUTICAL PREPARATIONS, DRUGS AND MEDICAL. SUPPLIES. .0100. Adequacy of domestic production in peace and war (as under Industrial Chemicals above). .0200 Governmental control and regulation (including rules and controls for distribution and retail sale). .0300 Experimentation and research. .0400 Individual companies, plants and laboratories (details as under Industrial Chemicals above). .0500 Overall statistics on various products (domestic production, imports and exports, stocks on hand, and location if possible). .0600 Damage by sabotage, demolition, etc. .0700 Narcotics: opium, morphine, marijuana, etc. (include government policies, legal and illegal traffic, controls, production, etc.) 4411. MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS AND EQUIPMENT (including X-ray, fluoroscopic devices, operating equipment, dental equipment, all surgical Instruments, etc.). Information for .0100, .0200, .0300, .0400, .0500, and .0600 as for Pharmaceutical Preparations above. 4412. WOOD PRODUCTS AND PAPER (lumber, sulphite and sulphate pulp, cellulose, card- board, fibre board, plywood, pitprops, turpentine, rosin, tar, sulphite liquor). NOTE: Forest resources are reported under 4308. Wood used as fuel is reported under Solid Fuels, :4202'.' .0100 Adequacyof domestic production (important domestic develorments with regions concerned; extent of independence of or dependence upon other countries for raw materials or manufactures; import needs and export surpluses; plans for expansion). .0200 Extent of governmental ownership and control. .0300 Extent of foreign investments, control and operation. .O4-OO Factors affecting the development of the industry (international agreements or cartels, adequacy of labor, geographical position, etc.). .0500 Processes and methods (including new developments in wood chemistry). .0600 Movements of wood products (along internal routes, and in and out of the country). .0700 . Individual companies, plants and mills (location, types o2 products, owner- ship and direction; source of materials; figures on output and capacity; destinations of output including consignments for military uses; conversion possibilities for war purposes; specific sources of power and possible alternative sources; vulnerable points in plant system; maps, sketches and photographs). 4412.0800 Overall statistics on various products (domestic production, domestic con- sumption, imports and exports, stocks on hand). Econ. 19 Approved For Release 2001/08/28jM&RER78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 4412.0900 Damage by sabotage, bombing and other causes, and deterioration in plant equipment. 4413. BUILDING MATERIALS (cement, building stone, brick, tile, glass, construction steel). NOTE: Lumber, fibre board, etc. are reported under Wood Products, 4412. .0100 ADEQUACY AND AVAILABILITY OF DOMESTIC MAlERIALS AND MANUFACTURES (resources of various areas, dependence upon import, export surpluses; plans for ex- pansion). .0200 PREVALENT TYPES OF CONSTRUCTION. .0300 QUARRIES (location, ownership, type and dimensions of products, figures on production, possibilities for expanded output, stocks on hand). .0400 BRICK AND TILE WORKS (details as for quarries). .0500 CENENT PLANTS (location, ownership, and direction; quality of product; figures on output and capacity; source of raw materials and disposition of finished product, including destinations of consignments for military use; stocks on hand; sources of power; vulnerable points in plant system; maps, sketches and photographs). .0600 GLASS MANUFACTURING PLANT n (window glass, glass brick, etc.). .0700 PAINTS AND VARNISHES. .0800 CONSTRUCTION b1EEL, pipes and fittings, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. .0900 PREFABRICATION. 01 Processes and materials. 02 Extent and purposes of manufactures (destinations and specific consign- ments, when possible). 03 Individual plant units (location and production). OI Exports and imports, stocks on hand. .1000 DAMAGE FRON. SABOTAGE, BOMBING, DEMOLITION AND OTHER CAUSES. .1100 RECONSTRUCTION of Installations damaged by bombing, sabotage, fire, earth.- quake, etc. (materials and construction methods used, rate and adequacy, etc.). NOTE: Rehabilitation of industry in an occupied area is reported under 4103. 4414 LEATHER MANUFACTURES. NOTE: Hides are reported under Non-Food Animal Products, 4306. .0100 Adequacy of domestic leather manufactures (extent of dependence upon import for raw materials and semi-manufactures, export surpluses; plans for expansion). .0200 Tanning methods, materials and processes. .0300 Types and volumes of various manufactured products. .o400 Substitutes (materials, adaptations and uses). 4414.0500 Individual tanneries and manufacturing plants (location, types of products, ownership and direction, source of materials, figures on output and Econ. 20 Approved For Release 2001/018I2VDM-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 4414.0500 capacity, machinery and equipment, specific sources of power, disposition of manufactured goods, including destinations of consignments for military use, stocks on hand; maps,-sketches and photographs). .0600 Statistical summaries (on consumption, production, imports, exports). .0700 Damage from sabotage and other causes. 4415. TEXTTLPS .(cotton, woolen, linen, rayon, nylon, silk, etc: clothing). .0100 Adequacy of domestic production for peace and war-time needs self- sufficiency or dependence upon Imports of crude materials, textile basic manufactures, and end products; export surpluses; plans for expansion). .0200 Ownership and control of the industry. .0300 Chief processing and Manufacturing areas (types and volume of production). .0400 Synthetic and substitute materials and new processes. .0500 Special manufactures for military use. .0600 Important plants (location, ownership, types of products with volume of production, processes and equipment, possible expansion, source of materials, type of equipment, specific sources of power, destination of finished goods including consignments for military use; vulnerability of installations; maps, sketches, and photographs). .0700 Statistical data (number of spindles, looms, production, imports, exports, consumption, stocks). .0800 Damage from sabotage, enemy action or other causes. 4416. RUBBER MANUFACTURE. NOTE: Growing of rubber is reported under Non-Food Plant Products, 4305. .0100 NATURAL RUBBER (hevea, Castilla, vine rubber, etc.). 01 Adequacy of domestic production of raw materials by classification and of manufactures (degree of self-sufficiency and dependence upon imported materials and manufactures; export surpluses; plans for expansion). 02 Preparation of crude rubber from latex (methods and chemicals used). 03 Extent of governmental ownership and control. o4 Foreign investments, control and operation. 05 International agreements and arrangements affecting growing of rubber. .0200 SYNTHETIC RUBBER. 01 Extent of development and adequacy to meet needs including degree of dependence for materials upon import, export surpluses; plans for expansion). 02 Processes, formulae, and specific materials used (Buns S, Buna N, Neoprene, Thiokol, etc.). 03 Extent of governmental ownership and control. .0204 Foreign ownership and agreements as to use of processes. .0300 RECLAIMED RUBBER. 4416,0301 Processes (acid, alkaline, pan methods). Approved For Release 2001/08/2 78-02646R000100070001-9 Econ. 21 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 4416.0302 Production facilities. 03 Consumption (with details as to use). .0400 MANUFACTURE AND REPAIR OF TIRES. 01 Types, sizes, and numbers manufactured (tires and tubes for pascener cars, motorcycles, trucks and hu-31-Je3; mIlltary vehicles and aircraft; miscellaneous). 02 Manufacture of camelbaek (extent of use). 03 Recapping and retreading plants (location and equipment). o4 Other tire repair materials (availabilit. .0500 OTHER RUBBER MANUFACTURES. 01 Footwear (shoes, boots, rubber-soled shoes, soles, heels). 02 Rubber and rubberized clothing. 03 Industrial rubber goods (hose, belting, packing, etc.). o4 Druggist sundries and other products. 05 Special manufactures for military use. .0600 INDIVIDUAL RUBBER PROCESSING AND MANUFACTURING PLANTS (location, ownership, types of products, volume of production, capacity, processing methods and equipment, sourzos of materials and power, de7tination of finished prcdeto including goods intended for military use; vulnerability of plant complexes to sabotage and bombing. Include maps, sketches and photographs). .0700 GENERAL STATISTICAL DATA (latex, crude ribber, and manufactures). 01 Domestic cond,tmption (by industries, where possible). 02 Domestic production of crude nIbber. 03 Domestic production of tires o4 Domestic production of other rubber g',ods. 05 Reserve stocks of rubber and rubl,er moods (location and quantities). 06 Figures on exports of latex, crude, and manufactured rubber. 07 Rubber imports. .0800 DAMAGE TO PLANTS BY SABOTAGE, ENEMY ACTION OR OTHER CAUSES. 4417. PLASTICS. .0100 SYNThElIC RESINS (alkyds, phenolics, urea, aerylics, styrene, vinyl, other). 01 Processes, adaptations and importance as substitutes. 02 Individual processing and manufacturing plants (details as for Rubber above). 03 Statistics (domestic consumption and production, imports and exports, stocks on hand). CELLULOSE PLASTICS (cellulose nitrate, cellulose acetate, other cellulose derivatives). 4417.0200 Econ. 22 Information for .0201, .0202?0203, as under Synthetic Resins aboe, Approved For Release 200/4:16428,1A-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/gi1CMpP78-02646R000100070001-9 4417.0300 PROTEIN PLASTICS (casein and soybean). 4418. PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT (all cameras, including aerial, camera appurtenances, film, processing chemicals and equipment). .0100 Adequacy of domestic manufacture and dependence on imports.; plans for expansion. , .0200 Products and methods of manufacture. .030o .040o .050o 4419. OPTICAL EQUIPMENT (telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, range finders, special lenses, etc.). Information for .0100, .0200, .0300, .0400, .0500. as under Photographic Equipment above. Information for .0301, .0302, .0303, as under Synthetic Resins above. Special developments and uses. Individual plants and companies (location, ownership, production, etc., as under Rubber, 4416.0600). Statistics (domestic consumption and production; imports and exports; stocks on hand, with location if possible). 4420. PRECISION EQUIPMENT (panel instruments, bomb sights, gyroscopes, gun turrets and mounts, navigational equipment, timing devices, etc.). Information for .0100, .0200, .0300, .0400, .0500, as under Photographia Equipment above. 4421. MISCELLANEOUS MANUFACTURES OF MILITARY LIPORTANCE (gas masks, oxygen equipment, parachutes, balloons, camouflage equipment, powder bags, engineering con- struction equipment, organizational equipment, etc.). Information for .0100, .0200, .0300, .0400, .0500, as under Photographic Equipment above. 4422. NEW DEVELOPMENTS AND RESEARCH (including mention of important individuals, institutions, agencies, research plants and laboratories developing new manufactures). NOTE: Report on individual manufacturing industries, where possible, under the appropriate sections. 4500. GENERAL PUBLIC SERVICE FACILITIES. 4501. ELECTRIC POWER (hydroelectric, thermal). .0100 ADEQUACY OF POWER SUPPLY 01 Hydroelectric (actual and potential development in KW or.H.P., effects of seasonal changes on water supply-, etc.). 02 Thermal (extent of development and possibilities for expansion, extent of use of various fuels; coal, wood, peat, natural gas, gas, etc,). 03 GovernmentaL and private plans for expansion. 4501.0200 NATIONAL AND REGIONAL NETWORKS OR GRIDS (transmission lines and line capacities, grid connections, important substations and switching stations, current characteristics of distribution systems (phase, cycles, voltage, primary and secondary, D.C. and A.C.), location of main power stations with capacity and output in KW, provisions for power reserves, alternate supply or parallel lines and equalization; maps and sketches of networks). Approved For Release 2001/08/210x6IAIROP78-02646R000100070001-9 Econ. 23 A 0 0 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 4501.0300 OWNERSHIP, DIRECTION AND OPERATION OF POWER NETWORKS (including governmental control and foreign investments and control). .0400 PATTERN OF CONSUMPTION OF POWER (statistics of use of KWh by various classes of consumers, i.e., private, industrial, transportational, etc., export and import of electric 'power). . .0500 INDIVIDUAL POWER PLANTS (location and ownership; description, where applicable, of dens and water heads, channels, pennstocks, and other vital parts of system, capacity and actual output in KW or H.P. (plant factor); type and make of plant and auxiliary equipment (turbines, generators, etc.), specific uses of power outputs; specific vulnerability to sabotage and bomb- ing; maps, sketches and photographs of plant complex, dame, etc.). 4502. .0100 .0200 .0300 4503. .0100 .0200 .0300 .040o 4504. .0100 .0200 nnnr, ASSESSMENT OF DAMAGE FROM SABOTAGE, BOMBING, DEMOLITION, AND OTEER CAUSES. REPAIR AND RECONSTRUCTION OF DAMAGED PLANTS. IMPORTANT LEADERS AND OFFICIALS IN POWER DEVELOPMENT (including enterprises with which associated). NOTE: Forward biographical material under 7300. PUBLIC UTILITY GAS SYSTEMS. NOTE: Natural gas is reported under 4204.? EXTENT AND NATURE OF UTILIZATION (by specific industries and by the oneraL pUblic). IMPORTANT OPERATING COMPANIES OR SYSTEMS (location and ownership of plants, extent of pipe network, industries served, vulnerability to sabotage and bombing, damage reported, sketches and photographs of plants). REPAIR AND RECONSTRUCTION OF DAMAGED SYSTEMS. WATER SUPPLY SYSTEMS (in urban and industrial areas). NOTE: Sanitation and contamination of water and water supply are reported under 5304.0500. SOURCES (present and alternative). INSTALLATIONS (purification methods and equipment, location and capacity of pumping stations, reservoirs, aqueducts,-etc., extent of pipe network; methods of safeguarding, reported sabotage of installations, or other damage; sketches and photographs of system). Supply (population now served, volume and constancy of present supply, quality pf water, limitations on present use, possibility for increased output). REPAIR AND RECONSTRUCTION OF DAMAGED INSTALLATIONS. ICE PLANTS AND REFRIGERATION. Natural ice cutting and storage (urban centers and industrial areas thus supplied, large ice companies, amounts stored and how utilized, populations and industries served). Artificial ice plants (location and ownership, methods and facilities for freezing, type and make of equipment, production and capacity figures, sources of materials and power, specific uses and disposition of the ice). Refrigeration facilities and uses (extent of use of various types of equip- ment by general population, restaurants, hotels, stores, storehouses, etc.; utilization in railroad cars, trucks, ships, etc.). Approved For Release 2994-wpAiCIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08C/28 :D 4504.0300 4505. NOTE: Details of refrigeration facilities in ports and in railroad re- frigerator cars, and statistics on refrigerator capacity in the Merchant Marine are reported under Transportation, 4600. WAREHOUSES AND STORAGE FACILITIES. Adequacy of facilities in important industrial areas or towns, types of con- struction, uses, suitability for storage of war materiel, location and capacities of large or strategically located facilities. NOTE: All port storage facilities are reported under 4604.0300. Oil storage facilities are reported under 4203.0600. Refrigeration is reported above under 4504. 4506. METEOROLOGICAL SERVICES, WEATHER BUREAUS, ETC. (location, control, type of service and equipment of stations). NOTE: Data for individual air fields, airports, and air bases is reported under 2400, AAF Form. No. 63 being used. Relation of Meteorological Services to Air Navigation is covered under 2901. 0800. 4600.0000 TRANSPORTATION. NOTE 1: Whenever possible, the proper coordinates should be given for all locations. NOTE 2: Maps, sketches, and photographs should be forwarded wherever applicable. 4601'. TRANSPORTATION - GENERAL. .0100 State of development as a whole. .0200 Importance of various branches. .0300 Relation of transportation system to industrial need and development. .0400 Adequacy of combined logistical facilities (rail, road, water, and air) to serve the country or individual strategic areas in war. .0500 Government. control measures, plans and policy. 4602. RAILWAYS. .0100 RAILWAYS - GENERAL. 01 Adequacy for industrial and military needs. 02 Ownership and control. 03 Government policies and program. 04 Standard of maintenance. 05 Various factors affecting railroad construction and operation. 06 Foreign transit and transport. .0200 NATIONAL OR AREA NETWORK., 01 02 4602.0203 Maps showing system, completed, under construction and projected, and indicating line numbers if possible. Government-owned and private lines (total mileages of each). Gauges, with track length of each. Approved For Release 2001/0671MECIAARDP78-02646R000100070001-n? 25 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 4602.0204 Trackage (double or single). 05 Marshalling yards (location, details and diagrams of each). 06 Connection with systems of adjacent countries. 07 Lines under construction, and percent completed. 08 Terminals and important stations. 09 Electrified sections. 10 Sections subject to blockage by snow, flood, avalanches, etc. 11 Total tonnage transported daily, monthly and annually (commodity break- downs) and seasonal variations. NOTE: "Area Networks" are defined as: parts of a country, adjacent regions of several countries, or several countries taken together. .0300 INDIVIDUAL LINES (established, under construction, or projected). 01 RAILWAY GUIDES, TIME TABLES, MAPS, ETC. Forward all printed material showing itineraries (stations, depots, junctions and branches, gradients, curves and traction, distances and times between stations); gauges, double tracking, electrified stretches; vulnerable points (important. bridges, defiles, tunnels', etc.); lines dismantled or not in use. 02 PRINCIPAL INDUSTRIAL USES. 03 DESCRIPTION OF COUNTRY TRAVERSED. Location and description of cuts, de- files, passes and physical characteristics (surface and subsurface) of country traversed. o4 NUMBER OF TRACKS, SIDINGS, LOOPS (location, capacities, sketches, etc.). 05 ELECTRIFICATION (stretches electrified, source of power, distribution system, substations, transmission lines, transformers; vulnerability and alternative forms of traction). 06 ROAD BED (materials used and their availability in vicinity, ballast, gauge and weight of rails, type of fastenings and spacing of sleepers, maximum gradient, minimum radius of curves, etc.). 07 CURRENT CONSTRUCTION and percent completed. 08 SURVEYS AND ADDITIONS (contemplated or projected). 09 CAPACITY OF LINES. 10 Number of trains each way per day. 11 Normal and maximum speeds (include weight of train). 12 Tonnage carried daily and annually (with commodity brealolowns); maximum transport capacity. 13 Axle load capacity. 18 METHODS OF INCREASING CAPACITY. 19 OPERATIONAL FEATURES AND DIFFICULTIES. 20 Traffic control system. 4602.0321 Signal and safety regulations and devices (absolute block system, permissive block, interlocking between points and signals, time inter- vals, semaphores, lights, etc.). Econ. 26 Approved For Release 2001/06ak1gbaRDP78-02646R00010.0070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 4602.0322 Availability of skilled labor. 23 Efficiency of management and operating personnel. 24 Weather and seasonal effects, 29 CURRENT CONDITION and standards of construction and maintenance. 30 REPAIR, RECONSTRUCTION AND SUPPLY FACILITIES (location, type of repairs made, amounts handled, equipment and methods used, supplies available, rate of reconstruction and/or reconversion). 31 LOADING AND ,UNLOADING PLATFORMS, AREAS, AND FACILITIES (nature,,location, adequacy). 32 INDIVIDUAL PASSES, BRIDGES, FARKIES AND ittEEY PIEES, TUNNELS AND VIADUCTS (location, measurements, capacities, clearances, conditions and vulner- ability. For train ferries include pertinent details of installations, operating methods, and time required for crossing). 33 TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH LINES in existence along right of way. 34 METHODS AND TECHNIQUES OF DESTROYING RAILS, TIES, ROAD BED, ETC. (equipment, rate and effectiveness). 35 ASSESSMENT OF DAMAGE BY SABOTAGE, BOMBING, DEMOLITION, AND OTHER CAUSES. .o400 ROLLING STOCK. 01 LOCOMOTIVES (for manufacture see 4402.). 02 Number, size and type (include standard specification of freight loco- motives, electric, steam and hotor for standard and other gauges, , adequacy for military requirements). 03 Foreign-owned locomotives in country and domestic locomotives abroad (number;size, type). OI Availability of replacements and repair (repair shops, ro,allhouses, etc.) 05 Water and fuel supplies (location, means of loading, adequacy). 10 CARS (for manufacture see )402). 11 Number, type, condition, dimensions, capacity, etc. (passenger cars, flat cars, box cars, tank cars, refrigerator cars, etc., domestic and foreign- owned in country). 12 Foreign-owned rolling stock in Country and domestic stock abroad (number, type, dimensions, capacity). 13 Repair shops and yards (location, capacity and efficiency). 18 ASSESSMENT OF DAMAGE TO ROLLING STOCK BY SABOTAGE, BOMBING, AND OTHER ENEMY ACTIVITIES. 1[6o3. .0100 01 ROAD TRANSPORTATION, ROAD TRANSPORTATION - GENERAL General status of highway development in various parts of cotntry. 02 Importance (civilian and military) as a supplement or substitute for railroad transportation. 