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November 11, 2016
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February 13, 1998
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Approved For Release 099/09 8-02820AQ200040017-6 LANGLEY TECHNICAL SECTION I. Wire Unit 1. Main Signal Center a. The preventive maintenance schedule for the month is current. b. The Selector Magnet Shield. Project was temporarily because kits were not available due to the lack o the and of the fiscal year. c? Three KW-7'a were installed in the Washington Terminal Section using the AK-3 configuration and associated ASR's. This is the beginning of the program to replace all HW-19 equipment in the Signal Center. d. A work order was submitted to GSA to install power and overhead cable racks in the new Red Frame Room. 25X1A9a ee s given fourteen hours of HL-6 maintenance ns? ruc? on at the R&D Lab. f. T.D.Y. 1) Responded to a request from OC-AD to repair KW-7 e-u3 ent 25X1A6a at the 25X1A6a 2) Technical assistance for KW-26 maintenance was provided i; response to two calls from OC-SPS,, g. Installations 25X1 A5a 1 1) New teletype equipment was installed for the FMSAC Machine Room move to Room 1D0031, Hqs. To facilitate this move, a fifty-two pair cable had to be pulled from the Signal Center and wired to a newly fabricated twenty-four circuit patch panel. Cut-over from the old facility will take place on 27 July. 2) Bureau of Weapons, Main Navy Building, KW-7/TWX installation has again been delayed by the Telephone Company. The installation date is now 2 August. Approved For Relea 7 : CIA-RDl 8-02820A001200040017-6 Approved For Release X999/09/07 8-0282OAg0)200040017-6 I. Wire Unit (Continued.) 3) The HW-19 units at Finance Division, and Finance Division, Headquarters Building were disconnected and taged for pick-up. 4) Eight KW-26 Model "C" units were removed and replaced by Model "B" units. The "C" Models were shipped to OC-E/FTS for the 8-Pac Project. 2. Trouble Reports Troubles reported and corrected in the Washington Area are as follows: a. Langley Signal Centers 1) Cryptographic Equipment - 744. 2) Teletype and Miscellaneous Equipment - 3220 TOTAL: 3914. b. Outside Area Signal Centers 1) Cryptographic Equipment - 4 2) Teletype and Miscellaneous Equipment 17 TOTAL: 21 II. Electronic Unit 1. Kr-3 Secure Voice Program a. General Several problems relating to the tie-trunks on the automatic switch have developed this past month. OC-E/LTS verbally requested that the Telephone Company make some arrangements to check the trunk lines between State Depart- ment,, White House and CIA. b. Installation Installed a KY-3 with two extensions for Room 1E4846, Hqs. 25X1 A6a 25X1A8a 2 MrT Approved For Release 1999/0 P78-02820A001200040017-6 Approved For Released ,.;r h4-RDP78-02820A(.0 200040017-6 II. Electronic Unit (Continued) Relocated a KY-3 from CC/S, GH-55, Hqs. Room lA31C, Hqs., to Room d. Eighty-six KY-3 sets are now operational. The following reflects the trouble-status for the month: 1 KY-3 Set Troubles 31 each 2 Distant End Troubles 6 each 3 Operational Error 6 each 4) Associated Equipment Trouble 5 each 5) Telephone Company 17 each TOTAL: 65 each 2. CIA Cifax System Three troubles were reported and corrected. The low percentage of outages has been very encouraging this past reporting period. 3. Microwave System System MR-20 alignments and PM checks were performed at the three locations. Two troubles were reported and corrected. HY-2/KG-13 Headquarters/Saigon Secure Voice Circuit FE Division conducted several live conferences on this circuit with very good results. Other than a few bad telephone line connections, the circuit has been trouble free. 5. KY-5 Six troubles were reported and corrected this past reporting period. 6. DCI/SO Very-High-Frequency Net No troubles were reported this month. OVERTIME A total of one hundred and eleven hours of overtime was worked during A I Approved For Release 1999/0 -RDPZ8-02820A000040001'7= Approved For Release4999/09/07 : X- DP78-02820AQQ,1200040017-6 TSB SUPPLY 1. As of 26 July 1966 approximately expended. 20,129 has been 2. All stock records were screened and the "dead weight" items were either pulled for warehouse stock or disposed. A total of 181 line items were pulled with a quantity total of $4,720. 3. We are having a container for teletype equipment (reperforator) vibration and drop tested at 25X1A6a - 4 - Approved For Release 1999/09/07 :!