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CH aa~.. Approved For Release 2002 -RDP78-03090A000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY BL BULLETIN BOARD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 "Self-Improvement Program of Academic Studies Gets Under Way" . . . . . .. . . . . . . . EXTERNAL PROGRAMS . . . . MILITARY RESERVIST ACTIVITIES . REGISTRAR'S REMINDERS . . . DIRECTORIES . . . . . . JAN rr"? -CJ s,' - U_:1.a$1 J - soua `- - -- s ~~ -i ---- 25X1 } U'' I L. Approved For b ease WO RNL ACiIA-F~p~7.8-03Q~q~,1Q90200030002-4 Approved For Release 2002/08/ - P78-03090A000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY ATTENTION TRAINING OFFICERS: THERE ARE CHANGES -- The relocating of offices of the DDP and those of OTR in the Headquarters Building and in some cases, the temporary-duty assign- ments of instructors, have made it necessary for OTR to reschedule some courses and to cancel others which were to run through the latter part of March or early April. Anti-Communist Ops from 2 Apr-27 Apr to 11 Jun-3 Jul CPO&O It 5 Mar-30 Mar to 14 May-8 Jun CS&T If 9 Apr-4 May to 23 Apr-18 May Intel Research (Maps) If 5 Mar-6 Apr to 30 Apr- 1 Jun CI Fam (26 Mar-6 Apr), Dependents Briefing (3-4 Apr) and IRRR (2 Apr-20 Apr) There may be other rescheduling and canceling. You will be notified as soon as the information is available. There are no changes in the March-April dates for Admin Procedures, Effective Speaking, Writing Workshops, Introduction to Intelligence, Introduction to Communism, CS Records Officers, Super- vision, and Intelligence Review courses. We hope for a minimum of inconvience to you and to those for whom you are planning training and remind you that AIB will expend maximum effort to keep you up to date on course information. Approved For Release 2002/08/,jWW4aF0MP78kot $ - March 1962 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 1 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Rew ;_ ' 108/26: CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY AMERICANS ABROAD ORIENTATIONS Americans Abroad Orientations (AAO) are conducted by the Language and Area School (LAS) for those Agency employees and their dependents who have been assigned to a particular foreign area for the first time. An AAO examines the importance of the area to the United States, the distinguishing characteristics of the area and its people, their significant problems, and offers some general guidelines for living and working successfully abroad. Instruction is in the form of lectures, discussions with returnees, films, and reading selected materials. Con- ducted for groups or individuals and varying in length from one to three days, are 3 1/2 to 4 day courses) . AAOs can be given on any of the countries of the Free World, though LAS capabilities on South Asian countries are limited at this time. AAOs are scheduled on the request of any Training Officer. When a suitable date for a particular region or area has been arranged by LAS, other Training Officers who have indicated a special interest in the sub- ject area are notified of the AAO. This is done so that individuals from other offices may have an opportunity to attend. To register employees or dependents of Agency employees, Training Officers should send Form 73, Request for Internal Training, to the Admissions and Information Branch/RS/TR. NOTE: AAOs are conducted in the Washington Building Annex of Arlington Towers, on a 0900 - 1630 schedule. INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH (TECHNIQUES) TO BE GIVEN FOR ANALYSTS IN ALL OFFICES Intelligence Research (Techniques) has been opened to personnel from all offices in the Agency. Up to now only analysts from OSI or ORR or JOTs preparing to enter the DD/I area of the Agency have been admitted. The next course is scheduled for 30 April - 25 May. It will meet each morning from 0830 to 1230 hours in Headquarters Building classrooms, and on Wednesday afternoons from 1330 to 1700 hours. Most afternoon sessions will be used for research in libraries and registers. Enrollment will be limited to 15 students. The objective of this course is to improve the analyst's proficiency in intelligence research. It is of particular value to new analysts who have recently entered the Agency and who need to learn about the range of facilities available to them and also about the various intelligence techniques Approve Ie 8/26: CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 Page 2 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY March 1962 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/ 8-0309OA0002000300 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY STATSPEC INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH (cont.) used in the Agency. Intelligence Research (Techniques) also serves as a refresher course for senior analysts beginning work on new research jobs in the Agency. The course is also valuable for persons supporting research, such as analysts and reference librarians in OCR Library and registers; personnel in the 00 Contacts Division, Foreign Documents Division, and collection and requirements officers. Each student is asked to bring to the course the title of a research project approved by his supervisor. The project might be one on which the student has just started, or it might be one on which his supervisor plans to have him work. During the course the student will go through the following stages of the research process, applying each to his own research project. The Analyst's Place in the National Security Structure Intelligence Research Planning: writing terms of reference Repositories of Information: analysts' files, libraries, and registers Assembly of Data by Analysts: analysts' inbox, use of libraries Intelligence Collection Programs: writing collection requirements, capabilities of each collection program The Analytical Process: techniques and tools Mechanics of Report Preparation: organization, graphs, maps, tables, coordination 25X1 A- 25X1 For each stage of the research process, students read a correspond- ing portion of a course textbook. They listen to talks by specialists on the various stages; they tour related facilities; and they study and discuss individual research projects. They also write terms of reference, a re- search time schedule, and an ad hoc collection requirement. On Wednesday afternoons the students will work in libraries and registers on their projects. At the end of the course students prepare skeleton reports on their projects, summarizing findings