Inspection Report No. 2 (Classified)

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November 11, 2016
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February 13, 1998
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August 22, 1966
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AiDDrortved For Release 1999/09/0 -02820A001200040011-2 '.RA w 6N. "Co. NO. 27 W UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Memorandum ON" TO : The Files: Contract 4491-66P FROM : Mr. 25X1A9a SUBJECT: Inspection Report No. 2 - 1. Project Description: 25X1A5a1 The SY-3 is a voice message synthesizer for OWVL circuits. It utilizes photoelectric storage and is capable of compiling an OWVL message from a TTY tape with varying group rates and group counts. 2. Contractual Information: a. Initial Cost: $15,500.00 b. Request for Procurement Action: 30 March 1966 c. Initiation Date: 29 April 1966 d. Completion Date: 5 August 1966 e. Deliverable Items: One prototype SY-3 with drawings, instruction manual, monthly and final reports 3. Date of Telecon: 9 August 1966 4. Persons Attending: Agency 25X1A9a Mr. 5. Contractor's Performance: EP 66-181 DATE: 22 August 1966 Non-Agency 25X1A5a1 a. On schedule and expected to remain so: No b. Within obligated funds and expected to remain so: Yes c. Satisfactory technical progress: Yes 6. Project Status: OUP I Exclude automatic downgrad sn" 1-~' declass{ficatlo Approved Flay Weae`49 tfAi9/07guD#A- Approved For Release 1999/ 78-0282OA001200040011-2 EP 66-181 SUBJECT: Inspection Report No. 2 - 6. Project Status: 25X1A5a1 The SY-3 has been completed and will be delivered to Washington on 17 August 1966. Instruction manuals will be sent to the printers this week and will also be delivered on 17 August 1966. Delivery under this contract is two weeks late due to the con- tractor having to modify the UX-500 tape reader per our request. There have been no major technical problems during this contract, and all work has been very satisfactory. An additional clause in the contract indicates that the price of ten production SY-3's will be no more than $6,700 each including the Ampex tape recorder, and that price will be effective for 30 days after receipt of the proto- type SY-3. Therefore, the prototype unit will be transferred to OC-OS for evaluation as soon as possible after receipt. 25X1A9a Distribution: R&D Subject File OL/PD/PCB/CAS R&D Lab OC-OS ESB Monthly (3) EP Chrono OC-E/R&D-EP Approved For Rel 25X1A9a 'bjp (22 August 1966)