** -02820A001200040017-6 Approved For Releas4999/09/07 : W- I P78-02820AQ0 200040017-6 25X1 A6a TECHNICAL SECTION Overtime - 1. Staff Employees 28 Hours. 2. Contract Employees 0 Hours. 3. Staff Employees donated time in excess of 70 hours. T &IUNIT 1. 2. Thirteen transceivers were channelized this month. t 25X1 Thirty SBE-2A's have been accepted this month ha A5a1 . s no solved their Quality Control problem, but because of repeated checks by FTS technicians has made acceptable units. 25X1A5a1 3. 4. Partial checks have been made on the 8 PAC Units. Discrepancies and potential problem areas have been pointed out and discussed with OC-E/ESB. Listed are some of the items of equipment processed this month: Acce ed Rejected Fifteen-Northern Converters 14 1 Eighty-five G.E. Porta-Mobils 71 14 Twenty-nine Battery Chargers (Allocation 26) 29 0 Ten RT-49 Transmitters 0 10 Thirty-three Battery Supplies (Allocation 26) 33 0 Eighty-three EE-8E Keyers 72 11 Fifty-two Revere T-3000 Recorder/Reproducers 50 2 Seventy-eight CA/A-3 Cartridges 78 0 Sixty-three HG-48A Generators 62 1 Six National Radio HRO-500 Receivers 3 3 Thirty-four RR-49 Receivers 24 10 Thirty Motorola Transceivers 25 5 Fifteen Frederick Model 1200 Converters 15 0 Thirty-five AU-58 Operator Training Units 29 6 Six Collins 1805 Antenna Tuners 6 0 Nineteen Motorola Handie-Talkies 15 4 -5- Approved For Release 1999/09/07 : CIA-RDP78-0282OA001200040 o our t cEe aatarnatic di ty fe't't deciassiPicailaa ? mac, Approved For Release4o999/09/07 : CIA-RDP78-02820AQ1200040017-6 IN-PLANT INSPECTIONS 1. There were two trips to in which thirty-six SBE-2A's, thirteen Tone Intelligence Systems, and one General Purpose Exciter were accepted. 25X1A5a1 2. There was one trip to in which five LSSB-63- xc ers and thirty-one RSSB-62-lB Converters were accepted. 25X1 A5a 1 ELECTRONIC/TELETYPE REHAB UNIT 1. The Electronic Technicians processed forty items of PTI equip- ment, thirty items on job orders, and ten items on repair re- quests. 2. Thirty-six items of teletype equipment were processed on re- ceiving vouchers, fifty-one items on cargo vouchers, and five items of PTI equipment. Thirty-three items of equipment were major units. 3. Eighty-one PRC-10's have been processed from C-5 to C-1 stock. 1. Thirteen KW-26 units were modified and up-dated. The cabinets were sent to TMC, and all of the drawers were sent to with one exception. ENGINEERING UNIT 1. Engineering difficulties with the Two Tone Generator is delaying delivery o gency units on order. Delivery date is tentatively set for 15 August. 2. The KT-6 Installation Tool Kit is being assembled and will be available by mid August. 25X1A6b 25X1A5a1 3. The majority of the month was spent on the =Exciter problem. CALIBRATION UNIT 1. Twenty pieces of test equipment were processed and returned to service. In addition, twenty-one new pieces of test equip- ment were accepted for the shop, and three pieces of equipment were checked for the cargo section of T & I. -6- Approved For Release 1999/09/07 : CIA-RDP78-0282OA00120004001 X1A5a1 Approved For Releas?0999/09/07 : CIA-RDP78-02820AQ1200040017-6 2. Our VLF Receiver/Antenna has a problem. Water was found in the Antenna Loop, but even after a dry-out period the system did not work. The units are now at the H.P. representative's shop. 3. Two Marconi FM Signal Generators are now in the process of receiving a major overhaul at FTS. MECHANICAL UNIT 1. Completed modification and redesign of the shop generator tester. 25X1A6a 2. Installed a hoist above the Ultra-Sonic Cleaner 3. Measured panel clearances on seventy Zero racks. Ten racks were rejected because of clearance problems. 4-. Made an adapter for use with the Delco 5300. The unit was commented on, and it was requested that FTS make two more units for evaluation. POWER UNIT 1. All twenty-five ONAN 25 KW generators have been modified and released for issue. 2. Checked two jeeps and various items of a routine nature this month . CRYSTAL LAB Totals Requisitions Crystals New Orders 51 5,323 Orders Completed 41 2,722 Backlog 3 431 Due In 18 6,228 25X1A6a DEPOT 25X1A9a Approved For Release 1999/09/07 : CIA-RDP78-02820A001200040 Mr. representative, is on annual leave; therefore, no monthly voucher totals are available. - 7 - M-1 111 25X1A6a 25X1A6a 25X1A9a k, Approved For Release 1999/09/07 : CIA-RDP78-0282OA001200040017-6 Next 2 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 1999/09/07 : CIA-RDP78-0282OA001200040017-6