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December 9, 2016
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April 27, 2001
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September 30, 1956
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Approved For Release07/16 : 2820A0001017-4 MONTHLY REPORT 1 September - 30 September 1956 SYSTEMS ENGINEERING BRANCH ENGINEERING DIVISION This report constitutes the first prepared under the new organization of the Systems Engineering Branch. The reorganization has progressed smoothly and it appears that engineering personnel will be able to concen- trate more on assigned projects since they are now further divorced from maintenance activities. In an effort to shorten monthly reports by reducing the number of inactive projects reported on, those projects designated for Area support will not be reported during the month that no significant activity has occured. 1. PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES E-5002 MEDIUM POWER TRANSMITTER During this report period) the GPT-750 transmitter was taken to the 25X1A5a1 for repair, modifications and testing. The repair consisted of replacing faulty or burned out components and the modifications consisted of suggestions by 25X1A5a1 this Agency and the group to effect a more dependable and safe transmitter. After completing the repair, modifications and testing for six days at the factory, the transmitter was returned to where it is now undergoing a second series of evaluation tests. 25X1 A2d 1 E-500+ MODIFICATION OF TELEFUNKEN D. F One each Telefunken D. F. equipment, type PST-1021 was broken down into several components to which stock numbers were assigned. These components are to be used as maintenance support items for this type D. F. equipment. E-5009 PORTABLE RECORDING STUDIO Work progresses satisfactorily on the Portable Recording Studio. The Control Panels have been fabricated and the switches, jacks, etc., have been mounted. The equipment racks have been assembled, drilled, tapped and painted. Delivery of the Trunks from a subcontractor has not as yet been made. Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA- 820A0b0100080017-4 Approved For Release/07/16 : 820A000100e6Qp17-4 E-5014 VHF MUX STUDY A survey of military link equipment was completed during this report period. A list of the various types of equipment and information con- cerning each type is now being prepared. E-5015. VFO STUDY No information concerning transmitters type 16-F and RT-4 for VFO operation 25X1A5a1 was received from during this reporting period. 25X1A9a E-5020 MODIFICATION WORK ORDERS Modification Work Order #16 was published and distributed during the month. This MWO improved the keying characteristics of the CP-4 by a slight circuit change and replacement of the relays with smaller and quieter units. E021 D. F. DEVELOPMENT AND REPLACEMENT PROGRAM This project was discussed with of the Support Branch of the Operations and Training Division, OC, who has agreed to call and chair- man a meeting of members of interested Divisions and Staffs within Communi- cations to formalize requirements, costs and specifications. E-5030 GENERAL ANTENNA STUDY No change in status. E-5031 ENGINE-GENERATOR STANDARDIZATION PROGRAM A list of engine-generator sets has been compiled to be used as a guide in preparing a final list of generator sets that will be considered standard. This list covers the power range from 200 KW to 125 watts, and consists of some 14 sets. Arrangements are being made to hold a conference with interested parties to survey the list submitted and make recommendation as appropriate. E-5032 ENGINE-GENERATOR SPARE PARTS PROGRAM This project was reactivated on 27 September 1956. A complete check is being made on the list of items now in stock for each of the engine- generators we must support. E-5033 PORTABLE PACK PHONE STUDY TO ESTABLISH COMMO STANDARD No further progress can be reported on this project. Priorities and a heavy workload necessitate expending man-hours on other projects. Approved For Release 2001/07/16: Cl ' 820A000100080017-4 Approved For Releasei2Q /07/16 : 4t%JM-02820A00010 p17-4 E-5037 TECHNICAL BULLETINS There were no technical bulletins issued during this reporting period. E-5038 MOBILE ALTERNATE RELAY AND COMMAND POST A preliminary drawing and cost estimate was prepared and forwarded to the Operations and Training Division, OC concerning a portable Alternate 25X1A6a Command Post which would replace the installation in the event this equipment were disabled or destroyed. During the period covered by this report, a memorandum was received from the Operations and Training Division, OC requesting that this project be cancelled. Accordingly this project will no longer be reported. E-5040 TELEVISION IN'T`ERFERENCE STUDY (TVI) 25X1A6b We have been informed by the station engineer at that the complainant bought a new television set about six months ago. The. complainant was to install a new down lead from the antenna to the receiver, and alsoa low pass filter in the input to the receiver. The complainant was then going to call the station engineer in two weeks to notify him of the results. Six months have passed without hearing from the complainant. The station engineer also informed us that all recommendations made to eliminate the interference were carried out. The project is now considered complete and will not be-reported on further. 