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November 11, 2016
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February 23, 1998
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Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771 R000300410004-7 RESTRI or rnatio n APPENDIX B REGULATIONS FOR OPERATION OF AMATEUR RADIO STATIONS 1. Thailand 1/ The radio operator in the American Embassy' s Air Attache Of - . Tice has supplied the following fragmentary information on regu1a- tions for amateur radio operation in Thaiiandt (a) Under the Radio Communications Act of B. E. 2478 (1935) and amendments and Ministerial Regulations Issued therato, no pri- vate individual may possess transmitting and receiving radio apparatus. This provision of the law is not strictly enforced. The licensing off- fice does not divulge the names of individuals it has permitted to operate sets. (b) The International Amateur Radio Frequencies are used; 40 meters -- 7, 000 to 7, 300 lsca. ZO meters . 14, 000 to 14, 300 hcae. 10 meters 28, 000 to 29.700 kcs. (c) There is no system for licensing radio operators in Thai1 , (4) Amateur radio operation is not authorized normally by iho government, but an operator could set up a station without any peaaltyy attached unless the station handled commercftal or espionage inforrnt (e) No information It, a?-aUable for the handling of "third party" messages. It Is believed that t government does not object am long as these messages are nose-commercial in nature and do not contain classified information. 2. Indonesia 2/ Indonesian Army Headquarters has isaued the following regulctaones for ,establishment of radio statioast Approved For Relea~~~ : CIA-RDP78-02771 R000300410004-7 Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771 R000300410004-7 >REST OMO Enforrmnation Army Ne 4quarters General Staff Communications Corrmmand Corps INSTRUCTIONS #2048 epkj*p'bb ad/50 tat ion. s Scab jecas . "Establishment of Radio Station . Art .cle 1. Any individual/enterprise wishing to set iap a radio station shall apply for a permit to ,Me Post, Telegraph and Telephone Service in.> ea district beforehand, this application will be forwarded to the Central Post. Teeleeg raph and Telephone Serviced - Article 2. After receiving the application the Central PTT Service will forward it to the Bead- quarters of the Armed Forces of the Repub4 lic of Indonesia. By radio stations.- veer dirt. 1 are underetood8 a. Amateur's Station Station operated by an amateur who is licensed to do so'and who does not aim at fiaucial galnp but only out of interest In the radio technique. b. E perimeentarl Private Station ~~rr raeream Private stations operated for experixxaeuta ry purposes to enhance the standard of tecbz ique. c. Private station for transmitting' news oer.~.+~Ir~r~rr~r+r~SaM+~sYfb .dam-+?r ~sa~i Thase private. stations are not operated for broadcaelting news to the public,. They are licensed only to transmit to other private stations news of Interest to licensees, 10 Approved For Release ?99970!8/24: CIA-RDP78-02771 R000300410004-7 Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771 R000300410004-7 Article 3. The A. F. Headquarters will consider/decide on the granting of the supplication mentioned. Article 4. After the application has been granted by the Armed 1~ ossces, registration will be dons and -further control. exercised by the PTT service in accordance with the regulations issued by Artlclc S. Article 6. Article 7. Article 8. the PTT services; The stationer` can be used by the Armed Forces at any timef of ~ncted:'after deliberation with the Commiss ib of the Chief of Army Staff. Private and azzaateur?as stations shall not directly 'broadcast to foreign countries for an ita?lea.ate period. No code is'to be.:'uced by private or arneteu r$a stations in transmitting. The license and trat mitter will be confiscated immediately upon violation of either articles 6 or 7. 3: Y?Iaili~- roes 3/ A Department of State'seport on Philippine telecommunications Slve the following summary of amateur radio operations and regt labor so (a) Terre.v 43 lice wed amateur radio stations in dt6 Philippjfes as of 31rMarch 1951... (b) As of I January' 1951 the're were sixty-two ? liceuiscd amateur radio operators. (c) The following bands of frequencies are allocated exclusively for use by amateur 'stations.,3. ~ -3, 54 MC-,' operation by all amateur. operas- tor licensee uaimg Al transaxr,ission,(radio. telegraphy). Approved For Rele CIA-RDP78-02771 R000300410004-7 Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771 R000300410004-7 1 1, RRESTR1CjWjQwwwmw ormatian 3.S4-3.6 MC, ope3rattou using A3 or NS F3 transmission by all azmtteur operator licen- sees, 7.0.7. 