and stressing gaps and methods to be employed in filling gaps. For further information on this course, call Production Faculty, D Approved For Release 2002/08PEW. P78-03090A000200030002-4 March 1962 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 3 Intelligence Approved For ReIGMC2032708/26 : CIA-RDP78-03090A000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY 25X1 NEW SYSTEM INITIATED FOR FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY TESTS In January a new plan for conducting foreign language proficiency tests was started by the Office of Training and announced in Headquarter-s week instead of on certain dates. Tests are given in Room 2132 I Building, beginning at 0845 hours. The Testing Section/LAS now gives the written parts of the objective and translation tests on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday of each The reading and writing tests are usually completed in three or four hours; the speaking test takes about 15 minutes. The speaking test is generally not given on the same day as the other tests. C/TS/LAS will notify candidates of the time and place for the oral test. To register employees for tests, Training Officers should call the 25X1 Testing Section Results of the tests are sent to employees through Training Officers on Form 1273, Language Proficiency and Awards Data. AGENCY EMPLOYEES INVITED TO INTELLIGENCE PRODUCTS EXHIBIT As part of the Intelligence Orientation Course, which is scheduled to begin on 19 March, OTR"s Intelligence School will present another Intelligence Products Exhibit on Thursday, 22 March, from 0945 to 1200 hours in the R& S Auditorium. This Exhibit gives employees a first-hand view of samples of intelligence documents published by DD/I Offices. Copies of National Estimates, National Intelligence Surveys, weekly and monthly intelligence summaries, and various reports covering economics, geography, science, technology, and many other fields are displayed. Intelligence research facilities and techniques are explained by representatives from DD/I Offices. Employees are reminded that OTR regularly invites representatives from the U. S. Intelligence Board to this Exhibit. Approved For ReIe9M/98/26 : CIA-RDP78-03090A000200030002-4 Page 4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY March 1962 Approved For ReleaseOQ2IVTER~SE-040000200030002-4 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1A 25X1A "GUIDELINES FOR EFFECTIVE TEACHING" The Office of Training's manual for instructors -- "Guidelines for Effective Teaching" (Headquarters edition) and "Guidelines for Effective Training" I I-- has received wide distribution throughout the Agency. Almost two hundred copies of the Headquarters edition and over five hundred copies of the sanitized version have already been requested by offices in the three major components. For copies of "Guidelines to Effective Teaching", call the Plans and Policy Staff/TR, Copies of the field text may be obtained from the Training Assistance Staff, Operations School/TR, I This manual is especially valuable in planning new in- structional programs. For further information on the content of the manual, or to request assistance in conducting instructional programs, INTELLIGENCE REVIEW COURSE The fourth Intelligence Review Course will be presented 9 - 20 April 1962 by the Intelligence School. Intelligence Review has been established as a full-time course to give an overview of the status of the intelligence profession, to study new intelligence developments within CIA, and to present an opportunity for students from various offices to discuss particular office problems in intelligence. One session of the course will again be devoted to a summary of recent significant developments within Soviet Russia and in International Communism. Senior officers from the various components of CIA and from other members of the intelligence community will discuss current developments and problems. Panel discussions will deal with broad areas of collection, production, and support. Both panels and lectures will be followed by scheduled discussion periods. In addition, student seminar groups will choose topics for discussion and produce final papers. Attendance is limited to professional intelligence officers who have completed the Intelligence Orientation Course and have a minimum of five years' duty with the Agency or equivalent experience. For further informa- tion call NOTE: Individuals who have been nominated to attend one of the senior officer courses -- National War College, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Army War College, Naval War College, Armed Forces Staff College, Marchp1Qnd For Release CIA INTERNAL USE ONLy000200030 Page 5 Approved For Relea% X8/26: CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY INTELLIGENCE REVIEW COURSE (cont.) and Department of State's Seminar in Foreign Policy are reminded that before attendance completion of the Intelligence Review (or the Clandestine Services Review) has been recommended. ANTI-COMMUNIST OPERATIONS COURSE The 2 April Anti-Communist Operations Course has been postponed by OTR's School of International Communism and will be re-scheduled in the near future. Details will be announced in a Special Bulletin. 25X1 C 25X1A Further information on the course may be obtained from the REPRINTS OF ARTICLES FROM STUDIES IN INTELLIGENCE The Studies are no longer being printed direct from type but from mats compact enough to retain in file. Beginning with Volume 5, number 4 (Fall 1961), these mats are available in the Studies' editorial offices for loan to anyone needing to have an article reproduced in quantity for a study course or similar purpose. Articles in previous issues will be reprinted by photographing the pages in a copy of the original issue. Approved For Relea ' / 8/26 : CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 Page 6 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY March 1962 Approved For Release 2 MO IR Ef f -PjjjR38 -~0200030002-4 25X1A 25X1 In January two films on Civil Defense, "Fallout -- When and How to Protect Yourself Against It" and "Walt Builds a Family Fallout Shelter"-- were shown to a large number of Agency employees. Those interested in arranging showings for additional groups should cal in OCR's Graphics Register, For specific information on Civil Defense and emer enc lannin 25X1A in the Agency, the CIA Emer enc Planning Officer, 25X1 should be called F ATTENTION: TRAINING OFFICERS If language training is requested and the individual has already been scheduled