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November 16, 2016
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April 17, 2000
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May 20, 1954
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w Approved For Release 2000/05/23 : CIA-RDP78-02771 R000300030020-1 idsw* SI tie P04 r isze is sor+r olossly and ooxncret4ely fied with t Viet aggression than the 3o v i s t tin i ti 4o lotOV 19 iit t better 51tion to isitiato cwe- r' ?h? tact that toi re Prnrsls~ Tex, p provides substantial direct mat,rial support to M Tint seeress Its borders sad the tact that its iatarv'enti+aet in this tors, has bees hi hl E seolici:ed by the U. 3# sad is iSearall A. _1,_11 non-Cosa+uetist .+orld gives the lei ' w1 thro out the P rif:m ('despite, its publie denials) the status of quasi- .rent in Isdoah;ica. .holotav, on the ' other beads, man more easily assu.e a pose of detaishod Interrst? rspress$t3ms s esratry rs*ots troo t'hs zcxtne of aotl**. $elott-r say be seeking to create the isppr.aaiou that he Is is a ppoosition to sxsrcise a riliGrsinin~!; intlusne? on bis'junior Qollsaj;u ss r+i+r.s.nting Psi isi. en fist Minh if the .West bill only be r.asaaabls. Chou, on the other han4, is hardly ire a position ?vsn to pretend to the a d.r.tort s r'11ls? s, the Aolotov speech., bind s maneuver ryrix4ri I alxo ~,-ai the rrsneb and dritisb cocas more effectively from the 33vist Union cloth is a Iuropeaa as well as %n ewer, It can thus a.rry ial-liaations for aovi,t p 1icies in propye xhiab ai,dbt have sore" offset on the Irltish and 'ranch attitrido therms t",ssamist Oki" is resets from lump* and doss not sue have diplosativ relations with either the British of the Frsnok. fte in thou seb 60 ter`.4 Yards o proaise with the bast oor,tair.ed of the i It Is with the uaooaa~eyyroatiising tons p t pr'opdgaads. Peiping has Senora 17 avui4ed any public sturrs which *4 ;ht be oenstrued as avrreiliatory towsrris the West (despite sertat? advantages which it atg u ;sin there. f roa) i it has oostisxi.d to purws a hard and iu[ 1, line. It is speak 'isarily to as Asian mudivtt Wbiah ` cooks to iaprsss wi its strength and the iusvitabilit it its triusrph, M r, the Peiping radino Is extree.l y sensitive to any s mw of Mea+. it old eonsid r to be; therefore any moves In char direction of moderation of oar,%uni%t t?rrM on tsdoskias Gvm though taeticaliy advantadsous it pprobably ~ronid p~ l'srr to have ease from the Uor! ?f Unuion,, at !cast at this stag,,, Approved For Release 2000/05/23 : CIA-RDP78-02771 R000300030020-1