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December 19, 2016
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August 14, 2000
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November 21, 1968
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Budape4pff2yed For Release 2005/08/17 : CIA-RDP78-03061A000400030006-0 21 November 1968 Communique on the meeting of the preparatory committee of the international conference of communist and workers parties: The preparatory committee of the international conference of communist and workers parties held a session in Budapest between 18 and 21 November 1968. Representatives of the following 67 communist and workers parties took part in the session: .) , t;to a ,A1.: ' The Socialist Vanguard PartytbfaAlgeriavthelCommunistHPartraof the UnitedIZtatOs, the Communist Party,ofhArgentini,i,theuAnstralian?COtamuniStIParty,i)the;Auttrian,CoMmunist Party;uthe Belgian CommunittcPartn.the Bulgarian Communist:Partyi.the Bolivian Communist Party, the Brazilian Communist Parts, the Communist Party of Ceylon, the Communist Party of Chile, the Cypriot Working Peoples Progressive Party, the Popular Vanguard Party of Costa Rica,the Czechoslovak Communist Party, tfte Danish Communist Party, the South African Communist Party, the Dominican Communist Party, the Communist Party of Ecuador, the Communist Party of Northern Ireland, the Finnish Communist Party, the French Communist Party, the Greek Communist Party, the Communist Party of Guadaloupe, the Guatemalan Labor Party, the Popular Entente Party of Haiti, the Communist Party of Honduras, the Indian Communist Party, the Irish Workers Party, the Iraqi Communist Party, the Iranian Peoples Party, the Israeli Communist Party, the Jordanian Communist Party, the Canadian Communist Party, the Colombian Communist Party, the PZPR, the Communist Party of Lebanon, the Communist Party of Luxembourg, the MSZMP, the Party of Liberation and Socialism (Morocco--MTI), the Communist Party of Martinique, the Mexican Communist Party, the MPRP, the Communist Party of Great Britain, the SED, the West Berlin SED, the KPD, the Socialist Party of Nicaragua, the Italian Communist Party, the Communist Party of Paraguay, the Communist Party of Peru, the Portuguese Communist Party, the Communist Party of Reunion, the Rumanian Communist Party, the Communist Party of Salvador, the Communist Party of San Marino, the Spanish Communist Party, the Swiss Party of Labor, the Syrian Communist Party, the CPSU, the Communist Party of Sudan, the Turkish Communist Party, the Tunisian Communist Party, the Communist Party of Uruguay, the Venezuelan Communist Party, and an illegal party whose name has not been made public for security reasons. Representatives of the Communist Party of Norway-and the Party of Left (Communist-- MTI) of Swedentook part as observers. Several parties had informed the preparatory committee by letter that they were unable to send their representatives. In accordance with the agreement adopted at the September-October 1968 sess.Lon, the prepatatory committee examined the question of the convening of the international -conference of communist and workers parties and the course of its further preparation. ThOse taking part in the preparatory committee discussed this question widely and comprehensively. As a result of this they came to the concloston that tho international conference of ' communist and workers parties would be conveoen in May 196il -in Moscow with an agenda adopted at the consultative meeting: "Tasks of the anti-imperialist struggle in the current phase and the action unity of the communist and workers parties and all 'anti-imperialist forces." They further agreed to convene the next session of the preparatory committee on 17 Mareh 1969 in Moscow. At this session the committee will examine the drafts of. the documents for the forthcoming conference, take decisions on organizational cliAo7 tions connected with the conduct of the conference, and fix its exact date. They instructed the working group to prepare the draft documents of the - for the next meeting of the preparatory committee. Approved For Release 2005/08/17 : CIA-RDP78-03061A000400030006-0 1 ThARPFIQYWCWoRMAIThsq-40q?4,Q?Mo:nql#AIMIWIPAPANNIPPAO:tTorkers.;: party-7,1ncluding ?those which until now have not takenpart'in preparation of the'. eonforence?to-join inthis work. ? The representatives of the Communist Party of Great, Britain, the Swiss Labor Party,. an/6 the Communist Party of Reunion, who agree in principle with the convening of an international conference of communist and workers parties , will, announce the final views of 'their parties on these decisions after, consultat,ion with, their leading party organs. +rho other delegatiOns passed the oommunique unanimously.. The preparatory committee conducted its business in an atmosphere of free exchanges Of views and.' coritradely, cooperation.. it expressed the- resolve the communist and workers parties, to consolidate on the. basis. of Marxism-tehinism, and proletarian Anterna,t,Jonai?tran th. ties, of .-friendship and solidarity,. which 310. then to each other, The cloleeations of all the participating parties' expressed their -warm thanks to the . . , MSZNP Central committee for, the fraterna.I? .hospitality and the excellent, organtzatiori of the. work . of Ltio preparatory committee. They expresscd their', wishes on the oar:as-A on or the 50th .anri:i vprsary of! the foundationof,4the , party of communists in . . . Hungary and they 'witibed. the 'members of the M.SZtv,IP id the ..Hungarian people fresh r,ucce,?,,ses in soci.a construetion: from the ,bottom'?o.f, their?hearts, Pravda 22 November. 1968 3aceganfeui KoivillecNTA no iffogroToBice paelitAyllapognoro Coaemall fl KoivipaytiFicTligecKvix . C 18 no 21 nodipst 1968 voila a, By,zzancur-,1 Te cocronnocb aaccganne KONIIICCItat no no/K- roToruce me4c,a5ruapoinforo Coectnanun xom- myuncTIviecium.U pa6otnix naprnii. 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