for the Foreign Language Aptitude Test Battery (FLATB), or a foreign language proficiency test, please indicate this on all copies of Form 73. Also, please show applicant's phone extension in Block #1 -- after his name. PRINTING SERVICES SEMINAR TO BE HELD IN THE SPRING The Office of Logistics is planning to conduct another Printing Services Seminar on 26, 27 and 28 March. This is a part-time course, and sessions are held in the morning from 0900 to 1230 hours. Students are given a tour of the Printing Services Division's plant on the second day. Illustrated lectures cover the various types of printing and photographic processes and point out what is involved in cost-estimating and the selection of proper printing methods. A 30-minute motion picture, "Printing for Intelligence", is included, and the Seminar closes with a panel discussion and question and answer session. located in Room 2-C-53 Quarters Eye. Registration for this course is handled by the OL Training Office, 25X1 MaA?eoY19cor Release 2CI?AOINT t"ALUSE ONLY 0200030002 Page 7 Approved For ReI H'61/08/26 : CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY SELF-IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM OF ACADEMIC STUDIES GETS UNDER WAY The Agency's self-improvement program of academic studies got off to an excellent start in mid-February after several months of planning. A sampling of employee support for the venture, based on OTR's first announcement in the August Bulletin, was followed by more definite pro- posals in two succeeding Bulletins. Then telephone calls were made to each person reponding to the survey to make sure of interest and probable course preferences. It then became reasonably certain that enough employees were interested to warrant firm negotiations for starting the program even before OTR's move to the Headquarters Building. Of the three metropolitan area universities engaging in off-campus programs, George Washington University was favored by most employees. Agency approvals were obtained, and endorsement given to arranging with GWU f-or providing a convenient and economical academic self-improvement program at the Headquarters Building. In the program an employee could earn college credits in company with other Agency employees while being taught by a professionally qualified instructor from within the Agency. The instructor arrangement was a departure for GWU; although its College of General Studies provides many off-campus programs in Federal Departments, never had a Government department or agency offered to get a program started by providing all instructor personnel. The College of General Studies permitted OTR's Registrar to nominate qualified applicants. Now Agency instructors, each of whom has been selected and accredited by the respective department heads of George Washington University, exceed the qualifications of on-campus instructor personnel, according to the Dean of GWU's College of General Studies. Several weeks before registration dates were announced, the Dean and the Director of the Off-Campus Division of George Washington University's College of General Studies were given assurance by the OTR Registrar that 75 registrations might develop for eight subject-area courses. At the close of formal registration, the number of registrants was close to the estimate, with 74 paid registrations. Interest surveys had clearly indicated a pre- ference by Agency employees for courses in political science and business administration, but enrollments in the latter were so few that BA 101 had to be withdrawn on the last scheduled date for registration. Political science enrollments, although good, did not prove to be the highest in the courses retained. Approved For Rele? e'1 1''08/26 : CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 Page 8 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY March 1962 Approved For Releasep124Q$,/iq F~DP7g ONLY000200030002-4 lw RNAL USE SELF-IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM (cont.) After the release of a Relocation Bulletin confirming temporary classroom locations and announcing that R/TR was authorized by GWU to continue registering employees, registrations increased so that the Agency's first semester of academic-credit courses began with these GWU subjects and final enrollments: English Composition 20 Introduction to Geography 17 General Psychology 16 Government of the United States 13 Introductory Accounting 11 Development of the Civilization of the United States 10 Principles of Economics 8 All GWU courses now being conducted carry either freshman or sophomore credit. Now it appears, too, that the second semester of each of the courses offered is reasonably assured. Possibly, the second semester may be completed during the summer on an accelerated basis. Thus some higher-level courses for which the present courses are pre- requisite may start in the fall of 1962. On the other hand, there is no need to wait until fall to begin other courses, regardless of level. The arrangement with GWU is sufficiently flexible that a new course may be added any time that 12 or 13 qualified students register for it. Even though a semester scheduling will normally prove preferable, should a special demand develop, OTR can meet it with class meetings either once a week for 15 weeks or twice a week for 8 weeks, to begin at any time. The present offerings of core subjects will go a long way toward meeting the requirements for an Associate of Arts degree and are credit- able toward baccalaureate degrees in any school, college, or division of George Washington University; credits for these courses may also be trans- ferred to some other colleges or universities. It is believed that sufficient interest will develop to permit offerings leading to a graduate degree -- possibly a Master of Arts in International Affairs. Numerous expressions of interest from employees qualified and experienced in college or university teaching at more advanced levels have been furnished to the Registrar, OTR. Their qualifications will be trans- mitted to university officials for consideration at an appropriate time. Other employees with experience in college or university teaching may wish to file with the Registrar, OTR and are encouraged to do so. The key factor in the off-campus teaching program, however, is not one of teaching qualifications. Marc ip~-~ge2d For Releas~..0 , / E EZ8-0N(T90AY 000200030 Page 9 Approved For Relea?E f /T8/26 : CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY SELF-IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM (cont.) It is one of student interest and participation; successful continuation depends upon a body of eligible employee - students who recognize that in this opportunity for self-improvement each may achieve an academic goal. INTERROGATION COURSE ANNOUNCED IN MILITARY RESERVIST ACTIVITIES SECTION The Military Reservist Activities Section is included in the Bulletin to provide information on active duty training tours for Agency reservists. In this month's Section there is an item on the Joint Inter- rogation Planning Committee's Interrogation Course (page 27) which will be of interest to both reservists and non-reservists. CLERICAL TESTING On 26 March, 16 April, and 30 April, Clerical Skills Qualification Tests will be conducted by OTR's Clerical Training Faculty. The tests are given in Room 508, 1016 16th Street. Typing begins at 1315 hours and shorthand at 1400 hours. To register employees, supervisors and personnel officers should call the Clerical Training Office. Results of tests are sent directly to personnel officers by OTR. 25X1 Approved For ReleasFFA /26 : CIA-RDP78-03090A000200030002-4 Page 10 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY March 1962 Approved For Release 2002/08/26 S65-Mf'78-03090A000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY PROGRAMS 25X1A 25X1A In this section there are summaries of non-Agency courses and meetings considered of general interest to employees. Publication in the Bulletin does not constitute Agency sponsorship of these or any other programs but under certain conditions sponsorship may be granted. Applications in such cases are submitted on Form 136, "Request for External Training", to the Chief, External Training Branch/RS/OTR. Employees who take an external course which is not sponsored by the Agency apply in accordance with For supplementary information on selections in this section or if you have information on other programs which may be of interest to our readers, call maintains a collection of catalogs, brochures, directories, and other publications of leading academic, commercial, and Government institutions. Ma Ac rlc ' l For Release pj2 ,/ P78-03090A000200030002-4 RNAL USE ONLY Page 11 Approved For Releas -~' /26 : CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY INSTITUTE ON RESEARCH ADMINISTRATION -- AMERICAN UNIVERSITY The American University's School of Government and Public Administration will hold its Seventh Institute on Research Administration from 23 to 27 April 1962. The general theme will be "Organizing for Basic Research. " Scientists and management personnel from government, business and industry are eligible to enroll. The program has been arranged especially for those engaged in the supervision and administration of basic research activities. The purpose of the Institute is to report and evaluate current thinking and methods for achieving maximum productivity from a critical national resource--the basic research scientist. Topics for discussion are: Definitions and frame of reference Scope of basic research--U. S. and abroad Basic research manpower trends Support of basic research: indices and budgets Fostering creativity in basic research groups Restraints and pressures upon the scientist Experience reports on "planning" techniques Communication among scientists in several media Scientists' public relations Attempts to evaluate basic research Relationships of basic research to allied areas Institute sessions will be held at the Downtown Center of the University, 1901 F Street, N. W., from 9 a. m. to 4:30 p.m. Other institutes scheduled for 1962 by American University are: Ninth Institute on Records Management, 14-25 May 1962 Institute on Information Display Systems, 21-25 May 1962 Sixteenth Institute in the Preservation and Administration of Archives, 4-29 June 1962 Ninth Institute on Electronics in Management, 29 October - 2 November 1962 Approved For Releases 9 8 26 : CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 Page 12 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY March 1962 Approved For Release 2002/08/26SltQ&lR5P78-03090A000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY SPECIAL PROGRAM -- GRADUATE SCHOOL, U. S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Special daytime courses for 1962 are: Automatic Data Processing for Federal Executives. An orientation course for GS-14's and above. Classes meet Monday through Friday from 9:30 a. m. to 5:00 p. m. 7 - 11 May 1962 Federal Contract Negotiation Institute. The Institute is open to GS-9's and above. Classes are from 9:00 a. m. to 5:00 p.m. daily. 23 - 27 April 1962 21 - 25 May 1962 Management Development Program for Federal Executives. This program is designed especially for scientists or other specialists who are newly assigned to positions of executive responsibility. Participation is limited to GS-14's and above. Each program is conducted in three phases. The first consists of two days of orientation and organization in Washington; the second, a 9-day workshop in Williamsburg, Virginia; and the third, a two-day follow- up session in Washington. Twelth Program: Phase I 16 - 17 August 1962 Phase II 28 October - 6 November 1962 Phase III 21 - 22 January 1963 Thirteenth Program: Phase I 20 - 21 August 1962 Phase II 28 November - 7 December 1962 Phase III 18 - 19 February 1963 Fourteenth Program: Phase I 23 - 24 August 1962 Phase II 9 - 18 January 1963 Phase III 1 - 2 April 1963 Approved For Release 2002/08/2SEQR. DP78-03090A000200030002-4 March 1962 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 13 Approved For Releg&GHUM8/26 : CIA-RDP78-03090A000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY SPECIAL PROGRAM -- GRADUATE SCHOOL, U. S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE (cont.) Reading Improvement Program. Each course consists of 30 hours of instruction in the Graduate School Reading Center (Administration Building). The course is usually scheduled with three one-hour sessions per week. 2 April - 8 June 1962 11 June - 17 August 1962 20 August - 26 October 1962 Research Methods in the Social Sciences. A seminar on the development, purpose, and methods of science. Participation is limited to GS-l2?s and above with graduate training or responsible experience in research. Sixteen two-hour sessions held weekly. To be offered in the fall. (Deadline for submitting nominations to the Graduate School is 1 August 1962.) Requests to attend any of these programs should reach the External Training Branch/ RS/ TR at least