4E03,0103 :3-overnment policies and programs in road building and road maintenance. Approved For Release 2001/08/MkgARE)P78-02646R000100070001-9 Econ. 27 Approved For Release 2001/08/28_.? CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 4603.0260 NATIONAL OR AREA NETWORK. 01 Maps showing system of roads completed, under construction, ana pro- jected; gradation according to type of surface, width, and carrying capacity. 02 Mileages (total mileages and distances between most important points). 03 Connection with road networks of adjacent countries. Ot Typos and standard of construction. 05 Factors affecting road building in various areas or districs. 06 Availability of road maintenance and repair equipment. 07 National road markings and systems of traffic control. 08 Specific bottlenecks and vulnerable points. 09 Total tonnage (by commodities) transported daily, monthly, annually. Max-1mm capacity. .0300 INDIVIDUAL ROADS AND HIGHWAYS. 01 HIGHWAY MAPS, ROUTE GUIDES, BUS AND TRUCK SCHEDULES. Forward all printed material showing itineraries (with national or local route numbers); physical features of the country traversed (mountain passes, swamps, forests, etc.); highway characteristics (pavement types, grades, loca- tions and classifications of bridges, ferries, fords, mountain passes with elevation, etc.); street systems of principal cities or strategic towns (especially road connections in ports, railheads and airports). NOTE: Detailed city plans forwarded under the Topographic block. 02 ROAD BASE AND ROAD SURFACE (type, materials and methods used, avail- ability of materials in vicinity, and condition at given date). 03 EMBANKMENTS, GRADES, clus, CURVES, TURNS, DEFILES, VULNERABLE POINTS AND NATURAL FEATURES TENDING TO RESTRICT TRAFFIC (location, description, characteristics of surface and subsurface). f 4 CURRENT CONSTRUCTION AND PERCENT COMPLETED. 05 SURVEYS AND ADDITIONS (contemplated or projected). 06 CAPACITY AND RELA1ED STATISTICS. 07 Daily carrying capacity between specified points (in terms of tonnage transportable one or both ways). 08 Traffic flow, chart, or reports, indicating in terms of number of vehicles or tonnage (by vehicle type if possible) that pass 'Direr the highway or road in a given length of time, such as the peak hour, and/or a single day. 09 Estimated speed with which motor vehicles normally operate over the road (between various specified points). 14 WIDTH OF ROAD SURFACE OR IMPROVED SECTIONS (width and type of shoulders and usability for passing; location, dimensions and surface type of passing places). 15 TRAFFIC CONTROL. 4603.0316 Road markings and traffic control provisions not included under National or Area Networks above. Econ. 28 Approved For Release 2001MinkS/A-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/gia&apP78-02646R000100070001-9 4603,0316 Road markings and traffic control provisions not included under National or Area Networks above. 17 Provisions for traffic through or around cities (routes, bottlenecks, narrow streets; include maps, sketches). 18 Intersections, cloverleafs, overpasses, underpasses, etc. (location and diagrams). 19 Locations suitable for traffic control stations and bivouacs. 24 E1T/CT OF SEASONAL CHANGES (rainy season, drainage, snows, floods, frost, landslides, etc., with dates for dry and wet seasons, etc., if important). 25 INDIVIDUAL BRIDGES, TUNNELS, PASSES, AND FORDINGS (location, dimensions, vertical clearances, restricted approaches, type of construction, bearing capacity and conditions; repair facilities and possible uses of tem- porary bridges). 26 FERRIES (location, facilities, capacity, distance and time of crossing both ways). 27 CURRENT CONDITION (state and standards of maintenance and repair; avail- ability of equipment and materials for extended maintenance). 28 POSSIBLE DETOURS (location, capacity and approximate length). 29 ACCOMMODATIONS FOR PERSONS ON ROADS THROUGH UNDEVELOPED AREAS. NOTE; For facilities for motor repair and supply, see Road Transport below (4603.0518). 30 DAMAGE RESULTING FROM BOMBING, SHELLING, SABOTAGE, MINING, OR OTHER CAUSES. .ol[oo TRACKS AND TRAILS (wagon tracks, pack trails, caravan routes, foot trails and paths, etc.). 01 Actual and potential uses of the present trail. 02 Possibilities of improvement for increased load capacity; possibilities for shortening the routes (by use of waterways, building of bridges, etc.). 03 Length and course of route. oh- Normal time for covering the route and loads transportable. 05 Nature of going over each stretch. 06 Fords, ferries, bridges, defiles, heavy climbs. 07 Effect of seasonal changes upon the use of various trails. 08 Detour conditions. 09 Availability of necessities along the way (shelter, fuel, water, food, material for consturct ion and repair). .0500 ROAD TRANSPORT. NOTE: See 4403. for sufficiency of domestic manufacture of road transport vehicles. 4603.0501 ROAD TRANSPORT - GENERAL. Approved For Release 2001/08/2eatk*78-02646R000100070001-9 Econ. 29 4603.0502 03 04 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Dominance of motor transport in various areas (for carrying of passengers, raw materials and industrial goods). Adequacy of motor transport an a supplement to rail and water transpor- tation in war. Limiting factors in use and development of motor transport. (Avail- ability of fuel, rubber, skilled mechanical labor, etc.) 09 GENERAL STATISTICS. 10 Numbers and types of motor vehicles in the country and, by areas (auto- mobiles, trucks, busses, motorcycles, etc.). 11 Numbers and types of motor vehicles equipped with substitute fuel generators (wood and charcoal burners, carbide, acetylene methane users 12 Numbers and types of tractors (road and agricultural). 13 Numbers and types of non-motor vehicles. 18 FACTLITIES FOR MOTOR REPAIR AND surmt (location of garages, repair shops, auto supply stores, general service and fuel stations). 4604. WATER TRANSPORTATION. .0100 WATER TRANSPORTATION - GENERAL. 01 General state of development of water transportation facilities. 02 Importance as a supplement to railroad and road transportation. 03 Possibilities of expanded water transportation to meet war needs. 04 Government control and policies. 05 Ports and harbors listed in order of importance. 06 Aids to Navigation, lighthouses. .0200 INLAND WATERWAYS (lakes, rivers, canals). 01 Main waterways used. (Include map.) 02 Interconnection and linking with land transportation routes and sea routes. 03 Possibilities of further development. 04 Factors affecting development and operation of Inlandwaterways. 05 INDPULDUAL WATERWAYS. 06 Primary traffic functions. 07 Barges and ships used (number, size, draught, speed, power, fuel, maximum dimensions and draught of craft able to use waterway, ownership). 08 Canals, locks, bridge clearances, etc., within system (depth and width of water, vulnerability; include sketches, photographs, etc.). 09 Time required for passage through locks and through whole waterway. 10 Thland ports with wharfs, docks, transshipment and storage facilities (location, lifting equipment and clearance capacities). 4604.0211 Normal tonnage moved yearly and possibilities of increase. Econ. 30 Approved For Release 2001/04/26htkak-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 &)?it)ITTD112A'7L8-02646R000100070001-9 46?4.02 12 Effects of tides or seasonal changes. .0300 SEA PORTS AND HARBOR FACILITIES. 01 GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS, LAYOUT, AND CONDITIONS. 02 General plan of harbor (breakwaters, mo;es, basins, bridges, obstruc- tions, etc., with sketch). 03 Approach channels (depth and width of water, conspicuous landmarks, hazards, necessity for pilot, etc. Include hydrographic charts.). 04 Anchorages (inner and outer; area and depth; mooring buoys; number and size of ships accommodated, turn-around dimensions. Include hydro- graphic charts.). 05 Port regulations and offices. 06 Tides, tidal streams, currents, prevailing winds, fogs, and other weather and seasonal conditions (precautions necessary for safety of vessels at anchor or within the harbor). 07 Protection from submarines, and sea or air observation; other port security measure (vs. fire, sabotage, pillage, etc.). 08 Plans for development. 13 WHARVES, PIERS, QUAYS, AND BERTHS. 14 Construction of piers, wharves, and quays (location, number, type of construction, dimensions, depth of water alongside at high and low tide, height above water, present condition, possibilities of improvement and development). 15 Normal use of piers and wharves. 16 Accessibility, size and number of berths, and method of vessel's approach to berth (necessity for tugs, dimension and draft of largest ship that can be accommodated). 21 LOADING AND UNLOADING SHIP TO SHORE. 22 METHODS OF DISCHARGE. 23 Fixed devices (location, type, number, capacity, radius of reach, lateral and vertical from face of wharf or quay). 24 Mobile cranes and derricks, dump cars, etc. (type and use, number, capacity, radius of reach, etc.). 25 Lighters, barges, tugs and other harbor craft (number, size, type and capacity). 26 EFFICIENCY STANDARDS OF PORT OPERATIONS (direction, labor, planning). 27 POSSIBILITY FOR 24-HOUR USE OF INSTALLATIONS (lighting, labor, fuel, re- pair, etc.). 28 SPECIAL FACILITIES FOR COLD WEATHER OPERATIONS (live steam, etc.): 33 STORAGE FACILITIES. 34 Transit sheds and warehouses (location at port, town, or airport, con- struction, special uses, equipment, capacity). . 35 Open bulk freight storage (location and type of construction, equipment). 4604.0336 Refrigeration facilities (location, type, capacity, uses, equipment). Econ. 31 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 ,00;)AlaRC[P78-02646R000100070001-9 46?4.0337 38 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Special storage facilities for oil, coal, salt and chemicals, ammuni- tions, etc., elevators, ore silos, etc. (location, equipment, capacity, normal contents). Possibilities for expanding storage facilities. PORT TERMINN, TRANSPORTATION FACILITIES AND INITIAL INLAND CONNECTIONS. NOTE:' Where possible forward sket'Ohvdicating details called for immediately below. PORT RAIL FACILITIES AND CONNECTIONS (sidings, marshalling yards, rolling stock, switching engines, etc.). Sidings, spurs, passing loops, on quays and wharves and at storage places (number of tracks, length, gauge, through or dead-end, control points and location (with diagram). Marshalling yards at port or utilized in port operations (location and capacity, with diagram showing number and gauge of tracks connecting with sidings and with all lines leading from port, routes through town, tunnels, bridges, viaducts, connection with storage places, quays, and wharves; indicate vulnerable points, bottlenecks and possibilities for increasing capacity). Rolling stock, switching engines, tank cars, flat cars used and available for use in port operations (number, power, type, load capacity, con- dition). Railway exits inland and along coast (number of tracks, gauge, principal. destination). PORT ROADWAY FACILITIES AND ROAD EXITS. Roadways and loading areae at sidings, quays, wharves, piers and storage places, etc. (type of surface, widths, dimensions of turn-around spaces and loading areas, through or dead-end, routes between important build- ings, bottlenecks, etc. Include sketches.). Road exits inland and along coast (routes through town, number of traffic lanes, bridges, tunnels, etc., connecting with roads leading from port or town, surface, number of lanes, direction and main destination). WATERWAY CONNECTIONS, including navigable rivers, canals and lakes. NOTE: For details on waterway boats and installations, see Inland Waterways above (46o4.02oo). 53 CONNECTIONS WITH NEARBY AIRFIELDS (methods of moving goods between port and airfield). NOTE: For details on airfields and types of planes, see Air block. 57 SHIP SERVICING FACILITIES. 58 FUEL AND WATER (coal, oil, etc.). 59 Coal (storage areas, sources and supply available, location, number and ship capacity of berths, methods of loading and unloading, equipment, capacity and rate of bunkering and discharge). 60 Oil (location, number, storage capacity of tanks, sources of supply, number and size of pipelines, location and ship capacity of berths, methods and rate of loading and discharge). 61 Water (source, quantity, quality, method and rate of supply and storage). 4.6?4.03 62 Food supplies available (types and kinds, seasonal variations, etc.). Econ. 32 Approved For Release 200c1MailAelA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 ? Approved For Release 2001/08J/DP78-02646R000100070001-9 4604.0363 DRYDOCKS, MACHINE SHOPS, REPAIR AND POWER FACILITIES. NOTE: Shipyards reported under Shipbuilding (4405). 64 Drydocks, floating docks and graving docks, marine railways, slipways, basins (types of construction and repair work done; number and size of .ships which can be accommodated; lifting capacity for floating; equip- ment used; comment on methods, speed and efficiency; include sketch showing type, location and dimensions). 65 Machine shops (location, equipment and facilities, type and standards of work). 66 Power supply for repair and night operation (source, type, availability and adequacy for electric lighting and operation of machinery used in construction and repairs). 71 CAPACITIES AND RELATED STATISTICS. NOTE: In reporting volumes and tonnages, state specifically whether metric tons, long tons or short tone are used. 72 Yearly volume of shipping in and out of port (including character of traffic; sources and destination of cargoes; ownership and nationality of shipping lines and schedules and routes used). 73 Average daily. tonnage (long tons) which can be unloaded and cleared from shipside (compute quay by quay if possible and indicate length of work- ing day taken for estimate. Also indicate method of discharge, i.e., cranes on pier, ship's gear, lighter, or combination). 74 Maximum daily estimate, i.e. 75 Average daily 76 Maximum daily estimate). 77 78 Number, size, tonnage which can be unloaded (indicate factors affecting , methods used, efficiency, length of working day, etc.). tonnage loaded (commodities, means used, etc.). tonnage which can be loaded (indicate factors affecting and draft of ships which can be worked by lighters. Number, size, and draft of ships which can be accommodated at all wharves. 79 Number, size, and draft of ships which can be accommodated in harbor awaiting discharge. 80 Average daily tonnage handled at port by product (grain, coal, oil, minerals, agricultural products, manufactures, etc.). 81 Volume and character of goods transshipped at port (including sources and destinations of cargoes). 86 HARBOR CRAFT-(fishing craft, dredges, Ace breakers, water boats, launches, etc., number, types, size, number of craft available for ship to shore ferrying service). 87 .o400 01 4604.0402 NOTE: Lighters, barges, and tugs are treated under Loading and Unloading above (4604.0321). ASSESSMENT OF DAMAGE TO PORT ERMA SABOTAGE, BOMBING, DEMOLITION ANIf011ibit CAUSES. MERCHANT MARINE. MERCBART MARINE - GENERAL. State of development and composition. Approved For Release 2001/08/S9ttf46P78-02646R000100070001-9 Econ. 33 Approved For Release 2001/g842&6CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 4604.0403 Government ownership, policies and regulations. 04 Degree of naval or military control and operation. 05 Marine development as affected by international agreements. 06 Recruiting and training of merchant seamen. 10 NATIONAL MERCHANT MARINE. 11 STATISTICS (number, types, tonnages, construction, speed, cruising radius, refrigeration capacity, etc.). 12 SUITABILITY OR ADAPTABILITY TO MILITARY USE (carriers for troops, animals, vehicles, and general cargo, landing craft, aircraft, carriers, tenders, etc.). 13 Provisions made in construction for arming and converting. 14 Estimated time of conversion. 15 Estimated military capacity. 16 Convoy plans and practices. 20 OPERATING COMPANIES (shipping companies and passenger lines). 21 Ownership, government subsidization, financial resources, and economic importance. 22 Shipping controlled (numbers, types, and tonnages of ships owned or chartered). 23 Routes and ports of call (including principal cargoes carried and itineraries, regular schedules, tramp services, etc.). 24 Operating agreements and adjustment with foreign countries. 25 Standards of operational efficiency. 26 Shipping losses and damage through navigational mishaps. 27 Salvage Operations. 29 USES OF FOREIGN SHIPPING (numbers, types, tonnages of vessels). 30 Foreign owned and domestically operated. 31 Foreign owned and foreign operated. 36 CHARTERING OF SHIPPING TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES (number, type, tonnages of vessels). , 37 Operated by foreign personnel. 38 Operated by personnel of country of ownership. CONSTRUCTION PROGRA145.(number, type, and tonnage of ships, and shipyards to which construction is allocated). 44 Government building contracts (at home and abroad) 45 Contracts of private companies (at home and abroad) 4604,o446 Ships under construction by domestic shipyards on foreign contract. NOTE: Shipbuilding is reported under 4405. Econ. 34 Approved For Release 2001/08IENM-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/414StIARRP78-02646R000100070001-9 AIR TRANSPORTATION. NOTE: This subject is treated in its entirety under the Air block. 4700. COMMERCE. 4701. CHARACTER OF DEVELOPMENT. .0100 Governmental trade policies (tariffs, preferences, subsidies, export credits, etc.). .0200 Importance of foreign trade in national economy. .0300 Participation in international agreements and conventions affecting commerce. .0400 Methods of international payments (unrestricted, clearing, compensation, barter, balance). .0500 Free ports and, re-export privileges. .0600 Government monopolies. .0700 Non-governmental trade organizations. 4702. RESTRICTIONS AND CONTROLS ON TRADE. .0100 Import duties and conditions (import and sales quotas; customs requirements and privileges; documentation; quarantine and sanitary requirements; excises and other internal taxes on imports). .0200 Export duties, surtaxes, embargoes, and restrictions. .0300 Weights and measures. .0400 Sanctions. 4703. DOMESTIC TRADE. .0100 Pattern of movement and interchange of goods (including areas, transpor- tation routes, and chief trade centers). .0200 Interarea or interstate coordination of trade practice (including controls, restriction' and limitations). .0300 Dependence of domestic business activities on foreign trade. .0400 Express companies, travel agencies, etc. .0500 Salient statistics. 4704. FOREIGN TRADE. .010C DEPENDENCE OF COUNTRY ON FOREIGN TRADE. 01 In normal times. 02 In war or other crises. .0200 GENERAL PATTERNOFFOREIGN TRADE (countries traded with, basic exchanges of goods). 4704.0300 IMPORTS AND EXPORTS. NOTE: Information dealing with imports or exports of an individual commodity should be forwarded under the number for the commodity in ques- tion. This heading is for statistics and inclusive studies of import and export trade. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Econ. 35 Approved For Release 2001/081F2p) : Cilfik:RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CON 4704.03o1 Imports (with country or countries, commodities, volume and value). 02 Exports (with country or countries, commodities, volume and value). 03 Inclusive studies (covering one or more foreign countries) of both im- ports and exports (with countries, commodities, volume and value). NOTE: See Annex for form to follow in inclusive report. NOTE: Information on exports and imports of neutral countries which is of importance in the conduct of economic warfare by belligerent or semi- belligerent countries is reported under 4108. .0400 RELATIONSHIP OF IMPORTS AND EXPORTS OF RAW MATERIALS TO INDUSTRY'. .0500 TRADE AS AFFECTED BY INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS. 01 Commodities and volume planned to be exchanged. 02 Financial arrangements (trade balance, clearing arrangements, credits, etc.). NOTE: international economic agreements are generally reported under 4112. Special war trade agreements with neutrals are reported under Operation in Neutral Countries of Economic Warfare, 4108. 4705. TRADE THROUGH INTERNATIONAL EMERGENCY PROGRAMS (Red Cross, Lend Lease, UNRRA, etc.). NOTE: Details of relief organizations are reported under 5800. .0100 Countries involved, funds allocated, kind and volume of commodities shipped, programs of delivery and distribution. .0200 Resultant dislocations (actual and probable) in normal trade patterns. 4706. SMUGGLING. .0100 Important areas of activity, and principal commodities involved; effect of operations on normal trade and especially on the supply of military equip- ment. .0200 Means and methods employed; identities and nationalities of principal persons or organizations involved. .0300 Effectiveness of government counter-measures and results of treaties and agreements concerned with smuggling. 4800. TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND MAIL. 4801. EXTENT OF DEVELOPMENT. .0100 Relative importance of the different types of communications. .0200 Relation of communications system to the economic and industrial needs of the country, and its importance in governmental and administrative control. .0300 Government control measures, plans, and policy. .0400 Degree of governmental, foreign and monopolistic ownership. .0500 Telephotographic and facsimile transmission. (Extent of development and use.) 4802.0000 NATIONAL TELEPHONE NETWORK AND EQUIPMENT. Econ. 36 Approved For Release 200101/28MIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/2p0RMIF78-02646R000100070001-9 4802.0100 TELEPHONE NETWORK - GENERAL. Forward general. studies, with map whenever possible, covering: 01 Telephone line net, points and Population served, mileages, ownership. 02 Ratio of number of telephones to population (by areas): 03 Location of all exchange central offices. 