15 MC, operation by all amateur operator licensees using Al transmission ?radlotelegrapby). 14.0 -i4.4 MC, operation by all amateur operator licensees using Al transmission (radiotelegraphy' as well as by Class "A" liceftseea, using A3 f rad$Q- elraphoaae.ampli` tude.moOulatacd) reserved for 14150 kes. to 14250 kcs. -.Al transmissions not permitted on this portion of the band. 28.0. 29.7 MC, operation using. A3 or NS F3 transrnalesion by all amateur operator licensees.-. 50.0-54.0,MC, operation same no above f requency..0.-148.0 MC, operation using AS or N,8 F3 transmission by all amateur operator frequency.. 220. -ZZL' MCP operation same as above 420. -440. MC, Operation same as above frequecacy.... . 1845. ?1245. MC, operations. same ant above fr~egusncy. 2300-4450- MC, operation same as above frequency'.. 525O. -5650..MC, operation same as above frregcaevcy. Approved For : CIA-RDP78-02771 R000300410004-7 Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RD-P78-02771 R000300410004-7 10000.40900. MC, aperatioaa sain as above frequency. 21000. ?Z2000. MC, operatiEon name a s a ovs frequency. The licensees of an amateur station may., subject to change upon further order from the Radio Control Division. operate amateur stations with any type: of emission authorized for such stations and on any. fro.. .quency above 300, 000. kilocycles without separate. license therefor.,...... an amateur station may be on. any . ,frequency within. the. bawds ae signed, . Sideeband.Ire quencies resultaug from keying or taaadrelaating a trans. mittear shall be confined within the frequency banduaed,.. (d) An amateur station may b operated only by percoa holding a. valid amateur operator license. erred- tb n ertatlp to the extent provided by .the. class of privileges for. wMch the operator licences is en 4n sed, When as amateur station uses radiotelephony (types: AS or S 3 .. emission) the licensee may permit any'persora. to..tranc. mit by voice. provided a duly licensed amateur, operator, maintains control Over the emissions by turning the carder on and off after the tranamisiion,has. been,: completed. (e) Amateur radio operator licenses issued by another goveanu eent are not recognized as valid for opera:ldug an amateur, '~ataa on in the Hellippinea. ? ifs .Amateur station Heensea and amateur Operator,. licenses are issued only to ,persons who. are citizens of t Philippines. ? it is provided, however. that operator and station licenses issued to American citizens in the Philippiane s prior to September ZZ, 1948, shall. be . valid a+.$ad.ope restive during the term of sucb.licences. 13 Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771 R000300410004-7 Approved ' For Release 1999108124: CIA-RDP78-02771,R000300410004-7 (g) An amateur station may communicate domestically only with other amateur stations. In emergencies, however, it may be used also for communicating with commercial or Government radio stations, In addi- tion, amateur stations may communicate with. any mobile radio. station which is authorized 'by the Secre - tary of Commerce and Iwiustry'to communicate with amateur stations, and with stations or expeditions which may also be authorized to communicate with amateur stations. They may wand transmissions to points equipped,only with receiving apparatus for the measuraament of emissions, observation of trans mission phenomena, radio control of remote objects, and for purely experimental purposes. No amateur; station may be used. to transmit. or re- calve messages for prang direct or indirect, paid 'or promised; or. for handling message. which relate to the business of any person. ffirxn, corporation, ars.socia- tion or organization. An amateur station may not be used 'for broads casting any form of entertainment, nor for the. simul- taneous retransmission, by automatic means, of sig- nals emanating from any class of station other than amateur b Communication between amateur ,stations in the Philippines and those in foreign countries is prohibited, except when otherwise provided by treaty, agreement or convention. Pending the negotiation of an agreement with the United. States Government this prohibition shall not apply to American amateur stations`4ocated in the United States or to those owned and operated by members of the U. S. Military and Naval occupation forces located its foreign countries if the United States Military and Naval authorities authorize such commu- nication. At the present. time, there are no agreements or conventions with foreign countries. Philippine amateur stations thus currently operate outside the country only to the United States and occupied areas under the U, S. Armed Forces. Approved For Relft CIA-RDP78-02771 R000300410004-7