six weeks prior to the beginning date of the course. LANGUAGE COURSES -- GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY During the 1962 Summer School, the Georgetown University will offer intensive, semi-intensive and regular language courses. Intensive courses will be given in French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish and will meet three hours a day. Introductory and intermediate level courses will be offered. Semi-intensive courses in introductory Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish will meet from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.; in intermediate Chinese, French, German, Italian and Japanese, from 7:10 to 8:40 p.m. Regular language classes will be held after 5:30 p. m. in French I and II, German I and II, and Spanish I and H. Approved For ReleaS?EL Il8/26 : CIA-RDP78-03090A000200030002-4 Page 14 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY March 1962 Approved For Release 2002/08/285 78-0309OA000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY 25X1A SUMMER INSTITUTE -- UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO The 1962 Summer Institute in Executive Development for Federal Administrators to be conducted by The Center for Programs in Government Administration at The University of Chicago will run from 1 July to 11 August. Seminars will be held on Policy Formulation and Decision-Making (1-14 July), Organization Structure and Functions (15-28 July), Executive Leadership and Human Relations (29 July- 11 August), and Comparative Development Administration and The Executive as an Innovator (29 July- 11 August). The Institute is different from last year's in several respects. Because of the unfied program, individuals may take 2, 4, or 6 weeks. In the last two weeks of the Institute, there are two options. In effect, these options permit an opportunity to choose from four separate 2-week programs, from three 4-week programs, or from two different 6-week programs. Also, spot lectures in the afternoon sessions are being re- placed by "support sessions" with topics chosen to reinforce the morning's work. Because "special projects" did not prove to increase materially the educational impact of the program, these former sessions in problem solving, skill, simulation, etc. have been discontinued. Instead, discussion- analysis sessions are to be conducted on Saturday morning and are so de- signed as to integrate studies of the previous week. Further details will be announced. However, those interested in being considered for any of these programs are reminded that the OTR Management course is a prerequisite and that final selection of candidates will be made by Deputy Directors. ATTENTION: TRAINING OFFICERS Copies of the Spring 1962 issue of Interagency Training Programs, published by the Civil Service Commission, have been forwarded by the Admissions and Information Branch/RS/TR to all Training Officers. you have not received your copy or want additional copies, call I Approved For Release 2002/08/LWRDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 March 1962 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 15 25X1A Approved For Releas6EUM?8726: CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY SPECIAL SUMMER PROGRAMS -- MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has announced its Special Summer Programs 1962. These programs are of one or two- week duration and provide an intensive review of developments of current importance or an introduction to new aspects of pressing scientific and technical problems. The programs cover a wide range of specially selected topics, including: Radio Astronomy Biological Servomechanisms The Properties of Polymeric Materials Adhesion and Reinforcement of Polymeric Materials Infrared Spectroscopy: Technique Infrared Spectroscopy: Applications Structure of Materials Optical Masers Theory of Signal Detection by Human Observers Techniques in High-Speed Photography Varactor Applications Stochastic Models: Theory and Application Scientific and Engineering Reports Probabilistic Methods in the Control of Operations Experimental Techniques Industrial Photoelasticity Fluid Power Control Nondestructive Testing Modern Developments in Heat Transfer Strain Gage Techniques: Fundamentals Strain Gage Techniques: Applications 23 Jul - 3 Aug 9 Jul - 20 Jul 18 Jun - 22 Jun 25 Jun - 29 Jun 6Aug- 10 Aug 13 Aug - 17 Aug 12 Jun - 22 Jun 18 Jun 29 Jun 25 Jun - 29 Jun 16 Jul -- 20 Jul 13 Aug - 24 Aug 4Sep-8Sep 18 Jun - 22 Jun 18 Jun - 29 Jun 12 Jun - 22 Jun 18 Jun - 22 Jun 18 Jun 29 Jun 25 Jun - 29 Jun 25 Jun - 6 Jul 9 Jul - 13 Jul 16 Jul - 20 Jul SPANISH-ENGLISH SECRETARIAL COURSE TEMPLE SCHOOL APRENDA TAQUIGRAFIA. The Temple School, 710 14th Street, N. W., is now offering a Spanish-English secretarial course. Day and evening classes in typing, shorthand, and English for beginners are offered. Dr. Carlos Fuentes, former embassy instructor, is the course director. Approved For Release QEfZ6 : CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 Page 16 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY March 1962 Approved For Release 2002/08/26. i5--FT78-03090A000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY 25X1 C RAPID READING KIT -- THE BETTER READING PROGRAM, INC. The Better Reading Program, Inc., 230 East Ohio Street, Chicago 11, Illinois, has a Rapid Reading Kit which it claims will enable the user to read 100% faster and retain more in only 20 half-hour lessons. The Kit includes a Phrase-O-Scope. A Kit with adult or junior (for children under 12) materials may be obtained for $12. 95, or a combined Kit with both adult and junior materials costs only $14. 