Modification Work Orders

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December 9, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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January 31, 1963
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Approved For Release 2000/08/27 :CIA-RDP78-02820A000900010011-9 B-Soto 1b notify all field stat3,ons of standard modifications to eQni.gaent Reproduce.n~eoessary copies, asseable end prepare cover letters for all Modifioatiaci Work Orders. Obtain apprornal and coordination. Determine eategoi-fir of distrilat~ion and foreard to appropriate areas. .STARTING OATF ~F(3Z/-~ ~ February ' S5 Modification Work Order No. 55 - Lov Laval Keyer far Multiple TD Cabinet. 'his Modifioation Work order covers the installation oaf Versitron low level keyers in teletype tape re7.a3t transmitting cabinets. 'this particular keyer 2n1s been radiation tested in a transmitting cabinet and was found to be satisfactory in all respects. Modification Work Order No. Sb - C6R-2 Modifications This particular modification provides instruction for the modification of (~R-2, Character Sequence Recognizers to provide increased stability and reliability kith respect to baud rate and speed variations and distortion acceptance. The M.W.O. vas forwarded to Printing 3erviees for reproduction on 6 February. `sg 1543 Approved For Release 2000/0814-RDP78-02820A000900010011-9 Approved For Release 2000/08/27 :CIA-RDP78-02820A000900010011-9 MONTHLY PROJECT REPORT E-5x37 II 1 - 31 January 1963 ~ _~___- _ __y.__. _ __ _. ____ __ -- _ __. _._ . _ { Q l ~ i 1 f~ M'?'lk 'F!~ .Nr k..l e' ~ ~ FtiLf 3~ P A I Y. H E ~ ~" 4'? ' A' t I' r ~F ~U 25X1A9al Technical Bulletins To keep the field supplied vitki current technical inYormntion pertinent to general operation. . Scan technical literature to determine and select items Pox field distribution, determine distribution category, reproduce reQuired number of copies, prepare corer letter, arrange approval and coordination, and fornard to appropriate areas. ~~~~ ~FGI~ 2 February Technical Bulletin ~o. 42 provides instruction covering the various methods of installing the C6R-2, Character Sequence Recognizer. Zt xas dispatched to the Pield on 31 January 1963. i 5-Approved For Release 2000/08/27S~64T RDP78-02820A000900010011-9 Approved For Release 2000/08/2~RDP78-02820A000900010011-9 S MONTHLY PROJECT REPORT a~;I~'GE i EST. REPORTING PER 1pO ._ _ __ .. i.__..__ ___. _..,__... _._..__. 1_ - 31 Jcz r~ua rY i}~3 ~- 5~5 AC r I v I. _. _ _._ PR f~;'~~IT? CIASS A(;T I ON CGMPLET[D CANrtLLED i SJS PENUED t___ . .PRIN. RE ~PDNSIBILIir I PROJFC? ENG lNE ER i ~~~~pp l~ Comr~unieatione systems Planning Par Ptev 8leadquartere Building ?o determine the types of tk~muuications systems, and the quantities of equip- ment that will be required for insta].latioa in the new Headquarters Building to meet Agency comm~;szicatians requir?x~ents . To investigate and eamgila information on new communications systems and equipment. To meet regularly vith rt:preaentatives of the Massage Center Staff, Ocerations, &ugineering, and Security Division, and the OC member of the Piev $uilding Planning Staff to discuss eoganunications requirements for the new ouilding. To prepare a List of the equipment that will be required and sug- gestQd floor plans and equipment Lyouts defining spare requirements. January 1957 WAB ~~ JJK ~ January 1957 j COMPI ETIJN DAT[ 4 i 1~ficru~?.-bve is j~roceeding slightly behin:3 schedule beca~..ise of ;;no~.~ sn,i cc~1~-~ weather. 'Etas re?lectors end antenna system wYZ?e i:~sta~_1ed at :,h? 25X1 A6d 25X1 A6b ~ ~e rle~+ tc~utr ~.ras erec}eel. and ~ iuished at equipment `zas bGe~, in~r,.~lied .:,t sal stations but~14 ~x~~ered. tarns f'ar 5~ Kt; lti'Y-fie carrier charnel werr 3ppr~~veci far ~~~itl: 13aliver?,? sometime in ~9erch. 25X1A5a1 i n:.y ,E 1543 {zr,..., Approved For Release 2000/08/2 - DP78-02820A000900010011-9 MONTHLY PROJECT REPORT ~- -- ORIGINATOR'S) ~ euncET E$T. REPORTING PER 10D 'iFY AMOUNT ~-$ 1 - jl January 1y63 ACTION _- -- --.---T-r--- ----- ---- --r- - ._ -_---- -.-r-..~.. -- ------r--- -- - - ~EUTURE ACTIVE COMPlETEO ~ CANC f.LLED ' [`SUSPENDED -_-L- -- ----~ L 1__~~ _ .--------_~ ---- --_._L._._ ._ ~--~ . 