25X1A5a1 25X1A5a1 25X1A5a1 E-5041 RT-4 TRANSMITTER REPACKAGING At the beginning of this month a visit was made to to check on their progress with this project. Various ways to. eliminate the troubles inherent in this transmitter were discussed then as well as later in the month by telephone. On 24 September, sent us an estimated cost breakdown which completed their initial phase of the project. Further reports pretaining to this transmitter are expected from. and when received, the two will be compared and E-5042 SPECIFICATIONS FOR VHF MOBILE EQUIPMENT FOR WAREHOUSE STOCK 25X1A5a1 has supplied a Parts Data List that was to be furnished under the terms of the contract. This list is being checked for accuracy and compliance with specifications. Inspection of the equipment is scheduled for the first week in October. 25X1A9a has been designated Inspector. E-.5043 RADIO INTERFERENCE STUDY The technical literature received from-the Department of Navy, Radio Interference Reduction Center, is now being edited to obtain information pertaining to our particular problems in radio interference. This infor- mation will be made into a technical bulletin and sent to all areas in order to facilitate the location anndd reduction of radio interference using stand 3 ocedur200 /0 / anCIArRDP78-02820A000100080017-4 Approve o elease Approved For Release/07/16 -4 8-02820A00010CtW17-4 E-5Olk CO-AXIAL TRANSMISSION LINE PATCH PANEL A drawing of possible equipment configuration and a description of what this system should be able to do was sent to to obtain25X1 A5a 1 a cost and time estimate. It was learned that the 25X1A5a1 Corporation has developed a 5 KW, air cooled 70 ohm. dummy load and shortly will come out with a reflectometer to measure VSWR. The design specifi- cations of this patch panel require these or similar units. An intensive search has been made of Quick-Connector plugs and fittings for use in the final system. E-50i.5 TRANSMITTER TO ANTENNA MATCHING EQUIPMENT AND INFORMATION An investigation of the various types of Standing Wave Ratio meters, brges, and reflectometers was completed. Numerous. copies of a Navy study concerning this problem were produced and will be distributed with the final report of this problem. Ten Agency designed "Trolley Meters" for use on open transmission lines were received and will be sent to all areas after evaluation tests are completed. E-5060 STRATEGIC RESERVE PROGRAM (STOCKPILE) The 13 position.station bill of materials still is held in abeyance until firm requirements are stated. A revision of the 15 position station bill of materials was inaugurated during this reporting period. A revision of the 20 position station bill of materials is nearing completion. In a memorandum dated 13 September 1956 the Chief, Policy and Planning Staff 25X1A6a requested that the shipment of the be cancelled. 25X1A All items comprising the are to be returned to communi- cations stock, allocation 22. E-5080 MOBILE MESSAGE CENTER A proposed preliminary layout of a Mobile Message Center which would be a companion unit to the 2-ST has been prepared as requested by the Operations and Training Division, OC. A,-,s .T a ss ~s1~. "C - 2-Basic planning and discussions indicate the Message Center will consist of the following: One Supervisory Position Two Manual Positions One RTTY Circuit or Duplex Land Line Operation One OTP/ASAM-7 Position or Service Bench One Tiny Tot Position. Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RpP78-02820A000100080017-4 Approved For Releas&QQ,9,1/07/16: ( tW02820A00010 017-4 E-5090 TINY TOT PROGRAM Tentative drawings have been made for wiring the Dual Channel Transmitter- Distributor (XD-91) for basic on-line operation. Two receiver chassis have been wired, which will operate in conjunction. with modified.XD-91 units. At this time the XD-91 Transmitter-Distributors are not avail- able and experimenting with the circuitry cannot be done. Tentative drawings for text, cipher and break controls have been made. This control chassis will not be constructed until the operation of the basic unit has been checked and proven reliable for on-line use. E-5231 DESIGN OF AUDIO AND TELETYPE PATCH PANELS FOR 25X1A6a During this reporting period, a trip was made to. the microwave site - 25X1A6a to gather information on the type of equipment and facilities available to provide a basis for the design of voice and teletype patch panels. E-5251 DISASTER REGISTRATION POINT COMMUNICATIONS FACILITY The maintenance of the equipment installed in support of this project is now being carried out by the Installations and Maintenance Branch. This project will not be reported on further by the Systems Engineering Branch unless additional requirements are received. 25X1A E-5310 BASE STATION 25X1A Engineering support was provided at the _ Base Station, in conjunction with the Real Estate and Construction Division, relative to the final phases of the testing and operation of the air conditioning system. 25X1A6a E-531+ INK 25X1A5a1 A study was conducted by to determine whether a VHF communications link between employ- 25X1A6a ing the AN/TRC-l and ANTRA-1 equipment. is feasible. The results of their findings indicate this equipment would only give a fifty per cent reliability factor. AN/TRC-2L+ equipment was also investi- gated. This is similar to AN/TRC-1 except it operates in the UHF range; it would not prove as reliable. as the AN/TRC-1 sets. This path was over 170 miles and it was not expected that AN/TRC equipment would give a high degree of reliability. Although the requirement for this circuit no longer exists we intend to have this study extended to determine what range can be expected with this type equipment at ninety to ninety-eight per cent reliability. 25X1 A E-5340 ABASE STATION Information was gathered and instructions forwarded regarding "Microwave Tower Reguying" data was also furnished relative to the use of-the TRC 3500 matching transformer on high power pulse transmissions. Four servo 25X1A controlled VFO units were shipped - and action was initiated to ship two modification kits for servo-tuning of the 231-D transmitter. Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-02820A000100080017-4 Approved For Releas/07/16 . - 2820A00010Cb'8ii017-4 E-5362 VENTILATION OF THE TRANSMITTER BUILDING 25X1A The plan for ventilating the transmitter building submitted by ~ is 25X1A currently being reviewed by the Real Estate and Construction Division, CL; and when concurrence is obtained, the necessary fans, louvers, etc. will 25X1 C be shipped for installation by the under supervision by '5X1 A personnel. 25X1A 25X1A 225X1 A6a 2a1A E-5382 SE RADIO STATION A dispatch was sent to suggesting the use of an electronic T/R switch to eliminate the receiver blocking during periods of transmission. was also queried relative to frequent breakdowns' of. the SP-600 receiver noted in the monthly report. 25X1 A E-5+11 25X1A6a 25X1A6a Assistance is being provided the Communicator to obtain a suit- 25X1A6a able antenna installation. One 35' Premax whip has been requisitioned and will be modified for co-axial input and cut to frequency prior to ship- ment to this station. A fifteen meter beam is being repackaged for pouch shipment 25X1 A6a for operation on 21, 25 and 26 megacycles. E-2+12 DESIGN OF ONE MAN RADIO STATION ~ 25X1A6a The Bill of Materials and drawings for this project are being finalized. It is intended that these drawings and Bill of Materials may be used as 25X1 A a guide for all stations in the M area. 25X1 A E-5441 BASE RADIO STATION 25X1A To assist - in solving the microwave equipment difficulties noted in their Periodic Maintenance Summary, information was forwarded suggesting some definite causes of troubles and possible solutions. was request1A to re-evaluate the microwave situation to determine if new RF equipment was required. E-5445 AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM - The Real Estate and Construction Division, OL is currently preparing a list of materials required, to complete the air conditioning installation at this site. When this list is received by the Engineering Division, procurement action will be initiated. 25X1A6b Approved For Release.2001/07/16 : 820A000100080017-4 Approved For ReleasQ1/07/16-02820A0001ft900017-4 25X1A6b E-5446 POWER STUDY -' No change in status. During the August report period a dispatch was for- warded to Chief, WEMCA advising him that action had been taken to procure three 100KW, 60 cycle General Motors Diesel Generator sets as replace- ments for the present 50 cycle diesel generators installed at the- transmitter site. In addition, this dispatch requested that we be pro- vided with information regarding the capacity of existing power cables and switch gear in order that we may design an appropriate switch cabinet and procure additional cable and other intergral parts. As of this date, no reply has been received, 25X1A6a 25X1A 25X1A6b DRAFTING The Drafting Unit has completed approximately forty-five pencil drawings of sizes varying from 8-2" x 11" to 241, x 36". Approximately forty positive-negative, and forty-five positive reproduc- tions have been completed on the "trans-copier" reproducing unit during this report period. The work load in this unit was considerably heavier than the previous period., but was not up to our load capabilities. MISCELLANEOUS UTILIZATION OF MAPS AND GLOBES An investigation of the various types, sizes, and uses of maps and globes for determining distances and bearings in the orientation of antennas was completed. This report is now being edited before publication. AMPEX 102 RECORDER REEL ADAPTOR Schematic and assembly drawings for an adaptor were made. These drawings have been sent to thLab to have a prototype made. Expected delivery of the prototype reel adaptor is the week of 1 October. REMOTE KEYBOARD FOR AFSAM-7 Existing problems of the AFSAM-7 have been discussed with of 25X1 A9a Security and Dr. Gorton of TSS. The major problem of noise in the audio range requires that the AFSAM-7 be completely isolated in a soundproof container. With this type of isolation a remote keyboard is required. The National Security Agency, will have a key- board adaptor available about 1 January 1957. This adaptor should facili- tate remoting the keyboard. A meeting with NSA will be held as soon as possible to discuss the problem and obtain further information about the keyboard adaptor. Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-Rl P78-0282OA000100080017-4 Approved For Release.2,.001/07/16: CI' 0282GA00010b*$Q017-4 Tr.TMT 25X1A 25X1A9a 17 September-22 September 14 September - 24 July-5. September .. 24 July-5 September Design Section - 24 September Intelligence Course - 3 September-28 September 25X1A9a . Effective Writing Course PCS (Not Applicable) EOD (Not Applicable) RESIGNATIONS (Not Applicable) TRANSFERS (Not Applicable) OTHER TRAINING Military Leave - 10 September-21 September 25X1A9a Chief, Systems Eng1ieering Branch ATTACHMENTS: 25X1A5a1 Memorandum for File, Subject: Micro- Wave Exhibit Type VA-2 (25 Channel), dated 17 September 1956 Memorandum to the File Subject: Visit to 25X1A5a1 dated 1 October 1956 Memorandum for the Record, Subject: Report of TDY Trip to-------(July 24 - September 4, 1956), dated 17 September 1956 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-WP78-0282OA000100080017-4 'Approved For Releass41/07/ 8-02820A00010 017-4 Memorandum for the Record Sub ect: Report of TDY Trip to 17 September - 22 September), dated 2 September 1956 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RtDP78-02820A000100080017-4 nrnn LOUR 25X1A5a1