04 Location of connections with telephone systems of foreign countries. .0200 EQUIPMENT AND SERVICE. 01 Kind of service (magneto, common battery, dial). 02 General discussion of equipment (overhead and underground lines, switch- board equipment, number of phones, condition, standard of efficiency, hours of service, adaptability to war use, including manufacturer and name plate data wherever possible). .0300 INDIVIDUAL SYSTEMS OR COMPANIES. 01 Complete circuit diagram of system. 02 Location of exchanges and nature of equipment (magneto, common battery or dial service; switchboard or switching equipment; switchboard line capacity; primary and auxiliary power equipment; ringing equipment; tele- phone substations; toll and exchange wire and cable entrance facilities; kind and location of repeater and test station, and trade-mark). 03 Type of circuits (kind and size of wire and cable used). 04 Type of outside plant construction (size and kind of poles used; location (on railroad. right-of-way, public highway, or private right-of-way). 05 General description of telephotographic, facsimile transmission radio monitoring, toll line dialing and echo-suppressing equipment. 06 Adequacy, efficiency and dependability of service. 07 Methods (other than military) of protecting system. 09 Assessment of damage from sabotage, demolition, bombing, and other causes. 10 Repair and reopening of damaged circuits. 4803. NATIONAL TELEGRAPH: NETWORK AND EQUIPMENT. .0100 TELEGRAPH NETWCRK - GENERAL. Forward general studies, with map whenever possible, covering: 01 Telegraph line net, points served, mileage, and ownership. 02 Location and ownership principal operating offices. 03 Location of connections with telegraph system of foreign countries. .0200 ADEQUACY OF EQUIPMENT AND SERVICE (types of equipment and service, and standards of efficiency). .0300 INDIVIDUAL SYSTEMS OR COMPANIES. 01 COMPLETE CIRCUIT DIAGRAM OF SYSTEM. 4803.0302 TYPES OF STATION EQUIPMENT (instruments, with manufacturer and name plate wherever possible). Econ. 37 Approved For Release 2001/08/28NFCIMRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28ENTIAL : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFID 480110303 CIRCUIT (kind, size of wire and cable). 04 LINES. 05 Wire and cable (kind and size). 06 Poles (size and kind). 07 Poles lines (location on right-of-way, public highway or private right- of-way, public highway or private right-of-way). 12 ADEQUACY, EFFICIENCY AND DEPENDABILITY OF SERVICE. 13 Methods of Protecting System against sabotage and espionage. (Report methods other than military.) 14 CODES IN GENERAL USE. 16 TELETYPE SYSTEMS. 17 Systems in use, with organizations and agencies operating them. 18 Types and makes of equipment used. 19 Efficiency of operation and availability of repair. 20 Adaptability to military use. 25 ASSESSMENT OF DAMAGE FROM SABOTAGE, DEMOLITION, AND OTHER CAUSES. 26 Repair and reopening of damaged circuits. 4804. CABLE. .0100 CABLE - GENERAL. Forward general studies, with map if possible, showing: 01 Location and length of cables; connecting land lines; important station points and terminals in foreign countries. 02 Location of the stations. 03 Location of connections with interior telegraph systems. 04 Relations with other countries or foreign companies concerning cable systems owned or operated jointly. .0200 INDIVIDUAL SYSTEMS OR COMPANIES. 01 Description of station equipment and instruments (including manufacturer and name plate wherever possible). 02 Landing points, cable huts, etc. 03 Type and make of cable used. 04 Land lines (length, route, type of construction, size and kind of wire and cable, circuit information). 05 Adequacy, efficiency and dependability of service. 06 Methods (other than military) of safeguarding system and facilities. 07 Codes used in foreign service'. 09 Damage from sabotage and other causes. 4804.0210 Repair and reopening of damaged systems. Econ. 38 Approved For Release 2001/08MDEigtArRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 ? RORP78-02646R000100070001-9 4805.0000 RADIO. NOTE: Manufacture of radio equipment is reported under 4407: :0100 RADIO - GENERAL. Forward general studies on all stations giving location, type, use, powers of station, frequency. 01 Broadcasting. ,02 Fixed stations. 03 Military and Naval. Coastal and aeronautical. 05 Notices to mariners and meteorological notices. 06 Press, medical advice, time signals, and other services. 07 Amateur broadcasting. 08 Clandestine stations. .0200 INDIVIDUAL STATIONS (all types as listed above). 01 Location and type of service rendered. 02 Ownership and operation 03 Call signs, frequency, type of emission, antenna power. 04 Nurber, type and make of transmitting sets. 05 Frequency limits for transmission. 06 Number, type, and make of reqeiving sets. 07 Power supply (ordinary and emergency). 08 Damage sustained from sabotage or enemy action. .0300 PRIVATELY OWNED RADIO RECEIVING SETS IN COUNTRY. Number, type, and regional distribution. .0400 RADIO NET OF POLICE and non-military intelligence organizations: Give .general information. .0500 REPAIR FACILITIES. Skilled civilian radio installation and maintenance facilities and personnel (repair shops, mechanics, replacement parts, etc.). 4812. MAIL AND COURIER SYSTEM. .0100 General state of development of mail system. .0200 Extent of use of air, land, and sea transportation for carrying of mail. .0300 Provision for expedition and delivery of mails. .0400 Provision for safeguarding mails. .0500 Details concerning mail and courier service in remote or undeveloped areas. 4900. FINANCE. 4901.0000 FINANCIAL STRENGTH, Econ. 39 Approved For Release 2001/08/283.0*-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001NN&I9IA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 .4901.0100 Existing wealth (national wealth and wealth per capita, distribution of wealth). .0200 Ability of government to finance a war (present financial position and ability to borrow money at home and abroad, elements of strength and weak- ness in the state of currency and credit). .0300 Measures taken to improve the financial structure of the country. .0400 Balance of international payment, and capital movements. 4902. INCOME. .0100 NATIONAL INCOME. Amount and sources (salaries, dividends, interest, profits, gifts, etc., from domestic and foreign sources). .0200 GOVERNMENTAL INCOME. Amount and sources. 01 CUSTOMS (average annual receipts and those of latest year possible). 02 TAXATION (average total annual receipts and those for latest year possible). 03 Various forms of taxation and receipts from each income tax, inheritance tax, poll tax, sales tax, property taxes, etc.) o4 Extraordinary and special levies (amount levied and purposes of use). 05 Pattern of distribution of tax burden (allocation to various levels of wealth and income, including taxation of foreigners). 06 Effect of the present taxation program and additional impositions (upon accumulation and distribution of wealth; upon labor, capital, business, initiative, and enterprise). 11 INCOME FROM STATE PROPERTIES, MONOPOLIES, AND OTHER SOURCES. 4903. GOVERNMENT BUDGET. NOTE: Report in currency of country and furnish recommended conversion rate. Where estimates are given, give degree of accuracy. .0100 Anticipated revenue (total and by major sources, such as customs, taxation, etc.). .0200 Approved expenditures (total and according to eacli major allocation, such as operation of government, education, national defense, etc.). .0300 Supplementary budgets provided in course of year (National Defense and others). .0400 Departures from previously announced budgets as shown by actual statistics of expenditures. .0500. Analysis and interpretation (relative size and importance of various items in the light of general economic and financial situation, administrative policies, etc.). 4904. NATIONAL DEFENSE BUDGET. .0100 General break-down of the defense budget according to the various components (land, air, navy, etc.). 4904.0200 Allocations to non-military budgets which nevertheless have importance for National Defense. Econ. 40 Approved For Release 2001MMITMA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08c/MDRA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 IAL 4904.020o NOTE: The above information on the National Defense budget,.together with other information as set forth in W.D. Form in Annex, is to reach M.I.S. not later than 1 November of each year. NOTE: Detailed break-downs of the Army, budget are reported under 0215.0101. 4905. PUBLIC DEBT. .0100 General state of indebtedness of country. .0200 Domestic debt (total and per capita indebtedness; chief creditors; character of loans and bonds outstanding; efforts toward reduction and trends toward increase). .0300 Foreign debt (total and per capita debt; creditor countries with amount, time, and purpose of loans; bearing of indebtedness On internal economic and financial situation and in international relations; efforts toward re- duction; and trends toward increase). .o400 Public credit, domestic and foreign (general history of government's re- liability in fulfilling obligations; extent of possibilities for domestic loans and of dependence upon foreign loans to finance wars). .0500 New loans, refinancing, retirement of debts (domestic and foreign). 4906. FOREIGN CAPITAL AND FINANCIAL ENTERPRISE IN COUNTRY (governmental and private). (For Safehaven see 4107.0204.) .0100 Amounts of foreign capital invested, including short term (total amounts for various nationalities and its distribution by the chief resources and in- dustries; frozen assets). .0200 Attitude of government towards foreign capital invested in the country (policies, control measures). .0300 Influence ,of foreign investors in domestic affairs, and in international re- lationships. NOTE: Foreign ownership and control of individual industries, companies, and plants is reported in the appropriate sections. 4907. NATIONAL CAPITAL AND FINANCIAL ENTERPRISES IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES. .0100 Amounts of capital invested, including short term balances (total amounts in various countries and distribution by chief resources and Industries; frozen assets). .0200 Specific companies and plants wholly or partly owned or controlled (lo- cation, type of product, production, destination of output). .0300 Availability of capital invested abroad as a source Of credit for loans or of foreign exchange. .o400 Government policy in regard to investment of capital abroad (regulations ar restrictions). .0500 Influence of the investors (upon affairs in the foreign country and upon international relationships). .0600 Policies of the foreign country in dealing with the investors (encourage- ment, restrictions, regulations, etc.). 49o8. BANKING. 4908.0100 General plan of banking system (government requirements as to reserves, , issuance of bank notes and credit instruments, inspection and control; Approved For Release 2001/08C28F1MAIRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Eccm? 41 Approved For Release 2001t9N1EIT9TA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 4908.0100 government banks; organization of conmercial banking System; provisions for international banking; chief private banking interests). 4908.0200 Principal individual banking systems (name, location, ownership; character of business done; deposits, resources, capital invested; relative impor- tance in financial and economic fields). .0300 Foreign ownership (nationality, capital invested, resources, industrial and banking interests chiefly affected). (For Safehaven, see )4107.0204) 4909. . CURRENCY. .0100 Government laws and methods of control (including provisions for metallic reserves in ratio to paper currency, stabilization measures). .0200 Monetary system and currency (specie and currency types and denominations used; system of issue by national government and by banks). .0300 Reserves on hand, at home and abroad, at end of fiscal year. .0400 Amount of notes in circulation. .0500 New issues of currency and special issues. .0600 Inflationary trends and countermeasures (including stabilization of currency and prices). .0700 Counterfeiting. 4910. EXCHANGE. .0100 Current value of monetary unit in United States and other foreign curren- cies. .0200 Government laws and methods of stabilization and control. .0360 Foreign exchange fluctuations and their effect on foreign trade, domestic enterprise, and prices. 4911. INSURANCE. .0100 Scope of private insurance development (types of insurance developed, total amounts invested, classification of chief investors, government control and direction) .0200 Insurance wholly or partly financed by government (details as for private insurance). Outstanding companies (ownership and directorship, types and volume of in- surance handled, analysis of financial resources and current position, in- cluding foreign-held policies and investments abroad). NOTE: Insurance of the military Services is reported under 0215.0305. NOTE: Social insurance is reported under 5806. 4911.0300 Econ. 42 Approved For Release 200c1nAgriSdA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 TAB Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/0c80TED:EgtRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 SOCIOLOGICAL THE OUTLINE UT FORTH IN THE FOLLOWING PAGES CALLS FOR DETAILED INFORMATION NOT All OF WHICH MAY BE OF MILITARY SIGNIFICANCE IN ANY SINGLE COUNTRY. THE OUTLINE IS PRESENTED IN DETAIL IN ORDER THAT ALL FACTORS OF POTENTIAL MILITARY IMPORTANCE MAY BE GIVEN DUE CONSIDERA- TION AS SUBJECTS FOR REPORTING. INFORMATION ON ALL FACTORS WITH ,IMPORTANT MILITARY PLANNING AND OPERATIONAL IMPLICATIONS IS REQUIRED BY um WAR DEPARTMENT IN ORDER TO ASSESS THE MILI- TARY CAPABILITIES OF NATIONS IN TERMS OF HUMAN RESOURCES, MANPOWER, HEALTH CONDITIONS, MORALE, AND ATTITUDES OF SOCIAL CLASS DIVISIONS TO WAR AND THE SOCIAL ECONOMIC CONDITIONS RESULTING FROM WAR. STUDIES PREPARED BY QUALIFIED SOCIOLOGISTS, OFFICIAL REPORTS, CENSUS DOCUMENTS, AND BIBLIOGRAPHIES COVERING ELEMENTS OF THIS OUTLINE ARE TO BE FORWARDED WITH BR IHH SUMMARIES AND EVALUATING COMMENTS WHEN AVAILABLE. SUBJECTS OF POTENTIAL MILITARY SIGNIFICANCE NOT DEALT WITH IN AVAILABLE LITERATURE WILL BE TREATED IN ORIGINAL REPORTS. FULL USE SHOULD BE MADE OF SUCH PROFESSIONAL SOURCES AND ASSISTANCE AS MAY BE AT HAND. CONTENTS 5100.0000 - SOCIOLOGICAL - GENERAL 5200.0000 - POPULATION AND MANPOWER 5300.0000 - BEAITH AND SANITATION 5400.0000 - LABOR 5500.0000 - PUBLIC OPINION AND MORALE 5600.0000 - CONDITIONS OF DOMESTIC Likh 5700.0000 - EDUCATION 5800.0000 - WELFARE, SOCIAL INSURANCE, AND RECREATION 5900.0000 - PUBLIC ORDER AND SAFETY Approved For Release 2001/080FigykRIDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/2ait9JArilitI2F'78-02646R000100070001-9 5100.0000 SOCIOLOGICAL - GENERAL Report under this general heading only those generalizations about the social life and, social structure of the country which are not classifiable under the detailed headings which follow. 5100. SOCIAL HISTORY. ? The historical origin of the nation - by martial conquest or revolution, by political combination (voluntary or imposed, or by colonization). Report these factors in the history of the nation which are necessary to the understanding of present-day social life and organization. 5102. LANGUAGE, Designate major languages and linguistic groups (distinguish between separate languages and dialects of the same language); degree of mutual intelligibility of dialects; official language of country; currency-of "trade" languages or "pidgin"; foreign language most used in country. Outline distribution of languages and dialects on maps; give statistics as to number of speakers of each. 5103. NOTE:- Where linguistic characteristics are associated with important divisions of society, discuss implications under 5103.0100. SOCIAL STRUCTURE: Analysis of the racial, caste, or class structure of the country, showing the major lines of division. Discuss inter-group frictions, giving estimate of their effect on national solidarity. For each type of groups classified in the sections which follow (if they exist In the country) give the following information: approximate numbers or rela- tive numerical strength (if possible show on map); principal leaders and their influence within and outside the group; status and influence in society; be- liefs, doctrines, activities which set them apart from other groups; solidarity of group. For immigrant groups, report loyalty to country of origin. .0100 RACIAL, ETHNIC, AND NATIONAL GROUPS. Racial groups defined on the basis of physical characteristics; ethnic groups defined on the basis of language and/or general social pattern; national groups defined on the basis of national extraction, when primary consideration-is foreign origin (covers. immigrant; groups not completely assimilated into social life of country). NOTE: Detailed statistical tabulations reported under 5201.0300. Political influence reported under '3144.0300. - .0200 CASTES. .0300 SOCIAL-ECONOMIC CLASSES. Show basis of class distinction, implications in political activity and national solidarity. State basis of class distinctions, whether hereditary, occupation, financial, or other. Discuss social mobility, i.e., possibility - of change in class status of individuals. NOTE: implications in political activity should be cross-indexed to proper section of 3144. 5104.0000 RELIGION. Discuss influence of religion in guiding decisions and daily activities of people, and the association of religion with racial, ethnic, caste, and social economic groupings discussed under 5103. For each of the major religious grouts: existing in the country give the following data (classified under the numbers listed below): (a) approximate number of adherents, (b) church organization, (0) im- portant church leaders, (&) vital doctrines, (e) discriminatory actions or de- crees against, (f) important ceremonies, .(g) religions sanctions for war and violenae, (h) relationship to government, (1) relationship to other religions, (j) international affiliations. 5104.0100, CATHOLIC, ROMAN. Approved For Release 2001/08/2871EMP78-02646R000100070001-9 Soc. 1 Approved For Release 2001/S-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 5104.0200 ORTHODOX (GREEK, ARMENIAN, SYRIAN, ETC). .0300 PROTESTANT. .o400 MOSLEM. .0500 JEWISH. .0600 FAR EAS1EEN (HINDU, BUDDHIST, SHINTO, ETC). .0700 OTHER RELIGIONS. .0800 FOREIGN MISSIONS. DiSCUBS separately from above, giving sects represented, number of estab- lishments and missionaries, nature of activities, influence. 5105. MORALS AND RFT,12at NOTE: Discussions under this section should be in terms of standards established by the group or society which is being reported on, not in terms of American standards of morality. Include in this section discussion of uninntitutionalized religious beliefs and practices, especially those against which an uninformed outsider might offend. Note especially: taboos; myths affecting conduct (divine origin, etc.); belief in immortality which affects behavior in battle (rewards after death, religious pacifism or non-violence); ancestor worship; sorcery, and magic; abnormal states, divine possession, trances, etc. Special attention should be given to the following aspects of the moral code: .0100 REGULATION OF SEXUAL REIATIONS. Describe the attitudes and moral standards which govern the following activi- ties: pre-marital relations; marriage ceremonies and restrictions (including incest, polygamy, adultery, etc.); divorce, prostitution. NOTE: Statistics of marriage and divorce are reported under 5203.0500 and 5203.0600, control of prostitution is reported under 5304.0200. .0200 RESPECT FOR PROPERTY RIGHTS. Outline character of property-holding, both private and cakmunal; property rights of women; transmission of property, inheritance, barter, exchange. At- titudes towards theft within the community or group, and outside the group. Obligations among relatives and neighbors. .0300 VIOLENCE. Indicate most usual forms of violence in community and commonest provocations, causes both internal and 'external. Attitudes toward violence between members of the group, and between members of the group and outsiders; attitudes toward mass violence, rioting, war, fights, duels, feuds, vendettas. Brawls between groups. Mobs and rioting. 5106. VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONS. List important fraternal, benefit and secret societies, giving the following in- formation for each: (a) approximate numerical strength and classes from which members are drawn, (b) organization, (c) important leaders, (d) ceremonial and dogma, (e) aims, and nature of activity, (f) influence in society, (g) how viewed by the government, (h) how viewed by the community. NOTE: If any of these exert political pressure, cross reference should be made to 3144.0300. Labor unions, employers associations, and trade associations are reported else- where. Religious auxiliaries should be reported under the appropriate religious group. 