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November 11, 2016
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July 30, 1998
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Approved For Release 1999/iff24 :-CIA-RDP78-02771R000300230002-9 far:, ItahiSztiMAPt:;117.5. A.Poreticird DATE AM DR 70.2 NM REVIEW DATE: 056364 MASS. "Ancn ICREYIEWERI- 0 DECLASSIFIED NO CHANGE LE CL4CS. :iVrine the Japanese oecupatirit,of Taiwan.. eth 'sated for fl ty refire fr.= 11:',X, to 15443, the. nationalistic timeots of the Talwanes-3 ftrur4 frequent, if unsacestesfuls expreseion in various political tovements. Bowe-per, there was singularly little political activity ehostz goal was Talwaneis independence. in the wiliest yea of th* Jcpuoese occupation, dissident Taiwanese sentiment he at its objective the removal of Japanese overlordahip? but the alterustirv to Japanese rule was envisaaef 42 a Tais6unesil., government un4we aim's, suzerainty, not a Taiwanese government Indeper4ent both of Japan and China. Afte 1910 Taiatans4e dissident growz formulated their protramss not around the idea or lannine bock Ta14sn true the garmintss, but rather around the ides of ahtsininr mare literal trcattlent tor Tei?tan froze, the Japanam* authiiritiers and equitable representation in the Taiwan Ooverument-OsniLrel. During the entire period et Japaneee rule, Taiimnests political movaseste were under the close ohservatit-n and *fttrol or th* Juan*** authoritie* whose reoreezie recourse res4ltd in the diseolution or 111 diGaident organisations. Fox ebo4t12 y4ars after the Japanese gainer" cttiol of Tal4An in IL196, tbart:. was gtn.Tral resistance against the alien rule. 11 Thig rea4tance hk,1%4 anamauleid and u1te,am4 *as teeny suppreLsed by the Japanese. ,/ Although there SAillte. durlfar thego year's Among the zore Intel4 igant Taiwanese the ck*ire that Tai4an criould return tn the rule of it* !wither e,:untry, 411/ idcoloztcal leaderelin and political organizatio.n *merged only to.gar6 tht end of ths tlrst deco& of thle century. E7 1A4, th predosinaa aim of Taiwanese dissident leaders vaz a Taiwanese government under the Japanese. 10( Th firet conspicuous organization to enunciate the Talwanas.c- da Ave for a te.ter status under th* Jepanese was the Taiwan with current ottiprestoe, tpar* Taiwa7, hat, teen u in this report In p e of the nevi Porteous 1 ia ar used in an offl Lel Znglisb? translation. Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771R000300230002-9 - Approved For Release 1999/08/2e. CIA- 02771R000300230002-9 At*imilationlaniety (76.14(4.n WO. whichsefounde4 by tha liberal Japanesc atettstian, Co4nt ITAGAXI Tatsukv:. iTAOAK went to Talven and mnitited the ftpport of Talsisoaet leaders for hit *witty, the eiv of ,,,h1L-h %as to aealtliatat th* Taivanese tulth tha Japanus,? V* Japanese authorltivt fearir the effect *f ITItgAtl't plar tpal th* industrial urt vf na, Ara,!. sere elan tearful that IA might. foster si tomuunleinE waft- went, and co ordered the aotittj 1, distolvv in Pvbraary 2915. Taiwanest students in schools in Japan .404 be.amk 'Mt svogiL "Alltant promotero ;I' a Taltvsnese goverment under Japan. The first orzanisatton of many to be formed by these etudent4 *44 the Taivan Young Pen's AlselslAnlori. (alto callt-d thR Takalta Yar711; )ents Amoaciation), Alth t-atablishee in Tolw in 191$. Th16 trou adv*tAti mate: freedom for thc people of TaUar.. 