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November 16, 2016
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April 17, 2000
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November 6, 1957
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--Ap-000/0 RO ecurity lass: cation FOREIGN' SERVICE DESPATCH FROM TO R.EF For Se. Use Only American Embassy CAIRO 465 400310035-3 COPY Nol ..... SEllES THE DEPARTMENT OF STATE, WASHINGTON. ACTION Rt.CD SUBJECT: I/ 0 DEPT. DESP. NO. DO NOT TYPE IN THIS SPACE November 6, 1957 DATE This document consists of pages. This it Copy No. of copies. JOINT NEM NO. 41 Visit sit minister:, of _Defense t? USSR. o his ?comsat by CIA ha dctoraiined that CIA has no ob!e:lion to ds ^:cala;as hip:13;1;0n of CIA htheast tz;.:,?1 rea;a:o cldaskiv at 11 s (2) AuLotay:tI1 10,2 It ctviiids atth:cg of C,74 learnt .4464146. riowar Minister of Defense Hakim Amer departed November 1 for a visit to the Soviet Union on the invitation of the Soviet Government. (UNCLASS/F10)) Cements Amer's visit appears to be a substitute for a visit by Nasser himself who is known to have been under pressure for some time to visit the USSR. Mohammed Rassanein Haikalv editor of dream and a confWnt of Nasser, is reported to be making the trip as political advisor to Amer rather than merely as a journalist. (CONFIDENTIAL) 2. Cabinet Shiftp. tacraaa were issued November 3 appointing Sayyelligarai (Master of State for Agrarian Reform) Minister of Agriculture, and Hussein al-Shafei (Minister for Social Affairs and Labor) Minister of State for Planning. Concurrentlyv the Liberation Province Foundation Board was abolished, the provincial offices were ordered moved from Cairo to the provincial capital, and its development placed under the Ministry of Agrarian Reform. (UNCLASS/FIED) Ccausente Cabinet changes had been expected during the current month. The appointment of Mara/ to, the important Ministry of Agriculture places a conserve Westernooriented wane successful as farmer and bossiness':ban and a capable administrator, at the head of thia vital sector of the Egyptian economy. As Shafei, on the other hand, is a light-weight lacking in executive ability, his now appointment appears to be a device for the retention by Abd al-Latif al-Baghdadiv Speaker of the National Assembly and former Planning Minister, of control over national planning. It also permits Abd al.Munelin geisuni, who had held the Planning portfolio since .74y, to concentrate his full attention on his duties as Minister of Finance. net* steps eppear to strengthen moderate, pro.Western and technically tent elements in the regime.. (CONFIDENTIAL) REPORTER SECRET Approved For Release 2000/05/231:1CIALREIR71131-02771R000400310035-3 State Dept. declassif rnairdpidingualcitro pirsdecniofi re accordance with security regulations. Page 2 Desp. No Frot Ain___2fiattgt_For Release 20q010 Page End. No 40031000AI; No. nists Siced. Thektrial of eigfteen individoals accused of printing and disseminating mmuhist literature culminated on October 31 in the acquittal of five used and sentencing of trate-snit? varying terms of imPrisonment. LASS/PIED) 25X1A Commentsit now appears thatthis is a group of which ten were arrested between February 57, i956.p the remainder somewhat latera and who, according to press reports in July, 1956% were tried on 4Une 28. Since that time some have been in prison, others under house arrest and others released an bond. While reasons for the recent retrial are obscures the timing may he connected both with an intiovalation in July 1957, in the National Assembly by leftist Deputy Ahmed Fuad asking whether there were any political detainees in Egyptian prisons, and with the trip of General Amer to the USSR (as a derlostration that Egypt is effective. ly *neutral*). The Communists sentenced are *small fry" and their removal is no great blow to organized Communist activity in Egypt, although their trial does tend to show that the regime is Prepared to take measures against this type of subversion. (SECRET) 4. patkonalAktion The long-anticipated establishment of the National Union, a political entty.. presumably replacing the moribund Liberation Rally, was decreed bY er OA November 2. Its aims% as reported in the local press, are to into existence a "socialist democratic, cooperative society free cal, social