5107.0000 SOCIAL MOVEMENTS. Include under this head communint, fascist, youth and feminist movements and. other social expressions of a crusading, uplift, cultural or semi-political Soc. 2 Approved For Release 2001/0 8DthAIRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 7108.0000 nature which do not properly come under other heads in tnis general section or other sections. Definite aims in the field of social welfare, character of membership and leadership, strength and general social conditions by which movement is produced. REGIONAL AND COMMUNITY STUDIES. Under this section are to be reported wide-scale studies which cover the entire range of social life of a people living in a given area. The area may be large (a continent, a country), or it may be small (a town, or a rural community). NOTE: This classification should be used only when it is not possible to classify a report under one of the specific subject headings. Normally such reports will be in the form of published monographs or articles. In many cases, it may be advisable to classify a report under this major title and cross-index to other specific titles, if the report contains only a small amount of infor- mation on each. Reports under this major section should be classified under the following sub-divisions: .0100 MAJOR GEOGRAPHIC REGIONS. Regions which cross national boundaries or include more than one country. (Example: Southeast Asia, Central Europe, Polynesia). .0200 COUNTRIES. '.0500 GEOGRAPHIC REGIONS WITHIN COUNTRIES. To be used when the area covered crosses major political subdivisions of a country. (Example: the Amazon Basin). .0400 STATES AND PROVINCES. To be used when the area covered coincides with major political subdivisions. .0500 CITIES AND METROPOLITAN AREAS'. Studies of individual cities and general studies of city life; patterns of city growth; city planning. .0600 TOWNS AND VILLAGES. Studies of individual towns and villages and general studies of village life. .0700 RURAL AREAS. Studies of specific rural areas and general studies of rural life. 5200. POPULATION AND MANPOWER - General. Data required under this section will be primprily statistical in nature. Origi- nal reports from official census sources, statistical yearbooks, and other statistical compendia are desired. 5201. GENERAL POPULATION CHARACTERISTICS: .0100 NUMBER AND DISTRIBUTION OF POPULATION. Data from the most recent census on the population of the country as a whole, and of political subdivisions (states, counties, minor civil divisions, cities, towns, etc.). Data from official estimates for periods not covered by regulmr censuses. Maps showing minor civil divisions for which census data are re- ported. Maps showing distribution and density of population. .0200 AGE AND SEX STATISTICS. Number of inhabitants of principal subdivisions of country classified by age and sex. .0300 RACIAL, ETHNIC, AND NATIONAL GROUPS - STATISTICS. statistics of population, classified by race, ethnic and national groups, for eacn subdivision of country. NOTE: This section is intended for statistical description only. Report detailed description of racial, ethnic end-national groups under 5105.0100. 5201.0400 PHYSICAL TYPES (ANTNROPOMETRY). Data on physical characteristics of the population: height, weight proportions, Approved For Release 2001/08/28NMARROP78-02646R000100070001-9 Soc. 3 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL etc. Where possible results of scientific statistical studies should be secured, rather than general reports. Particularly important are studies of the male population secured through measurements at time of conscription. Re- port also scientific studies of distinguishing physical characteristics of different racial groups. 5201.0500 NATIONALS NORMALLY LIVING OUTSIDE THE ,COUNTRY. Data on the number of nationals living outside the country; country and sub- divisions of country in which they are living. 5202. MOVEMENTS OF POPULATION. Report data on immigration and emigration, forced migration and repatriation, in- ternal migration under the following headings: .olop IMMIGRATION. Data on number of immigrants, by country of origin, for recent years. Long- term studies of trends. (Report data by age and sex where available.) NOTE: Reportgeneralstatus of immigrants in country under 5103.0100. Report policy of country with regard to Immigration and naturalization laws under 5204. .0200 EMIGRATION. Data on number of persons migrating out of country by year and destination. (Report data by age and sex where available.) Report separately alien groups subject to mass expulsion. Data on nationals residing in foreign countries: Numbers, areas, significant activities, loyalty, etc. NOTE: Report policy of country with regard to emigration under 5204. .0300 INTERNAL MIGRATION. Data on movements of population within the country, particularly as they are indicative of the building up of new industrial, agricultural, or strategic areas. If seasonal migration is sizeable, report under this section. .0400 WAR-DISPLACED POPULATIONS (refugees, evacuees, etc.). Numbers, area from which drawn, area in which located. NOTE: Governmental policy and legal aspects of refugees and stateless persons are reported under 3165.0900. Provisions for welfare reported under 5805. 5203. GROWTH OF POPULATION AND VITAL STATISTICS. Report special studies of past trends in growth or decline of population and fore- casts of future growth or decline. Where available, detailed estimates of future population by age and sex are desired. .0100 BIRTH RATES. Data on trend of birth rates for country in recent years. Where available, report separately for different racial, ethnic and social-economic groups. .0200 DEATH RATES. Data on trends of over-all death rate in recent years. Where available, re- port separately for racial, ethnic and social-economic groups. NOTE: Death rates from specific diseases are reported under the appropriate sub-sections. .0300 LIFE TABLES. Tables from official or insurance sources showing expectancy of life for various groups. .0400 WAR LOSSES. Total lose in population resulting from war. 5203.0500 MARRIAGE STATISTICS. Soo. 4 Approved For Release 2001Maligratk-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28NrebtirMDP78-02646R000100070001-9 5203.0600 DIVORCE STATISTICS. 5204. POPULATION POLICIES. Official or unofficial policies for fostering growth of population, including measures adopted to increase the birth rate (including family allotments), stimulate immigration, and limit emigration. Estimate of the success of these policies. Passport and 'Visa regulations. Naturalization Laws. Outline the official position of the government on birth control, and the atti- tudes and practices of various classes of the population. Particularly desired are laws and official publications related to this topic. 5205. MANPOWER STUDIES. ' Report under this section general studies of the available manpower of the country under changing conditions .of military and industrial mobilization. Where possible classify reports under the detailed headings below. NOTE: Specific studies of manpower in the armed forces are reported under the Military block. .0100 OCCUPATIONAL DISTRIBUTION. Data on the occupations of the population, showing number of persons, age and sex for each principal sub-area. Report data for several periods to indicate changes in composition. NOTE: Report unemployment under 5402. .0200 InlICIENCY OF MANPOWER. General data on efficiency of labor in various industries, methods of training (apprenticeship, schools, etc.) and gains in efficiency to be expected. Data on specific skills available in the labor force. Note shortages of particular skills and measures for relieving them. .0300 GOVERNMENT MANPOWER CONTROLS AND POLICIES. Policies adopted by government to increase military and industrial manpower (including women and children); labor drafts; priorities; forced movement. .o400 FOREIGN LABOR. Exploitation of foreign labor; forced labor of subject populations or in occupied areas; importation or exportation of labor. 5300. HEALTH AND SANITATION - GENERAL. Primarily technical data required in this section. Submit original publications wherever possible. Detailed headings below should be used except for reports of a broad, general nature. 5301. PREVALENCE OF DISEASE (EPIDEMIOLOGY). Following data on each disease listed below: morbidity; mortality (seasonal occurrence, race incidence, five-year trend);- geographic distribution; peculiar local features (clinical, response to treatment, immunological, etc.); presence of a vector of a disease in absence of the disease. (When rates or total num- ber of cases are cited, reference should be made to the unit of the population concerned and the unit of time covered.) General studies, not classifiable under one of the specific titles below, should be cladsified under this general section. 5301.0100 VENERAL DISEASES. Gonorrhea; syphilis; chancroid; lympho-granuloma venereum; granuloma 1.r),guirOale. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Soc. 5 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIUETTIAL 5301.0200- INTESTINAL DISEASES. Typhoid and paratyphoid fever; amebic dysentery; round worm; bacillary dysentery; balantidial dysentery; common diarrheas; hook worm; tape worm; others. .0300 INSECT-BORNE DISEASES. Malaria; yellow fever; dengue fever; African or South American trypanosomi- asis; plague; typhus (louse-, tick-, flea-, and mite-borne); relapsing fever (tick- and louse-borne); filariasis (Wuchereria bancrofti, W. Malayi);oncho- cerciasis; loiasis; sandfly fever, kala-azar and cutaneous leishmaniasis. .04w MISCELLANEOUS INFECTIOUS DISEASES. Common cold; influenza; pneumonia; measles; German measles; chickenpox; mumps; whooping cough; diptheria; menigitis; scarlet fever; cattarrhal jaundice; rectal and vesical schistosomiasis; trachoma; yaws, leprosy; smallpox; tuberculosis, human and bovine. .0500 DISEASES AFFECTING MAN AND ANIMAL. Tetanus; rabies; rat bite fever; anthrax; psittacosis; glanders; tularemia; trichinosis; undulant fever; foot and mouth disease; spirochaetal jaundice. Other diseases prevalent among animals .0600 SKIN DISEASE. Fungus; tropical ulcer; guinea worm; juggpr flea (Tunga penetrans) myiasis. .0700 MISCELLANEOUS DISEASESAND DISORDERS. Flukes, arthritis; alcoholism; drug addiction; significant allergies preva- lent locally; vitamin A, B, C, or D deficiencies; iodine deficiencies; malnutrition and starvation. 5302. PUBLIC HEALTH ORGANIZATION - GENERAL. .0100 ORGANIZATION. Official names; years organized; organizational outlines; functions and activities; pertinent acts and ordinances; number and distribution of personnel. Authorities to wham health officers and health departments are responsible. Distinguish between national and local public health organizations. .0200 PERSONNEL. - Chief Health Officer (name, how appointed, tenure, education, reputation); other public health personnel. .0300 DENTAL PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAM. Include both remedial and educational aspects. .0400 SOCIAL AGENCIES ENGAGED IN PROMOTION OF PUBLIC HEALTH. Include missions, philanthropic, private, Red Cross, etc. Relation to official public health organization. Relative size and importance. (Re- port non-medical activities of these agencies elsewhere.) 5303. MEDICAL FACILITIES AND PERSONNEL (NON-MILITARY). NOTE: Facilities for treatment of mental disorders are reported under 5306. .0100 HOSPITALS. List all hospitals, sanatoria, and clinics. For each installation give: name; location; number of beds; ownership; type of building; water; sewage disposal; electricity (volt, cycle); X-ray; operating roams; other equipment. .0200 MEDICAL SUPPLIES. Report on drugs (quinine, atabrine; sulfonamides; anesthetics); biologicals; solutions; usual source; local production. 5303.0300 Soc. 6 MEDICAL PERSONNEL. Include doctors, nurses, dentists, veterinarians; technicians; sanitary engineers; midwives; entomologists, etc. Report for each area: number adequacy; affiliation; training; reputation. Approved For Release 2001008/28=4A-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28/vrActafROP78-02646R000100070001-9 5305.0400 MEDICAL SCHOOLS. Include medical, dental and nursing schools. Report for each: details of course; enrollment; facilities; reputation. .0500 MEDICAL LABORATORIES. Report name; location; number of Personnel; biologicals prepared (method used); examinatiens performed (blood, urine, water, food, etc.); research projects; publications. .0600 VETERINARY SERVICE. 5304. DISEASE CONTROL AND SANITATION - GENERAL. (Bacteriological Warfare reported under 8510.) .0100 INTERSTATE CONTROL MEASURES. Quarantine regulations (maritime, air, rail, car), especially in regard to yellow fever, cholera, and plague. Immunizations required. .0200 INTRASTATE QUARANTINE AND CONTROL. 01 Quarantine and control of common communicable diseases (measles, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, etc.). Method and effectiveness of reporting system. Method of enforcing care or treatment. Prophylactic measures. 02 Food handlers. 03 Carriers (amebic dysentery, typhoid, veneral diseases, etc.). 04 Prostitutes; houses of prostitution. 05 Immunization. Required (preparations used and per cent of population Immunized). Immunization commonly practiced but not required by law. 06 Treatment and prophylaxis programa (malaria, trypanosomiasis, venereal diseases, yaws, intestinal parasites, etc.) .0300 CONTROL OF INSECTS AND ANIMALS. List insects and animals (e.g., mosquitoes, flies, fleas, ticks, lice, rodents, snakes, etc.) requiring control. Give distribution and prevalence; control measures in effect; effectiveness of measured employed. .0400 FOOD (SANITARY ASPECTS) 01 Meat, fruit, vegetables. Source; grading; inspection; storage methods. 02 Dairy product's. Source; control and inspection; pasteurization. 03 Bottled beverages. Water used; sanitation or inspection of plants. 04 Ice and refrigeration. Water used; sanitation or inspection of plants. 05 Poisonous plants, fruits, fish. Scientific names and prevalence. .0500 WATEE (SANITARY ASPECTS). 01 Source. Name of lake, river; type and depth of well, spring, catchment basin, etc.; yield and relation to dry season; color; odor, mineral content, etc.; possibility of contamination. 02 Reservoirs and storage tanks. Number and size of each; adequacy of supply; how fitted; protection from contamination. 03 Treatment. Method (storage, chlorination, filtration, sedimentation); examination (type, by wham, frequency). 04 Distribution. Type; possibility of contamination; capacity of pumps. 5304.0600 SEWAGE DISPOSAL. goo. 7 Approved For Release 2001 100070001-9 5304.0601 02 03 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Method of disposal. (Water-borne, cesspools, septic tanks, privy); per cent of population served by each; soil contamination. Treatment. Capacity of system; adequacy of treatment; body of water re- ceiving effluent. Relation of methods of sewage disposal to health. Proximity to water supply; fly breeding; night soil; contamination of soil and water. 5305. MEDICAL RESEARCH. Report newest developments in medical research. Especially desired are publi- cations, such as year book, annual reports, scientific and medical doornail), monographs, etc. 5306. MENTAL DISORDER. 5306.0000 Incidence of mental disorder by type, area, age, sex, etc. Facilities for treatment. Give names of institutions; location; head; capacity; etc. 5400. LABOR - GENERAL. The general relations between workers, employers, and the government. Labor as a stabilizing, disturbing, or politically significant force in the country. (Political influence of individual labor organization reported under 5405.) Attitudes of the population towards manual labor and-laboring classes. NOTE: Manpower is reported under 5205. 5401. GOVERNMENT RELATIONSHIP TO LABOR. Department or ministry in charge, its organization, duties, powers, impor- tant personnel. The existing governmental agencies for industrial peace and stability, their scope and effectiveness. 5402. EMPLOYMENT AND UNEMPLOYMENT. General statistics of employment and unemployment; specific analysis of problem areas and industries; measures for counteracting unemployment and increasing employment. NOTE: Unemployment insurance is repOrted elsewhere. 5403. WORKING CONDITIONS AND REGULATIONS - GENERAL. .0100 WAGES AND HOURS. Statistics on wages and hours of labor in various industries and areas; laws or governmental regulations governing wages and hours of labor, and. effectiveness of enforcement; changes due to war conditions. .0200 SAFETY. Safety and sanitary conditions of labor; laws or governmental regula- tions governing, and effectiveness of enforcement; changes due to war conditions. .0300 REGULATION OF LABOR OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN. Statistics of employment of women and children; special laws and regula- tions: governing; and degree of enforcement; changes duo to war conditions. 5404. STRIKES AND LOCKOUTS. Statistics of strikes and lockouts by industry. Analysis of important in- dividual strikes; cooties; by whom fomented (domestic or foreign); foreign or racial influences; governmental sympathy or antipathy; and the methods of settlement. If force was used in the aettlement, the method employed and the reaction. 5405.0000 LABOR ORGANIZATION - NATIONAL. Soc. 8 Statistics of labor organization, showing percentages of important occupa- tional or industrial groups enrolled, and the trend toward labor organiza- tion. For each organization outline structure; important personnel; aims; Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 COMIDERITAL Approved For Release 2001/08/24t-gfraP78-02646R000100070001-9 policies; numerical and financial strength; affiliations; political in- fluence; methods of operatiOn; attitude towards national defense. 5405.0100 INTERNATIONAL LABOR ORGANIZATION. Statistics of labor organization showing countries affiliated, important occupational groups enrolled by country, over-all structure, important persons, aims, policies, numerical and financial strength, political affiliations, political influence, methods of operation, and attitude towards democratic capitalistic, socialistic and communistic nations. NOTE: If a labor organization can properly be considered a political party, it should be reported under the Political Block, with a cross- reference under this section. 5406. EMPLOYER'S ORGANIZATION. Report only those organizations dealing with labor problems. Give data on supporting groups, personnel, aims, and activities. NOTE: Trade associations are reported Under the Economic block. 5407. HIRING AND RECRUITING OF LABOR. Local practices in recruiting labor; hiring halls; labor agents and middle men. "Por-tical" (forced or nation) labor. 5500. PUBLIC OPINION AND MORALE - GENERAL Discuss the factors important in understanding and influencing public opinion and morale in the country under the heading below. 5501. GENERAL .ATTITUDES. Report on general attitudes of the population (or segments of the popula- tion) which are of military importance. Data on general attitudes not covered by specific topics below should be reported under this heading. Wherever possible support generalizations by objective data. For those countries where polls similar to the Gallup Poll are made, give significant results. .0100 NATIONALISTIC ATTITUDES (Patriotism). Attitudes which tend to increase nationalistic spirit. Note particu- larly any variation between different Segments Of the population. .0200 ATTITUDES TOWARD FOREIGN NATIONS AND NATIONALS, Attitudes toward the U.S. particularly important. .0300 ATTITUDES TOWARD WAR. General information on attitudes of population toward war, and prepara- tion for war. NOTE: This number to be used only for nations mit actually engaged in war. For nations engaged in war, report under 5502. .0400 ATTITUDES TOWARD INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION, Attitude of population toward the United Nations and other forms of in- ternational organization. .0500 ATTITUDES TOWARD INTERNAL RACIAL AND ETHNIC GROUPS. Attitudes of various segments of population toward each other, e.g., anti-semitism, white-colored relationships, etc, (Political conflict reported under .3144.0800.) .0600 POST DEFEAT ATTITUDES. 5502.0000 WAR MORALE OF THE CIVILIAN POPULATION. For nations engaged in war, summArize current developments in state of mo- rale of the civilian population. This summary should cover any and all relevant factors including the following: degree of confidence in conduct of the war, and in leaders; effect of current military operations; effect of enemy air activity; effect of changes in standard of living imposed by war, such as taxes, rationing, increased hours of work, reduction of Soc. 9 Approved For Release 2001/08/280xelkeaP78-02646R000100070001-9 5503.0000 Approved For Release 2001/41NAbn3IA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 receeational opportunities. It is particularly important to note differ- ences in the support of the war by different groups. PROPAGANDA - GENERAL. General attitude toward propaganda activities, domestic and foreign; sus- ceptibility to propaganda as affected by illiteracy, isolation, national traits, traditional friendships and antipathies, and other factors. .0100 PROPAGANDA ORGANIZATIONS. Governmental ministry or agency responsible for propaganda activities; description of organization; list of important personnel; funds avail- able; policies and aims. Non-governmental organizations. .0200 DOMESTIC PROPAGANDA FOR DOMESTIC CONSUMPTION. Analysis of main propaganda lines and forms of dissemination used; esti- mate of effectiveness. Cross-reference to 5503.0100 for organizations involved. .0300 DOMESTIC PROPAGANDA FOR FOREIGN CONSUMPTION. Analysis of main propaganda lines; forms of dissemination used; areas and groups toward Which propaganda is directed. Estimate of effective- ness. Cross-reference to 5503.0100 for organizations involved. .0400 FOREIGN ROPAGANDA FOR DOMESTIC CONSUMPTION. Analysis of main foreign propaganda lines aimed at country; methods, of dissemination used; current effect, and probably future effects. .0500 FOREIGN PROPAGANDA FOR FOREIGN CONSUMPTION. Analysis of main propaganda lines aimed at disruption of amicable rela- tions with other countries;. methods of dissemination used; current effect, and probably future effects. .0600 PROPAGANDA FOR OPPOSING ARMED FORCES. Analysis of propaganda lines, and methods of dissemination. .0700 ANTI-PROPAGAIVA. MEASURES. Restriction of propaganda literature, radio listening, etc. .0800 REACTION TO ALLIED PROPAGANDA. 5504. CENSORSHIP. (See 1000.1700 and 1000.1800 - Military). 