1')-1, another Tall'anea-t- student crow, it Tokyo, *ailed ttu 4nlie4entent r.at1i (ilelhatau Xa1), vent fUrthe.P in Itia demandn? Item! .11,z4 tor mfornatton of tam Japanwat sOcinistration 1.44 Tai-?ao, sepeol*Ily the abolltioti of the Iloverm,r-Generalla p->uer of emactiag vbatever laws ht tonsidyr ill4,4esatry for the adR,tnlatratiar, of Taiwan.. Tha evuipty 164/, diebanet4 in 1)19. jr/ LI YO-parg, uarttise propagandist in CrhunEking, and himsolf a forv4r student revOlutiOnar Warm! to th4 toundinc or the rnlipterment aaeisty as th YtII f the foundation of the imiependonte sotto-sat in Tal*an. In Janustry MO a 64-cocas-or ttl the attliehtement 4ociety, feoplela Cain rtA Lai), vas funda4 in Tokyo,. Inzpiro,; by the activitit *t the A.na. Vein tn Ireland, the- .2,o,ciety 8tid tCU'Vt 1:',24M1.4X1 tt,t JapanetT urovrnment to obtairt., a coarrt41 for Taltan, are for Mit purpa,4e estaL- Ileheev for Oltalnlne a Taiwanese tomerveR (Tat*en ClUai Kietzi Zotrel Nat). In the orine of 1921. the League pro- iknt*?1.1 it4, first petition tot v .1aiwansee Conpvez to the Japanozm '1 t4 Tt4.1 Diet turrg,,I ti.o?,n the Lomeaueta rRQuest. aml 4orttlue4 Co 045 annually until ling whwin th,- Lear...a sots tt.fly J/ The ifc.s Footle's Zotiety had tYthLitAk744' Youth,4Lvas ailawo pubIatattrrocr---tR7-77;elety 14Lit dieban,&d in 1920. 10 LAtr, varloq fiRtmortta or tht-I PlemAlets Lvt:ivt7 tstish twt. omanizatioz of varying polttitel eolor. ttit- aoat inportart offsh.00t 3f the defamt tic& PeOp104 fioziety .afir tbe Taiwan Cultural Astutation (TaiwAn Lanka gal), fwnilo, in Talwar, in 0,7!!tober1)21.ipa( It* tound4r4 vore Enien-t'asg, !et-.bo Anti CITA: .4 Th? Associ- ationke chiTsr et-pnttria was with illprovint tho urn). Uvel Errr FT Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771R000300230002-9 Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771R000300230002-9 the Taiwanese, .11/ tut it aliv 4ac active in sgricultural cow oporativec. It prto4nted several netittonz to the Japanese euthOrities for representative government for the Taiwanese. illsn one of these petitioaP%, it 1!%23, wee suppressed 41 the polio* 811 rebellious, three? of the. Aseselationls petitioners ?went to Tokyo, Ozer* the polies allowed them to fooand a magas in which to advocate ant defent theiv ideal. At th., end of 1923 the three petitioners retarne4 to Taiwan, *here they wort subsequently ArresteC. Other arrests number-int li,) took place darinr, 1 *a the Japanese authorities were forced to eheot the continu development of the representative comment movement. tte dlc of the Limo:, q-n-tAmtles. in fvo tte vict*ry of democratic for e ft aet the social and latar atorairocttli t 00re toleraint attitude or the part of Taiwam*e nettonalizAlo activities began to be evident. official policy he.11 been typified by gpparent toleran it ehoostz to call Pdasoetous thomchts" because thU emouragez the "44peo1oue thinkers' 0 earw int* the re they may be orit vaelly controlled. In 1924 the of TalAianle tarwers* orgeDitatio141 vas allow:re to bt: /Leong the plantation larigars of a sugar eorporatior. el-dote:nee ws0 tolerate4 for 10 months, until the eouPsnY refusal of the- vorker4* denunds resulted la an armee clash* Ir the Tsluen Farmers UtIoa (Tatman *min tuftial) was e by farmers diasatiuflat with official evicultwal . It made coataet vitt thoe "%Pen Labor-Parser ?arty .odo Nomin To) at4 th* Japan Ammer** Ontoc (Nippon tat), both of 1.ih.V.f.t sant representatives to Tal%an 71IK vaa alloweA to coutinu until 1931 . tho japamee autharittet disso1ve4 it