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December 12, 2016
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September 25, 1998
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Approved For Release 2001/11/08 : CIA-RDP78-02771 R000300120031-9 TWO $JQO 'tOzW i a a c jeot UO 111 Since t "rlir Qrla~ i3Q te.i]a ~' $ b 'to `tom , kri , 4o+ e " for thatM4 ` mgr " tuk xr s lour ai#c11 'b, i Coca is of the OD d 4 that ice You, sw n, r an t oon.1itionrt ul to t u Zuropaatn of untrG..es: 'pP t gsu ~ed4no' ' A . I mtunist t1 ory~, a1d4`' ' lratt : s c- nd the ips3l~ta and that ? it is rxct t:xo i;aaAtta,3. of tha !- 3* lba be QB'x+e edsd 4 ,4 kTA This quottl.tiQnTna , r*VO, " ~car4 l'+~t Mi1~" organisatiomi C, l tOrl3" g ~ wa U "C' article in the-Aar #11.D# i T tcrtm, Chi) on "The Pori 947", thu Domocratio R.volut bye in the oot and tho pe' aArtkZ1 military and s n aa``%% oluti ,rev o .."C,,w; :yam or, ative torn tlcta . and uaoro eoon i44 but alao in his orgM1 gra lyy carry ntg aut texnoc ly with :fib politiorl tma,;t w)o c . ts; 3o144e4. tr s taC;, ;shed uoualy with '1'OW tbO,':. 2D1bw r, % he OW, irxluatxy we lau 4SVV1o ing ?a ; c tgttc:; ontdrprisee et t oo 1 pa a ?' + 1 ieo, l lit rre ig at k in ooordinmti +r`' U ` *S:Lu xogmtiC i of the, 42= o -ins t uoti ^'z It is x , %clzoi-plm th.+ . xc=. thra tt ti -iri of our country*" .2biw"WENS +1, prisipln-a W.L-], z: r tf thi onor:,l 112*,' lwr, t nor etx'ltottiar=i,, a rcm~ tv = and oentst1 4t~~ " ? 1n '' 9USKLAM 1Pi i 01- t1 o k `+Dd41-R' :, ' t Esc,, No atb reiu ads ed by 0 m i ? 'yam of the iaen manauroa ti) t.; :Lsaurian - torahip as tol1c: ,o t taoiliW 'bhe grs io +nl~ a- Approved For Release 2001/11/08 : CIA-RDP78-02771 R000300120031-9 a agaiU Chon rof'ers 'k,,c, "Karel bars' and Enuoin iir MAsm Vtc`..' c 0- i0mi h r 0=0 4to' eti m of Bi 'l fe '- thase''pso$ls'o arw Fa fOX1040 nto a bi,p oott s i , . aa, itaauat ?ham arAtarial' e - of the i;; s?piriles ,4 Ufa of the Pe )}: the pe-)p3e'0 'ummd Porooe wi, c i'Cisolaet a04"' COVA" 1e