55o5. PRESS-GENERAL. Governmental ministry or agency for central, if separate fram agency in charge of propaganda. (If combined, report under 5503.0100 with cross reference here.) Degree of governmental control over the press, subsidy by the government, by any political or industrial organization or by foreign- ers. The influence of the press in moulding public opinion and the course of government. The distribution of newspaper and periodicals, whether localized or general. .0100 PRINCIPAL DOMESTIC NEWSPAPERS, YERIODICAIS, AND NEWS SERVICES. List principal newspapers, periodicals, and news services. For each give location; ownership and control (including concealed controls and subsidies, both damestic and foreign); language; circulation (number and area); political affiliation; whether it expresses official or semi-of- ficial opinions; loyalty to (or expressed attitude for or against) the government; attitide toward war and national defense; affiliations in foreign countries; influence in national affairs; attitude toward the United States and other countries. .0200 FOREIGN NEWSPAPERS, PERIODICADE AND NEWS SERVICES CIRCULATING IN COUNTRY. Give same details as in 5505.0100. 5505.0300 DOMESTIC WRITERS AND PRESS CORRESPONDENTS. Give brief biographical sketches; political leanings; influence on. Soc. 10 Approved For Release 2001011R8Errelik. -RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/iFffabP78-02646R000100070001-9 5505.0400 public opinion at home and abroad; important papers with which they are associated; attitude toward the U.S. and foreign countries. FOREIGN CORRESPONDENTS SERVING IN THE COUNTRY. Important individuals, with nationality, general reputation, statue (of- ficial or private), professional qualifications, significant activities, views, and influence. .0500 PUBLISHING HOUSES (01b.mdi THAN DAILY PRESS AND PERIODICAL). List principal publishing houses, showing location, types of books and pamphlets published, ownership and control, list of authors. .0600 AMERICAN PRESS COTTESPORDENTS (FOREIGN SERVICE). Report American correspondents who are suitable for military intelli- gence work in the event of war. 5506. RADIO PROGRAMS. Under this section is to be reported the use of radio as a means of commu- nicating ideas. In each case note whether programs are sponsored by governmental or private agencies. NOTE: Technical aspects of radio are to be reported elsewhere. Propaganda aspects of radio are to be. reported under the appropriate subsection of 5503. .0100 DOMESTIC RADIO PROGRAMS, Analysis of content of radioprograma for news and entertainment. Con- trol of news broadcasts, editorial biases, etc. Principal sponsors of radio programs. Note particulArly whether content, of domestic and for- eign programa differ. .0200 FOREIGN-BEAMED RADIO PROGRAMS. Content of radio programa beamed at foreign areas. Principal sponsors. .0300 FOREIGN RADIO PROGRAMS regularly received. Nature of programa, areas from which received, call signs and frequen- cies of sending stations, clearness of reception. Principal sponsors. 5507. MOTION PICTURES AND THEATM - INFORMATIONAL ASPECTS. Use of motion pictures and theater in influencing public opinion; ownership and control. NOTE: Recreational aspects reported under 5807.0600. 5600.- CONDITIONS OF DOMESTIC LIFE - GENERAL. Discuss under the sections below those aspects of social life which involve the conditions of every-day life. in the home. In time of war, particular at- tention should be given to disruptions in home life which interfere with the operating efficiency of the group as a whole. NOTE: Marriage and divorce are reported elsewhere. 5601. FAMILY AND HOUSEHOLD ORGANIZATION. The structure of the family; the number of persona normally living in the household and the relation of each to the head of the household; the posi- tion and authority of"the head of the household; effects of war on family life. 5602. ?503.0000 THE HOUSKHOLD AS A:PRODUCING UNIT. The items normally produced for consumption within the household in various social-economic classes. STANDARDS OF LIVING AND PATTERNS OF CONSUMPTION. The general consumPtion pattern of the household unit; family budgets. Particular emphasis should be placed on changes over a period of time, dif- ferences between various social-economic classes, and the effect of war. Soc. 11 Approved For Release 2001/08/iliTaM13P78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/1:WhipTIALRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 NOTE: Cost of living and rationing are reported under the Economic Block. 5603.0100 FOOD - PATTERNS OF CONSUMPTION. The normal diet of various groups of the population; food customs (ta- boos); the effect of war and rationing programs on dietary sufficiency. .0200 CLOTHING - PATTERNS OF CONSUMPTION. The type of clothing normally worn by various classes of the population; special customs with regard to clothing; the effect of war and rationing programs on the quality of clothing available. .0300 HOUSING. Type of housing available to various classes of the population; numbers owning and renting; adequacy of the average home in relation to family needs; the effect of war; governmental or other large-scale programs for improving housing; location of workers homes in relation to place of employment. 5604. CUSTOMS AND ETIQUETTE. Customs and laws governing day-to-day relations. Particular attention should be given to those which are at variance with American standards, and on which orientation of American personnel would be required. 5605. POSITION OF WOMEN IN SOCIETY. The status and influence of women in the household and in public life; legal restrictions on the activities of women. 5700. EDUCATION - GENERAL. Historical development of education. General philosophy of education. Atti- tude of educational system toward war, national defense and national expan- sion. Attitude of population toward eduction; status of educators and edu- cated persons in social life of the country; the groups which control the educational institution. Report detailed data on educational system under appropriate subsections. NOTE: Political activities of students should be section of 3144. reported under appropriate 5701. ORGANIZATION OF SCHOOL SYSTEM. Department or ministry in charge; organizational structure; important person- nel. Legislation governing compulsory school attendance. Report separately on any significantly large educational system not under state control; con- trolling agencies; number of students; curriculum, etc. Relation of state and school system, church and school system. 5702. EDUCATIONAL STATISTICS. Data on illiteracy, school attendance, educational levels attained. Financial statistics (value of plant, annual expenditure per student). Show differences in educational attainment in different racial, religious and social groups. 5703. ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY 'SCHOOL CURRICULA. 'Analysis of content of education at elementary and secondary school levels. Particular attention should be given to programs of indoctrination of atti- tudes toward the U.S. and other countries; teaching of English and other for- eign languages; languages required; history; technical studies of military value. 5704. HIGHER EDUCATION. Colleges and universities. For each principal institution report: name; lo- cation; controlling agency; enrollment: curriculum; standards of instruction; important personalities; scope and influence of teacher and student organiza- tions; influence of foreign teachers. Discuss particularly the teaching of history economics, and scientific studies of military value. 5705. 5705.0100 SPECIAL EDUCATION FIELDS. ADULT EDUCATION. Discuss adult education programa, giving number of persons attending, Soc. 12 Approved For Release 2001/ggpoic1-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08pc*-EDP78-02646R000100070001-9 5705.0200 nature of courses, supporting agencies. Note particularly educational pro- grams operated by workers' groups. VOCATIONAL EDUCATION. Discuss development of special vocational and technical schools outside of the regular school system. Give number of schools, attendance, types of courses taught. .0300 EDUCATION OF NATIONALS ABROAD. Number of students educated abroad; sources from which drawn; their spon- sors; their influence on national life and affairs. Provisions that exist for exchange of professors and students, and for scholarships. NOTE: This section refers to civilians. Army personnel reported under Military Block. .0400 ? FOREIGN LANGUAGE SCHOOLS IN TBE COUNTRY. The attitude of the government tbward the establishment of foreign language schools, their influence on national life and affairs, and the system of governmental supervision. School statistics. .0500 PRIVATE EDUCATION. Discuss development and extent of educational programs by nationals, by foreigners, to develop ideologies showing effect on national life. Give number of schools, attendance, types of courses taught and provisions for scholorships. 5706. SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH. Report principal agencies, groups, or institutions carrying out organized research projects. Name of institutions.; location; type of research con,- ducted; controlling or supporting agency; annual budget; personnel. NOTE: Report significant results of research under appropriate subject-matter sections. 5707. LIBRARIES, MUSEUMS, AND MONUMENTS. For each major city list important libraries, museums, and public monuments which should receive special protection in time of war. For libraries and museums, give general information on type of collection (specialties, if any) and objects of particular value; for libraries give number of volumes. 5708. LIIERATURE AND THE ARTS. Discuss the development of literature and the arts with particular reference to their place in creating national solidarity and nationalistic spirit. Sup- ply list of works of literature which give background on patterns of living and attitudes of the population. 5800. WELFARE, SOCIAL INSURANCE AND RECREATION - GENERAL. General attitudes toward public welfare activities; whether welfare is a respon- sibility of the state, or left to the individual household or local community. For those countries where welfare activities are not organized, report under this general heading; otherwise report under detailed sub-headings below. NOTE: Activities relating to public health are reported under the appropriate sections of 5502. 5801. PUBLIC WELFARE ORGANIZATIONS. Governmental agency or agencies in charge; organizational structure; important personnel. Data on specific programs should be given under the appropriate sections below. 5802. PRIVATE WELFARE AND CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS. List principal organizations, with data on wealth, means of support, influ- ence, important personnel. Data on specific programs should be given under the appropriate sections below. 5803.0000 INSTITUTIONAL CARE. List of institutions for care of poor, orphans, aged, blind, etc. Agencies Approved For Release 2001/086aFk]giMapP78-02646R000100070001-9 Soc. 13 5804.0000 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 ,? CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL responsible (public or private); source and amount of funds expended; number of cases. NOTE: Institutions for care of insane reported under 5306. RELIEF PROGRAMS, PEACE-TIME. Dole, work projects, subsistence in kind, emergency relief due to floods, famines, and other disasters. Agencies responsible (public or private); im- portant personnel; legal basis; source and total amount of total assistance rendered; amount per case; number of cases and percent of population assisted. Relief from foreign countries. Relief to foreign countries. Agencies participating; important personnel; types of assistance rendered. 5805. WAR RELIwil AND REHABILITATION. For each heading below report agencies responsible (private, official, inter- national), important personnel, scope of programs, including funds allocated; adequacy. .0100 DOMESTIC RELIEF. Relief operations within country as result of war. Include special pro- visions for care of war-displaced persons and refugees, especially emergen- cy provisions for colonization, feeding, clothing, and sheltering of bombed-out families. Extent of foreign participation in relief. UNRRA as- sistance to the country reported here. (international membership reported under 3161.0406; commercial aspects under 4705.) .0200 RELIEF TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES. Programs set up for relief assistance to foreign countries or occupied territory. .0300 REHABILITATION OF WAR VETERANS. Programs established by non-military agencies. (Assistance given the wounded, disabled, etc., by regular military agencies should be reported under appropriate section of Military Block.) 5806. SOCIAL INSURANCE AND PENSIONS. .0100 =EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE. Agencies responsible; legal basis; number of persons covered; number of persons receiving payments; amount of payments. .0200 OLD AGE INSURANCE. Agencies responsible; legal basis; number of persons covered; number of persons receiving payments; amount of payments. NOTE: Distinguish from non-contributory pensions covered under 5806.0400. .0300 HEALTH AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE. Public insurance (including workmen's compensation).. Agencies responsible; legal basis; number of persons receiving payments; amount of payment. Note: Private insurance is reported under the Economic block. .04o0 PENSIONS, CIVIL. Agencies responsible; legal basis; number of persons receiving payments; amount of payments. 5807. Note: Military pensions are reported under the Military block. RECREATION - GENERAL. The aptitude of the population for sports in general and the influence of this as a factor in preparation for war (especially marksmanship, winter sports, and woodcraft). Customs connected with recreational hotivities. Report under the appropriate sub-heading below. 5807.0100 PARES, PLAYGROUNDS, AND RESORTS. Soc. 14 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 ? CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDINTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 ? CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL 5807.0200 ATHLETICS, PROFESSIONAL. .0300 ATHLETICS, AMATEUR. .0400 MUSIC AND DANCING. .0500 GAMBLING. .0600 THEATER AN.0 MOTION PICTURES. .0700 FESTIVALS, FAIRS, HOLIDAYS (NACATIONS). .0800 RECREATIONAL GROUPS. .0900 OTHER RECREATIONAL ACTIV111/b. 5900. PUBLIC ORDER AND SAFETY GENERAL. Attitude of population toward law observanceand execution. Report particular types of criminal activities which are characteristic, tendency toward mob be- havior, rioting, etc. Specify those forMn of behavior normally considered crim- inal in the U.S. which are not punishable as crimes; also forms of behavior pun- ishable as crimes which are not considered criminal in the U.S. Report specific data on police and penal systems in sections below. NOTE: Information regarding handling of Prisoners of War should be reported under the Military block. 5901. POLICE SYSTEM. National, state, and mfinicipal police organizations; strength, equipment, functions, methods; leading personnel; value as military asset. (Secret Police as a political instrument reported under the-Politicalblock.) 5902. PENAL SYSTEM. Forma and degrees of punishment for criminals (including political). List of principal penal institutions, location, number of prisoners, types of prisoners. 5903.0000 CRIMINAL STATISTICS. Data on number of crimes by type, convictions, etc. Approved For Release 2001/08/aila-ApP78-02646R000100070001-9 Soc. 15 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 TAB Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/1JaDS/AbRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 TOPOGRAPHIC CONTENTS 6100.0000 - GEOGRAPHIC SOURCE MATERIAL 6101.0000 - MAPS AND MAP DATA 6102.0000 - BOOKS AND PAMPHLETS 6200.0000 - GEOGRAPHY 6201.0000 - GENERAL GEOGRAPHIC CHARACTERISTICS OF COUNTRY 6202.0000 - GEOGRAPHIC CONDITIONS AFFECTING STRATEGY OF COUNTRY 6203.0000 - TOPOGRAPHY 6204.0000 - CLIMATE Approved For Release 2001/08a7F551g1DP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/4i2CAARP78-02646R000100070001-9 6100.0000 GEOGRAPHIC SOURCE MATERIAL. 6101. MAPS AND MAP DATA. NOTE: Organization, equipment and methods of operations of Army topographic and mapping units should be reported under Services in the Military Bloc. ,.0100 INFORMATION ABOUT FOREIGN MAPS TO BE REPORIED. 01 surveys, both geodetic and hydrographic. Indicate source, type of sur- vey, area covered, availability of data, etc. 02 Mapping (cartographic) projects contemplated or under way. Give au- thority, area covered, scales and projection of maps. 03 Methods and technique of mapping and reproduction. O)- Estimated accuracy of existing or future maps. .0200 PUBLICATIONS TO BE FORWARDED. 01 Maps and atlases not already in Army Map Service Library. NOTE: Maps on specific subjects are called for under the appropriate headings. 02 New or current editions of maps of which earlier editions are in Army Map Service Library. 03 Map catalogues, prospectuses, and critiques of map publishers and scientific societies interested in maps. 04 Annual reports by governmental agencies engaged in mapping. 05 Ground control data of all types, especially precise data obtained by geodetic and hydrographic surveys. 06 Cartographic symbols. ,07 Gazetteers; lists of place names with geographic location; selected secondary sources (such as postal and railway guides) from which this information can be compiled. .0300 GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION TO BE REPORTED. 01 Geographic information of military significance for campilinga new map of the country or for correcting existing maps. - 02 Specific corrections of errors found in commonly used maps (preferably indicated on a copy of the map). Q3 Lists of alternate names of towns and places, used on existing maps. ol[ Local terms for physical features together with English equivalents. 05 New techniques, materials, and equipment for reproduction of maps and photographs in fixed establishments or in the field. 6102. PHOTOGRAPHS. .0100 INFORMATION ON AERIAL SURVEYS. 01 Aerial surveys. Indicate source; type of survey; area covered; avail- ability and cost of negatives or prints; date flown; altitude; focal length and type of camera. 6102.0102 Methods and technique of making aerial surveys. Approved For Release 2001/08/28c:09M,M78-02646R000100070001-9 Top. 1 6102.0103 .0200 pl 02 03 04 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Organizations, both governmental and private, engaged in aerial photography. GROUTJD-TERRAIN PHOTOGRAPHY TO BE FORWARDED, Major natural terrain regions of the country. Typical or representa- tive photographs of each region. Coast lines. Typical scenes (except for beaches). Landing beaches. Complete cover desired, including views from the sea. Lakes, rivers and streams. Particularly views showing height and character of stream banks at fords and other crossings. 05 - Mountain defiles, and passes. Co Qther terrain features of strategic importance. 07 Landscape. Typical views of common landscape features, such as vege- tation, walls, hedges, irrigation ditches, soil types, crops, etc. NOTE: See Alphabetical Index for photographs required under other head- ings (bridges, power plants, oil refineries, military equipment and weapons, who's who, etc.). NOTE: See "Choosing the Right Photograph" for further details of types of picture a desired and methods of processing. .0300 AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY TO BE FORWARDED. 01 Cities and towns. NOTE: Aerial photographs of airdromes, air ports, ports and harbors, transportation facilities, industrial installations, etc., when-a suitable medium for giving required information should be furnished under perti- nent subject headings. NOTE: All aerial photographs furnished should be processed as described in part III, "Choosing the Right Photograph." 105. BOOKS AND PAMPHLETS. Forward all books, pamphlets, bibliographies, journals, bulletins, guide books, travel manuals and similar material dealing with the geography of the country, including foreign language sources. List titles of books known to exist but unobtainable. 3-00. GEOGRAPHY. 0201. GENERAL GEOGRAPHIC CHARACTERISTICS. .0100 TOPOGRAPHY. Summarize broad physical features of the country emphasizing nature and aecoasibility of au:tuts; major relief regions (mountains, hills, plateaus, plains); important watersheds and their main characteristics; general na. tare of the vegetation (forests, grassland, cultivated); and similar features. (:,:202.0000 Ari1A STUDIE2. Include under this number studies or reports on areas (such as islands, regions) which do not fall logically under other numbers-." GEOGRAPHIC CONDITIONS AFFECTING STRATEGY. NOTE: This number is for broad strategic geographical material of a general na- ture. Detailed political and economic data should be omitted, as they are covered elsewhere. Tcl" 2 Approved For Release 2001/0008R : CTIA,-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/2BEIGIMMP78-02646R000100070001-9 6202,0100 CONDITIONS AFFECTING STRATEGY - GENERAL. 01 LOCATION. The strategic importance of geographic location from the standpoint of its effect upon the role of the country as a: 02 Land power. 03 Sea power. 04 Air power. 09 NATIONAL FRONTIERS. Their physical characteristics and strategic role, including brief mention of related political considerations. 14 OTHER GEOGRAPHIC FACTORS. Consider any factors having important influences upon national politi- cal objectives. .0200 CRITICAL AREAS. 