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December 19, 2016
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November 13, 2000
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Approved For Release 2002/05/1,7 ; .C1L-RDP78-02771fR0'00500350003- 06 11 U to ROM, by the C1, the nutzet t h t ttn . vit . v `-h tt a, as a na? r o the year f tho aye A p r at1 is uOc *ttte (also, Chalr.,.tan o t th House, rioultua Sube Mmtee) toured the Sov't Union Zast ''u a Satellites from, 14 " n ber 22 October 1956, 1 :.L ru Vet 13 days ter . the ungar1 n upr Th* i ypzpa th1 guari:_A r of d f : e as matt . ? rade the trip on t z co U i n, all f which w r am, ;z .nte ROr would because he a tonic The rpo register with area I tt &1. r g at1td ecrlpt1o . tour a i lengthy report I ash, g r deep r vm over r' O_? SVlt a m,1 h a Approved For Release 2002/05/17: CIA-RQP38-02771 R000500350003-3 Approved For Release 2002/05/ 1 -02771 R000500350003-3 Wong* ? r t oppoei AhrxOnA f^1 A 1-,4 JA" MaArrilr= IL his tou, HO comnlakiriAA that 604 U tt eytde aaieet to mappox~t .. Bch av1den e OftlY r 4414-8 'G RKOSUMl t anxi and .ties t ve r* gi and a Ha"Can M11. e wt i he not d di urng his no 4"'o IAt4U mat oi ioea a ctt*d u o ex W" t- rie red by t Up on r"'On WW the fenia- *tT*Ot*d_bY hydraulic led. en toi :o . for had ate painted ftkt icular d be more t_ .a_ *ib*Djjtt* at an Itd within r.t as Is air zest io 'lion biiitie inter&t by the Chairman Under Seer- 'n of what tTZ he saw mitt-so and bettor includes ins Whit' id in tk&2,911aff t.hslt ' tar r their )MQ'M V WW ! *IW W44"gs a n Stat s# rand ra them con lauoue Approved For Release 2002/05/17.:. IA-RDP78-02771 R000500350003-3 ion on ovi.,e Vulnerabilities to his Sube lines. u her " a laek of informa- lowinst Beforo hie trip he meted to find. out how tl :a ide gauge ~t made at Brest c ieeoyered there was no should not have had this die procedure at B to *nyor* pea in &aeons to which w 1oadin, procedure hag the ears were old and. the Jacke were on!uaion as, to ponaibie rakr : e. Stated CIA br rin for. the remarks to his trip and sae to t ghee beau,. situation Approved For Release 2002/05 not getting bncad it..lin %- Soviet union. gourd in q ationina t=h e did not a _y ppear to & $ of tuft *Zun t of cext sha m in t Slat it *t am t effect y et i le s of, A-- such the Joint; Muta Of 4tafi t o rwason "ant '.t Inaxoazes, he said Acx l Radford tied the that t t o WAS d iar lY On t convictions been Ott . par nt and president Zj r that there no ab&26 alms i in death , pt.rtieuIar1 to u,lti- t Itentloon for world donlrAtion. Rep. .. ltten an" fift )%jbA ^,k G% his trip that there had been all * t t c u wince taIin S death, which if Ol W& " 4, .. o s& __4 .t. _ 06 for ch*r4p becom Buttt it utly great. 2cr the contusion created US public opinion by * t tory to j3tA Bch x n ai .a U o tte iai.a t o n d In t Soviet tat c qtd Inflamed iot re of fear which J smith o*r s &,bout Ivan Iva ovitch. cited as o : red o of own ctitnta in Miss" I .i ing trip to the Soviet U4nrj. T .~,. not to go. They reared he would the Soviet won alive berms of "what those NUAStans d to JFWU the contrary, th h t2*1Z Oka &&+A"4 ais. - id ze h .:,.~ x. ~ a ?~' .