and economic exploitation*. k preliminary analysis of press reports suggests that in actuaLfact the Unien is a means of ewer cising political control in. Egypt. machinery of control consists of foUr levels of committees -. national, Provinciala electoral district anst 11W. -- of which the all.powerful one is the SupreOe Executive Committee, headed by the President of the Republic. This Committee evolves policies and programs, issues diroctives% supervises the work of the laser level , co4m4tteesa controls distribution of funds% takes disciplinary actionfagalet individ'Oal members or other committees, nominates candidates for the Nati041 AsseM44, lays dawn the rules for the conduct of election of Union memb deterOinee the competence of local committees, and interprets the appli of previsions of the Union's statutes Which are promulgated. by means of- decries issued by the President. (OF;IC/A;ASS ONLY) t4100;sesebtv Convenes6 st regular session of the National Assembly, ch began 4, was enlivened by accusations of illegality of acceptance by three 'deputies of petitions in the Liberation Province, and by complaints by the accused depeties against the press% which had publicized the case. The Constitutional Affairs Committee was instructed to examine the question and report within two days on the propriety of the appointments, while the SECRET Approved For Release 2000/05/23 : CIA-RDP78-02771R000400310035-3 Page_ 3 of Desp. No 465 d For Release 2000/05/23 :ORCIROP78-02771R0 From_ ? ; (Classification) ASsembly confirmed that freedon of the pres Mab Leeou:. Activit ? Page 0040031t315T esp. o From of trammeled except by the The Political Committee of the Arab League, meeting on November 3* 'decided to reject the appeal by the LW Secretary General for contributions by the Arab States toward defraying UN EF expenses; assumed a position In opposition to the European Coon Market? and called upon member states to achieve economic unity among themselves inerder,to fice the Common Market and its, "hostile intentions against Arab econom0"; reaffirmed the prrvious declaration of the ,League Council against inclusion of African and Asian, dependent areas in the Common Market; heard an exposition by an Algerian National Liberation Front representative of the current situation in Algeriao agreed to? request instructions from the various governments as to means of handling the problemL and decided to refer the Algerian question to the League Council* which is to resume its meetings upon completion of work by the other committees. PUblicity representatives of all member states except Jordan met on NOvsOber 3 to discuss means of strengthening Arab information activities abroad* particularly in the Western Hemisphere. Media sub.committees were appointed which will shortly report to a second plenary session. (UNCLASSIFIED) gricHcLoGirm. 1. AntiAmerican Propaganda. In slightly: reduced volume (due to other preoccupations) the press and radio continued attacks on America and U.S. policy. 'Additions" were made to President Eisenhower'is press conference and several editorials announced "the American Doctrine is dead since Eisenhower himself admits the t'Posim* tion of countries of the region has made it unworkable** The President was also quoted as saying his health had continuously deejned since the nationaliKation of the Suez Canal. The U.S. (and Britain) received blasts on the anniversary of the Balfour declaration. The U.S. (and Turkey) were assailed tor "manoeuvere designed to prevent formation of UN commission on Syrian allegations. The U.S. (and King Saud) were blamed for trying to substitute mediation for an honest probe". lho U.S., (and King Hussein) were charged with completion of "coup in 'lorded' and "country now in charge of Mallory and Army attache with Pint Four technicians paying Jordanian army". Several editorials bra. aonly called for the assassination of Hussein who "is following in his SECRET Approved For Release 2000/05/23 : CIA-RDP78-02771R010400310035-3 Page 04 De From NQ Fro AMMO For Release 2000/05i23 : 8-0277 (C asst atton) grandfather footstepsand should meet the ea Mass for him ery spech on and a versary Page_of 040031 0Att From as were attacked for s'irregu of ihvasien agairiet ' awes iod? intrigues ik U well and fatuaU good but tiUor tit America bifida upon and smug sattsfactton at