01 CRITICAL AREAS - TOPOGRAPHY. Report physical features of most important agricultural, industrial, mining or other areas, as being strategically important to the country. NOTE: The industries themselves are reported under the Economic Block. .0305 ROUTES. A description of significant natural routes leading from the boundaries of the country inland to critical areas with emphasis on: 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 18 Maneuver and deployment possibilities. Soil trafficability off road. Vegetation as a barrier and as cover. Bottlenecks and sites for roadblocks. Dominating heights. Stream barriers. Water supply. Other features of military significance (ditches, hills, marshes, etc.). NOTE: Report anything significant in the military history of these routes. 'CITES. List cities important from a military or political viewpoint. Detailed city plans should give physcial coverage of city, major transportation lines leading into and out of city, and terrain of city and adjacent area. NOTE: Information dealing primarily with a particular industry, utility, or with populations should be reported elsewhere. 6203. TOPOGRAPHY. 6203.0100 RELImi FEATURES. Describe relief features by small regions giving characteristics not readily noted on maps. Cover the following: _Top. 3 Approved For Release 2001/08/2FPWWW078-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001g/gtirIAL CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 6203.0101 MAJOR RELIEF FEATURES. (Mountains, hills, plateaus, plains). 02 MINOR RELIEF FEATURES. (Cliffs, gullies, sinkholes, minor irregularities, any other local. fea- tures of military significance). 03 SUITABILTITFOR GROUND OPERATIONS. Report on the suitability of the topography for ground operations, paying particular attention to possibilities for: 04 Infantry movement. 05 Vehicular movement. 06 ? Observation and concealment. 07 Defensive positions. 08 Emergency landing fields. .0200 SURFACE MAXEEIALS. 01 SOIL TYPE'S AND LUEIR .bdi.bECT IN EACH REGION ON POSSIBILITIES FOR: 02 Entrenchment. 03 Cross country movement. o4 FoundatiOns. 09 Rock Types Available (especially sand, gravel, boulders) for: 10 Road repair. 11 Cement. 12 Other construction. 17 Soil and Cross Country Movement as Affected by:. 18 Freezing. 19 Rain. 20 Floods. 21 Windstorms. 0300 DRAINAGE FEATURES. 01 STREAMS 02 Width and depth. 03 Nature of bottom and banks. 04 Seasonal changes (including floods). 05 Pattern of stream systema. 10 LAK-Es 11 Size and depth. 12 Nature of bottom and shore. 6203.0313 Seasonal changes. Top. 4 Approved For Release 2001/4/Adv;raA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/01angliAtEDP78-02646R000100070001-9 6203.0318 MARSHES AND SWAMPS. 19 Size. 20 Vegetation. 21 Nature and depth of fill. 22 Possibilities of crossing. 23 Depth of. Surface Water. 24 Seasonal changes. 27 DESERTS. 28 Size. 29 Water Supply. 30 Stream courses. 35 SPRINGS. 4o UNDERGROUND WALLEE SUPPLT7S. .45 ELEBACT OF DRAINAGE ON MILITARY OPERATIONS. .0400 WATER SUPPLY (by regions). .01 Surface water available. 02 Subsurface sources (include depth at which subsurface water can be tapped). .0500 VEGETATION (by regions). 01 FORESTS, WOODLANDS, AND PLANTATIONS. ? 02 Height, diameter, "and spacing of trees. 03 Foliage characteristics (include seasonal change). Nature of undergrowth. NOTE: Forest resources reported under 4308, 05 GRASSLANDS. (Height, character, spacing and seasonal change). o6 FTW.T.D CROPS. 07 General character and seasonal change of -crops and cropland. 08 Cultivational practices such as flooding, deep plowing, etc. 09 ASSOCIATED FEATURES SUCH AS WALLS, FENCES, 'MIR:ROWS, DITCHES, AND FARM BUILDINGS. 14 ADVANTAGE OR. DISADVANTAGE IN GROUND OFEHATIOW. Report on the advantage or disadvantage of VegetaxiCuAS 14ega,r0i 15 Movement. 16 Fields Of Fire. 6203.0517. Concealment and cOver Approved For Release 2001/08/28draMit11278-02646R000100070001-9 Top. 5 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 :ENT 6203,0518 Food and forage supplies. 19 Construction materials. 20 Airfield sites and emergency landings. .0600 COASTS AND ADJACENT ISLANDS. 01 TYRES. Repert on coastal types (cliff, rock, gravel, sand, mud) and evaluate landing possibilities along each segment of the coast as indicated by natural conditions, military history, army maneuvers, local opinion and present use. 06 LANDING BEACHES. Report major landing beaches, including the following information: 07 Name and position (give coordinates and submit maps and photos). 08 Water approaches to beach (give landmarks; rocks, reefs, islets, shoals, seaweed and similar obstructions; depths at low and high tide; bottom materials; tides; exposure to surf; currents; ice data). 09 Character of beach (shape; length; width at high and low tides; gradients; material; interruptions to continuity). 10 Terrain adjacent (terrain for several miles inland, including relief, drainage, and vegetation: characteristics). 11 Man-made structures on or near beach (mention briefly port facili- ties, settlements, transportation facilities, and military installations). 12 Weather and climate at beach (local wind, visibility, rainfall and temperature characteristics). NOTE 1: Include at least one beach on each major section of the coast. NOTE 2: HYdrographic data on ports and harbors are reported under that factor. 6204. CLIMATE. Include and differentiate both average and extreme conditions. Report on: .0100 TEMPERATURE. .0200 RAIN AND SNOWFALL. .0300 CLOUDS, FOG, MIST. .0400 WINDS AND STORMS. .0500 UNUSUAL LOCAL CONDITIONS. .0600 DIVISION OF COUNTRY INTO CLIMATIC REGIONS. NOTE: Forward information under .0100 through .0600 above only if such in- formation is not covered in available publications and is presumed not. to be in the hands of the U.S. Weather Bureau. .0700 EFFECT OF CLIMATE ON GROUND OPERATIONS. Pay particular attention to effect on: 01 6204.0702. Movement. Visibility and camouflage. Top. 6 Approved For Release 2001/W8SMERDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 200t/AWANT? cat-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 6204.0703 Water supply. 04 Deterioration of food and supplies. 05 Health. 06 Air operations. NOTE: National Weather Service is reported under 4506. Individual in- stallations at airfields are reported under 2401. Approved For Release mcomeq4iglkkiDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Top. 7 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 TAB Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08gt&Fa0M-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 WHO'S WHO CONTENTS 7000.0000 - WHIDIS N1D - GENERAL 7100.0000 - MILTEARYWHO'S WHO - GENERAL 7101.0000 - INDIVIDUAL 1EL1TARYTERS0NALITIES 7200.0000 INDIVIDUAL POLITICAL.rEESONALITTEs 7300,0000 - INDIVIDUAL ECONOMIC 2BRSONALITIES 7400.0000 - INDIMUAL SOCIOLOGICAL rERS0NAL1TIES 7500.0000 - INDIVIDUAL SCIENTIFIC PERSONALITIES Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08128F311WRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 WHO'S WHO The following basic personality data, so far as available, should be submitted for . all individuals reported on: Full name, with the surname (i.e. the name unaer which the person is alphabetized) underlined. Aliases. Titles (nobility, academic, etc.) Place and date of birth. Social Origin. Education (schools and universities attended, subjects studied, degrees and honors). Professional career (all past activities and positions, with dates). Foreign travel. Languages spoken. Present position and functions. HOMB address. Party, organization, and club affiliations. Physical description (including photograph). Personality, habits, character, ability. Estimate of importance and influence. NOTE 1: Details of military operations political events, economic affairs, etc., although usually closely associated with personalities, are reported and indexed under the appropriate headings elsewhere. Only the personality data will be indexed under the Who's Who block. NOTE 2: Military Who's Who is assigned as a function of the Military Branch. Military personalities are also handled by the Who's Who Branch when they are prominent in fields other than the Military profession. 7000.0000 WMD'S WHO -GENERAL. Submit under this number comprehensive "Who's Who's", dictionaries of current bio- graphy, directories, telephone books, and all other types of lists, rosters, and registers of miscellaneous personalities. 7001. INDIVIDUAL PERSONALITIES This number comprises the alphabetical file kept by the Who's Who Branch on all personalities (other than purely military). It Should not be used for reporting unless the individual cannot be properly placed in any of the position categories listed below. Otherwise all personalities Should be reported under their current positions in accordance with the index which follows, MILITARY: ARMY, NAVY, AIR In addition to the basic personality data, reports on military personalities Should include present command or appointment (top priority), rank, date of rank, past comMands and appointments, date of entry into service, training and speciali- zation, promotions, decorations, and tactical methods or peculiarities. 7100. MILITARY WHO'S WM0--GENERAL. Submit under this number comprehensive Army, Navy, and Air Force registers and all other types of lists and rosters of miscellaneous military personalities. 7101. INDIVUJUAL MILITARY YEESONALITIES This number comprises the alphabetical file kept by the various desks of the Mili- tary Branch on all military personalities. It Should not be used for reporting unless the individual cannot be properly placed in any of the military positions or other categories listed below. 7102. BRANCBES OF SERVICE. This number should be used for reporting and indexing only if the present command or appointment of the individual is not known or if he has no present command or appointment. It may also be used for lists of personalities of a particular branch of service. .0100 General Staff Corps. 7102.0200 Intelligence Corps (if separate). W.W. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/88128m0A-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 7102.0300 Infantry. .0400 Cavalry. .0500 Reconnaissance Troops (if separate). .0600 Artillery. .0700 Antiaircraft Arm (if separate). .0800 Antitank or Tank Destroyer Arm (if separate). .0900 Tank Arn. or Armored Force. .1000 Corps of Engineers. .1100 Technical Service (if separate). .1200 Signal Corps. .1300 Chemical Warfare Service. .1400 Medical Corps. .1500 Dental Corps (if separate). .1690 :Veterinary Corps. .1700 Remount Service .1800 Ordnance Service .1900 quartermaster Corps. .2000 Transportation Corps. .2100 Supply Service (if separate). .2200 Military Police. .2300 Finance Department or Paymaster Service .2400 Judge Advocate General's Department or Corps. .2500 Adjutant General's Department or Corps. .2600 Corps of Chaplains. .2700 Army Postal Service .2800 Morale Service or Propaganda Corps. 7103. POSITIONS The subheads of this number given below should be used whenever the present command or appointment of the individual is known. .0100 HIGH COMMAND POSITIONS 01 Supreme Commander and personal assistants. 02 Chief of Supreme General Staff and assistants. 03 Commander in Chief of Army and personal assistants. 7103.0104 Chief of Staff of Army and personal assistants. W.W. 2 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/2FtWttlP78-02646R000100070001-9 7103.0105 Commander in Chief of Navy and personal assistants. 06 Chief of Staff of Navy and personal assistants. 07 Commander in Chief of Air Force and personal assistants. 08 Chief of Staff of Air Force and personal assistants-. .0200 HIGHEST ECHELONS OF OTHER MILITARY ORGANIZATIONS. Under each organization include Commander in Chief, Chief of Staff, and their important assistants or subordinates. 01 Militia. 02 National Guard. 03 Organized reserves. 04 Quasi-military organizations. 05 Guerrilla or Partisan forces. 06 Secret military police. 07 Military espionage organizations. 08 Pre-military training organizations-. 09 Woman's Army Corps. .0300 WAR DEPARTMENT POSITIONS. 01 Chief of Personnel Division of General Staff and subordinates. 02 Chief of Intelligence Division of General Staff and subordinates. 03 Chief of Training Division of General Staff and subordinates. 04 Chief of Supply Division of General Staff and subordinates. 05 Chief of Operations Division of General Staff and subordinates. 06 Chiefs of other staff divisions and their subordinates. 07 Chiefs of other main War Department subdivisions (AGF, ASF, and equivalent echelons) and their personal and staff assistants. 08 Chief of economic warfare agency and subordinates. 09 Chief of psychological warfare agency and Subordinates. 10 Chiefs or Inspectors of Branches (Infantry, Artillery, etc.) and subordinates. 11 Chiefs of Service Departments or equivalent (Ord, Sig C, AGO, JA(, etc.) and their subordinates. .0400 AIR MINIbita posTrIons. Information as in 7103.0300. .0500 GROUND TACTICAL COMMANDS. 01 Commanders of Theaters and staff assistants, 02 Commanders of Army Groups and staff assistants. 03 Commanders of Armies and staff assistants. 7103.0504 Commanders of Corps and staff assistants. W.W. 3 Approved For Release 2001/08/206CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/1t8M3Erat&-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 7103.0505 Commanders of Divisions and staff assistants. 06 Commanders of Brigades and staff assistants. 07 Commanders of Independent Commands and staff assistants. 08 Commanders of Regiments. 09 Commanders of Battalions. 10 Commanders of other ground tactical units. .0600 AIR TACTICAL COMMANDS. 01 Commanders of Air Forces (or equivalent) and staff assistants. 02 Commanders of Air Corps (or equivalent) and staff assistants. 03 Commanders of Air Livisions (or equivalent) and staff assistants. 04 Commanders of Wings and staff assistants 05 Commanders of Groups. 06 Commanders, of Squadrons. 0700 TERRITORIAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE COMMANDS. 01 Commanders of territorial subdivisions (corps areas etc.) and assistants. 02 Commanders of occupied territories and assistants. 03 Commanders of fortresses and assistants. 04 Commanders of military gendarmerie or local defense forces and assistants. 05 Commanders of recruiting areas and assistants. 06 Commanders of military schools, members of their instructing staffs, and officers attending courses. 07 Commanders of training camps and assistants. 08 Commanders of arlministrative headquarters (ordnance depots, etc.) and assistants. 09 Commanders of other military posts and stations. 7104. andEli MILITARY PERSONALITIES .0100 Military Attaches abroad .0200 Military Observers abroad .0300 Members of military missions abroad. .0400 Personnel in foreign military schools. .0500 Agents abroad or intended for use abroad (military personnel only). .0600 Foreign Military Attaches in country. .0700 Foreign Military Observers in country. .0800 Members of foreign military missions in country. 7104.0900 Foreign personnel in military schools of country. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/g8P78-02646R000100070001-9 7104,l000 Foreign agents in country (military personnel only). .1100 Foreigners decorated by U. S. Government. .1200 Others. POLITICAL WHO'S WHO NOTE 1: In addition to the basic personality data required on all individuals, list all past and present political activities. (A list of activities only is re- quired for Who's Who; activities should be discussed under the appropriate sec- tions of the Political Block). NOTE 2: Submit comprehensive political and all other types of lists and rosters of miscellaneous political personalities, under Who's Who -- General 7000. 7200. INDIVIDUAL POLITICAL PERSONALITIES This number should not be used for reporting unless the individual cannot be prop- erly placed in any of the political positions or other categories listed below. 7201. Head of Government (President, Sovereign or Dictator). 7202. Premier. 7203. Cabinet Officers. 7204. Members of Political, Executive, Advisory Councils (Nationals or Foreigners). 7205. Members of Independent Executive Offices. 7206. Members of Occupational Government (Military and Political 7207. Members of Puppet Government. 7208. Members of Government in Exile. 7209. Members of Local Governments (outstanding). 7210. Members of Legislative Branch. 7211. Members of Judiciary (outstanding). 7212. Members of Foreign. Advisory Councils (on Foreign Affairs). 7213. Members of Foreign Political Missions (good-will, etc.). 7214. Members of Political Missions to Foreign Countries. 7215. Members of Armistice or Peace Negotiations. 7216. Members of Disarmament Conferences (Military and Political). 7217. Members of Conferences (all types). 7218. Members of Treaty Negotiations and Signatories to Treaties. 7219. Members of Political Police (outstanding) 7220. Members of SecretPolice (Political). 7221. Leaders of Political Parties (outstanding). .7222. Leaders of Political Groups (ISM, etc.). 7223. Leaders of Political Programs and Purges. 7224.0000 Leaders of Political Subversive Activities (Nationals or Foreigners). ww. 5 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08128rfe1ATRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 7225.0000 Leaders of Anti-Semitic Movements. 7226. Leaders of Minority Movements. 7227. Leaders of Coup d'Etat. . 7228. Leaders of Revolutions and Revolutionary Movements. 7229. Leaders of Political Issues. 7239,. Foreign Office (outst.nnaing personalities). 7231. Foreign Diplomatic and Consular Service (National abroad and Foreign in country). 7282. Foreign Agents in Country. 7233. Agents in Foreign Countries. 7234. Others (important from a military intelligence viewpoint). ECONOMZC WEO'S WHO NOTE 1: In addition to the basic personality data required on all individuals (sob WW page l), list all economic or financial activities having a bearing on national defense. All politi,cal activities. (A list of activities only is re- quired for Who's Who; activities Should be discussed under the appropriate sec- tions Of the Economic Block). NOTE 2: Submit comprehensive economic and all other types of lists and rosters of miscellaneous economic personalities, under Who's Who - General 7000. 7300.0000 INDIVIDUAL ECONOMiC PERSONALITIES This nuMber should _w_Lb be used for reporting unless the individual cannot be prop- erly placed in any of the economic positions or other categories listed below. 7301. Leaders in Economic Development of Country. ? 7302. Leaders in Economic Plane (Five-year and similar). 7303. Leaders in Agricultural Plans and Development. 7304. Leaders in Mining DeVelopment. Leaders in Manufacturing Development. 7306. Leaders in Transportation Development. 7307. Leaders in Financial Development. 7308. Leaders in Communications Development. 7309. Leaders In Commerce Development. 7310. Members of Economic Advisory Councils or Commissions.. 7311. Members of Economic Warfare Boards. 712. Members of Economic Reconstruction Committees. 7313. Members of Economic Purchasing Commissions. 7$14- Members of Economic Societies (outstanding economists). 7315. Beads of Important Agricultural Industries (Nationals or Foreigners). 7316.0000 _Beads of Important Mining Industries (Nationals or Foreigners). w.w. 6 Approved For Release 2001/08/2e : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 coxpprium., Approved For Release 2001 00070001-9 7317.0000 Heads Of Important Manufacturing Industries (Nationals or Foreigners). 7318. Heads of Important Munitions Industries (Nationals or Foreigners). 7319. Heads of Important Chemical Industries (Nationals or Foreigners). 7320. Heads of Important Public Utilities (Nationals or Foreigners). 7321. Heads of Important Railroad and Shipping (NationAls or Foreigners). 7322. Heads of Important Banking and Financial Institutions (Nationals or Foreigners). 7323. Heads Of Important Communications Facilities (Telephone, Telegraph, Radio) (Nationals or Foreigners). 7324. Heads of Important International Trading Missions. 7325. Heads of Important International Economic Missions. 7326. Heads of Important Business Institutions. 7327. Others(inix)rttuTt from a military intelligence viewpoint). SOCIOLOGICAL WHO'S WHO NOTE 1: In addition to the basic personality data required on all individun1s (see WW page 1), list 611 activities, political and other CA list of activities only is required for Who's Who; activities should be discussed under the appropri- ate sections of the Political and other blocks). ? V09!E 2: Submit comprehensive sociological and all other types of lists and rasters of Miscellaneous sociological personalities, under Vlao's Who -- General 7000. 7400. INDIVIDUAL SOCIOLOGICAL PERSONALITIES This number should neat be used for reporting unless the individual cannot be prop- erly placed in any of the sociological positions or other categories listed below. 71103. Leaders of Important Minority Croups. (Do not duplicate Political Who's Who here). 7404. Leaders of Important Immigrant Groups. 7405. Leaders of Important Refugee Groups. 7406. Leaders of Important Foreign Groups. 7407. Leaders of Important Civic Organizations. 7408. Leaders of Important Philanthropic and Relief Organizations. 7409. Leaders of Important Labor Organizations. 7410. Leaders of Important Labor Strikes. 7411. Leaders of Important Health Institutions. 7412. Leading Educators. 7413. Leading Clergymen. 7414. Leading Editors (Nationals or Foreigners). 7415. Leading Press porrespondents (Nationals or Foreigners). 7416.0000 Leading Pul)liehers or Owners of Newspapers and Magazines (Nationals or Foreigners). 1.1.1i. 7 Approved For Release 2001/08/246,SW78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08128=1/1-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 7417.0000 Leading Members of Press Associations or News Agencies (Nationals or Foreigners). NOTE: Only a statement is required here as to particular newspaper or association with whicn personality is affiliated, with attitude toward U.S. and other leading powers. 7418. Leading Radio Commentators (Nationals or Foreigners). 7419. Leading Propagandists (Radio, Press, Theater) (Nationals or Foreigners). 