*~3~a. ,3,1~l*5 and tt4 the s c ti. s h a otrttei d, inc iu i niattu ro alt a a the ~t , . ata+d, the uai? i ~ tilt t i 149*ra ;.i: , have traditionally H us a whe reve r of an 11 "Big Brother;# elec.. t' fallOVU& the OVOPY nt of each soviet citizen t "`it ?" poles_ b a the neck Of each sit peasant 44 agenrAtI& ^-,. t x .a t of inter i an ti `a- iwll V*r#*UtAV of the Amritan t e by sex do .i journalism l410_ _y. have this i s: a?3o"" f t o he Approved For Release 2002/05/17 : CIA-RDP78-02771 R000500350003-3 its clear to fen and the necessary e i .sails d to nt. This, *a sd i still cutting a "h t rout ' lln" sau tes. Wit, he dfta allit rt Into such an integral pgrt of the s aroaalft that etor of pi nt AMW * =VrO6AA4t1VO nOn -ca .r gooft, which if on-t. wreck t co . fy Qnti appropriations each year for de- ft=* the "ttnt to Bch Congross has built ttse *V with tt+l With istte A I the description of the L5 bill by the Chairman of his thin for ever kis MM State an s uene. titre Whit deplores because of the parasitic consolida. cant ate Incresin h yyuarf en to I unn cs.ssa funds on military development sirabic sites (using be of political Tb* 1nt n ` d sc, 2s to snap up new shares Of StOOU in s t and other defense co. ni Iddoh 40nt ion as *ppr* r tons for t , - of these pre. s having a vested interest in rna tetn- r rt"ti a distorted end Inflamed public opinion. ftift fear of th* sus reflected Itself so effetty ly in the rec . C ve s that the lnut budget r :cited In - - ifi , #e o grantng the Secretary of fen:e aaaUei~ably than *von he asked for. tends that the leek of a balanced nicttwe in infor :- t R1 k late Pre tt1Fad r or American c+ .eau tion has developed f. no is *h h., reflected in on- s It c inly difficult to work ut fang-ter 't which Might now be possible in 'ley of tc~pportunitles Offtr" by r ce*t gee in the Soviet union) rt of t rather Approved For Release 2002/0 78-02771 R000500350003-3 Approved For Release 2002/05/17 CIA-RDP78-02771 R000500350003-3 F-0 61000 it at stmA64 iW4 eptioi oft f3 tao d ezeh& of persons, program to UOUlt4to pct ee cts t en rian and SOVIOt e t e ination of present ;WOCOOMents tor fingerprinting exchange visitors Rapp Whitten said he was as by asked i r wont in Russia the quoation of When i t to lift its ire curtain?" He teele eiale sxaaufficionti r aware of the t s effort, lei is making to attract "10% on a i-t basis. Many now hotels are ilt., one re a t.1 r in Brest a fete with waiters The Russians claim they #Oftlete b nzt ewer ne fowl hIzhw&y Wvsvt to XOSCOW. sited to take seat aftantage o t .. a e. Because Aweeians ourro nt hOO t . With which to campare their own standards, n1 e aphasia in an Increased exchange progz%n, 4i t COM t in the with those eon- r s ties wish the Soviet et can- its cit en , thereby fostering di Bette- ten with eft Aussians have at home, increasing ` " c - e vela injk demands -which VUt gratow t Met. Rep. -Whittencited an ?i n iration and curiosity the Amt now fir. atationwaeon evoked wherever 40 "0, Ths met le'l the Russians have t - Leh is not even in . produetionHe feels vulnerability" is one of the most i- t eel s which an effective US program `itably exploit, A e r 4 effort by U agencies responsible for i e ,i. OMe to wide the ri an people an objet- tip , balawad picture of Russia and the everyday MAM am attitudes of its people to relax tension r*14&ft pie res on CGn s which, in turn, pelt a sore pooltive approach toward finding, sawr, of war's solutions to current problems . eeau " met bee. Observed, cassia realities are no far below ftaol" c ? f achievement, there t much in VhUh t people can take comfort and rttrehi4 also filitte mom fft-wable Approved For Release 2002/05/17 : CIA-RDP78-02771 R000500350003-3 Approved For Release 2002/05/1 ++ yy. tl x for tht c t om/. a JaItIon of yyn- e1i #tne . He el ea fia~e* is just &a important I to ,at of th picture t is for C -as to tontime to authorize fUZAS f~W .14,91tUWtO U a ads. Setw"i the'se tw p.tnti, the 1 ep n ttvfrom U t& i pleads for a "gem" laa ,* VA"Ur4l'am Urgef! by if-3,D s 'W"L 7t+ OU4 + qw leaAership and pre t$ the tMaIdent *f tue Us, n d color ad e X a tmkez on h ' sot ' Age Y 8 en a's and Use Approved For Release 2002/05/17 ,JA-E&PP78-02771 R000500350003-3