ao beinc al&rtc, ComuelAzt lints. At itt hott!ht? Utioc Ad 23 raneb oftlAies thra;4irceat A umn? tour provintial coo- r,itteec and 24t000 me-fAbcra. or libera ru itr apan? and a autharttie..7. In the latter part ofttn ttken-twentit in th4ir date:0 two ?the 1.1/tartan Orea eas *lone sometihat &orit, Marxist lines of Lt or UnioTiv TAlver Eoyual Rennet And 10,14), a member-star, *V C,000, **aori Yet-mm*2- rhrei: 'Principles; ae itt basic pollx he Japenea authorities with the Communist ro Federation was then suppresited, ita awribl-ra cont reatee ,,Ath suspicion ant vioUnte ay long az Vic io Tdivab. C11**17 constateu with the Federation n Proletarian Youth (Taiwan Maeart .5e1nan Kai) Marglet natozre c*usofd its early dteeelution, -thoritter ations al-wan Pedere coeprisinc 29 tt Toler of 19 1, to 011r5c th( Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771R000300230002-9 Approved ForReleage1999/08/24 : CIA-RDP78-02771R000300230002-9 i;arly In 1..,471, the Yon-soca Cultural Aeso4:1ation (founded in /;e21) utirih had col-marmot itself largely uith improvt3annt of the peopleug culture, uss di 1v by Ult. Japensz.t tho anti-covernyent avoectas of ita mor radical cambers. The Association perairted In the form of variouc successor itatioria, ma,st ipportant being a nett Cultural Asetoetati ctitt.anktourared tbe foumillt of rarmt:ine an4 uorter0 organ tatione. Tuo of the.- grourm katich it spowort worc tt2 Trel 4orker0 Seiler Association are' tbe Taiwan Mechanic0 Union. In acication, the nee- i;ultural Association encoaragscl tbc uni ft/cation of &mall mertbanto. T* achieve its evlturai at, it also established a tocial riesearch Association. Theae grams 'sp.-pi:arse too conaervutivc t* some of it wre radieal atud*nt rftubera? Aro ergahlts thg: laiwao Political teforma,. on AZ_a0ciattilqi (1140, C411*4 the Talaansao Peopiel gmentivatiot Arsociation) la Ha 1927. radic41 character Of this skii, grmlp led to it C asolutIon by the authorities in Juno- In October 1527 the Tainam Lemocratit tarty (Taiwan Ulna To), also Imo-4m as the Taiwan ilectial Democratic Party or the Talonn PeIpte'g rartY. -gas established, CoMPrilled ia part * remberc of tN Octunct Taiwan Political Reformation Aseostat on. this new party We4 regarded bT the Japanese authorities ac t , only orgenixation In the history of their rule of Tail= to possews the organisation, to and ideology of a true politi Party. In place of racial slogans which would only have 1st: to Official ouppression the TiAealin Democratic Party adopted a eorxreta plattom. its namhership wet drawn from all of lift, and amonztti leader% were professional and Inteinft men who bad attendee collage In the Uhited States. Mese leadtra wre continually act?ive through the years tn workins for soro degrak of ecit-govrtme;11 arid tor abolition -zt thc, ew.it atuass conntte1 Niit Japanoce rule. In Pabruanti- 1)31 a zumral cwetinz of th,. ,Irtr twld at ttm ning.point proztorA *ex Oiscauled: 1. Politial froodoL tor tam lab, rare, and proUttior, of thc proletariat ens:: ozbers oppreasee by sumwsr:v actioa of the Oovernment---Geteral. Protection of the rAr.:.,1c at large trz,: unfair 1.birL;.- tiot In whirh they havy4 repreoentation, gtDs.fr opweselve official attion-A-. OPP0aition to the abaolute and despotic rule of the Governor-General, responsible t4 no one in th4., island. n.t.? the average lenoth of tenure in miimg4Wai1i-46mmmw , Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771R000300230002-9 Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771R000300230002-9 --SBE-?414???????