95. Approved For Release 2002/08/26q]tfAFi?P78-03090A000200030002-4 March 1962 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 17 ApprovpdXof- USE26i,ElIA-RDP78-03090A000200030002-4 HOW TO INVEST FROM $50 to $50, 000 -- GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY George Washington University's College of General Studies is offering an investment course from 2 April to 21 May. The course is open to the public and will meet on Monday evenings from 8:00 to 9:30 p.m. in Room 100, Monroe Hall (2115 G Street, N. W.). The instructor will be George M. Ferris, Jr. , partner of Ferris & Company. He will discuss emergency reserves, different types of securities, mutual funds, statistical services, pros and cons of various sources of advice, and the general outlook for the country. He will also explain the New York Stock Exchange, the over-the-counter markets, monthly investment programs, defensive vs. aggressive investing and how to read the financial page. Tuition for the course is $15. For further information, call George Washington University (FEderal 8-0250, Ext. 441) or Ferris & Company, STerling 3-8222. COMPUTER TRAINING -- UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND The University of Maryland is establishing a center to provide educational research and service in the field of scientific computing. Scheduled to open in 1963, the center will house an IBM 7090 computer and will provide course development research computing for University departments and service to the University's governmental and industrial programs. New courses in computing will be added to the present cur- riculum. The director will be Werner C. Rheinboldt, mathematics professor and head of the computation center at Syracuse University. He was formerly employed at the National Bureau of Standards' computation laboratory. RUSSIAN WORKSHOP -- INDIANA UNIVERSITY During the 1962 Summer School (13 June - 10 August), Indiana University will conduct a Russian Workshop. Full-time instruction will be offered in elementary, intermediate and advanced Russian. There will also be five-week courses on the intermediate and advanced levels, followed by a five-week Russian Language Study Tour in the Soviet Union. Approved For Rele' X708/26 : CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 Page 18 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY March 1962 Approved For Release CIA/I 8JTE~tSEOONLY 00200030002-4 Superior-Subordinate Communication in Management Part One. The Research: Its Findings and Their Implications 1. "Superior-Subordinate Communication: A Statistical Research Project" by Norman R. F. Maier, L. Richard Hoffman, John J. Hooven, and William H. Read 2. "Overcoming Superior-Subordinate Communication Problems in Management" by Maier and Hoffman Part Two. Comments on the Research Project and Its Findings 1. "The Superior-Subordinate Relationship "by James M. Black 2. "Problems and Practices in Superior-Subordinate Communication" by Benjamin Balinsky 3. "Is the Problem Exaggerated? " by Rudolf Flesch 4. "Some Current Efforts at Improvement" by Robert F. Pearse 5. George Orwell's "Politics and the English Language" 6. "Management by Objectives as a Communication Device" by Rear Admiral Charles H. Smith, USN (Retired) Those wishing to borrow this document may call 0 NEW EDUCATIONAL AND RESEARCH PROGRAMS -- NEW YORK UNIVERSITY 25X1A In his report for 1960-61 the president of New York University outlined some significant developments: A year-round residence center for graduate studies was established at the University of Puerto Rico by the School of Education. A new curriculum in operations research--the use of scientific and mathematical methods to solve management problems- -has been Approved For Release 2002/08/26$li, 19'78-03090A000200030002-4 March 1962 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 19 Approved For Relea eCM&8/26 : CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY NEW EDUCATIONAL AND RESEARCH PROGRAMS -- NEW YORK, UNIVERSITY (cont.) inaugurated by the College of Engineering. Students will take courses from each of four groups: mathematics and statistics, physical and social sciences, systems analysis and decision making, and humanities. A Postdoctoral Program in Psychology has been established in the Graduate School of Arts and Science. The new program, which is the first of its kind in this country under the auspices of a college or univ- ersity, offers two types of training--a modernization and refresher program and a clinical specialization program. Plans to create a 1, 000-acre "University Valley" in the heart of Sterling Forest, near Tuxedo, New York, were announced. This site is surrounded by a number of industrial research laboratories and will be devoted to basic and applied research programs and to educational activities appropriate to the setting. Dr. A. Allan Bates, formerly vice president for research and development at the Portland Cement Association, has assumed the directorship of University Valley. Georgetown University has announced that it will conduct a number of special programs during the 1962 Summer School which will be of interest to educators. Linguistics for Teachers of Spanish (13 June - 21 July) Spanish Linguistics: Phonology, 2-3 credits Spanish Lexicology, 2-3 credits Labor Organizations and Social Legislation in Latin American, 2-3 credits Argentina, Brazil and Chile in the 20th Century, 2-3 credits Russian Revolutionary Movement in the 19th Century, 2-3 credits Introduction to Communism in China, 2-3 credits Advanced Russian, 3 credits Approved For ReIed b 08/26: CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 Page 20 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY March 1962 Approved For Release 2002/08/26 :i-3T78-03090A000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY SPECIAL PROGRAMS -- SUMMER SCHOOL -- GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY (cont. ) Colloquium on Africa (20 - 22 June), Dr. William Lewis Colloquium on Latin America (26 - 28 June), Dr. William Manger Writer's Conference (6 - 17 August), Dr. Riley Hughes SOUTHEAST ASIAN LANGUAGES -- CORNELL UNIVERSITY During the 1962 Summer School (18 June - 24 August), Cornell University will conduct the following intensive courses in Indonesian and Thai. Introductory Indonesian, 101-102. Twenty hours of clas swork each week plus additional work with tapes. Intermediate Indonesian, 201-202 (Reading). Ten hours of classwork each week. Prerequisite, Indonesian 101-102 or the equivalent. Intermediate Indonesian, 203-204 (Spoken). Ten hours of classwork each week. Prerequisite, Indonesian 101-102 or the equivalent. Introductory Thai, 101-102. Twenty hours of classwork each week plus additional work with tapes. Classes will be conducted with native Indonesian or Thai speakers present. The program is open to undergraduates, graduates, post-doctoral students, and persons with no academic connection. It is anticipated that a comparable program will be offered in alternate years, beginning in 1963, at Yale University. MaALr9~gcFor Release ffl2/INTE~SE ONLY 0020003000Page 21 Approved For Release/26 : CIA-RDP78-03090A000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY PROFESSIONAL MEETINGS AND CONFERENCES Symposium on Meteorological Uses of Rockets and Satellites, Wash., D. C. , 23 - 25 April 1962. (World Meteorological Organization, 41, av. Giuseppe