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October 5, 1950
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For Release00/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-02771 R000500480007-5 PERU: Holguin de Lavalle, Carlos State Dept. declassification instructions on file Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-02771 R000500480007-5 `& --Approved For ReleaseJ000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-02771 R000500 0007-5 CONFIDENTIAL DEPL TMENT OF STI.^E Division of Biographic Information H LGUIN de Lavalle. Carlos PERU Personal data: Born February 1, 1892, Lima, Peru, of Spanish lineage; single. LangUaZe Fluent English, Career: Scribe, Office of Director of Treasury, Ministry of Finance. 1925-1926 Secretary to Director of Public Instruction, Official in Presidential Secretariat, attache, Peruvian Legation, Bogota, Second Secretary, Legation, Bogota, Charge d'Affaires, Legation, Bogota. Secretary to Peruvian delegation to Tacna-Arica 1933-1934 Plebiscite Commission, First Secretary, Legation, London. Secretary to Peruvian delegation at fti,.~Teiro 1934-1936 Conference on Leticia conflict, First Secretary, Legation London 1936 , . Charge d'Affaires, Japan. CIA boll ass 7 1938 L It r o 1ys t 4 4 a:Ma N *wool Charge d'Affaires, China, 41'1 tar:atet~ap ktorej th ? of '##I r Alsla iL-A Minister to the Dominican Rep-.blic, oranmo at M 1939 inister to Venezuela. Auibe -ityl HR ._ S Minister to Bolivia. 1942-1943 are, raaeltg Of GtA Unassigned. 1942 Reriakaer Accompanied President Prado on visit to United States 1943 , with personal rank of Minister. Minister-Counselgr, Madrid. 1946 Minister to Portugal. 1946 Ambassador in Peruvian delegation to inauguration 1947-date President Gabriel Gonzalez Videla of Chile, Director of Permanent Office f P UN 1947 o eru at , Promoted to rank of Ambassador April 7? 1948 Alternate representative to fifth session of ECOSOC, July; Delegate to UN General Assembly, second session, September; Member, Ad Hoc Committee on Palestine; Member, Committee III (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural); Member, Committee on Procedures and Organization, Delegate, Second General Assembly, special session on 1949 Palestine, April, Vice President. Delegate to the UN General Assembly, fourth session 1950 , New York, September, Delegate to the UN General -assembly, New York , September.. Remarks: CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-02771 R000500480007-5 4proved For Release 2D00/08/27 : CIA-RDP I8-0277.1 R060500480007-5 H LGU N de L va e Carlos (continued) PERU marj^ : Holguin, permanent representative bef nre the United Nations, has been described as an affable, back-slapping man with an agreeable personality and given. to flattery.. He is efficient, although re- garded as having only fair,ability.. His long residence in England is reflected in his speech and mannerisms He is a cousin of Juan Bautista de Lavalle.,. Peru's Ambassador' to the Organization of ?Anier- ican States, and on his father's side is related to several prominent Colombian families. I/ Holguin is a career diplomat who has attained his present position after some thirty years in the service. Although it is believed that he does not have any great influence in Peru, he is known to have been very close to Manuel de Freyre y Santander, Peruvian Ambassador to the United States for many years under whom he served in the Tacna-Arica Plebiscite Commission; to ex-President Benevides, under whom he served when the latter was Minister in London; to ex-President Prado and more recently to ex-President Bustamante. Holguin is noted for his cautiousness in expressing himself on in- ternational questions and for this reason, little is known of his true views with countries other than the United States, toward which he is very friendly; Spain toward which he is probably friendly in view of his Spanish background, and Chile. He is said to have been strongly anti-Chilean during the 1920's. 1/ At the General Assembly in New York in 1947 Holguin was exception- ally cooperative and friendly with U.S. delegates. He seemed to agree with all U.S. positions and was willing to give any information re- garding the stand of his own delegation. V OLI: BI:FASomerf ord: sc October 5, 1950 Biographic Data Report, Lima, March 18, 1943 (Confidential). / Biographic Data Report, Lima, September 3, 1947 (Confidential). D-3527, Lima, April 29, 1942 (Confidential)e USUN, US/A/985, November 24, 1947 (Confidential). Distribution: Department MID (1) DRA (1) IBD (2) UNA (2) Mission Lima (1) Amer. Del. USUN (5) Other CIA (2) CIA/BR (2) CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/08/27 CIA~M177802771 R000500480007-5