- office berm WO rbars arit rt a tine to steer looal Dretledeeb ined sarry it Into queen-U*10 the aubotion if th? littribm caaseti in the Pealkle feoplefa rigtte for both moo aws 18swam 6. bigirevagsent of the tax trete*. Y. rehlhitiso or WAR =Oda' 8. Abolitloe at the it mom** 9.Vtilous social improvements. eloasly had strongly f govermehot Oohs Rebelitos of the sbLi In 1930 the reset* of ene.repreeentattn gpvertment. shod a pamphlet tut reasive lend policIvs With regard to the op VA *10111tiOns it bad aside fro* the ftet at government monopoly. *mutton And our, had hews Jugged to hide tItft- slog et Of the opium habit* sod *Overawe% profits onornoaely. Parthenon* the Part/ ba4 .10112 to the League at *Atone cn the opium *Metal perwlesion. km result of these MflvttI** end the open enunciation $t She nine-vim% platform* th* Wean DitiseerStI42 Party mas tisheoded* aaA 16 at it* members arrested. At the time of tts dis ion* the party bad 17 binenebmtiuniamemheroht0 et 303 19300 eonsersative elements La the Taiwan tsmoeratio ? %Ivan 3elf'4overaing laws, which took its Ole Seems of local Sovemanont. Its WX904,4 litas e method of parades its ata woks to persuade tale in Tatman to seoptiolt with tbe Tey o laws 14 to mats shaft** 1* the local government of result est the IleaSees *Newts* reform mere town and village airtime. The Lesime. 011eh the anthorittea extort after the suppose- len* it illatttr *amyl* or a Segue Alto% lot 400* hamonto with the euthori s, aesompliefeed its purpose, mad upon diShended vollestarily. tiil CCCRET Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771R000300230002-9 Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771R000300230002-9 Ker84-4?14-... ot * h trocy *woes toasty ( a secret t hoatkwartere in Tadkopiouse Towline* had tarried NI the wont aanufat. 4?1' rifles sad eanianitive? la sellotarber Mk, salistiag the aid its its varbsus branches throughorxt Taiwan. the Seel* in as abortive rebellion sgstect the Japsoese suthorit of the plot* ite roesion end drastic posaiebearvi,vx t oorret bi the sore then to room way tried the nolo re useduested and botultpm or ap? The ha treatment accorded thio tors ream ted is the isp4.ts dieheeptement tic ovnt In 4re1Aen? fSubeevent at- *leant periodic sifter the outbreak es in 1937 said the emeequent sttenpt & to vonseript Taiwanese ter the to iarsw...eale par too difficult tor the smthori- emanatlaidfroe WaRkatilli lodsocodence *arid gar 7.1 has traded to give a legalistic subversion both before The onwroesivo pol.toi? of the laponese is 1931 lad e mo- tor et iitteist %bows* to b.th rganizing abroad* la 1931 the Tat wan iftit ?tootles, *MA W- been ay. preseed Tosiment was roorganineiIiMusghal., later talcinc se the sate of Aott-raperlalist Leave. 2 ths wee year the Taiwan Devolationary Taegus wee fsurried Si China. Them and other slimy talwaneso aups aimed. *Cott! eaciriese Int43,10ita- valso booms owe astir* * a' Um start of tinn-Jaftanese hoo- Mitts* la 1937. Zs 1940 they WM all unite4 into one firce4P? the federation ot fornoson Rovolutienistas with representetion is ChansMag? The ilsdarationi* ates %ores t? To disorganise Iraiwants prAwetloa sad commenicatioas vital to Japantis strong unitary sad wail bases *a the letand? 