Conference Report - Air Force Representatives

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November 17, 2016
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March 10, 1998
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March 18, 1959
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Approved For Release 2000/09 The Files - System -11 (~) 18 ch 1959 25X1A9a onfere ace Report - A 25X1A5a1 f'erencee was held in with 1. Un iv rl n 1,457 a %~" U. S. Air Force re sentpitives to discuss the use of System 11 for n fir farce reuire~t. Present part-time or ,holly at the conference were: Robeert maker - frig t-P ttera~ AFB . ,.... Lt. Col. Charles ftanson ; tdrers kFb - wrigt-pn-t terson 25X1!A9a rese tivee were first ra p Force { on t~ - The test results ;,.n( -- nd pera 25X1A5a1 i ti? nai Unrellauxi-Xv.. permit the Air Force represen reliability', A visit was L de to T&I to t Asa et !ti on and tives to inspect the System II airborne eqt- , . . . _ ._A %.~ ftWWftn - Umn return r c but is marginal in dAesi5n and constre: n ox. r rk will be necessary to improve the the present Status 01 T'VgU&rMWa.~. _ --- -- the technique and the availability of existing equipment we" stressed. It W us pointed out that the System egtsip t will work cetisfsetorily e-"+injP iresaeso "- t4- toot ! 1L, CXJU04..' .. '- --rl -- seed ISM to the A! personnel Indicated that they were ll f thy r rregeireeent. They would consider the use tit Syate or it 25X1A5a1 ,Svc data terminal site A briefing vn r-nitmas and Signs RDP78-0282,.A000500020078-9 heesystem Was given for the benefit Lt,. Col. Swans= works for 1 old of Andrews APS in the Systems Force. eer;'d ng Division or 25X1 is in the near fu A visit was also Distributions rt o -2 Lab/ Chrono ( x~ia7PCxs '";"j Approvedt5~eaeQ09/11~,DP78-02820A000500020078-9 ""