7420. Leading Theater Owners and Managers (Nationals or Foreigners). 7421. Leading Moving Picture Owners and Managers (Nationals or Foreigners). 7422. Leading Censors of Press, Theater and Radio. 7423. Chief of National and Civil Police (Public Order and Security). 7424. Chiefs of Civil Penal Institutions. 7425. Others - Important from a military intelligence viewpoint. SCIENTIFIC W1D'S 14110 -NOTE 1: In addition to the basic personality data required on all individuals '(see WW page 1), give details of career, professional reputation, names of impor- tant associates location of research activities subjects of research, membership "or employment in professional organizations, authorship of scientific publications. TOTE 2: Submit comprehensive scientific and all other types of lists and rosters of Miscellaneous scientific personalities under Who's Who -- General 7000.0000. 7500. INDIVIDUAL SCIENTIFIC PERSONALITIES This number should 112-1 be used for reporting unless the individual cannot be prop- erly placed in any of the scientific positions or other categories listed below. IMPORTANT SCIDITISTS AND INVENTORS (BOTH NATIONAL AND FOREIGN) IN THE FOLLOWING 7501. Bacteriological Warfare. 7502. Medicine. 7503. atemical Warfare. 7544. Organic Chemistry. 7505. Nuclear Physics. 7506. Synthetic Substitutes (Fuel, Rubber, etc.). 7507. Explosives. 7508. Ammunition. 7509. Fuzes. 7510. Rockets. 7511. Guided Missiles. 7512. Metallurgy. 7513. Weapons. 7514.0000 Vehicles. w.w. 8 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/031FWMP78-02646R000100070001-9 7515.0000 Aeronautics (General). 7516. Aerodynamics, Airplanes, Gliders, etc. 7517. Aircraft Engines (jet-propulsion, etc.) 7518. Aircraft instrumonts. 7519. Aircraft Equipmont (gun turrets, etc.) 7520. Fire Control Devices. 7521. Sub-surface Devices. 7522. ,Electronics (Radio, Radar, Television, Rays, etc.) 7523.0000 Others - Important from a military intelligence viewpoint. W.W. 9 Approved For Release' 2001/08/28c44-NrP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 TAB Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/0W281MXRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 SCIENTIFIC THE SCIENTIFIC SECTION COVERS 111B PRODUCTION OF INTELLIGENCE CONCERNING SCIENTIFIC DE- VELOPMENTS, THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, WHICH HAVE OR MAY HAVE MILITARY IMPLICATIONS. CONTENTS 8300.0000 ELFOIRONICS 840o.0000 GUIDED MISSTINS AND REMOTE CONTROLLED WEAPONS 8500.0000 BIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL WARFARE 8600.0000 NUCLEAR PHYSICS (ATOMIC ENERGY) 8700.0000 MISCELLANEOUS NOTE 1: All matters concerning electronics, including research, development, production, operational use, tactical employment, and countermeasures are reported under the appropriate numbers in the 8300 block. NOTE 2: Scientific intelligence, other than electronics,' in the research and developmental stage is reported under the appropriate numbers in the 8400, 8500, 8600, or 8700 group as af,i;licable. If the materiel has passed the developmental stage and is in use by a military organization, then the appropriate numbers in the Military block is also assigned. Approved For Release 2001/08/ CM ROJO- &DP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001 00070001-9 8300. FT7CTR0NICS 8310. COMMUNICATIONS, RADIO: Military radio telephony or radio telegraphy. .0100 THEORY: Circuit research and design .0200 TACTICAL EMPLOYMENT: Application and use of specific equipment in systems. (Including basis of issue of equipment to units) .0300 EQUIPMENT: Description of equipment components and characteristics. 01 Shipborne 02 Automatic systems 03 Ground Fixed Ground. Mobile and Portable 05 Airborne Troops 06 Airborne 07 Air-Ground 08 Intercept and Monitoring 09 Direction Finding (D/F): Excluding D/F for Navigation 10 Others: (Including Synthetic Training Devices) .040o LOCATIONS: Location of fixed radio communication stations including inter- cept and monitoring installations. .0500 COMPROMISED: Foreign knowledge of American equipment or its tactical employ- ment. 8311. COMMUNICATIONS, OTHER THAN RADIO .0100 TELEPHONE .0200 SWITCHBOARD .0300 TELEGRAPH: (Including Teletype) .0400 LINE EQUIPMENT: (Wire, Repeaters, Test Equipment, etc.) .0500 VISUAL: (Including Lamps, Flares, Flags, etc.) .0600 MISCELLANEOUS: Report on communication equipment which is not listed above. 8320. NAVIGATIONAL AIDS: Report on radio and radar aids to navigation employing con- tinuous wave, pulse and frequency modulation principles. .0100 THEORY: Aspects of circuit research and design. .0200 TACTICAL EMPLOYMENT: Application and use of equipment in systems. .0300 EQUIPMENT: Description of equipment components in systems and characteristics. 01 Airborne Direction Finding (D/F): Including radio compass. 02 Ground Direction Finding (D/F) Stations 03 Beam Systems 8320.0304 Radio Beacons: Including Radons Sci, 1 Approved For Release 2001/00848D:SATRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 20016gagtir4-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 8320.0305 Precision Navigational Systems: Excluding blind bombing radar 06 Radio Altimeters 07 Others: Navigational Aid equipment not listed above. .o400 LOCATIONS: Locations of Navigational Stations .0500 COMPROMISED: Foreign knowledge of American equipment or its tactical -eriVloyment. 8330. PARTS AND COMPONENTS: Report on all circuit elements, basic components and aCcessories, which together make up, are used with, or are a part of complete electronic units. .0100 AMOSIFIRES 01 Audio Frequency 02 Raaio Frequency .0200 ANTENNAS .0300 BAI1ERIES .oltoo COILS .0500 CONDENSERS 01 Fixed 02 Variable .0600 CONDUCTORS: Coaxial Cables, Wave Guides, etc. .0700 CRYSTALS .0800 DETECTORS .0900 PLTICTROMAGNETS .1000 FILTERS 01 Audio Frequency 02 Radio Frequency .1100 HEADPHONES .1200 INDICATORS: Report those integral components of equipment which present range and azimuth such as oscillographs and oscilloscopes. ,1300 INDUCTANCES: Chokes .3 1+00 INSULATORS .1500 METERS: Report on all panel board and control board instruments. 01 Ammeters 02 Frequency: This category covers devices for measuring power frequencies (e.g. iribrating reed type): see BID number 8330.3002 for Audio and Radio Frequency meters. 03 Voltmeters o4 Wattmeters 8330.1505 Others: Report an instruments not listed above. Sci. 2 Approved For Release 2001/118712gDPOKIRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/eftightriWP78-02646R000100070001-9 8330.1600 MICROPHONES .1700 MODULATORS 01 Audio Frequency 02 Radio Frequency .1800 MULTIVIBRATORS .1900 NAMEPLATES AND PRODUCTION RATES .2000 OSCILLATORS .2100 PLUGS AND JACKS .2200 POWER SUPPLIES 01 Vacuum Tube 02 Motor Generator .2300 RECORDERS 01 Disc 02 Magnetic 03 Tape 04 Other .2400 RECTIFIERS: Chemical, mechanical and oxide. .2500 RELAYS .2600 RESISTORS 01 Fixed 02 Variable .2700 SELSYNS .2800 SPEAEERS .2900 SWITCHES 01 Mechanical 02 Vacuum Tube 03 -Other .3000 TEST DEVICES AND METHODS: In reporting on each piece of test-equipment give its method of application or use. 01 Field Strength Meter 02 Frequency Meter: This category covers those devices for measuring Audio and Radio Frequencies; see BID number 8330.1502 for Power Frequency Meters. 03 8330.3004 Vacuum Tube Voltmeter Vacuum Tube Bridge Sci. 3 Approved For Release 2001/08/28)=WRIDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/94SiTc*-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 8330.3005 Oscillographs and Oscilloscopes: Report on devices used for recording or visually observing changes in waveform. 06 Signal Generators 07 Vacuum Tube Tester and Checker 08 Time Interval Instrument 09 Others: Report on other testing devices not listed above. .3100 TRANSFORMERS 01 Audio Frequency 02 Radio Frequency 03 Power .3200 TUBE SOCKETS .3300 CLIMATIZATION OF ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT; which consists of treatment of equip- ment for operation under the following conditions: 10 High Altitudes 20 Low Temperatures 30 Higti Temperatures 40 High Humidity 50 Fungus Growth 60 Deserts 70 Others .3400 MISCELLANEOUS: Report on any other parts and components not listed above. 8340. RADAR: Including types employing continuous wave, pulse, and frequency modu- lation principles. .0100 THEORY: Technical aspects of circuit research and design. .0200 TACTICAL EMPLOYMENT: Application or uses of radar equipment and systems. 10 Search and Warning: Including ground and shipborne. 20 Fire and Searchlight Controls: Including ground and shipborne. 21 Missile Trajectory Plotting 30 Search (Airborne): Air to Surface Vessel (ASV) 40 Interception 41 Airborne Interception (Al): For guiding aircraft to target. 42 Ground Control Interception (GCI): For guiding aircraft to target. 50 Identification: Identification Friend or Foe (Lr) 60 Blind Bombing 8340.0270 Others: (Including Trainers, etc.) sci. 4 Approved For Release 20017111U2SIVINA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001 00070001-9 8340.6300 EQUIPMENT: Description of equipment components or systems. 10 Search and Warning: Including ground and shipborne 20 Fire and Searchlight Controls: Including ground and ehipborne. 21 Missile Trajectory Plotting 30 Search (Airborne): Air to Surface Vessel (ASV) 40 Interception 41 Airborne Interception (Al): For guiding aircraft to target. 42 Ground Control Interception (GCI): For guiding aircraft to target. 50 Identification: Identification Friend or Foe (1.0.0 . 60 Blind Bombing 70 Others: (Including Trainers, etc.) .0400 LOCATIONS: Locations of radar installations .0500 COMPROMISED: Foreign knowledge of American equipment or its tactical employment. 8350. RADIO COUNTERMEASURES (RCM): Including Radar Countermeasures .0100 THEORY: Circuit research and design 10 Jamming 11 Radio 12 Radar 13 Radio Proximity Fuze 14 Guided Missiles 15 Navigational Aide 16 Others . 20 Anti-Jamming (AJ) 30 Repeaters for deception 40 Reflectors for deception and jamming 50 Search and Investigation 60 Others: Including anti-detection, homing, radar evasion, etc. .0200 TECHNIQUES: Application and use of radio and radar countermeasures equipment in systems. .10 Jamming 11 Radio 12 Radar 13 Radio Proximity Fuze 8350.0214 Guided Missiles Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/cgariEA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 8350.0215 Navigational Aids 16 Others 20 Anti-Jamming (AJ) 30 Repeaters for deception 40 Reflectors for deception and jamming 50 Search and Investigation ?6o Others,: Including anti-detection, homing, radar evasion, etc. .0300 EQUIPMENT: Description of radio and radar countermeasures equipment com- ponents and characteristics 10 Jamming 11 Radio 12 Radar 13 Radio Proximity Fuze 14 Guided Missiles 15 Navigational Aids 16 Others 20 Anti-Jamming (AJ) 30 Repeaters for deception 40 Reflectors for deception and jamming 50 Search and Investigation 60 Others: Including anti-detection, homing, radAr evasion, etc. .0400 SUSCEPTIBILITY TESTS: Tests againat specific equipment or systems to de- termine their susceptibility to radio or radar countermeasures activities. 01 Radio Communications 02 Radar 03 Navigational Aids o4 Others: Including facsimile, television, proximity fuze, etc. .0500 AMERICAN COUNTERMEASURES ACTIVITIES: 'Report on operational use of Radio Cbuntermeasures (RCM). ,01 Radio Communications 02 Radar 03 Navigational Aids 04 Others: Including facsimile, television, proximity fuze, etc. .0600 LOCATIONS: Locations of Radio Countermeasures (RCM) installations. 8350.0700 COMPROMISED: Foreign knowledge of American equipment or its tactical employment. sci. 6 Approved For Release 2001100NEUN?tCIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/Mpgji*WP78-02646R000100070001-9 8360. SPECIAL ELECTRONIC DEVICES .0100 CRYPTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT: Including Coding, Ciphering and Scrambling equip- ment in systems. .0200 DETECTORS 10 Sound: Report on all devices (transmitters, receivers, etc.) employing sound waves in the audible range. 11 Theory: Theory of design and principles of operation. 12 Techniques: Application and uses of equipment in systems. 13 Equipment: Description of equipment components in systems. 20 Light: Report on all devices (transmitters, receivers, etc.) employing light radiation in the visible light spectrum (e.g., photoelectric cell) Other: Report on detectors not listed above. NOTE: Information pertaining to and/or describing electronic devices and equipment, which are activated by heat radiation, will be reported under BID number 8360.0600 - INFRARED. .0300 ELECTRONIC CONTROL MECHANISMS: Report on all electronic control equipment similar to the type used in Guided Missiles (transmitters and receivers). 10 Theory: Circuit research and design 20 Techniques: Application and uses of equipment in systems 21 Aircraft 22 Missiles 23 Tanks 24 Other: Including boats, torpedoes, etc. 30 Equipment: Description of that part making up the electronic control equipment only. 31 Aircraft 32 Missiles 33 Tanks 34 Other: Including boats, torpedoee, etc. .0400 FACSIMILE 10 Theory: Research and design 20 Techniques: Application and uses of equipment in systems 30 Equipment: Description of equipment 40 Locations: Locations of facsimile installations .0500 FUZES, RADIO PROXIMITY: Report on all such devices similar to the radio proximity fuzes used in projectiles, bombe, torpedoes, shells, etc. 10 Theory: Circuit research, design and construction 8360.0520 Techniques: Application and uses of proximity fuzes Sci. 7 Approved For Release 2001/08128FPC1 IMP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/9i218iN?RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 8360.0530 Equipment: Description of equipment components in systems .0600 INFRARED AND ULTRAVIOLET 10 Theory: Research and design 20 Techniques: Application and uses of equipment in systems 30 Equipment: Description of equipment components in systems .0700 MAGNETIC: Report on all devices employing magnetic principles similar to those used for mine, ship and submarine detection. 10 Theory: Circuit research and design 20 Techniques: Application and uses of equipment insystems 30 Equipment: Description of equipment components in systems .0800 MEOROLOGICAL EQUIPMENT: Report on all devices for meteorological purposes which employ radio principles 10 Theory: Circuit research and design 20 Special Uses: Report on the application of radio meteorological equip- ment such as that used as the control of mechanisms or explosives. 30 Equipment: Description of radio components of equipment. .0900 RAYS: Report on Death Rays, Ignition System Rays, X-Rays, etc. .1000 SUPERSONIC AND SUBAUDIELE: Report on all devices employing sound waves above and below the audible range (transmitters and receivers). 10 Theory: Research and design. 20 Techniques: Application and uses of equipment in systems 30 Equipment: Description of equipment components .1100 TELEVISION 10 Theory: Circuit research and design 20 Techniques: Application and uses of television equipment and systems 30 Equipment: Description of equipment components in system 31 Ground: Fixed, Mobile and Portable 32 Airborne 33 Other .1200 OTHERS: Report on all Special Electronic Devices not included in the abbve listing such as Radar Ranging Shells, etc. 8370.0000 VACUUM TUBES .0100 liaORY: Theoretical aspects of vacuum tube design and circuit application. .0200 DESIGN AND CHARACLEEISTICS: Electrical, mechanical or physical characteris- tics of vacuum tubes. 10 Transmitting tubes 8370.0220 Receiving tubes Sol. 8 Approved For Release 200110 TENTA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28N.FM4T6P78-02646R000100070001-9 8370.0230 Rectifier tubes 4o Cathode Ray tubes 50 Other: Infrared tubes, Photoelectric Cell, .etc. .0300 CATHODE RAY TUBE PHOTOGRAPHY: Methods and techniques of photographing cathode ray tube images. - 8380. WAVE PROPAGATION .0100 THEORY: Report on the theoretical studies in consideration of wave propaga- tion, radiation in transmission, etc. 10 Radio Communication 20 Radar 30 Radio and Radar Countermeasures 4o Navigation 50 Special Electronic Devices: Report information as pertaining to those devices listed under the 8360.0000 block. 60 Others .0200 TECHNIQUES: Characteristics and uses of wave propagation devices or systems. 01 Radio Communication 02 Radar 03 Navigational Aid 04 Radio and Radar Countermeasures 05 Direction Finding 06 Wave Guides and Cavity Resonators 07 Transmission Line and Coupling Devices 98 Ionospheric Prediction and Measurement 09 Meteorological Prediction .0300 FREQUENCY ALLOCATION AND USAGE 8400. GUIDED MISSILES, REMOTE CONTROLUD AND UNCONVENTIONAL WEAPONS 8410. DEVICES, CONTROTXFD .0100 MISSIRTP: Projected through the atmosphere 01 Homing 02 Human Piloted 03 Mechanically Remote Controlled o4 Radio Controlled 05 Wire Controlled (Electrically) 8410.0106 Others (Including V Weapons, etc.) Sci. 9 Approved For Release 2001/08/2ea-kIP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001i0fatmer,(A-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 8410.0200 NAVICULAR: Water Surface Weapons 01 Homing 02 Manned 03 Radio Controlled 04 Others .0300 SPECIAL .0400 SUBMERSIBLE: Subsurface Weapons 01 Homing 02 Human Piloted 03 Mechanically Remote Controlled 04 Radio Controlled 05 Wire Controlled (Electrically) 06 Others .0500 VEHICULAR: Ground Surface Weapons 01 Homing 02 Human Driven 03 Mechanically Remote Controlled 04 Radio Controlled 05 Wire Controlled (Electrically) 06 Others 8420. PROPULSION OF MISSILES AND UNCONVENTIONAL WEAPONS .0100 METHODS 01 Jet 02 Rockets 03 Others 8430. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT .0100 GOVERNMENT AND PRIVATE RESEARCH PROGRAMS 01 Organization 02 03 04 .0300 01 8430.0302 sci. 10 Locations of Research Centers, Laboratories and Proving Grounds Annual Appropriations Special Appropriations DEVELOPMENTS Weapons Aircraft Approved For Release 2001 00070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/281rFalitaelP78-02646R000100070001-9 8430.0303 Fuels a Manufacturing Processes 05 Others 844o. MANUFACTURING AND PRODUCTION DATA .0100 LOCATIONS OF FACTORIES .0200 PRODUCTION CAPABILITIES OF VARIOUS FACTORIES 8450. TACTICAL ORGANIZATION OF USING-UNITS .0100 TENTATIVE T/O's FOR SERVICE TESTS .0200 PERMANENT T/O's AF1ZE ACCEPTANCE TESTS 8500. BIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL WARFARE 8510. BIOLOGICAL (BAC1EEI0LOGICAL) WARFARE .0100 BW AGENTS: Disease producing agents which may be used to cause infection in man, animals, or plants. .0200 BW CAPABILITIES, INTENTIONS AND POLICIES .0300 BW DISSEMINATION; Methods used to disseminate BW Agents .0400 BW PROTECTION: Biological - Immunization, etc. Chemical - Decontamination and disinfection Physical - Protective clothing, masks, etc. .0500 BW RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND PRODUCTION .0600 BW TACTICS AND STRATEGY .0700 BW INCIDENTS: Use or Suspected Use .0800 BW TRAINING .0900 BW UNITS: Units trained for 3W operation - either DEFENSIVE or OFFENSIVE. NOTE: BW Who's Who covered under 7501. 8520, CHEMICAL WARFARE .0100 WAR GASES: For each class of gas, indicate whether it is standard (adopted) or experimental. Give class; type; specifications;-methods of projection; properties; effects. Include such data as odor; persistency in summer and winter; tactical classification; physical classification; physiological effects. Give symbol and markings. 01 Arsenicals 02 Hydrogen Cyanide 03 Phosgene Mustard and Nitrogen Mustards 05 Tear Gases 8520.0106 Others: Miscellaneous gases not reported under other numbers. Sci. 11 Approved For Release 2001/0872MITAIRDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 20011giggNiTaA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 8520.0107 Reserves: Report stocks of poison gases on hand with locations, types and quantities of gases and gas filled munitions. 08 Research and Development: Research and development of new types. List ' each research agency or establishment with location, facilities, methods, personnel. .0200 CW DEFENSE, RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: Research and development of new Army, Navy, Air Force and civilian gas masks, protective' clothing, gasproof shel- ters, decontaminating materials and techniques. Measures for identifica- tion, reporting, and special warning. 01 Gas Mask, Research and Development 02 Clothing, Protective, Research and Development 04 Decontamination, Research and Development 05 Identification and Detection .0300 CW TACTICS AND STRATEGY': Report tactical doctrines on use of poison gases. List munitions to be used, types of renumerative targets and types and amounts of poison gases to be employed. Report strategic viewpoint toward use of poison gas in warfare. .0400 CW POLICIES AND INTENTIONS: Policies and intentions regarding the use of poison gas in warfare and research and development of new gases, chemical weapons and gas protective equipment. .0500 CW INCIDENTS, USE OF POISON GAS, KNOWN OR SUSPECTED: Report type, name, amounts and physiological effects of agent or agents used. Report number and type of casualties, location of incidents, type and quantities of shell or other munition used to prOject gas. Full description of action in which incident occurred. .0600 CW INCENDIARIES: Report chemical constituents, munitions in which employed, tactical usej protective measures, research and development of new typos. 860o. NUCLEAR PHYSICS (ATOMIC ENERGY) Note: The outline for reporting Intelligence on Nuclear Physics carries a higher classi- fication than the Basic Intelligence Directive itself, accordingly it will be dis- tributed under separate cover, in accordance with established policy and procedure. 