2. To seaneatbea anti-iboane-se venial& tome*, operating Taiwas? Approved For Release 1999(1181111A-RpP78-02771R000300230002-9 Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771R000300230002-9 -44414- ot volunteers tor war wit at mortars municipal personae mans antl-wer and erti-Phsoist proslatitedsk ell Taiwanese revolutionary *evillest Th.Yersomax nvolvtion igarli *Motive pushed in Firmosa will me doubt deal a aeries. Wow t the move; ot the lipausae Inperiallete. Primarily thla is the sin at the Federation. Sinae the outbreak *t Zino-Japanese ANVENtax revolutionists hove started uprising* la Formosa and carried oat gabatage mad diaturhannes, ta China. ilecomease have participated la the reeletanee et their tatteerlamd, have tsuihrt at the twat am volunteers. and 1161P. 1110104 in the rear. It will he the ohjeetive of the Fedematioe to enlarge partisipation la Chiles resist- awe winet Apan? liave reldstaties lot Mae and Milt Poxwmist revOifstitoo sly UFO &Veal' Or the VW* MU*Utt4 *anent V* soPeregled, The osne article lista the MU:4ft thane* aims at the Fedora- sois manitoote4 1 To apzt th... Is trinelelee Via the policy and z'*cotiu?tton et China and ?hey her Swale Leader. denerulinaime OXAMO Kai-shot, it* wevelmti terse* et famous the Japanese rule iz Pereesa mot restore tho Forenesn polsOliks mobilise the Pmenimmon mime for the rovelettmaimet the pertisipation Sy Prs eau velveteen to ammo trio Mos At the at the ear in NP**blatant* was still 1.41 had satire som4acto in Taboo, the 'adoration et Porepoon in mina* and reportedly Approved For Release 7 IA-RDP78-02771R000300230002-9 Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771R000300230002-9 the V the steel* ti item the ea tetereat itiviNeesias pteeet voter the setae 1 voetiolgte vim stoteereed by term Comeettiet tihrtro Ai) eleaters the CM, le tbot ettiettUmbegtett to !is *stow Tilt Cana their 1)011 rea to the Par ternte reorgentaseto* Wok tam. hot eggedesbat tater re fermi tIti the jarisdite Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771R000300230002-9 Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771R000300230002-9 [...-4RIF"TI????=mmi thka cci,ta.:14-h iflte ILttlit:A4 la to - sk itra v the Maio a-lertzrnt of Chtna. aka ate).-Jete-mn* .gar la 1937 to the 314 -gamma Owramtet 1...Nlp raciathir4 dtypzati.., .;`121summistal, bad tykes strom advocates ar trate Jews $e 41e.'" SA th* ao -4*-* 4.*Amtp ?Taivel boesms mion 4ith China under the * *molls tbs. Tatiparisee Cammatute unwiring- tram pApe-war dayei 1.111 Pte..abun and WIER II roaridtkre thit Diatilks*Sit Communist wow,' rtiPcitetod astivio poet-war pars. LIS iieta reported is 1.)51 to ba a Chieclae thmtuniett tntettiveseik asent Bong 21 sod Van vas wall active is 1.95.4 in the Ottitaese ,Amagensiet **One 1.n Peking. 12/ 6 Approved For Release 17g6:aliRMTI51078-02771R000300230002-9 Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771R000300230002-9 24WittE v77.,A.rtz.-.12 7m1:49 5 J Ii4.11 4- 10, 11 12 13. 14. p. 1. PP? 1-2. 5. 2s t U4k1,74, 701. TV. p!). SZU.7.'s 3 ata 3_...att 22. ta.. 71...u4. ZAW* P-* 14 ZIL41251.0" EW=142A 712. # * * - Z4 1 a It 22 ft alk..t ir 4ralr* k."" 7* 1T44 remert 1.1eIl. 'The 2iiilirt.at t.",iary 117veTazzyt FZITCnitip - sa. " .4 22, p 4 tatizi 4,4114b**A# 13* TkAd 41????????.160/1D- 4 27, . . . . 110 rdml ij Nal 45. Vr.?7.4. ? ? 14r$ Approved For VO!fl ii Approved For Release 14.9aahli*Orpok' .irRDP78-02771R000300230002-9 $44174 **I * WU* 13 a agit** 09 $,9* 644;* atiktei. stS r 117 LW, p. t7* 4.410114 * 4' j,N, L. LAC 40s- 111"4 * Vol. TS. 25X1A6c Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771R000300230002-9