Inspection Report No. 2(Classified)

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November 11, 2016
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February 13, 1998
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August 23, 1966
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r,PTI()Ni-1. FORM NO. 10 $010-107 Apf % ,_pr Releasee099/09/07 : CIA-RDP78-02820A '1200040012-1 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Memorandum TO The Files: Contract No. 7305 2C1 A9a FROM . Mr. SUBJECT: Inspection Report No. 2 - 1. Project Description: EP 66-182 DATE: 23 August 1966 25X1A5a1 25X1A5a1 The AM VHF transceiver. It measures 7" x 5" x 8" and provides 1 watt out- put in the 118 - 125 Mc/s band. This modified version contains a waterproof handset and "tape" antenna. 25X1A9a 2. Contractual Information: .?a. 'Initial Cost: $59,070.00 b. Request for Procurement Action: 2 April 1966 c. Initiation Date: 3 June 1966 d. Completion Date: 22 August 1966 Extension: 19 September 1966 e. Deliverable Items: One hundred "990 PW" transceivers with instruction manuals 3. Date of Telecon: 16 August 1966 I+. Persons Attending: Agency Non-Agency 5. Contractor's Performance: a. On schedule and expected to remain so: Yes b. Within obligated funds and expected to remain so: Yes c. Satisfactory technical progress: Yes 6. Project Status: Buy U.S. Savings Bonds 7Zegular on the Payroll Savings Plan pproved For Release 1999/09/ EacludeIN dawngra 00040012-1 25X1A5a1 Approved For Release4999/09/07 78-02820AGG1200040012-1 SUBJECT: Inspection Report No. 2 - 6. Project Status: 25X1A5a1 Most parts for final assembly of the transceiver have been 25X1A5a1 received by amr delay in this contract are the 25X1A6a 25X1A6a The only items that may cause 25X1A5a1 choke which are in short supply. Mr. EP 66-182 cases and an RF has contacted Station 25X1A5a1 =and has requested an extension until the middle of September 1966, to account for the late delivery of these components. No technical problems have been encountered to date. A T&I 25X1A5a1 man will be required at the plant in the early part of September to establish test procedures for acceptance testing. As the contract is written, the first production unit must be accepted at the All remaining units will 25X1A5a1 be shipped to and will be inspected prior to entering into stock. Distribution: R&D Subject File OL/PD/PCB/CAS R&D Lab OC-OS ESB Monthly (3) EP Chrono 25X1A9a 25X1A9a OC-E/R&D-EP bjp (23 August 1966) Approved For Release 1999/09/07 : CIA- A001200040012-1