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July 30, 1998
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September 14, 1955
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Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771R000300250002-7 on to the MA PIay 5 the Nora). Reameeen. Groupie so- ision eankleted a threo..montli tour east. The Mutt's** of meet or the tour, a reported trawl their own urovtol would indiaate that the *peat ot The Vaal onir int0Z*0}St V lit a DOM/MONT NO, NO ONANCE OtcLAssiFiaz uncr 1 r,=-7.: cuss. 4011:Miy4ped Rblease 199 PArcl: P78-02771n90300250002- ',I, TT! CPYRGHT Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771R000300250002-7 Stnd photographs of celeb ties concerned with the vie t of the mdssion. A rather trier and laudatory aci.:.ount of 'The Vanishing Island- in this supplement speaks more about the dedication of the performers than about the message of the play. ?hie acao,ult says in part! 1Since tints Vanishing Island' was given in a foreign langusge? and in verse and song? most or the audience eould not have been expected to understand every detail, or perhaps grasp the full meaning of 'Change', which is the spiritual revolution of /IRA.? contrast, a t;omment on the play and on the MRA visit, by a columnist in the vernacular AIALWAhisqnn, most important of Tokyo's daily r*wspaers, -Ina the aiief source of information about MA for most or JmPan'a ?reading public, bad this to styi A Ofl nur1r Asci has giNert ThiS ovmmtz aolfistateSs and 1 good wil derable num In our ooun i*3rroil Rearmawasit has rr d In Japan and ea of a musical play or honeati., PuritY un- ' an its tdteal of Inter- * very rine, and it tints of supportere among noted y. s Japan Is eirmd, howev is limited to a part Or the u It does not seem to have any le neral putlic It is fine that pei title or -former Premier or tor' go to the MRA Headquarters at its invitation, and return seed by its leligious atmos- however, that some of these using this movement ea mere ex abroad. In that event, the ing a stx;ial funstion, but it op into a groat moral move t it aeons that the PeOPle thy toward this movement be participated in by the per o a powerful movement un- n o the mosses instead 'of mpression that the movemon ah. Tho'nembers of the visiting quartered at the homes of ed with the mu movement... Approved For Release 1999/1:Fitr-Ctirr78-02771R000300250002-7 Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771R000300250002-7 CPYRGHT since many notable Japanese have been taken ere or during their trips abroad, Tor this reason, there is the fear that the members of the mlesion will AO* only the homes of the upper olass, and will drew erroneous eonclu- sions ,,bout the current eituation in Japan. In Madras, the MRA visit, and the play, reeelved a rather 000l reoeption, provoked, in the opinion or our diplomatta representative there, by the Insistence of the MRA group on attempting to identify Indian leaders With the MRA platform, pressure them into attending MRA funotions, and take advantage of their hoepitality and pooketbooks. One of the few Asian reviews to deal Grit& - caily with the message of 'lb* Vanishing Islane appeared in the Meares newspaper Swatantra, the most intelleetually sophistleated journal ornarTildia. Thd review said, in part: CPYRGHT ...It Is net possible to consioe?, Appreci- ate or eriticisa 'The Vanishing IslandA es 4ust A play. It is the latest attempt of the Moral Rearmament movement at oramatic articu- lation, and haa to be judged as euch....'The Vanishing Island" is not a first-rate play; It is not even one whiah just tails to make the grade. It Is medioere and ordinary. The main reaeon for this Is tte oonstant preoccu- pations with it mage about new type of me& and ''st still small voice. It hae no chaeaoters1 there are only same trilea. It has no theme or etory.0. it has only a moral. But its most inexausable fault la its childish approaeh. No play which underestimates the int,lligenee of its audienee to this extent aan ever hooe to succeed. Publicity for the play was extensive. In Xaraehi? for instanee, engraved invitationa were sent out to thou.. sends of GOvernment *frit:able, prominent busineasmen, high Pakistani officials and members of the diplomatic eterps. Brochures containing testimenials to MA and a brief ex- planation of the moral of 'Pee Vanishing Island"' accost. panted the invitation. The invitations were worded to imply delicately that, while tiokets for the play were Approved For Release 1999/ I : orr. : -02771R000300250002-7 Approved For Release 1999/08/24 :CIA-RDP78-02771R000300250002-7 free, dor3atton would be welcome) there were even re - porta thftt seat locations might depend on the size of the donation. Initarechi, is almost everywhere else, the east of 1The Vaniehing lalendspade its vreatest hit with its audience* by ei ins a on especially composed for the *cession a in the local lanvage. presentation of ',he vanishing Island- was d by every effort to imply that the meseage was sponsored by the United States, and by Of practically every Mien nation. Not only ?S. Air liarce planes for transportatiOn, believed indicated U.S. /support, but also leader to present the erews of these f the A grosip, wee calculated ponsorship. at were or$4- ions on the parts of national visit the variou* Asian Of their trip were represented t for 14RA principles. ?elite national loader would be t leader,* adherence to MA )trntLy, a message fret% three importan r. &nom of Repmentatives, Speaker or Joseph W. Martin, Jr., and 04_ was read its aesurim trip and the svossage Approved For Release 1bvv, A41+ .1.41 i-rswr-I8-02771R000300250002-7