U.S. discomfiture universally In stories. (UNCLASSTE/ED) has eceived? in ADM boats. Estimates as hi gkt as ten further confirmation available. AIL now operational. number of new SeViet type ough 3.6 additions accepted also AM) (SWIET) Soviet TU..104 arrived Cairo Airport 29 October for purpose transpor lug Major Genoral Hakim Amer., Minister of Defense and Commandor in ?Chief of Egyptian Armed Porcoss to Moscow. General Amer and his party consietincl in part of Admiral Ezzats Commander in Chief Egyptian Naval forces sant= Army and Air officers, and tho Chief of Staff of the Egyptian.Syrian Joint Command departed for Russia on board this aircraft 1 Novesaber. (MCI-AS.5071ED) Vernments Aircraft was moved to iselatod position en airfiold away frem main terminal and placed under armed guard from time of arrival imatti immediately pcior to departure. (CONFMENTML) The Director of the industrial Banks Rashid 01.8arav4, who is reputeil ? to he far to the left politically, has been removed from his position and ? has been put under house arrest* Action'igainst him was taken raportedly hecausa of his involvement in financial and currency irrogularities. (LDLITED cFpxcria usis) SECREi Approved For Release 2000/05/23 : CIA-RDP78-02771R000400310035-3 Page? of . Desp. N From__ ;''ved For Release 2000 Page of End. No. 040031q9aRikTo - From_ The independent admin,stratlon of Liberation Province, an experimental natio land development pro3ect0 has been abolished and the Director, Haseanein, niow a member of the National Assembly, has been relieved s administrative responsibilities according to the local press. sanein had been widely accused in political debate during the recent ion campaign of being involved personally in graft and of carrying the Liberation Province project in a costly, uneconomical manner.. ITED OFFICIAL USE) Concurrently, appointments of conservatives!' to certain positions have been announced or forecasts Dr. Abdel.Gelil El -Emarip Director of the Nile Ginning Company, President of the Cotton Exporters Association and former Minister of FInance. to become the Governor of the National Bank of Egypt; Dr. Aly EI-Giritil, Director of the Bank of Alexandria, to become Sub4overnor of the National Bank of Egypt; Abdo'. Hakim Rifaip former Sub. Governor of the National Bank of 'Wet, to become the Director of the Industrial Bank. (LIMITS) CFF/CIAL ISE) 2. AzagAexpliaLaLcs. Hassan Abbas Zak'', head of the Egyptian delegation, has returned to ROM, to, resume-Anglo-Egyptian economic discussions which were broken off October 1.4 It was alleged in local press commentary on the talks between E04retarY Dulles and Prime Minister Macmillen that the Seerstary spoke of the necessity of suspending the Anglo.Egyptian talks so as not to weaken the American economic blockade of Egypt. (UNCLASSIFIED} Egyptienne pour le Raffinago at 141 Commerce du is reportedly planning to expend'iti production capacityond to adapt its facilities* now limited to the use of Saudi Arabian crude, to the use of ?crude from other gourmet, 'including the Soviet Union. SERCC1Pos Director has Just returned from a 'Welt to various European countries including Czechoslovakia which was iiiortedlyUndertaken to obtain equipment for these purposes. (OIin:cut vta CULT) 4. as Advisors. An American oil company his. reported that according to information which it regards as reliable, a -Petroleum Institute will be established shortly by the Egyptian Government with *Russian experts* as advisors. (In Weekly Economic Review of October 150 reference was made to local press reports which indicated that the Soviet Union was participating in SECRET Approved For Release 2000/05/23 : CIA-RDP78-02771R000400310035-3 Page_ 6of Desp. NWporewod For Release 29 From ? - (C assi cation) Page.of )0400310AR70; From and research plant to Egypt at a cost of by local Government and private activities0 latgletO? ReSS Counselor of Embassy for Political Affairs Con Assaan, Ankara Athens, llactlalad9 Bei 9 Benghazi, dda, Torachi, nartoum, London, Moscow, New Delhi, Rome, Tehran, Tel Aviv, Tripoli, Tunis; Alexandria, Dhahran, Jerusalem* Aden, Port Said; Cmdr 17th Air Force, Uipolit Cadr 2nd Air Div Ehaltrant CINCUSAFE, CINCEIR, CiNCNRI)119 CC:MAI:RUM, ERCElh, USDCCOSCEITH, Ar*pi Addid Ababa SECRET 'Approved For Release 2000/05/23 : CIA-RDP78-02771R000400310035-3