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November 17, 2016
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September 4, 1998
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April 30, 1959
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Approved For Rele, ?se 2000/09/11: CIA-RDP78-0282OA000500020031-0 25X1A5a1 MONTHLY REPORT 1 April - 30 April 1959 SYSTII S ENGINEERING BRANCH ENGINEERING STAFF 1. Engineering activity was normal during this reporting period with the exception of one "crash" requirement for rush procurement for antennas which were required for Prniaftf , necessitating a trip to for the purpose of dis- cus g e availability and price of rotatable beam antennas for the international 6 - 7 me. broadcast band. Although the manufacturer stated no previous orders had ever been filled, he foresaw no difficulty in fulfilling the requirement. A trip report is attached. 2. Bids were received and a contract awarded to the Company, low bidder, on specifications for trasmitters an an-enna couplers for a packaged one KW broadcast station. The project involved the design of a broadcast station, for the medium and high frequencies complete with studio equipment and a quickly erected 100 foot base kn- sulated vertical aluminum tower. The station will be housed in a 16 foot by 21 foot Butler Hut containing separate studio and transmitter rooms. The prototype unit will be installed temporarily for Agency inspection in the near Washington area when received. 3. The developmental program in conjunction with th10e -2 logarithmically periodic (3 - 30 me.) antennas with the Company is proceeding favorably and will probably be comp summer. Test data is available at this time to initiate the basic design for four different types of AN-21 antennas which will vary in radiation angle, beam width and be suitable for use on carious types of circuits, which will vary in path length. A full scale array will be erected this summer for a typical test path aDI subjected to operational tests at that time. 4. The Selective uipment to be utilized with the SSB-l 25X1A6a transceivers, for Project has been undaranin g operational tests during this period between Difficulties have been experienced in obtaining the desired system reliability. Engineering/ operational testing will continue to determine methods of improving the reliability. 25X1A2d 25X1A5a1 25X1A5a1 25X1A6b Approved For Release 200 . _ - DP78-02820A000500020031-0 Approved For Release 2000/09/11: CIA-RDP78-0282OA000500020031-0 25X1A6a 5. An inspection was made of several rhombic antenna-kits, set aside in Allocation 22 for stockpile stations, which are stored at and indicative of the condition of antenna equipment stored in warehouse areas where they are exposed to the weather. Upon examination, it was determined that some items would require replacement, other items will require refurbishing and the antenna kits repackaged. This action will be initiated in the immediate future to insure ship- ment of C-1 antenna equipment in the event of activation or installation of stockpile stations. More adequate storage measures will also be provided. 6. A meeting was held, 16 April with representatives from OC-AD and OC-T to discuss the preliminary requirements for the establishment of an African DSCA Network. A general cost estimate will be established based on a network of 5 active and 1. inactive stations. Definitive requirements have hot been established or formal approval received for the activity. A memorandum for file concerning the meeting is attached. 7. A modification has been developed which eliminates compromising intelligence from the transients appearing on the parer line of the Flexowriter. The modification does not eliminate the transients but makes them of the same amplitude for all characters. In the same manner the modification makes the electro-magnetic energy radiated into space identicel in nature for all characters. A Flexawriter has been modified in this way and no form of compromising intelligence could be 25X1 A5a 1 found, either on the power line or in the electroma etic radiation. Necessary parts have been ordered from to make up modification kits for 16 Flexowriters. The company representative has estimated 10 day delivery on these parts, however, this seems unrealistic since some of the components require special assembly at the factory. When the parts are received they will be taken to a local contractor for wiring and final assembly of the modification kits. The completed kits should be ready for shipment to the field in July. 25X1A9a 8. traveled to Cedar Rapids, I he erection of the 237A-1 Logarithmic Periodic antenna at The experience will be utilized to provide su envision of e installations of this antenna at A memorandum to the file is attached. 25X1A2d1 9. A meet was held with OL/RE&CD concerning coo~ted relations when installations are associated with facilities. OL maintains records of space allocations and it was agreed that RE&CD will be provided with information concerning all new and altered locations. Because of technical reasons Engineering may continue direct association with Communications Staff. Approved For Release 2000/09/11: CIA-RDP78-0282OA000500020031-0 Approved FQtelease 2000/09/11 :CIA-RDP7~802820A000500020031-0 10. The Drafting Unit prepared 222 drawings during the month. Eighty of these were prepared for - 25X1 A9a 11. visited in connnection with the development of the all mechanical o ape W one Tape Combiner/ Printer. A trip report is attached. Subsequent to this visit a memorandum was forwarded to the Office of Logistics requesting that a contract be established with for the production of a prototype unit. Delivery is expec Fn approx tely nine months. 25X1A6a 12. NEW PROJECTS E-5173 - Voice Carrier Telegraph System E-5175 - Radio Station 13. REACTIVATED PROJECTS 25X1 A6b E-5078 - Revised_ Transmitter/Receiver Antenna Systems E-5103 _Multiplex Systems for Base Stations to Sub-Base Stations 14. INACTIVE PROJECTS E-5125 - Transmitter/Antenna Switching Systems E-513.2 - 25X1A6a E-5094 - RF Amplifiers (1000 Watt) E-5115 - Standardization of VU Equipment 15. COMPLETED PROTECTS E-5010 - Receiving Antenna Multicoupler 16. Number of Projects Reported on During this Month - 3 ' 17. AII+IINISTRATIVE 25X1 A9 New York City - 25X1 A5a 1 10 April 19 Approved For Release 2000/09/1`1 CIA-RDP78-0282OA000500020031-0 Approved For Release 2000/09/11: CIA-RDP78-0282OA000500020031-0 19W %~ - Asebury Park, N. J. - 22 April 1959 25X1A5a1 25X1A6a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a TDY (Continued) PROCESSING iami, Fla. - 29 April - 1 May 1959 edar Rapids, Iowa - 2 - 9 April 1959 Chicago, Ill. - 29 April 1959 25X1A6b a 27 April 1959 1 May 1959 Basic Supervision No. 48 30 March - 10 April 1959 Basic Supervision 13 April - 8 May 1959 Basic Supervision 13 April - 8 May 1959 Chief, Systems Engineering Branch, OC-E 25X1A6a ATTACHMENTS: .(See Attached Sheet) Approved For Release 2000/8 I1 1 IA-RDP78-02820A000500020031-0 25X1A5a 25X1A5a 25X1A2d1 25X1A9a Approved ForBelease 2000/0 ? . C:I -RDP78-0282OA000500020031-0 ATTAG'HI ]TS: 25X1A5a1 1. Report of visit 2. Report of t Lactar 25X1A6b 3? Project aPids, Iowa 4. Report on TDY Trip to , Ma roneok, N.Y. 5. Proposed African ommun ca ons Activity 6. Projects and Aa Monthly Report 7. Trip Report to Asbury Park, N. J. Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP78-0282OA000500020031-0