Motta, Geneva, Switzerland) International Symposium on the Mathematical Theory of Audomata, New York, 24 - 26 April 1962. (Jerome Fox, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, 55 Johnson St., Brooklyn 1, N. Y.) American Geophysical Union Eastern National Meeting, Wash., D. C., 25 - 28 April 1962. (W. E. Smith, 1515 Mass. Ave., N. W., Wash., 5, D. C.) American Society of International Law, Wash. , D. C., 26 - 28 April 1962. (Eleanor Finch, 1826 Jefferson Pl., N. W. , Wash., 6, D. C.) Committee on Space Research Meeting, Wash., D. C., 30 April 9 May 1962. (Secretariat, 28 Nieuwe Schoolstraat, The Hague, Netherlands) Society of Photographic Scientists and Engineers, Annual Conference, Boston, Mass. , 7 - 11 May 1962. (Edward S. Cobb, Executive Secretary, Box 1609, Main Post Office, Wash., D. C. ) Electronic Components Conference, Wash., D.C., 8 - 10 May 1962. (L. Cumming, 1 E. 79th St. , New York 21, N. Y.) Operations Research Society of America, Wash., D. C., 9 - 11 May 1962. (G. Shellard, 51 Madison Ave., New York 10, N. Y.) World Food Forum, Wash., D. C., 15 - 17 May 1962. (J. Kendall McClarren, U. S. Dept. of Agri., 409 Admin. Bldg., Wash. 25, D. C.) Special Libraries Assn., Wash., D. C., 27 - 31 May 1962. (B. M. Woods, 31 E. 10th St., New York 3, N. Y.) Armed Forces Communications & Electronic Assn., Wash., D. C. , 12 - 14 June 1962. (Col. W. J. Baird, 1624 Eye St., N. W., Wash. 6, D. C.) Approved For ReleasdPAF/V26 : CIA-RDP78-03090A00002000 i~ 00022-4 Page 22 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY March Approved For Release 2CTA0INTE US- 361$L000200030002-4 MEETINGS AND CONFERENCES (cont.) American Medical Assn., Annual Meeting, Chicago, Ill., 11 - 15 June 1962. (Dr. F. J. Blasingame, Exec. Vice- President, 535 N. Dearborn St., Chicago 10, Ill.) International Congress of Linguists, 9th, Cambridge, Mass. , 27 - 31 August 1962. (Miss Chr. Mohrmann, 40 Sint-Annastraat, Nijmegen, Netherlands) American Political Science Assn., Wash., D. C., Sept. 1962. (E. M. Kirkpatrick, 1726 Mass. Ave., N. W., Wash, 6, D.C.) National Mobile Radio Systems Conf., Wash., D. C., Sept. 1962. (C. E. Niles, 400 N. 4th Ave., Tucson, Arizona) A rc~v tl For Release 2002/08/2~E?1L ' P78-0309OA000200030002-4 Marcly~Z CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 23 Approved For Rele?se 108/26 : CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY USES OF INFORMATION THEORY IN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING -- DARTMOUTH COLLEGE The Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College will conduct a 2-week, intensive course in The Uses of Information Theory in Science and Engineering from 25 June to 6 July 1962. The objective of the course is to acquaint engineers, scientists, and business administration with a new approach to probability and statistical inference originally developed and applied in physics by E. T. Jaynes, Professor of Physics at Wash- ington University, and applied in engineering by Myron Tribus, Dean of the Thayer School of Engineering. Professor Jaynes' new procedures permit many fields to be treated with a common methodology. Diverse applications in kinetic theory, thermostatics, thermodynamics, reliability engineering, communications theory, decision theory, and game theory are included. Prior preparation in statistics would be helpful but not necessary. Any student with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Mathematics, Chemistry, or Physics should be able to take the course with profit. The major topics to be covered are: The Rules for Inductive Logic Rational Induction The Evidence Function Entropy and the Principle of Maximum Entropy Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics Problems Pertaining to Confidence Communication Theory Decision Theory Physical Measurements Kinetic Theory and Transport Processes Dartmouth's deadline for receiving applications for participation in the course is 1 April 1962. Registration for the course will be limited to 50. Approved For Relea?E t /26 : CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 Page 24 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY March 19-62 Approved For Release 2002/08/26 : CIA 'F$T03090A000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY In a national emergency most of the Agency's military reservists will be put on active duty; many, though, will be used to meet the Agency's needs. Therefore it is important to provide training opportunities which will enable reservists to maintain their proficiencies and to gain additional skills for the performance of wartime duties. This Military Reservist Activities Section is included in the OTR Bulletin to inform Agency reservists and their supervisors of available training opportunities and to call attention to other military items. The August Bulletin included a listing of active-duty training opportunities for fiscal year 1962. In the May issue it is planned to include the courses available in the first half of fiscal year 1963. Applications for training tours should be submitted to the Mobili- zation and Reserve Branch/MMPD. Inasmuch as varying amounts of lead time, four weeks as a minimum, are required by the services, reservists should consult MMPD as early as possible. MMPD is now in Room 207 Alcott Hall. Detailed information on programs for reservists may be ,, PnvygdF r Release 20 ~8/ ,i, "J03SE060,EQP200030002-4age 25 Approved For Releef`e 0 26i,5l$ RDP78-03090A000200030002-4 DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE National Security Seminars (formerly National Resources Conference -- sponsored by Industrial College of the Armed Forces) Gray Team Great Falls, Montana Tucson, Arizona Pocatello, Idaho Amarillo, Texas Houston, Texas Sacramento, California Dayton, Ohio Kingston, New York Starting Date 14 May 1962 1 October 1962 5 November 1962 3 December 1962 21 January 1963 25 February 1963 1 April 1963 6 May 1963 Baltimore, Maryland Boulder, Colorado Springfield, Missouri Gary, Indiana Montgomery, Alabama Tulsa, Oklahoma Sioux Falls , S. Dakota Missoula, Montana 7 May 1962 24 September 1962 29 October 1962 26 November 1962 14 January 1963 18 February 1963 25 March 1963 29 April 1963 The Industrial College of the Armed Forces and the Civil Service Commission have been working on a plan to permit attendance of a certain number of Federal employees at National Security Seminars. They would attend as civilians, with the minimum grade level probably being GS-12. Details will be announced when received from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces. INTERNAL 