8700. MISCELLANEOUS 8710. BOOKS AND PUBLICATIONS (SCIENTIFIC) .2000 Captured Documents .4000 Catalogues .6000 Handbooks .8000 Progress Reports 8720. LISTINGS (SCIENTIFIC) .1000 Foreign documents .2000 Foreign Equipment .3000 Documents .4000 Progress Reports 8720.5000 Equipment Sot. 12 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 ; CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 CONFTITRNTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 TAB Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIRldfilaMi02646R000100070001-9 MISCELLANEOUS With the exception of 8000., Einimates of the Situation, and 8005., Comments on Current Events, numbers in the Miscellaneous Section are to be used only when no other appli- cable number can be found in the B.I.D., or when the content of the document is covered in more than one Section of the BbI.D. 8000.0000 Estimates of the Situation. 8005.0000 Comments on Current Events. 8010.0000 Coordinated Intelligence Reports. 8015.0000 Reports covering Captured Documents. 8020.0000 Reports severing Captured Materiel. 8025.0000 Reports of Interviews and Interrogations (Including P.O.W. Reports). 8100.0000 Requests for Information. Specific requests originating in the War Department, Washington, for information, documents, materiel, etc., capable of yielding intelligence. (This number (8100) should be used only when requests cover more than a single topic. A request for Information on a single topic should be treated under the appropriate BID number. Lists of "intelligence targets" or "intelligence objectives" are to be treated under number 8100). 9000.-9999.Reserved for use of MIS Intelligence Library. Misc. 1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RI3M8102646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 TAB Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 MISSING PAGE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT MISSING PAGE(S): Approved For For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 1 ounce (troy or apothecaries') /pound (avoirdupois) 1 pound (troy and apothecaries') ? ? 1 long or gross ton 1 short or net ton 31.103 grams 453.592 grains 373.242 grams 1.016 metric tons 0.907 metric ton CONVERSION FACTORS OF RUSSIAN WEIGHTS AND MEASURES INTO UNITED STATES AND BRITISH UNITS Note: The U.S.S.R. has officially adopted the Metric System. may still be encountered. Russian Unit 1 sazhen 1 arshin 1 Couto (Russian foot) 1 duim (Russian inch) 1 =Ilya (Russian mile) 1 verst 1 square sazhen l'square arshin 1 square verst 1 dessiatine 1 cubic sazhen 1 cubic arshin 1 cubic vershok 1 shtoff 1 chetverik 1 botchka 1 vedro ' 1 charka 1 garnetz 1 zolotnik 1 lot 1 funt 1 pood 1 bercovets The units below, however, United States and British Equivalent 2.333 2.333 28.000 1.000 1.000 4.640 0.663 5.444 49.000 784.000 0.439 281.220 2.700 12.704 12.704 5.359 0.325 0.271 0.745 0.721 129.969 108.223 12.997 10.822 0.260 2.978 2.886 5.957 5.772 0.372 0.361 0.150 0.137 0.451 0.903 36.113 0.161 04180 yards feet Inches foot inch. miles mile square yards square feet square inches square mile acres acres cubic yards cubic feet cubic inches United States gallon British gallon United States bushel British bushel United States gallons British gallons United States liquid quarts British quarts (liquid) United States liquid pint United States dry quarts British quarts (dry) United States dry pints British pints (dry) United States peck British peck ounce (avoirdupoie) bunco (troy or apothecaries') ounce (avoirdupois) pound (avoirdupois) pounds (avoirdupois) long, ton short ton CONVERSION FACTORS OF UNITED STATES AND BRITISH WEIGHTS AND MEASURES INTO RUSSIAN UNITS United States and British Unit Russian Equivalent 1 yard 0.429 sazhen 1 foot 0.429 arshin 1 inch 0.036 arshin 1 statute mile 1.509 verst 1 nautical mile 1.737 verst 1 square yard . ? ? ? . 0.184 square sazhen 1 square foot 0.020 square sazhen 1 square inch 0.001 square arshin Cony. 3 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 1 square mile 2.276 square verst 237.06 dessiatin 1 acre 0.370 dessiatin 1 cubic yard 0.079 cubic sazhen 1 cubic foot 0.079 cubic arehin 1 cubic inch 0.187 cubic vershok 1 United States gallon 3.078 shtoff 1 British gallon (liquid and dry) 3.696 shtoff 1 United States bushel 1.343 chetverik 1 British bushel 1.386 chetverik 1 United States barrel (liquid - 31.5 0.242 botchka gallons) 9.694 vedro 1 United States liquid quart 0.077 vedro 1 British quart (liquid and dry) . 0.924 shtoff 1 United States liquid pint 0.385 shtoff 1 British pint (liquid and dry) 0.462 shtoff I United States peck 0.336 chetverik 1 British peck 0.347 chetverik 1 United States dry quart 0.336 garnetz 1 British quart tdry) 0.347 garnetz 1 United States dry pint 0.168 garnetz 1 British pint (dry) 0.173 garnetz 1 ounce (avoirdupois) 6.646 zolotnik 1 ounce (troy or apothecaries') 7.291 zolotnik 1 ounce (avoirdupois) . . , 2.215 lot 1 pound (avoirdupois) 1.108 funt. 1 pound (troy and apothecaries') . . . 0.911 funt 1 long or gross ton 6.203 bercovets 62.028 pood 1 short or net ton 5.538 bercovets 55.382 pood British PRINCIPAL DIFFERENCES BETWEEN UNITED STATES AND BRITISH WEIGHTS AND MEASURES United States 1 fluid ounce 0.961 fluid ounce 1 imperial quart 1.20 liquid. quarts, 1.03 dry quarts . 1 imperial gallon 1.20 gallons 1 imperial peck 1.03 pecks ' 1 imperial bushel 1.03 bushels 1 ton 1.12 short tons (2,000 pounds) 1 milliard 1 billion 1 billion 1 trillion 1 trillion 1 quintillion JAPANESE WEIGHTS AND MEASURES TO UNITED STATES AND BRTTISH EQUIVALENTS Japanese Unit United States and British Equivalent 1 ri 2.440 statute miles' 1 shaku 0.994 feet 1 sun 1.193 inches 1 cho 2.451 acres 1 oho ' 119.303 yards 1 toubo 3.954 square yards 1 go 3.558 square feet 1 kOku 5.119 United States bushels 4.960 British bushels 47.655 United States gallons. 1 sho 0.477 United States gallon 0.397 British gallon 0.205 United States peck Cony. 4 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 I go 1 picul 1 catty 1 momme 0.381 United States liquid pint 0.328 United States dry pint 0.317 British pint (liquid and dry) 0.059 long ton 0.066 short ton 1.333 pounds (avoirdupois) 0.132 ounce (avoirdupois) 0.121 ounce (troy) UNITED STATES AND BRITISH EQUIVALENTS TO JAPANESE WEIGHTS AND MEASURES United States and British Unit 1 mile (nautical) 1 yard 1 foot 1 inch 1 acre 1 square yard 1 square foot 1 United States bushel 1 British bushel 1 United States gallon 1 United States peck 1 British gallon 1 United States liquid pint 1 United States dry pint 1 British pint (liquid and dry) 1 long ton 1 short ton 1 pound (avoirdupois) Chinese Unit Japanese Equivalent o.410 ri 3.018 shaku 1.006 shaku 0.838 sun o.4108 cho 0.253 tsubo 0.281 go 0.195 koku 0.202 koku 2.098 sho 4.884 sho 2.520 sho 2.623 go 3.052 go 3.150 go 16.931 picul 15.117 picul 0.750 catty CHINESE WEIGHTS AND MEASURES TO UNITED STATES AND BRITISH EQUIVALENTS . chang 1 ch'ih 1 ts'un 1 hu 1 sheng 1 picul 1 catty 1 hang United States and British Equivalent 11.75 14.10 1.41 11.39 13.68 2.19 1.88 1.82 133.33 1.333 1.333 feet inches inches British gallons United States gallons United States liquid pints United States dry pints British pints (liquid and dry) pounds (avoirdupois) pounds (avoirdupois) ounces (avoirdupois) UNITED STATES AND BRITISH EptVALENTs TO CHINESE WEIGHTS AND MEASURES United States and British Unit 1 yard 1 foot 1 inch 1 long ton 1 short ton 1 pound (avoirdupois) . Chinese Equivalent 0.255 chang ? 0.851 ch'ih 0.709 tstun 16.800 picul 15.000 picul 0.750 catty Conv. 5 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 EGYPTIAN WEIGHTS AND Mr-TASURES TO UNITED STATES AND BRITISH EQUIVALENTS Note: Although the Metric System is official in Egypt, the following units are still in use. Egyptian Unit 1 kassabah (land) 1 pike Istambuli (cloth) 1 dira baladi 1 square kassabah 1 square dira baladi 1 feddan 1 daribah 1 webeh 1 malouah 1 keddah 1 hemi 1 kantar 1 rotl 1 okieh United States and British Equivalent 11.647 2.221 1.903 15.073 3.621 1.038 44.95 43.56 8.707 7.250 3.746 4.359 3.630 3.746 4.359 3.630 0.246 0.275 99.049 0.990 1.321 feet feet feet square yards spare yards acres United States bushels British bushels United States gallons British gallons United States dry quarts United States liquid quarts British quarts United States dry pints United States liquid pints British pints long ton short ton pounds (avoirdupois) pound (avoirdupois) ounces (avoirdupois) UNIIID STATES WAND BRITISH EQUIVALENTS TO EGYPTIAN WEIGHTS AND MEASURES United States and British Unit 1 yard 1 foot 1 square yard 1 square foot 1 acre 1 United States bushel 1 British bushel 1 United States gallon 1 British gallon 1 United States liquid quart 1 United States dry quart 1 British quart (dry or liquid) 1 United States liquid pint 1 United States dry pint 1 British pint (liquid and dry 1 long ton 1 short ton 1 pound (avoirdupois) COMMON CALIBERS (1.00 Millimeter = 0.0397 inch) Millimeters 5.40 5.50 Cony. 6 Inches 0.213 0.217 Egyptian Equivalent 0.258 kassabah (land) 0.450 pike Istambuli cloth 0.526 dira baladi 0.066 square kassabah 0.276 square dira baladi 0.963 feddan 0.022 daribah 0.023 daribah 0.115 webeh 0.138 webeh 0.229 malouah 0.267 malouah 0.275 malouah 0.229 keddah 0.267 keddah 0.275 keddah 22.615 kantar 4.071 heml 20.192 kantar 1.010 rotl Millimeters 23.40 25.00 Inches 0.921 0.9814 Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : Millimeters Inches CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Millimeters Inches 6.00 0.236 37.00 1.457 6.35 0.250 47.00 1.850 6.55 0.258 57.00 2.244 7.00 0.276 6o.00 2.362 7.63 0.300 65.00 2.559 7.65 0.301 75.00 2.953 7.70 0.303 76.00 2.992 7.92 0.312 76.19 3.000 8.00 0.315 77.00 3.031 8.40 0.331 81.00 3.189 9.00 0.354 83.81 3.300 9.50 0.374 88.00 3.465 10.00 0.394 90.00 3.543 10.50 0.413 93.97 3.700 10.60 0.417 100.00 3.937 11.00 0.433 105.00 4.134 12.00 0.472 106.67 4.200 12.50 0.492 114.29 4.500 13.00 0.512 120.00 4.724 13.40 0.528 126.99 5.000 14.40 0.567 150.00 5.906 14..80 0.583 152.39 6.000 15.25 0.600 155.00 6.102 15.40 0.606 180.00 7.087 16.40 0.646 203.19 8.000 17.40 0.685 210.00 8.268 18.40 0.724 220.00 8.661 20.00 0.787 233.67 9.200 20.40 0.803 240.00 9.449 21.40 0.843 320.00 12.598 420.00 16.535 WEIGHTS PER UNIIED STATES GALLON OF GASOLINE AND OIL (a) Gasoline (ordinary), 6.0 to 6.2 pounds per United States gallon. (b) Gasoline (aviation), 5.9 to 6.0 pounds per United States gallon. (c) Oil (cylinder), 7.4 to 7.9 pounds per United States gallon. (d) Oil (Diesel), 6.9 to 7.5 pounds per, United States gallon. FORMULAS FOR CONVERTING FAHRENHEIT, CENTIGRADE, AND REAUMUR scALsa ON THERMOMETERS (a) Fahrenheit into Centigrade: ?C = (i?F - 32) X 5/9 (b) Centigrade into Fahrenheit: oF = (*?C X 9/5) 32 = (I ?C X 1.8) +32 (c) Fahrenheit into Reaumur: oR = (? oF - 32) X 4/9 (d) Reaumur into Fahrenheit: ?F = (? ?R X 9/4) + 32 =(? oR X 2.25) +32 (e) Centigrade into Reaumur: oR = 4/5 X ?C = 0.8 X ?C (f) Reaumur into Centigrade: ?C =5/4 X oR = 1.25 X ?R Cony. 7 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 SHIPPING TONNAGES, TERMS AND CONVERSION .FACTORS WEIGHT SHIPS Displacement tonnage =weight in long tons of water displaced. Computed by dividing volume of sea water displaced, in cu. ft., by 35. (Now used mainly for war ships.) Displacement loaded = weight of vessel plus cargo, fuel, and stores. Displacement light. = weight of vessel without cargo, fuel, and stores (or, weight of fabric only). (Displacement loaded - Deadweight = Displace- ment light.) Short ton = 2,000 pounds Long ton = 2,240 pounds Metric ton = 2,205 pounds Deadweight, or carrying capacity = total capacity in long tons of cargo plus fuel and stores. (Displacement loaded - Displacement light = Deadweight.)' CUBAGE Register ton= 100 Cu. ft. Gross register tonnage = total internal space of ship. Net register tonnage = space available for accommodation of passengers and stowage of cargo (or, useful space). (Gross register tonnage - space for crew, power plant, fuel, and operation of vessel Net register tonnage.) CARGO Ship ton = Measurement ton = )40 Cu. ft. Bale cubic capacity = cu. ft. of cargo space measured to inside of cargo battens, on the frames, and to underside of beams. Cargo capacity = weight capacity in long tons of cargo only. (Deadweight - fuel, water, stores, dunnage, and all items used on voyage = Cargo capacity.) Stowage factor measures the relationship of cubage to weight. As applied to cargo, stowage factor is the density of a ship's cargo, figured by dividing the cubic feet of space occupied by the weight in long or short tons, as the case requires. Cony. 8 Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 TAB Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : getttpRift-N646R000100070001-9 ANNEX Annexes, prepared in accordance with forms to be furnished from time to time, will be used in reporting data, figures, charts, tables, etc., called for in the BID. The arrangement of data in accordance with the forms included as annexes will obviate the necessity in the field of thinking out a suitable arrangement for a clear presentation of the infor- mation, will result in uniform methods of presentation, and will facili- tate comparative analysis within MIS. Blank ditto forme will be used for these when possible in order to facilitate reproduction for dissemination. Note: All forms shown in the Annexes are available upon requisition to MIS. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : C1605pfaile-46R000100070001-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : aieNBRIPYIA46R000100070001-9 ANNEX I CHECK LIST AND STATISTICAL FORMS FOR MONTHLY MID -ONI AVIATION INTELLIGENCE RE PORT REQUIRED WITH BID NO. 2203.0400 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 C ONFLUFET IAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 A AVIATION REPORT - CHECK LIST NAME OF COUNTRY DATE 810 REF.NO. SUBJECT REMARKS 2103. ORGA IZATION OF DEPARTMENT OR MINISTRY FOR AIR 2104. TACTICAL COMMAND'S 2105. SERVICES 2106. AIR DEFENSE SYSTEM 2202. MANPOWER & PLANE STRENGTH - STRUCTURE & COMPOSITION 2203. PERSONNEL 8 PLANE STATISTICS SEE AVIATION STATISTICS FOAMS A,D,C,D,E,AF. 2302.0100 AIRCRAFT I EQUIPMENT - CHARACTERISTICS 4 PERFORMANCE 2302.0200 AIRCRAFT A EQUIPMENT - ENGINES 2302.0300 AIRCRAFT I EQUIPMENT - WEAPONS 2302.0400 AIRCRAFT & EQUIPMENT - AMMUNITION 2302.0500 AIRCRAFT I EQUIPMENT - PYROTECHNICS 2302.0600 AIRCRAFT & EQUIPMENT - EQUIPMENT - ORGANIZATIOKAL 2302.0700 AIRCRAFT I EQUIP ENT EQUIPMENT - INOIVIDUA4 2302.0800 AIRCRAFT & EQUIPMENT - RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, STANDARDIZATION --1 2401. INSTALLATIONS 2501. TACTICS 2502. STRATEGY 2503. TRAI I 0 2601. SUPPLY SYSTEM IN PEACE 2902. 1UPPLY SYSTEM IN WAR r 2503. SUPPLY 2604. RESERVES OF AVIATION EQUIPMENT 2607. SIGNAL COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM 2702.0300 PERSONNEL - PROFICIENCY 2101. AIR OPERATIONS - GENERAL 2402. AIR OPERATIONS - ACTUAL 2901.0200 AIR CIVIL - CO TROLLI G AGENCY 2901.0300 AIR CIVIL- SURSIDIES 2901.0400 AIR CIVIL - LAWS & REGULATIONS 2901.0500 AIR CIVIL - PROHIBITED S RESTRICTED AREAS 2901.0500 AIR CIVIL - AIR TREATIES & AGREEMENTS 2901.0700 AIR CIVIL - AIR MAIL SERVICE 2901.0800 AIR CIVIL - METEROLOGICAL SERVICES .._: 2901.0900 AIR CIVIL - MISCELLANEOUS SERVICES - PATROLS, AID I RESCUE, ETC. 2902.0200 COMMERCIAL - AIR ROUTES 2902.0300 COMMERCIAL - TRANSPORT COMPANIES ENGAGED IN SCHEDULED TRANSPORTATION 2902.0500 COMMERCIAL - AERIAC SURVEYS 2902.0600 COMMERCIAL - TAXI SERVICE 2902.0700 COMMERCIAL - INDUSTRIAL ACTIVITIES IN COMMERCIAL AVIATION TRANSPORT 2902.0800 COMMERCIAL - COMMERCIAL PLANES USED IN AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY, ETC. ? 2902.0900 COMMERCIAL - COMMERCIAL EXPERIMENTAL FLIGHTS & PLANES 2902.1000 COMMERCIAL - AERONAUTICAL SC OOLS 2903.0100 PRIVATE - FLYING CLUBS, ORGA IZATIONS, PLANES 2903.0200 PRIVATE - LICENSED PILOTS 2903.0300 PRIVATE - NATIONAL I INTERNATIO AL COMPETITIONS 2903.0400 PRIVATE - EXHIBITIONS & SHOWS 2903.0500 PRIVATE - FINANCIAL AIDS A SUBSIDIES 2904. STATISTICS - TOTAL CIVIL AIRCRAFT SEE FORM 0, SECTION 2 4400. AIRCRAFT PRODUCTION SEE FORMS C 5 D GENERAL REMARKS - ii A ? A wa. *A . =AAA AAA AAA.. 5.10,A, AV Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 WU OF COMM I AVIATION STATISTICS - FORM A AIRPLANES DATE CLASS Al TYPE, MODEL, SERIES,' MANUFACTURER,' A SENIAL NURSER' OF PLANE NUMBER OF AIRPLANES REMARK! . ARMY NAVY AI' FORCE CIVIL TOTAL A FIRST LINE , ? El SECOND LINE C 1 ON CONTRACT NOT YET DELIVERED 0 MINI- MENTAL E OSSOLETE F ?TEEMS NOT INCLUDED AROSE (EIPLAIN) ? 111?1?41. I h? .14..11. f ? ? 10411. Approved For Release 2001708/28 : CIA-RDP7/3-02646Kuoul000t0001-9 OK 11,1r CIONTRY AVIATION STATISTICS - FORD I, SECTION I LOCATION AND PLANE STRENGTH OF SQUADRONS oan . LOCATIONS OF MACRONS TYPE OF SWORN. NOOSES OF SQU TYPE, NODAL, MIES,* NASUFACTUREIO A 1ERIAL NOOSES' OF PLANE ASSIGNED NO. PLANES PER 1 SQUADRON o? 121 mu re : 2 : .. I : ? : C TOTAL NOOSES OF SQUADRONS Ow this coigns Indicate Seth aro of servloo and FonetIoo: 1.9., Any &ober. or Nary Roconnaissanea. lafiffmailo? *Alf If ora.111 9. A Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 Arlon-wed For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R00010007000 AVIATION STATISTICS - FORM il, SECTION 2 PLANES NOT ASSIGNED TO SQUADRONS OF COUNTRY IDATE TYPE, MOOEL, SERIES: MANUFACTURER,* A SERIAL NAMUR" OF PLANE ASSIONED NO. ASSIONED TO AMEN NEADOUAATERS A SERVICE UNITS* NO. ASSIGNED TO GO ERNMENT SCHOOLS* NO. AIR IN CIVIL LINES* NO. IN CIVIL SCHOOLS NO. PRIVATELY MINED ARMY NAVY AIR FORCE TOTAL ARMY NAVY AIR FORCE TOTAL 'Note: Give locations or hoes barn in eve, ease. ?1.1?41? Sal. lat....tie...4 if *fait I colille. 5-1050. AV ...r......?, AVIATION STATISTICS - FORM I, SECTION I LOCATION AND PLANE STRENGTH OF SQUADRONS ? LOCATIONS OF spumonis TYPE OF SQUADRON. PUNIER OF SQUADRONS TYPE, MODEL, SERIES,' MANUFACTURER." A SERIAL IIIINIER" OF FLAME *MOPED NO. PLANES PER SQUADRON AT NONE ; c : ; i : E ...... . TOTAL MONIER OF SQUADRONS 110 ?IN this epitome 'fullest. both ?ro of service and functlom 449., Any Somber, Dr lerry Neconnaishance. ? 1,01*, 11 b-i.uuucuuut?uuud9v96o-BLdad-VIO 8Z/80/1?00Z aseeieu iod peAwddv 1 AnnmvPd For Release 2001108/28 : CIA-RDP78-02.646R00010007000 AVIATION STATISTICS - FORM 8, SECTION 2 PLANES NOT ASSIGNED TO SQUADRONS AME OF C01/11rfrr" ATE . TYRE, MOREL, SERIES; MANUFACTURER,' & SERIAL 11111111E1. OF FLAME MIMED _ RO. ASSIGNED TO NIGHER !KAI/QUARTERS & SERVICE OMITS? ? 110. ASSIGNED TO GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS. NO. IN CIVIL All LINES. NO. IN CIVIL SCHOOLS. NO. PRIVATELY OWNER ARMY NAVY AIR FORCE TOTAL ARMY NAVY AIR FORCE TOTAL *Note: Give locatives or ken bates in each case. S. to.? , AY ,..I. d. Me Worse. leo _IF If prat aaaaaa e. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 g PRESENT EXPORTS PER MONTH 1 'z. , r .. :,- i AVIATION STATISTICS - FORM C, SECTION I AIRPLANE PRODUCTION ;- ;I 1" Z PRESENT IMPORTS PER MONTH .1 :2 _. :i i Z . - Z i IPRODUCTION DURING PAST 12 MONTHS :1 . - :2 .. r, i Z : Z g r. . - r .s ;.- ..; ..1 6-4 =. .. - 1 - S. TYPE, MEL,. SEIM, ILINUFACTIREO & DENIAL IPINIEt OF FLUE - I. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9. 6-Lonninnunonmvsn-QLdau-vio 2Z/80/100Z agPaidael Ind Pe^OlddV NANA OF COMM .???????????11minor AMMER AT PRESENT EMPLOYED IN FACTORY FACTORY FLOOR SPACE AT PUSAN/ UTILIZES Marla AIRPLANE FACTORY FLOOR SPACE AVAILAILE STATVIATICS - FORM C, SECTION 2 PRODUCTION LOCATIOD OF AIRCRAFT FACTORY WORKMEN AT PUREST EMPLOYER IN FACTORY OA .1............;., FACTORY FLOOR SPACE AT PRESENT IITILI2E0 FACTORY FLOOR SPACE AVAILABLE LOCATION OF AIRCRAFT FACTORY 5.10$2, AI 6-1?000/0001.000t19M0-8/dati-VI3 9Z/90/1?00Z aseeieu JOd 130A0iddV AVIATION STATISTICS - FORM 0 ENGINE PRODUCTION DATE NAPA OF CNIITRY TYPE OF ENGINE NO. IN STORAGE (NOT INSTALLED II AIRCRAFT) NO. ON ORDER (NOT YET DELIVEI(D) PRESENT PRODUCTION PER MONTI PRODUCTION DURING PAST IS AWNS FACTORY LOCATION WOMEN AT PRESENT EMPLOYED IN FACTORY FACTORY FLOOR SPACE AT PRESENT UTILIZED FACTORY FLOOR SPACE AVAILABLE SERVICE TYPE. LIIIIII-COOLED RAW Dermarer, MG or Pon SESPICA TYPE, Alt-CUM latem hersesower, 750 er rare TOTAL - SEATTLE TYPE TRAINING TYPE Rated Derwanrer, IN thau 750 IRCIAFT ENGINES ' ' ' . ? i i ? . I ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? AVIATION STATISTICS COIN I, SECTION I PERSONNEL STRINGER REGULAR ESTABLISNNENT N OF M CHMINTRY TYPE PIRSONNEL ? OFTICERS ENLISTED NEN TRAINED IN TRAINING TOTAL TRAINED IN TRAINING TOTAL ARMY NAVY AIR FORCE ARMY NAVY AIR FORCE ARMY NAVY AIR FORCE AIM NAVY AIR FORCE ARMY NAVY All FORCE ARMY NAVY AIR FORCE PILOTS NATI IMMO' FAS -a AY at = 10110 SPE ***** $ 0 He at .... a SINNERS 0 0 7.: ?smuts a OTHER INN-TOTAL ADNIN I STRATI YE AND CLERICAL AIMAMENT Al) ORINAICE COMMINICATIOSI ' .... RIPPLY AY / ? : 0 A. NEOI CAL HA .... a EIGINEENINO ANA a sr MAINTENANCE = 0 0 OPEIATIONS AND 0 VMS TTTTTT IOU WELL I MCI ALL $1111 NI-TOTAL GRANO TOTAL 11.71155. AY CD .. I ? ? ? ? I II F . . i ' AVIATION STATISTICS - FERN E, SECTION 2 PERSONNEL STRENGTH - INACTIVE RESERVES AND CIVILIANS 04111 OF MUTAT TYPE PE NNNNN EL OFF !GEES ERL ISTED NEN CIVILIAN (TRAINED) TRAINED IN TRAINING TOTAL TRAINED IN TRAINING TOTAL ARMY NAV! AIR FORCE ARMY NAVY AIN yoga ARMY NAVY AIR FORCE ARMY NAVY AIR FORCE ARMY NAVY AIR FORCE ARMY NAVY AIR FORCE ? PILOTS NATIGATORE ------------..,,,------------'-' 10111ANDIENS ------'---- ? ------------.. .? la V az 1101110 OPERATORS C a a. 11111111E13 CD ---------- at t- RISEIVERS a , r' CC. RIVER 31,111-TOTAL 3111-TOTAL ADMINISTRATIVE MD CLERICAL ORNAMENT AND DISNANCE COMMON it AT ION S .., SUPPLY al at MEDICAL ot ?.., z MiNEERING AND z MAINTENANCE , o et OPERATiOiS ARE TRANSPORTATION MELLO IIENCE ALL OMER SON-TOTAL GRAND TOTAL .01114. 11* 6-1?000/0001?000t19179Z0-8/dCIU-VI3 8Z/80/1.00z aseeieu JOd peACLIddV Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-02646R000100070001-9 n. : i : AVIATION STATISTICS * FORM F 0.11111 asses ? orswi slips DATE 2 0. m m ..., v ,.1 m r..0 be k , k k k SDIVId IVIOI S,NGOS WWI 84HCIOS HUMLIN &LIDOS d32WIlli S,HCOS newnx , SHUWOR 11301111( SINCOS 100.41X . StaIHSII nom( . a. (T) . NAME OF COUNTRY ?0 r`? co o- 0 4.4