1 1 ~'-_ ~ ~ - -- ____ PROJECT NVMBER i-RIORITV CLA94 RIM. RE SPOh51011ITV ~ PROJECT ENGINEER 5151 ~ i PROJECT TITLE 25X1A9a gariera]. oY ~aadtter Field PROJECT REQUIRE MEhT Imrestigate speeitieations, cost sad availability of transmitters and ~ linear aa~plitiers is the 100 wtt, 5000 xatt sad 20000 watt range havlag decfi- Hite suitability for OC uses. PROJECT DESCRIPTION Investigate aasderaial and military equipment reeouraes trit2~ a Tier torard selection of transadtters and/or linear amplifiers vbich ~-il.l meet OC aregv~ir~ta at a reasonable cost. Prepare a report listing the reLtivs artits and slrortaomiags o! each as fptmd by ? ccm;p~urison of >aanutactueere specifications and/or Agem4i- tens. APPR D'.'AL DATEAPPROVED 8~ STAIITING DATE COMPI ET ION DATE /+~/ c~a July 1959 i /s/ JFB ~~ REMARKS I 25X1A5a1 1. The the 1000 watt linear amplifier thaat was returned to the plant for repair, was inspected by the chief of T and I at the ~ 25X1 plant. His report on the repair made, which was actual.l;,~ a re-desig:. around the problem, was favorable; ,snd the amplifier will be delivered 'pack to us about the middle of the next reportiag period. 2. After a few false starts and foilaw-u amendments, a requisition 25X1A5a1 is being processed by OL-PA Por 6 each ~ amplifiers. It is pZ.anned to ship these to the various Field Headquarters Por in-the-field operational evaluation. The Field headquarters concerned have already been notified of this action and have .received an evaluation form for co*npletiora. j . The procurement action for the linear amplifier is 25X1 Asa being held while the cognizant procurement crPficer ie attending a school. ~. The contractor for the transit cases came in with an overrun of sbaut ~1~t00. Approval was given for the charges that caused the overrun, so appropriate funding action was takers. Tnis sub-pr~:~~iect is now campleted. 0 8 27 :CIA-RDP78-02820A000900010011-9 `?RM 1543 loss 5a1 Approved For Release 2000/08/27 :CIA-RDP78-02820A000900010011-9 Approved For Release 20 ? CIS-RDP78-02820A000900010011-9 E-5151 ~ _ _(_ 1 - 31 January 196J 5. F,nother sub-i,ro~ECt under pr~~je:ct number is 'oeg3nning to claim suYficient ti-~e to be w~~rthy of reporting. `This is to Bind a suitable exciter-moduletcar capaole of bNing remotely aontro~_ed for use with the ~'U~U-10 or any other linear a~rplifiar. A review of the available equipment was made, and specificHvions were drafted i'or a system to fr:lfill the requiremF~nt. r e ease 10011-9 S E T 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/27 :CIA-RDP78-02820A000900010011-9 Approved For Release 2000/08/27 :CIA-RDP78-02820A000900010011-9 Approved For Release 2000/08/27 :CIA-RDP78-02820A000900010011-9 NOMTMLY PROJECT REPORT OR tG INATORfS) BUUGET EST. REPORT tNf, PERIOD EY AMOUNT ''C-s l i 1 - i1 January 1953 ACTION ~-_ _ ._ _ . _ ~_.. _- __T.. __,_ ___ _ _. _~...~ __ _~_ __ __-____ - _ _. _. ~ _ .. _______ __.r.- _.__ _.. L UTURE ACTIYE T ~ COMPLETED ~ ~ CANCf EIED SUSPENDED PROJFC7 NUMBER ~ PRIORITY CLA55 ~PR IY. RESPONSIBILIv i PROJECT ENGINEER s-gel3 II J~ _~_.`..: PRO JEC7 TI7EF 25X1 Aga ~8Z6~'ORI?.nJ lgB.TICC~'Zl~ -RO.1EC7 RE01'IREMENT - lra~ridle istorsatioa on ~rarions trasaistoarised reeeid ng m>zlticouplers, svggettl~ firs best as ~AgDA~D in all bass aaa7 field stations. PRO /ECT DESCRIPTION InTest3gata all traasiatorised ressivi~g naaltica~lera nov atailable eithtar oar~roiallT or thY+angh tlhe military, Or will be de~+slvped in th@ ssa~r ,~~ors bj- caewesaial firma ar military R+D projects to fiadd a una,ti.- eo~lar wilAid egaal or bettor spatitieatians than a tvl~-type !aT the aPiYae of Caas~nmieatioaa~ Initiate a~a Aaal~rait and Appraisal of promi~tia~g equip- atent aad re~~t tbsae findings for possible i~tA1~ARDaA~lIO~ oY Dade by OC. , APPROV A: DATE APPROVED BY ~~ - STARTING DATE COMPLETION OA`E ;A t 1 61 ~. ugus 4 R EAIARI($ 1. The reports on both the TRAK and HRB-Singer transist~~rized multicouplers were received and carrpared. It was noted that the TRAiC unit was superior in all respects. Since the report dad state that the TRAK i:nit had deficiencies When operating below 5 deg^ees Centig~?ad.e, and a question of how high an RF voltage the coupler could withs~..and before damage was raised, bath these qusations were proposed to the ,manufacturer. Are-desigr_ of the power supply took care of the malfunction mentioned in the report (now able to operate dckn to minus S?~:. } and 50 volts of RF' Ks8 applied to the input terminals without damage. ~. A second advantage of tree TRAK unit arose when it Ka6 offered Far sale a+. s price of ~~, per unit ever the quotes:. price of ~50Q. with an additional price reduction in quart t purchase. Twt~ rlruitirauplers were rc~,uis- itianed for ,shipment to station for o erational ev l ati p a u on. 25X1A6 25X1A6b s ? _ Kos queried Po: the possible continued reg,:zirernent thP,y had for a line/antenna amplifier-coupler. This is the unii, that is installed et the down-Lead of a receiving; antenna to amplify the signal:; received to overcome 25X1 losses before entering long co-axial transmission lines. -ws~e offered two units, 'fRAK and HRB-Singer ~>uilt 'or their uo;e and aval:u~tion. IoRMa 1543 ~ ~~ ;to-e