25X1A Approved For Rele i /'8/26 : CIA-RDP78-030908000 000 pppp02-4 Page 26 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Marc 1962 25X1A L Approved For Release 2002/08/26 : CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 Approved For Release 2002/08/26 : CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 Approved For Release 2002/08/265 - 78-03090A000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY 410 ~ca REMINDERS Dates of OTR courses for the next four months are listed. Any changes in those previously announced are identified with an asterisk. Applications (Form 73) are sent to the Registrar through Training Officers who will notify the applicant of acceptance in a course. Close of registra- tion is the Wednesday before the class begins. We are not listing classroom assignments in Registrar's Reminders because of OTR's pending move to the Headquarters Building. Training Officers will be notified by the Admissions and Information Branch/RS/TR as room assignments are made. DATES COURSES OF COURSES Administrative Procedures (Full-time 120 hrs) (Indicate Phase) 14 May - 1 Jun Anti-Communist Operations 11 Jun - 3 Jul * (Part-time 80 hrs) 29 Oct - 23 Nov 0830 - 1230 Budget and Finance Procedures 7 May - 18 May (Full-time 80 hrs) 11 Jun - 22 Jun CIA Review (Part-time 2 hrs) (Form 73 not required. Register with TO) 10 Apr, 8 May, 12 Jun Approved For Release 2002/08/265]t78-03090A000200030002-4 March 1962 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 29 Approved For Release ~Q1 : CIA-RDP78-03090A000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY DATES COURSES OF COURSES Clerical Refresher Program 23 Apr - 18 May (Part-time 20 to 30 hrs) 28 May - 22 Jun Pre-test for Shorthand on the Thursday before beginning date of course. Hours for test: 0930 1100 Communist Party Organization & Operations 14 May - 8 Jun # (Part-time 80 hrs) 0830 - 1230 Conference Techniques (Part-time 24 hrs) Mon, Wed 0930 - 1130 23 Apr - 4 Jun Dependents Briefing (Part-time 6 hrs) 1 May - 2 May 117 Central 5 Jun - 6 Jun Effective Speaking (Part-time 24 hrs) Mon, Wed 0930 - 1130 10 Sep - 17 Oct Intelligence Orientation 19 Mar - 6 Apr (Full-time 120 hrs) 30 Apr - 15 Jun (Indicate Phase) 11 Jun - 15 Jun Intelligence Research - Maps & Photo - 30 Apr - 1 Jun Interpretation 8 Oct - 9 Nov (Part-time 50 hrs) M-W-F 0900 - 1200 Intelligence Review 9 Apr - 20 Apr (Full-time 80 hrs) Management (Part-time 40 hrs) 0830 - 1230 GS-11 - 13 2 Apr - 13 Apr GS-14 and Above 14 May - 25 May Approved For Release=Q/26 : CIA-RDP78-03090A000200030002-4 Page 30 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY March 1962 Approved For Release 2002/08/26 : E A '8-03090A000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Operations Support (Full-time 200 hrs) Supervision (Part-time 40 hrs) 0830 - 1230 GS 5 - 9 DATES OF COURSES 2 Apr - 4 May 4 Jun - 6 Jul 19 Mar - 30 Mar 23 Apr-4May Writing Workshop (Part-time 28 hrs) 0900-1230 T-Th Basic 15 May - 7 Jun Intermediate 20 Nov - 13 Dec Intermediate (DDS only) 15 May - 7 Jun DD/S Special (GS-15 & Above) 15 May - 7 Jun Pretest for Writing Workshops will be given: 26 Mar, 30 Apr (1330 hrs, 1331 R&S) USSR - Basic Country Survey (Full-time 80 hrs) 2241 R&S LANGUAGE COURSES For dates of language courses, please refer to OTR's Schedule of Courses for 1962. Additions to the Schedule are listed below. French Adv. Seminar (Pt-60 hrs) 10 wks 11 Jun - 17 Aug Russian 1 Oct - 7 Dec Adv. Composition (Pt-60 hrs) Ph II 11 Jun - 28 Sep AREA COURSES Americans Abroad Orientations are scheduled on request. (Please refer to article on page 2) Approved For Release 2002/08/265RIP78-03090A000200030002-4 March 1962 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 31 25X1C L Approved For Release 2002/08/26 : CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 Approved For Release 2002/08/26 : CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 Approved For Release 2002/08/26: CF [ 8T-03090A000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY 25X1 C 25X1A Information Reports Familiarization (Part-time 40 hrs) DATES OF COURSES 26 Mar - 13 Apr 30 Apr 18 May 4 Jun - 22 Jun 30 Apr - 11 May Information Reporting, Reports and Requirements 2 Apr - 20 Apr (Full-time 120 hrs) Operations Familiarization (Full-time 240 hrs) 17 Sep - 26 Oct plpcrlovF2or Release 2002/08/26 : APrf8-03090A000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 33 ( )[ '` T t Approved For Rele 8/26: CIA-RDP78-03090A000200030002-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Howlers Anonymous Teachers never cease to marvel at the ingenuity some students display in answering test questions. Here are a few, from a test in science and mathematics, quoted in the January issue of the NEA Journal. The theory of evolution was greatly objected to because it made men think. The earth makes -a resolution every twenty-four hours. To collect fumes of sulphur, hold a deacon over a flame in a test tube. Algebra was the wife of Euclid. An axiom is a thing that is so visible that it is not necessary to Soundis a rapid series of osculations. The moon is a planet just like the earth only deader. The pistol of a flower is its only protection against insects. If conditions are not favorable, bacteria go into -a period of adolescence. For asphyxiation: Apply artificial respiration until the patient is dead. For dogbite: Put the dog away for several days. If he has not recovered, then kill it. A super saturated solution is one that holds more than it can hold. The dodo is a bird that is nearly decent now. A cerebrum is a cavity in the head. A person should take a bath once in the summertime and not quite so often in the wintertime. Approved For Releas 6 : CIA-RDP78-03090A000200030002-4 Page 34 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY March 1962 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/08/26 : CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 Next 2 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2002/08/26 : CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 Approved For Release 2002198gfS CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 Approved For Release 2002IWfM : CIA-RDP78-0309OA000200030002-4 Approved For Release 2002/08/26 iM&@DP78-0309OA000200030002-4 Approved For Release 2002/08/26N 1F RDP78-03090A000200030002-4 I- ?IL Approved For Release 2002/08/2 EC P78-03090A0002000 `0bd2-4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY .5 CRET-( NF'- 1 . E' TI A L Approved For "AseI 2 /RATA-D?g8-9W0200030002-4