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December 9, 2016
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April 17, 2000
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June 15, 1956
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Approved For Release 20~~/(~7/~8~7~.C'3.~.1104-8 ORIGINAL DOC'IJMF.NT MISSING PAGE{S~: State Dept. declassification & release instructions on file Approved For Release 2001/07/28 :CIA-RDP78-027718000100150004-8 i4 :r P4 x 3 __ OFFICIAL USE 0 FROM TO Approved for Release 2001/07/2 r: FOREIGN SERVICE DESPATCH Am'Embassy,, Luxembourg TEE DEPARTMENT OF STATE, WASHINGTON. EMBTEL 15., -Tune ii, 1956 5 0 4 8 l/ gU r' ~ -Tune 15, 1956 ACTION DEFIT. / -- . Visit to Luxembourg of Soviet Parliamentary Delegation k delegation from the Supreme Soviet began a four day visit to Lux mbourg on June 34. Attached is a list of names of the Persona t.ncluded in the delegation which will be accompanied by the Fir-at Secretes of the Soviet Embassy, Brussels, Nicolsi Fedorow, OOF e Ve are n .n.e Coxeduourge - 'F botri ort (Christian Socialist) and the Le~tzeber?er Jour: 3;bora2 of which, while somewhat more restrained in tone than usual" , were nevertheless cynical. The Wort declared that nothing has changed in Russia, and went on to say that peaceful co-existence requires (on the part of Soviet Russia) (l) a positive attitude regarding German unification, (2) political independence for the "peopled democracies, (3) ceasin: of warmongering in other regions of the world, (.) return of the last prisioners of war. "Without this", the Wort atates, "Luxembourgers will also have to remain distrustful on the alert against the Soviet Union." The Journal states that the Russian visitors can see that Luxembours`0 secrets, no closed zones, that they can read capitalist and communist newspapers, and that while Luxembourg "pref tiers ruscheves smile to Stalin's terror ~1tas~w; , ,e is not enough". o' tai. ""'^mr-t, ~r C A pass Also attached is a newspaper shocwi ; tie entertain- ment which has been arranged in Luxombourg for the delegation. Editorial Q inion To date, editorial corn lent has a d i 4 It is recalled that Prime (and Forei. ; ~- ~) Minis irdTr. B h his. P, Several times in-formed us in the past that visits to R ri a', o Western leaders, and the visits of the Rus sianA_` bt d~ ~ :e t '. i.r~st undermine resistance on the part of Co.* West tQ ` hi+a- -et= ri look. It is also recalled that no responsible members of the -Luxembourg. Approved For Release 2001 /Qi/?&k IQ-R[ 78,-g7~1.R000100150004-8 State Dept. declassifi i aSerel se strurAi al&cofltflltOurity regulations. Encl. No QFFI.CIAL USE ONLY 1 __221V u Desp. __RN_ (Classification) Approved For Release. 2001/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-02771R000' which Luxembourg Goverimient attended, for instance, the movie was made on the occasion of the visit to Russia of a delegation of the Luxembourg Chamb+Ir of Deputies. ( eaDespatc no. 127xpeate~d dated February 23, 1956), Severalinonths that when the Soviet &,legati i came that uxe bofrg the othey cal would be govern- ment correctly but coldl ment would not attend receptions given in their honor. The receptions planned in Luxembourg for the Russians appear to demonstrate the accuracy of Foreign Minister Beeht.s warning of the Soviet new look. t b b y ou brought a a relaxation of resistance of all the countries of Europe which are basically Catholic in religion, Luxembourg is at the top of the list. It is safe to say that a year ago a delegation of the Supreme Soviet would not have met with a similar reception which will be theirs this week. Prime Minister Bach bad originally decided notsto attend to by dinner offered by the Luxembourg Governor : Chamber ?f ur b es, w bil g o Emil Reuter, President of the Luxem c to bass- Ambassador Buchanan area in Beellis that he was ador. Buchanan that he was unhappy ove,r unhappy that the visit to Russia was made in the first instance by a Luxembourg parliamentary delegation He stated that Luxembourg's reception for the Coo visited follows ' the pattern set by Belgium when that country ww auter: by a Soviet delegation. It should noted that Mr. a devout s, is President of the Luxembourg ( is Luxembourg Catholic who has a detestation of communism, to em Bach Ambassador to the Vatican), and his personal appeal r. ech to attend the dirmer given for the Soviet visitors suggests Luxembourg has adopted the softer attitude. For the A.mb ssad.or*. William Ii. Christensen Counselor of Embassy AmEmbassy Moscow B71 CIAL USA gIdLY Approved For Release 2001/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-02771R000100150004-8