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November 16, 2016
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April 17, 2000
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November 8, 1957
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Approved For Release 2000/05/23 : CIA-RDP78-02771 R000400310032-6 INCOMING TELEGRAM DEPARTMENT OF STATE UNCLASSIFIED Control: 5074 FROM: Cairo Recd: Nov 8, 1957 5:51 p.m. TO: Secretary of State NO: 1168, November 8 SENT DEPARTMENT 1168, REPEATED INFORMATION AMMAN, BAGHDAD, BEIRUT, DAMASCUS, JIDDA, KHARTOUM, LONDON,. PARIS, ROME, TEL AVIV, TRIPOLI UNNUMBERED. ROME FOR MCSWEENEY. JOINT STATE-USIA MESSAGE. Yesterday GUMHURIYA combined Quwwatli allegation continued Turkish provocation with reports Israeli penetration Syrian border and demilitarized zone under caption "new Israeli-Turkish aggression against Syria." Stories carried separately by other papers. Khrushchev funeral sermon imperialism in mid-East featured all organs yesterday; Red Army parade and Malinovsky oration head- lined today with reports consternation Western diplomats and military Attaches at new weapons displayed. Visit Minister Defense Amer supreme Soviet meeting and military discussions with Soviet commanders drew headlines. Khrushchev proposal for withdrawal United States forces from Europe in exchange for Russian withdrawal from east European sattellites drew fuller-explanation type comment in MASAA explaining this would means liquidation NATO. MASAA carries two outpourings glowing praise October Revolution, accomplishments Soviet regime and its assistance to Nationalism and peace. QAHIRA comments more briefly in same spirit while other editors silent on subject. Weekly TAHRIR takes cue from SHAAB in comment on alleged Israeli-Jordan agreement by which King Hussein and others to receive $30 million in exchange for settlement refugee question to Israeli advantage; predicts Palestinians and Jordanians will revolt and "sweep away tottering throne'". VORABS continuing attack Hussein and Royal Family in foul and abusive language. 771 8000400310032-6 State 6 vag y ftg a~ l d g 7f nel Approved For Release 2000/05/23 : CIA-RDP78-02771 R000400310032-6 UNCLASSIFIED -2- 1168, November 8, from Cairo Forthcoming visit World Bank President Black reported all papers, AHRAM adding Black to present proposals for Canal Company settlement. TAHRIR opines "freezing Eisenhower Doctrine" merely means United States intends continue present anti-Nationalist line while preparing new doctrine which will seek purchase additional traitors, increase unemployment in "Nationalist" Arab countries, disturb market to destroy national economy and buy trade unionists and newspapers, especially in Egypt and Syria (no price quoted for TAHRIR). In further comment, TAHRIR says new doctrine will include "'Red Sea Pact", suggests this was purpose Saud visit to Ethiopia and Propospia and Saudia Arabia. Coptic VORASS commentator November 7 stated Americans "sent missions to Christianize savage Arabs and when we didn't swallow their bait of better paradise they began to hate us with all their black hearts." Alsop article in WASHINGTON POST calling for discharge Dulles reported fully by GUMHURIYA today. All organs yesterday headlined report November a constitutional committee clearing three deputies alleged to have held positions illegally in Liberation province. Committee chairman quoted by GUMHURIYA as saying "conclusion we reached was result long and tedious investigation. Exoneration was not easy. You have only to look at wan faces of committee members to see what great effort was made." Legislation was introduced at same time for- bidding deputies accept employment in establishments involving government capital. Appointment Anwar Sadat as Secretary General National Union pcmminsnly* reported by all hands. MLJ/6 *As received. Will be serviced upon request. UNCLASSIFIED Approved For Release 2000/05/23 : CIA-RDP78-02771 R000400310032-6